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Sebastian and his friend play a challenging version of GTA Geoguessr with extreme time pressure, trying to identify locations in one minute without moving. They visit ten locations and compete to earn the most points. The video showcases their attempts to quickly analyze clues and make guesses within the limited time frame.
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In this section, the players are given one minute per location and are not allowed to move.
They are on the motorway near Mount Chiliad.
They see satellite dishes and wind turbines.
They realize they are on the eastern highway.
They spot a real train in front of the wind turbines.
The speaker is trying to locate their position in the game and mentions different landmarks.
They mention being close to an airfield and satellite dishes.
They mention being at Mount Chiliad.
They mention being in a city with industry.
The speaker is trying to determine their location in a game called GTA Geoguessr, but they are under extreme time pressure.
They mention being further north and stress about not knowing the difficulty.
They try to identify their location based on the surroundings, such as bridges and water.
They mention seeing electricity pylons and mountains in the background, indicating they are close to water.
The speaker is trying to determine their location in the game based on landmarks and geographical features.
They mention a building that indicates they need to be more north.
They discuss being near isolated things and driving in a curve.
They mention a windmill park and a train station.
The speaker is trying to locate their position in the city using landmarks and intersections.
They mention being in the eastern part of the city.
They see a big intersection and a casino nearby.
They mention a canal and being on the northern part of it.
They try to locate a bridge and a highway entrance.
The player is trying to locate different locations in the game GTA Geoguessr under extreme time pressure.
The player is looking for a specific intersection but realizes it's not the correct one.
They find a house near some stones, but it's not the right location.
The player tries to find a bridge and a building but struggles to locate them accurately.
They mention Mount Chiliad and a river in the north.
The player is struggling to identify the locations in the game due to the time pressure.
The player is unable to recognize the high-rise buildings and parking garage.
They struggle to find the correct location within a minute.
They eventually find the location near the bridge and receive a score of 5000.
The speaker is discussing their experience playing a multiplayer game and the stress of trying to quickly identify locations.
They mention not knowing which place they are in.
They talk about the pressure of playing multiplayer and having to keep pressing.
They mention being west of a point but not knowing where it was.
They discuss the points they have achieved and finding it awesome.
00:00Hello and welcome to a
00:03new GTA Geo yesterday
00:07Sebastian and we have a new
00:09challenge because you
00:11wanted us to only have one
00:13minute per location and we're not allowed to
00:15move, so today we'll do ten
00:17locations if you have the most
00:19points afterwards, you win okay
00:23yes have fun you
00:27three two one let's go we do
00:30n't have much time because they're
00:37we're not allowed to move um
00:41we're definitely at an
00:46overpass like that I think this is
00:49round one okay we're on
00:53the motorway there of course is Mount chiliad,
00:56wait a minute, there's Mount Chilliard, there's
00:59Mon Chilliard, there's them, there's
01:03North, that, look, it's
01:06even shown to me,
01:07that's very practical, okay, there are
01:09these strange satellite dishes, there
01:10are those
01:12Highway to the north
01:18and just make it a little bigger
01:21somewhere there so I could
01:23think about it, I think it's all on
01:26the eastern highway, look
01:31you can even see it in the
01:32picture lol
01:37the wind farms are
01:39roughly on the
01:42first side so they should be about here its
01:44okay we are on the highway we
01:47should see somewhere we should see the wind turbines
01:49where are we because the winter turbines here
01:50are the wind turbines I think there are
01:53the wind turbines
01:55um wait a minute where do we see the wind turbines
01:58we are behind the wind turbines the wind turbines
02:01are here there
02:02are the satellite dishes
02:06that's us there
02:08real train in front of the thing a little over
02:11but exactly on the laid down track so
02:23behind the exit we are so if
02:25I had said
02:28we still have half of it so we're
02:30not allowed to move to the
02:32right of us all the
02:36wait a minute [ __ ] no we're here it's
02:38Mont chiliad we're still there you're
02:40a bit festive that's
02:43wrong here no a little further in front
02:45you have to driveway that the driveway is
02:51n't a bed like this here
02:55turn the gas away
03:01I would say he was almost at the
03:03height of this satellite dish on the
03:06right side
03:09we are on the left side on the
03:12left side at the departure height a
03:16little further in that direction
03:18I would say and Meckes
03:21already the full 5000 points oh
03:25[ __ ] man uh Where are we here,
03:30[ __ ],
03:36better than the time has passed, okay, we
03:39see the shared mountain again, we see
03:41the lake, we have to have the airfield
03:45very close here, now here again, we
03:46are here again at these
03:48satellite dishes further to the left,
03:51we are on a circular path are we yes
03:54look that's perfect perfect that
03:57means we are
04:00here right now so where are we here Mount chiliad
04:03of that is the thing it
04:08airfield lower airfield about
04:12here wow we are in the
04:14same place that I just didn't
04:15find just a little further
04:18west that's already ten out of
04:20ten back in the desert oh [ __ ]
04:27okay we're
04:32like that's where the parts are that's
04:37this tropic here but
04:39you can't see the prison
04:46I have no idea there are the
04:56yes, I would say there is the middle
04:59light and we are on the outside
05:04on the slightly northeastern side.
05:09Here I would say
05:12there is not at all here, it's really not
05:14that difficult or but I'll look again
05:17because you can see that Since it's almost
05:21in a line, maybe it's
05:24not and the things are here I have them,
05:28you can see them, you can see them
05:32just before the road that runs to the west of,
05:38you can see the airfield in front of you, so
05:43somewhere there, take a closer look
05:45Looking north is exactly the hunger from the airfield
05:47there Anga from the airfield there is always right here
05:51on it there
05:58is the stone there that is the stone not a full 5000
06:01points that's 4,985 points is the
06:05airport the hangar but that's that that's
06:10the complaining
06:14for 929 okay it's super narrow I
06:17want to look to the west
06:23then I'm standing
06:27okay I've hardly seen
06:32anything happen because here okay we're in
06:37a city
06:40oh oh now I have a problem okay
06:43industry wow
06:46hills the east so I'd
06:49guess until one somewhere here
06:53I first click here
06:55so that we have one
06:59but with the oil things it's down here
07:02somewhere around here
07:17okay we are
07:21in the eastern part I would say
07:24we see
07:27heavy factories here there are these pumps in the back
07:30that are there
07:33you can do that here Make it bigger
07:34that would be fantastic
07:37and what's the difficulty, I don't know
07:40exactly where they are anymore, the pumps are
07:42n't that bad, I'm
07:45um, because we're
07:48further north here, no,
07:51you could be here,
07:57no, that's the case or so
08:02that there no there no there a bridge directly that
08:06could be the bridge then we would be
08:09on South Chembles Street we
08:12could get there to some extent because
08:15we see ourselves here on the right we oh we
08:18are a bit further back we
08:19are at the height of the first so
08:21if I do that probably yes we are
08:25about here on the side we are
08:28exactly in the middle of the street the
08:30dolls here we are then
08:347 6 5 4 3 2 oh no idea
08:52very well there is the house we are a
08:56a little further, even backwards
09:05oh my time is up [ __ ] I was
09:07paying attention no
09:11[ __ ]
09:12oh it was really bad highway
09:19and chilli has
09:26this highway bridge
09:29there oh [ __ ]
09:33we're south here so here's north
09:36that means we're
09:39oh yes we're the
09:42westernmost street and otherwise it
09:46right next to the water, so somewhere
09:49here I would say we are on the
09:51right-hand motorway or to the right of the
09:53motorway at some point where I
09:57can't see where it is,
09:59so far outside,
10:02these are the cars that split up
10:04then yes on this bridge, no idea, hey,
10:06that ca
10:12n't be on the
10:15bill, but rather there, how are you supposed to
10:17see it here, you can see
10:18electricity pylons, you can see that you
10:21're on the water and you can see the mountains in the
10:24so you're close to it Water that means you're
10:26on the spot here, I would
10:27say roughly because they have to be on
10:30which piece we're on, to be honest,
10:34so it's definitely on the road
10:37maybe here because it goes straight down here
10:41somewhere here it doesn't have to be
10:44on it here
10:47Some people from the north now knew
10:52exactly here into this left curve
10:56and from here you
10:58turn once. Wow, I ca
11:01n't really say where we are here,
11:03I see the electricity pylons or something
11:06like that,
11:12unfortunately you can't see these
11:17parts otherwise, you can see them too no
11:19building that means the curve is
11:21actually there we actually have to
11:23be here more
11:26I think if we were there you would
11:29see the building you
11:31know we have to be a little bit north
11:33but I have no idea how far
11:36south it goes to the right
11:39some of them are always there to the south to the
11:42is there or
11:46further back
11:49people it was [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] down there but
11:56at least 40,000 points here I was super
11:59far away that's shitty
12:09and five Attention
12:17hey you can always orientate yourself really well
12:18in the ass
12:32somewhere here okay we are us
12:34again close to where it
12:36's north north there okay because we're so
12:39north again of these
12:43isolated things here oh we can see
12:45exactly below us we're the
12:47area here
12:49we're driving there we're just that high we're
12:50in the curve there Should I take a quick look,
12:53no, we're coming in, ah, we're at the
12:55gravel pit
12:58it should be here or will all the
13:01credits be
13:14up goes
13:18here uh there is a windmill park here
13:22in front there is a train station that is
13:32somewhere that has but that is not or
13:36that is a y-fork or could this
13:38be a
13:40little higher maybe remembers even
13:42higher it goes even higher
13:46there Then comes this curve, which is in front of
13:49the right-hand curve, which is like this here,
13:55here, back there, they're not
13:57the same satellite dishes, it's
14:00tomorrow chiliad, they're further,
14:02much further here,
14:07somewhere there, we've got it in and
14:10drive up to the right, we see the
14:12fork there and then we're
14:15still driving up here, I'd say
14:18relatively close to the fork and
14:22then we go exactly to the right, we're
14:23still before the right-hand bend. Actually, it's a pretty
14:25good guess. I'd say
14:28maybe yes, no, but that's
14:29actually a pretty good guest or it
14:31has Wait a minute or is that even
14:33further up,
14:36yes, but that Y-fork
14:40and then it goes to the right and away,
14:41[ __ ], that's not here
14:454990 points but I just get
14:48there 5000 yes to the west
14:52a little deeper
15:00or goes as fast as
15:05I can sometimes Don't even look where that is
15:07round six back in the city
15:09I always find it difficult we are in the
15:11eastern part of the city
15:14on a bridge okay
15:19we have kanalweinwurz some
15:23motorway entrance
15:25where is the canal
15:27oh what a big intersection there
15:30should be a casino or
15:33you can see the wine voucher
15:36so here fat intersection maybe here
15:39somewhere there is the highway there is the
15:41casino there is the casino there is the
15:44highway goes down here goes around
15:47the curve up here and then we would have to
15:51be here somewhere, don't let me lie, what is
15:53there or are we here you can see the
15:57canal you can see up here in the picture
16:01this is the canal or
16:03and we are on the northern part
16:05of it
16:07but it also continues so
16:10here we are the best turning lane on the
16:16right and then go up here to the right
16:19and then it goes up and
16:21remember that's not the intersection
16:25to the intersection or here it's
16:33called the bridge
16:38the one with the humps it's here with the
16:40humps and that of the highway entrance the
16:44entrance right there
16:47wow or is it here
16:50and it's rightly
16:52[ __ ]
16:59and that's
17:02could be that because You can see
17:05all the
17:07cities there, there should be the second bridge
17:10then we should actually be here
17:11but we
17:14can't, no, it's still a
17:16long way away
17:17we have to be here we have to
17:19be here right there somewhere but
17:22then that's popular Street then I see it
17:25overseas I see a bridge somehow I
17:26'm completely wrong again
17:31okay everyone found that nice
17:34at least I had to but it was really
17:38tiring okay but yes we are close to
17:40the 5000 points not as far away as we
17:42usually are all the time
17:43A lap I did there was quite a failure,
17:45yes Station
17:49Sandy Shores R4
17:58because the shorts
18:03there is the hangar okay north
18:06reassembled and a road that
18:11goes completely towards it
18:15could be this one, yes,
18:18but that doesn't look like it at all from
18:19that is the hangar of the southern
18:21airport and pretty much
18:25yes that
18:30's the gas station
18:32in front of it so here first somewhere here uh
18:36it continues in the direction
18:46oh that again at these damn
18:48bowls there is an intersection
18:51is not an intersection
18:56crappy which street is that
19:01moment there are the oh oh oh I'm
19:03completely wrong look south
19:08here we are quickly gone
19:125000 let's go
19:25where exactly wait a minute east and the stones
19:29east are the stones
19:35then we have to be here
19:38no we are direct by the stones but
19:42[ __ ] we are relatively close behind the
19:45junction this is this street
19:47I would say and this should
19:50be the house but we're not [ __ ] at all
19:58and I was wrong
20:014.780 let's go jo the vineyards
20:07where was that? Again, I did
20:08n't find that last time either,
20:12the wine nonsense
20:14as it has been thundered in so many times, no,
20:17[ __ ],
20:20oh [ __ ], okay,
20:33so yeah,
20:37okay, there's the bridge, oh the crying, the
20:41two things,
20:42we've already been there.
20:45Holy [ __ ], the wine things are here on the left somewhere
20:47right here
20:49and there we are but on one of those there's
20:51a bridge hey that's some holy [ __ ]
20:54that's hard
20:59oh [ __ ] I can't see a bridge very well right now
21:02but there's definitely
21:04a way away from it in the direction
21:09there maybe, but we're not
21:10right next to a
21:14building like that. Building is behind it, there's a path that goes off in
21:18the direction of,
21:19pretty much exactly to the east,
21:21actually it doesn't go, it goes
21:23to the northeast,
21:27goes on the way here first goes here if
21:31we only another 20 seconds yes
21:36so in the north there is Mount
21:38chiliad okay thank you very much that is there there
21:43is the river there
21:45you can see the house
21:48so I would actually say
21:52with David is going off so [ __ ] I do
21:55n't know where we are in these [ __ ]
22:01wasn't good
22:06wow oh [ __ ] the time is up 5000
22:09nice okay phew
22:11buildings in the northeast
22:17wow that's difficult oh [ __ ] she does
22:20n't say anything
22:25I see high-rise buildings towards the northeast
22:29so of course you could type now
22:31you're southwest of the high-rise buildings
22:34that's really difficult
22:37he has I have no idea where that's supposed to be,
22:39okay, and a parking garage, oh I have no
22:42idea, I don't recognize anything here, so it
22:45's the parking garage, but I ca
22:47n't see it from the rooftops
22:51that's impossible to find in a minute,
22:53so somewhere here would
22:56actually fit
23:00in seconds
23:02but because I didn't click it
23:05could be a little further north
23:07I don't know where the parking garage
23:09is from with they have to be further up
23:12would be here is again here is the parking garage there
23:14is that there is
23:17north there is east that she who
23:22was born a moment, that's not
23:24the building that's the building
23:27that means
23:28have to tick up there so
23:32that he's not exactly where
23:40I can't really say right now so there
23:42are no high-rise buildings here we
23:43can't find each other here High-rise buildings look
23:45towards the south at some point
23:57a real one in a real
23:59parking garage parking situation
24:05or was not good I have no idea he
24:07I am now that's mine that's
24:09my neck blow that ruins everything for me
24:13okay the others got it even
24:17in the north okay Platform just before
24:22the Rotenburg okay that's super
24:23easy again snack
24:26that's the red citizen
24:33somewhere and again the pumps
24:37in the north you can see the second one down
24:42right in the bridge red bridge
24:53bank from the tank okay we're back
24:56in the eastern part in the city we have
24:59the big red bridge here
25:03that goes round and makes a left turn and
25:06here we are on one of these, we
25:09're right next to a tub like that, right
25:11where I got it, it's
25:13actually a little over here
25:18yes and that's fine to the bridge so
25:20we're on the stone path right on
25:24the path
25:28so that's 5000 okay Peter are 997
25:32after the intersection or the intersection that
25:36behind us there's a building
25:40that should be there so we're standing there about
25:465000 nice
25:49oh number five came out at the end
25:55so I think everyone here should
26:01n't press Peter as quickly as
26:03if we started doing it again
26:07ourselves or
26:16I thought everyone does it for themselves, no,
26:19you when you've done it with me
26:22It's better to just see how quickly you're on it if we do
26:26n't do it anyway
26:27because then you already know.
26:29For example, I don't even know
26:30which place I'm
26:33in yet
26:35Sometimes I can't even see how many
26:36points I had because I just keep
26:40sorry, that wasn't clear to me.
26:43Playing multiplayer if everyone
26:49had to keep pressing, we would have different ones
26:51I just did
26:52n't know how good I was now, I
26:54just took care of all this stress myself,
27:05something came up, I saw it, I was
27:07n't that good and secondly it was also cool, you
27:09're just west of the point where
27:10you were just now but I have no
27:11idea where it was
27:16unintelligible let's click on
27:17the Views Games sorry in 321 now
27:24I don't always have 40,000
27:33I don't know who is who but it's
27:36fine thanks,
27:42the three
27:45companies are now I'm wondering if time has
27:48any effect on them
27:50But Score actually has no idea, that was the
27:5250,000 Werder Max point, so that's exactly
27:55the time that's next to it, it's
27:56just for fun
28:07you do
28:10n't have to look at it again
28:13stressful so 46,000 means you have almost
28:17almost so because how many rounds did
28:21we have ten no so you have 50 000 Max
28:23points of which almost 47,000 have been achieved is
28:25pretty awesome yes also pretty awesome
28:28Jade knows her stuff GTA World, yes,
28:31if I have to go there now, then
28:33tell me a lie.
28:36Still, I thought it was great.
28:38As I said, I think I
28:41took part for the first time. I do
28:42n't know, but I found it super
28:44easy to get across the map
28:58I think it would be a lot more difficult to compare the thing about the roof, not about the roof but about what can be seen from above. So it's a satellite map if it were a schematic map like Google Maps For example, it's not that
29:00easy if you show me a photo now
29:02and I know roughly where it is
29:03and I can drive there. I think it's
29:06awesome, okay from above. I think that
29:09especially with the last one, for example, you were able to see the
29:11silo perfectly, but last year But
29:13for example with the winery I have
29:15no idea so that's just
29:17logically somewhere north of the
29:18city but I
29:20just didn't see it from above oh so yeah
29:22okay that's just drawn too you
29:24have the radar found it so it's a compass
29:26I mean that found helped
29:29once done
29:39northeast everything is clear there it must have been found in the
29:42opposite direction
29:53and thank you very much for
29:55tuning in, I hope you had fun
29:57until next time, bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the game played in the video?

The game played in the video is a challenging version of GTA Geoguessr with extreme time pressure, where the players try to identify locations in one minute without moving.

2. How many locations do Sebastian and his friend visit in the video?

Sebastian and his friend visit ten locations in the video and compete to earn the most points.

3. What is the main challenge faced by the players in the game?

The main challenge faced by the players in the game is to quickly analyze clues and make guesses within the limited time frame of one minute for each location.

4. How do the players compete to earn points in the game?

The players compete to earn points by accurately identifying the locations within the extreme time pressure and limited time frame of one minute for each location.

5. What does the video showcase about the players' attempts in the game?

The video showcases the players' attempts to quickly analyze clues, make guesses, and compete to earn the most points within the challenging and time-pressured gameplay of GTA Geoguessr.

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