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This video is a leveling build guide for the Revenant class in Guild Wars 2, covering weapons, armor, skills, and traits. The guide emphasizes the importance of power stats for efficient leveling, offers tips on energy management, and highlights the best weapon choices for damage dealing. With a focus on maximizing power and mobility, this comprehensive guide helps players make the most of their Revenant character from levels 1 to 80.
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This section introduces a leveling build series for Guild Wars 2, focusing on basic elements for character power.
The series covers all classes and provides information on weapon types, armor stats, runes, utility skills, and specializations.
Viewers are encouraged to check out the class guide playlist for help in choosing a class.
The video description includes links for a free Guild Wars 2 account and purchasing the Path of Fire expansion.
The Revenant's offhand sword has two skills: Phase Traversal and Shackling Wave.
Phase Traversal can be used as a gap closer, opener, or for mobility.
Shackling Wave deals damage, immobilizes enemies, and increases immobilization duration with more targets struck.
Surge of the Mists is a crowd control skill with knockback effect, high damage, and the ability to clear an enemy's defiance bar.
Costs 15 energy and has a 20-second cooldown.
Can be used from mid-range.
Evades for a second and has up to eight impacts.
The third and final utility skill is "Impossible Odds," which empowers the player with increased movement speed and additional damage when hitting enemies, but drains energy while active.
"Impossible Odds" costs 5 energy and drains energy continuously while active.
This skill allows the player to do extra damage and move faster in combat.
It is recommended to activate this skill when entering combat to maximize damage output.
This section discusses the weapon and armor stats for a leveling build in Guild Wars 2: The Revenant.
The sigil of cleansing removes free conditions when swapping to the weapon in combat.
The sigil of energy grants 50 of your endurance when swapping to the weapon while in combat.
Power, precision, and ferocity are the main stats to focus on for a leveling build.
Extra toughness can be helpful for staying alive while leveling up.
The Retribution specialization for the Revenant class in Guild Wars 2 focuses on endurance recovery, damage reduction, and damage increase.
Enduring Recovery provides increased endurance recovery.
Unwavering Avoidance grants vigor when successfully evading an attack.
Determined Resolution reduces strike damage taken while having resolution.
Close Quarters reduces strike damage dealt to you from foes beyond the range threshold.
Resolute Evasion grants resolution after dodging, reducing damage taken.
Vicious Reprisal increases damage dealt and grants might when striking foes while having resolution.
The Revenant leveling build guide includes information on skills, energy management, and weapon choices.
Dual swords are the best for damage, while the staff is good for defense.
Skills like number three and five on the staff are useful for blocking attacks and crowd control.
Number two and five on the swords are the main damage-dealing abilities.
Keep number nine up on both assassin and dwarf stances for increased damage, and use F2 ancient echo to replenish energy.
00:10hey guys rory flamingo here bringing you
00:11my guild wars 2
00:12leveling build series which will feature
00:14a video for each of the nine classes
00:17the reason i'm doing this series is
00:19because the vast majority of build
00:20videos online
00:22seem to be solely focused on end game
00:24meta builds
00:25and i know from my engagement with the
00:26guild wars community that a lot of you
00:28out there want help with some of the
00:30more basic elements
00:31so this one is for you guys in these
00:34videos i'll be going through all of the
00:36you need to make sure your character is
00:38as powerful as possible
00:39all the way from level 1 to 80. i'll be
00:43covering the best weapon types to use
00:44for your class
00:45as well as armor stats runes utility
00:49and specializations if you've not yet
00:52made up your mind which class you want
00:53to play
00:54check out the class guide playlist on my
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01:46without further ado let's get started
01:50alright so now it's time to look at the
01:52leveling build for the
01:54revenant and the first one we're going
01:55to have a look at are the weapons that
01:57we've chosen for this build
01:58and then we'll have a look at the
01:59individual weapon skills to see how they
02:01fit in
02:02so first up we've got the dual sword so
02:06main hand sword and offhand sword so
02:09with this build
02:10this is a complete must and pretty much
02:12with any base revenant
02:14if you're going to be playing a power
02:15build which most leveling builds are
02:17you're going to want to go with the dual
02:19swords um
02:21the revenant overall is quite restricted
02:23with the weapons it can choose
02:24um our base game i mean the axe and the
02:28mace are both more suited to a condition
02:31so they wouldn't fit into this um the
02:33hammer is an
02:34option for a second weapon i'll go
02:36through that in a minute but as a main
02:38damage dealing weapon you're gonna have
02:41to go with the dual swords
02:42um it's not even close to be fair so
02:45that's what you want for your first
02:46weapon set and then for my second weapon
02:50um i've gone with the staff and i don't
02:53know it probably seems like a bit of a
02:54strange combination
02:56um but you're gonna be spending most of
02:58your time with these weapons here
03:00and the staff is simply um for crowd
03:04and healing if you need it it's more of
03:06a defensive weapon from that standpoint
03:09um the other option is you could have a
03:10hammer here if you need some
03:12range damage because funny enough the
03:14hammer's actually a ranged weapon for
03:16the revenant
03:17um so if you really do need some of that
03:18then potentially you could put a hammer
03:20here but
03:21you know i think this is good it's good
03:23for keeping you alive and like i said
03:25you're not gonna be using it for damage
03:26dealing you'll be fine with just the one
03:28weapon set for that
03:30um so it's quite good because it means
03:31that it makes this a little bit more
03:33straightforward for newer players
03:35the revenant can be a little bit more
03:36confusing it is it's more difficult than
03:38some of the others because you've got
03:40this whole energy mechanic and switching
03:41between the stances and all of that
03:43which i will go for through in a lot
03:45more detail
03:46a bit later in the video um but for now
03:49let's have a look
03:50at the um the dual swords then and the
03:52weapon skills we've got for that
03:56so with our swords our number one skill
04:00is a chain skill and this is quite an
04:02important one um whenever your
04:04main damage skills are on cooldown
04:07you're going to be whacking out this
04:08chain you're going to let it play out
04:09as always try not to interrupt it
04:12because quite a lot the damage and
04:13effects are obviously weighted towards
04:14the third and final strike
04:16so let it play out and you're going to
04:18be using this a fair amount
04:19so the first one is preparation thrust
04:21which is stab your foe with your sword
04:24inflicting vulnerability you can see it
04:26is melee range
04:28um and it hits up to three targets
04:30inflicts vulnerability
04:31the third one brute sorry the second one
04:33brutal blade slice foes
04:35damaging them and inflicting
04:36vulnerability so same again
04:38and then rift slash which is slash foes
04:41creating a rift on them that explodes
04:44for additional damage after a short
04:46so the same as the other ones but after
04:48a second it's going to explode and do
04:50more damage
04:50and hit up to three targets and a radius
04:52of 180
04:54so like i said you you'll be letting
04:55this play out uh whenever your other
04:57um damage weapon skills are on cooldown
05:00so you're gonna be using this quite a
05:02we'll be buffing this quite a lot with
05:03some of our utility skills which i'll go
05:05into in a little bit
05:08um just to you can't really demonstrate
05:09a chain but
05:11you gotta really without an enemy you
05:12can only demonstrate the first one
05:14but you can see nice little animation
05:16there with the mists and stuff
05:17i like the animations on the revenant
05:19actually it's pretty cool
05:21and so our number two skill on the main
05:25hand sword
05:26is chilling isolation so this
05:29has a five second cooldown and costs
05:31five energy
05:32which is your bar just along here so
05:36strike all nearby foes then release a
05:38burst of missed energy that deals a
05:40second strike
05:41the second strike deals bonus damage if
05:43it hits only
05:44one enemy so you're going to strike
05:47everyone around you so a radius of 240
05:49up to five targets you can do decent
05:51amount of damage
05:52and then you're going to release a burst
05:54of energy i mean this is pretty good
05:55because if it hits
05:56up only one enemy it does extra damage
05:58which means that
06:00you know if you're not surrounded by
06:01enemies you know it sort of makes up for
06:03the fact it's not just a simply aoe
06:06which makes it good against single
06:07targets like a boss or also
06:09good if you're fighting you know up to
06:11five enemies around you it will spread
06:13the damage between them so
06:14i have a situation this is good this is
06:16one of your main damage dealing
06:18so you can be whacking this out whenever
06:20you can basically every five seconds
06:22pretty much if possible
06:23and let's have a look at this there you
06:25go nice spin attack there as you can see
06:27and damage everyone around you
06:28five second cooldown is pretty good and
06:30five energies quite a small cost as well
06:33this is one of your main weapon skills
06:34so you'll be whacking that out pretty
06:36on cooldown your third and final skill
06:40for the main hand sword is unrelenting
06:43so this costs 15 energy so it's a bit
06:45more expensive and there's a 12 second
06:47cooldown so shadow step and unleash
06:49fierce attacks on nearby foes gain my
06:52each time you damage a foe
06:54so you can do it from 450 range to sort
06:56of mid range and you basically shadow
06:58step means
06:59effectively teleport to your enemy um
07:02you're gonna do a flurry of attacks
07:04and each time you damage the fire you'll
07:05gain might and that increases your
07:07damage going forward
07:08while you're shadow stepping you have a
07:10second and a half
07:11of evade as well which means you can't
07:13be hit so it can be good for that
07:15this isn't a skill you're going to be
07:17whacking out on cooldown because it can
07:19quite costly and it's not the the
07:21highest damage skill and could be used
07:24a gap closer uh to bring you closer to
07:26an enemy
07:27if they're they're trying to get away
07:29you could use it as an
07:30opener potentially to travel to your
07:32enemy because you're going to be giving
07:33yourself some might
07:35um to to help with your other skills so
07:37if you use this first
07:38you basically need your other skills do
07:39a little bit more damage so potentially
07:41you could use it as an opener or a gap
07:44or just a way to move around uh it's
07:46pretty good mobility
07:47um as well and this weapon which is good
07:50so it helps you move around the
07:51battlefield like i said
07:52you know be whacking it out constantly
07:53as part of like if you're just trying to
07:55damage an enemy
07:56because the waste of resources really
07:58but you can use it um
08:00sort of as a way of getting around and
08:03uh evading some attacks as well can be
08:04useful for that
08:07your number four here as this is the
08:09first of weapon on your offhand sword
08:12is shackling wave this costs 10 energy
08:15and has a 15 second cooldown
08:17so slice through the air sending a wave
08:19of energy from the mist towards your foe
08:21and dealing rapid strikes immobilized
08:23duration is increased per target you
08:26so yeah it's gonna do an additional bit
08:28of damage and it's gonna send out some
08:29additional strikes to enemies
08:30um it's gonna immobilize enemies and um
08:35so the more targets you strike so up to
08:38three targets
08:39you'll be increasingly immobilized
08:41duration on the enemy so it's pretty
08:43um way of controlling the enemies um and
08:46while obliging them and stuff like that
08:48some extra vulnerability
08:50it's not the biggest damage skill let's
08:52just demonstrate this
08:54boom there you go you can see it's uh
08:56shoots that out there
08:57uh it's a good skill um yeah i mean
09:00you're probably going to want to use
09:01this relatively often
09:03um i'm going to go into number 5 billion
09:06a set but basically you want to
09:07prioritize your two and five abilities
09:09while you've got energy as your main
09:11damage dealing abilities but your number
09:13four is good as well but and also has
09:15the added effects of you know
09:16immobilizing the target and adding some
09:18extra vulnerability and stuff like that
09:19so it is a good good skill to use as
09:21well so you can stick that in there
09:23whenever you can
09:25and that's what you're saying the number
09:26five which is the last ability on your
09:28offhand sword this is called death
09:31so this has got 15 second cooldown and
09:33costs 10 energy
09:35so shadow step to your foe and deliver a
09:37quick attack
09:38and deliver a second devastating blow if
09:40it hits
09:41so this is another one for moving around
09:45but also it is really good for damage so
09:47you are going to be able to whacking
09:48this out
09:48on cooldown so every 15 seconds it
09:51allows you to move around so obviously
09:52usually on the target you want to move
09:54um but you can use it if you're just
09:56attacking one target as well you'll just
09:57shout a step
09:58to them even though you're already there
09:59you'll gain fury as well you see this
10:01will help keep fury on yourself which is
10:03going to increase your damage and
10:05critical hit chance and stuff like that
10:07and um you can do it from 600 range so
10:09you can use it to uh
10:11to move around the battlefield as well
10:14and obviously the first one hits and
10:15you'll deliver a second devastating blow
10:16and that's where the damage is so make
10:18sure you
10:18hit with the first strike so you can get
10:20that extra damage
10:22so that's all of the skills for the two
10:24swords so like i said
10:26you're gonna be wanting to use your two
10:28and five abilities as your main
10:29damage dealing abilities and while
10:31they're on cooldown you can let your
10:34play out here as well as getting the odd
10:36number four in there as well if you need
10:37to immobilize your targets
10:39and then your number three as well
10:40trying to waste too much of your energy
10:42with this one but you can use it as a
10:43gap closer
10:44or an open opener to give yourself some
10:46might as well
10:48so that's a really good weapon overall
10:51so that's where most of our damage is
10:52going to be and like i said you don't
10:54worry too much about um
10:56you won't be swapping to your other
10:57weapon to do more damage while
10:59while the skills are on cooldown you'll
11:00just let your number one uh
11:02play out so um all of your damage pretty
11:06much is going to be on this
11:07weapon set
11:10so let's have a look at the staff which
11:12is your other weapon unless it's a bit
11:14different to other ones this isn't like
11:16another one for doing damage
11:17like i said if you do need a ranged
11:20weapon with a bit of damage as well
11:22because some sort of content you're
11:24the hammer is an option but a hammer is
11:26definitely not an option to replace
11:28your twin swords because the damage will
11:30be considerably less
11:32so don't consider that i like to have
11:34the staff here though
11:35it's good for crowd control it's good
11:37for healing yourself and allies it's
11:39just useful to have there
11:41if you do run into any trouble um so
11:44let's have a look and go through these
11:49okay so your number one is a chain skill
11:52as well you got
11:53rapid swipe which is swipe your staff at
11:55your foe
11:56so it's a this is a melee ranged attack
12:00and it's going to hit up to three
12:02second one is forceful bash which is
12:04bash your foe with your staff
12:06once again same as the last one and then
12:08rejuvenating assault
12:10which is cleave foes around you with
12:11your staff creating healing orbs for you
12:13and your allies
12:14this is actually a healing skill this is
12:16why this is why i said obviously this
12:17isn't going to be what you're using to
12:18do damage because even the number one
12:21drops healing orbs on the floor which is
12:23you know going to um
12:25mean that you and your allies can pick
12:26them up and get a bit of healing on
12:29you number two is mendes rebuke which
12:32costs five energy and has a five second
12:34smash the ground in front of you to
12:36damage foes after delay allies in the
12:38area are healed
12:39hills for more if an ally was struck
12:42so once again it's a it's another
12:44healing one here
12:46it does do some damage on we put
12:47weakness on foes as well
12:49but after a small delay um it's going to
12:52um heal all allies in the area and even
12:56for even more if you struck an enemy but
12:57like i said
12:58this is just going to be as and when you
12:59and your allies need healing you might
13:01pull these out but you know it's not
13:04something you're going to be using
13:06most of the time when you're trying to
13:07kill enemies
13:09so number three skill here this is
13:10pretty good so warding rift
13:12so this costs 10 energy and has a 12
13:14second cooldown
13:15so create a rift from the mist that
13:18blocks incoming attacks when the rift
13:20closes it blinds foes in front of you
13:22this is really good because you'll last
13:24for a couple of seconds and you'll be
13:25able to
13:26block all attacks during that period and
13:28then you'll blind the enemies afterwards
13:30as well so it's a good defensive ability
13:32i don't think i showed you the other
13:34abilities real quick obviously the first
13:35one i can't really show you
13:37your number two that's just what that
13:38looks like and i smashed their healing
13:40enemies and the number three we just
13:41went through as you can see
13:44really awesome they're spinning your
13:45staff around creating a shield to block
13:48attacks so that's one that you might use
13:50so you might if you're really
13:52in need of defense swap to this weapon
13:54use your number three
13:56and then you know your number two
13:57potentially can heal as well
14:00your number four is renewing waves so
14:03this costs 15 energy and has a 15 second
14:06so release a burst of miss energy that
14:08heals and removes conditions from allies
14:11create a healing orb for each ally that
14:13loses conditions
14:15so once again this is a good um good
14:18healing ability here and for condition
14:19cleanse for your allies as well
14:22so as you can see burst of energy you're
14:26heal you and allies as well as removing
14:27conditions from yourself and them and
14:29for each
14:30condition that your allies lose you're
14:33going to create a healing orb as well
14:36piles on top of that extra healing that
14:37you're doing
14:39so your number five is surge of the
14:42mists which
14:43costs 15 energy and has a 20 second
14:47so charge forward knocking back enemies
14:49that cross your path
14:50so this is a really good crowd control
14:52one um
14:54it's a really good skill if you need to
14:56bring down an enemy's defiance bar it
14:58can pretty much clear a defiance bar
15:00almost in one
15:01so it's really good for that you do
15:02evade for a second
15:04um it does a decent amount of damage and
15:06you can have up to eight impacts
15:08it can be from mid range as well so let
15:10me just show you the skill
15:12as you can see dashing forward there
15:15smashing enemies around so it's really
15:17this is one of the skills that you
15:18if you move to your staff you probably
15:20will whack this out a bit of crowd
15:22control like i said if you're fighting a
15:24you want to take down their defense bar
15:26it's a really good skill so you might
15:27want to whack that one out
15:28so yeah don't sleep on that skill is
15:30actually quite good to be fair
15:33so that's everything for these two
15:36weapons um just to clarify
15:38um for new players you're going to want
15:40to be whacking out the
15:41uh sword when you first start i'm always
15:44holding it like a two-handed sword
15:46it's a bit of a weird glitch there but
15:48uh yeah so you're gonna be want to get a
15:50sword as soon as you spawn
15:51i don't know what weapon you start with
15:53as a revenant i can't remember but
15:55get a one-handed sword whenever you can
15:57you can get it from the trading post for
15:58a few copper
15:59you can get one from a weapon merchant
16:01or just pick one up from an enemy
16:03and so when you're level one you'll have
16:06your just your number one skill here
16:09you'll unlock your number two skill
16:10when you get to level two uh your number
16:13three skill here when you get to level
16:15and then you're gonna wanna use your
16:17offhand sword so basically just any
16:18other one hand sword you can stick
16:20in your offhand slot and you'll unlock
16:23your fourth skill here at level six and
16:26your fifth one here
16:27at level eight and then by the time you
16:29get to level ten
16:31um that's when you'll then unlock weapon
16:33swap so you can
16:35get your staff whenever you need but
16:37like i said start with these
16:38um there's no need to get the staff
16:40straight away the early content
16:42shouldn't be so challenging that you'll
16:44that staff anyway so maybe you want to
16:46use a hammer for a bit of extra range
16:49at first but by the time you level up a
16:51bit you probably want to stick the staff
16:53just for that added healing and stuff
16:55like that so obviously it's a bit of a
16:57uh one overall with this being your
16:59damage dealing
17:00rather than having two damage dealing
17:02weapons but i think it probably makes
17:04it a bit similar for you you're not
17:05gonna be constantly weapon swapping you
17:07just have to focus on moving between
17:08stances and stuff like that which we'll
17:10be going into very shortly
17:12so that's everything for the weapons for
17:14the revenant so now we want to have a
17:16look at the
17:17healing utility and elite skills
17:22all right so the healing utility and
17:23elite skills are actually quite
17:25different on the revenant to
17:26every other class in guild wars 2. the
17:28reason for that
17:29is that you don't actually choose which
17:32skills you want as you can see here i've
17:33not actually got any other options
17:35that's because they are preset depending
17:38on which stance you choose
17:40and there are four stances to choose
17:42from for this build
17:44um i mean we definitely gotta go with
17:47the legendary assassin stance and the
17:49legendary dwarf stance
17:50the legendary assassin stance is
17:53definitely the best
17:54dps stance overall so that's where we're
17:57gonna be spending a lot of our time
17:58so that's why we definitely want that as
18:00part of this power build here
18:02and the legendary dwarf stance is decent
18:04dps and also
18:06defensive abilities as well the assassin
18:10as well as dps does give you decent
18:12amount of mobility as well so do bear
18:14that in mind
18:15but these are definitely the ones you
18:16want to go with the central stance is
18:18more for healing and i think the demon
18:20potentially more of a condition damage
18:21build but definitely
18:23these are the two you want i wouldn't
18:25consider any others for this build
18:28and because of that we've got two sets
18:31of healing utility and elite skills to
18:33go through
18:33so we'll do that now i'm going to start
18:34with a legendary assassin stance
18:38so our healing skill here
18:41is enchanted daggers so the healing
18:43skill you'll have
18:44from level one uh so that's good so
18:46depending on what stance you have you'll
18:48have a healing skill from level one
18:50and this one costs five energy and has a
18:5230 second cooldown
18:54so summon enchanted daggers that will
18:57attack as you attack
18:58siphoning life from targets hit so this
19:01is a
19:01slow burn of a healing skill you'll get
19:04a bit of a initial hill
19:06and then you're gonna have six daggers
19:07flying around you and
19:09basically as they hit the enemy um
19:12or as you as you hit the enemy they'll
19:15attack a shoe attack and give you some
19:16extra heels as well
19:18uh last for 15 seconds here 15 seconds
19:21to use all
19:21six of those blades let me just show
19:24this to you now so as you can see you
19:27have the six
19:28blades around you here as i attack i'll
19:30be he'll be attacking the enemy as well
19:32and give me some extra healing
19:33so if you don't need a big uh burst hill
19:37to start with you can use this and
19:39basically as you attack your health will
19:40be going up up and up
19:42so that's a good option there so
19:44obviously with any healing skill
19:45whack it out as and when you need it if
19:47your health's full it's pointless but
19:50if you need to get it back then you're
19:52going to want to use this
19:5330 second cooldown so just bear that in
19:57your first utility skill here on the
19:59assassin stance is reposting shadows
20:02so one thing i'd say about these utility
20:04skills are
20:06that they don't actually have generally
20:07don't i don't have cooldowns so they
20:09have really quick cooldowns
20:11um but that doesn't mean you want to be
20:13you know bashing them out all the time
20:15simply because you have got they they
20:18expend energy and that's
20:19a finite resource and you don't
20:22want to be utilizing uh all of your
20:25energy on this you want to be using it
20:26on your
20:27damage skills over here so your first
20:29one as we're saying we're posting
20:31shadows so
20:32dodge backwards through the mist remove
20:35movement in pairing conditions and gain
20:38so this is only to be used as and when
20:42you need to get out of combat basically
20:44you're gonna remove conditions from
20:46yourself you're gonna move back give
20:47yourself some fury
20:48and gain some endurance as well so you
20:50evade and break stun
20:52so if you're in a bit of a crap
20:53situation maybe you've been stunned
20:54you're getting hit from all sides
20:55use this because you'll break the stun
20:57and move back out of it and then when
20:58you've done that
20:59perhaps switch to your staff and use
21:00some of your defensive abilities
21:02so for example you might want to do that
21:05quickly swap to your star staff and then
21:07use some of your defensive abilities as
21:11so that could be potentially one way
21:13that you want to do that and then that
21:15number five skill gets you back in
21:17swap back to your swords something like
21:19that um
21:20it's just a suggestion but yeah so don't
21:22be whacking that skill out willy nilly
21:23it's a
21:24big chunk of energy 30 there and it will
21:27be a right waist
21:28so only use it when you really need it
21:30but it is good
21:31for mobility and for keeping yourself
21:33alive if need be
21:36the second utility is phase traversal
21:39which is
21:40uh got a five second cooldown and also
21:41costs 30 energy
21:44to step through the mists to your target
21:46your next few attacks can't be blocked
21:49so this is a gap closer
21:52which gives you um quickness which is
21:54good skills and actions faster
21:56and also your next attacks are
21:57unblockable there's a bit of damage and
22:00it can be from long range so 1200 range
22:04i mean yes you could use it as an opener
22:06but do i want to start down 30 energy
22:09because this skill not
22:10really i'd rather use one of these uh
22:13potential openers over here like your
22:15number three which is 15 energy so it's
22:17got half the cost
22:18um so i wouldn't say i'd really
22:21recommend using phase reversal too much
22:23um you know try it out to get on um
22:27but yeah it's not one that i'd really
22:29recommend but like i said
22:31you know i would if you could have a
22:33choice potentially i'd swap that out for
22:34a different one but you don't get that
22:36with the revenant so that's just sort of
22:39a spare one that you probably won't use
22:41too often
22:43so a third and final utility skill is
22:46impossible odds
22:48so this is empower yourself with shiro's
22:51incredible speed and destructive prowess
22:53gaining great movement speed and
22:54striking photos and additional time when
22:56you hit them
22:58okay so just to explain this abilities
22:59you can see the top it costs five energy
23:01but it has a minor six there
23:04what that means is minus six of these
23:07little arrows here
23:08so as you can see you're currently plus
23:10five which is the maximum which means
23:11uh if you expend energy as such it will
23:14come back nice and quick
23:16but minus six means that you'll lose all
23:19five of these up arrows and you'll
23:20actually move to one down arrow so your
23:22energy will slowly drain
23:24so there's no time limit for keeping
23:26this going
23:28uh but you will drain your energy while
23:29you're using it this is a really
23:31important part of this build
23:33so basically whenever you um you're
23:35going to combat you start doing damage
23:36you're going to want to activate this
23:38ability like i said you get increased
23:40movement speed and stuff like that
23:43but the main thing is you can extra hit
23:45whenever you hit an enemy so it's going
23:46to be doing a ton more damage
23:48so you can activate that you can see
23:49it's now draining my energy
23:52start using my other skills as well
23:53which uses my energy but you can let
23:55your number one play out which doesn't
23:56cost any engine you can do that for a
23:58with this drain going on uh but as you
24:01can see
24:02your number nine you press that again
24:03you'll come out of it and then your
24:04energy will come back pretty quickly
24:06and there's no uh cool down there so you
24:08could whack that out again
24:10pretty soon as well and start using your
24:14so you're gonna want to keep this up at
24:15all times while you're doing damage to
24:17the enemy
24:18um so do bear that in mind as soon as
24:20you're going to combat activate that use
24:22your other skills
24:23um i will be going into energy
24:25management a bit later
24:26when we go through the profession
24:28overview like switching between your
24:30using your f2 here and stuff like that
24:32so don't worry too much
24:33i'm just saying have this activated at
24:35all times where you're in the legendary
24:36assassin stance
24:38because it will up your damage loads and
24:39that's why we we find playing out that
24:41number one
24:42chain skill quite a lot because uh it's
24:45been going to be doing loads more damage
24:46simply because of that skill
24:49so finally here we have the elite skill
24:53for the legendary assassin stance and
24:55that's jade winds
24:56this costs 50 energy and has a five
24:58second cooldown
24:59so this is very different to all the
25:01other classes normally you get a long
25:02cooldown on this
25:03here we only have five seconds but it
25:05costs 50 energy which is all of the
25:07energy that you have
25:08at base here which means it isn't a
25:11skill we're going to recommend that you
25:13whack out too often
25:14but let's have a little look so call
25:16upon the jade wind to turn
25:17nearby enemies into jade stunning them
25:20for a short duration
25:22really strong uh crowd control ability
25:24here uh
25:26three seconds of um stun for
25:30up to five targets and a radius of 600
25:32around you
25:33just see that so you can see really cool
25:35animation there and they're all gonna be
25:36stuck in jade so it's really good if you
25:37need to use that
25:38and potentially move to here to use some
25:40of your healing and defensive abilities
25:42so it is a button that you would only
25:44use if you're really desperate
25:46like i said you're going to be wasting
25:47all your energy so you know especially
25:49when this stance is where you want to be
25:50doing most of your damage
25:52so i can't imagine you'd be whacking it
25:53out too often unless you get really
25:58okay so that is the all the legendary
26:00assassin stance skills
26:02so let's have a look at the legendary
26:04dwarf stance
26:06you can see that the animations on the
26:08bar and stuff will change when you
26:10change stance which is pretty cool
26:12um just to clarify as well i said that
26:14you have your healing skill from level
26:17uh you of your utility skills you unlock
26:19at level 11 for this one
26:22um level 15 for your second one
26:25and level 19 for your third one and the
26:28the elite skill you won't actually have
26:29until level 31 so don't worry too much
26:31about that
26:32i'll be if you're only just started
26:34you'll get that at a higher level
26:36so just have a little look now through
26:39this skill so the healing skill we got
26:41is a bit more of a chunk hill so
26:44soothing stone
26:45uh 30 second cooldown costs five energy
26:48so remove conditions and heal yourself
26:50and also gain resolution so quite good
26:53here you get a big chunk hill
26:54you remove conditions from yourself you
26:56get resolution which decreases incoming
26:59condition damage by 33
27:03so this is really something that you
27:04potentially want to
27:06to use um like i said the legendary
27:10stance healing skill is a slow one if
27:13if your health's getting quite alone you
27:14really need a chunk kill move over to
27:16this stance
27:17use this one and you'll get a big hill
27:19there as well as some condition cleanse
27:21resolution so your first
27:26um utility skill here is inspiring
27:30which has got 10 second cooldown and a
27:32cost of 30 energy
27:34to create a stone road that damages and
27:36weakens foes as it's created
27:38once it's created it will pulse granting
27:40stability to allies
27:43so it does a bit of damage uh i'll show
27:46you what it does it's quite easy
27:47just to show it so you have to target it
27:49creates a stone road here
27:51everyone in this pretty big uh radius
27:55is going to be weakened you're going to
27:56gain stability for you and your allies
27:59it's a cool skill looks pretty cool but
28:01to be honest it's got quite a high cost
28:03with 30 energy
28:05so you're not going to be whacking this
28:06out very often to be honest it's not
28:08recommended to be part of your uh
28:10rotation or anything like that you can
28:12use it from time to time
28:13if you feel like you need that stability
28:15for you and your allies but to be fair
28:17yeah it's sort of a spare part as well
28:18it's not one you'll be using too often
28:22the second utility skill is forced
28:25which got a 15 second cooldown and cost
28:2710 energy
28:28so launch a chain at your target and
28:30that foes around your target
28:32when the chain connects with a foe it
28:34slows and taunts them
28:36you you take less damage from taunted
28:38foes though this is a good defensive
28:41um the energy cost isn't too much only
28:4310 so you will whack this out
28:45if you need to reduce the damage you're
28:47taking so
28:48just to clarify you're going to launch a
28:52you can hit up to five targets it can be
28:54done from long range
28:55and it's going to taunt the enemies and
28:57those enemies that are taunted
28:59um you know you're going to take 33
29:02less damage from so if you're the only
29:04player and you've got quite a few
29:06enemies they're attacking you anyway you
29:08can taunt them
29:09um which means that they'll attack you
29:11if they're attacking you anyway it
29:12doesn't matter but it will reduce all
29:14damage by 33
29:15uh for short periods so to be fair um
29:18that is definitely worth using if you
29:20really need that damage reduction on
29:22so do bear that one in mind not too much
29:24of an energy cost either
29:27and your third utility skill here is
29:30vengeful hammers
29:31so this is got a five energy cost and
29:34the same as the number nine skill on the
29:35other stance
29:36it's got a minus six on your arrows here
29:39so this is invoke hammers to circle
29:41around you damaging foes
29:44so uh it does bit damage and it does
29:46some healing as well
29:48minus 20 incoming damage while you've
29:50got it active as well
29:52and a radius of 180 around you so while
29:55you're in
29:56uh legendary dwarf sounds like i said
29:57most of your damage you'll do in
29:58legendary assassin stands
30:00but when you go into legendary dwarf
30:01stance which you'll need to swap between
30:02them to keep your energy up
30:04you're going to want to activate this as
30:05well which is cool so keep this out
30:09and as you can see your energy will go
30:13but you can use this and you'll be doing
30:15more damage as long as you're in melee
30:17range which you should be when you've
30:18got your swords out
30:19you can attack them and these hammers
30:20will be doing extra damage as well
30:22so happy days for that
30:27okay just click out of that now and you
30:28can see your energy will come back
30:30pretty quickly
30:30so like i said we'll go through energy
30:32management in a bit but this is a pretty
30:34um skill to use so your number nine
30:37skills basically as long as you're
30:39in melee range you're using your swords
30:41to attack as you swap between your
30:43you're going to want to activate your
30:44number nine skills straight away
30:45whenever you go into them
30:47because they're going to be adding to
30:48the damage you do quite considerably
30:52so your final skill here your elite
30:54skill here is
30:55right of the great dwarf so this costs
30:5840 energy
31:00so channel the power of the right of the
31:02great dwarf to turn yourself and nearby
31:04allies to stone to reduce incoming
31:07so much like the elite skill on the
31:09other stance
31:10this is only to be used as a major
31:11defensive ability
31:14it's gonna turn you and your allies to
31:18stone which means gain 50
31:19damage reduction so that is a large
31:21damage reduction there on up to five
31:23targets and a radius of 600 around you
31:25as well as breaking stun let's just
31:27watch this as you can see takes
31:28about a second and a half to cast and
31:30then you and your alice will be stone
31:32greatly reducing the damage you take so
31:34it is really uh one that you would use
31:36only if you were really desperate
31:38because it does cost 40 energy so it's
31:40quite costly
31:41but if you really need um defensive
31:45swap over to your stance here dwarf star
31:47to use that and then maybe swap over to
31:49your staff
31:50to use your defensive and healing
31:51abilities there as well as well as
31:53you've got this big chunk hill here
31:55which only got a low energy cost so you
31:57could use both of them
31:59so those are all of the healing utility
32:02and elite skills
32:03for the revenant and just to clarify
32:05you'll be spending most of your time in
32:06assassin stands doing damage keeping
32:08your number nine active
32:10these two you won't use so much number
32:12seven only if you need to escape combat
32:14uh number eight you're pretty much not
32:15at all the healing is a slow hill so
32:17bear that in mind
32:19and jade wins is crowd control if you
32:21are absolutely desperate
32:23and then you'll be using the dwarf
32:24stance probably slightly less often but
32:26you need to switch between to keep your
32:28up so when you get into this activate
32:29eventual hammers as well which is going
32:31to drain your energy
32:32but do extra damage to enemies in melee
32:34range pretty much not going to use your
32:36number seven
32:37number six is a nice chunky on condition
32:39cleanse number eight here is
32:42um one that's good for damage reduction
32:44so do that if you need it it's not too
32:46costly and then this is a really good
32:48defensive ability
32:49when you're desperate high energy cost
32:52though so bear that in mind
32:53so now what we're gonna do is we're
32:55going to have a look at the weapon and
32:57armor stats
33:01all right so the weapon and armor stats
33:03for this uh revenant
33:05leveling build let's have a little look
33:07so when you first start leveling
33:10the armor and weapons you pick up they
33:11won't have any stats on them but after a
33:13few levels you'll start to get one stat
33:16when you get that one stat make sure it
33:18is power
33:19this build is based completely around
33:23as you can see it's the first stat on
33:24all of my gear pretty much is power
33:26and when you only have one stack you
33:27want it to be power it just means you
33:28can be doing more damage
33:30so power increases your attack
33:32especially at a low level where
33:33you shouldn't be dying too often should
33:35be relatively easy content you want to
33:37do as much damage as possible which
33:38means you'll kill the enemies quicker
33:39and you will be leveling quicker which
33:41is the whole point of this build
33:44when you start to get a second stat
33:45after a few more levels
33:47on your gear you pretty much want to
33:49think about what you need
33:51so basically if you're
33:54struggling a bit you're dying a bit
33:55quickly maybe you want your third stat
33:57to be toughness which increases your
33:59or vitality which increases your maximum
34:01health down here
34:04those are viable options if you need it
34:06but hopefully at that stage if you don't
34:08you could potentially look at precision
34:10uh which increases your critical hit
34:12or ferocity which increases your
34:14critical hit damage so a mixture of
34:16those two generally is quite good as
34:18for increasing the amount of damage you
34:19do so it just depends whatever you need
34:22and then when you get a bit higher level
34:24you'll get to what you normally have
34:26which is
34:26free stats on your gear
34:30and what i've done for most of my gear
34:32is i've gone with berserker stats
34:34which you normally use for a power
34:36damage build like this which is power as
34:38the biggest stat and then precision and
34:39ferocity as the lower ones
34:41obviously maximum maximum power means
34:43i'll be doing as much damage as possible
34:45but extra precision and ferocity as you
34:46can see increases my critical chance and
34:48critical damage
34:49so that's gonna be quite effective and
34:50just means you can be a lot more damage
34:54um obviously you might need to mix in
34:56some other stats depending on what you
34:57struggle with
34:59but what i've gone with on this build
35:01power position ferocity on all of my
35:03armor along here
35:04all of my weapons as well power
35:06precision ferocity
35:08and but then over here i've actually
35:10switched up and gone power position
35:12toughness with toughness as the biggest
35:14stat generally
35:15the reason i've done that is because you
35:17can be spending pretty much all your
35:18time in melee range using these swords
35:21and i want to be a little bit harder to
35:23kill you know you've got heavy armor but
35:25you need to back that out with a bit of
35:27extra toughness so i've done that
35:28obviously if i feel like
35:30i don't need it and i'm doing content
35:32where i could
35:33just probably just do a bit more damage
35:35then of course
35:36i can swap this out for some extra
35:38frosty as well but you can see this is
35:40still giving me precision here
35:42so it is still increasing my critical
35:43hit chance
35:45and then what i've done with my um
35:50my uh rune sorry on the armor here as
35:52you can see superior rune of the scholar
35:54this actually gives me a lot of ferocity
35:56but not precision so i'm still sort of
35:58evening it out between precision and
36:00ferocity there
36:02anyway the rune of the scholar is quite
36:04an expensive one
36:05so potentially use superior enough
36:07strength as a bit of a budget option on
36:09that one
36:10which is you know almost as good but
36:12this is pretty good here giving me power
36:14frosty and increasing strike damage by
36:17five percent
36:17my health is above 90 as well so that is
36:20a good set of runes there for your armor
36:22once you level up
36:24in terms of the sigils on my weapons
36:27gone with superior
36:29sigil of force and superior system of
36:30strength on my main weapons here
36:32those are sort of the best combo that
36:35you're gonna get
36:36when it comes to um a power build it
36:38gives you 5
36:39extra damage there and then you gain mic
36:41for 10 seconds upon critically hitting a
36:44bear in mind we've got pretty much 50
36:46critical chance here
36:47which means that every other strike will
36:49be a critical hit so you're pretty much
36:51going to have
36:52might on you at all times and stacking
36:54that which is great which means you'll
36:56do even more damage
36:57and then on my staff i've gone with the
36:59sigil of cleansing and the sigil of
37:01energy so cleansing removes free
37:03conditions when swapping to this weapon
37:05in combat and energy means you gain 50
37:07of your insurance when you swap this
37:09weapon while in combat
37:10so that that just makes it even better
37:12as a thing
37:13you're only going to swap to it when you
37:15need that defensive help
37:17so you'll probably have some conditions
37:19on you which will cleanse and you may
37:20have already been rolling around so you
37:22get some of that endurance back as well
37:24so that's why i put those on there not
37:26interested in putting damaged sigils on
37:27this weapon because that's not what it's
37:29be a waste of time so those are the
37:32stats i'm going for
37:34like i said as you're leveling up
37:35power's going to be your
37:37your go-to that should always be your
37:39biggest stat because if you start piling
37:41all into the defensive things
37:42yeah you'll stay alive longer but it'll
37:44take you a lot longer to kill the
37:46the leveling will slow incredibly so i'm
37:48not going to put that into a leveling
37:50pretty much all leveling builds are
37:51going to be power builds
37:53but like i said i've got extra toughness
37:55here because i think it's necessary
37:57staying alive i think is helpful but for
37:59the most part
38:00power precision ferocity is what you're
38:02going to want to be doing as we can see
38:05pretty much 50 critical chance there as
38:07well as 200
38:08critical damage increase as well which
38:10means you can be doing a ton more damage
38:13than you would otherwise be doing so
38:15that is
38:16all the stats we're putting into our our
38:18weapon and armor here
38:19um so the next thing we're going to do
38:22is we're going to have a look at the
38:23traits and specializations for this
38:25leveling build
38:29all right so now let's look at the
38:30traits and specializations for this
38:33so specializations um basically choose
38:36which direction your character goes in
38:38a bunch of traits to choose from which
38:40we'll go through specifically
38:41um i've gone with invocation devastation
38:45and retribution
38:47a base revenant will have five different
38:50uh ones to choose from
38:52and um you'll be able to pick three of
38:56you don't unlock these two a bit further
38:58on in the leveling so your first one
39:00you'll unlock at level 21
39:02your second one isn't until level 45 and
39:05you won't unlock your
39:06third specialization until level 71
39:09so it might not be something you need to
39:10worry about right now
39:12but obviously it's useful to know what
39:14you're aiming towards so i'm going to go
39:16through that now
39:18so when you get to level 21 the first
39:22i recommend so basically this order that
39:24i've got here is the order i would say
39:25to choose them in
39:26so your first specialization you want to
39:28start getting up in vacation
39:30so the passive abilities on this are
39:33invoker's rage which means you gain fury
39:35when you invoke a legend
39:36uh so that means when you're swapping
39:38between stances that's one another
39:39reason why we uh
39:41we're going to be saying about swapping
39:43between starts and i'll talk about the
39:44professional mechanics because that'll
39:45be giving you fury
39:47you get all damage dealt is increased
39:49while you have fury
39:50so that obviously bumps that up even
39:54and then gain fury when you disable a
39:56foe so whenever you stun days not back
39:58pull knock down any of these things
39:59on an enemy you'll also gain fury so
40:02it's all about getting that as often as
40:06with the optional ones here i've gone
40:08with middle bottom bottom
40:10and that gives us rising tide which is
40:12while your health is above the threshold
40:14strike damage dealt is increased by
40:15seven percent
40:17so that means an extra seven percent
40:19damage when your health is above ninety
40:21and obviously if you're keeping your
40:22health up and then that just means extra
40:25so that's why i've gone with that for
40:26this build uh here we've got incensed
40:30so gain might when you grant yourself
40:33uh obviously a lot of the stuff was
40:35about gain and fury so
40:37if you're sticking mine on yourself at
40:38the same time which means even more
40:40yeah it's just perfect for a build like
40:42this you're gonna be stacking that stuff
40:43all day long
40:45and here you've got rolling mists
40:48so critical hit chance has increased
40:52sorry critical hit chances increase
40:53effectiveness when you're under the
40:54effects of fury
40:56all right so this is ridiculous so uh
40:58fury you're obviously going to have
41:00quite a lot
41:01uh and you've obviously got quite a high
41:03critical hit chance
41:04and this is going to increase that
41:06effectiveness by a hundred percent
41:08uh when you're under fury so you know
41:10you're going to be critical hitting
41:11pretty much all the time which is going
41:12to increase your damage by so much
41:14so i definitely would say go with these
41:16options really great options here
41:18in vacation as your first specialization
41:21but when you do get to level 45 it
41:24shouldn't take too long probably with
41:25this build
41:26you want to go with devastation and the
41:29passives on devastation
41:31are exposed defenses which your first
41:33attack when entering combat applies
41:36this ability is refreshed when you use
41:38an elite skill
41:40so as you can see you've got that here
41:42at all times when you're out of combat
41:44your next attack will inflict
41:45vulnerability so that's good there which
41:47means the enemy takes more damage
41:49destructive impulses which all damage
41:52dealt with increased
41:53and increased additionally if you have
41:54an offhand weapon equipped
41:56obviously we do have an offhand weapon
41:58equipped here
42:00so it means we're going to get a damage
42:01increase uh five percent
42:03and then an extra two and a half percent
42:05there from the off hand
42:07so that's a really good passive there
42:10and here we've got targeted destruction
42:13so deal increase strike damage to
42:14targets based on their vulnerability
42:17so bonus damage per stack of half a
42:19percent obviously we've got quite a few
42:21things that have been put
42:21invulnerability on enemy
42:23so that just means that we're gonna be
42:24doing even more damage to those people
42:27so pretty much as you can see all of
42:28this is all about doing more and more
42:29damage and it
42:30you know you'll see that at the end when
42:32we do a demonstration the damage for
42:34this build
42:34is really good in terms of the choices
42:38the devastation here we've gone with
42:39middle bottom bottom
42:42and that gives us unsuspecting strikes
42:44which is deal increased strike damage to
42:46foes with health above the threshold
42:49so extra 20 damage increase to enemies
42:53whose health is above 80 percent
42:57so basically initially when you first
42:59start hitting an enemy can we do a bunch
43:00more damage
43:01obviously it's only while they've got
43:02their health up there
43:05next up frill of combat so gain stacks
43:07of battle scars while in combat
43:10so every one second while you're in
43:11combat you'll be getting a stack of
43:12battle scars which is your next attack
43:14stills health so that that'll be pretty
43:17much constant while you're in combat so
43:18that'll be good as well
43:20stealing health from the enemy means you
43:21gain a bit and they lose some so
43:23can't go wrong with that and here we've
43:25got dance of death
43:27so applying vulnerability to foes grants
43:29stacks of battle scars
43:31the healing from battle skies is
43:33increased while you're below the health
43:36so obviously uh as we said a lot of the
43:40stuff we'll be putting on the enemies
43:42uh gives them vulnerability and while
43:45we're doing that we're also getting more
43:46bowel scars which we just looked at
43:48and then while your health is below 50
43:50uh the uh
43:52the amount you gain health you gain from
43:54battle scars is doubled as well so
43:56it just makes it even better it's going
43:57to make you harder to kill which is
43:58really awesome
43:59um as well so our third and final one
44:03uh specialization like i said you don't
44:06unlock it to level 71
44:08but obviously so you might not need it
44:09for a while but obviously to keep this a
44:11complete guide we obviously want to look
44:13at what you'll be looking at
44:14when you're getting to those late levels
44:16as well so definitely retribution here
44:20and um the passives on this are enduring
44:23recovery which is gain
44:24increased endurance recovery so 25
44:27regeneration increase and that's means
44:29you can roll around more
44:32unwavering avoidance so gain vigor when
44:34successfully evading an attack
44:37um so vigor gives you extra endurance
44:39regeneration so you can see the pattern
44:41form in here allowing you to be more
44:43which links up well with your legendary
44:45assassin stance here as well
44:48determined resolution so strike damage
44:51taken is reduced by a percentage while
44:52you have resolution
44:54uh so 10 um reduction in damage taken
44:58and resolution is something you should
44:59have on yourself a fair amount from the
45:01skills that we've got
45:03and in terms of the choices uh for the
45:05retribution uh
45:06specialization you we've got middle
45:10top and that is close quarters so reduce
45:13strike damage dealt to you from foes
45:15beyond the range threshold
45:17so anyone beyond the range threshold of
45:19360 which isn't too far away
45:21um you'll have 10 less damage any ranged
45:24enemies attacking you effectively
45:26you'll be taking 10 less damage so
45:27that's a good option there
45:30here you've got resolute evasion which
45:32is gain resolution after you dodge
45:35so once again a lot of stuff about
45:36endurance if you're dodging around
45:38you'll be gaining resolution as well
45:39which as we know
45:40uh from here that's gonna
45:44give you even more um less damage taken
45:46when you've got resolution so they all
45:48sort of linked together
45:49and then finally here we've got vicious
45:51reprisal which is while you have
45:53resolution all damage dealt is increased
45:56and you gain might when you strike foes
45:58resolution granted to
45:59lasts longer so a lot of great things
46:01here so duration of resolution is 50
46:03more um while you have resolution on you
46:06which hopefully will have a high up time
46:08uh all damage dealt has increased by 10
46:10and while you're attacking people
46:12in that state you'll also be putting
46:13might on yourself which increases your
46:15even more so all of the things you've
46:16been going through here just bumping
46:18your damage up with some good defensive
46:19traits in there as well
46:21to help you stay alive so this makes for
46:23a very well-rounded class
46:25a very good build that you should be
46:27able to stay alive but still do a ton of
46:30so i'm really happy with this uh train
46:33set up so the next thing we're going to
46:35have a look at
46:36are the profession mechanics for the
46:41all right so now we're going to look at
46:42the professional mechanics for the
46:44and the professional mechanics on this
46:46class are different from any of the
46:48others so
46:49this is quite an important one to pay
46:50attention to i'll just go through some
46:52of the basics of the professional
46:54as well as saying you know how we're
46:55going to utilize them for this build
46:59so we've obviously touched on it a
47:00little bit we've got the stances you can
47:02swap between which give us our different
47:03skills along here so we'll be swapping
47:06dwarf and assassin's stunts you've got
47:08an energy bar here which is
47:10obviously spent with um
47:14a lot of our skills along here and along
47:15here and we've gone through which one of
47:17those we should be using and not
47:19we've obviously got the um upkeep arrows
47:22here as discussed we'll be using our
47:24number 9 skills which will
47:26get this down over time and so that's
47:28fair enough
47:29um and then here we've actually got an
47:32activator ability you can use called
47:35echo which has a 20 second cooldown so
47:38refresh your bond with your channeled
47:39legend gaining energy
47:41and legend specific effects so you gain
47:4425 energy so it's one that we're
47:46definitely going to be utilizing in this
47:48it doesn't have a cost so that's good
47:50and depending on the stance you're in
47:52you've got a couple of different things
47:53so if you're doing an
47:54assassin stance your next attacks can't
47:57be blocked so that's your next couple of
48:00if you use it in dwarf stance you get
48:02right at the great dwarf so 50
48:04reduction damage for three seconds so
48:07with regards to this
48:08um because the majority of our damage is
48:11going to be done in assassin's stance
48:13um what i would say is obviously as
48:15discussed we're going to be going into
48:16assassin's dance
48:18um using our swords here to do as much
48:20damage as possible while we've got a
48:21number nine
48:22here as well so let's just demonstrate
48:24so we've got a number nine active
48:26now we're obviously draining our energy
48:28we're going to be using our skills here
48:30which utilize our energy as well so it's
48:32going down even more once it gets below
48:35use your ancient echo and you're going
48:37to be back up to almost 50 there as well
48:39it's got 20 second cooldown
48:40allows us to use more of our skills
48:42while keeping this active
48:44and and you know it will last quite a
48:46while and then obviously when we swap
48:48uh we'll be able to use it shortly again
48:50so when you come out of here
48:52your energy will start to come back so
48:54i'd probably recommend using ancient
48:56in this one uh in the legendary assassin
48:59simply because that's the one you want
49:01to keep your energy up because obviously
49:02as soon as your energy runs out
49:04uh you're going to want to swap to your
49:06dwarf stance let me just quickly
49:07demonstrate what happens when you swap
49:09uh to a different one let me just
49:12utilize some of these skills so we've
49:13got low energy
49:14if i press f1 there to swap there you go
49:17bang right up to 50 energy
49:18so that's the main reason why we are
49:20going to want to be swapping between the
49:22stances rather than just saying
49:24staying in the higher dps assassin
49:27we can be swapping between them uh you
49:30activate our number nine ability
49:31straight away using our damage skills
49:33here that we've got
49:34any other skills that we need to use as
49:36well um
49:38like i said if you need extra defense
49:40you can use ancient echo in
49:42this one as well uh so you've got extra
49:45but like i said it just means you'll be
49:47spending more time
49:48in dwarf stance when to be honest you
49:50want to be spending more time in the
49:51assassin style so swap over
49:53number nine again use your skills
49:55utilize your energy
49:57hopefully uh you know utilize your
49:59number one chain as well i said don't
50:00sleep on that and you can see
50:02it's just coming back now and then bam
50:05energy back up again utilize your skills
50:07so that's what we're going to be using
50:08to do our damage that's how we're going
50:09to utilize ancient echo obviously
50:12between these is important you know
50:15there's many things
50:16like i said you want to be using it just
50:18to regain your energy which means you'll
50:20be able to use your weapon skills more
50:21and overall do a bit more damage
50:23you make sure you always activate your
50:25number nines when you swap in between
50:27the two of them as long as you're
50:29close and doing damage to them
50:32uh obviously you get different abilities
50:33here so you might want to move for a
50:35different reason like if you need a
50:37chunk kill you're gonna
50:38want to be moving here you might move
50:40here use that
50:41band to heal yourself and if you're in
50:43real trouble maybe yours right at the
50:45great dwarf to give you and your allies
50:47uh 50 reduced damage for a short period
50:49whack out your staff
50:50use some defensive abilities so it is a
50:54really cool build it is it's very
50:56different to
50:57a lot of the stuff that we've gone
50:59through like i said the mechanics
51:01take some getting used to so by all
51:04spend some time getting used to it it's
51:05not like any of the other ones like i
51:07said that
51:07energy is a finite resource other than
51:10the thief
51:11every other class in this game uh is
51:14off of cooldowns which is just easier
51:17because you can use things on cooldown
51:19you can just see it it's easier to keep
51:21track of is here you need to manage your
51:23energy you need to know what your skills
51:24do you can't just button bash
51:26you have to know the skills you want to
51:28use you have to manage your energy
51:30so it can be a little bit more
51:31complicated but it is a very fun class
51:33to play and it can be really rewarding
51:35and really powerful
51:36um so that's just all of the
51:39professional mechanics
51:40uh for this um build so
51:44now what i'm gonna do is i'm going to do
51:45a quick build summary for you guys just
51:47to run through of everything we've been
51:51all right so now for a quick build
51:53summary for you guys so
51:55as discussed weapon wise we've got the
51:57dual swords
51:58and the staff off hand dual swords by
52:01far the best for doing damage for the
52:04so you want to be keeping that out at
52:05all times you want to be doing damage
52:07um you know if you're in trouble swap to
52:10your staff you've got some great
52:11defensive abilities here you're number
52:13really good for blocking attacks uh your
52:15number five great for crowd control
52:17breaking up a defiance bar of a boss
52:19as well you're four and two a couple of
52:21good healing skills there
52:22if you really need it um with these
52:26your number two your number five your
52:29main damage dealing abilities
52:31number three can be an opener or a gap
52:32closer your teleport to your target
52:34number four uh you can whack out every
52:37now and then do some extra damage other
52:38than that
52:39let your number one chain play out don't
52:41interrupt it
52:42um with regards to your stance you've
52:44got assassin stance dwarf stance keep
52:46your number nine up at all times on both
52:48of them it will drain your energy
52:50but will allow you to do a ton more
52:52damage when you're an assassin stance
52:54when you get low on energies when it
52:55gets below 25
52:56use your f2 ancient echo to get yourself
52:59back up for more energy
53:01and just increase the amount of time you
53:02can spend on that and when you do run
53:04out of energy
53:05swap over to dwarf science got all your
53:07energy back don't forget to activate
53:08your number nine
53:09utilize your skills don't use your
53:11number seven number six is a good chunk
53:13number eight is good for damage
53:14reduction your elite skills on both of
53:17are defensive it's very defensive on the
53:19dwarf stance uh
53:21crowd control on the assassin stars only
53:24use them when they need them because
53:25they're very costly from an energy point
53:27of view
53:28so do bear that in mind like i said
53:29utility skills you don't actually get to
53:31choose them but that's basically how you
53:33want to utilize them
53:34uh you know this is a slow hill here on
53:36this one and
53:37always keep your number nine active
53:39number seven only use it if you need to
53:40escape it uses a lot of your energy so
53:43don't whack that out as and when
53:44number eight pretty much you're not
53:46going to use um
53:48weapon and armor stats like i said i've
53:50got power precision ferocity and all of
53:51my weapons and armor here
53:53um and i've got a power position with a
53:56bit of extra toughness on my jaws just
53:58make myself a little bit uh tougher
54:00there as well
54:02with the traits we've got invocation
54:05devastation retribution unlock them in
54:07that order
54:08as you can see these are the ones we've
54:09gone with middle bottom bottom
54:11middle bottom bottom and middle middle
54:13top so you're going to want to copy that
54:15if you want to do this build but
54:16obviously if you find something that
54:18works a little bit better for you
54:19then you can always change it obviously
54:22we went through the professional
54:22mechanics as well we've got your energy
54:24bar here you've got your upkeep here
54:26your number nine skills start to drain
54:27it so we went through that as well as
54:28using your ancient
54:29echo so that is pretty much all of the
54:32basics of this build obviously if you
54:34have any more questions on it
54:36leave in the comments below i'm going to
54:38leave you now with
54:39a combat demonstration just showing you
54:42how you know to start utilizing this
54:44build but obviously you've got to work
54:46for it yourself and see how you get on
54:47but thanks for watching guys like and
54:49subscribe to be kept up to date
54:51and i will see you later
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1. What is the best weapon choice for damage dealing in the Revenant leveling build guide?

The best weapon choice for damage dealing in the Revenant leveling build guide is the sword/sword combination, which offers high power and mobility for efficient leveling.

2. How does the guide emphasize the importance of power stats for efficient leveling?

The guide emphasizes the importance of power stats for efficient leveling by highlighting the significance of maximizing power and mobility, allowing players to make the most of their Revenant character from levels 1 to 80.

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The Revenant leveling build guide offers tips on energy management, focusing on efficient usage of energy to maximize damage dealing and mobility, ensuring a smooth leveling experience.

4. What does the Revenant leveling build guide cover in terms of skills and traits?

The Revenant leveling build guide covers a comprehensive range of skills and traits, providing insights into the best choices for efficient leveling and emphasizing the importance of power stats and mobility for a successful gameplay experience.

5. How does the guide help players make the most of their Revenant character from levels 1 to 80?

The guide helps players make the most of their Revenant character from levels 1 to 80 by offering a comprehensive overview of weapons, armor, skills, and traits, with a focus on maximizing power and mobility for efficient leveling.

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