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The video provides tips on how to keep two strand twists looking fresh and maintain them over time by using a hair oil, bonnet, and hair tie. It demonstrates different methods for longer and shorter hair. The video also emphasizes the importance of proper alignment and minimizing movement to prevent frizz.
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This section of the video explains how to keep two strand twists looking fresh for men.
The video provides tips on maintaining neat and clean twists over time.
It suggests using a hair oil, bonnet, and hair tie for maintenance.
The video demonstrates different methods for longer and shorter hair.
To keep two strand twists looking fresh, it is important to minimize movement and motion while sleeping.
Place the twists towards the top of your head instead of the side or back to minimize movement during sleep.
Consider using a do-rag if your hair is shorter and you cannot put the twists in a ponytail.
The goal is to have as little contact and movement in the twists as possible to maintain neatness.
To keep two strand twists fresh, section off the ponytails and use a durag to cover the twists.
Remove the hair tie to ensure each twist is properly aligned.
For shorter hair, skip the ponytail and only use the durag to cover the twists.
Let the twists sit for about 15 to 20 minutes before removing the durag.
Shake the hair to loosen the twists.
00:01tired of your twist looking like this
00:06or even coming out like this
00:10well you clicked on the Right video I'm
00:11gonna be teaching you guys how to keep
00:13two strand twists looking nice fresh and
00:15clean and how to maintain your two
00:17strand twist over the weeks to come
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00:28if you enjoyed it because I know this is
00:30going to be extremely helpful to you
00:31guys without further Ado let's get
00:33straight into it let's go
00:36hey guys it's your boy Kozak back with
00:40another video
00:41um today I'm going to be showing you
00:42guys how to keep your two strand twist
00:44looking nice clean fresh neat just
00:47looking perfect a lot of you guys asked
00:49me all the time how do I keep my um
00:51twist looking so neat um when you guys
00:53it will be like a week or two in they're
00:54already fuzzy I'm gonna show you exactly
00:56how I do that this is what we're working
00:57with right now I've had my twist for
00:59about a week so far
01:01um so this is what we're looking like
01:02you can see just a little bit of fuzz in
01:05um but it's not it still looks brand new
01:07it still looks very fresh you're gonna
01:08need a couple things one of them is
01:09going to be a hair oil um so whatever
01:11hair oil you use you're going to need a
01:13bonnet and then the last thing you're
01:15going to need is a hair tie now I'm
01:18going to show you guys what you do if
01:20you have longer hair if you have longer
01:22hair this is what you're gonna do and
01:24I'm also going to show you guys what you
01:25do if you have a little bit of shorter
01:27hair and you're unable to do the longer
01:30hair method so for my longer haired
01:32individuals here what we're going to do
01:34is we're going to grab our hair tie and
01:36we're going to section our hair into two
01:38sections here you can do two sections or
01:41you can do one section I'm gonna show
01:43you what two sections look like and then
01:44I'll show you what one section looks
01:46like um but we're going to section our
01:48hair off into two sections here you're
01:50gonna put that in kind of like a
01:52ponytail puff ball whatever you want to
01:53call it you're going to section It Off
01:55so this method here is mainly going to
01:57be for sleeping this is how you're going
01:59to go to bed I'm going to show you what
02:01you do in the morning as well but for
02:03sleeping this is what you're going to do
02:04the idea here is you're going to make
02:06sure that your section is towards the
02:08top of your head and not towards the
02:11um perfect perfect looking nice if it's
02:14towards the side you gotta you gotta
02:16think about the fact that you're gonna
02:17be laying on the side of your head
02:19you're going to be laying to the side so
02:22you want to make sure you can get it a
02:25little bit more towards the top than uh
02:27versus it coming out to the side
02:29so that you're not um messing up or you
02:31know moving too much in your sleep so
02:33that um the idea here is you basically
02:35want to have as little movement in your
02:37twist or your braids as you possibly can
02:40so that's why putting this up this way
02:42is going to help so that when you're
02:44sleeping you're not messing with your
02:47braids and you're not you know
02:48consistently moving and having Motion in
02:51your twists or your braids because that
02:53will make it Messier so
02:56um as little contact as you possibly can
02:58get is going to be a little bit better
02:59so for sure you do that same thing on
03:01the other side we're making sure to put
03:04it a little bit more towards the top
03:05versus the back or the side so that
03:08we're able to lay on our side when we're
03:10going to bed properly this is going to
03:13help minimize movement minimize motion
03:15and your twists get to stay nice and
03:18neat now I'm going to show you guys what
03:21it looks like if you put it in just one
03:24um ponytail in the back there you can do
03:27this as well you're also going to be
03:28laying side it's only an issue if you're
03:31laying on the back of your head when you
03:33sleep if you sleep like that um
03:36kind of weird but okay for my shorter
03:38hair individuals if your hair is shorter
03:41and you cannot put your twist or your
03:42braids in a ponytail or you have just a
03:44little bit too much
03:46um strain on your Twist of your hair
03:49um when you are trying to put in a
03:50ponytail and it's a little on the
03:51shorter side all you have to do is the
03:54alternative to this step is just using a
03:56do-rag so you're just going to lay your
03:59twist or your braids down you're going
04:01to put a do-rag on and you're just going
04:03to sleep with it that way I'll show you
04:05a little later on how to do that all
04:07right back to this so now you're going
04:09to grab your Bonnet I highly recommend a
04:12bonnet with a flat um band around it
04:15versus like the ones that scrunch up
04:16it's going to be a lot better it's going
04:18to sit on your head a lot better and
04:19it's going to hold and make sure your
04:22hair is contained in your Bonnet so
04:25you're going to go ahead and put your
04:25Bonnet on you want to grab one with a
04:28with a flat band I just got this one
04:30from Walmart this is what we're looking
04:31like so we're ready to go to bed all
04:33right this is what we're going to do in
04:34the morning so you're going to go ahead
04:35and move your Bonnet you're going to
04:38take out your hair tie perfect now what
04:42we're going to do is you're just gonna
04:44shake your hair you're going to get your
04:45hair loose you're gonna get it back a
04:47little bit more structure to the way it
04:49is and what you're going to do now is
04:51you so you can see kind of how like my
04:54twists are kind of scrunched up so if
04:56you get this and they're kind of
04:57scrunched up or kind of stiff what
04:59you're going to do now is put your oil
05:00in so you want to now put oil in your
05:03actual hair and your scalp and your
05:05twist you always want to make sure you
05:06shake your oil well we're going to first
05:08apply our oil directly to our scalp in
05:11between each and every one of those
05:12parts we're gonna make sure we massage
05:14that in make sure we take our time and
05:17work that into our actual scalp after
05:19that you're now going to apply oil into
05:22your actual
05:24um hair the way you're going to do this
05:26is you're going to take your oil you're
05:28going to put it into your actual hands
05:29you're going to rub your hands together
05:31and then I do not recommend going like
05:35one by one and and touching your twist
05:37too much if you touch your twist too
05:39much it's going to make it fuzzy so what
05:41I highly recommend doing is putting the
05:42oil into your hair and lightly pressing
05:44it as well as lightly squeezing the oil
05:47into it so you're you're going and doing
05:49a squeezing Motion versus like just
05:52you know working your hands through your
05:53hair it's gonna get it to be fuzzy it's
05:55a little bit too much friction a little
05:57bit too much activity in your twist so
05:59what I'm doing here is I have the oil in
06:01my hands and I'm just squeezing and
06:03letting my hair absorb that oil and then
06:05you can add more oil as um as you as
06:08needed and then also highly recommend
06:10making sure you take some of your time
06:12and put it giving a little bit more
06:15extra love to your actual ends
06:16considering that ends are always like an
06:18issue with long hair so after you're
06:20done doing that what I like to do is I
06:22take my hair ties once again and I'm
06:25going to put it in a ponytail a little
06:28bit closer towards the um Bottom now
06:30because what I'm doing is just I'm going
06:32to be putting a durag on at this point I
06:34just find it a little easier to make
06:36sure all of my hair stays together as
06:38well as is in the proper um like
06:42alignment that it needs to be when I do
06:43it this way so I'm just gonna part both
06:46on that part I keep saying part I'm just
06:48gonna section off both of my
06:50um ponytails here and then I'm gonna go
06:51ahead and also do raglon and now what
06:53I'm going to do is go ahead and remove
06:55the hair tie now so the only reason I
06:57added the hair tie part is just because
06:58it's a little bit easier to make sure
07:00you get every piece and every um twist
07:03or braid there so we're gonna go ahead
07:05and remove that hair tie now and now
07:08what you're going to do this is one of
07:10the most important parts here is you're
07:12going to make sure each of those twists
07:13are in the correct alignment you're
07:15going to make sure it's just straight
07:16down and sitting properly
07:19um in your dragon on your head you don't
07:21want it to sit incorrectly because when
07:22you remove your direct it might stay
07:24like that so you want to just make sure
07:26and make sure you stretch and pull on
07:29each of those um individual individual
07:31twists there so for all of my shorter
07:34hair individuals this is the method that
07:36you're going to do you're not going to
07:37do the ponytail part you're just going
07:38to do the durag part so you'll toss a
07:40do-ragon on there you're going to make
07:41sure each of your twists are covered and
07:45straight and you want to make sure your
07:46direct is completely covering your
07:48entire twist
07:49so we're still working
07:51um on making sure each of those are
07:52straight you can see how those are all
07:54straight there you can even see through
07:55the durag there so now you're good to go
07:58what you're going to do now is you're
07:59going to let this sit for about 20
08:02minutes um 15 minutes however long you
08:04um before you're getting ready you might
08:06even hop in the shower put a um put a
08:08shower cap on and then hop in the shower
08:10and let that sit and then after that
08:12you're going to go ahead and remove your
08:14drag after you know say 15 to 20 minutes
08:1730 minutes at most
08:19um shake shake it around and now this
08:21just helps your hair to sit a little bit
08:23more properly you can see how that's
08:25sitting a little bit better it's looking
08:27a little bit better
08:28um our hair looks moisturized our hair
08:30looks shiny it looks rejuvenated and
08:34that is what I do to keep my twist
08:36looking nice throughout the weeks if you
08:38want to know how to refresh fuzzy twists
08:40or braids in a matter of minutes watch
08:42this video on screen here it's going to
08:43be at the very end if you did enjoy the
08:45video go ahead and leave this video a
08:47like go ahead and subscribe and turn on
08:48post now notifications I post once a
08:50week every week if you enjoyed this one
08:52I'm sure you enjoy the next go ahead and
08:54subscribe and turn post notifications on
08:55I'm Kozak and I'll see you guys in the
08:56next one peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I keep two strand twists looking fresh?

You can keep two strand twists looking fresh by using a hair oil, bonnet, and hair tie. These tools help to maintain the twists and prevent frizz, keeping them looking neat and stylish.

2. What are the tips for maintaining two strand twists over time?

To maintain two strand twists over time, it's important to use a hair oil to keep the twists moisturized, wear a bonnet at night to protect them, and use a hair tie to keep them in place. Additionally, proper alignment and minimizing movement help to prevent frizz and maintain the twists.

3. How can I care for two strand twists on longer hair?

Caring for two strand twists on longer hair involves using a hair oil to moisturize the twists, wearing a bonnet at night to protect them, and using a hair tie to keep them in place. It's also important to maintain proper alignment and minimize movement to prevent frizz and maintain the twists over time.

4. What are the recommended methods for maintaining two strand twists on shorter hair?

For maintaining two strand twists on shorter hair, it's recommended to use a hair oil for moisture, wear a bonnet at night for protection, and use a hair tie to keep the twists in place. Additionally, paying attention to proper alignment and minimizing movement helps to prevent frizz and maintain the twists.

5. Why is proper alignment important for maintaining two strand twists?

Proper alignment is important for maintaining two strand twists because it helps to minimize frizz and keep the twists looking neat and fresh. By ensuring that the twists are properly aligned and minimizing movement, you can preserve the style and maintain it over time.

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