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This video is a tutorial on how to get rid of bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22 using different equipment and the build mode. It demonstrates what works and what doesn't work, as well as providing tips on making the map mobile and deleting unwanted objects.
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This video is a tutorial on how to get rid of bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22 using equipment and build mode.
The tutorial will show what equipment works and what doesn't.
The video showcases the new graphics card in use.
The tutorial will demonstrate how to unfold the equipment.
In this section, the video explains that while mowing in Farming Simulator 22 can remove bushes, it won't remove ground plants or sticks.
Mowing in the game does not remove bushes, ground plants, or sticks.
The video suggests using a specific equipment in the game to remove bushes.
The video mentions that it will cover how to remove ground cover in another video.
To get rid of bushes, sticks, and plants in the game, you can paint grass over them in build mode and then delete the grass.
In build mode, go to landscaping and select plants, then pick the grass to delete the bushes.
To remove the ground stuff and sticks, paint grass over them and then delete the grass.
There is a mod available to paint down grass and stuff for free.
In the next video, the speaker will show how to get rid of everything by cutting the grass for map makers and people on PC, and how to make it mobile.
The equipment shown in the video can only get rid of grass, not bushes or plants.
In the next video, the speaker will demonstrate how to make a map that will delete everything without having to paint grass over it.
The speaker encourages viewers to like and subscribe to their channel.
00:21hey once again it's your boy daddy for
00:22triplet gaming coming at you with
00:24another how to video you know how we do
00:27it let's get to it all right ladies and
00:30gents in this one it's going to be a
00:33real quick tutorial on how to get rid of
00:41uh the little plants in that on the
00:45um sticks all the different ways of
00:48doing it um
00:52it's up to it i'm gonna show you what
00:54does work what doesn't work
00:59why something isn't working
01:05all right
01:08all right ladies and gents we're going
01:10to start here first and i'm gonna show
01:12you what this will cut and what it will
01:14not cut
01:17look at it look how good this new
01:19graphics card works guys you can see the
01:22buttons clearly
01:23it's great
01:26look at that
01:30yeah man i'm not i'm not used to that
01:33it would work like that for a little bit
01:35and then fuzz out so
01:38anyhow to the mission at hand
01:54let's see if i can get this bad boy to
01:56unfold for me
02:01all right we're gonna make a quick cut
02:06uh and then we're gonna i'm gonna show
02:08you this and then i'm gonna show you
02:09build mode as well what it will and will
02:12not do
02:17and how to get it to cut the things
02:21that it won't
02:22or how to get it to
02:24delete the things that it won't delete
02:27all right so when you're
02:34mowing as you see
02:38as you probably already know
02:40it just doesn't get rid of
02:45the bushes
02:47and or
02:49the different little
02:51uh ground plants
02:56the string needles in the ground foliage
03:10or the sticks it won't get rid of the
03:12sticks either
03:14all right
03:17there is
03:21but this guy right here
03:46end game
03:48if you want to play realism
03:51that's how you get rid of
03:54the bushes
03:59but you see it's not getting rid of that
04:01ground cover right there
04:04and i'm gonna do another video
04:07and i'm gonna show you guys how to make
04:09it where uh
04:11everything is mobile on a map
04:14everything the sticks the bushes
04:17everything so if you're on pc
04:20or if you're a map builder
04:22and you want
04:23your map to uh be able to cut all that
04:25stuff standard i'm gonna show you how to
04:28do all that in the next video
04:32but that creates rocks on the ground
04:34that's crazy
04:36i did not know that
04:37all right but you see this does not get
04:39rid of sticks
04:47now let's hop into build boat
04:58all right so now if we're in build mode
05:00we'll go to landscaping
05:03plants just pick the grass
05:10all right now if we try to delete
05:15it'll delete the bushes
05:19but it won't delete
05:20all the ground stuff as you see
05:26there is a mod um
05:29that will let you paint down grass and
05:31stuff for free
05:33so you can get that
05:37but if you want to get rid of these
05:38bushes you just paint grass over them
05:41and then delete the grass
05:44it works with flowers bushes anything
05:46you paint any of this down over it and
05:48then delete that
05:50all right you can't get rid of the
05:52sticks on the ground all right just
05:54paint grass over them
05:57delete it
05:59see it will not delete the sticks on its
06:01own so again
06:03paint grass over that
06:09paint delete
06:11paint delete paint delete it's that easy
06:13guys so um
06:22about all there is to it so if you're
06:24just worried about getting rid of bushes
06:30you can use this guy
06:36this guy here really doesn't get rid of
06:39but grass uh now in
06:42like i said in my next video i'm gonna
06:44show you how to get rid of
06:48everything just by cutting the grass
06:52for map makers and for people on pc
06:58and then i'll show you how to
07:00make it where
07:02all this stuff will delete in build mode
07:05so how we came here and build mode went
07:07to landscaping
07:09and went to plants and with the grass
07:13but it won't just delete it i'll show
07:16you how to make it where a map will do
07:21we'll just delete this stuff
07:23without having to paint grass over it
07:26okay so i'll show you that and then i'll
07:27show you how to make it mobile as well
07:30so um
07:33that's it for this one guys so uh if
07:35this helped uh
07:38i'm glad
07:39but if you like what you see go ahead
07:41and hit that like button if you want to
07:43see what's coming what's next hit the
07:44subscribe button notification bells and
07:47i'm out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How do you remove bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22?

To remove bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22, you can use different equipment and the build mode. The video tutorial demonstrates the various methods that work, such as using specific tools and equipment to clear the unwanted objects.

2. What are the tips for making the map mobile and deleting unwanted objects in Farming Simulator 22?

In the tutorial video, you will find valuable tips for making the map mobile and effectively deleting unwanted objects in Farming Simulator 22. The tips include using the build mode and utilizing specific equipment to ensure a clean and clutter-free environment.

3. Which equipment works best for getting rid of bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22?

The video provides a detailed demonstration of the equipment that works best for getting rid of bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22. It highlights the effectiveness of certain tools and machinery in clearing the unwanted objects.

4. What doesn't work when trying to clear bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22?

The tutorial video also covers what doesn't work when attempting to clear bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22. This insight helps avoid ineffective methods and focuses on the most efficient ways to achieve the desired result.

5. What are the key takeaways from the tutorial on removing bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22?

The tutorial video offers valuable insights and key takeaways on removing bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22, including tips for using the build mode, selecting the right equipment, and avoiding common mistakes. Viewers will gain practical knowledge for improving their gameplay experience.

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