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Dr. Mindy Pelz explains the benefits of a 36-hour fast, including weight loss, changed cravings, deeper autophagy, and increased ketones, making you a more efficient fat burner. Studies have shown that implementing this fasting regimen can lead to greater weight loss compared to calorie restriction alone. By resetting the gut and changing the microbiome, fasting can have long-term effects on weight management.
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The 36-hour fast is recommended for weight loss and there are compelling studies supporting its effectiveness.
The 36-hour fast is considered an extended fast.
Studies show that people eat for 12 hours and then fast for 36 hours.
Participants in these studies were allowed to eat whatever they wanted during their eating window.
Fasting for 36 hours and eating within a 12-hour window can lead to greater weight loss compared to calorie-restricted diets.
The Every Other Day Diet, which alternates between days of eating whatever you want and days of fasting, resulted in weight loss and improved blood work.
Following a 36-hour fast and eating within a 12-hour window led to a weight loss of 7.7 pounds in a week, compared to 1-2 pounds with calorie restriction.
Cravings were also found to change when people followed this fasting pattern for a week.
36-hour fasting can reset the gut microbiome, promote weight loss, induce autophagy, and lead to healthier food choices.
36-hour fasting can reset the gut microbiome and change cravings.
Autophagy, the process of cleaning up cells, is enhanced during 36-hour fasting.
People who fast for 36 hours tend to eat less and make healthier food choices as the week progresses.
Longer fasts, like 36-hour fasting, switch the body into fat-burning mode.
Increasing ketones during a 36-hour fast can turn off the hunger hormone, making fasting easier and more efficient for weight loss.
Ketones go up into the brain and turn off the hunger hormone.
Fasting becomes easier as you are not hungry.
36-hour fasting can bring down calorie count, change cravings, and promote weight loss.
It helps in cleaning up cells, making them more efficient and increasing ketones.
00:00Dr Mindy here and on this video I am
00:03going to hopefully convince you as to
00:06why I love the 36 hour fast as a fat
00:09burner fast this is the fast you want to
00:12do if you want to unstick your weight
00:14but I don't want you just take my word
00:16for it I want you to have an experience
00:18with it and I want you to know the
00:19science behind it okay the 36 hour fast
00:22why would you want to do it so I have
00:25been taking you through the different
00:27fasts so if you're new to my channel go
00:29back and watch I've done videos on
00:31intermittent fasting autophagy fasting
00:34and the gut reset which is 24 hours this
00:37is the fat burner reset and let me tell
00:39you why there have been lots of studies
00:41done on longer fast to me 36 hours is
00:45considered an extended fast but the
00:48couple of the most compelling studies
00:50that we can find current studies are
00:53showing that they took they had people
00:55do a frequency of eating for 12 hours
00:59and then fasting for 36 hours and then
01:03eating for 12 and then fasting for 36.
01:07now when I say eating I mean they're not
01:10eating 12 hours continuous but they're
01:12opening up their eating window and they
01:16in these Studies by the way they are
01:19allowing people to eat whatever they
01:21want there's a trim there's an
01:23incredible study one done years ago
01:25showing something called the Every Other
01:27Day Diet how they let people eat
01:29whatever they wanted one day and then
01:31they ate they didn't eat it all the next
01:33day and then whatever they wanted and
01:35they just alternated that and at the end
01:37of the of a Year everybody had lost
01:39weight everybody's blood work improved
01:41everybody's Cravings changed
01:43and we're seeing that in something as
01:47simple as 12-hour period where you're
01:49allowed to eat whatever you want then
01:51you go 36 hours without food now why is
01:55this important well the research and I'm
01:57going to link the study in the notes
01:59below show that when people followed
02:02this for one week that they lost seven
02:04and a half pounds that's three and a
02:06half kilograms in seven days so they had
02:09greater weight loss compared to people
02:12who just did a calorie restricted diet
02:14so no fasting they just restricted
02:17calories those people lost close to a
02:20pound to two pounds in a week compared
02:247.7 pounds in a week when they
02:27implemented this 36 hour fast and they
02:30ate within the 12-hour window so again
02:3212 hours of eating and then follow it
02:34with 36 hours of fasting the other thing
02:38that they discovered in having people do
02:40this just for a week was that their
02:43Cravings changed so go back and watch
02:45some of the videos I've done we are now
02:47getting evidence that fasting is
02:50changing the microbiome and when you
02:52change the microbiome your Cravings will
02:54change those bacteria in your gut they
02:58are controlling your taste buds so when
03:01you throw these 36 hour fast in you
03:03reset your gut and you change your
03:06Cravings so you're getting greater
03:07weight loss you're on uh changing your
03:11third thing is you're getting a deeper
03:13autophagy so autophagy is where we start
03:17to clean up the cells so your autophagy
03:20starts around 17 hours so if you're
03:23putting 36 hours into fasting on a
03:27regular basis you're repairing your gut
03:30you're cleaning up those cells so the
03:32old cells will will go away and you're
03:34burning fat and you're changing your
03:36Cravings pretty darn cool and the last
03:40thing I will say is that when they
03:42looked at this seven day period they
03:45noticed as the week went on that people
03:47ate less and less and less so their
03:51choices for food and how they were
03:54hungry became as the week went on became
03:57smarter to healthier choices plus they
04:00were eating less okay how does that
04:03happen well remember that we have two
04:05ways we burn energy one from the foods
04:07we eat the other from fasting so when
04:10you go into to these longer fasts when
04:13you go into the 36 hour fast you're
04:15really switching yourself over into fat
04:17burning mode and you're increasing
04:19ketones when you increase ketones what
04:22you do is ketones go up into the brain
04:25and turn off the hunger hormone and when
04:28you do that you're not hungry all of a
04:30sudden you're not hungry and you can
04:31start to see that fasting becomes easier
04:34and easier
04:35so with that 36 hour fast you have now
04:39over a weeks period of time you've
04:41brought your calorie count down you've
04:43changed your Cravings you've lost weight
04:45most likely for good won't come back
04:48after you eat as unless we start to eat
04:50stuff like this it shouldn't come back
04:53and you're cleaning up those cells so
04:56they're more efficient and you're
04:58getting more ketones and you're killing
05:00the hunger hormone and you're making
05:02yourself a more efficient fat burner I
05:05do not know a better reason to want to
05:08master this fast so if you have lost
05:11weight doing a 36 hour fast please tell
05:14our community we want people to see that
05:17I'm not just the crazy one here giving
05:19you guys the information delivering the
05:21science there's a lot of crazy people
05:22out there doing fast like this losing
05:25weight for good so 36 hour fast it's my
05:28favorite okay if you've made it this far
05:30in the video It's a Sign you definitely
05:32need to subscribe if you love that video
05:34and you want to dive into more of the
05:37information I have on this channel go to
05:39this video so if we're eating the same
05:42way all the time then we're gonna get
05:45stuck and we might actually gain weight
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the benefits of a 36-hour fast?

A 36-hour fast offers benefits such as weight loss, changed cravings, deeper autophagy, and increased ketones, making you a more efficient fat burner.

2. How does implementing the 36-hour fasting regimen lead to greater weight loss?

Studies have shown that implementing the 36-hour fasting regimen can lead to greater weight loss compared to calorie restriction alone. It resets the gut and changes the microbiome, resulting in long-term effects on weight management.

3. What are the long-term effects of fasting on weight management?

Fasting can have long-term effects on weight management by resetting the gut and changing the microbiome, leading to greater weight loss and improved weight management over time.

4. How does fasting impact the body's cravings and fat burning process?

Fasting can lead to changed cravings and improved fat burning efficiency by increasing ketones and promoting deeper autophagy, resulting in a metabolic shift towards being a more efficient fat burner.

5. What have studies shown about the benefits of a 36-hour fast?

Studies have shown that a 36-hour fast offers benefits such as weight loss, changed cravings, deeper autophagy, increased ketones, and greater weight loss compared to calorie restriction alone, making it an effective approach for weight management.

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