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The video discusses the YouTuber's experience taking the supplement fadogia agrestis for over a year, exploring its potential benefits for testosterone, muscle building, cognition, and overall health. However, the YouTuber expresses skepticism about its effectiveness and highlights concerns about authenticity, dosage, and potential toxicity.
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The speaker shares his experience taking Fadogia Agrestis for boosting testosterone levels and building muscle mass.
Fadogia Agrestis gained popularity after being mentioned in Joe Rogan's podcast.
The speaker initially had concerns about potential toxicity but decided to try it after seeing success stories on Reddit.
He has been using Fadogia Agrestis for over a year, trying different forms and combinations with other supplements.
However, he does not plan to continue taking Fadogia Agrestis in the future.
Fadogia Agrestis dosage and effects are unclear, but it falls under the category of natural nootropics.
Tonkat Ali was found to be better and safer than Fadogia Agrestis.
The dosage of Fadogia Agrestis is tricky and vague.
Fadogia Agrestis is used for weight training, building strength, clearer skin, and overall health.
Fadogia Agrestis is a Nigerian shrub and falls under the category of natural nootropics.
00:00hey there everyone this is Michael Duggal  the nootropic reviewer and during this video  
00:03today I'm going to share my experience taking  fadogia agrestis I initially started taking  
00:07fadogia aggresses for the intended benefit that  most people would use it for that's boosting  
00:12testosterone level also building muscle mass  building strength losing fat and even helping  
00:17with cognition it was a couple of years ago when  this product became very popular specifically  
00:21amongst the bodybuilding community of course  we're always looking for some sort of way to  
00:25increase our testosterone levels to get some sort  of edge when it comes to building muscle mass and  
00:29losing fat and although fadogia agrestis  had been around for quite a long time but  
00:32lacking research on what gained popularity was  it's mentioning in Joe Rogan's podcast and the  
00:37only two supplements that were mentioned were  fadogia agrestis and tonkat Alley and the main  
00:42ones are two substances one is called Tonga Ali  and another one which is very interesting it's a  
00:46Nigerian shrub called fadogia agrestis the fadogia  agrestis will actually make the testes grow it's  
00:53a it's a noticeable difference now initially I  was skeptical and also avoiding using fadogia  
00:58agrestis because of the fact that there could  have been been some mentioned about potential  
01:01toxicity however eventually after seeing enough  Reddit anecdotes of people seeing success with  
01:06the supplement and my understanding that maybe I  didn't need to take it every single day I decided  
01:10to give it a shot and now I feel somewhat educated  about the product as I've been using it for over  
01:14a year on and off and I have really tried  making it work with fidoji aggressives I've  
01:18tried it from different forms this is double  wood supplements this is NFS supplements I've  
01:22also tried it in gorilla mines product because  they had a combination of both tonkat Ali and  
01:27fidoji aggressive though I don't think I'm  going to continue taking for doji agrestas  
01:30specifically because of the fact that I don't  feel like it's working as well as it initially  
01:35did now when I initially started taking photoji  aggressives I mean I wasn't in love with it but  
01:38it was okay because of the fact that cognitively  I noticed that I was overthinking a whole lot less  
01:43and that's typically what happens with me most uh  natural testosterone boosting supplements do have  
01:48some sort of marginal effect that I can actually  notice for example deeper sleep better strength  
01:52sometimes building muscle or losing fat a bit  easier and then with the help of proper diet  
01:56proper exercise and supplementation I've been  able to have pretty much much healthy you can  
02:00say medium to low testosterone levels but because  I was exposed to Talking Cat alley beforehand I  
02:05found tonkat Ali better also seem safer tonkat  Ali is something I've talked about in this video  
02:10over here it doesn't really help you cognitively  but I definitely could feel some of the signs  
02:13of having higher testosterone levels when I was  using tonkad Ali and it was my expectation that  
02:17for doji aggresses would be better but it really  wasn't the really tricky and vague thing is the  
02:21dosage with fidoji aggressive so I initially  started off quite low at 200 milligrams once  
02:25a day then I boosted up to 400 milligrams once  a day then even 600 milligrams once a day and  
02:29I still really didn't notice anything working but  Doja is usually taken at about 600 milligrams some  
02:34of the other reasons people may use fedogresus  outside of weight training and building strength  
02:38it would be having clearer skin and help them  with overall health such as anti-aging now has  
02:43it helped me have clear skin I'm not sure I'm  somebody that's lucky to always have clear skin  
02:47maybe it could help individuals it's not like my  skin quality has gotten any worse I still feel  
02:51like I look fairly young what fedoji aggresses  is a Nigerian shrub and the good news is that  
02:56it would fall under the category of supplements  that are natural nootropics not man-made some  
03:01example of man-made nootropics could be things  like the racetams could be modafinil or Adderall  
03:05of course so I'm a little bit more comfortable  taking nootropics that would be for example amino  
03:09acids would be grown somewhere would be a herb if  you've ever heard me talk about your hymbine your  
03:14hymbine is often used for losing fat and your hip  mine is actually contained infidelity agrestis we  
03:19basically have no studies on humans whatsoever we  have studies on rats and then people can conclude  
03:24that okay it worked on rats does it work on humans  sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't though what  
03:28should give people comfort in trying for those  aggressors is the fact that there are quite a  
03:32few anecdotes out there now versus a couple of  years ago there wasn't too much information out  
03:36there but now a lot of people have actually  reported their blood work showing a somewhat  
03:39of a difference after using fidoji aggressives  after a month I've commonly seen increases by  
03:44five to twenty percent however what most people  probably don't realize when it comes to measuring  
03:48their testosterone is that you're going to  have to increase it in a lot of cases 50 plus  
03:52to actually notice it doing something and then  you have to ask yourself is this even worth your  
03:56money and I've seen quite a few people mention  the fact that it's helped them with their sleep  
03:59quality maybe even help them be more aggressive or  intense at the gym which are good signs though I  
04:04suspect that some of these individuals that make  these claims were probably individuals that maybe  
04:08had lower testosterone levels because trust that  when you have low testosterone you can notice any  
04:12sort of benefit having low testosterone it's a  scary place you overthink a lot everything seems  
04:16slower and it can be awfully unproductive because  you'll have ideas that you want to execute on  
04:21but there's such a long duration between the idea  and the time when you actually execute it because  
04:25you'll convince yourself of every such way of  why you shouldn't execute something that I did  
04:29like about fedojia grasses which made me more  likely to try it was that it didn't seem like  
04:33a supplement you would have to use every single  day whereas the majority of natural supplements  
04:37that are used to boost testosterone levels such  as ashwagandha or tonkat alley or some people  
04:41use Tribulus terrestrous those are supplements  which you have to use every single day and it's  
04:45not common that people would cycle off of them  at all though with those you aggresses a lot of  
04:49people use it in a fashion like two weeks on or  taking two weeks off or taking one month on and  
04:54one month off and I've tried that as well so it  was my expectation that taking a bit of time off  
04:58of the supplement and then getting back on it  though this may sound super bizarre there was  
05:01a period in which I took for doji aggresses for a  month I stopped taking it for two months and then  
05:06I returned back to taking it every single day for  a month though that month where I was taking it  
05:10after the break wasn't anywhere as strong as the  month prior it's like I've been desensitized to  
05:14the nootropic and of course because we don't  have much research if any about the long-term  
05:18side effects that I don't want to continue taking  it and this really intrigued me by a specialist  
05:22at nootropics Depot here on Reddit because what  they had mentioned was the fact that a lot of The  
05:26Prodigy aggressives out there in the marketplace  could in fact be fake the post reads that like  
05:30Hana the supply chains are small and analytical  testing methods oftentimes are lacking for example  
05:36as far as we are aware of a tonical reference  material does not exist for fedoji aggresses  
05:41this means there is no way of verifying whether  it really is or isn't for doji aggresses who  
05:45after fidoji aggressives was hyped up on the Joe  Rogan podcast all of a sudden lots of different  
05:50vendors magically had it in stock the likelihood  of real fedojia magically popping up all over the  
05:55place is quite unlikely so long story short for  doji aggresses is still a bit of a mystery plant  
05:59and there are some indications that it could be  toxic combine this with the fact that the fedodia  
06:03grass is currently on the market is more than  likely just some random plan and not actually  
06:07for doji aggressives and you've got my perfect  recipe for something I'm going to steer clear  
06:11of for the time being and the toxicity claims are  something which have made for Dojo aggressives of  
06:15course Very controversial I'll point out this  study over here as well where kidney damage or  
06:20potential kidney damage could be Associated to  taking higher doses of fedogy aggressives now  
06:24this is problematic because any individual that's  not seeing results with fedogiograssis is going  
06:28to think that they should be taking more well  more is not always going to be better and then  
06:32in this follow-up study done in 2008 what they  had found was that after giving fedoji aggresses  
06:37tarats over the course of about a month the rat  testicle is measured larger although they may have  
06:42been less healthy and so there were increases  in certain enzymes and a reduction in proteins  
06:46that actually indicate possible toxic damage and  the way you're typically going to find for Dojo  
06:50aggresses will be in capsules and the dosage with  fidoji grasses pretty much varies across the board  
06:54like I mentioned it's a bit of a mystery no one  really knows the right dosage to take that could  
06:58be safe and still help now I initially thought  it would have been okay to take 600 milligrams  
07:02once a day but I think you're better off starting  even smaller than that you're going to choose a  
07:06supplement with it try 300 milligrams once a day  I think you're going to have good success if you  
07:09can take a little bit of fidoji aggressives maybe  less than you need to and still see somewhat of  
07:13a benefit of course if you're not seeing a  benefit and nothing's happening to you after  
07:16several days then you can increase the dosage  to either 450 milligrams if the capsules allow  
07:20you to or 600 milligrams something positive is  that I have never experienced any withdrawals  
07:25like when I was taking for doji aggressives for  a long period of time and I took a break from it  
07:28it's not as if I felt any slower or felt that I  had less testosterone flowing in my bloodstream  
07:33than I had prior to using it when's the best time  to take it it doesn't really matter for me I take  
07:37it with dinner sometime in the early evening now  other individuals take it in the fastest state in  
07:42the morning I've tried taking it fasted and I  responded absolutely fine to it which is good  
07:45because some supplements out there you wouldn't  want to take in a fastest State whereas for doji  
07:49grasses it's pretty flexible and I really hope you  found this information helpful if you did consider  
07:53subscribing drop a like share your feedback  about Fidelity aggressives in the comments  
07:57section below or is there another nootropic  something that you would recommend for improving  
08:01your testosterone levels and building muscle and  if you'd like to shout me one on one you can do  
08:04so over on patreon or send me a direct message  to my Instagram and don't forget to visit our  
08:08Discord server which has a 24 7 chat room we're  answering questions in a time sensitive fashion  
08:12I thank you for your interest in nootropics  and look forward to seeing you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the potential benefits of fadogia agrestis for testosterone and muscle building?

Fadogia agrestis is believed to have potential benefits for testosterone and muscle building. However, the YouTuber expressed skepticism about its effectiveness and highlighted concerns about authenticity, dosage, and potential toxicity.

2. How does fadogia agrestis impact cognition and overall health?

The video discusses the potential impact of fadogia agrestis on cognition and overall health. However, the YouTuber expresses skepticism about its effectiveness and highlights concerns about authenticity, dosage, and potential toxicity.

3. What are the YouTuber's experiences with taking fadogia agrestis?

The YouTuber shares their experiences of taking fadogia agrestis for over a year, exploring its potential benefits for testosterone, muscle building, cognition, and overall health. However, they express skepticism about its effectiveness and highlight concerns about authenticity, dosage, and potential toxicity.

4. Are there concerns about the authenticity and dosage of fadogia agrestis?

The video highlights concerns about the authenticity and dosage of fadogia agrestis, raising questions about its effectiveness and potential toxicity despite its believed benefits for testosterone, muscle building, cognition, and overall health.

5. What are the potential risks and toxicity associated with fadogia agrestis?

The YouTuber expresses concerns about the potential risks and toxicity associated with fadogia agrestis, despite its believed benefits for testosterone, muscle building, cognition, and overall health

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