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This video is an interview with Fleece Johnson, aka the "Booty Warrior," who discusses his attraction to men and his experiences in prison. He explains how in prison, respect is important and talks about the dynamics of relationships in the prison system.
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Fleece Johnson discusses how people in prison cannot simply mind their own business and avoid trouble.
People who mind their own business can still be stolen from or robbed in prison.
Fleece Johnson believes that his experiences in prison have taught him to never get trapped in a situation again.
The interviewer interrupts Fleece Johnson and asks him a question about entering prison hypothetically.
Fleece Johnson explains how respect is important in prison and how he checks out new inmates before deciding to approach them.
In prison, respect is highly valued and Fleece Johnson does research on new inmates before interacting with them.
He saves people in prison and believes he has saved lives.
Fleece Johnson advises not to believe inmates who claim they have not been involved in any trouble.
He mentions that there are tough individuals in prison, including serial killers and gang members.
Fleece Johnson talks about his experience with anal sex and how it made him feel.
He mentions that he didn't pay attention the first time he engaged in anal sex.
Fleece Johnson discusses his wife's question about whether it hurt the first time, but he avoids answering it.
He expresses his love for his wife and how he has remained faithful to her.
In prison, men focus on women's asses and write them letters, while the women chase after the men.
Men in prison are attracted to women's asses.
Women in prison try to get the attention of men by showing off their asses.
Men write letters to women, hoping to establish a relationship.
Women in prison have the power to choose who they want to be with.
00:00I'm in here going through all this and
00:01then people act like they don't
00:03understand that I like booty so what but
00:07what is I'm supposed to do
00:10bro huh I don't I don't know you tell me
00:14you don't know I don't know I can't
00:17picture myself of being in that
00:19situation all
00:23right I just say for you was in that
00:27situation I can't I can't see it please
00:30I can't think about it you'll turn me
00:32down what you mean
00:36huh more important than Wilder you
00:38should know what I
00:42mean I can't see it please all right and
00:45I'm going tell you why I'm going tell
00:47you why listen I just can't even picture
00:50myself ever being locked up that's good
00:53that's good I I will do anything to stay
00:56out of prison like I I won't steal kill
00:59destroy destroy nothing I knew from a
01:02very early age that I'm not built for
01:04that you know what I'm saying and so I
01:07just never even wanted to put myself in
01:08that hypothetical situation so when I
01:10was seeing you N I look I ain't saying
01:12it's to be uh uh disrespectful no no no
01:16I don't think it's disrespectful I think
01:17that it's a I think you cute for real
01:19but yeah not me not not look listen not
01:23me I'm
01:25saying hold
01:30good looking let's let's say it like
01:32that good looking well if you was locked
01:37up if if you was locked up yeah I if we
01:41was locked up I would talk to you no
01:44yeah I
01:45would I got to see what's up with you
01:49right I mean you don't think you look
01:51good not that I don't look that good do
01:54you think you look good nah do you think
01:57you got a nice body no nice butt
02:01nope I
02:03do Jesus Christ see you got low
02:06self-esteem but let's get back I'm going
02:08show you respect you know you my you can
02:11say whatever you want to say can I for
02:12real you can say whatever you want to
02:14say man well wait wait let me let me
02:17redirect the questions
02:20first all of these guys out here
02:23right and they come out and they say as
02:27long as you mind your business bull crap
02:30that's crap and as long as you don't get
02:32involved in different stuff CRA you
02:34ain't never ever got a that's crap
02:36that's crap that's crap just like out
02:38here in the streets I mean common sense
02:40to tell you you got people out here they
02:43out here working just like you and your
02:45wife them y out here working y ain't
02:48nobody you mind your business but
02:51somebody will still steal from you rob
02:54you all this it's the same in the
02:57penitent so all of these guys that's
02:59saying that they going there mind their
03:01business ass bro a brown
03:06damn it's my favorite color
03:10to now Ser
03:13my man you [ __ ] me up man I mean I
03:17don't mean no
03:19disrespect I I
03:23got what what we out of
03:26time we almost done all right give me
03:29just give me five more minutes at least
03:31five go ahead go ahead please no man U
03:34here's here's the thing I'm I'm married
03:36now right are you married man I got out
03:39of prison man I knew one or two things
03:41man I said to
03:43myself all I went through and I was an
03:46experience right I look at my whole life
03:49as different experiences going from one
03:51thing to the next I'm never ever going
03:54to get into an experience where I'm
03:55trapped in well hold on hold on flee
03:58cuzz I got a limited amount of time so
03:59I'm curious I got to ask you a question
04:02so I come into prison hypothetically
04:05right you took your glasses off just so
04:07I can see no I I got yes you did I just
04:10talked about your ass man trying to
04:12tease me bro oh my
04:16God good graces so I I I hit the I hit
04:19the yard told you about your ass and you
04:21told you wanted me to see your ass right
04:23on my brown eyes yeah they could be all
04:27right now what was you saying so I hit
04:29the yard right and you spot me right and
04:33you be like okay listen I like that guy
04:35right there right no it don't happen
04:37like that how do it
04:39happen first of all prison is big on one
04:42thing respect
04:44uh-huh first of all I'm going to find
04:47out who you
04:49are where you come from who your people
04:51are you do all of that research before
04:54yeah I do the research we know you
04:55coming before you even get there they
04:57got a thing called move sheet that be on
05:00the move sheet transfers who's coming in
05:02who's going out who made parole who died
05:05it's all on the move
05:07sheet so when I see you I I have you
05:11checked out first right if I think you a
05:14cool brother I'm not going to bring [ __ ]
05:15to you right I ain't bringing nothing to
05:18you try to have man I saved a lot of
05:20people in that prison I believe it
05:23people tell my wife all the time he
05:25saved my life and all that she said did
05:27you save you you actually they I said y
05:31she said you are so
05:33good but she don't realize I save it
05:36like cuz I was [ __ ]
05:38it that's why I say this
05:44I another free man [ __ ] put my life on
05:48the land and all that what we talking
05:50about so when these guys come out of
05:51jail don't I don't want to talk to him
05:54well no no no no when they come out of
05:55jail and they say hey I just did my time
05:58and I just came home don't believe
06:01it what you mean don't believe that they
06:04didn't get themselves involved in
06:05something that man if you believe it you
06:08you you
06:09crazy now you got people in uh the
06:13toughest that ien seen man you got I I
06:16done talk to everybody know I talk to
06:18all the serial killers the murderers the
06:20gangsters the the game especially them
06:23games they
06:24got I told you they keep each other
06:27strong if they click up right
06:30you can't get to they clicked up in the
06:32game you get them
06:38man boy they got some asses in her
06:41though I seen some some ass in her that
06:46make make your feet turn up just 12 12
06:49your toes bro but here's the thing about
06:55it no I'm
06:58serious I'm that's the first time I was
07:01in that's why I got my nut at didn't pay
07:04attention right
07:05so I
07:07mean I try to learn
07:14um and I oh my wife she told me she said
07:22up doing my ass like
07:25that I said you having
07:30she said uh did it hurt the first time I
07:34said doc I ain't going to call her name
07:35out I said
07:38baby I'm not even going to answer that
07:40crazy question cuz if I said it didn't
07:42hurt you going say oh you took all that
07:44and if I said it did hurt you going say
07:47damn I so you know what with your little
07:50[ __ ] question I got a beautiful wife
07:52though you know we we we we talk man but
07:57knows that that at the time I did what I
08:02yeah I did what I
08:05did I did what I did I had one warning
08:13that I ain't never think a man's ass can
08:16even make you feel that way
08:19but I love this one this one here you
08:23love it man yeah n you do if you ain't
08:28hear on in the
08:29and let's say you and your wife broke up
08:31or something y'all get back
08:35together ain't here you Ain mess with
08:37nobody else or nothing like
08:39that y'all been away from each other
08:42about 2 three years and you held out and
08:46when you when when you release yourself
08:47you going to be
08:50like so with me I ain't never he nothing
08:54period uhhuh you know in my life and so
08:57I'm in here fighting and all all this
08:59stuff and I got custom to some asss
09:02right M and so ask yourself this when a
09:08man look at a woman out of her that's
09:11the main thing he looks at her ass mm oh
09:15man she got ass this and that everything
09:17is based on ass right so when you go in
09:20prison you in prison locked up you
09:23laying in your bed you got a a sister
09:26they'll come down the hall with they
09:29booties hanging out and stuff I'm
09:31talking about bu and they act like they
09:34talking to somebody this is your cell
09:36they know you in up looking M what you
09:39talking about you ain't talking about
09:41nothing and you L you be like damn M got
09:45ass on here and then here's what they do
09:49you set there write her letter yeah baby
09:53well hopefully uh I make parole when I
09:57go get out dising all that old stuff
09:59stuff sign B it shill it
10:03ready now you don't just wrote you
10:06telling you all this stuff and you like
10:08well I be out here I'll be waiting on
10:10you keep your head straight and we doing
10:13everything in our world to have you set
10:15up good support
10:19system Ma you
10:21letter go right to that
10:25boy and see them sisters don't change
10:28the game in prison we ain't chasing
10:31y'all no more they chasing the
10:34sisters chasing them fighting over them
10:38we give them man I seen one dude had
10:41a gave a 50 100 and 75 acres of land on
10:49street gave it to
10:54him but I'm saying I would have gave
10:56more than
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the interview about?

The interview is with Fleece Johnson, also known as the 'Booty Warrior,' where he discusses his attraction to men and his experiences in prison.

2. Why does Fleece Johnson emphasize the importance of respect in prison?

Fleece Johnson emphasizes the importance of respect in prison because it plays a crucial role in the dynamics of relationships in the prison system.

3. What does Fleece Johnson reveal about relationships in the prison system?

Fleece Johnson reveals that relationships in the prison system have complex dynamics, and he elaborates on how these dynamics operate within the confined environment.

4. What are some of the key insights shared by Fleece Johnson in the interview?

Some of the key insights shared by Fleece Johnson in the interview include his experiences and observations regarding attraction, respect, and relationships in the prison system.

5. How does Fleece Johnson explain his experiences in prison?

Fleece Johnson explains his experiences in prison by providing an in-depth look at the dynamics and challenges of relationships, as well as the emphasis on respect within the prison environment.

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