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The video discusses how to use Finviz screener settings to filter out stocks based on specific criteria, such as market cap, moving averages, growth projections, and more. The presenter provides multiple presets for different trading strategies, including buy and hold, oversold bounce plays, breakouts, short plays, bounce plays off moving averages, dividend stocks, and stocks with strong growth and earnings. The goal is to save time and focus on stocks that align with individual trading preferences.
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This section introduces the concept of using stock screeners to filter out stocks based on specific requirements.
The speaker mentions the time-consuming process of scrolling through numerous stocks to find profitable ones.
Different types of traders are mentioned, such as bounce plays, breakouts, gradual gainers, sharp gainers, longs, and shorts.
The importance of having a stock screener is emphasized, as it can save time and help create a better watchlist.
The speaker recommends using FinFiz as a free stock screener but mentions that other screeners will work as well.
The video explains the settings for using the Finviz screener to find stocks for long-term investment.
Market cap should be over 50 million to filter out penny stocks.
Stocks should be above the 20-day moving average.
Beta should be over 1.5.
EPS growth over the next 5 years should be over 10%.
Return on equity should be over 15%.
Current ratio should be over 1.5.
The screener is a filter, not a guarantee of good trades.
The list of stocks generated can be customized by adjusting the settings.
The video discusses two presets for stock screening on Finviz: oversold bounce plays and breakouts.
Hovering over the stocks ticker shows a quick example of the chart.
The oversold bounce play preset looks for stocks that have dropped too much and are starting to correct themselves.
The breakout preset looks for stocks that are breaking out, which can be profitable.
Patience is recommended when using the oversold bounce play preset, as not all stocks will bounce back up.
The video discusses different settings for the Finviz screener to find stocks with potential.
For stocks with potential growth, look for companies with a return on equity over 20%, a debt/equity ratio under 1, and an average volume over 100k.
For short trades, look for stocks with a market cap over 300 million, price over $5, float short at 20%, average volume over 500k, relative volume over 1, and current volume over 500k.
For bounce plays off moving averages, look for stocks with the price above the moving average.
This section explains three different presets for finding stocks using Finviz screener settings.
The first preset is for finding stocks that have recently gone down but are expected to bounce off the moving average and head upwards.
The second preset is for finding undervalued stocks that pay dividends and have growth potential.
The third preset is for finding companies with high growth and earnings, trading with the trend, and strong recent earnings.
00:00Let me paint you picture. You just woke up. You brushed your teeth. Got your coffee. And
00:04now you re doing your morning stock preparation, spending hours scrolling through 10 s if not
00:10100 s of different stocks. Trying to find that one gem that will make your profitable
00:14that morning. Have you ever wondered if there s a magical
00:17way to completely filter out thousands of stocks, so you only see the ones that fit
00:22your exact requirements? Maybe you re only looking for bounce plays? Maybe you re only
00:26looking for breakouts? Maybe you re looking for gradual gainers? Sharp gainers? Longs?
00:30Shorts? Well lucky for you, there is a way. And In
00:34this video I m going to share with you my Stock screener settings that I use every morning
00:38before I trade. So I can filter out all the noise, and only go through stocks that I d
00:43be genuinely interested in. This will save you tons of time, will give
00:47you a better watchlist, and if you do it correctly, this in itself will make you a more profitable
00:53trader. Well, let s not waste any time, let s get
00:55straight into it. First things first you re gonna need a stock
00:58screener. There are a ton of different screeners out there, some are better than others. But
01:02for the most part, they are all the same. If you don t have one yet. Id definitely suggest
01:06getting one if you re looking to get into day trading seriously or even trading at all.
01:11It s an important tool to have in your arsenal and can be the difference maker of you making
01:16money or not. I ll be using FinFiz for these examples, but
01:19most screeners will do just fine. The cool thing about this website is that it s completely
01:30free to use. I ll leave a link in the description. Now, I don t know what type of trader you
01:35are. You might be a risker trader than me, you might be a more passive trader. Everyone
01:39is going to be different. That s why I m gonna give you multiple different presets that I
01:43use so we can include all the types of traders. I guess what I m trying to say is, don t feel
01:49like you have to copy my setting for verbatim, change them to whatever trading style fits
01:53you best. It s important rather than just copying my settings, you understand the thought
01:58process behind it. Also make sure you watch this whole video
02:02because I will be leaving multiple different screener settings, and one of them is an absolute
02:07gem that works wonders for me. I m also not going to be explaining each and
02:12ever setting and why I m using it because I have a bunch of different presets, and if
02:16I explained each and every one of them, this video would be an hour long. If you want more
02:20information or have a questions of why I selected a specific setting ask in the comments and
02:26I ll try to answer. Alright, so the first strategy we are going
02:28to be doing, is for stocks that we want to buy and hold. These aren t short term trades,
02:33these aren t day trades, they are trades that we can be confident in and not sell. Most
02:38of these charts should look like this where they have steady and consistent growth.
02:47The first setting we want to change is market cap. We only want to be looking at stocks
02:52over 50 million. This will filter out any and all penny stocks.
02:57Next, we only want to see stocks that are above the 20 day moving average.
03:02We want to see a Beta over 1.5. EPS growth over the next 5 years should be set to over
03:0810%. Return on equity set to over 15%. Then we want the current ratio over 1.5
03:13Another cool thing about finfiz is that you can get more details about a specific filter
03:19if you don t necessarily know what it means. So for example, if you don t know what current
03:23ratio is, you can hover over it and see that its assets divided by liabilities.
03:28So if you are wondering why I selected something, just hover over it and it ll explain what
03:33that specific filter means. So as you can see, after adding all these
03:37filters, we get a nice little list of stocks. Now I should also mention right now. Not all
03:42these stocks down here are going to be good plays. That s an important concept to understand
03:47with screeners. You should treat them as filters, not absolute trades.
03:51So this should be used as just a simplified list so you don t have to look at 6,000 different
03:56stocks. So what I normally would do is take this list.
03:59Go through each and every chart, look up the company if I don t know it already, and see
04:04if I like it. If I do, I ll enter a trade.
04:06So as you can see with these settings, most of them are slow and steady gainers going
04:11up. You can also see that we have 18 stocks. Maybe
04:15that s too big of a list for you. Well, you can simply make your settings more extreme.
04:20So instead of an eps of 10% you can set it to 20%. Now you can see we only have 12 stocks
04:26to look at. That s the cool thing about screeners, you
04:29can customize them to your needs. You can also select which data you want to
04:33look at, so maybe you want to see the stocks performance, well, you can just click this
04:38tab to do so. So you can get some really good information with these tabs.
04:43You can also hover over the stocks ticker, and it ll show you a quick example of what
04:47the chart looks like. So you don t sit here and open each every one on trading view.
04:51So what I normally do is hover over each, to see if I like the general style of the
04:57chart, then, ill open on trading view to do some more in depth technical analysis.
05:02The next preset we will look at is for oversold bounce plays. Here s the strategy for this
05:07one. We are looking for stocks that probably dropped too much and the market over reacted.
05:13So what we want are plays like this. Where there was a recent drop, and the price is
05:17started to correct itself. So we can enter or atleast watch for a bounce play.
05:22These are usually are really nice because bounce plays usually bring big movers, and
05:26big movers, bring in a lot of profit. And most of the time, you re getting the stock
05:30for a pretty good price. So for this, we want the stock price to be
05:34over $5. We then want the RSI to be oversold. This will give us only stocks that the market
05:40probably overreacted on. Next we want to se the change to up. Saying
05:45that it recently just started going back up. The we want to set the relative volume to
05:49over 2. Which is basically saying that we want to see stocks that have 2 times to the
05:54volume it usually does. So with these settings, we are looking for
05:57oversold stocks, that are recently going up, and a lot more people are entering than usual.
06:03We got a nice set of stocks, where if we go through them, almost all of them just recently
06:08went down, and are started to correct a bit. One recommendation I would have with this
06:12style of trading is to be a little patient. You don t want to catch a falling knife. Not
06:16all of these will bounce back up. Some of them will act like they want to correct, but
06:20then just keep falling. So I d suggest just putting these on a watch
06:24list, watch them for a bit, wait for some confirmation, then enter. You can make some
06:28really good plays with this preset.
06:30This next preset is looking for breakouts. Breakouts can be really nice, because once
06:35they are confirmed, most of the time, they sky rocket. It s a really nice list to have
06:39just to just watch every now and then for a potentially good gainer.
06:42What we are looking for are stocks like these, where it s just now getting to a new high,
06:47and is ready to keep going. So for this strategy, we want to the chart
06:51to be in a strong uptrend. To make sure we are getting that, want the price to above
06:56the 20 day, 50 day, and 200 day moving average. Next want to stock to be at a new high from
07:02the past 50 days. We also want return on equity to be over 20%.
07:07This is just saying that we want the company to be investing shareholders money efficiently.
07:12We also want the debt/equity ratio under 1. So we know the company doesn t have a lot
07:17of debt and liabilities. The final setting we want is an average volume
07:22of over 100k. So we know this stock is seeing some interest from people and is pretty liquid.
07:28You should get charts that look like this. Going up up and creating new 50 day highs.
07:33The play one these is just watch them for a bit, maybe see if they are breaking a key
07:37resistance, and give some confirmation, and enter. Again, not all of these winners. It
07:42s up to you to decide which charts look good. Maybe you are short trader, and don t like
07:47trading long that often. Well these next setting are for you. These are short plays. Most of
07:53the charts will look like this. Price with downward movement.
07:56The first setting we want for this is market cap. We only want to look at stock over 300million.
08:00We want the price to be over $5. We want the float short high, at 20%. This
08:05is basically saying there are a lot of other short traders shorting these stocks at the
08:10moment. Next, we want an average volume of over 500k.
08:14Saying that we want big downwards movements and a lot of traders entering giving us liquidity
08:19to exit the trade whenever we want. Then we want a relative volume over 1. So
08:24saying we want a volume higher than what it normally is.
08:28Then we want the current volume over 500k. And boom, you get a couple stocks that have
08:33some great potential for enter a short position. What s cool about this one is the float setting.
08:38So when enter this trade you can be confident there are others hopping on the same exact
08:43strategy you are doing. The next preset we will be taking a look at
08:46is bounce plays off moving averages. So it should look something like this, where price
08:51came down, and is looking to bounce off the moving average, using it as a support, and
08:56head upwards. To do this, we want our price to be above
09:00the 20 day moving average, but we want the price to be below the 50 day moving average.
09:06Then we want an average volume of over 400k, telling us this stock has a lot of activity,
09:12we want a relative volume over 1, telling us its higher than normal, and then we want
09:16a current volume of over 2 million. As you can see, it gave us a lot of different
09:21charts that went down recently, but are looking to bounce off the moving average, and start
09:26heading upwards. This next preset is for all my dividend traders
09:29out there. We will be trying to find undervalued stocks that are looking to grow, but they
09:34also pay dividends. First things first, we want large market cap
09:38stocks, so we will set it to over 10 billion. Next we want a positive dividend yield of
09:43over 0%. Telling us, all these stocks pay dividends. Next we want a P/E ratio of under
09:5020. Saying it s potentially undervalued. Then we want an EPS growth for the next 5 years
09:55at over 5%, telling us the company is growing. We want a payout ratio of under 50%.
10:01We want a low PEG, giving us stocks that are undervalued.
10:05The we want an eps growth next year of over 5%
10:08It s going to give you a nice list. A lot of these charts will look different. Some
10:13will be going up, some will be going down. It s just important to realize that with these
10:17settings we are looking for undervalued stocks, that have growth, and pay dividends.
10:21This next and final present is going to be showing you companies with insane growth and
10:26earnings. All these companies will most likely be a really good buy.
10:30We want to be trading with the trend on this one, so we want the price to be above 200
10:35day moving average. We also want an average volume of over 400k, telling us there is a
10:40lot of activity. Went then want the eps growth for this year to be over 25% we also want
10:46it to be over 25% for the quarter and for next year. Then we also wants sales for the
10:51quarter to also be over 25%. This in itself, will give us some really strong
10:56companies. Then we want to companies that are not over
10:59sold. With an RSI over 50. And there ya go, it s going to give you some strong companies
11:04with great earnings recently, which most of the time, means they are going to be doing
11:08good. If you got absolutely value from this video,
11:12I d really appreciate it if you took 5 seconds out of your day and liked this video.
11:16Maybe you need a trading strategy to know when to enter or exit some of these stocks?
11:20Well try these strategy out. Where I made 130% profit with it in just 2 months of trading.
11:26Thanks for watching, and I ll see you guys. Next time.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I use Finviz screener settings to filter out stocks based on specific criteria?

You can use Finviz screener settings to filter out stocks based on specific criteria by setting parameters such as market cap, moving averages, growth projections, and more. The video provides a detailed demonstration of how to do this effectively.

2. What are some presets for different trading strategies provided in the video?

The video provides multiple presets for different trading strategies, including buy and hold, oversold bounce plays, breakouts, short plays, bounce plays off moving averages, dividend stocks, and stocks with strong growth and earnings. These presets are designed to help you focus on stocks that align with your individual trading preferences.

3. How can Finviz screener settings help in saving time and focusing on specific stocks?

Finviz screener settings can help in saving time and focusing on specific stocks by allowing you to set parameters that align with your trading preferences. This way, you can filter out stocks that meet your specific criteria, saving time and effort in the stock research process.

4. What are some examples of specific trading strategies discussed in the video?

The video discusses specific trading strategies such as oversold bounce plays, breakouts, short plays, bounce plays off moving averages, dividend stocks, and stocks with strong growth and earnings. These strategies are explained in detail to help traders understand how to use them effectively.

5. How do the presets for different trading strategies in Finviz screener settings benefit traders?

The presets for different trading strategies in Finviz screener settings benefit traders by providing predefined filters that align with specific trading strategies. This saves time and effort in manually setting and adjusting filters, allowing traders to focus on stocks that match their preferred trading strategies.

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