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The video discusses the reasons behind the sudden drop in views for YouTube Shorts, highlighting the importance of timing, consistency, and understanding the algorithm's seed audience. It also addresses the misconception of being shadow banned and provides tips for optimizing Shorts performance, such as tailoring content to target audiences and engaging viewers with strong hooks.
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This section discusses the sudden drop in views for YouTube Shorts and the factors that contribute to it.
YouTube Shorts views often start strong but suddenly tank.
Timing and consistency are crucial factors in the YouTube algorithm's decision to promote videos.
The video will provide actionable tips on optimum posting strategies to maintain views.
The concept of YouTube shadow banning in Shorts is also explored.
The YouTube Shorts algorithm consists of two stages: explore and exploit, where a seed audience is randomly selected to test if the content resonates.
The explore phase sends the Short to a small random seed audience to test its resonance.
The seed audience may not represent the target audience, especially for smaller channels.
The algorithm selects the seed audience based on factors like niche and watch history.
YouTube Shorts views can suddenly drop due to the algorithm and the nature of Shorts being more like impressions than traditional views.
Views on Shorts may not necessarily indicate long-term success.
YouTube chooses which Shorts to show through the Shorts Feed, so views are more important for testing Shorts than impressions.
To increase the chances of success, research your target audience and tailor your content to match their preferences.
Post one or two Shorts a day and schedule them when your audience is most active on YouTube.
The video discusses the possibility of exploiting the YouTube Shorts algorithm by re-uploading videos, but it is not recommended as it may lead to channel flagging and shadow banning.
The YouTube Shorts algorithm is still a work in progress.
Re-uploading videos may temporarily increase views, but it can be seen as abusive by YouTube.
Viewer satisfaction is crucial for YouTube Shorts, and the hook within the first few seconds is important to retain viewers.
00:00- Every time you post a YouTube Short,
00:02it feels like it's going to go viral, doesn't it?
00:04Oh, cool, I'm a small channel
00:05and I've already got 1,000 views.
00:07Then bang, everything suddenly stops,
00:11and then it keeps happening, over and over and over again.
00:15Which leaves you to start wondering,
00:17is the YouTube algorithm truly against me
00:20or worse still, have I been shadow banned?
00:22Now usually I would try to convince you otherwise,
00:25but what if this time, you're right?
00:28- So you have these seed audiences.
00:30The seed audience will try and be,
00:31it's not really that much interest,
00:33and then you'll see it drop suddenly.
00:35- And in this video, that's what we aim to find out,
00:37why YouTube Shorts views always seems to start strong,
00:40and then suddenly tank.
00:41You'll learn what's going on behind the scenes
00:43with the YouTube algorithm
00:44and how it decides which videos to promote.
00:47Now it turns out timing and consistency are crucial factors.
00:51So you're going to want to pay close attention
00:53because I'm going to reveal the optimum posting strategies
00:56to ensure that those views don't taper off.
00:59But if you get the timing wrong, yep,
01:01that temperamental Shorts algorithm is gonna do its thing.
01:04So make sure you stick around until the end of this video
01:06'cause I'm going to show you all of the actionable tips
01:09that reveal how the YouTube Shorts algorithm
01:11is working in 2023.
01:13Oh, and I also forgot there's a little game
01:15of spot for difference in this video.
01:17So if you find it, let us know in the comments below,
01:20and I'll give you a thumbs up.
01:21And is there such a thing as YouTube shadow banning you
01:23from Shorts?
01:24Well, keep watching.
01:25But first, let's throw this over to you.
01:28Have your Shorts views ever dropped off inexplicably?
01:31If the answer's yes, which I'm sure it is for many of you,
01:34then try the timing strategies in this video
01:36and then come back and let us know how you got on.
01:39Now then, you're probably quite familiar
01:41with this typical YouTube Shorts graph.
01:43Not much happens for a few hours and then whoosh,
01:46it suddenly takes off, only to flatten out just as quickly.
01:50Now, when I first saw this in action years ago,
01:52I phrased it as the Shorts surge
01:55without really understanding
01:56the why behind what was going on.
01:58But now, we have an expert's explanation
02:02to back all of this up.
02:03And if you've got some spare time,
02:04try saying Shorts surge,
02:06an expert's explanation really fast 10 times.
02:09Now, I will confess that this expert opinion
02:11comes from someone on Reddit
02:13claiming to be a former data scientist
02:15from one of the fabled FAANG, but allow me to explain.
02:19The YouTube Shorts algorithm consists of two stages,
02:22explore and exploit,
02:24and it's the seed audience from these stages
02:28that determines whether a Short takes off.
02:30- If you're a smaller channel,
02:31we want to get you a seed audience.
02:34Like if we don't know a ton about you,
02:36like let's say you're just starting out,
02:37we wanna get that as fast as possible.
02:38If you're a really small channel,
02:39it may take a little bit of time for you to get
02:41that seed audience and ramp it.
02:43- Now these two dudes are not random experts on Reddit,
02:46they're actual YouTube employees,
02:48so they should know a little bit about
02:50how the YouTube Shorts algorithm works.
02:52So we'll get back to the seed audience in a second.
02:55The Reddit post explains the explore and exploit stages
02:58as a multi-armed bandit system.
03:01So think slot machines at a casino.
03:03When you first publish a Short, it enters an explore phase,
03:06where it gets sent out to a small random seed audience.
03:10This seed audience acts like a focus group
03:13to test if your content resonates.
03:15The algorithm tries to find viewers
03:17that might be a good match for your Short
03:18based on factors like your niche, their watch history
03:21and so on.
03:22But here's the catch,
03:23that seed audience may not represent your target audience.
03:28The seed audience, especially if you're a smaller channel,
03:32is randomly selected by the algorithm
03:34to minimize regret and maximize engagement.
03:38And to support this theory,
03:39remember what the YouTube employee said.
03:41- If you're a really small channel,
03:43it may take a little bit of time for you
03:44to get that seed audience and ramp it.
03:46- So if we go back to the one-armed bandit,
03:48if YouTube finds a perfect seed audience,
03:50you've hit the jackpot.
03:51And when that happens,
03:52the algorithm moves onto its next phase, exploit.
03:56The Short will get more exposure
03:57and be sent out more widely.
03:59However, if that initial seed audience isn't engaged,
04:03it doesn't provide enough momentum
04:05for the Short to really take off.
04:06And then the algorithm will,
04:09well, I'll just let the YouTube employee explain.
04:11- The seed audience will try and be,
04:12oh, it's not really that much interest,
04:13and then you'll see it drop suddenly.
04:15- But what if you are counter to all of this
04:17is the fact that the video got thousands of views.
04:20Surely that's good data for YouTube to work with, right?
04:22Well, yes, for long form content,
04:25but not necessarily for Shorts.
04:27- I think also for creators, we're used to impressions,
04:30click through rates, and that doesn't exist in a feed.
04:33And so those views feel to me like more like impression
04:36than traditional views.
04:37- That's right, I think that especially creators
04:40starting out, I think a lot of those early views,
04:43they're sort of very like exploratory.
04:44- Typically, when you watch Shorts,
04:47you don't choose the ones you end up watching.
04:49YouTube chooses for you through the Shorts Feed.
04:52And so logically, the only way to really test these Shorts
04:55isn't through impressions, it's through views.
04:58Going forward, that is something to remember.
05:01Impressions test long form content, views test Shorts,
05:06especially when they're first released.
05:07You need to keep this strategy top of mind.
05:10Make great YouTube Shorts for your target audience.
05:14And this is how you stack the odds in your favor.
05:17Research your target audience
05:19and find out what makes them tick,
05:20and tailor everything you do from text, visuals, editing,
05:24to match what they like.
05:25This gives you a better chance of the content resonating
05:28with whatever seed audience YouTube sends your way.
05:31Try to post one or two Shorts a day
05:32to increase your chance of hitting that jackpot.
05:35You can find out through YouTube
05:36when your audience is online,
05:38so through that you can match your publishing times
05:40to when your users are most active on YouTube.
05:42The data that will be most useful to you
05:44is the new swipe away analytic.
05:46And YouTube also now includes returning viewers
05:49for Shorts content.
05:50In other words, do you hook viewers
05:52before they have the chance to swipe away?
05:54Once we here at Vid IQ began adopting these strategies,
05:56YouTube eventually discovered the perfect seed audience
06:00for our Shorts.
06:01And now they function very much like regular videos
06:03in terms of views, including views from search,
06:07and external traffic sources.
06:09But we'll also admit that none of this came easy to us.
06:12It took about a year and 100 YouTube Shorts
06:14to figure this out.
06:15So yeah, patience is always a YouTube virtue.
06:18And with this YouTube Short,
06:20we can really put that Reddit theory to the test.
06:221.2 million views in 70 days.
06:25And what did it do?
06:27Explore and exploit.
06:30Exploit and exploit some more.
06:32So with the YouTube Shorts algorithm
06:34still effectively being a work in progress,
06:37does that mean it's exploitable, vulnerable to hacks?
06:39Well, apparently there is one,
06:41many creators have exploited it,
06:43and it's as simple as they come, re-uploading.
06:46- Is your YouTube Short is stuck at one view?
06:49Here's a little trick you can try.
06:50So what I'm gonna do is re-upload the clip onto YouTube.
06:53The video with one view,
06:54I'm actually just going to make it unlisted for now.
06:56Alright, I'm making the new video public,
06:58so let's see what happens.
06:59So it's a day later and we're at 176 views
07:01as opposed to being stuck at one.
07:03- Okay, so would we recommend doing that?
07:06- No. - Probably not.
07:07The same YouTube employee who was speaking
07:09to Colin and Samir
07:11is part of our Vid IQ Max Discord group.
07:13And he says that to YouTube,
07:15reloading will be seen as abusive
07:17and will get your channel flagged as spam.
07:19And that's when you could truly consider your channel
07:22shadow banned, and for good reason.
07:24Things are starting to get more strategical.
07:26But ultimately what it always boils down to on YouTube,
07:30no matter what content you are creating,
07:32is viewer satisfaction.
07:34And what is the most important thing
07:36that satisfies a viewer when it comes to Shorts?
07:39Not the title, not the thumbnail, the hook.
07:42Within literal seconds, you need to pull the viewer
07:45into the Short so that they don't swipe away.
07:48So how are you gonna do that?
07:50With proven hacks used by the greatest creators
07:53on the YouTube Shorts platform
07:55that guarantee to hook viewers.
07:57It's all over here, click, watch, enjoy, implement, grow.
08:01Did you spot the difference?
08:04That's what happens when you film stuff on different days.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the reasons behind the sudden drop in views for YouTube Shorts?

The sudden drop in views for YouTube Shorts can be attributed to factors such as timing, consistency, and understanding the algorithm's seed audience. These factors play a crucial role in determining the visibility and engagement of Shorts videos.

2. How important is timing for optimizing YouTube Shorts performance?

Timing is crucial for optimizing YouTube Shorts performance as it affects the visibility and exposure of the videos. Posting Shorts at the right time when the target audience is active can significantly impact the views and engagement.

3. What misconception is addressed regarding the sudden drop in YouTube Shorts views?

The misconception of being shadow banned is addressed in the video, clarifying that the drop in views is not necessarily due to shadow banning. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the algorithm and audience targeting for Shorts optimization.

4. What tips are provided for optimizing YouTube Shorts performance?

The video provides tips for optimizing YouTube Shorts performance, including tailoring content to target audiences, engaging viewers with strong hooks, and ensuring consistency in posting. These strategies can improve the visibility and engagement of Shorts videos.

5. How can content be tailored to target audiences for YouTube Shorts optimization?

Content can be tailored to target audiences for YouTube Shorts optimization by creating videos that resonate with the interests, preferences, and behaviors of the specific audience segments. Understanding the audience demographics and preferences is essential for creating compelling Shorts content.

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