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The video provides a femboy workout guide focusing on reducing body fat without gaining muscle, emphasizing the importance of cardio and small dietary changes. The creator shares their personal journey and tips for achieving a more feminine body while maintaining strength and avoiding supplements.
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The video provides a workout guide for achieving a more feminine body, emphasizing the importance of cardio and reducing body fat without gaining muscle.
Cardio is the most important aspect of the workout.
The video demonstrates eight workouts that are cycled through four times.
Starting small and creating a habit is crucial, even if it's a light and easy workout.
Reducing testosterone and consuming green veggies and soy products is recommended.
Small diet changes like snacking on fruits and vegetables instead of chips, along with doing short walks or stretches, can help reduce body fat without gaining muscle for a more feminine body.
Start by snacking on carrots, cucumbers, and fruits instead of chips.
Incorporate short walks or stretches into your daily routine.
Use women workout apps to find exercises that target a more feminine body.
Avoid overdoing it and focus on consistency rather than intensity.
Wearing a sports bra during workouts can help keep everything in place, but estrogen can also contribute to a bigger chest and softer skin.
Estrogen reduces muscles and makes the skin softer.
There is no magical pill that fixes all problems with estrogen.
Estrogen can help achieve a more feminine body shape with redistributed body fat.
Cardio workouts, particularly running, are important for burning body fat.
Using women workout apps can make it easier to reach fitness goals.
Starting with light exercises and stretches and gradually increasing intensity is key.
Rest days are important in between workout days.
Diet plays a significant role, but small victories in changing eating habits are important.
Tips for a healthy diet and exercise, including snacking on healthy foods, avoiding fried foods, and meal prepping.
Start snacking on healthy options like carrots or fruits instead of unhealthy snacks.
Avoid ordering soda and opt for water occasionally.
Eventually, aim to completely avoid fried foods.
Meal prepping can be helpful - cook five serving sizes in one day and freeze them for the week.
Meal prep breakfast by making oatmeal and storing it in the refrigerator.
Taking supplements like fish oils, vitamin D, and biotin may not always be beneficial and can cause harm.
Be cautious when obtaining estrogen and make sure it is from a legitimate source.
Personal experience with ordering estrogen overseas resulted in negative side effects.
The video will provide basic workout tips in the next segment.
00:00hi it's fanboyfriday for some reason
00:02lots of guys want a feminine body like
00:04mine unfortunately i was born this way
00:07but here's one of the workouts that i do
00:09that helps real fast i don't get banned
00:11off youtube this video is for
00:12educational purposes and any money made
00:15on this channel will go to a random
00:17charity or a random viewer i'm lucky
00:19that i don't need the money so i'll just
00:21give it away okay so your main goal
00:23should be to reduce your body fat
00:25without gaining any muscle so cardio is
00:27going to be the most important thing i
00:29like doing weights just because it's
00:30more fun and i don't want to be that
00:32person with weak arms in this video i'm
00:34doing eight workouts and i'll cycle
00:36through them four times so i'll start
00:38with squats and then hit thrust and then
00:40switch the next exercise and then
00:42finally just loop it over four times
00:44this is a really hard workout but i'm
00:46just showing what i'm doing most fanboys
00:48will not reach this level of workouts
00:50but i wanted to see my results faster
00:52which is why i do this starting small
00:54and not overdoing it is the most
00:56important thing even if you don't break
00:58a sweat doing something light and easy
01:00is way better than nothing at all the
01:02most important thing is that you create
01:04a habit i started working out a few
01:06times a month and just for a few minutes
01:08i used a free workout app and i didn't
01:10have any weights or anything in the past
01:12i could barely hold up my hair dryer and
01:14now i can do push-ups and i'm better in
01:17bed also it's really important to reduce
01:19your testosterone in your body you don't
01:21need estrogen but it helps you should
01:24eat more green veggies soy products
01:26fruits come water and drink less soda
01:29small diet changes will add up over time
01:31i started off with snacking on carrots
01:33cucumbers and any fruits instead of
01:35eating like chips and stuff whenever i
01:37felt hungry again your goal is to reduce
01:39your body fat without gaining muscle and
01:41you can start by doing short walks every
01:43day or you can do stretches at home i
01:45started with free women workout apps
01:48there's a lot of them to pick from but i
01:49used the top ones and i would switch it
01:51up because there's different exercises
01:53since you want a more feminine body
01:55women workout apps are pretty good the
01:57key is to do small amounts until you
01:59form a habit and you don't want to
02:00overdo it it'll be really easy to want
02:03to do more but as long as you do it
02:04consistently it's great just don't
02:07overdo it i personally want a little bit
02:09more muscle which is why i'm using
02:10weights but i don't want to be super
02:13toned where you can see how big i am i
02:15don't think i'm ever gonna get really
02:16big unless i start taking supplements
02:18and doing a lot more weight training but
02:21i'm avoiding doing all of that my
02:23personal goal is to have a more feminine
02:25body but i still want to be strong
02:26enough to hold my hair dryer and do
02:28basic stuff every day i don't want to be
02:30that weak person ever but some people do
02:33for some reason personally i feel really
02:35embarrassed going to a gym so i like to
02:37do everything from my room the most
02:39important thing that i have when i work
02:41out is going to be a yoga mat without a
02:43yoga mat everything will be hard to do
02:45especially if you have like a hardwood
02:47floor and if you have carpet it's going
02:48to feel really uncomfortable
02:50having separate clothing to work out in
02:52can be really useful because you can
02:54condition yourself to be in the mood to
02:55work out when you're wearing those
02:57clothes you don't need to waste your
02:58money on a sports bra however it could
03:01be a motivation to help you work out i
03:03need to wear one now because i'm on
03:05estrogen and it makes your chest bigger
03:07so it just keeps everything in place
03:09again you don't need estrogen to have a
03:11feminine body but it does reduce your
03:13muscles and makes your skin softer
03:15everyone will get different results with
03:17estrogen and there's no such thing as
03:19like a magical pill that'll fix all your
03:20problems fanboys typically don't want a
03:23bigger chest but the trade-off is to
03:25have nicer skin and your body fat gets
03:28redistributed so it matches more like a
03:30woman's body i think you can get a nicer
03:32butt by working out and having a good
03:34diet but estrogen just makes it easier
03:37in my next workout vid i can show you
03:39what workouts help you get a feminine
03:40body without easing weights but the most
03:42important workout you do will be cardio
03:44to help burn off body fat the goal is to
03:47be able to run 30 minutes every other
03:49day but you probably can't start doing
03:51that right away downloading and using
03:53women workout apps will make it easier
03:55to get there it took me months of doing
03:57really light exercises and stretches to
03:59get to where i am now having days where
04:02you don't work out is also really
04:03important i would alternate between
04:05workout days then rest days and my
04:07workouts were mostly stretches for 20
04:09minutes or less once i got into a habit
04:12i slowly increased the amount i was
04:13doing my goal was to be able to run 30
04:16minutes every other day diet is also
04:18really important but changing your diet
04:20is really hard so taking small victories
04:22where you can is really important it's
04:24impossible to change your entire diet
04:26but it's easy to start snacking on
04:28healthy stuff like carrots or fruits
04:30instead of ordering a soda try ordering
04:32a water every once in a while avoiding
04:34fried foods is really hard but
04:36eventually you can avoid fried food
04:38completely i've gotten into meal
04:40prepping so i spend one day a week
04:42cooking five serving sizes this way i
04:45can have five meals for the week so all
04:48i have to do is throw everything into
04:49the freezer and then move it into the
04:51refrigerator a day before i'm gonna eat
04:53it then all i have to do is microwave it
04:55and now i also meal prep my breakfast i
04:58make oatmeal and it's really easy to
05:00just throw it into the refrigerator and
05:02then into the microwave when i'm gonna
05:04eat it i'm not a professional at any of
05:06this the most valuable thing i've
05:07learned is having a healthy diet and
05:09exercise is good i tried taking
05:11supplements like fish oils vitamin d and
05:14biotin for better skin and stuff but
05:16this ended up causing more harm also do
05:19not try to get estrogen unless it's from
05:21a legit source a long time ago i tried
05:23to order some from overseas but then i
05:25ended up peeing blood the estrogen
05:27effects were working but i was also
05:30peeing blood
05:31so it's not worth it unless you're
05:33getting it from a legit source
05:35but yeah that's pretty much my workout
05:37and that's where i am now next video i
05:40will provide some basic workout stuff to
05:42help you get started if you're still
05:43listening or watching this thank you so
05:45much and feel free to dm me for any
05:48advice thanks for watching bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I reduce body fat without gaining muscle?

You can reduce body fat without gaining muscle by focusing on cardio exercises, such as running, swimming, and cycling. These exercises help to burn calories and reduce overall body fat percentage.

2. What are the dietary changes I can make to achieve a more feminine body?

To achieve a more feminine body, you can make small dietary changes such as reducing processed foods, consuming more fruits and vegetables, and increasing your water intake. These changes can help in reducing body fat and achieving a leaner physique.

3. How can I maintain strength while reducing body fat?

You can maintain strength while reducing body fat by incorporating bodyweight exercises and resistance training. Focus on workouts that target multiple muscle groups and maintain a balanced diet to support muscle strength and recovery.

4. What is the importance of cardio in achieving a more feminine body?

Cardio is important in achieving a more feminine body as it helps in burning body fat, toning the muscles, and improving overall endurance. Regular cardio exercises can contribute to a leaner and more feminine physique.

5. How can I avoid using supplements while achieving a feminine body?

You can avoid using supplements while achieving a feminine body by focusing on natural nutrition from whole foods. Emphasize a balanced diet with sufficient protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates to support your fitness goals.

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