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The video is about a gamer who was falsely banned from playing Warzone and is unable to appeal the ban due to an unexpected error on Activision's website. He suspects that the ban on Warzone may be related to a permaban he received in Modern Warfare 2. He is seeking help and advice from viewers to resolve the issue.
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The speaker explains that their account was banned on Warzone and they want to appeal the ban.
The speaker claims they have never cheated in the game.
They mention that they can provide evidence to support their claim.
They discovered that they can appeal the ban on the Activision support website.
The video shows a person encountering an unexpected error while trying to log in to Modern Warfare 2 and being unable to find a solution.
The person tries to log in but encounters an unexpected error message.
They attempt to resolve the issue by clearing cache and cookies using Incognito mode, but it doesn't work.
They also try different browsers and even their phone, but the issue persists.
The person mentions that the problem seems to be rare and asks for help if anyone else has experienced it.
The speaker is experiencing a ban issue in Modern Warfare 2 and is unable to appeal the ban due to being redirected to a different page in a different language.
The speaker bought Modern Warfare 2 on Steam and experienced a game crash.
They verified the integrity of the game files and received a Kasmira Rhino permaban.
They are unsure if they are hardware banned and hope to appeal the ban, but are unable to do so due to being redirected to a different page in a different language.
00:00okay we're recording hello everybody my
00:03name's Sean
00:05um and I need your help
00:10very long story here I'm going to try
00:12and get into it
00:14so basically
00:16like maybe three weeks ago
00:19um I got my account band on warzone
00:22one more fear
00:23um never cheated like that on this game
00:26or anything like that
00:28um I can't actually say I've never
00:29tutored in my life before because I have
00:31once before but that was almost eight
00:33years ago now when I was 14 years of age
00:38um so yes it kind of got banned um I can
00:40happily provide any evidence that you
00:42guys want
00:43um I wasn't cheating simple as that I
00:45wouldn't be wasting my time and your
00:47time anyway
00:49um got banned on blizzard I was like ah
00:51whatever I'll just have a look and I
00:53realize that you can actually appeal
00:55um a band which is interesting I haven't
00:58heard of that before but um yes so you
01:01go to this lovely website love it scroll
01:05down to the game you want
01:07and then appeal a band I was like oh
01:09sweet awesome I'm gonna get unbanned
01:11lovely uh login to continue
01:14um it's not an Activision account as
01:18um you can obviously log in with
01:19blizzard but this is where the
01:22error comes in
01:25I gotta log in
01:28I get to this part I'm going to quickly
01:31scoop my details in there so you guys
01:33aren't going to be able to see
01:38okay hopefully that's blurred
01:42um go to log in and then I get greeted
01:43with this lovely screen
01:46um sorry an unexpected error has
01:48occurred I mean it's a language I don't
01:50recognize I'm pretty sure it's um
01:52Italian but anyway
01:55so it gives me two options here um if
01:57your problem persists please contact
01:58Activision support which has been
02:00happening for me
02:01Incognito the reason I did this is
02:03because I saw a Reddit post of this they
02:06said to like clear the cash and cookies
02:09whatever Incognito does it for you
02:12um did that nothing tried a different I
02:15tried Microsoft
02:16um Edge same thing Internet Explorer
02:20same thing even on my phone same issue
02:24um so yes you get prompted with this
02:26it's been persistent with me so I'm
02:28going to go here and here is where I get
02:30stuck in a loop because
02:33I simply can't there's nothing that they
02:37care about like there's no issue even
02:40remotely close to what I'm having I
02:42believe it is somewhat rare
02:44but um if anybody has this issue please
02:46let me know
02:48because I actually brought the new
02:50Modern Warfare 2 off of steam uh game
02:53crashed verified the integrity and got
02:57kasmira Rhino permaban on that game for
03:00some reason but
03:02um I'm wondering if I got banned on that
03:05because I have a band here so hopefully
03:08if I get this band appealed which I
03:11physically can't do because I'm
03:13constantly greeted with the screen
03:16I can actually get the other one
03:18unbanned because I'm not sure if I'm
03:19Hardware banned or not from this
03:22from this band here I'm hoping I'm not
03:24Hardware band but I can't shut any doors
03:28I can't presume I got banned on Modern
03:30Warfare two because the game crashed out
03:33to verify the Integrity of the game
03:35files until I know that this is 100
03:38cleared up
03:40so yes it's a bit of a pickle
03:44if anybody has any idea whatsoever for
03:46what is happening for me in my situation
03:48if you've seen this before if you know
03:50how to fix this because I legitimately
03:53cannot appeal my band on my account due
03:57to the fact that I am sent to
04:00A Different Page in a different language
04:02so yes if you have any idea please
04:03please please please please let me know
04:07um yeah thank you so much for listening
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why did the gamer get falsely banned from playing Warzone?

The gamer was falsely banned from playing Warzone due to an unexpected error on Activision's website, which prevented him from appealing the ban.

2. What does the gamer suspect the ban on Warzone to be related to?

The gamer suspects that the ban on Warzone may be related to a permaban he received in Modern Warfare 2.

3. How is the gamer seeking help to resolve the issue?

The gamer is seeking help and advice from viewers to resolve the issue.

4. What impact did the unexpected error on Activision's website have on the gamer?

The unexpected error on Activision's website prevented the gamer from appealing the ban, causing frustration and inconvenience.

5. What kind of support is the gamer looking for from the viewers?

The gamer is looking for support in resolving the ban issue and advice on dealing with the unexpected error on Activision's website.

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