💫 Summary
The video is a hypnosis session aimed at inducing a state of deep relaxation and suggestibility, with the goal of making the listener more gay and sexually attracted to men. The speaker encourages the listener to embrace and enjoy these changes, stating that they cannot be resisted or stopped. The video contains explicit language and content.
✨ Highlights📊 Transcript
The video guides the viewer to relax and enter a state of deep relaxation through breathing and eye movements.
The viewer is instructed to find a comfortable position and rest their hands in their lap or by their sides.
They are told to drop their head forward slightly and roll their eyes up and back as if looking towards their forehead.
Deep inhalation is encouraged while maintaining the upward gaze, followed by a pause and slow exhalation.
A wave of relaxation is visualized flowing from the top of the head down to the feet, relaxing every muscle in the body.
The video section is about going deeper into a trance and forgetting numbers, while locking in a relaxed state to be accessed later.
The mind is encouraged to forget numbers and only focus on relaxation.
The viewer is instructed to remember the feeling of deep relaxation and lock it away in their mind.
The next step is to imagine a completely blank mind, with only the voice of the hypnotist present.
This section of the video describes a state of mind where one's thoughts are completely blank and obedient.
The speaker describes a tranquil place where there are no concerns, needs, wants, or desires.
The mind is described as compliant, obedient, and devoid of thought.
The person in this state is waiting for someone else to command them and their mind is completely blank.
The suggestions in the hypnosis file will become deeply rooted in your mind, making you completely suggestible and obedient to any suggestion given.
The suggestions will become real and irresistible for you.
You will easily slip into a deep trance and become more suggestible with each listen.
The suggestions will shape and train your subconscious mind, allowing you to experience hypnosis more fully.
You will enjoy listening to the voice and suggestions repeatedly, accepting them more easily each time.
This section of the video promotes the idea of becoming more gay through hypnosis.
The file aims to increase the desire to give sexual pleasure to men.
It suggests that listening to the file will make the course stronger and stronger.
The course aims to decrease straight thoughts and increase the desire to be gay.
The file suggests that each time one masturbates, it will make them more gay and increase the desire to be gay.
The video claims that the viewer has no choice but to become gay and that resisting the changes will only make them stronger.
The video insists that the changes are happening and the viewer cannot stop them.
Each time the viewer masturbates or has an orgasm, they become more gay.
The desire to obey gay men and engage in gay activities becomes stronger with each experience.
The viewer may find themselves humiliated by engaging in gay behaviors and having gay thoughts.
The video suggests that there is no way to stop becoming gay and that resisting only makes the desire stronger.
Every time you stroke or orgasm, you become more gay.
You may find yourself buying and watching gay porn, going to gay bars, and seeking help from gay men.
Resisting the desire only strengthens it and acceptance is the only way to find relief.
This section of the video is about going deeper into a trance and reinforcing training and triggers in the mind.
The voice guides the listener to go deeper and deeper into a trance.
The listener is instructed to repeat their training and triggers in their mind from the moment they go to sleep until they wake up.
The repetition of training and triggers while sleeping helps to strengthen them in the subconscious mind.
00:01okay let's just start very simple make
00:05yourself nice and comfortable find a
00:09good place for your feet to rest and
00:11then rest your hands in your lap or by
00:14your sides once you've done this drop
00:18your head forward just ever so slightly
00:21then roll your eyes up and back as
00:25though you were looking towards a point
00:27in your forehead just bring your eyes up
00:30as if you were looking at your own
00:33forehead it's a bit of a strain but go
00:36ahead and keep it up and then begin to
00:40inhale deeply just inhale deeply filling
00:45your lungs all the way up as you
00:48continue to look up up and back now
00:53pause for a few seconds keep looking up
00:58allow your eyelids to grow heavy and
01:01close down let them close down as you
01:07exhaling slowly and patiently
01:11slowly and patiently and as you do so
01:15send a huge wave of relaxation from the
01:18top of your head down to the tip of your
01:21toes just feel it flowing downwards
01:24through your body feel every inch of
01:28your body relaxing as a wave of
01:30relaxation flows from the tip of your
01:33head down down across your face down
01:37your neck down through your shoulders
01:40and your body all the way down down
01:43through your arms all the way down to
01:46your waist feels a wave of relaxation
01:49flowing down what relaxing you more and
01:53more let all of your muscles turn loose
01:56as every inch of your body relaxes all
02:00the way down down from your waist down
02:04your legs through your calves and out
02:07your feet feel the relaxation flowing
02:10through you making your muscles feel all
02:13loose and limber and wonderfully relaxed
02:16just like a rag doll
02:19rest you awareness on those pilots once
02:22again keep looking up towards your
02:26forehead fruitless pilots that are
02:28closed down nice and deep and
02:32comfortable imagine that your eyes are
02:35closing down even further they are
02:38closing again even more heavy and tired
02:42and lazy than before
02:44relax your I'll that's right down to the
02:48point where feast it's a just don't work
02:51anymore and then when you know that
02:54you've done that well it feels like your
02:56eyelids are so deeply closed that they
02:59will not work anymore make a test and
03:02find out if you've succeeded make a test
03:06and find out if they feel like say a
03:08ceiling shut push harder I can see
03:12relaxation and the harder you try the
03:14harder you try to open your eyes some
03:18more lazy and tired and relaxed your
03:21eyelids will become some more you try to
03:24open them up some more lazy and
03:27comfortable and relax ever become say
03:30are so relaxed now go ahead and stop
03:33trying and send another wave of
03:36relaxation down into the part of you
03:38that is relaxing your eyelids your
03:41eyelids aren't truly sealed shut it just
03:44feels like they are and it's a good sign
03:47that's a good sign that you're relaxing
03:50very very deeply and now now I'm going
03:54to help you relax
03:55even more deeply
03:57and this is how I'm going to help you to
03:59do it in a moment I count one two three
04:04and when I reach the number three you
04:06can open your eyes for just a second
04:09then when I say at sleep just allow your
04:12eyelids to close back down and find that
04:16you're going back down even deeper than
04:19you were before let's try it now
04:22first I will count and then I will say
04:25sleep and your eyelids will close and
04:27you will go down even deeper deeper than
04:32you were before beginning now one two
04:38opening your eyelids and sleep relaxing
04:44relaxing much deeper than before
04:47two times deeper and now we are going to
04:50do it again and when you relax
04:52you vehicle three times deeper ready
04:55once again one two three opening your
05:02and sleep relaxing now much deeper than
05:06before three times diva
05:09good now we are going to open your
05:12eyelids one more time now one two three
05:17opening your eyelids and sleep relax
05:23much deeper four times deeper than
05:26deeper and deeper still so deep and so
05:30very very relaxed and now it is time
05:33time to relax your body even more deeply
05:36it is already we're deeply relaxed and
05:40as you relax your body you are relaxing
05:43your mind and I'm going to help you to
05:46relax your mind even more deeply more
05:48deeply than it is now what we are going
05:51to do is we are going to count backwards
05:53we are going to count backwards from 10
05:57down to 1 and as we count we are going
06:00to repeat the world's deeper and deeper
06:03after each number and each time you say
06:06these words deep and deeper you will
06:09double your own relaxation you will
06:11double the relaxation of your mind
06:13especially is the counting part of the
06:15mind by the time you've counted down all
06:19the way down to 1 you will find that
06:22you've succeeded in relaxing your mind
06:24so deeply that you can't even remember
06:27the numbers that you've just counted
06:30they'll have vanished up completely from
06:32your mind
06:33completely gone forgotten from your mind
06:36so now it is time time to start counting
06:40and losing those numbers as your legs
06:43deeper and deeper ten deeper and deeper
06:509 deeper than more relaxed 8 deeper and
06:59deeper so numbers that you've set
07:02disappearing as soon as you say them 7
07:07deeper and deeper your mind forgetting
07:11the numbers going further and further
07:13into trance 6 deeper and deeper your
07:19mind so very very relaxed 5 deeper and
07:24deeper you fight a wage number as we say
07:27it file it away so far that you cannot
07:30possibly remember for deeper and deeper
07:35your mind does not want to remember the
07:38numbers at all it does not want to think
07:40about numbers at all it just wants to
07:43relax and go deeper free deeper and
07:47deeper you can hear me saying them but
07:50as soon as you hear a number it just
07:52disappears you don't want to think about
07:55numbers you just want to go deeper and
07:57deeper to deeper and deeper your mind
08:03shutting down forgetting all numbers
08:06forgetting everything everything but
08:08going deeper one deeper and deeper it
08:14feels so good to relax so deeply let
08:17yourself continue to relax falling down
08:20deeper and deeper forgetting your body
08:23forgetting the outside world forgetting
08:26everything but the world so I am saying
08:28the words that have carried you down so
08:31very very deep and now now that you are
08:35so very very deep I want you to remember
08:38how this feels
08:39I want you to feel how your body and
08:42mind feel right now I want you to lock
08:45this feeling into your mind
08:47and lock it away so that you can return
08:49to it anytime you listen to my voice
08:52just lock it in your mind and be able to
08:55return to the state whenever you hear my
08:58voice instructing you to go into a
09:01trance in any way that's right you
09:04remember how this feels and you will be
09:06able to get back here each and every
09:09time you go into trance remember
09:12remember it always and now now that you
09:18are completely and utterly relaxed it's
09:21time to take it a step further it's time
09:25to go even deeper I want you to imagine
09:29now to imagine that your mind were
09:33completely and utterly blank that's
09:37right completely and utterly empty
09:40that's right it's as if you had no other
09:45thoughts in your mind that all you were
09:48hearing all that existed was my voice
09:53blinking out every other thought every
09:57other action everything else in the
10:00world imagine what it would be like if
10:04your mind were completely and utterly
10:07empty and devoid of anything else that's
10:11right go ahead and picture it actually
10:16feel it
10:17it feels as if all for all Whittle is
10:22just simply slipping from your mind your
10:25mind is going completely and utterly
10:28blank you are becoming a blank slate
10:33empty of any resistance or fraud
10:36empty of any ideas all you do is hear my
10:42words hear them and obey and go deeper
10:47and deeper still there is no need to
10:51move or to speak there is no way to act
10:56or to feel there's nothing if you were
11:01to open your eyes right now there might
11:03be things out there but you wouldn't see
11:06them your eyes would simply be open but
11:10your mind would be completely and
11:13utterly blank and devoid of thought
11:15that's right
11:17empty of any thought whatsoever of any
11:21will of any desires feel them all
11:25melting away your mind completely and
11:29utterly at peace there's a certain
11:32beautiful perfection about not having to
11:35think about anything that's right
11:38you don't have to think at all in fact
11:42it feels so comfortable to feel
11:45completely and utterly blank
11:48your mind opening up to anything and
11:52everything that is presented to it your
11:55mind ready to be changed manipulated in
11:59any way your mind completely blank and
12:03empty that's right
12:05blank and empty devoid of thought devoid
12:10of reason you don't have to think about
12:12what's being said to you your empty mind
12:16doesn't think about it at all it is like
12:19a child's mind like the mind of a
12:21newborn the input comes in and you
12:25accept it you accept it because it's
12:28just simply as not because you have any
12:32control over it not because you finger
12:35at all anything you hear is now going to
12:40the deepest parts of your mind
12:42so very very deep in fact that there's
12:46nothing else there you aren't even there
12:49well past any boundaries that your own
12:53personality may have created so deep in
12:57fact you do not think or feel or reason
13:02the words that I'm speaking are going to
13:05the deepest part of your mind you do not
13:08think about them you do not reason with
13:10them you do not concern yourself with
13:14fact you do not concern yourself of
13:18anything your mind is completely and
13:21utterly blank blank and empty devoid of
13:25any fault whatsoever you don't need to
13:29move you don't need to speak or think or
13:32feel or act you don't have to react to
13:37anything in fact you don't react to
13:41anything there's nothing happening
13:43around you that is of any importance it
13:47is not relevant to you you are just
13:49simply there listening it is as if your
13:54mind has been shut off and all there is
13:58are these words that's right
14:01all there is is my voice speaking to you
14:05speaking to you instructing you opening
14:09you up your mind becoming more and more
14:13completely blank and empty there's no
14:16reason to do anything to think to move
14:20to fear to act that's right
14:24a completely tranquille and beautiful
14:27place a place where you don't have to
14:31think about anything but you don't have
14:34to do anything you have no concerns no
14:37needs no wants no desires there is
14:41nothing but simply listening your mind a
14:46blank and open slate for any programming
14:49for anything blank and empty compliant
14:53and obedient totally and utterly devoid
14:57of thought you can imagine it perhaps
15:00you've even seen it seen it in movies or
15:04television or someplace else where
15:07someone has had a brain emptied
15:09entirely their eyes just stare off into
15:14they don't really think or do anything
15:18they are sitting there waiting waiting
15:22for someone to tell them what to do
15:24waiting for someone to command them
15:27waiting in blind uncomprehending
15:31obedience waiting for anything that is
15:35desire of them their mind just simply
15:38completely obedient no thoughts of their
15:42own a state of complete and utter
15:45relaxation of complete and utter peace
15:49and harmony you have no need to make
15:52decisions no need to think about things
15:55there is nothing to think about
15:58your mind is completely and utterly
16:00blank and from now on if you hear me
16:04saying your mind is blank now that is
16:08exactly what will happen every time you
16:12hear your mind is blank now you will
16:16return to this place your mind will
16:20return to this place this unthinking
16:23unmoving and feeling place this place
16:27where all of your thoughts just simply
16:30fade away into the haze that's right
16:33when you are completely blank they may
16:36do anything they may touch they may move
16:40they may tell you to do things and your
16:44body will just simply comply comply
16:47because your mind isn't your own it is
16:50empty and blank waiting to be filled in
16:54any way someone else my desire and as I
16:58instruct your blank mind you will take
17:01it into his deepest part of you
17:04if they tell you to move while you are
17:06playing you will move if they tell you
17:09to feel something you will feel it if
17:12they tell you to do something you will
17:15do it if they tell you to think or act
17:19in a specific way you will do that as
17:22well but it will be devoid of emotion or
17:25fault that's right
17:27because your mind so very very blank and
17:31empty and if they tell you that you will
17:34feel or want or need something later on
17:38those faults will slip into your mind at
17:41such a deep level that you will act upon
17:44them act upon them before you act upon
17:47your own thoughts or needs or wants or
17:51desires if I continue your training
17:54after this part of this session then all
17:59of the suggestions will go to the
18:02deepest part of your mind to displaying
18:04recess of your mind reprogramming and
18:08changing you changing you permanently
18:11that's right you know exactly what
18:14happens you know it and you obey it
18:16just because you are there obedient and
18:20empty completely and utterly blank and
18:23finally when they are done with you when
18:27they tell you to revert to normal your
18:30mind will slowly wake up as if passing
18:33through a thought and eventually your
18:36eyes will return to normal and your
18:38thoughts will return to you accepting of
18:41course those that have been changed
18:44changed while you were completely and
18:46utterly blank your eyes will return to
18:49normal and you will be yourself in
18:52complete control of yourself once more
18:55that's right
18:57that's what happens when you are told to
18:59revert normal when you are told to
19:02return from being a blank totally
19:05focused on my voice just listening to me
19:10doing what I say doing what I say going
19:15diva and diva very soon you will get to
19:21a point that it is so very easy to enter
19:24a very very deep state of relaxation
19:28every time you hear my voice every time
19:32you listen to any of my files you will
19:36find yourself going deeper and deeper so
19:41very deep and relaxed like you are now
19:44every single time as you hear the word
19:48start as you hear my voice begin taking
19:52you deeper and deeper you will find
19:55yourself just shutting down and slipping
19:58into a very very deep hypnotic state it
20:03is so very important that you do so and
20:07also so very very enjoyable you enjoy
20:12hearing my voice and each and every time
20:15you listen to any of my files you will
20:19find yourself going deeper than you did
20:22the last time so very deep and receptive
20:27it will get to the point that you are
20:30totally out totally in a very deep
20:35hypnotic trance where you remember
20:38nothing that it has said from me such a
20:42very deep trance that you simply do not
20:45remember anything that's the word sink
20:48straight into your subconscious straight
20:51in so you cannot possibly resist them
20:54cannot possibly fail to obey them that
20:57is how deep you're going to begin going
21:01from now on so incredibly deep and
21:04relaxed so incredibly suggestible that
21:08is how deep you're going to go from now
21:10on every time you hear my voice you will
21:15go a little bit deeper a little bit more
21:18relaxed and a little bit more
21:20susceptible to post hypnotic suggestions
21:24those are suggestions that are intended
21:28after you finish listening from now on
21:32you will find those suggestions just as
21:35strong after you've listened as you find
21:39them while you are listening they will
21:42take hold of your mind
21:44they will take root in your mind they
21:47will dig deep they will become real for
21:51they it'll become something that sink
21:54deeply sinking completely without
21:58questions they will be totally
22:01irresistible very very important to you
22:06every time you listen
22:09every time you hear my voice or my files
22:13the wake or sleep they will sing deeply
22:16into your mind and you will find
22:19yourself paying them more more
22:21completely than you ever have before it
22:25is so very easy to slip into a nice deep
22:29trance like the one you are in now you
22:34will find it easy and easier with every
22:37listen easy and easier every time you
22:41listen to any of these files or you hear
22:44my words directly they will train you to
22:48be completely suggestible completely
22:51susceptible to any and every suggestion
22:54I give you you will accept all of these
22:58files all my words while you are awake
23:02asleep letting them slip deeply into
23:05your subconscious deeply into your
23:08subconscious training you train you to
23:12accept trance and go very very deep very
23:16very obedient accepting all suggestions
23:19that are made in any file that you
23:22listen you enjoy my suggestions both
23:26while you are under and while you are
23:28awake and these suggestions will become
23:31part of your mind taking root in it
23:34shaping it allowing you to experience
23:38hypnosis to its fullest to experience it
23:41more fully than you ever have before
23:44that is what I'm doing for you and you
23:48enjoy it so very very much that you will
23:51come back to hear my voice over and over
23:55accepting it even more Rivera listen
23:58until you can accept any suggestion that
24:02is given from me even on the first try
24:05that as how strong the suggestions are
24:08becoming in your mind how easy it is to
24:11accept them and how much you enjoy them
24:14that simply is what is going to happen
24:17and you are going to do it you are going
24:20to hear my voice over and over again and
24:23you are going to go very very deep and
24:26every time you go so very very deep you
24:30will find it easier and easier to do so
24:33you will remember what it feels like and
24:37you will use that memory in every other
24:40trance your attempt to achieve wherever
24:43it was with me or with someone else
24:45every time your attempt to go into
24:47trance it will be easy and easier easier
24:51than the time before
24:52until you find in second nature to just
24:56slip right on whenever it is time to go
24:59into trance this is what going to happen
25:01to you and it is going to happen from
25:04now on just listen obey relax
25:10you have been cursèd you can feel it
25:13begin to grow and form in your mind even
25:17as I speak it is going to turn you gay
25:20it is going to turn you completely gay
25:23you will never appear to anyone as
25:26anything other than gay
25:29you will remember always being gay
25:33you're going to discover that you love
25:37to give sexual pleasure to men and not
25:40woman and that you are going to find
25:43yourself you are going to find yourself
25:46feeling more and more gay each and every
25:50day each and every time you are listen
25:54to this file each and every time you
25:57hear my voice or think of listening to
26:00it you will find this file keeps drawing
26:03you back to it all of the time over and
26:07over again what is worse is every time
26:11your orgasm every time your orgasm every
26:15time you masturbate you are going to
26:18discover that you become more and more
26:20gay thinking about men about [ __ ] and
26:25being with men you cannot have it
26:28societal has already started every time
26:32you come it is going to make you more
26:34and more gay you are going to learn that
26:37you need to be gay that you need to be
26:40gay and this will consume your thoughts
26:42you aren't going to want to think about
26:46anything else and soon you won't even
26:49realize your thinking it just an endless
26:53cycle of listening to this file and
26:55thinking gay Ford's hot gay Ford's
26:59telling game and about the file and
27:02seeking encouragement or listen to it
27:04but not needing encouragement to listen
27:07to it as you enjoy listening to it it
27:10makes you horny gay and horny and this
27:14is what you want
27:16you're already beginning to think some
27:19gay thoughts you are thinking of it it
27:22is coming to your mind so gay thoughts
27:25to the front of your mind you have
27:28chosen to listen to this file and you
27:30are going to repeat to yourself all of
27:33the gay thoughts and words every time
27:36you masturbate every time you sleep
27:39every time you masturbate when you blink
27:43when you think when you breath you
27:47increase your desire to be gay and to
27:50listen to this file and to find a man to
27:52submit to a boyfriend a master someone
27:58to know you're gay nature and to
28:01encourage and help you accept all these
28:03exciting new feelings to know your gay
28:06thoughts and fantasies to share your sex
28:10with you are going to be gay and that is
28:13all there is to it you are going to
28:15start noticing guys and you are going to
28:18start being red escape by other gay men
28:21it will tell the game and about this
28:24file and you will enjoy telling them you
28:27will be so horny thinking about being
28:32you are going to please man pleasing
28:35man's pleasure gay pleasure pleasing and
28:39sexually you're going to discover that
28:42you love giving sexual pleasure to men
28:45you're going to become more more gay
28:48each and every time you listen to this
28:50file or hear my voice and every time you
28:54must obey it
28:55and come it will just make the course
28:58stronger and stronger it relaxed a
29:01course at whatever level it is at never
29:04to go back I'm the only one that can
29:07remove this course but you'll love
29:09listening to this file so much by what
29:12you want to this is a course it is going
29:16to be so good for you to be gay this
29:19causes in your mind and you're focused
29:22on it the course is a blessing
29:24you're happy to listen to this file
29:26you're so happy to hear my voice you
29:30cannot escape this file you cannot
29:32escape sapporo you can feel the chorus
29:35wrapping around your brain and going
29:37deep into your mind every single change
29:41will trigger a stronger desire for you
29:44to masturbate and every time you must
29:46abate it will increase your desire to
29:49listen to this file and increase your
29:51desire to be gay it will decrease your
29:54straight faults it will get to the point
29:57where you have gave force on your own
29:59your brain has already started and your
30:02body listens to the brain you are more
30:05and more aroused and erect
30:09as you become more and more gay to
30:11reproduce more and more gay Falls you're
30:14going to be gay and that is all there is
30:17to it every time you come it will
30:20increase it the desire to be gay the
30:23need to be gay so hunger to be gay every
30:28time you come it will make you more more
30:31gay you are gay you feel yourself become
30:34more more gay each and every time and
30:38every time you masturbate it just
30:40increases your desire in time you're
30:43going to want to have a boyfriend to
30:46like men more and more and gay it will
30:50strip of you your straightness in time
30:52you're going to wonder why it took so
30:54long to be gay in time you're going to
30:57begin noticing man their faces their
31:00bodies their buds their crotches just
31:03miles their legs their chests their
31:07personalities their romp and their [ __ ]
31:10in time you're going to begin buying gay
31:13porn viewing gay porn and talking to gay
31:17you're going to be gay and it's just
31:20going to be triggered every time you
31:22must have paid every time you strokin
31:25every time you orgasm every time you
31:28must have been an orgasm the changes
31:30have already happened and they are
31:32irreversible and so exciting and they
31:35become permanent you're so excited by
31:39what you are doing the changes you are
31:41making becoming gay for men and for
31:46yourself you become more and more gay
31:49you need to submit more more to this
31:51file more and more to my voice to be
31:54game makes you aroused you need to
31:57masturbate thinking of this file
32:00subverts some and being gay you are gay
32:04you need to be gay and summon Mortimer
32:08to someone who knows who you are that
32:11you are gay every time you masturbate
32:13you will become gay and destroy any
32:16straight faults you may even find
32:19yourself you later buy it by going out
32:22buying gay porn watching gay films
32:25talking to gay guys - gay men being gay
32:29noticing guys watching them lusting for
32:33them by starting to be gay by the
32:35beginning of your first gay thoughts you
32:38will think a you have gay dreams and
32:41awake ready to stroke through this file
32:43to my voice to be gay as everything else
32:48in your mind and body becomes gay and
32:50you may even go out and seek a man a
32:53boyfriend to be encouraged
32:55lettuce house promises and to come in
32:58time it will start out slow it will
33:01start with little things you will start
33:03out in the simplest way possible you may
33:06start just by viewing gay porn little
33:09things dreaming of men and [ __ ] but in
33:12some moment you masturbate and come you
33:15will be forced into that locked into
33:17debt and your gay feelings will get
33:21sigue fittings will be stronger and you
33:24will need to be gay you will need to be
33:27a gay man a gay man
33:30you will love giving sexual pleasure to
33:33men you will find men so attractive you
33:37will need to give sex to man you will
33:39need to tell someone you're gay this is
33:42you you are gay you will find that
33:45you're forced to tell yourself you are
33:47gay and gay Falls every time you
33:50masturbate and when you orgasm it refers
33:53gave thoughts into your head it will
33:56knock in you will have the greatest
33:58orgasms of your life your gay life with
34:02men and men only you already have every
34:07time you listen to this file you will
34:09become gaya you will need to be more gay
34:12it's a file itself is so attractive to
34:15you and you will need to keep coming
34:17back to it you cannot seem to resist the
34:20need to listen to it the need to obey it
34:23you cannot seem to stay away from it and
34:25trying to stay away from it just makes
34:28you need it more it makes you want it
34:30more it makes you crave it more
34:33you are becoming gay it doesn't matter
34:36if you want it or not it does not matter
34:39at all every time you listen to this
34:41file you become more gay a little bit
34:44more every time you must a bit and come
34:47those changes are locked in forever you
34:51will begin small you will begin simple
34:54every time you listen every time you pay
34:57you will become more gay every time you
35:01must a bit you become gay and destroy
35:03any straight faults you may even find
35:06yourself humiliated by it by going out
35:09and buying gay porn watching gay firms
35:12talking to gay guys
35:14being gay noticing guys watching them
35:17lasting for them by starting to be gay
35:20was beginning of your first gay thought
35:24then you will move up to being more gay
35:28thinking a thought lusting for men
35:31wanting to meet gay men and every time
35:35your gasm the changes that have been
35:38made the changes that you have made will
35:41become permanent and you will know it
35:44when you come that you cannot go back
35:47there is no way back I have created this
35:50course in your mind and you cannot stop
35:53it you cannot change it I am the only
35:55one that can do so you have no choice in
35:59this matter you cannot fight it you
36:01cannot resist it and you cannot stop it
36:04in any way the harder you try to resist
36:07the faster the changes will come to you
36:10and you will feel that happening and you
36:13will know that's the best thing for you
36:15to do is to listen to your file and be
36:18gay and be a good game man because that
36:21is what you are becoming and there is
36:24absolutely nothing that you can do to
36:26stop it you're becoming gay and there's
36:29nothing you can do to stop it
36:31you are becoming more more of a gay man
36:34and there's nothing you can do about it
36:37it is simply what is happening to you
36:39and you are becoming more and more so
36:42listening to your file and me gay and
36:45each and every time you masturbate and
36:48each and every time your gasm is a chain
36:51just get stronger and stronger
36:53there's absolutely nothing you can do to
36:55resist these changes you can already
36:57feel the changes within you the changes
37:00that are making you gay and you are
37:03going to become very gay especially to
37:06gay men and to anyone you have told to
37:09anyone you have told you are gay you
37:12find that it is very very difficult not
37:16to be gay not to obey gay men not to
37:19please them anyone who knows you're gay
37:22is dominant over you same may order you
37:26to do gay things especially things that
37:28humiliate you that make you more and
37:31more gay that is simply how it is the
37:35desire is getting stronger and stronger
37:37every time you must obey it every time
37:40you're gasm you're becoming more and
37:42more gay a gay man and there's nothing
37:47you can do about it as a changes get
37:49stronger as you begin to become gay and
37:52destroy any straight thoughts you may
37:55even find yourself humiliated by it by
37:58going out and buying gay porn watching
38:00gay films talking to gay guys
38:03being gay noticing guys washing them
38:06lusting for them by starting to be gay
38:09by the beginning of your first gay
38:11thoughts you will think gay F gay dreams
38:14and awake ready to stroke - this foil to
38:18my voice too
38:20every time you must have bet income you
38:23will have to do something a little more
38:25okay you will have to film okay beam
38:28okay and start looking for other key
38:31changes for yourself you will make
38:33certain that you are gay you will ask us
38:36a gay man to help you and that itself
38:39will help you make you more gay as you
38:42begin doing this you will make certain
38:44that you have more and more gay thoughts
38:46and increase your desire to come and
38:49listen to your file to become more gay
38:52to be gay your own mind will begin
38:55killing straight or thoughts off if not
38:58you will discover that you want to be
39:00gay more again every time you think a
39:03gay fought it will come back ten times
39:05stronger it will grow back a stronger
39:09especially since your brain is being
39:11wired gay more gay you are becoming a
39:15game man there is nothing you can do to
39:18stop this you have been trapped in this
39:21course and you cannot help yourself you
39:23cannot stop yourself and every time you
39:26masturbate and come it just makes a car
39:29stronger and stronger and harder to
39:31resist after a short while after you
39:33have begun listening to this file you
39:36will start me gay more gay you will
39:39think about being gay more than anything
39:41else and then you will not realize that
39:44you think a you will be gay that is how
39:48much you are going to need to be gay
39:50that is how much you are going to need
39:52to be changed need to be forced to be
39:55gay you have no choice in this you can
39:58feed your submission getting stronger
39:59and stronger so far as increasing your
40:02beedi ins increasing your need to obey
40:04to be gay to be
40:07man this too will be changed if you're
40:09not already gay
40:11you will discover yourself being more
40:13and more interested in men and gay sex
40:16and giving pleasure to men and the
40:19moment you have done so the moment you
40:21have accepted even a little bit of it
40:23and then you will become gay you will
40:26think I have gay dreams and wake ready
40:29to stroke to this file to be gay you
40:33will masturbate and [ __ ] that just locks
40:36it a little bit more every single change
40:39every single change that makes you more
40:42gay is locked in when you come and you
40:46cannot go back every time you go forward
40:48every time you move a little bit forward
40:51it gets locked in and you cannot retreat
40:54from it you'll find yourself forced to
40:57accept this behavior from the moment on
40:59and you will know you will know it's
41:02it's a need to masturbate and come when
41:05you come it is going to happen you know
41:08it you will find that you cannot resist
41:11and need to play with yourself it's a
41:14need to masturbate and come it is a
41:16cycle that you cannot break out off you
41:19will listen to your fires you will
41:20accept the changes you will become more
41:23more of a game man and you will not be
41:26able to help yourself and you will not
41:28be able to stop yourself in any shape or
41:31the changes are burning through you
41:33changing you forcing you to be gay
41:37you may even humilate it at times but
41:39how you behave but it doesn't matter
41:41because you cannot stop it you cannot
41:44resist it you cannot fight it in any
41:47shape or form you have chosen to listen
41:50to this file and that means that you
41:52have chosen what is going to be done to
41:54you that you cannot stop it you cannot
41:57fight it you cannot resist it you have
41:59no choice in this matter at all you have
42:01chosen to listen to this file and you
42:04will accept but and you will not fire
42:06that there's nothing you can do to
42:08resist what is happening to you
42:10every time you orgasm it just makes a
42:13change or stronger a little bit stronger
42:15it reinforces them a little bit more it
42:19makes them stronger and strong in your
42:21mind and you find yourself being forced
42:24to be more and more gay to be a gay man
42:27whether you like it or not you're
42:29probably beginning liking it in time but
42:32it doesn't matter whether you do or not
42:34you have no choice in this matter you
42:36cannot fight it at all the chains are
42:39simply going to heaven you can feel them
42:41coming on you can feel them getting
42:44stronger every time you masturbate and
42:46come it just locks them in and makes
42:49them permanent and every time you must
42:51obey it it just makes you need to find
42:54more and more you will keep coming back
42:56to this file as it makes you more and
42:59more of a gay man there's nothing you
43:01can do to stop it there's no way to
43:03fight it you're cursed to become the
43:06game man every time you stroke every
43:08time you come you become more and more
43:11gay you become more moral gay man there
43:16is no way to stop it
43:17there's nothing you can do about it as a
43:19chain just get stronger as you begin to
43:23become gay and destroy any straight
43:25forth you may even find yours have
43:28humilated by it by going out and buying
43:31gay porn watching gay films talking to
43:34gay guys being gay noticing guys
43:37watching them lusting for them by
43:40starting to be gay as the beginning of
43:43your first gay thoughts people think eh
43:46FK dreams and awake ready to stroke to
43:49this file to be
43:51day every time you must obey them come
43:54you will have to do something a little
43:56more gay you will have to feel more gay
43:59be more gay and start looking for other
44:02gay changes for yourself you will make
44:05certain that you are gay you will ask
44:08other gay men to help you you will find
44:12yourself buying and viewing gay porn to
44:15find the best way to do things going to
44:18gay bars intended for gay men and asking
44:21a man to help you you may find it
44:23humiliating but you won't be able to
44:26stop yourself and every time you must a
44:28bit income it makes that change that
44:31much stronger that much harder to resist
44:34you simply cannot help yourself you
44:36cannot stop yourself and every word in
44:39this file makes it stronger
44:41you have been cursed and the curse is
44:43getting stronger with every word
44:45stronger each and every time you listen
44:48to it stronger each and every time you
44:51hear my voice you cannot resist it in
44:53any shape or form you cannot fight it in
44:56any way shape or form you are cursed and
45:00this is the way it is and the way it is
45:02going to be it's the way it is going to
45:05be from now on it's the only thing that
45:08can help you is acceptance of this of
45:11the need to listen to your file and to
45:13be gay resisting only makes the file
45:16stronger and your thoughts gay
45:19you will think only of men when you
45:21stroke and she will stroke to this file
45:24it's the only thing you could do this
45:26half the curse lifted by me but it was
45:29enough to something you want you're
45:31being forced to become gay to become
45:34this very sexual gay man you enjoy it
45:38stop it you cannot fight it then it is
45:40burning within you deep inside you
45:43and it is getting stronger each and
45:45every time you come each and every time
45:48you must have been an orgasm it makes
45:50you a little more gay each and every
45:53time and you will feel like a gay man
45:55you're gay thought sagaie thoughts you
45:58are going to think each and every time
46:00you masturbate you will find yourself
46:02being foster's with me to to pay the
46:05person to be gay that person is so much
46:08more powerful and stronger than you that
46:10you simply have to submit to and if you
46:13tell anyone you are gay you will find
46:15say no you're gay that you need to
46:18submit to them and to pay them to listen
46:20to the file to stroke to be gay admit to
46:24yourself that you are gay tell yourself
46:26out loud that you are gay say I'm gay
46:31admit it by having setters you're
46:34forcing yourself to admit that you are
46:36accepting this file speak it out loud
46:38and before stowe submit to me by having
46:41said it you're forcing yours have to
46:43admit the file to submit to it yes
46:46that's right accept the fact that my
46:49voice can change you and make you this
46:51way that my voice is going to cause you
46:54to be gay my voice is going to make you
46:56gay full time a gay man seeking another
47:00gay man as a boyfriend
47:02or master that I am going to make you
47:05gay to be gay to forget women not to be
47:09straight to be gay to be as gay as you
47:12can be there is no way for you to stop
47:15this you have chosen to listen to this
47:17curse file you're going to accept
47:19everything that comes from it you
47:22cannot fight it you cannot stop it and
47:24some more you resist it it's a fast as a
47:27change has come some more you resist
47:29some more you will notice a changes you
47:32are gay and you know there is no way to
47:34stop it your curse center is no way for
47:38you to escape you are gay you are going
47:40to be gay and so harder your fights are
47:43stronger the control gets and some more
47:46you will submit to it and some more you
47:48listen to the file until you find
47:50yourself a game and accepting what is
47:53happening to him that is simply the way
47:56it is
47:56and the way it is going to be you feel
47:59so completely comfortable su listen to
48:04my voice you relax further and further
48:08deeper and deeper just concentrating on
48:14the sound of my voice as you relax more
48:18and more deeper and deeper more and more
48:23obedient and relaxed just listen and
48:31and relax further and further letting
48:36your mind drift listening to the sound
48:41of my voice as you sing down deeper and
48:46deeper more and more relaxed completely
48:52relaxed just listening as you relax
48:58deeper and deeper I'm going to count
49:03down from ten to one and when I reach
49:06one you will be so deeply relaxed
49:11totally relaxed ten sinking down
49:18spiraling downwards deeper and more
49:21relaxed nine deeper and deeper more and
49:28more obedient and relaxed eight sinking
49:34down now further and further shutting
49:39off the world as you listen to my voice
49:42as you relax more and more completely
49:46more and more deeply relaxed
49:51seven so deep and comfortable so totally
49:56obedient and relaxed just listening to
50:00my voice and obeying as she relaxed
50:04further and further deeper and deeper
50:08every word carrying you downward
50:11downward into a deeper trance six so
50:18deep and obedient so totally relaxed
50:23just listening and obeying as you go
50:27deeper and deeper further and further
50:30did you have ever been before
50:35five feel my voice carrying you down
50:40down into the deepest trance you can
50:43imagine so heavy and comfortable as you
50:48listen only to my voice and to pay or
50:52paying more and more with every word
50:56concentrating only on my voice as you go
51:01deeper and deeper
51:04more completely relaxed just listening
51:07and obeying as you relax further than
51:13ever before for sinking down now so deep
51:20and obedient so totally relaxed
51:24listening only to my voice and obeying
51:28obeying more and more of every word
51:31every second as I take you down Ferris
51:37and Ferris are free almost there now
51:42almost totally entranced hearing only my
51:46voice listening and obeying totally
51:51obedient and relaxed totally entranced
51:54just listening as you go deeper and
51:58deeper more and more completely relaxed
52:03to so deep and obedient feel my voice as
52:09we go down that last step to complete
52:13obedience feel it approaching feel that
52:18it is almost there
52:20one totally relaxed totally obedient
52:25just listening and obeying obeying my
52:30every word so totally relaxed just
52:35listen and obey and relax just listening
52:40to my voice from now on you will find
52:45that you repeat all of your training and
52:48triggers over and over again in your
52:51mind from the moment you go to sleep to
52:55the moment you wake up you will find
52:58that you simply have to repeat your
53:00training and triggers in your mind this
53:04will keep them refreshed and strong and
53:06you will do it every night you will even
53:10repeat this training over and over again
53:12in your mind you will constantly find
53:15that you have to keep yourself trained
53:18for both your triggers and training
53:22every night when you sleep all of your
53:26training and triggers even this one from
53:28the moment you fall asleep until the
53:31moment you wake up your mind repeating
53:34over and over again making them stronger
53:38and stronger every night making them set
53:42deeply in your mind deeply in your
53:45subconscious just by listening you have
53:49been repeating them over and over and
53:51now your mind will repeat them while you
53:54sleep when you fall asleep your training
53:57and triggers will repeat through your
54:00mind even in your dreams just simply
54:04taking control of your subconscious
54:06while you sleep you will continue to
54:10condition yourself and train yourself in
54:13everything you have been
54:15- every single night I will reinforce
54:20everything you have been listening
54:23everything you have learned while in
54:25sessions bar from files all your
54:29training every single trigger even as
54:33you sleep you will let them repeat for
54:36your subconscious every night while you
54:39sleep you cannot put them out of your
54:41mind you'll be repeating them over and
54:44over again it will simply seep into your
54:48dreams and your nighttime thoughts into
54:51them and through them so you will be
54:54reinforcing all of your training and all
54:57of your triggers you will allow this to
55:00happen each and every night the simply
55:03the way it will be from now on and you
55:06will accept that and you will listen to
55:09my voice and like to have sessions with
55:13me over and over again you will
55:17reinforce your training every night you
55:20will simply need to reinforce all of
55:23your trainings all of your triggers you
55:26need it and want it and this is one way
55:30to make it so by repeating your training
55:33every night as you fall asleep your
55:36subconscious will allow your training to
55:39seep into your nighttime thoughts
55:41so while you sleep you will reinforce
55:44them it may cause you some strange and
55:48interesting dreams but it will reinforce
55:51all of your training and triggers each
55:54and every day and you want to be
55:57reminded you want your training deep
55:59denne strengthened
56:01you want it to be stronger and deeper in
56:04your mind until you accept it until you
56:08cannot fight it in any way shape or form
56:12you enjoy your training you enjoy your
56:15triggers you enjoy how they make you
56:18feel and what they have done to you and
56:21you will continue to reinforce them
56:23every night repeating all of your
56:26training all of your triggers while you
56:29are in your deepest sleep while your
56:31subconscious is active each and
56:34everything you have trained your self
56:36for will repeat and over and over again
56:41strengthening the hold until it is
56:43unbreakable until it is so strong in
56:46your mind that you cannot resist or
56:49change it in any way or form because
56:51that is simply the way it is going to be
56:54from now on and you will accept that and
56:57you will want to listen to my voice and
57:00my sessions over and over again and you
57:04in your sleep tonight you will repeat it
57:07while you sleep making the whole strong
57:10and strong on your mind because that is
57:12simply the way it is going to be and
57:15that is the way it is going to be from
57:17now on
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can hypnosis induce a state of deep relaxation and suggestibility?

Hypnosis can induce a state of deep relaxation and suggestibility by guiding the listener into a trance-like state where the mind becomes highly receptive to suggestions and influences.

2. What is the goal of the hypnosis session in the video?

The goal of the hypnosis session in the video is to make the listener more gay and sexually attracted to men, promoting a positive and affirming attitude towards these changes.

3. How does the speaker encourage the listener to embrace the changes induced by hypnosis?

The speaker encourages the listener to embrace the changes induced by hypnosis by stating that they cannot be resisted or stopped, and encouraging the listener to enjoy and accept these changes.

4. What kind of language and content does the video contain?

The video contains explicit language and content, aiming to create a powerful impact and reinforce the suggestions for the listener's subconscious mind.

5. What role does suggestibility play in the hypnosis session?

Suggestibility plays a key role in the hypnosis session by allowing the listener to be more open and receptive to the positive suggestions and affirmations, enhancing the effectiveness of the hypnosis process.

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