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The video discusses why the Genshin Impact game is disliked, highlighting issues with gameplay, graphics, plot, and characters, ultimately expressing a strong feeling of hatred towards the game. The speaker believes that the developers earn billions of money despite the game's flaws, but hopes that at least one person will be saved from its degradation.
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Genshin Impact gameplay requires players to spend a lot of money to obtain new characters, leading to financial issues and dissatisfaction.
Players need to pay a significant amount of money to obtain new characters.
The gameplay revolves around spending money to progress.
Financial consequences can arise, causing dissatisfaction among players.
The video criticizes Genshin Impact for its gameplay mechanics and graphics.
The developers are criticized for creating a game that requires a lot of grinding and praying for character progression.
The graphics are described as low-quality with only 2 pixels per kilometer.
The game is said to be designed to run on cheap smartphones, but some reviewers praise the graphics.
The video compares the graphics to Cyberpunk, suggesting that Genshin Impact falls short in comparison.
The video criticizes Genshin Impact's graphics, plot, and characters.
The graphics are compared to those from 2007.
The plot is described as uninteresting and lacking depth.
The characters are criticized as being flat and serving as fan service.
The video suggests that players with low IQ are easily manipulated into spending money on the game.
The speaker expresses their boredom and hatred towards Genshin Impact, questioning the purpose of the game and its popularity.
The speaker finds the world of the game empty and encounters weak enemies.
They criticize the lack of variety in character design.
The speaker feels that playing Genshin Impact made them feel stupid and desires to compensate for the lost time.
They express hatred towards the game and do not understand its popularity.
The speaker believes that even if one player stops playing the game after watching their video, they have fulfilled their duty to society.
00:00Why genshin inpact causes hatred
00:03genshin impact is the most disgusting game of
00:07our time after playing which I experienced
00:09only hatred this is where it all began
00:12Sun Tzu
00:15wrote in his notes in the sixth century BC as a child
00:19I had a friend Arkady who wanted
00:21to become gay when he grew up his dream
00:24turned He started playing Genshin
00:31Gentlemen I greet you
00:33British scientists have found out that the average
00:36IQ level of Genshin players is
00:39slightly higher than the average IQ among
00:42stools And since my IQ is
00:4513.14 of the IQ of Einstein himself
00:51Not a single mistake, I don’t have anything
00:54remains How to enter into an unequal battle with an
00:56army of stools or as they
00:58call themselves a club for those who like to tickle
01:01their friend’s ass
01:06why I didn’t like playing
01:09this disgusting squalor and why
01:11it deserves only hatred chapter 1
01:15gay play Gameplay in genshin is very
01:19simple You have to pay money to
01:23pray a lot of money a lot of money
01:27even more money So until you have
01:30none left at all on
01:33your parents’ bank card And when your mother
01:36discovers the lack of money Then
01:38you will have to pray in reality
01:43Although you need to take off your hat to the
01:45developers of this hat to name the
01:48process of knocking out new characters for
01:51money, a prayer for another sucker to sit
01:55and pray while a prayer is read for the
01:57loss of a character, you need to be
02:00geniuses and the developers of geishit heart attack are
02:03really geniuses
02:05How to make such a parody of a fake of a
02:08real game and earn billions
02:11even Mavrodi could not foresee this and is
02:15probably spinning in his grave now by the way it would be
02:17ironic if the developers
02:20added the Great Schemer as one
02:23of the characters And when you get
02:25Mavrodi, the next 10 prayers
02:28are guaranteed to be without loot
02:37But what should gamers who don’t have
02:41money do? It’s all just that they pay with their
02:44time because in Genshin Infact you
02:47grind a lot, you grind to the
02:51opportunity to grind more has opened up, but
02:54even this will not be enough, because after you have
02:56grinded well, you go back to grind again.
03:00In general, this is how any day of a geishit player goes:
03:03he has a heart attack, he grinds and prays
03:06Chapter 2 The World and the Graphics The graphics here are
03:11exactly what every
03:14person playing Gate deserves 2 pixels per
03:19kilometer of the world - all this is done so
03:22that the game, again, I apologize for
03:25calling it a game, can be launched even
03:29on the cheapest smartphone, but for those who like to
03:32screw up brown porridge, this
03:34restores in any reviews and
03:37reviews that I saw on YouTube they are in the
03:39strengths genshina write
03:42excellent graphics excellent one smart guy
03:46even said that it is better than in
03:48cyberpunk True, he played cyberpunk
03:51only on the Fourth Curling Iron God where is
03:53this world going graphics of the level of
03:572007 and this is in 2023 similar Medvedev was
04:01wrong when he said that no one
04:03will return to 2007 year no one will ever
04:07return to 2007 Genshin lovers
04:11were able to use their incredible efforts
04:15to create a time machine and return to
04:182007 in terms of graphics this is the base and
04:23it deserves praise with such
04:25tenacity to eat this parasha it is necessary
04:27to be real masochists chapter 3
04:30plot and characters plot in gay heart attack is
04:35incredibly interesting Of course not, the plot is
04:38just an incredible story about a guy
04:41who finds himself in another world and of
04:44course begins to bend everyone over, a kind of
04:47anime hog that solves very
04:50important issues such as killing 5 chickens
04:54or collecting 10 apples or elegantly sitting
04:57on a bottle
04:59in general, very interesting all the rest of the
05:03characters are flat decoration and stupid
05:06fan service girl maid girl
05:09medic girl
05:11Oh it seems like a boy ok never mind all
05:14these meaningless characters are needed only
05:17so that lonely asocial
05:20players playing this jerking game can gather
05:24ideal friends for themselves but from the outside it
05:27looks very pathetic and if remember
05:31that the IQ of players in geishit heart attack day is
05:35low they don’t notice the catch and eat
05:38What they give and bring their money for
05:41extra chapter 4 personal experience of the game playing
05:45genshin inpact was a real
05:47test it was painful and it seems I
05:50received psychological trauma and I
05:53will need the help of a psychologist but Let's
05:55Let's get back to the point: walking through an absolutely
05:57empty world, occasionally bumping into
06:00some homeless people who fell apart from
06:03one blow, I experienced incredible
06:06boredom. I was wondering why all this was for,
06:10what's the point of it
06:15What's the point of even new garbage
06:19characters that dropped out and don't all look the same?
06:22were able to bring at least a little fun into the game, it
06:24even seems to me that I myself
06:30became a little stupid playing Genshin Heart Attack After all, I had a strong desire
06:32to make this video and at least somehow
06:34compensate for the lost time results
06:40what can be said about the most
06:43mediocre game of the last years, you can
06:46feel only one feeling for it, this
06:48feeling of hatred I
06:52hate I absolutely don’t understand how
06:55this cringe has so many fans, but
06:58unfortunately the developers earn billions of
07:00money and will continue to support this
07:03game and other video developers will
07:06try to make thousands of clones of success But if
07:09at least one the player will retire from his computer,
07:12this is the bottom after watching my video, I
07:15will already consider that my duty to
07:17society is fulfilled. After all, I saved an
07:19entire person from degradation, perhaps he
07:22will become a great scientist, he will invent an
07:24infinite battery,
07:30why do you hate Genshin, heart attack,
07:33write about it in the comments, I will be
07:35interested in reading your story But I
07:37thank you for your attention I wish you a
07:39wonderful evening and good mood
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is Genshin Impact disliked by many players?

Genshin Impact is disliked by many players due to issues with gameplay, graphics, plot, and characters. The game has faced criticism for its repetitive and grind-heavy gameplay, lack of depth in the story, subpar character development, and a gacha system that many find unfair and costly.

2. What are the specific gameplay issues that contribute to the dislike of Genshin Impact?

The gameplay issues contributing to the dislike of Genshin Impact include repetitive and grind-heavy gameplay, lack of challenging content for veteran players, and a resin system that limits the amount of rewarding activities players can engage in daily. These issues have led to frustration and boredom among the player base.

3. How do the graphics of Genshin Impact contribute to the negative reception of the game?

The graphics of Genshin Impact have received criticism for the lack of optimization on certain platforms, subpar performance on lower-end devices, and a visual style that may not appeal to all players. These issues have detracted from the overall experience and contributed to the negative reception of the game.

4. What are the main plot-related criticisms of Genshin Impact?

The main plot-related criticisms of Genshin Impact include a lack of depth and engaging storytelling, predictable and cliched plot twists, and a narrative structure that fails to immerse players in the game's world. Many players have expressed disappointment with the plot's execution and development.

5. How do the characters in Genshin Impact contribute to the negative feedback from players?

The characters in Genshin Impact have faced criticism for lackluster development, repetitive dialogue, and uninspired design for certain characters. Players have expressed dissatisfaction with the depth and variety of the game's roster, leading to negative feedback on the character aspect of the game.

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