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The video introduces a free Chrome plugin called Stream Locator that allows users to unblock and access various geo-restricted streaming services, including Netflix, Crackle TV, Peacock TV, and more without the need for a VPN or hardware device. The plugin provides access to both paid and free services, making it a convenient tool for streaming content from different regions worldwide. The presenter demonstrates how to install and activate the plugin, highlighting its effectiveness in bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing desired streaming content.
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Various streaming services including Netflix, Crackle TV, Peacock TV, and Plex TV can be accessed without VPN or hardware device.
Korean library on Netflix and geo-locked services like Crackle TV and Peacock TV are accessible.
No hardware device or VPN is needed to access the content.
Stream locator device was previously reviewed as a way to unlock the content.
A free chrome plugin called Stream Locator can be used to unblock favorite streaming services and choose different locations.
The plugin is free and doesn't require any hardware device or VPN.
The Stream Locator icon will appear in Chrome installation after installation.
Users can easily unblock or unrestrict content from different locations.
The plugin can also be used for free services and allows users to choose different locations.
A free plugin provides access to various streaming services, including Peacock TV, without any geographic restrictions.
The plugin offers access to free content from various streaming services.
The example of accessing Crackle from the UK is demonstrated.
The plugin allows users to access content without any geographic restrictions.
Peacock TV is mentioned as one of the popular services that is now accessible through the plugin.
The video demonstrates how to unblock streaming apps using a free Chrome plugin called Stream Locator.
Open a new tab on Chrome and search for "Stream Locator" plugin in the Chrome Web Store.
Click on "Add to Chrome" and then "Add extension" to install the plugin.
Pin the extension to the top bar by clicking on the small pin icon.
Click on the plugin icon, enter an email address to activate the plugin, and click on "Start".
00:00so here we can see netflix completely
00:03unlocked for example here you can see
00:05i'm accessing the korean library which
00:08is a very large library on netflix
00:10over here we can see i have access to
00:13crackle tv which typically is only for
00:16the usa audience and i can access all of
00:19the content in here
00:20over here we have the massive peacock tv
00:24which again is only for usa customers
00:27but i'm accessing it on my device we
00:29have plex tv giving us access to over
00:33live tv channels so all of these
00:36services are normally geo locked but as
00:39we can see i can access all of them on
00:42my device
00:43absolutely free without using any kind
00:46of vpn or any kind of hardware device i
00:50can now access all of this content so in
00:53this video today let me show you how you
00:55can also unlock all of your favorite
00:58streaming services absolutely free and
01:01really just enjoy the best content
01:03that's available out there so please do
01:05take a moment to hit that like button
01:07make sure you hit that subscribe button
01:09so with all of that being said let's get
01:12if you're new to the channel and you
01:13want to stay up to date with the latest
01:15tech tutorials the latest fire stick
01:17android and android tv tips and tricks
01:19then please do subscribe and hit the
01:21notification bell it's a small click
01:23from you but it makes a big difference
01:24to me thank you so how does this all
01:26work well
01:28in the past on my channel i have
01:30reviewed a hardware device called the
01:32stream locator which is a fantastic
01:35device and it really does allow you to
01:37unlock all of those things i mentioned
01:39in my intro now before you guys click
01:42away once again the process i'm going to
01:44show you today is absolutely free you
01:47don't need to purchase any kind of
01:49hardware device or activate any kind of
01:51vpn it really is an absolute free
01:54process allowing you to unlock all of
01:56your favorite streaming services now the
01:59reason why i mentioned the stream
02:00locator is the same company that made
02:03this device have now gone ahead and
02:05developed a new chrome plugin which is
02:08the stream locator chrome plugin but
02:10unlike the hardware device the plugin is
02:13absolutely free and once again it really
02:16will allow you to do all of those things
02:17i mentioned in my intro
02:19now we'll show you how to install in
02:20just a second but now we can see on my
02:23device in my chrome installation i now
02:25have this new icon here which is the
02:27stream locator icon if i click on that
02:30and we can see this is geon blocking by
02:32the streaming experts and now very very
02:35easily i can go ahead and unblock or
02:38unrestrict this content now here for
02:40example we can see that my netflix is
02:42currently set to career and for example
02:44i want to see what's available in the
02:46brazil netflix library i can click on
02:49that click on netflix
02:51this will then take me directly into the
02:53application and then show me content
02:55which is for the brazilian audience and
02:58we can see it's done exactly that so i
03:00can now see the content in that
03:01particular library now similarly if i go
03:04back to here
03:05and let's say for example if i want to
03:06use a design or shutter
03:09you can now choose a location and the
03:11plugin will then take care of that for
03:13you so when you then access that service
03:16that service will think that you're
03:17actually coming from united states or
03:19from canada now the other great thing
03:20about this extension is it's not all
03:22just about paid services if i scroll
03:26we can see they have a massive list of
03:28other services most of which are
03:30actually free allowing you to once again
03:32access that content wherever you are in
03:35the world so
03:36for example you guys know i'm in united
03:38kingdom so if i try and access crackle
03:40this would normally give me an error
03:42telling me that crackle is not supported
03:44in my region but as we can see straight
03:46away i'm inside the service
03:49i can now see all of the content in here
03:51which typically would not be available
03:52for me
03:53and let's say for example i want to
03:54watch this thing over here let's click
03:56on play
03:58just to confirm that it's not just the
04:00content you can see on the home page you
04:02can actually click on this stuff and
04:04start enjoying it straight away and we
04:06can see in a couple of seconds
04:08or shall we say five
04:10four there we are so we are now straight
04:12inside that content and we can now enjoy
04:15that from wherever we are and let's back
04:17out for that they have sling they have
04:19paramount they have pluto tv
04:22uh fubo peacock hbo max so really all of
04:25the popular services that you may want
04:27to watch even if you're not in united
04:29states using this plugin which is free
04:32you can go ahead and enjoy that content
04:34and one of my all-time favorites was
04:36actually peacock tv and even though i
04:39tried many many times with lots of
04:41different vpns the service was just too
04:43strict and it always knew that i was
04:45using a vpn and it would always block my
04:48access but as we can see with this
04:50plugin i can click on peacock tv
04:54give that a second and without any kind
04:56of error messages or telling me that i'm
04:58using a vpn we can see straight away we
05:01are inside that content and you can see
05:03guys some of the content in here really
05:05is fantastic
05:06click on play
05:08and again without any kind of warnings
05:10any kind of geo-restriction error
05:12messages within a couple of seconds we
05:15are straight inside that content so the
05:17plug-in really does do exactly what it
05:20says on the tin and and i really am
05:22surprised that it's absolutely free so
05:24how can we now get this on our chrome
05:26browser so all you need to do is just
05:28open up a new tab on chrome and just
05:30search for stream locator
05:33plug in
05:36and we can see straight away at the top
05:38here which is the official chrome web
05:40store and all you need to do is just
05:42click on add to chrome
05:44so if you want to add this to chrome you
05:45click on add extension
05:48that's now all done now the very first
05:50time you add it you'll see that it
05:52doesn't actually appear in the top here
05:54and the way you bring it here is if you
05:55click on this small icon
05:58and we can see and this typically shows
06:00you all of the extensions you have
06:01installed in chrome and if you want to
06:03pin the extension you click on the small
06:05pin next to your plugin so i'm going to
06:07click on this here
06:08that now adds it to my chrome but at the
06:10moment we can see that the icon is not
06:12colored in which means that it's not
06:14activated so if you now click on that
06:16you now just need to enter in any email
06:18address to activate the plugin so
06:20for a test i'm just going to say
06:25click on start and that's it that's now
06:27all of your plugin activated so
06:29that's all for this video guys many
06:31thanks for watching i do think right now
06:34the fact that this plug-in is absolutely
06:35free it really is worthwhile checking
06:38out and all of the things i've tried on
06:39my device everything has worked straight
06:42away so do leave me a comment below let
06:44me know you think about this plug-in and
06:46i'll hopefully catch up with you guys
06:47real soon thanks
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does Stream Locator plugin help unblock geo-restricted streaming services?

The Stream Locator plugin allows users to unblock and access geo-restricted streaming services, including Netflix, Crackle TV, Peacock TV, and more without the need for a VPN or hardware device. It provides access to both paid and free services, making it a convenient tool for streaming content from different regions worldwide.

2. What are the benefits of using Stream Locator plugin for streaming content?

The benefits of using the Stream Locator plugin include the ability to bypass geo-restrictions and access desired streaming content from different regions worldwide. It eliminates the need for a VPN or hardware device, providing a convenient and effective solution for accessing geo-restricted services.

3. Can Stream Locator plugin be used to access both paid and free streaming services?

Yes, the Stream Locator plugin provides access to both paid and free streaming services, making it a versatile tool for accessing a wide range of content from different regions without the need for a VPN or hardware device.

4. How does one install and activate the Stream Locator plugin?

The presenter demonstrates how to install and activate the Stream Locator plugin, highlighting its effectiveness in bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing desired streaming content. Users can follow the easy installation and activation process to start using the plugin.

5. Is the Stream Locator plugin an effective solution for accessing geo-restricted content?

Yes, the Stream Locator plugin is an effective solution for bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing desired content from different regions worldwide. It provides a convenient and efficient way to unblock geo-restricted streaming services without the need for a VPN or hardware device.

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