💫 Summary
The video compares the Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero, both of which are popular among the community. They offer various customization options and enhancements, including sub gigahertz frequency and infrared functionality. The video explores the features and applications of both firmware options.
✨ Highlights📊 Transcript
The video discusses the results of a community poll on custom firmware preferences for the Flipper Zero device, clarifies misconceptions about its capabilities, and mentions reports of seizures in Brazil and attempts to ban the device on eBay.
The community poll reveals Unleashed and Xtreme as the two leading custom firmware options for the Flipper Zero.
The video clarifies that the Flipper Zero is not a card skimming device and its capabilities are similar to an Android phone with an NFC credit card reader app.
There have been reports of seizures in Brazil and attempts by eBay to ban the Flipper Zero, possibly due to concerns about its popularity and potential misuse.
The video discusses the improvements and updates in the Flipper Zero firmware, including new plugins, customizable options, and enhanced functionality.
New plugins include sub gigahertz static code, Force code, and LF RFID fuzzer plugins.
Customizable options include flipper name and keyboard layout for bad USB.
Enhancements have been made to sub gigahertz frequency, infrared, and community development games.
Various methods are available to install the firmware, including web installer, mobile apps, and TGC download extension.
The Unleashed firmware for Flipper Zero includes features like drawing on the device, radio tools, animation selection, and various applications including games like Doom and Flappy Bird.
Users can draw on the Flipper Zero frame and see it on the device after sending it.
The firmware offers radio tools for uploading sub gigahertz or infrared plots.
It includes a variety of applications such as games, sensor tools, UI terminal, and more.
The Unleashed firmware also provides a range of features like metronome, music player, barcode generator, and authenticator.
The Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero offers feature-rich and stable customizations, including an interface to toggle USB and Bluetooth mode, manage sub gigahertz settings, and access animation and asset packs.
The firmware provides an easy-to-use application for accessing implemented features.
The bird keyboard allows toggling between USB and Bluetooth mode and spoofing the name and Mac of a device.
The Xtreme firmware includes regular updates from the official branch and the Unleashed branch, maintaining a significant amount of code.
Additional features of the Xtreme firmware include the Xtreme app, UI options, bad keyboard app, battery display type, scrolling view for long file names, and not safe for work animations tied to version.
The Xtreme firmware introduces new features like brightness, contrast, Lefty mode, system settings, and RGB mod settings.
The firmware has an introductory slide of new features.
It includes a battery and SD icon in the top right and left respectively.
The firmware acknowledges numerous developers and contributors.
It offers a user-friendly interface with stock animations for icons.
The video showcases the different firmware options available for the Flipper Zero device, including app customization and interface settings.
Users can remove or add apps to the menu.
Options for lock screen, status bar, battery icon, and bar background customization.
Dark mode and left-handed mode options are available.
Various apps are showcased, including music, spectrum analyzer, brute force, camera, Bluetooth remote, and more.
USB and Wi-Fi options are also demonstrated.
The video discusses the features of the Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for the Flipper Zero device.
The Unleashed firmware allows users to cycle through their own animation packs by adding folders to a designated directory on the SD card.
The Xtreme firmware includes a safer work dummy mode and a mood system that can be adjusted.
The video mentions that the name changer app is missing from the Xtreme firmware, but it is unclear where it is located in the code.
Xtreme firmware is described as feature-rich, stable, and highly customizable, with regular updates based on community feedback. It also removes broken apps and unused code.
00:00welcome back guys this 10 000 got me
00:02breathing with Dragons I'll crack the
00:03egg in your past if you pass it on
00:05Marilyn Manson now imagine the magic
00:07 she just said to get that off my
00:09chest fresh off the press a huge thank
00:12you to all the loyal supporters and
00:14followers of the HT Channel reaching the
00:1610K Milestone is an incredible
00:18achievement and it only strengthens my
00:20resolve and commitment to the liver
00:21content and keep the community growing
00:24next we have the community polar
00:26conducted concerning the current affairs
00:28around the custom firmware preferences
00:30for all community members the results
00:33reveal two clear Front Runners in this
00:35Arena we have Unleashed an extreme later
00:39in the video we'll delve deeper into the
00:41developments and features that set these
00:43two custom firmware's apart from the
00:45others in other news we see that Linus
00:47Tech tips video has further fueled FC
00:51enthusiasm amongst the community
00:52attracting even more attention for the
00:55device for those looking to purchase
00:57flipper zero Doom Still Remains the
00:59go-to platform especially with the
01:02recent announcement of adding the United
01:04Arab Emirates to their list of supported
01:08trees however there's still some
01:10misconception about the capabilities of
01:12The Flipper zero for example Amazon has
01:14spanned the device categorizing it as a
01:17card skimming device to clarify although
01:20the flipper 0 is capable of reading
01:22public NFC data from credit cards its
01:25capabilities are quite similar to those
01:28of an Android phone using an NFC credit
01:32card reader app for someone attempting
01:34to skim credit cards they would still
01:36require the CVV code at the back and
01:39relevant address information to
01:42successfully complete a transaction both
01:44of which are not capable with the
01:46flipper zero in other news there have
01:49been reports of seizures in Brazil and
01:52attempts by eBay to ban The Flipper zero
01:55sighting that hacking devices are not
01:58allowed on their platform for me this is
02:00overkill and quite unnecessary because I
02:04see other devices are just as capable or
02:08if not more than the Philippa zero for
02:11me its potential reason for these bands
02:14may be the immense popularity the device
02:18has garnered which could raise concerns
02:21about its potential misuse which has
02:23then put it into the spotlight that's
02:25enough news for now so let's buckle up
02:27turn off those speakers and let's go
02:39so now we can begin our deep diving
02:41comparing the two winners of the custom
02:43firmware pole which was Unleashed and
02:45extreme these two firmware's have been
02:48making strides in The Flipper community
02:50and it's time to put them head to head
02:52and find out which one comes out on top
02:55so first we can look at Unleashed
02:57unleash flipper so if we head over to
02:59GitHub and on the dark flippers
03:01repository we have the dark flippers
03:05with Unleashed foam where as the main
03:09repository we have at the helm here x
03:12master X the OG himself followed by a
03:16newcomer TQ
03:18and amik and S Richmond
03:24so two new players to the scene since my
03:27last review of this firmware
03:30and if we look at
03:33the unleash firmware itself
03:36we can see on the right panel here
03:41334 watches now we have an impressive
03:45Fork count and Counting
03:48of 681 forks from
03:51this present repo which is great because
03:54the forks kind of represent what people
03:56have taken on board uh so if you can do
04:00a period of six months even and then you
04:03could just see how many other people are
04:06basing their work line or basing the
04:09underlining work of what they're
04:11currently doing in their own customized
04:13firmware's on the Unleashed flipper
04:17also note that
04:19these kind of pull and push requests can
04:21also be added to the main branch if and
04:25when they want to approve those to add
04:27further enhancements to the community
04:29it's great to see Uber's got one here
04:32or type the OG
04:38if we look at what's going on here and
04:41see any changes from when I was last
04:43here so we can see here we have some
04:45changes of removals sub gigahertz
04:48regions text restriction it's kind of
04:50extended the frequency range seen that
04:53beforehand they've got support for
04:56various rolling code protocols such as F
04:58double a c s l h or Spa we also have
05:04support for various rolling code
05:05protocols such as F double a c s l h and
05:10bft Mito
05:13and we've also got a key lock secure
05:17with seed manual creation on that front
05:19we've also got sub gigahertz static code
05:22brought Force code plugins and LF RFID
05:26fuzzer plugins also got some custom
05:29Community plug-in games with additional
05:32sub gigahertz frequency and My Fair
05:34Classic keys
05:37on the external sub gigahertz front we
05:40have the double
05:42c1101 modules and adding some more
05:46customizable flipper name options to
05:48that we also have a customizable flipper
05:51keyboard layout for the bad USB with
05:53numerous improvements to the sub gig
05:55frequency and functionality and also we
05:58see some enhancements to the infrared
06:01with a vast array of Community
06:03Development and other games so there
06:07definitely has been vast improvements
06:09since I last installed this last year
06:14and it looks like it keeps growing which
06:17is fantastic for the Community Front
06:19also if you ever want to sponsor and
06:21donate if and when you can here are all
06:24the wallet addresses for the various
06:25cryptocurrencies that are being accepted
06:28so I do encourage you supporting
06:31the Developers for their work now then
06:34if we head over to the instructions for
06:36installing the firmware
06:39we can use various methods to install it
06:42we got a web installer which can be done
06:46so you can install it via the mobile IOS
06:49app the Android app
06:55you can install it via the Q flipper
06:57using the TGC download extension
07:08that's about it so we can install it via
07:10the web installer that's fine
07:15so if we head over to Unleashed again
07:19and we go into releases now you can see
07:22here there's 127 releases to date and
07:25the last one was five days ago
07:29also new changes are also added under
07:32the description of each new update
07:37we can install that now
07:42so we can go to install via the web
07:46updater and if you see in the URL it
07:50will append
07:51the URL after the URL
07:55and it should be appended to the latest
07:57version in this case zero four five so
08:01if we hit connect
08:04please note best practice at this point
08:06for me would be to refresh the entire
08:11flipper instance install a factory
08:19so now we've connected to the flipper
08:21and as you can see at the moment I've
08:24kind of just put a fresh install of the
08:26factory default firmware
08:29if you don't see this
08:31install the latest version uh this is on
08:37as time of recording
08:39so now you can see this is installed now
08:42here under choose your firmware you've
08:44got an option to choose
08:47the release of the custom firmware which
08:49would be this Unleashed version you got
08:51a release
08:53release candidate and you've got a Dev
08:55unstable versions now these are kind of
08:57version releases
08:59so I'll go to the release custom
09:01firmware as that's the base default and
09:04the latest one that's available for
09:08so we hit install
09:12and now as you can see it's just
09:14installing the custom firmware this is a
09:17far cry simpler from back in the day
09:19when you needed to just install it via
09:22the downloadable zip file then
09:25extract that install that onto the SD
09:27card under the update folder and then
09:29update it from The Flipper so this is
09:33much more slick much more easier to
09:35install this way for updates going
09:40and you can see here it unpacks the tar
09:42file for you
09:45there's the up.bin
09:47you get a
09:49restart on the flippers updating
09:57and biom there we have it now we're on
10:00the Unleashed version four zero four
10:05and just a note on the
10:08web installer you can see files here you
10:11can actually explore your SD card from
10:14here which is fantastic you've also got
10:16a command line interface from here
10:19which is pretty cool we don't have to go
10:21in into any Com or anything like that or
10:24use something like putty you can go
10:25straight in from here which is amazing
10:27and there you have it there's all the
10:29commands available to you
10:31we also got some NFC tool sets to test
10:35it's quite neat
10:37they have paints I'm not sure what this
10:39does here I'm assuming it's just to draw
10:42some crap send the frame
10:45and once you send frame it actually
10:48appears on your flipper so if you see
10:49here it doesn't show it here but it did
10:52once I sent frame it actually
10:56showed that on my flipper
10:57which is pretty cool
10:59we have radio tools as well where you
11:01can actually upload
11:04your sub gigahertz or infrared plots
11:12that's pretty good it's really good I
11:15really like this
11:16so back to new issue at hand
11:21now that's closed we can explore what is
11:24on Unleashed so welcome to Unleashed
11:28you can scan the QR code to explore the
11:31Discord server I suggest you join the
11:33community if you are interested in the
11:36dark flippers community and Unleashed
11:38next you can see here
11:41that's the URL for the GitHub repo
11:45and now
11:48animation wise yes the middle button is
11:51flipping through the animations
11:54there is no custom animations and oh
11:56maybe there is
11:58not seen that one
12:05bearing in mind that might be a new one
12:07from Flipper itself
12:09okay so animation is front
12:12decent application front
12:17all right we got Flappy Bird
12:22Minesweeper snake Solitaire tetras
12:24tic-tac-toe zombie
12:26and of course you have Doom how can you
12:29not start this up
12:31without playing Doom
12:35all right
12:41not bad classic
12:42did want to see what Flappy Bird
12:44actually looked like though
12:45interestingly enough
12:49and get farther yeah
12:52it works it's the main thing gpio what
12:55we got
12:56AVR flash all we've got a Dap link we
12:59have the marauder pre-loaded nice the
13:03GPS this sensor tool light meter Mouse
13:07jacket sniffer signal generator
13:11UI terminal and Wi-Fi scanner or
13:14obviously you work with a esp32 and
13:19now we have main nothing in there media
13:22metronome Morse code music player wave
13:25player normal
13:29barcode generator hex viewer okay and
13:35we have folder called knee testing sub
13:40proto-view I've seen this
13:45all right
13:47might need additional settings
13:49in order to make that work
13:52got the POG sug
13:58all right not seeing that one
14:02all right sub gigahertz brute full saw
14:14not bad
14:15I might have to use this in another
14:19got the sub gigahertz playlist
14:22you can increase that yourself if need
14:26I have the weather station of course
14:33next we have
14:37we have a camera
14:41API mismatch this app might not work
14:44correctly okay
14:47all right so it has the the camera app
14:50the one I demoed in my previous video it
14:52has the fact for that already
14:55seen this seeing the I button fuzzle NFC
15:01okay you could check and write magic
15:03tags RFID fuzzle
15:08okay you can specify the protocol as
15:16not bad seen this done differently this
15:19looks like it's been updated a lot
15:26I think that's that
15:29and the sub gigahertz
15:31read raw default skin is fine
15:40okay that's good
15:46extra actions
15:49fxd regulator
15:52clear t577 password
16:03we have also read raw data
16:09not many custom actions I thought
16:11there'd be much more here
16:14then we have NFC we have obviously the
16:18read same features as before extra
16:22read a specific chord classic card EMV
16:27NFC data
16:30okay it's fine
16:36universal remote TVs
16:40ear projector fan AC
16:43learn new remote Raw
16:51a bad USB con obviously demo dot now
16:55uh we have clock let's find settings
16:58Bluetooth settings
17:03OCD notification backlight at that
17:06brightness here
17:09storage power desktop passport okay
17:16okay so let's just try the op options we
17:19have obviously lock we have stealth mode
17:21and dummy mode
17:24lock will give you a lock feature and
17:28then you can just hit the combination
17:29they've requested to unlock it
17:32which is fine
17:33stealth mode
17:36I think that just puts everything on
17:39yeah it's just a silencer basically and
17:43dummy mode
17:49basically it's just one click
17:53one click to activate some games for
17:55dummy mode release nothing
17:57all three arrows in the middle activate
17:59a game and then you've got the passport
18:01so dummy mode is just very basic
18:05I think that that's it as an overview
18:08for Unleashed where it is right now it
18:12offers all the additional applications
18:14you could want especially the
18:16enhancements on the sub gigahertz front
18:18it does have some limited customization
18:20options at the moment making it suitable
18:24choice for users
18:26primarily aimed at the pen testing area
18:28with moderately enriched experience in
18:32terms of
18:33Aesthetics animations and games
18:37while it does provide the extra
18:39protocols for the sub gigahertz
18:40Communications it doesn't
18:43compare to the range of protocols that
18:46we might see in other custom firm words
18:49for me the unleash firmware is a great
18:52custom firmware for flipper zero and as
18:56you can see from Nepal it's the one that
18:58everyone is on it clearly won the poll
19:00there's no question about that so now
19:03then let's roll back to the original
19:07um official firmware
19:09and then we can start the whole process
19:11again with extreme
19:16the extreme firmware as you can see is
19:18spearheaded by Clara crazy or Clara k
19:22and she's a german-based developer if
19:26you haven't already check out the
19:27Discord there's an amazing community in
19:29folding there and let's see what is new
19:34and on offer for extreme so if we go
19:37into the repos and there's six available
19:40we have extreme flippers
19:44now then
19:46we can see here this has
19:491900 and Counting Forks with a 192 watch
19:54list and a 2.1 K star list so if you can
19:57see the forks
19:59say for the last six months we can see
20:02again same explanation as before which
20:05other projects are basing their firmware
20:09or flavor or flipper zero into their own
20:14flipper projects as it were now here we
20:17have a safe for work wear flipper
20:19extreme and here's all the other
20:22adjacent developers making their own
20:25versions based on the work Laura has
20:28done here
20:29now this seems to be only one pull
20:31request for now it's a project that is
20:35continually growing and heavily on
20:39updates and improvements
20:42now we're looking at extreme we can look
20:44at the documentation
20:48a plus here about extreme is that it's
20:51very well documented and clearly written
20:54which is always a plus when it comes to
20:56navigating these repos because sometimes
20:59it's a labyrinth to find out what
21:02information you need so
21:04a very hats off to Clara and the team
21:06here in terms of their documentations
21:08very clear
21:10so we have the intro
21:13and we can see that many hours have been
21:15spent perfecting the code even further
21:17and getting the most out of the firmware
21:20and what's often offer
21:25so the main bullet points here is
21:27feature Rich it's stable and there's
21:29customizations which is all good
21:32now we have extreme settings
21:36we wrote a powerful yet easy to use
21:38application specifically for our
21:40firmware that gives you easy to access
21:42to all the fancy things we implemented
21:44so looks like they implemented an
21:48protocols here you can toggle USB and
21:52Bluetooth mode for our bad keyboard app
21:56and manage sub gigahertz settings like
21:59custom frequencies and extend options
22:04it was a bit of a gripe last time when I
22:06added the extent options myself because
22:08they've added the feature in so you
22:11don't need to add an extra file
22:13to your settings uh because they
22:16provided it now which is great
22:18now we've got the animation and asset
22:23nice always good to see so they have a
22:28Watchdogs and POI pack it seems
22:32if you want some custom animations
22:38bird keyboard
22:43the bird keyboard allows you to toggle
22:46between USB and Bluetooth mode for your
22:48attack in Bluetooth mode it allows you
22:50to spoof the name and Mac of a device
22:53interesting I might have to test that
22:55we've got a leveling system from
22:580 to 30 I would assume
23:04you unlock
23:06some not
23:08safe for work animations it seems
23:12now here's the list of changes
23:14and there's an important note here is
23:17that this repo is always updated with
23:19the official branch and the Unleashed
23:21Branch more or less at the same time so
23:25it's including the work Unleashed does
23:28as well as the official and on top of
23:30their own so it's maintaining quite a
23:34lot of code
23:35if you really think about it because
23:36you're maintaining free
23:39depending on what changes are done
23:41through each firmware so hats off very
23:44great recommendable work being done here
23:46when it comes to maintaining such a code
23:49set like this
23:52um so they've got extreme app which is
23:54quite new asset packs some more UI
23:57options bad keyboard app a battery
24:00display type so assuming you could
24:03change it scrolling view for long file
24:06names not safer work animations tied to
24:09leveling system folder handling for
24:12empty ones
24:14they also got custom sub gigahertz
24:16presets multiple NFC protocols multiple
24:20sub gigahertz protocols
24:23um the documentation is just on fire
24:25right now for me it's very clear to
24:28what's been changed and what's been
24:30added and what's been updated and Etc
24:32and been fixed and removed amazing
24:35whoever's keeping this documentation up
24:37to date great work
24:40now we've got the install process like I
24:42mentioned before this chrome installer
24:45for the web update is the best way to to
24:47do it going forward you could do it the
24:49old-fashioned way well like I mentioned
24:51quite laborious when it comes to
24:53unzipping the file finding it putting in
24:56the SD card update directory Etc so I
24:59would recommend you doing it through
25:00this way so if we go to
25:03the update version and then we go to the
25:06Chrome update
25:08you hit connect bearing in mind we just
25:12installed it and updated to the latest
25:15official firmware
25:20right now we've connected it up
25:23again we're on the latest official
25:27and as you can see here from the URL
25:30above it's taking it from cloud.synthia and it will update it to the
25:38latest version of extreme firmware in
25:41this case 044 ending zero two three now
25:45again like before we have the extreme
25:48update version we've got a release
25:51which is the current release of the
25:54official firmware
25:55and you've got a Dev stable unstable
25:57version so in this instance we're
26:00choosing the default option which should
26:02be the
26:04extreme firmware
26:06we hit install
26:11let that do its thing
26:17right now that's done we can head over
26:23so now we've got welcome to extreme the
26:25Journey Begins now so
26:28now like I mentioned the interface has
26:31now changed so the UI has completely had
26:33a facelift and it's not going to be like
26:36what we saw in Unleashed or the official
26:39so if you press the up Arrow
26:42you can see here we've got a brightness
26:44contrast you've got Lefty mode you've
26:47got some system setting locks some
26:49graphic setting options frequency modes
26:52so if we go back he got some brightness
26:59they've also got RGB mod settings and
27:03much more so
27:04even just here they've got almost like
27:07an introductory slide of the new
27:09features that have been introduced to
27:12this firmware which is amazing for
27:14someone who is just possibly installed
27:17it and doesn't know what to expect
27:20now go ahead and explore your new system
27:23extreme make it yours so we hit OK and
27:27we got flip up in the water as usual
27:30as you can notice here we've got a
27:32battery icon in the top right and we
27:35have the SD icon in the left
27:38we hit down arrow huge thanks
27:45to the numerous developers I'm assuming
27:48to see who's on here
27:50speaking of which as we saw with
27:53Unleashed if we scroll to the bottom of
27:56Clara crazy's flipper extreme you can
27:58see a huge list of contributors
28:01you can see a huge list of contributors
28:03who have put work into the project and
28:08graphics and otherwise to the extreme
28:12flippers so
28:13already from here you can see numerous
28:16names we got the boy talking Sasquatch
28:18got Uber here you can see x master X
28:22Clara herself back to the issue at hand
28:28if we hold down the arrow again so it
28:31looks like there's only one manifest for
28:33being called here at the minute so we
28:36see how to change that
28:39we have me at least sitting at level one
28:41and it's taken the name I'll show you
28:46why that's happened in a second so if we
28:49hit first on the enter we can see
28:53a quite nice user interface and it's
28:56even got some stock animations for the
28:59icons themselves which
29:01is no easy feat
29:03so if we go to apps
29:06normal go to games
29:11and we got
29:14more games than we have on Unleashed
29:19uh gpio
29:22flasher air mouse that very similar ones
29:25that we saw before
29:27Wi-Fi analyzer Mouse jacket scanner go
29:32to main nothing in there
29:38save extra actions
29:40in dollar the clear
29:43read raw okay very similar again
29:48the new remote debug bearing in mind you
29:51can obviously add more files as and when
29:53you need them
29:54um go to ACS
29:57okay that's fine
30:00I button that is Barely Used
30:04next we have the sub gigahertz go to
30:09interesting the skin is of that of The
30:12Flipper I do remember an older version
30:14there was a different skin I'm not sure
30:17that's deliberate or not
30:22got read raw fine frequency analyzer
30:27fine radio setting
30:36cool then we have NFC got read detect
30:40reader extra
30:42read specific chord type
30:46my favorite classic
30:49listen NFC V reader interesting seeing
30:53this one
30:58and you can add manually
31:06it's quite a list of manual additions
31:08that you can earn
31:10thanks we have gpio bird KB
31:16then we have extreme itself as in its
31:19own app interface graphics
31:22save for work pack
31:24not so for work perk
31:27cycle it's a metal
31:34and we have fallback animation is on we
31:39can turn that off
31:41unlock animations on
31:45okay we have main menu we have the Wii
31:50an app list
31:54and we have a
31:55is currently set To None can remove apps
31:58you can add apps
32:00add apps to the menu which is pretty
32:02good got a lock screen option
32:07and got a status bar option
32:11you can go to Retro on the battery icon
32:14we can change that
32:16got a bar background
32:18you can change that as well nice
32:24leave that so if you were left-handed
32:27before you turn that on here got dark
32:29mode as well if you want to do it like
32:33and you can sort directories
32:38and there is this option here as well so
32:43now we have the not safer work
32:45animations occurring which are
32:47essentially pixelated hentai type
32:54uh I was just more Curious than anything
32:56of what type of unlocks that would
33:00and now I'll set that back
33:03all right so
33:04now we're back to the safe for work
33:08animations as it were still trying to
33:11find more options
33:14aside from the interface ones we've
33:16currently seen
33:18so if we dive back into what's going on
33:23you can see tons of apps have been added
33:26let's find these apps
33:37okay here we are
33:41so you have the main
33:43we have music
33:49okay there are more apps here then we
33:52have sub gigahertz apps
33:54proto-view Spectrum analyzer
33:59sub gigahertz Brute Force
34:02so we saw some of that already with a
34:04station we saw some of that
34:07we have some miscellaneous apps music
34:09people Ocarina yeah
34:14some tools camera
34:17we have a Bluetooth remote
34:23so we have a Bluetooth tick tock
34:26remote control we have a mouse Jiggler
34:28we have a keyboard a media player maybe
34:32a camera of type
34:34a mouse as well and keynote as well
34:39pretty good
34:48um we have more tools here
34:52we have IR remote
35:01password generator Pico RFI the fuzzer
35:05and USB remote
35:22all right so when you click that that
35:24just basically takes you out the clue
35:25flipper and it gives you some options
35:27to either use it as a keyboard or some
35:30other USB type device
35:34next we have Wi-Fi we have the marauder
35:36deals one and two we have the F Triple T
35:43nice and we have a Wi-Fi scanner
35:48so of course there are tons of apps
35:50let's check we got the file browser
35:52massive compiler redo about 4K files to
35:56speed up things it is quite quick I must
35:59say applications to now use
36:03the new local settings
36:09I did want to see where these animations
36:11are that they spoke of
36:13so let's see how they are inserted here
36:19so from the SD card you create this
36:21folder give it a pack name
36:27some icons some animations and you give
36:29it an example animations folder
36:33with DPM and meta text and then you have
36:36the Manifest at the bottom
36:38have they provided any ones that we can
36:45not that I can see there's no like demo
36:52oh I see so they're not being provided
36:55here if you join the Discord I'm sure
37:00someone or there's a channel available
37:02with custom animation packs I think
37:05what's most important here is that
37:08they've created their own new improved
37:10animation and asset system
37:13whereby you can cycle through your own
37:16animation packs just by adding the
37:19folders into a designated dolphin
37:22underscore custom directory in the SD
37:25card which makes it more easier really
37:27to flick through all the great
37:30animations that you can make
37:37it's the animation front we have the
37:40safer work dummy mode well we've kind of
37:43seen what not safe and safe word looks
37:45like now
37:47they have the mood system so if we just
37:51that is of course they got the mood is
37:55happier at the minute
37:58they don't have the name changer I want
38:01to know where the name changer app is
38:05Sasquatch had an app that could actually
38:08change the name as you can see here it's
38:10taken the name
38:12because we've got pennies still here
38:13he's taking the name but
38:15where is the app that changes the name
38:20I've been ready under Tools which would
38:23just called name changer I think yeah it
38:26yeah for some reason I can't find the
38:28name changer it must be here somewhere
38:30because it's kind of taken the name as
38:33you can see here
38:34from my previous
38:36modification of it but I'm not sure
38:38where that's happening within the code
38:40set anyway that was extreme flippers
38:46it's not for me extreme flipper was a
38:50that is feature Rich stable and highly
38:54customizable firmware that aims to
38:55provide regular updates based on
38:57community feedback and as we saw it
39:00features the extreme Settings app we've
39:03got the animation asset packs bad
39:05keyboard and we have an enhanced
39:08limiting system some of the more notable
39:10changes included the new battery display
39:13type the scrolling view for long names
39:16and fixes to various issues that was so
39:20long I couldn't even name them all the
39:22firmware has also removed broken apps
39:24and unused code that's
39:26very very clean and it's just tidied the
39:30whole thing up conclusion that was the
39:33result of the poll comparing flipper
39:36Zero's custom firmware batches for
39:39Unleashed firmware and extreme firmware
39:42as we saw both were powerful custom
39:44firmware options for The Flipper zero
39:47providing enhancements and features that
39:50surpass the standard firmware we saw
39:52that Unleashed firmware offered some
39:55additional applications but had limited
39:58customization options making it more
40:00suitable for users who just want a
40:03enhanced enriched experience
40:06while it does provide the extra
40:08protocols and sub gigahertz
40:10communication it doesn't compare to the
40:13range of protocols that we kind of saw
40:16with extreme on that note extreme on the
40:19other hand boasts extensive
40:21customization options for the user
40:24interface front animations and asset
40:27packs this allowed me and other users
40:30the ability to create personalized
40:33experience tailored for their
40:35preferences Extreme as we saw has a
40:38non-safer work option which kind of
40:42Unleashed in this front to play on words
40:48slew of pixelated hentai anime which is
40:53not for my taste but it might be for
40:57it's for me the animations are just
41:00convenient in the way they've been
41:02managed here and it eliminates the need
41:05for manly editing code or the Manifest
41:07files which is a big plus because that
41:10could just be a huge headache as I've
41:12witnessed before
41:14what I also saw in the documentation for
41:17extreme was the introduction of the API
41:19routes for local settings which are
41:22now this could provide developers with
41:25additional resources and creating custom
41:26applications and integrating with the
41:28firmware I'm yet to see this being
41:31applied but I'll keep an eye on it in
41:34the Discord
41:35so information extreme flipper offers a
41:38technically Advanced customizable and
41:41feature-reach experience compared to
41:43unleash is extensive customization
41:45options improves stability and unique
41:49features such as customizable asset
41:51packs bad KB with USB and in Bluetooth
41:56mode extended leveling systems and
41:59additional protocols for the sub
42:00gigahertz and IR front
42:04if you prefer a more straightforward
42:06experience with some additional
42:08functionality and don't require the
42:11extra customizations or Advanced
42:13features unleash maybe suitable choice
42:17the decision
42:19ultimately depends on your specific
42:21requirements and your technical
42:23preference and knowledge
42:26that was the ace stay safe in the
42:30and peace out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the differences between Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero?

Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero are both popular options that offer various customization options and enhancements. Some key differences include sub gigahertz frequency and infrared functionality, which are explored in the comparison video.

2. What customization options are offered by the Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero?

Both Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero offer a range of customization options, including sub gigahertz frequency and infrared functionality. These options are explored in detail in the comparison video.

3. How do the Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero enhance the device?

The Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero enhance the device through various features and applications. These enhancements include sub gigahertz frequency and infrared functionality, which provide greater functionality and flexibility.

4. What features and applications are explored in the comparison video of Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero?

The comparison video explores the features and applications of both Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero. This includes a detailed look at the customization options, enhancements, sub gigahertz frequency, and infrared functionality.

5. Why are Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero popular among the community?

Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero are popular among the community due to their various customization options and enhancements. The comparison video provides insight into why these firmware options have gained popularity.

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