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The video discusses the debate between a grizzly bear and a Siberian tiger, analyzing their size, speed, fighting style, and weaponry, ultimately concluding that the grizzly bear would likely win in a fight due to its larger size, endurance, and strength.
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The debate between a Siberian tiger and a grizzly bear is gaining traction, but the analysis begins with the size comparison.
Siberian tigers have thick fur and strong muscles, weighing around 400 pounds on average.
Grizzly bears' size varies depending on location and season, with a good concentration in Alaska.
The average Grizzly bear is significantly larger than the average Siberian tiger, even the largest recorded Siberian tiger is comparable in size to the average Coastal Grizzly.
Grizzlies in Yellowstone National Park average between 400 to 600 pounds, with some reaching up to 1200 pounds.
Siberian tigers, even the largest recorded at 770 pounds, are smaller in size compared to Grizzlies.
Tigers are faster and more agile than Grizzlies due to their muscle density, but they have lower stamina.
Grizzlies have more slow twitch muscle fibers, allowing them to fight for longer periods of time.
Grizzly bears have more stamina due to their fat reserves and muscle layout, while tigers rely on ambush tactics and target weaker individuals.
Obese bears have more stamina due to their fat reserves.
Grizzlies have a muscle layout that allows them to stand up and grapple for long periods of time.
Tigers hunt smaller and weaker individuals, such as juvenile brown bears or hibernating mothers.
There have been no recorded cases of tigers facing off against mature male brown bears in a head-to-head fight.
The video discusses the undigested fur found in a tiger's stomach and argues against the claim that tigers hunt brown bears.
The undigested fur in a tiger's stomach could come from a deceased brown bear that the tiger stumbled upon.
The video questions the fairness of considering a tiger hunting a brown bear as a feat, using the example of a mother tiger and her cubs being killed by a brown bear.
The video highlights the differences in weaponry between tigers and grizzly bears, with tigers having curved retractable claws and grizzly bears having larger claws used for gripping and brawling.
00:00okay so apparently this debate has
00:03finally gained a lot of traction
00:04Siberian tiger versus grizzly bear at
00:08this point it's almost on par with tiger
00:10vs lion or T-Rex vs Triceratops and
00:14unlike the other two topics which are
00:16pretty evenly matched but we all know
00:18who wins right well the tiger vs Grizzly
00:22debate is logically one-sided so to
00:25establish the premise the fight will be
00:27between an angry male Siberian tiger and
00:30an angry male grizzly bear no backing
00:32out no running away just a simple good
00:35old-fashioned brawl this will be a
00:37head-on fight so no cheap shots like
00:39ambushing and one other thing this fight
00:42will take place on an open field so no
00:44claiming that a tiger or bear can hide
00:46between trees or anything to that extent
00:49alright so now that we got some ground
00:51rules established let's begin the
00:57a Siberian tiger or also called a mere
01:00tiger lives in the Far East Forest of
01:02Siberia hence the name and due to its
01:05cold environments the Tiger has thicker
01:07Furs in his warmer region counterparts
01:09for obvious reasons it gets pretty cold
01:12up in the Far East last time I checked
01:14however they pack a lot of muscle under
01:16their fur I mean seriously look at the
01:19shoulder and tricep muscles on this cat
01:21and given that information how much do
01:24you think a wild male Siberian tiger
01:26weighs 600 pounds 700 pounds nah it's
01:30actually more around the 400 pound range
01:32this may be a shocker to some of you
01:34since you've probably been hearing that
01:36tigers can grow up to 660 pounds the key
01:40phrase is up to 660 pounds this does not
01:44mean the average that weights those that
01:46reach close to the max weight are
01:48captive tigers that are fed constantly
01:50thus making them obese in fact the
01:53historical average weight of a wild male
01:55Siberian tiger was around 400 175 pounds
01:59however due to Habitat destruction and
02:02poaching currently the average weight is
02:04between 350 to 418 pounds with the
02:08average weight being around
02:09386 pounds now regarding the size of the
02:13North American grizzly bear it really
02:16depends on the location and season a
02:18good concentration of these Bears
02:19inhabit Alaska and it also gets pretty
02:22cold up there too because of this they
02:24have coarse fur in thick layers of fat
02:26which make them living tanks after all
02:29Grizzlies are the reason why the term
02:31Fair mode exists and I don't think
02:33people truly realize how big these Bears
02:36really are until they've seen them in
02:37real life the average Coastal Grizzly
02:40clocks in between 600 to 900 pounds
02:42along with that it's not uncommon for
02:45males to reach around a thousand pounds
02:47in weight especially during the winter
02:49but interior Grizzlies for example the
02:52ones in Yellowstone National Park
02:54average between 400 to 600 pounds with
02:57the number are being closer to 600 so we
03:00are already looking at a big size
03:02difference between these two beasts the
03:05average Grizzly is significantly larger
03:07than the average Siberian tiger even if
03:10we take the largest recorded wild
03:12Siberian tiger that being the 770 pound
03:15anomaly it would only be comparable to
03:17the size of the average Coastal Grizzly
03:20and for all those people who are keen
03:22and highballing the Siberian tigers
03:23weight to 700 pounds it's only fair that
03:26we do the same for the grizzly with the
03:28largest wild grizzly weighing 1200
03:30pounds yeah so the tiger is not winning
03:33the size game right now but perhaps
03:35speed is another Factory we have to
03:37consider after all what can't catch you
03:39can't kill you and having less mass will
03:42ultimately be a benefit in this category
03:44the feeling build is designed for very
03:46intense explosive power this is due to
03:49their high amount of fast twitch muscle
03:51fibers hence the reason why big cats are
03:54some of the fastest animals alive
03:56Siberian tigers with the their muscle
03:58dense build can Sprint much faster than
04:01Bears they are capable of running up to
04:0350 miles per hour but top speed is
04:06actually hardly a factor in this fight
04:08scenario you know tigers and bears don't
04:10really Collide into each other when they
04:12grow however the tiger is generally
04:15quicker with its paws and is more agile
04:18than the bulky Grizzly it comes to no
04:20surprise since they are very muscular
04:22after all with their muscle density
04:24being around 55 to 65 percent
04:27consequently that also means they have
04:30pretty low stamina tigers are Ambush
04:32carnivores meaning that they rely on
04:34stealth and their explosive power to
04:37LEAP onto prey given that hardly any
04:40Tiger fights actually last longer than a
04:42minute or two and even then it's very
04:45sporadic and not continuous the grizzly
04:48bear on the other hand can fight for a
04:50lot longer since their body enables them
04:52to do so they have more slow twitch
04:55muscle fibers than a tiger meaning what
04:57they lack in an explosive power they
04:59more than make up for with endurance
05:01just for reference some of their fights
05:04have even lasted longer than 10 minutes
05:06that sure beats like the minute and a
05:08half the tiger can fight also I'm not
05:11even kidding when I say this there have
05:13been recorded cases of Grizzlies
05:15outrunning horses and I'm not talking
05:17about out sprinting them I'm talking
05:19about the bear chasing the horse until
05:21the horse becomes exhausted yeah I would
05:24sure love to see a tiger do that to even
05:26further justify on why Grizzlies have
05:29more stamina they have a lot more fat
05:31with their muscle density being between
05:3445 to 50 percent that means pound for
05:37pounds the bear carries more fat than
05:39the tiger this is surprisingly a perk
05:41since it helps increase their Endurance
05:43by offering more energy to use now I'm
05:46not claiming that an obese bear has more
05:48stamina since that's not the case at all
05:51having more than a healthy amount of fat
05:53would exhaust any animal due to its
05:55increased heat and weight I'm simply
05:58saying that fat is a necessary thing to
06:00have and can help maintain and extract
06:03more power over longer periods of time
06:05this is just one of many reasons on why
06:08Grizzlies have more stamina now even
06:10though the Tiger's body is more muscle
06:13dense that does not mean they are
06:15stronger bears and felids have two
06:18different body layouts so you cannot
06:20compare their muscle densities as a
06:22percentage ratio however what you can
06:25compare is how their muscles are used
06:27and the amount of force put behind them
06:29for example the hind limbs of a Grizzly
06:32are built for upright stabilization
06:34allowing them to stand up and grapple
06:37for long periods of time this makes
06:39sense since a Grizzlies pause in femur
06:42are larger and more robust than any
06:44living felids on the other hand the
06:47Tiger's High limbs are used for more
06:48abrupt movements such as leaping onto
06:51their praise back and speaking of tigers
06:53hunting we should probably address the
06:56big elephant in the room that being the
06:59statistics for Siberian tiger versus a
07:01surrey bear conflicts many of you have
07:04probably heard about tigers hunting
07:06brown bears and while that's not exactly
07:08false it does lead to some misconstrued
07:11beliefs Siberian tigers go after
07:13juvenile brown bears or hibernating
07:16mothers essentially just like any other
07:19big cat they hunt the smaller and weaker
07:21individuals when their guard is down
07:23like when the Bears are sleeping these
07:26situations make up the bulk if not all
07:28the biostatistics when regarding the
07:31interactions with the asuri brown bears
07:33and this makes sense since cats are
07:36Ambush carnivores that stay away from
07:38fighting healthy rageful adults in a
07:40head-on fight in addition to that Amir
07:43Tigers most certainly do not face off
07:46against mature male brown bears in a
07:48head-to-head fight there have been zero
07:51recorded cases of that happening the
07:53fact of the matter is that a lot of
07:55these supposed statistics are literally
07:57rule hearsay nonsense that have no solid
08:00documentation other than someone writing
08:02the journal equivalent of trust me bro
08:04tiger fans may even pull up the infamous
08:0722-12 win ratio favoring the Tiger in
08:11interactions however the ratio is
08:14deliberately ambiguous on the age and
08:16gender of the brown bears being used
08:18that statistic is questionable at best
08:21and it almost kind of seems like it was
08:23made up on a related note the best
08:25evidence we have of tigers killing brown
08:28bears is Tiger scat showing brown bear
08:30fur again you cannot tell the age or
08:33gender of the brown bear when looking at
08:35the undigested fur in fact the only
08:38logical inference you can make is that
08:40the tiger ate a brown bear for example a
08:44juvenile brown bear could have died
08:45prematurely and the tiger stumbled
08:47across its remains and gobbled it down
08:49furthermore I would like to reverse the
08:52situation and you tell me if it seems
08:54fair let's say a mother tiger and her
08:56Cubs were sleeping one night and a big
08:59700 pound brown bear mauled the mother
09:01and her Cubs to death and ate the
09:03remains would you say that was a fair
09:06fight and should be added to the loss
09:08ratio of the tiger no well if that's not
09:11fair then why even consider it a feat
09:13that's essentially what's happening with
09:16these obscure statistics some people
09:18even try using the faulty claim that
09:20tigers hunt brown bears as Vindication
09:23on how the tiger would win that
09:25statement as proven earlier on is
09:27founded on ambiguity and made up
09:30statistics trust me I could do a whole
09:32video on the interactions between tigers
09:35and brown bears but let's save that for
09:37a different time I want to continue on
09:40with the arguably more important factor
09:43which is weaponry and fighting style
09:45Claws and biting are obviously gonna be
09:48on Tab in a tiger vs Grizzly fight
09:51scenario they both have them so they're
09:53both getting used but there is a pretty
09:56significant difference between between
09:57their Weaponry a tiger has curved
10:00retractable claws that are a decent bit
10:03sharper than the Bears they protrude out
10:05of the socket about one and a half
10:07inches they are mainly used to capture
10:09fleeting prey and rip through their
10:11flesh now even though the Tiger's claws
10:14are sharper than the Grizzlies they are
10:17a decent bit smaller a grizzly bear's
10:19claws can grow around three to four
10:21inches and they are used for gripping
10:24the ground digging and of course for
10:26brawling purposes but perhaps claws
10:29aren't the only Factor when considering
10:31strike Effectiveness what they're
10:33attached to that being paws are another
10:35thing we have to consider brown bear
10:38paws in particular Grizzlies are huge
10:41they measure around 8 inches in diameter
10:44just for reference that's as large as a
10:47human's head on the other hand a
10:49Siberian tiger's paws measure about four
10:52to five inches in diameter that's just
10:54only a little larger than a human hand
10:57not not only does this mean that a
10:59Grizzlies paws are nearly twice the size
11:01but it also indicates that it would have
11:03a stronger strike it would just simply
11:06have more Force put behind it given the
11:08size Advantage the weight gap between
11:10the bear and tiger and the muscle
11:12distribution of the bear having a more
11:14concentrated shoulder region however
11:17paws are only half a battle biting is
11:19obviously going to be another hot
11:21favorite in this theoretical fight they
11:24both have insanely powerful jaws with
11:26them being able to produce over 1 000
11:28PSI now it should be noted that the
11:31grizzly has a slightly stronger bite
11:33with it being around 1200 PSI however
11:37the force output of each individual is
11:39close enough to where it doesn't really
11:41matter we should also consider it an
11:43important aspect in biting which is
11:45density and skull shape as seen from the
11:48presented image which is scaled
11:50according to the average specimen the
11:52bear has an overall larger skull and
11:54brain casing this not only infers at the
11:57bear is possibly more intelligent but
12:00also as a bite reach Advantage however
12:03the canines tell a different story The
12:05Tiger skull is strictly crafted for a
12:08carnivorous diet with its canines being
12:10slightly longer and more robust the
12:13skull of the tiger is also more Compact
12:15and built denser this implies that at
12:18equal weight the tiger would have a
12:20stronger bite but the grizzly is nearly
12:23double the size so it dismisses that
12:26inherent advantage and speaking of
12:28advantages who fights better a tiger or
12:31a Grizzly this question has an obvious
12:34answer so let's just get straight down
12:36to business the grizzly is a brawler it
12:38favors grappling pinning and throwing
12:41around its weights it doesn't really go
12:43for the neck as often as it just bites
12:45whatever area it can reach this in turn
12:48leaves wounds across the body rather
12:51than a concentrated area their huge paws
12:53are also used as manipulation tools
12:56assisting them in off balancing and
12:58pinning their opponents down the tiger
13:00however fights uniquely among the big
13:03cats they too like to fight standing up
13:05on their hind legs however they tend to
13:08favor striking with their paws and
13:10batting at their opponents rather than
13:12wrestling in addition to that they like
13:14to almost immediately go for the neck
13:16when their opponent is on the ground
13:18this is different than the brawling and
13:20brute force method of the grizzly the
13:23bear likes to dive in and pin its
13:25opponent to the ground while the tiger
13:27favors striking and leaping into action
13:32all right we have our stats so who wins
13:35in a fight between a Siberian tiger and
13:37a Grizzly if not made obvious already
13:39The Logical answer is the bear now I'm
13:42not saying it's a total stomp but the
13:45bear wins with pretty moderate
13:46difficulty something tells me that a
13:49Tiger standing up to fight a bear nearly
13:51double its size would not end well for
13:54the field if by some miracle the tiger
13:56manages to ground the grizzly and bite
13:59it it would just get a mouthful of fur
14:01and fats also the tiger kinda has like a
14:04solid minute or two before it runs out
14:06of energy the grizzly on the other hand
14:08is a living tank its paws are a lot
14:11larger its fighting style is better in
14:13this scenario and it has a lot more
14:16endurance so there you have it can't
14:18wait to see all the salty tiger fans in
14:20the comments
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1. Who would win in a fight, a grizzly bear or a Siberian tiger?

The video discusses the debate between a grizzly bear and a Siberian tiger, analyzing their size, speed, fighting style, and weaponry, ultimately concluding that the grizzly bear would likely win in a fight due to its larger size, endurance, and strength.

2. What are the advantages of a grizzly bear over a Siberian tiger in a fight?

In the debate between a grizzly bear and a Siberian tiger, the video highlights the advantages of the grizzly bear, including its larger size, endurance, and strength, which contribute to its likely victory in a fight.

3. How does the size of a grizzly bear compare to a Siberian tiger?

The video compares the size of a grizzly bear to a Siberian tiger, emphasizing the grizzly bear's larger size as a factor contributing to its potential win in a fight against the tiger.

4. What are the key factors that could lead to the victory of a grizzly bear over a Siberian tiger?

The key factors that could lead to the victory of a grizzly bear over a Siberian tiger are discussed in the video, focusing on the grizzly bear's size, endurance, and strength as significant advantages in a fight.

5. What makes the grizzly bear likely to win in a fight against a Siberian tiger?

The video analyzes the factors that make the grizzly bear likely to win in a fight against a Siberian tiger, highlighting its larger size, endurance, and strength as key contributors to its potential victory.

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