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In this video, a killer confesses to brutally murdering his grandparents, and claims that he is a genius despite his idiotic actions. The detective interviewing him exposes gaps in his story and tries to get to the bottom of why he did it, while the killer shows signs of narcissism and deception.
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The family of Rick and Janet Swede made a horrific discovery when they found the couple murdered in their own home.
The family noticed a shattered window and no one answering the door.
Rick and Janet were found inside, both in pools of blood on their couch.
The police were called and the investigation began, with the couple's 17-year-old grandson, Isaiah, being unaccounted for.
Isaiah admits to killing his grandparents and is questioned by a detective about the assault rifle used and his emotional state.
Isaiah was raised by his grandparents since he was four years old due to his mother's substance abuse.
The detective ensures that there is nothing medically preventing Isaiah from answering questions.
Isaiah admits to using an assault rifle to shoot his grandparents.
The detective tries to reassure Isaiah and emphasize his intelligence and normalcy.
The detective tries to calm Isaiah down and suggests focusing on getting past the situation.
He reassures Isaiah that there's nothing wrong with him and emphasizes his intelligence and normalcy.
The detective mentions that people who know Isaiah have spoken highly of his intelligence.
Isaiah may have had an emotional response after killing his grandparents, as he kissed them after the act.
Isaiah mentioned that he wanted to make sure his grandma was the only one he cared about.
He claimed that the side of his grandma's face was blown off and that her brain was exposed.
Isaiah prayed for forgiveness immediately after committing the act and expressed a desire to take it back.
Isaiah confesses to the detective about shooting his grandparents and reveals that his friend suggested the idea of nicotine poisoning.
Isaiah admits to shooting his grandparents and mentions that his friend suggested the idea of nicotine poisoning.
The detective suspects that Isaiah may have left out details to protect himself.
Isaiah reveals that he took various items from the crime scene after the murders, including weapons, clothes, and electronics.
Isaiah mentions that his friend Dalton accused him of the crime before he received confirmation from others.
The detective discusses Isaiah's narcissism and his communication with friends after the murders.
Isaiah's snapping his phone in half to avoid being traced is seen as a sign of narcissism.
Isaiah contacted his friends and confessed to one of them about the theft and murders.
Isaiah made alarming statements on Twitter around the same time as the murders.
The detective asks Isaiah about his run-in with law enforcement on the day the bodies were found.
The detective questions the suspect about killing his grandparents and the suspect denies it, but the detective has evidence suggesting otherwise.
The suspect received multiple phone calls accusing him of killing his grandparents.
The suspect denies being involved and claims to have thanked the police for apprehending him.
The detective reveals that they have evidence, including a picture of the gun used in the crime, suggesting the suspect is lying.
Isaiah's body language indicates low confidence as he pleads with the detective to believe what he's saying.
Isaiah's grandparents have treated him terribly and he has experienced various wrongdoings.
Isaiah's grandma always vouched for his actions, making it difficult for him to report any of the incidents.
Isaiah shares that his involvement with drugs and run-ins with the cops were influenced by his abusive environment.
The detective reveals that Isaiah's question about seeing someone comes as a surprise, indicating that there may not be a way for him to meet that person.
00:00I didn't know what to do anymore so I
00:02just snapped see my Grandpa's head boom
00:04pull the boat back I'm thinking how fast
00:07am I gonna run I was like
00:10everybody wanted that house deserved and
00:12I did he just dropped and I heard blood
00:15just pouring out of his head he's
00:17assaulted me before he's had so many
00:20different things wrong to me my grandma
00:22looks over and she's like what's going
00:24on Boom
00:25okay this is an emergency uh we we
00:29noticed a window off to the side and uh
00:33one person went in and looked and
00:36discovered a body okay do you know who
00:39it is
00:41on May 13 2012 the family of Rick and
00:46Janet Swede made a horrific Discovery at
00:48the couple's home in Manchester Iowa
00:51they had no idea the dark secrets that
00:54were soon to be uncovered but in this
00:56Twisted case it was the police who were
00:59left shocked at the admissions of a too
01:01honest killer a killer who you will hear
01:03from in an exclusive never before heard
01:07the relatives of Rick and Janet sweet
01:09had planned to celebrate Mother's Day as
01:11was their yearly tradition but as the
01:14family approached the house that day
01:16they instantaneously felt that something
01:18was very wrong
01:20this feeling was confirmed when they
01:22knocked on the door and no one answered
01:24immediately they noticed that one of the
01:26windows had been shattered but in no way
01:29could they predict the gruesome findings
01:31that lay inside peering through the
01:33broken glass they glimpsed a horrifying
01:36sight Rick and Janet were inside both in
01:39pools of blood on their couch murdered
01:42in their own home shocked and in a panic
01:45a call to 9-1-1 was quickly made
01:50inside and I noticed a gunshot wind
01:54through the window and so rather than go
01:57in and explore we're calling you but a
01:59burning question lingered in the air who
02:02could have committed such an evil Act
02:04the horror of the discovery was made all
02:07the worse as the investigation began
02:09Rick and Janet's family members quickly
02:11informed the police that there was one
02:13person still unaccounted for the
02:16couple's 17-year-old grandson Isaiah
02:18sweet who lived in the home with them
02:21fearing that he may have met a similarly
02:23grisly end authorities began looking for
02:26the missing teen but they never could
02:28have imagined what they would uncover
02:30when they finally caught up with Isaiah
02:33on May 14th the day after the bodies
02:36were found Isaiah was finally located in
02:39Cedar Rapids after previously driving 75
02:42miles to Iowa City apparently the
02:45teenager was spotted walking towards a
02:47park and was quickly pursued by nearby
02:49officers Isaiah seemingly tried to
02:52outrun them but quickly surrendered once
02:55he heard the sound of police dogs on his
02:56Trail now knowing that no harm had come
03:00to Isaiah at least not the kind that his
03:02grandparents had suffered the police
03:04were eager to hear if he had any insight
03:06into the horrific crime
03:08he was promptly brought in for an
03:10interview you'll notice that Isaiah's in
03:12handcuffs and you'll soon understand why
03:15put those things off you fight a little
03:19bit better oh yeah you're gonna be good
03:21with me right yes sir all right the
03:23detective offers to remove Isaiah's
03:25handcuffs as a gesture of Goodwill and
03:27to try and build positive rapport with
03:29him this also serves the purpose of
03:31removing the constant reminder that
03:33Isaiah is in police custody which may
03:36help him feel more comfortable why don't
03:38we shut this thing for privacy okay
03:41grab some of that food okay Isaiah
03:43Isaiah since we haven't officially met
03:45hey my name is Richard
03:48I am a police officer I don't look like
03:51it but I figure this is a little bit
03:53more comfortable for me so after this is
03:55there any way to go to the hospital for
03:57this I get I cut it open on a rusty
03:59fence and absolutely sure I'm worried
04:01about tetanus yep no absolutely Isaiah
04:04isn't being interviewed in a typical
04:05interrogation room but instead is in
04:08what appears to be the detective's
04:09office this isn't ideal as there are
04:12numerous distractions that will be a
04:14constant reminder of where he is I'm
04:17going to show you this here this is
04:18called a statement of Rights and
04:20acknowledgment of the waiver okay great
04:22roommates Island anything I can say
04:23Canada will be a court of law write to
04:25an attorney if I cannot afford one will
04:27be appointed you've got those things
04:29down already okay let me read these two
04:31is that all right all right Isaiah may
04:33be trying to show off or appear smart by
04:36reciting his Miranda rights however all
04:38he's done is prove that he's quite
04:40familiar with the criminal justice
04:42process possibly due to past encounters
04:44with police regardless it's the
04:47detective who must read Isaiah his
04:49Miranda rights and he agrees to continue
04:51talking without a lawyer being present
04:55oh yeah go ahead now down when was the
04:59last time you had something to eat four
05:00days ago you haven't eaten anything in
05:02four days all right and we got more food
05:05so if you wall that stuff down you want
05:07to keep going we've got more food we can
05:08keep it coming you guys make me feel
05:10like I didn't do anything
05:11why do you say
05:14well let's put it like this I'm not
05:15gonna be lying to you guys about
05:16anything you asked me I appreciate that
05:18no problem okay Isaiah appears to be
05:21taken off guard by the warm treatment
05:23from the detective especially when it
05:25comes to being offered additional food
05:27this puts the detective in a very good
05:30position and Isaiah may be more inclined
05:33to give him the information he wants to
05:35continue to receive this kind of
05:38they're not going to take this from me
05:39are they what is it this is a real Rolex
05:41okay where'd you get that from I found
05:43it in a Hobo's tent down there yeah it's
05:45CR okay we'll just keep it up there and
05:47we'll probably do with that later cops
05:50there was like four or five cops and in
05:52Cambridge yep looking for me okay and
05:54one of them came up to me started
05:56talking to me asked if I knew where I
05:58was because I was like no so he didn't
06:00recognize you I was like no I don't even
06:01know where he's at like I have my hair
06:03back to here now what would have been
06:06one of the reasons you were pulling your
06:07hair back trying to not be seen yeah
06:09yeah absolutely at first he was asking
06:12if I saw the other cop so I was like
06:14nope and I was like do you know Isaiah
06:16Swedish and I was like no idea not clue
06:18who that is what do you thinking that
06:19the whole time he's asking that I'm
06:21thinking how fast am I gonna run as soon
06:23as he walks away from me what I want you
06:26to do right now is just kind of relax go
06:28ahead kind of Mound down like I said I
06:30want to kind of start and kind of walk
06:31back through some things first all right
06:33okay more than anything I want to know
06:35what the [ __ ] brought me to what I did
06:42okay hey Isaiah
06:45if you if you cry I that's totally fine
06:48man I respect that okay
06:51oh let me go back so bad how come
06:58so much they didn't deserve that how
07:01come they didn't deserve it if anyone in
07:03that house deserved that I did
07:11take your time brother they raised me
07:13since I was born I would failable
07:21Janet and Rick had taken custody of
07:23Isaiah when he was just four years old
07:25due to their daughter's inability to
07:28care for him Stacy sweet Isaiah's mother
07:31had allegedly suffered from substance
07:33abuse and could no longer support her
07:34young son but her parents were more than
07:37willing to take him into their home
07:39immediately Isaiah will answer one of
07:42the questions of looming over the
07:43investigation but even with this reveal
07:46there are even more disturbing questions
07:48left to be uncovered when you say what
07:51happened that night at the house what
07:58would you shoot him with Isaiah
08:00assault rifle an assault rifle you
08:03remember what it looks like black okay
08:06with that black bold action
08:1010 or more round clip
08:12it's uh
08:15Czechoslovakian okay AR-15 okay okay
08:19it takes a lot to admit that Isaiah okay
08:22that's not an easy thing to do
08:25okay and Isaiah this is okay and I
08:27appreciate that although Isaiah has just
08:30admitted to killing his grandparents the
08:33detective so desperately wants to get to
08:35the bottom of how this horrific crime
08:37came to be in doing so he ensures that
08:40there is nothing preventing Isaiah from
08:42answering any question that may be
08:44thrown his way
08:45how you feeling right I mean you're with
08:48me right now like well I don't really
08:50know like
08:52lunch okay let me let me ask you this
08:55Isaiah you understand who I am yes you
08:57understand I'm a police officer you
08:59understand that the guys who brought you
09:01up here why they they had to find you
09:03okay and they brought you up there
09:04there's nothing medically right now
09:06that's preventing you to talk to me no
09:08sir right but you understand the
09:10questions I'm asking you right now okay
09:12there's no there's no question that
09:14you're not smart enough to handle these
09:15questions okay and you know what I I get
09:19that I think yeah there's like stupid
09:21Choice yeah and sometimes we do Isaiah
09:23look at me I'm not we're gonna be able
09:25I'm going to well and that's you know
09:27what Isaiah part of this is it what
09:30you're doing today by telling me the
09:31whole truth as far as what happened not
09:33only what's leading up to it but what
09:35happened during it I know it's gonna be
09:36tough to walk through when we need to do
09:38that okay and then we need to talk about
09:40what happened afterwards okay all the
09:42details we need with this this is your
09:45chance to start healing yourself on the
09:47inside walk me through Friday what's
09:49going on Friday walk me through the time
09:51you wake up on Friday morning
09:58when someone's gaze drifts to the left
10:00after they're asked the question this
10:02generally indicates that there is some
10:04inner dialogue going on in their head
10:06this doesn't necessarily mean they're
10:08being deceptive however detectives will
10:11take note of this Behavior home
10:18and then I went down to the basement
10:22up the there's a door that goes into the
10:25garage from the basement I went up to
10:27the garage and then their room took the
10:29assault rifle out of the room and then
10:31I'll loaded it with their bullets walked
10:34up the stairs
10:36took like a point like this I had
10:39earbuff Zone and everything I took a
10:41point like this stepped up one stairs so
10:42I could see my Grandpa's head boom pull
10:45the trigger back pull the bolt back shot
10:47my grandma twice in the head where's
10:49your dad said they were both sitting on
10:52the couch okay and where were you at I
10:54was on the stairs coming up like coming
10:56up from that Landing okay because I've
10:58I've heard I haven't been inside your
11:00house but you know so many guys were up
11:01there the other day and they're kind of
11:03going through a hollow point assault
11:04rifles then I went up to him and I just
11:07broke down started crying I told him I
11:09watched how long ago apparently the
11:11teenager was heading down a tumultuous
11:13path filled with partying substance
11:15abuse and rebellious Behavior
11:18during his high school years Isaiah had
11:20supposedly begun to fraternize with a
11:22crowd of older kids where he used
11:24substances such as marijuana and
11:26methamphetamine along with this he
11:29allegedly possessed severe learning
11:30disabilities making his education all
11:33the tougher to accomplish
11:35unfortunately this only led to further
11:37issues as Isaiah dropped out of high
11:39school at the age of 16. it seemed that
11:43after this the unruly teen's dangerous
11:45actions were beginning to manifest at
11:47home during the course of the last year
11:50leading up to the horrendous crime Janet
11:53and Rick had called the police 18
11:55separate times on account of Isaiah's
11:57unpredictable nature
11:59on one occasion that in hindsight would
12:02foreshadow the events that followed
12:04Isaiah threatened to kill his
12:06grandfather and hurt his grandmother
12:07along with burning the house down on
12:11September 8 2011 police once again made
12:14their way to the infamous house to try
12:17and stop the emerging incident they
12:19instructed Isaiah to calm down but
12:22instead of obeying the command the angry
12:24teenager retaliated by going at his
12:26grandparents once more before being
12:29handcuffed and placed on a couch
12:31it's reported that once calm Isaiah was
12:34informed that he would be charged if the
12:36officers had to return to the house
12:38numerous other encounters consisted of
12:40the same nature of violence substance
12:43use and threats at one point Isaiah was
12:46supposedly threatening Rick and Janet so
12:48much that they wanted him to be placed
12:50in foster care but they were promptly
12:52notified that this wasn't an option as
12:55Isaiah's mother would have to be the one
12:57to take him in which the grandparents
12:59did not want
13:01on April 11 2012 the most recent call to
13:04the police was made due to the fact that
13:06the teenager was using a lighter in
13:08aerosol to make a blowtorch inside the
13:12when police arrived Janet insisted that
13:14rather than arresting Isaiah she simply
13:17wanted him under control the officers
13:20helped to calm the situation before they
13:21left without incident another call to
13:24law enforcement occurred when the
13:25grandparents suspected that Isaiah had
13:28been using illegal substances which was
13:30confirmed once a search discovered a
13:32marijuana pipe within the residence
13:35despite the history of police calls
13:37Isaiah tells a very different story of
13:39this turbulent period in his life and
13:42you'll hear it all for yourself I'm
13:45trying to kill myself every single night
13:46since it happened
13:49take your time man
13:54it's possible that Isaiah is seeking
13:56attention or sympathy from the detective
14:00I just want to know what's wrong with me
14:02well would you agree there's there's
14:05nothing wrong with you Isaiah would you
14:07agree with me on that
14:09from this standpoint Isaiah look at me
14:11okay okay
14:12I don't think that there's anything
14:14wrong I'll just go to prison for the
14:16rest of my life well Isaiah let's not
14:18focus on that right now let's focus on
14:19one getting past this thing right now as
14:21far as what happened okay if you can
14:24focus on those details with me okay
14:26worry about all that other stuff later
14:28okay you're a normal smart kid right
14:31okay you're not in your head at me yes
14:33all right and I've talked I spent the
14:35last two days with a bunch of our other
14:36agents we've been talking to people that
14:38know you I haven't heard one person that
14:39said you know what that guy's a [ __ ]
14:41you're a smart guy okay
14:44all we've had we've talked to all your
14:47friends okay people that used to know
14:49you from school
14:50okay in Isaiah the story that they're
14:53telling us is that you're you're a
14:54pretty smart kid would you agree with
14:56the intelligent yeah okay so I don't
14:58think that there's anything I took an
14:59Act recess stick out of 32. okay that's
15:03pretty good yeah it's pretty good but
15:05you interview with me there's nothing
15:07wrong with you right you just
15:10whatever came over me understand that
15:12though okay the detective may be trying
15:15to confirm that there is nothing wrong
15:17with Isaiah that could potentially
15:18indicate that he was not in his right
15:20mind when he committed the murders at
15:23the same time it's possible that he's
15:25flattering Isaiah about his intelligence
15:28as a way to build rapport let me ask you
15:31about this I think you mentioned that
15:32you went downstairs into the basement
15:35which did you go for first did you go
15:37for the rifle or would you go for the
15:38ammunition walk me through that look
15:40when I went downstairs first
15:43I was just gonna hit them both into the
15:45head but I'm back okay so it would be so
15:48messy you know it would be gunshot from
15:50a Extremely Loud assault rifle sure
15:53what's going through your mind when
15:54you're making that choice when I came up
15:56I came up right behind my grandpa when
15:58he was washing dishes with a bat by hand
16:00and I put it right behind his head
16:03came back like this and I couldn't do it
16:05that night yeah okay did he notice you
16:07were back there and I came up behind
16:09about 15 different times and he didn't
16:11notice me once what about your grandma's
16:15emotionally it would be much more
16:17difficult to kill someone with an object
16:19like a bat or knife it would most likely
16:21take numerous strikes to actually kill
16:23the victim so the perpetrator would see
16:26their facial expressions and reactions
16:28as they were attacked this may have been
16:30part of the reason why Isaiah chose a
16:32murder weapon that would almost
16:34guarantee a quick finish it also creates
16:37physical distance between the
16:39perpetrator and the victim making it
16:41easier to carry out the ACT okay what
16:45was uh where was grandma
16:48she was sleeping okay The Gunshot won't
16:51grow okay The Gunshot when you shot your
16:53grandson dude she looked over her
16:55husband his brain was hey yeah it was
16:58that like I'm not even being exaggerated
17:00at all sure and I wasn't up there like
17:03this whole part of the sun right here
17:05was gone and then my grandma's right
17:08here all that was gone
17:10okay did did when you and we're kind of
17:14getting away from that I know we're
17:15gonna do that okay go ahead and take it
17:17if you could buy your sandwich you know
17:19kind of help calm me down a little bit
17:23when you went down to go get you with
17:25and got the ammo first right we went and
17:27got her what got the blood okay this was
17:30after I had it out with the bat okay
17:32what got the assault rifle find it down
17:36in the basement down to the ammo box
17:38into the basement there's over 30 000
17:40rounds for that assault rifle over there
17:42is is does he keep his ammo down there
17:45so you knew his ammunition was
17:47downstairs okay does he keep going under
17:49lock and key or nope okay so you knew
17:52that you knew that you'd have free
17:53access to it okay
17:56and so did did uh what did you do next
17:59about the hollow point rounds because I
18:01do do the most damage
18:03when asked by the detective why he chose
18:05the hollow points Isaiah states that he
18:08didn't want his grandparents to go
18:09through any pain indicating that he
18:12didn't intend to injure or maim them but
18:14in fact clearly wanted them to die so
18:18you knew that the solid ones they might
18:20have lifted though okay you didn't want
18:22that yeah oh what shot my grandpa he
18:26just dropped and I heard blood just
18:28pouring out of his head my grandma looks
18:30over and she's like what's going on Boom
18:34shot right there grazed her head and she
18:36was still moving so I shot her right
18:38here how close were you Isaiah
18:43I could have made the shop 300 yards I'm
18:45an amazing shot but I was probably about
18:4710-15 feet away if that oh no honestly
18:51from the barrel of the gun that my
18:52grandpa said
18:5316 feet next the detective asks Isaiah
18:57why he wasn't able to go through with
18:58using the bat as the murder weapon how
19:02would you stop why didn't you why didn't
19:03you referring myself to put them through
19:06any sort of pain okay and I think you
19:08mentioned it would have been too messy
19:10too right no that's I didn't want it to
19:13be messy that's why I wanted to do it
19:15with a bat okay okay did you think the
19:18bat would be a cleaner way oh yeah okay
19:21had you thought I mean had you done any
19:23research on the internet about this or
19:25yes sir okay what like what kind of
19:27websites did you go to oh let's put it
19:29like this I was talking to the best way
19:31to kill somebody and all this and if I
19:34would have waited one more day I would
19:36have killed the cleanest way possible
19:37which is what nicotine boy sleep
19:42and Isaiah you understand that these are
19:44your grandparents
19:46you know that they're human beings
19:48they're people right
19:49you're not in your head at me yeah
19:54is there any particular time why you
19:56only shot Grandpa once
19:58because I heard blood pouring out of his
20:03you knew he was dead oh okay and and why
20:07why the two shots with Grandma she moved
20:09right after I shot her okay did she look
20:11at you or did she say anything after she
20:13like twitched and I I thought maybe oh
20:16it's probably just the twitch they get
20:17after they die where they just like
20:20X create on themselves sure sure yep I
20:24know what you're talking about
20:25I just wanted to make sure she was the
20:28only one that I actually cared about
20:31I think you were closer to your grandma
20:33than your grandpa
20:35how long have you been living with them
20:36since I was born
20:40honestly it was yours myself that night
20:43how come
20:45you could say the deserve it I did when
20:48it's over okay and and you know you know
20:52that did you check to see if they had a
20:55pulse did you check them at all like I
20:58was the whole side of her face was blown
21:00off and so it says so like his brain was
21:03like all the coffee okay but she didn't
21:05go over and you know just to just to
21:06double check the pack but loved okay
21:10why'd you kiss him because I love them
21:12kissing his grandparents after killing
21:15them could be an indication that Isaiah
21:17may have had some sort of emotional
21:18response after all but at the same time
21:21he may be lying as he would have likely
21:24gotten blood on his face or clothes and
21:26he made no mention of changing before
21:28packing his bag and leaving if he is
21:31lying he may be trying to present
21:32himself to the detective as remorseful
21:34or caring furthering this Isaiah then
21:38states that after he had committed the
21:39unthinkable acts he prayed for
21:42forgiveness did you pray for forgiveness
21:44because you knew what you did was wrong
21:46right away I just did right away I
21:50wanted to take it back I don't know why
21:52I did it okay
21:55after after that you know you said your
21:58taxes and stuff and then you left
22:00how much time did you spend in the house
22:03an hour an hour we could go straight to
22:06Cedar Rapids develop with my
22:08ex-girlfriend last or the assault rifle
22:11out on 13. okay
22:14on Highway 13 or didn't see it all the
22:16way back so okay I figure if someone
22:19sees a really nice gun man on the side
22:21they'll probably pick it up okay
22:22surprised the police didn't find him for
22:24me okay well and we'll talk about that
22:26too okay this signals that the detective
22:28may already have knowledge regarding the
22:30murder weapon and the police might even
22:33have it in their possession as you're as
22:35you're as you're getting stuff ready in
22:37the house uh did you pick up any stuff
22:39take anything out
22:47this is the first time that there is a
22:49long pause prior to Isaiah responding
22:51long pauses are often associated with
22:54deception especially if it's not typical
22:57of the person's speech patterns when he
22:59finally gathers his thoughts Isaiah
23:01states that he took his TV knives
23:04Hydrocodone pills and nine dollars from
23:07his grandparents after killing them he
23:10goes on to describe what he did
23:11following the crime which shockingly
23:13consisted of going to numerous parties
23:16with friends are you wearing the same
23:18clothes that you were wearing Friday
23:19night yes sir so these are the same
23:21clothes yes
23:23that's in the impound
23:25okay are these the clothes that you were
23:27wearing when you shot your Grandpa
23:28Grandma yes sir okay is there any blood
23:31on them from my finger okay what
23:34happened to your finger oh from that but
23:36I mean from you oh actually I I was
23:39wearing sweatpants and no shirt with
23:41eyeshadow okay because I didn't want to
23:43get blood on these shoes over the shirt
23:45because they're nice jeans there's no
23:47blood on anything I made sure I didn't
23:49get any sort of DNA from either of them
23:52on me okay
23:54this is a direct contradiction to his
23:56previous confession of kissing his
23:57grandparents after having shot them if
24:00his claim of not wanting to get any
24:02blood or DNA on him is true then he
24:05probably wouldn't have physically
24:06touched the victims where did the blood
24:08go when you shot him
24:10where like blood everywhere chunks of
24:14like the house is massive and there was
24:16like points where it's like here's the
24:21hey let's hear a little kitchen 15 feet
24:23away and there's a chunk of this big
24:24Lane in there can you go look at it yeah
24:26what do you think I picked it up and I
24:28looked at it and I could see it was for
24:30my grandma didn't that freak you out a
24:32little bit kinda kinda I was I was like
24:35oh well I'm psychotic murderer anyway so
24:37it doesn't really matter but you're not
24:39psychotic I know you're not psychotic
24:41people often think that any murderer is
24:44psychotic when in actuality psychotic
24:47refers to a specific set of symptoms
24:48which may or may not be present in a
24:52psychotic generally refers to psychosis
24:55which involves someone losing touch with
24:57reality a person with psychosis may have
25:00hallucinations or delusions and is
25:02unable to distinguish between real life
25:04and the world inside their head Isaiah
25:08hasn't reported any symptoms of
25:09psychosis and he appears to be well
25:11aware of what he did both at the time of
25:14the murders and now the detective likely
25:17wants to put on record that Isaiah
25:19understands he was not psychotic when he
25:21killed his grandparents so that it can
25:23be presented as evidence when the case
25:25goes to court I feel really good about
25:28myself being so compliant that way
25:30you should I mean and here's here's one
25:33of the things too guys and I want to
25:35make sure that this is abundantly clear
25:36is that I know that
25:38as we've talked through these things
25:39don't embellish anything with me okay
25:42you got to shoot me straight okay I need
25:45to know okay who is over at the house
25:47who you talk to and it's not you
25:50snitching you know what that is it's you
25:52telling me are they going to get
25:54I have no control over whether or not
25:56all right later let's put it like this
25:58there was one more gun and I took that
26:01but I didn't use it what gun was that uh
26:03sawing off 12 gauge okay what'd you do
26:05with that sold it okay and then I gave
26:08the assault rifle to Brandon allers gave
26:10the TV to Brandon dollars she didn't
26:12throw it you didn't throw away the nope
26:14again okay then they transported out of
26:16town right away okay how come they
26:18transported okay they didn't want hot
26:19guns did you tell them it was hot they
26:22knew I'd killed my grandparents they
26:23came in the house right after it
26:24happened and why would Brandon be going
26:27over to your house he wanted to steal
26:29the truck the white truck okay he wanted
26:31that white truck did he talk to you
26:33about that yep how did he talk to you
26:35guys he wanted to know where the title
26:38he wanted to know where everything was
26:40or it was my ass okay and did he tell
26:43you that I mean had you told him that
26:45you'd killed your grandparents okay and
26:47what did he say he was the one who gave
26:48me the nicotine poisoning suggestion I
26:51thought you said you got that over the
26:54I wasn't it's possible that rather than
26:57protecting other people as he claimed he
26:59left this part out of the story for
27:01self-serving reasons
27:03he may have known that there was no
27:04explanation for people being in the
27:06house after the murders that would fit
27:08with his narrative to the detective
27:09about how he was immediately remorseful
27:12if somebody told you what to do I need
27:14to know that if you found on the
27:15internet I need to know that but don't
27:17mix those two up okay you gotta shoot
27:19straight with me he told me about all
27:21this and I looked at a bucket okay when
27:24did he tell you about that same day
27:26Friday on Friday what did you tell him I
27:29told him I just plan on like killing him
27:31taking some believe and he was like
27:34you're gonna give me that assault rifle
27:35and that's on off Isaiah tells the
27:38detective that immediately after
27:40shooting his grandparents he went to
27:42pick up Damien a friend of his before
27:44supposedly bringing him to the crime
27:46scene that fact that Isaiah brought his
27:49friend over to the house after
27:50committing the brutal Act is disturbing
27:52to say the least
27:54Isaiah now tells the detective that he
27:56took a sought-off shotgun a knife the
27:59rifle the truck all of his toiletries
28:01the TV and some clothes from the house
28:04afterward he drove Damien back to the
28:06house of their friend Brandon's
28:09then another detective enters the room
28:11with food for Isaiah before the two make
28:14small talk well honestly I broke my
28:17phone in half a couple nights ago
28:18because Dalton calls me he's like you
28:20killed your grandparents so I was like
28:24nope never happened you know just denied
28:27it all because of all my friends calling
28:29I thought he was just about me and then
28:30this girl sent me a picture of new Squad
28:33and a bunch of cops in front of the
28:35house so I snapped my phone enough as
28:37they talk Isaiah mentioned something
28:39particularly tragic
28:42my mom doesn't even know what's going on
28:43right now kind of worried about that but
28:45sure oh well let's understand I want
28:48your mom yeah
28:50I know her parents are dead
28:53oh she doesn't know it all no she
28:55doesn't know her parents are doing when
28:56was the last time you talked to her
28:57probably two three hours before I
29:00stopped my phone I called her okay she
29:02was pretty much the only person I didn't
29:04tell the real story to okay I told her I
29:07was on the run and a few of my friends I
29:10was like oh I stole the truck and just
29:12left sure
29:13a couple of them oh I killed my
29:16grandparents oh oh let me come over the
29:18house and Lou
29:19Isaiah's story seemed to be rather
29:21jumbled but this could be out of anxiety
29:23from the interrogation or the fact that
29:26he knows he is caught and there's no way
29:28out at this point when the first
29:30detective enters the room again he
29:32begins to question Isaiah's tale
29:34regarding his apprehension why why you
29:37run from the cops
29:39what were you afraid of
29:44one of my friends in Sierra told me that
29:46they were gonna handle me extremely
29:48roughly because I did what I did yeah
29:50and I didn't want to get tased or sure I
29:54just wanted to get shot why do you want
29:56to get shot so that I would never
29:59okay why didn't you want to kill
30:01yourself because it was too damn hard it
30:03just doesn't work ever this didn't work
30:05never works okay I just think God wants
30:08me here for some damn reason okay why
30:11why why do you think then uh it was okay
30:13to shoot your grandparents but not
30:19I mean that's a tough question to ask
30:21right I know what you're saying it
30:22wasn't okay
30:23it wasn't okay was it
30:25however his Claim about wanting to get
30:28shot is incongruent with his behavior of
30:30coming forward with his hands up when he
30:32was surrounded by police Isaiah may be
30:35once again looking for sympathy from the
30:37detective by saying that he wanted them
30:39to kill him despite Isaiah's confession
30:42of his actions before during and after
30:44the shootings he still has yet to State
30:47exactly why he killed his grandparents
30:49did you look outside to see if any of
30:52the neighbors oh yeah okay how come I
30:54mean why'd you look outside because I
30:57well I took a shower and packed
30:59everything up I wanted to make sure no
31:01neighbors like call the cops holy [ __ ]
31:03did you why I mean did you check
31:04yourself for did you see if you got any
31:06blood on your end I had nothing on me
31:08nothing I mean did you look oh yeah I
31:10was far enough away to a point where
31:11nothing like all the stuff went they all
31:14went that way and I was this way okay
31:17I mean there's probably some traces of
31:19guts and brains on my feet because I
31:22kept stepping on people and those really
31:24good what were you I mean were you
31:25barefoot when you shot them okay
31:28and yeah wash your feet or anything
31:30since then well no I did take a shower
31:33at my therapist scratch up this negates
31:35Isaiah's previous statement that he took
31:37a shower at his house immediately after
31:39the shooting and is yet another hiccup
31:41in his story he goes on to explain how
31:44his therapist Candice is his aggression
31:47replacement therapy teacher and is one
31:49of the few responsible adults in his
31:51life if not the only one later however
31:54exactly how Isaiah arrived at her home
31:57following the crime will be uncovered
31:59and it only goes to show that wherever
32:01Isaiah was trouble wasn't too far behind
32:05what's aggression replacement treatment
32:07how not to do stupid that gets people
32:10besides me her okay how not to hurt
32:13people around you okay I'd pass a class
32:16the week this happened you've been doing
32:17pretty good in the class good okay
32:20Isaiah states that he took the rifle
32:2212-gauge shotgun and TV to Brandon's
32:24apartment in Cambridge where the friend
32:26was allegedly going to buy the guns
32:29supposedly Isaiah was never compensated
32:31as a result of Brandon's involvement
32:34Isaiah has some concerns I know they're
32:37probably going to be in jail for a while
32:39for this are they going to go to the
32:41same building as me I have no idea it's
32:43not really that's what I'm really really
32:45worried about I have no idea I saw
32:48brainer earlier really yeah I told you
32:50we were talking to your friends would
32:51you ask what'd you talk to them about
32:53we're trying to find you
32:55they didn't know where you were at
32:59did they know where you were at oh yeah
33:01the whole time oh yeah I was in contact
33:03with them every single day okay with
33:06what it's my phone the detective informs
33:09Isaiah that he is well aware that the
33:11teenager's cell phone had abruptly been
33:13shut off during the course of events on
33:15Sunday May 13th but he wants to hear
33:17from Isaiah just how that came to happen
33:20one of my friends sent me a picture of
33:22the crime scene told me I told my
33:23grandparents so I snapped my phone in
33:24half so they can trace it okay
33:32you are I've got a Criminal Mind okay I
33:34do this is likely a sign of narcissism
33:37as Isaiah may see himself as Superior
33:39and more clever than other people and
33:42once again the detective portrays a
33:44sense of admiration which is likely to
33:47play into Isaiah's narcissism and keep
33:49him talking about that way so I've got
33:53an everything so when you're when you
33:55say you're talking to these guys when
33:56you when you're kind of on the run
33:58before you broke your phone
34:00are you texting them are you
34:02communicating with them on Facebook what
34:04are you doing texting calling okay you
34:06got any access to the internet on your
34:08phone it was a flip phone I was tweeting
34:10a storm up though and I think I updated
34:12my Facebook status a couple times
34:13through like you can text it to Facebook
34:15okay what were you updating on your
34:19I don't know what I was on Facebook but
34:22I know I was tweeting a bunch of random
34:24this old black dude said that was really
34:26high and I thought it was hilarious
34:28Isaiah did in fact contact his friends
34:30following the murders even confessing to
34:33one of them his additional crime of
34:34theft texting a stolen Chevy Avalanche
34:38Cham his friend's response a simple LOL
34:42followed by Isaiah's chilling return I'm
34:46along with this Isaiah began to post
34:48alarming statements on Twitter starting
34:51on May 11th the same day of the murders
34:54Isaiah stated no excuses no apologies
34:57followed by I'm dying but his next quote
35:00was even more horrifying as it was
35:02posted around the same time as the
35:04violent shooting was committed at 12 10
35:07a.m on Saturday May 12 he wrote time to
35:11live my life
35:12the detective switches gears by
35:14inquiring about Isaiah's run-in with law
35:16enforcement on the early morning of
35:18Sunday May 13th you'll recall that this
35:21was the day Rick and Janet's bodies were
35:23found two days after they were shot
35:26apparently Isaiah had been driving two
35:29girls around Iowa City in the previous
35:31hours making several appearances at
35:33nearby parties as the night was coming
35:35to a close they stopped at the fast
35:38break convenience store located on
35:40Naples Avenue and someone in the group
35:42allegedly tried to open the locked doors
35:44of the business thereby issuing an alarm
35:46trigger when police arrived Isaiah and
35:49his passenger supposedly denied any
35:51involvement but police would later claim
35:54they were indeed lying not only that but
35:58Isaiah failed to provide a valid license
36:00as his was previously suspended for an
36:02unknown reason in an attempt to
36:04cooperate the passengers allegedly
36:06notified the officers that Isaiah was
36:08hiding drugs in a duffel bag within the
36:10vehicle along with a hunting knife but
36:13Isaiah denied permission for law
36:15enforcement to search his truck and
36:17instead told them that he had various
36:19drugs stashed away Isaiah was quickly
36:23taken into police custody where it was
36:25discovered that he launched another
36:26string of abnormal tweets at 6 a.m on
36:30Sunday May 13th he posted damn can't
36:33wait to get out of the Cop Shop hashtag
36:36six unnecessary hours numerous others
36:39are too explicit to read but nonetheless
36:41Isaiah was not afraid to say what was on
36:44his mind as he tweeted away on his phone
36:47at the police station officers notified
36:49Isaiah that he could only be released
36:51upon the authorization of a legal
36:53guardian since he was underage the
36:56teenager swiftly realized that this was
36:58a massive issue as his two legal
37:01Guardians were thanks to his doing no
37:04longer alive
37:05according to him he lied and told law
37:08enforcement that his grandparents had
37:09been in Minnesota on a fishing trip and
37:12had limited cell phone service but they
37:14would be able to get in contact with his
37:16mother sure enough Stacy allowed Isaiah
37:19to be released and handed over to his
37:21therapist Candace where Isaiah
37:23supposedly ate sausage eggs and hash
37:25browns and took a shower not too long
37:28after his short-term stay at her house
37:30Candace seemed to find a shocking object
37:33within her residence and thought that it
37:35may have belonged to her patient Isaiah
37:38immediately she contacted the local
37:40authorities without his knowledge let me
37:42ask you this is is we got a call from
37:45her today is there any reason that there
37:47was a 40 caliber round that was found up
37:50nothing did you have a handgun on you at
37:52all no sir no 40 caliber rounds lie
37:55detect me for that no sir okay so 40
37:58caliber round it would have found it
38:00what was it found in her house really no
38:04sir not from you no sir okay for sure
38:07absolutely not okay
38:09although the 40 caliber round was
38:11identified at Candace's home it has
38:14never been confirmed as to who it
38:15belonged to Isaiah states that his stay
38:18at his therapist house lasted a mere
38:20hour and a half before she supposedly
38:22drove him back to the Cambridge
38:23Apartments where he met up with a girl
38:26named Alicia
38:28did anybody even try to go to my phone
38:33that's that's one of the things that we
38:35commonly do is we try and get phone
38:38records yep and every if you have murder
38:41charges or something felony like that
38:44you can get phone records like that yeah
38:46how do you know that I don't know I know
38:49but how do you know that I mean you're
38:50researching it I know I know a little
38:53bit of everything about everything
38:54honest ly like I just you learn
38:57something new every day sure Isaiah
38:59appears to possess several narcissistic
39:01trades such as being egotistical and
39:04having a grandiose sense of self he
39:06views himself as a very smart criminal
39:08which is incredibly ironic given that he
39:11was arrested so soon after the crime and
39:13is currently being interrogated
39:16let me look back at my notes Here make
39:18sure I'm not missing anything
39:22if you want I can look through them and
39:24tell you if you missed yeah I bet you
39:26could it's possible that Isaiah is once
39:28again implying that he thinks he's
39:30smarter than the detective and could
39:32more easily find any mistakes he's also
39:35likely very curious about what the
39:37detective has been writing down about
39:39him but of course the detective does not
39:41allow this to happen so who all do you
39:44think you've told about this
39:48Brandon foreign
39:57or afterwards
39:59I don't know when he started texting
40:01people but okay I got so many goddamn
40:04phone calls about oh did you kill your
40:06grandparents I heard you killed your
40:09killed a little out of here oh I started
40:12freaking out on people oh they took you
40:14into custody down there and they finally
40:15got you but you say you were proud of
40:17what you did
40:20it could be a red flag for deception
40:22that Isaiah's way of responding has
40:24changed from talking at a normal volume
40:26to suddenly shaking his head rapidly and
40:28responding quite softly okay we heard
40:31that you said hey I'm proud of what I
40:32did and you know I got what's coming to
40:34me no when I got when I said when I got
40:37out of the car is I thanked them for
40:40apprehending me okay and that they did
40:44their jobs right and I thank them for
40:45not tasing me like doggy me okay okay
40:48somebody told us that you'd and not that
40:51there's somebody who must have heard me
40:52wrong okay I actually did thank them I
40:55told them those I respect them a lot for
40:57what they did okay and did you say hey
40:59dude I know what I told him I deserved
41:01what I um I deserve what I got coming to
41:03me okay thank them for apprehending me
41:04because you understand what you did yes
41:06with your grandparents okay and it was
41:08anybody else that did it it was you yeah
41:11right there was nobody else in that
41:13house with you okay the detective has
41:16been concealing a rather large piece of
41:17information the ghost to show that the
41:20Killer teen had not been completely
41:22honest so far you know essentially at
41:24the end of the day you know I was going
41:26to show you a picture of the gun
41:30would that be
41:32can that beat again
41:35it's kind of a dark picture
41:38yes it is
41:41how do you know
41:44they know lots of things
41:48that the gun that you used yes okay
41:51you guys have this gun don't you
41:58you said earlier that you're you're
42:00pretty smart we're pretty smart at what
42:01we do obviously we do good work oh you
42:05traced my phone calls and my text
42:08messages and figured out right in an
42:10we ended up with the ended up with the
42:15that's what college
42:16prior to the shooting Brandon had
42:19offered advice to Isaiah on how to use
42:21the rifle which ultimately ended the
42:23lives of Janet and Rick Additionally the
42:26pair discussed other ways to kill the
42:28victims the morning of May 13th Isaiah
42:31told Brandon that he could break into
42:32his grandparents home and take whatever
42:35he wanted when Brandon arrived he snuck
42:38into the home but supposedly left in a
42:41hurry and didn't notify the local
42:42authorities as he was allegedly nervous
42:44about the situation Brandon eventually
42:47sold the rifle to another friend but the
42:50gun was turned over to the police once
42:52the bodies were discovered
42:54still the question of why has yet to be
42:57answered but as Isaiah reveals what
42:59drove him to commit the ultimate crime
43:01he loses all control
43:09like what my grandma's dying of cancer
43:12my grandpa called me peace every night
43:15of my life and every day that he
43:18constantly told me to just kill myself
43:20or fall off the Earth they treated me
43:23like I tried so hard to help my gravel
43:26with everything but my grandpa made
43:28everything so hard because he's always
43:30stressed me out screaming me for no
43:32reason and I didn't know what to do
43:34anymore so I just snapped
43:36who shot both of them and stole the
43:39okay if Isaiah's claims are true this
43:43type of long-term verbal and emotional
43:45abuse from his Grandpa would have been
43:47extremely damaging however it's
43:49important to keep in mind that he could
43:51be lying in order to provide a
43:52justification for his actions after all
43:55he doesn't say that his grandma was
43:57abusive and he still killed her as well
44:00we also cannot verify any of these
44:03claims what did she and why did you why
44:06did you shoot grandpa first
44:09pretty why
44:11he's made my life a living hell okay how
44:15long had you been thinking about doing
44:18that one day that one day that one day
44:23all I thought and thought and thought
44:26but I never really made a plan okay when
44:29you say I thought and thought and
44:30thought what kind of things are you I
44:31wanted to kill my grandpa but I never
44:33wanted to hurt my grandma Yeah
44:37it's just that kind of just left her
44:43you did it
44:45Isaiah's legs are shaking possibly from
44:48the anxiety of being questioned or
44:51reliving the trauma of committing a
44:52violent crime if he had previously been
44:55a danger to himself as he claims this
44:57could also be the cause of his notable
44:59trepidation okay did he see it coming
45:02even Donuts I mean where was he was so
45:05drunk and high on his
45:07oxycontinence let me do this if I can if
45:10you stand up real quick
45:13if I'm your grandpa sitting on the couch
45:15like you uh are we this close I'm gonna
45:19sit like this okay
45:21tied it down like that I was right about
45:24here on the stairs okay so is he hunched
45:27over is he asleep yeah no no he's just
45:29out of it on his drugs yeah he was
45:32hunched over like
45:34oh I was on the fourth or fifth stare
45:36down at first so I could I could see his
45:38hair from there so when I took the first
45:41shot I took one step up I stare up so I
45:44could see his whole head shot where did
45:46that shot him first shot straight
45:49through his head right here right Temple
45:52okay a right Temple oh no like right in
45:55the temple right in the temple okay and
45:57what'd he do
46:01smack the space off the coffee table so
46:04when you when you're coming up the
46:06stairs did you kind of sneak up the
46:07stairs a little bit I was like
46:10how come I didn't want to hear me okay
46:14okay then like as soon as and where's
46:17Graham I took this step right here
46:19gravel would be like three feet to the
46:21side anyway okay okay and I want
46:25step up first there took the shot
46:27stepped up the second stair took two
46:29more shots hey Grandma
46:32by demonstrating how the killings
46:34occurred the detective is solidifying
46:36the fact that this shooting was not in
46:38self-defense or in any way provoked by
46:41his grandparents gravity terribly nobody
46:44would ever believe it he's assaulted me
46:47before he's done so many different
46:49things wrong to me okay but he didn't do
46:52anything to you that night and
46:55I could never report any of it
46:58because my grandma would always voucher
47:01if it made me look like a bad one yes
47:03like he'd smoke pot with me and I dealt
47:07with cops and he'd just be like nope
47:09never happened
47:10notice that Isaiah's hands are Palm up
47:13as he talks which is known as the
47:15rogatory position when someone holds
47:18their hands in this way they may be
47:20pleading with the other person to
47:21believe what they're saying the rogatory
47:24position indicates low confidence so if
47:27someone makes a statement that they know
47:29for a fact is true their body language
47:31should reflect high confidence
47:33when I got busted for paraphernalia when
47:36I got put on probation that was his
47:38fight I tried so many times to tell the
47:41cops that they were like it's in your
47:42room and I was just like it was this
47:44though the detective handles a question
47:47raised by Isaiah that is sure to come as
47:49a complete surprise
47:51yet no I don't think they have Isaiah I
47:55don't know I haven't heard will there be
47:56any way I'd be able to go to him that I
47:58couldn't tell you oh and I'll tell you
48:00since you're shooting straight with me I
48:01doubt it okay
48:04um I don't know I don't make that call
48:05well I don't want my family to kill me
48:07anyways okay although we are able to
48:10hear from Isaiah throughout the
48:11interrogation he spoke with us in an
48:14exclusive never before heard interview
48:15where he expanded on the alleged abuse
48:18and gave us a deeper look into what he
48:21now believes led to that fateful day
48:23there was
48:28a ET I
48:30suppose I've gotten shot twice before I
48:33was 17.
48:35I like I didn't think I was gonna be
48:37around that one that that wasn't a
48:39thought I didn't I had no regard for my
48:42life whatsoever everything I did was so
48:45obviously a cry for help that it didn't
48:48make sense
48:49and nothing good happened nobody tried
48:53to help nothing
48:55so in my head I was like all right I'm
48:57on my own so I'm just gonna I don't know
48:59like what do I do and then once I want
49:02house arrest like you can't even get
49:04away from the problems at this point so
49:08how do you eliminate the problem don't
49:10don't get me wrong I'm not saying that
49:13other people failing me throughout my
49:15life is the reason I did it I at the end
49:17of the day I'm the reason I did I chose
49:19to do what I did but a lot of things
49:21could have happened if I would have had
49:24Isaiah explains the alleged abuse that
49:27he endured at the hands of Rick and
49:32he's like hey like like they'd call the
49:34cops and I'd be like he literally just
49:37hit me and I defriended myself what am I
49:41supposed to do or
49:42like he had a bunch of lanes in the
49:46backyard and they knew about it and they
49:49were like oh that's just ditch we just
49:50leave that alone they just pulled the
49:52plants and left them alone and there was
49:54a few occasions where I was like okay he
49:57assaulted me like literally and my
49:59grandma was like no it didn't happen
50:01that way he hit him first and they'd be
50:02like well if you press charges you're
50:04both going to go to jail because they
50:06both say that you did it first and it's
50:08their word against yours and no one's
50:10gonna listen to a dumb kid who cares
50:11about the kid right doesn't matter if a
50:1315 year old's getting his ass kicked
50:15that's that's irrelevant his claims
50:17about his feelings toward his
50:18grandmother seem to be Ever Changing
50:20during this particular account it seems
50:23he's placing at least some of the blame
50:25on her which is in contrast to his
50:27statements during his interrogation I
50:30wanted to kill my grandpa but I never
50:31wanted to hurt my grandma she she was a
50:35mega enabler and the the verbal abuse
50:38and the emotional abuse was from her
50:41she was the one that was doing a lot of
50:43the screaming and like she'd always back
50:45him up and like great example I was I
50:49attempted I was like all right I'm just
50:51gonna leave and she's like I wish you
50:53would have just ended up to yourself
50:54making it work it would have been a lot
50:56easier on us like she'd say [ __ ] like
50:58that well I don't want to just tell my
51:00story because it'll help me get up
51:02because obviously I know that that's
51:04one of the first thoughts but the first
51:08thought the initial thought is this
51:09could help a lot of kids like if some
51:11kid that's 16 years old is getting his
51:14ass beat
51:15here's me talk about it and how it feels
51:19to be alone and it helps them and they
51:22actually go and talk to somebody about
51:24it and that's what telling my story
51:27that's where we live in all the forms
51:29like the biggest thing I want to do with
51:31my life I want to be an advocate for
51:32at-risk youth because I feel like if
51:35somebody would have just talked to me
51:37and really understood what I was going
51:39through and been like hey I get that
51:41like but you're okay like you're not by
51:45I think that probably would have changed
51:48a lot because the hardest part about it
51:50was feeling like I was alone today
51:52Isaiah has seemingly Found A New Path
51:55even accomplishing some rehabilitative
51:57programming along with achieving his
51:59career Readiness certificate his
52:02co-conspirator Brandon ahlers took a
52:04plea agreement to testify against Isaiah
52:06and was sentenced to 18 years in prison
52:09for his part in the horrific murders
52:11this story doesn't end here though when
52:14police were finally able to search the
52:16grandparents home they allegedly found
52:18numerous internet searches on one of the
52:20computers locating various methods on
52:23how to kill someone in another sickening
52:26find according to new sources
52:28authorities supposedly uncovered
52:30inappropriate photos of children the
52:33pictures were allegedly found under the
52:34grandfather's account but nothing else
52:37has ever been revealed about the
52:38horrendous discovery
52:40during Isaiah's trial a clinical
52:42psychologist testified that during the
52:45time period of the crime Isaiah
52:47possessed the emotional maturity of a 12
52:49to 14 year old but this did not stop the
52:52killer from facing the inevitable
52:54consequences initially Isaiah was
52:57sentenced to life in prison without the
52:58possibility of parole but in an
53:01unexpected turn of events the Judgment
53:03was overturned after four years behind
53:06bars Isaiah was re-sentenced to life in
53:09prison with a Chance of parole without a
53:12minimum incarceration time this means
53:15that there is no telling when or if he
53:18will be released
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1. What are the key points in the confession of the killer?

The killer confesses to brutally murdering his grandparents and claims that he is a genius despite his idiotic actions. He shows signs of narcissism and deception during the interview.

2. How does the detective approach the killer's confession?

The detective exposes gaps in the killer's story and tries to get to the bottom of why he committed such a heinous crime. The detective's investigation reveals the killer's deceptive behavior and narcissistic traits.

3. What are the motives behind the brutal murder of the killer's grandparents?

The video explores the motives behind the killer's actions and delves into the psychological aspects of his behavior. The detective tries to uncover the reasons that led the killer to commit such a violent act.

4. How does the killer showcase signs of narcissism during the confession?

The video highlights the killer's narcissistic behavior as he tries to portray himself as a genius despite committing a heinous crime. The detective's interrogation exposes the killer's narcissistic and deceptive tendencies.

5. What are the implications of the killer's actions and the detective's investigation?

The video delves into the implications of the killer's actions on his family and the impact of the detective's investigation on uncovering the truth. It raises questions about the dynamics of the criminal mind and the pursuit of justice.

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