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Andrew Tate discusses his evolution of faith from atheist to Christian to Muslim and the importance of religion in setting boundaries and opposing evil, particularly in relation to Islam. He also addresses the mocking of religious beliefs, the fear aspect, and the packaging of different movements under the LGBTQ umbrella.
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The speaker shares his experience of being advised not to talk about politics, religion, or sex in business conversations, but mentions that high-level individuals actually want to discuss those topics.
The speaker initially followed the advice to avoid talking about politics, religion, and sex in business.
He mentions that high-level individuals actually want to discuss politics and religion.
The ESG community is now openly discussing politics, religion, and sex.
Andrew Tate believes that God is a concept that needs to be respected and proven, and he argues that regardless of being an atheist or not, it is impossible to deny the existence of God when thinking of Him as a whole concept.
Andrew Tate believes that there has to be an equal and opposite force to all the evil in the world, and that force is God.
He argues that God should be thought of as a concept rather than just a man in the sky.
Andrew Tate gives an example to atheists, asking if God saved their life on an island where people were going to kill and eat them, but didn't because of their religion.
Islam is considered the most successful religion in terms of opposing evil, preserving morality, and having people adhere to its principles.
Islam is successful in opposing evil and differing viewpoints.
It is successful in having people act within the moral and good limits defined by the religion.
Islam is the most adhered to and respected religion.
Fear and respect are linked, and Islam is both feared and respected.
Religion is seen based on how individuals see themselves.
The speaker questions why people would want to insult religious figures and wonders why there is more respect for Islam in Christian countries than for Christianity itself.
The speaker finds it unhealthy for someone to wake up and want to insult religious figures.
They mention satanists in America who mock Christianity with malicious intentions.
The speaker questions the idea of America being a Christian country when religious figures are mocked within its confines.
They point out that there is more respect for Islam in Christian countries than for Christianity itself.
The speaker discusses how people may try to provoke a reaction by pushing boundaries in order to gain attention and make others care.
The speaker compares this behavior to a situation where someone tries to get a reaction by escalating their actions.
They mention that the LGBTQ community is often packaged together as one group, even though individuals within the community may have different experiences and identities.
The speaker discusses the concept of sacrifice, fear, and the mocking of religions, particularly Christianity.
The speaker mentions that sacrifice is an expression of grace and love.
They express their concern about others mocking their God and religion.
The speaker agrees that fear has a place in faith, but disagrees with using fear to mock or disrespect others' beliefs.
They mention the far-right association of the Muslim religion and the current softer stance of Christianity.
The speaker discusses the idea of defending against immoral philosophies and mentions taking their kids to Dubai and Saudi Arabia for that reason.
They express the belief in one God and the acceptance of different paths to reach Him.
00:00for me
00:01in my own business I ask this question
00:04I'm so curious to get your thoughts on
00:06this for the longest time when I got
00:08into business I was you know a younger
00:10guy 21 I'm like okay very coachable tell
00:11me what I got a I'm a coachable guy what
00:13I got to do I'm a coachable guy super
00:14coach won't want to make money I'm sick
00:16of time being broke my dad's at the 99
00:18cent store too many heart attacks I want
00:19to get out of this yeah so I'm like hey
00:21Patrick basic stuff when you're doing
00:23business and you're talking to rich
00:25people at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
00:26never talk religion never talk politics
00:29never talk sex just don't talk about
00:31those three things I said okay guess
00:34what never talk politics never talk
00:36religion never talk sex no problem we're
00:38going to business so what do you think
00:40about the political climate today
00:41Patrick David oh what do you think yeah
00:44you know well I think this is but what
00:45do you think Patrick I don't know you
00:47know quite frankly I think I'm trying to
00:49figure it out for myself right now but
00:50we'll see what's going to happen like
00:51you know the whatever way you're
00:52deflecting and you're kind of go on your
00:54phone hey what do you think about God
00:55what is your opinion on Islam or Muslim
00:57well you know for me you know there's
00:59you deflect that eventually you're
01:00sitting there you're like
01:02the people that I know at that level
01:04want to talk about those three topics
01:07now sex is maybe off camera and they're
01:09kind of having fun with it yeah but they
01:10want to talk about politics and religion
01:12yeah so we for the longest time have
01:14been silenced and now the ESG community
01:17all this time they've told us to stay
01:19quiet and they're saying what they're
01:20talking politics yeah they're talking
01:22religion and they're talking sex the way
01:25through lgbtq what's wrong with that
01:27what's wrong with it it's normal it's
01:28normal it's normal no it's not normal
01:30well listen you guys shouldn't talk
01:31about politics and sex and religion you
01:33shouldn't be doing that yeah and then
01:35you see this one you know during covet
01:38One Pastor Australia Syrian man I don't
01:40know what his name is Vinnie what's his
01:41name the Syrian Pastor priest from
01:44Australia and he was fighting all the
01:47anti-covet guidelines and he's his stuff
01:50is going viral he's doing this and he's
01:52seen these messages some of the people
01:54that stood up they stood up because they
01:57feared God okay and for you with your
02:00life it's been interesting watching you
02:03go through your evolution of your faith
02:05pre-2022 former atheist couple of the
02:08things you've said in the past God isn't
02:10real because you can't prove it okay
02:11kind of like that was more the Malcolm X
02:14argument right bad things happen to good
02:16people and good things happen in bad
02:17people far too often for God to exist
02:19I'm the Center of My Universe that's
02:21pre-2020. then gradually you start
02:24talking about Christianity and you know
02:27in 2020 made a video announcing that you
02:29were wrong about what you had said
02:30previously about God right
02:32now you start saying people are who are
02:34atheists are angry bad energy people and
02:37I don't want to be on that team anymore
02:38and even if God is not real the world is
02:40a better place if people do believe in
02:43God I know God is real because there's
02:45so much evil in the world that there has
02:48to be an equal and opposite Force the
02:50devil can't exist if God does not and if
02:52you look at the world today it is very
02:54obvious that the devil does not exist
02:56and I'll go to the last one here with
02:58quotes from you Christians don't have a
03:01religion anymore because they tolerate
03:03everything and stand for nothing and by
03:07the way I actually agree with you the
03:08fact that they're they're tolerating way
03:10too much Islam is the last religion on
03:12the planet God is something to be feared
03:15respected and to prove yourself too
03:16which means you got to earn his right
03:18it's a hey I want to earn your right
03:21your respect right
03:23how did you go if you don't mind talking
03:25about your own Evolution because us as
03:28if you know me at 25 years old you
03:31probably would have liked that party
03:32with me I was a selfish guy I was a guy
03:34you would have thought I was right and
03:35we go through this phase of
03:37where the selfishness kind of comes down
03:39a little bit you still need to be
03:41selfish because you need to be driven
03:42but to the point where you're like
03:44listen man I gotta really do something
03:46and then somehow somebody God enters
03:48what's been your evolution of your faith
03:50and where where are you at today yeah I
03:51think Newton's I think it's Third Law
03:54equal and opposite Force what you just
03:55said there is absolutely true there has
03:57to be equal and opposite Force to all
03:58the evil in the world and that the equal
04:00and opposite Force to all that evil has
04:02to be God and I've talked about this at
04:04length even with atheists and I try and
04:05say that regardless of whether you're an
04:07atheist or not you're thinking of God as
04:10a man in the sky but you need to think
04:12of God as a concept as a whole and once
04:15you do that it's impossible to accept
04:16that he doesn't exist right I said to
04:19The Atheist I said let's say there was
04:20two islands you're Shipwrecked right and
04:22there's two islands both of them are
04:24full of savages on wine one Island
04:27you're ruin your friendship right on one
04:29Island your friend goes and he crashes
04:31and they they kill him and they eat him
04:33and you go to another Island and they
04:35want to kill you and eat you but they
04:36don't because it's against their
04:38did God save your life
04:41who cares who doesn't know the name of
04:42their God but their God said don't kill
04:44shipwreck survivors and now you're alive
04:46so their God saved your life the concept
04:49of God in and of itself saved your life
04:50you own God so for the concept of it the
04:53idea of it so even the idea of opposing
04:55evil as a whole is a belief in God so
04:58you're either an evil person or you
05:00believe in God in some regard
05:01and then
05:03I became once I understood that there
05:04had to be an equal and opposite Force I
05:06was raised Christian I live in a
05:08Christian Nation the Romania is actually
05:10I think the second or third most
05:12Christian country on Earth it's very
05:13Christian country here it's churches
05:14everywhere they strongly believe and
05:16that's where I began my journey but I
05:18always had a very healthy respect for
05:19Islam because I understand that to a
05:21degree to have a religion at all you
05:23have to have an intolerance to a degree
05:25because without an intolerance you don't
05:27have rules you don't have laws you don't
05:29have any like you said you have to earn
05:31God's respect if you're a religion which
05:33is tolerant of everything then you don't
05:34have to earn God's respect you can be a
05:36bad person and do bad things God loves
05:39me so it's fine well no it's not because
05:42that's not the point of the religion so
05:44then you extrapolate that out and I'll
05:45sit and thinking what's the primary
05:46function of a religion
05:48and the primary function of a religion I
05:50don't believe is the religion exists so
05:52I can live forever I mean that's a
05:54that's a nice thought but I think on a
05:56macro level the primary objective of a
05:58religion is to restore and contain some
06:00degree of traditional value within the
06:03society how do you judge let me change
06:05the way I worded that how do you judge
06:07the success of a religion I don't think
06:10you can judge it by the number of people
06:11who join it because there's lots of
06:12people who are Catholic who don't act
06:13Catholic they don't act in any way
06:15particularly Christian anyone can say
06:17there's something you can walk into a
06:18strip club and everyone says Christian
06:20doesn't mean anything right so how do
06:22you judge the success of a religion well
06:24I like to think the best way to judge
06:25the successful religion is how
06:27successful is it at fighting evil how
06:30successful is it at preserving the
06:33of a population in X parameter in an ex
06:38geographical area
06:40so when you look at it from that way you
06:42can't say that Islam isn't the most
06:43successful religion on Earth it's the
06:45most successful in regards to opposing
06:47evil it's the most successful in regards
06:48to opposing its differing viewpoints
06:51it's the most successful in regards to
06:52having people act within the limits and
06:54the confines of what it finds to be
06:56moral and good to God it's the most
06:58adhered to it's the most feared it's the
07:01most respected in most forms and then
07:03also I'd like to think I would say it's
07:05the most fear yeah it's the most fear
07:07but what is respect without fear
07:09do we respect Men We Don't Fear
07:12but there's a man who could do
07:13absolutely nothing to you on any level
07:15at all you might be nice to him sure
07:18because we're not bad people but would
07:19you really respect it if you could take
07:22his chick in front of his face set his
07:25car on fire he wouldn't do a thing you
07:26wouldn't expect him you might be nice to
07:27him because they're not bullies but you
07:29wouldn't expect it respect and fear are
07:30linked they're not always the same thing
07:32and you can you can maybe have fear
07:34without respect but it's very hard to
07:35have respect without fear and also I I
07:37heard someone say once that we see the
07:39world as we see ourselves if you're if
07:41you think everyone's a thief if you're a
07:43liar you think everyone's a liar and I I
07:45kind of agree with that I understood
07:47I also like to think we see religion as
07:48we see ourselves I like to see myself as
07:51a person whose respect you have to earn
07:52I like to see myself as a person who has
07:54strong rigid boundaries I like to see
07:55myself as the person who will stand up
07:56and say no that's wrong I like to see
07:58myself as the person who's not afraid of
07:59being shamed by whatever Community for
08:01saying I don't agree with that
08:01particular ideal I liked seeing myself
08:03that way so if I'm going to see myself
08:05that way then I'm going to naturally
08:06align with a religion that operates
08:08within that form so when I say Islam is
08:11the last religion on Earth I say it
08:12because it seems to be the only one who
08:15will stand up and say no
08:16we don't care no that's not what the
08:19book says no
08:21I was raised Christian and and Muslims
08:23as a whole we have no problems with
08:25Christians none at all I don't want
08:26anyone to think I'm anti-christian like
08:28I dislike Christians we don't have a
08:29problem with Christians we believe in a
08:30lot of the same things we believe in
08:32Jesus we put more respect on the name of
08:33Jesus than most Christians do I just
08:36don't like the idea of people saying
08:38they're a Christian and saying but
08:39because I'm a Christian I can do
08:40whatever I want and throw all the rules
08:41away none of it matters because once you
08:42have that level of Tolerance you no
08:43longer have a religion Islam seems to be
08:45the last religion left with parameters
08:46we don't parameters you're not religion
08:47at all
08:48so the closer I found myself to God the
08:51closer I saw I found myself this long
08:53that's just how it ended and Andrew
08:55speaking of fear one could argue that
08:58Islam these days certainly in the last
08:5920 years with the war on terror they've
09:01also been the most vilified absolutely
09:03right so you know everything that we've
09:05seen happen with
09:07extremism and everything that's going on
09:09all over the world how are you grappling
09:11with that you've been a Christian for
09:13for years now Islam and you know what's
09:16you know what that's such an interesting
09:17question because when I was younger
09:19especially when I was an atheist I would
09:21I would sit and I'd sit and think
09:23people are really doing Terror attacks
09:26and doing all this crazy stuff because
09:27you know they're upset over a cartoon
09:29that's so stupid and nobody should kill
09:31you nobody should kill Charlie nobody
09:33should kill anybody nobody should kill
09:35anybody I'll make that very clear but
09:37also part of me is now saying
09:39why would you want to insult the profit
09:43for billions of people why would you
09:45want to do that I'm not saying you I'm
09:47not even I don't even want to make the
09:48argument against Free Speech I'm saying
09:49you couldn't be allowed to this is a
09:51sensitive subject I'm just saying what
09:52kind of person wakes up and thinks I
09:55want to do that I don't know I just
09:57don't think that's a healthy mindset
09:58like when I see these satanists and
10:00they're especially in America and
10:01they're doing let's keep it on
10:02Christianity these satanists and they're
10:04dressing up Jesus is gay and all this
10:06stuff like that's not done in any kind
10:09of good faith there's no good reason to
10:12do that that's done with genuinely
10:13malicious intention
10:15and what kind of people want to do that
10:17and then the answer by extension is
10:20I thought America was a Christian
10:21country so how can you have a Christian
10:23country where the the profits of the
10:26religion are mocked to the highest
10:28possible levels within the confines of
10:30the country and and it's promoted
10:33is that Christian country
10:35doesn't seem a Christian country to me I
10:37don't think the same thing would happen
10:38with Islam and Saudi Arabia I can't
10:39imagine that happening so how can you
10:41say we're a Christian country but
10:43everyone's mocking Our God on the
10:47it's it's on Netflix ha ha ha
10:50that's not a Christian country to me so
10:52if you're not a Christian country then
10:54where's the religion where the religion
10:56is supposed to enforce certain
10:57boundaries you're supposed to at least
10:58show it respect you know and it's also
11:01kind of interesting because
11:03in Christian countries there's more
11:05respect for Islam than there is for
11:08in a Christian country name one they
11:10still don't do it with the Islamic
11:12Prophet why do you think that is it's
11:13too much smoke
11:14it's just not worth the Heat
11:16because because people believe and I'm
11:18not advocating for violence on any level
11:20I'm saying that even these degenerates
11:23who are trying to destroy people's
11:25belief in God like we've discussed
11:26earlier because they don't want you to
11:27have any Baseline morality if you
11:29believe in god there are Commandments
11:30yes and no that Baseline morality
11:32prevents you being an absolute slave so
11:34they're trying to destroy it but even
11:36those degenerates who are trying to Mock
11:37and disgrace God understand there's a
11:39point where it just backfires and oh
11:41this is smoke
11:42and they don't want the smoke and
11:44shouldn't God be feared I'm scared of
11:47it's the only thing I fear I Fear God
11:49they can put me in jail I know I'm
11:51telling the truth God's on my side I
11:52Fear God
11:53so God should be feared so once again
11:55does anybody fear the Christian God I
11:57haven't seen anybody scared of him in a
11:59long time
12:00and it's kind of crazy because it's very
12:02the max the like the mass migration all
12:05these things are leftist policies but
12:07then also Islam is the most right-wing
12:09religion on Earth it's kind of very
12:12interesting I grew up in England and I
12:14grew up in Luton which is a town which
12:15is mainly Muslims it's like just it's a
12:18huge Islamic community and there was a
12:20bunch of English people who were
12:21complaining about this too much
12:22immigration we're losing our culture and
12:24I understood their point absolutely but
12:26these are the same people complaining
12:27about all the left-wing LGBT and schools
12:29all these issues and I think the only
12:31allies you have against this are the
12:32Muslims they're the only allies you have
12:34in any of this the Christians don't
12:35protest against any of this stuff the
12:37Christians don't the Christian there's
12:38very few Christians will get up off
12:39their ass and complain in fact I saw on
12:41Twitter yesterday one of the churches
12:43was lit up in rainbow
12:45I have nothing against gay people
12:49that's actually another point I want to
12:51make into about this thing I think most
12:54people don't care and I think that
12:55bothers them have you ever had a have
12:57you ever had an argument with a girl
12:59and she's like strapping around the
13:01house she's huffing and puffing and you
13:02just don't give a [ __ ] so she has to
13:03keep upping the ante do you eventually
13:06what's the problem because she tried the
13:08low level stuff and you didn't care
13:10I kind of feel like this has a remnants
13:12of that I'm gay cool
13:14I want to get married
13:17I want to wave my dick in your kid's
13:24I feel like they're like they tried to
13:26annoy us and we're like we don't give a
13:27[ __ ] do whatever you want be a person we
13:29don't care and now they're like okay
13:31well we have to get to a limit where
13:33they have to react we want attention now
13:35we want them to care about what's the
13:37right move on that well that's and
13:39that's the point you know it's it's
13:40difficult because there comes a point
13:42where you simply have to address it and
13:43now you have to oppose it and this is
13:45sorry sorry to interrupt you but this is
13:47why they're so careful and so clever
13:48with what they do they package it all
13:51lgbtq I would argue I don't know what Q
13:54is firstly sorry I don't know what
13:55you're questioning all right LG I would
13:59argue that G and T are very different
14:01things Beyond a gay man and someone
14:04who's chopped the dick off are very
14:05different things so they package it all
14:07together so now because the spectrum of
14:11your enemy is so large you have people
14:13who are complete fully this way you're
14:15people who we accept and are normal in
14:17society we have no problem with gay
14:18people and they put it all together
14:20you're an enemy of all these people and
14:22they complicate the argument and they
14:23mix it all together and now you're a
14:24bigot and really you just want your kids
14:26to be left alone really just want to
14:27leave the children of course all you
14:29want to do is leave your kids alone and
14:31then it's like okay I'm now raising
14:33children I have more children than most
14:34people would believe how do I protect my
14:36children from this incentive God
14:40which God can protect my children
14:42Allah Islam I'll move them to Dubai or
14:45Saudi Arabia and none of this will
14:48can I trust a Christian Nation some of
14:50them Romania is a Christian Nation and
14:53to a large degree they oppose quite a
14:56lot of this stuff but they're also Nao
14:58and they're also EU and they also rely
15:00on bailabs and grants and money and on a
15:02long enough time frame even in the seven
15:03years I've lived here I have watched
15:05certain attitudes change because money
15:07buys influence and power so Andrew not
15:10to cut you off
15:11how much of you converting from
15:14Christianity to Islam is actually the
15:16belief in God versus
15:18the societal pressures that are facing
15:20because it seems like it's a little bit
15:21of both for you to believe in God you
15:23have to respect him
15:25how can I believe and put the put my
15:27life in the hands of someone I don't
15:30and I'm going to respect a god which is
15:33yeah but it's a vertical relationship
15:35right it's not a horizontal if you base
15:38if you base it horizontally they're
15:41going to disappoint you if you think
15:43about if you're going to believe let's
15:46go believe Prophet Muhammad his teaching
15:48and let's go believe the Bible NIV and
15:52Jesus father you know for God so loved
15:55the world that he gave us you know you
15:57gave your son for me let's say that's
16:00true yeah and you're doing it based on
16:02faith who would do such a thing for me
16:03what a level of sacrifice for you to do
16:06that who am I for you to be so worried
16:08about me if you look at it from that
16:11angle it's not necessarily coming from a
16:14place of fear it's coming from a place
16:16of Grace that's coming from a pla Grace
16:18a place of love it's coming from a place
16:20of absolutely you know or a different
16:22feel because I do believe
16:24uh the part that upsets me is the fear
16:28aspect that they're allowing others to
16:32mock your God to mock mock Jesus to mock
16:36whatever religion it is you're a part of
16:38you're kind of like they're just funny
16:39man so no it's not funny you just cross
16:42the line like JC has that one line where
16:44he says don't tell me why the guy
16:47what the guy said about me tell me why
16:49he was so comfortable saying it to you
16:50100 you tell me why I say comfortable to
16:52you so I think that's the part about
16:54uh faith I understand when you're saying
16:56to fear in the respect side so that's
16:58the part where fear is needed I totally
17:01agree but the part where you you were
17:04making a point about lgbtq you're like I
17:06don't know what Q stands for is
17:07questioning and then you're like well
17:09I'm gay okay cool
17:12translucent spectrum and he said on the
17:15if we were to say which religions the
17:17far right it's going to be Muslim
17:20totally get it they're on the far right
17:21Christian today is kind of going Center
17:23left today you know like they're kind of
17:24being soft right now okay so if I want
17:26to raise my kids I'm going to take my
17:27kids to you know Dubai and I'm going to
17:30take my kids to Saudi Arabia why because
17:32I'm defending against some of these
17:34immoral philosophies that they have I
17:36don't want to go there I actually
17:38understand that argument yeah and and I
17:40truly and I want to make one more point
17:42I do believe there is one God and I
17:43believe there's many different paths to
17:45God and I'm not a religious scholar and
17:48I'm not an expert on Islam I'm doing my
17:50best and I'm reading the Quran as often
17:52as I can and it does say that Christians
17:54on the Day of Reckoning will see how
17:56close they were to the truth and we are
17:57we are allies we are not enemies in any
17:59regard Christians and Muslims and I do
18:01believe that the idea of Christians and
18:02Muslims shaking hands and saying let's
18:04put an end to a law this garbage would
18:05be fantastic I'm not anti-christian in
18:07any regard I just found myself as I
18:09became more and more religious seeking
18:12and looking for
18:14a faith witch normally I could be proud
18:17of but a faith which was guiding in
18:19regards to I don't know what a Christian
18:22would answer to certain questions
18:24nowadays what does a Christian answer to
18:27I'm a transsexual and I want to show
18:28your kids my genitals what's the
18:30Christian well Christian's supposed to
18:31say no do they
18:33I know what my I know what my Muslim
18:35friends would say I didn't if you're a
18:37Christian I don't know how you're
18:38supposed to act I don't know what you're
18:39supposed to adult I don't get it anymore
18:40the True Believer says the True Believer
18:42the True Believer but how many are True
18:44Believers and I mean I don't know I see
18:45all over Twitter all these churches are
18:46losing their minds it's it's
18:49seems very complicated Islam seems very
18:51very simple
18:52you know what's right you know what's
18:53wrong my neck is an application which
18:55allows you to take a minute to connect
18:57with influencers from all around the
18:58world my name is Andrew Tate and I'm
19:00available to speak directly to you on
19:03minute so if you like this clip and you
19:04want to watch another one click right
19:05here and if you want to watch the entire
19:07podcast click right here
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did Andrew Tate's faith evolve from atheist to Christian to Muslim?

Andrew Tate's faith evolved from being an atheist to a Christian and then to a Muslim. He discusses this evolution and the importance of religion in setting boundaries and opposing evil.

2. Why does Andrew Tate emphasize the importance of religion in opposing evil?

Andrew Tate emphasizes the importance of religion in opposing evil because he believes that religion helps in setting boundaries and provides a moral compass to combat evil and promote goodness in society.

3. What are Andrew Tate's views on the mocking of religious beliefs?

Andrew Tate addresses the mocking of religious beliefs and shares his perspective on this issue. He believes that mocking religious beliefs is disrespectful and counterproductive to fostering understanding and peace among different faiths.

4. What does Andrew Tate say about the fear aspect in religion?

Andrew Tate discusses the fear aspect in religion and its significance. He shares insights on how fear is portrayed in religious contexts and its impact on individuals' beliefs and practices.

5. How does Andrew Tate view the packaging of different movements under the LGBTQ umbrella?

Andrew Tate also addresses the packaging of different movements under the LGBTQ umbrella. He shares his perspective on this issue in relation to religion, faith, and societal dynamics.

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