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This video criticizes the Fitline company for exploiting people's fears and hopes to generate billions in sales through their overpriced and ineffective products. The video examines the ingredients of Fitline products and highlights that they are not significantly different from other energy drinks or supplements. It also criticizes the MLM (multi-level marketing) structure of Fitline, highlighting the exploitation of workers at the bottom of the pyramid.
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The video criticizes Fitline products for exploiting people's fears, ignorance, and hopes to generate billions in sales.
The video is divided into three points: small ones and their effects, ingredients, and general criticism of the whole system.
Fitline products include activate, Power Cocktail, and Restaurant, which are powders dissolved in water.
These products claim to improve vitality, comfort, immune system, metabolism, and alleviate everyday problems. They are sold in a package for €110 a month.
The section discusses the ingredients in Fitline products and their supposed benefits.
Fitline sellers emphasize the patented NTC process for optimal nutrient absorption.
The Fitline ätivision morning product contains caffeine extract and carbohydrates for sustained energy.
It also includes vitamins such as vitamin C and B vitamins.
The video discusses the ingredients in Fitline and their effects on our health.
Fitline is similar to energy drinks like Red Bull in terms of its main ingredient.
Consuming too much sugar can lead to health issues like diabetes, overweight, and high blood pressure.
Fitline contains vitamins, guarana extract, maltodextreme, plant concentrates, fibers, lactic acid bacteria, and digestive enzymes.
The digestive enzymes in Fitline can help improve digestion and alleviate symptoms of lactose intolerance.
Fructose can have negative effects on the liver, metabolism, and insulin resistance, leading to digestive problems and fructose intolerance.
Fructose can promote diabetes and other diseases and slow down the metabolism.
High amounts of fructose can lead to fructose intolerance and digestive issues such as nausea, cramps, and flatulence.
It is important to supplement with targeted amounts of nutrients, including magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, and vitamin D, to compensate for deficiencies.
Blindly supplementing without proper examination can lead to imbalances and interactions between different nutrients.
The speaker criticizes Fitline for its high price, questionable claims about their patented NTC process, and the limited and restrictive nutritional concept they offer.
The price of Fitline products is 360 euros for a daily portion, which the speaker finds expensive considering the lack of noticeable benefits.
The speaker questions the uniqueness of Fitline's NTC process, stating that other manufacturers have similar processes with different names.
Fitline promotes a nutritional concept called Siri, but the speaker doesn't delve into it due to the extensive information available.
The speaker argues that weight loss associated with Fitline is more likely due to calorie deficit and restricted meal options rather than the effectiveness of Fitline products.
The section discusses the recruitment process and false promises in the Fitline pyramid scheme.
The video mentions the recruitment of more sellers to climb up the pyramid and earn rewards.
False facts are promised to clueless individuals who have paid a lot of money and are driven by ambition.
The video highlights the potential harm caused by conveying false information and complaints to others.
It is discouraged to rely solely on supplements as they may not be necessary for everyone's individual dietary needs.
00:00yes, it's time for a video like this again.
00:02Fun people, it should always be
00:05said, but this video took my
00:07heart and research and shows,
00:08so I'd be happy if you
00:10could like and share the whole thing and also leave a
00:12subscription. I'll join in the
00:14video probably even has some enemies
00:15so leave a bit of support
00:17I'd be really happy and then
00:19we'll start let's go and so
00:21many of them also promote Fitline
00:36pretty blatant [ __ ] you're being
00:39pressured into lying
00:48marketing [ __ ]
00:51[music ]
01:00It's also very important to me,
01:01of course, I don't want to criticize everyone who
01:03markets any Fitline products,
01:05but what is it about the whole
01:06system and the company that I am behind, which
01:10exploits people's fears, ignorance and also their hopes to
01:11simply generate billions in sales To generate
01:13and simplify the whole thing, I have
01:15now divided the video into three points.
01:16Part 1 is about what
01:18small ones actually are and what effect they are supposed to have.
01:19Part 2 is
01:21about the ingredients and Part 3
01:23is about my general criticism of the
01:25whole system work no more time
01:28to understand point one on
01:35doesn't know fidelands and nadors
01:37Supplements that are manufactured internationally by the company PM. The
01:40best sellers are the three
01:42products activate Power Cocktail and
01:45Restaurant, these are all the powders that
01:47you dissolve in the water and then It
01:49tastes similar to juice if you
01:51drink these three every day, otherwise
01:53it will ensure that you feel more
01:54vital, more comfortable,
01:57improve your immune system, boost your metabolism
01:59and alleviate numerous
02:01everyday problems such as fatigue,
02:02insomnia under your skin, for
02:04example, and on the side too
02:08improve your mood and digestion, that
02:09all sounds great now or, well, it's practical that
02:12you can buy all of this in one package
02:13for €110 a month, but that
02:16just has to be worth it because of your health
02:18or of course you can do it all
02:19Buy the product individually if you
02:21need it individually, but then of course it is
02:22significantly more expensive, but
02:24we also had each product have its own
02:26effect, such as the actives
02:28should be drunk tomorrow and it will be a better start
02:30to the day for everyone who doesn't like it in the morning
02:32or just look at the park
02:40restorate, on the other hand, is supposed to ensure
02:42that the person winds down better,
02:44sleeps better and then
02:46regenerate so far. The
02:48decision should be made and it will
02:49also be extra Always emphasized by every
02:52Fitline seller is the
02:54patented NTC process, which is
02:56intended to ensure that the nutrients are optimally
02:58absorbed and the availability
03:01is extremely high, but let's take a look at what
03:03nutrients they are and whether and if so
03:05how they work
03:07Ingredients on
03:13in order to evaluate all the ingredients for
03:15each effectiveness, let's
03:18just start chronologically like with
03:19Fitline with the ätivision
03:21morning so that the whole thing
03:23doesn't take forever, I'll do it with
03:24the first two a little more precisely
03:26and when restoring I'll deal with the whole thing
03:28a little more briefly and
03:30now to freely quote the Fitline marketing,
03:32the active vest is supposed to
03:34ensure that we can
03:35also have baby appointments and
03:38start the morning faster thanks to the optimal care
03:39because of that The body is optimally supplied,
03:43the truth behind it is
03:45now a bit more sober if
03:48take a closer look at the contents of it and for the first time there is
03:51extract on both stimulants,
03:54which are also the coffee and energy
03:56drinks that we somehow naturally
03:59make for ourselves are fit and not too tired.
04:02The next step would be to
04:04include textiles, which is a white
04:06powder and just a carbon hydride,
04:08but not like sugar, i.e. only
04:11one or two molecules, but from
04:13a long chain of
04:15sugar molecules and therefore breaks
04:17down more slowly of the body and
04:19brings energy for longer than
04:20any type of sugar, which
04:22of course also ensures a longer
04:24lasting energy supply and
04:26also serves as a carrier for the kulturrada
04:29extract, for example, or the beetroot.
04:30Then of course it also
04:32contains some vitamins such as
04:34vitamin C and also all the B vitamins also
04:36in the form of me and tantozin
04:39would that all the vitamins
04:41are contained is of course smart because
04:42they also clean something up and of course also say
04:45for a warm feeling and
04:48for the redness of the face which has
04:51another effect
04:52All in all, the aim is to emphasize that there are
04:54no harmful substances that
04:56actually have the desired effect,
04:58but the whole thing
05:00is not because you
05:02are optimally supplied but because the
05:03ingredients are designed for exactly that, just
05:05like with energy drinks that
05:07even have a similar list of additional ingredients The
05:09point of criticism on my part, however, is
05:11the skin ingredients because the first ingredient in
05:14the list of ingredients is the big one, i.e.
05:16dextrose, just plain dextrose
05:18as you might
05:19know it from the small cubes that you
05:21throw in to get quick energy
05:23in case you're wondering what the
05:25difference between glucose and
05:26normal is
05:28there is no we have energy quickly
05:30our wake up immediately the negative thing about it is
05:32that we get heating quickly
05:34and then the energy
05:36is quickly gone again and we
05:37quickly get tired again but it's good that
05:39the other ingredients Just catch that
05:41and now with this main ingredient there really is
05:43n't a big difference to
05:45any energy drinks like Red
05:47Bull or something similar. All
05:49nutritional societies were simply
05:51consuming too much sugar and trying to add too
05:53much sugar into our diet and also
05:55added sugar in drinks. The consequences
05:57are just that things like diabetes,
05:59overweight, high blood pressure,
06:01hardening of the arteries and so on, but the whole thing
06:04isn't as dramatic as
06:06much if the rest of the
06:09diet or exercise also fits,
06:11like with sport, for example, then the
06:14question is different than whether it's
06:16worth it Things like energy
06:18drinks or coffee have at least a
06:21similar effect or green
06:23tea, which is actually really healthy.
06:25Additionally, if you are
06:26overweight and especially if you are overweight, you should
06:29simply avoid sugar and, above all,
06:30rose grows because that has the
06:33biggest effect Influence on our
06:34blood sugar level a power cocktail,
06:35let's make the whole thing a little
06:36shorter now Vitamins are of course
06:38contained in abundance here as well
06:39as guarana extract and
06:41maltodextreme for the longer
06:44supply of energy and just the
06:46longer to be awake and concentrated then
06:47some plant concentrates that just
06:50Some natural nutrients
06:51should be included, as well as several
06:53fibers such as insulin pectin
06:55and gum arabic and also
06:58lactic acid bacteria, which are supposed to improve the
06:59microbiome and thus also the intestinal flask.
07:01In addition, there are
07:03also digestive functions such as
07:04lactase, which is supposed to help
07:07digest lactose, for example
07:10In short, nothing that you
07:12couldn't really think about nutrition
07:13except for the digestive enzymes, which are
07:16supposed to help
07:19improve digestion because in the case of lactose
07:21intolerance, for example, there is a lot of lacase
07:23in the intestine and the lactose
07:26absorbs the milk sugar, which is what
07:28creates it Flatulence, bloated stomach
07:31or even diarrhea so it's
07:33not a bad thing that they
07:34're there or
07:36you can't
07:38say that in general terms because
07:40digestive enzymes are supplied externally and of course always have
07:42interactions with certain
07:43medications and other nutrients - the
07:45same is true if you use them for real If you don't
07:47really need it, the body
07:49naturally reduces production, which
07:51can lead to problems if you
07:53no longer consume the whole thing. The
07:55biggest point of criticism here on my part is
07:57of course the
07:59main ingredient here and that is the fructose,
08:01i.e. fructose if you are
08:03here too again asks what is the
08:05difference between fructose and
08:06normal sugar, there really is one
08:09because fructose is metabolized via the liver
08:12and converted there into
08:14fat bodies that we
08:16can then burn, in contrast to
08:18glucose, for example, which is simply introduced into the
08:20muscle cells by
08:21insulin and You simply
08:23got burned. The Federal Office for Risk
08:25Assessment was food that is
08:26sweetened with fructose because it
08:28increases cholesterol and blood lipid levels, makes
08:30the liver fatty, promotes diabetes and
08:32other diseases and
08:34even slows down the metabolism in the long term.
08:36Stupid for something that actually affects the metabolism
08:38should boost or and yes
08:41the investigation by the Federal Office for
08:42Risk Assessment was mainly about
08:44diabetes patients but also the DGE
08:46i.e. the German Society for
08:48Nutrition was concerned with vorfructose and writes
08:50that this
08:52can increase insulin resistance even in non-diabetics
08:55and only the worst ones get that
08:57The consequences are much more likely that
08:59in the long run, with such high amounts of
09:01fructose, we will simply no longer
09:03be able to absorb these bodies in the intestines and will no
09:05longer be able to transport them away. The whole thing is
09:07then also known as fructose intolerance
09:09or fructose sometimes subtly,
09:11as follows,
09:12digestive problems as just mentioned Nausea
09:14completely feeling cramps flatulence and yes yes
09:18so on at Restorate we do
09:20the whole thing now but now it's a really good
09:22ingredient here again fructose
09:24which of course isn't that bad
09:27for the product because it
09:29really doesn't affect the insulin level
09:31and it's not against it that we
09:33get an energy kick but as
09:36I said fructose protects then
09:38magnesium iron copper zinc selenium and
09:41other amounts and trace elements and
09:43vitamin D so a lot of things
09:45that make sense to
09:47supplement them and most people will
09:49probably have some kind of deficiency
09:51and Compensating it is very
09:53likely that we have some kind of deficiency,
09:55but I think you shouldn't
09:57just start supplementing blindly
09:59and just take any supplements to
10:01compensate for a deficiency that
10:03may exist, it's best to just have it
10:05examined beforehand and
10:07then supplement in a really targeted manner
10:09and not just with that Be sure to
10:11blast it first because quantities and trace elements
10:13still have interactions and
10:15if you use too much of one quantity or trace element,
10:17it can mean
10:19that the other one can no longer be
10:20absorbed as well and this leads to
10:22other problems.
10:24And there's nothing wrong here either
10:26you might not think about vitamin D or
10:28selenium in your diet in Germany. The
10:29bottom line is that
10:31the whole thing is much more than it
10:33seems and many ingredients
10:35simply appear to have been developed beforehand
10:37in order to simply suggest to the body
10:39that the whole thing has something in the
10:40end The
10:42placebo effect is probably the decisive factor and
10:44the effect of caffeine guarano and
10:47similar to simply have a stimulating
10:49effect. Of course, for some people it can
10:52compensate for any deficiency if there is any deficiency,
10:54but as I said here
10:55you should supplement specifically rather
10:57than somehow Just go for it and
10:59of course there are cheaper
11:01versions than the whole thing for €110 a
11:04month. The whole thing simply contains far too
11:05much sugar, especially sugar like
11:07in the text can and fructose, which
11:10are very practical because they don't
11:11have to appear in the sugar content let
11:14's be honest, what is shady
11:16supplements sells almost
11:18every brand so what makes PMS
11:21international and therefore fitland worse for me
11:22than others
11:28first of all for me the price would
11:30honestly be 360 ​​for a daily portion
11:33for something that isn't even It really helps,
11:35you can
11:36start smoking again straight away and what's the
11:38deal with the
11:40NTC process that you're attacking so highly that
11:42supposedly only you are allowed to use it
11:43and it's specifically patented for you? Yes,
11:46International has developed this process It's
11:48also patented,
11:51just like the name NCC, and that's why people
11:53always insist on it so much
11:55and point it out so much. They
11:57're the only ones who are allowed to say it that
11:59way, but other
12:01manufacturers have similar processes, but they're
12:03not allowed to call them that way
12:04There they talk about
12:06high bioavailability or good
12:08nutrient absorption, so their
12:10highly praised NTC process is not as
12:13special as they always make out. I think
12:14I have already
12:16scored enough points for the ingredients and to show him
12:18that they don't use the products now
12:20That's the real deal, but the
12:21international ones also offer
12:23a nutritional concept with Siri,
12:25which is supposed to get into the metabolism,
12:28lose weight and improve several things like
12:32I can't go into that right now
12:34because the whole thing is in the frame
12:35would blow up choose PDF which has about 100
12:38pages and then I
12:41have to be very annoyed but that you
12:42lose weight if you then spend four times in a day
12:45which only consists of, for example,
12:46150 g of yoghurt, two eggs, 150 g of
12:50chicken or 200 g of beef It
12:52's clear or that's
12:55definitely not because of
12:57Fitline's products, but rather because you have
13:00a calorie deficit because the
13:03meals are limited and
13:04things like carbohydrates and alcohol
13:06are completely forbidden and of course it's
13:08completely natural designed in such a way
13:09that the food
13:11is easily digestible and as a result things
13:13like stay put disappear for a short time
13:14but what happens now when the
13:1630 days themselves are over the person
13:18is just as clueless afterwards
13:21and will then continue like this
13:22again before that is simply not
13:25sustainable I would consistently reject a healthy
13:26change in diet and a diet in which
13:28healthy foods such as
13:30oatmeal, whole grains, legumes,
13:32nuts and onions are forbidden
13:36but my biggest point of criticism with PM
13:39international and Fitline is the
13:41operating system, not only that the
13:42products are so damn expensive and
13:44Living in Abu down costs less They
13:47are also sold via multi-level
13:48marketing As for legal
13:50reasons, I'm only saying that if you didn't
13:52know exactly, you would call it a
13:54pyramid scheme, which means
13:58you can spend over €100 every month on fatline's products
14:00Fitline recruit other sellers,
14:03so you can continue to sell the products.
14:04In the best case scenario,
14:06these new customers will also sell
14:09products to new customers,
14:10so you should collect more and more sellers among
14:12you and thus
14:14continue to climb up the pyramid, internationally and
14:16easily with rewards like a
14:18company car or a big
14:19additional income vacation and the perfect
14:22chat, so working little, earning a lot
14:24and just traveling and
14:27seeing the whole world,
14:29clueless people are
14:30always promising false facts to other clueless people,
14:32people with
14:33no prior knowledge who
14:35have taken out a subscription themselves and have
14:37paid a lot of money themselves and
14:41are clearly driven by ambition and the pressure to succeed with the prospect of a
14:43good life and easy money,
14:50conveying food to other people with real fears and complaints,
14:51what could go wrong
14:54and people's complaints caused by them
14:56The prospect of a beautiful life brings
14:58together many workers who
15:00generate billions in sales for
15:02everyone who takes Fitline products, taking
15:031 2 3 supplemens that are
15:06really supposed to cover everything seems
15:09plausible but this is discouraged by every
15:11nutritional company.
15:13Firstly, there is no security that
15:15it is not a nutrient because I
15:17already have a lot of it in my diet,
15:21for example, that I don't overdose on it. Secondly, in fitness, for
15:23example, there are some nutrients that
15:25are already available in sufficient quantities in the food
15:27that you don't need and are
15:29therefore unnecessary for Running out of money
15:31is not as easy as it is
15:33made out to be. Everyone eats
15:35differently, everyone absorbs nutrients differently
15:37and everyone consumes different amounts of
15:38nutrients. That's why if you
15:40implement it in this way, then target nutrients
15:43in which a deficiency
15:45has been identified or in which a deficiency is very common A
15:47defect beforehand is best but always
15:49with a preliminary examination to everyone who
15:52sells or markets Fitline products.
15:54I understand that many
15:56people don't mean it in a bad way, they
15:57may even be convinced
15:59of it or other people even
16:01want to help, but you will be one percent of the rest
16:03Those who are at the top of the pyramid
16:05are being exploited
16:07to do the work for them, whether you are aware of it
16:08or not. With a system like this there are
16:11always losers on whose shoulders
16:13you earn your money, the products
16:15active as power cocktails and
16:17restaurants, because of them
16:19Ingredients really work for some things like
16:22but that is more because
16:24we are pumped full of sugar and caffeine
16:26and because of the
16:28flexible effect and not, as Fitline
16:30claims, because we
16:32are optimally supplied. The products are,
16:34for example, thanks to digestive enzymes
16:36designed to buy us in advance
16:38that they really have an effect
16:40but the core problem has not been
16:42solved, the intolerance
16:44still often exists, perhaps sometimes the side that
16:46blinds the people who are blinded by the prospect of
16:48money and blinded by a huge
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the main criticisms of Fitline products?

The main criticisms of Fitline products include their exploitation of people's fears and hopes to generate billions in sales through overpriced and ineffective products. The ingredients of Fitline products are also highlighted, showing that they are not significantly different from other energy drinks or supplements.

2. How does the video examine the MLM structure of Fitline?

The video examines the MLM (multi-level marketing) structure of Fitline and criticizes it for the exploitation of workers at the bottom of the pyramid. It highlights the negative impact of MLM on the workers involved in selling Fitline products.

3. What is the key focus of the video regarding Fitline company?

The key focus of the video regarding Fitline company is the exploitation of people's fears and hopes to generate billions in sales through their overpriced and ineffective products. It also sheds light on the MLM structure of Fitline and how it exploits workers at the bottom of the pyramid.

4. What makes Fitline products overpriced and ineffective?

Fitline products are considered overpriced and ineffective due to the exploitation of people's fears and hopes to generate billions in sales. The video examines the ingredients of Fitline products, highlighting that they are not significantly different from other energy drinks or supplements.

5. How does the video criticize the Fitline company?

The video criticizes the Fitline company for exploiting people's fears and hopes to generate billions in sales through their overpriced and ineffective products. It also criticizes the MLM structure of Fitline, highlighting the exploitation of workers at the bottom of the pyramid.

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