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The video showcases a speedrun strategy for Germany in Hearts of Iron IV, where the goal is to defeat the Allies quickly without using paratroopers. The strategy involves focusing on infantry equipment production, justifying war against the United States, forming a faction with Yugoslavia, and launching naval invasions. The video also includes information on exploiting game mechanics and optimizing peace conferences.
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The speedrun strategy for Germany in Hearts of Iron IV focuses on defeating the Allies quickly without using paratroopers.
The production is focused on Infantry equipment.
Recruitment of Cavalry divisions is prioritized.
A naval invasion into northern France is planned.
Success of the invasion relies on the placement of French divisions.
The video discusses the strategy of justifying a war against the United States in order to increase tension, and the setup of divisions to win the war.
Justifying on the US yields the highest amount of tension increase compared to other nations in the game.
Divisions are split into armies of 20 and one army of 10, with the smaller army positioned on the border with France and the remaining 40 covering the border with Czechoslovakia.
The method to go to war early as Germany called "yugosstrad" was patched, so a new strategy is needed.
The video discusses the strategy of crushing the Allies in May 1936 in Hearts of Iron 4 Germany speedrun.
General Student is chosen for the operation due to his Commando trait.
Motorization priority is increased for the army to maximize mobility.
Taking Paris and high-value victory points is crucial for the French surrender.
The second invasion force takes advantage of a window of opportunity when the sea zones are not covered by the French or Royal Navy.
Germany uses faction wall mechanics to annex multiple nations during the war with the Allies.
Annexes nations without engaging in combat or taking territory.
Justifies and declares war on Poland, Belgium, Spain, Lithuania, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hungary, and Sweden.
Optimizes focus tree to bypass unnecessary focuses.
Ends the demonstration by achieving their goals in the peace conference.
00:00welcome everyone today we are going to
00:02explore a new and overhauled speedrun
00:04strategy for Germany in Hearts of Iron
00:05IV our goal is to defeat the Allies as
00:08quickly as possible without using
00:09paratroopers since the run is pretty
00:11short there isn't much I'll need to cut
00:13but I'll have to insert short breaks
00:15here and there to talk about things in
00:16more detail while playing on Iron Man
00:18and historical and with all DLCs enabled
00:20including the most recent one by Blood
00:22alone and no mods of course anyway enjoy
00:26this run is going to be over quite
00:28quickly which is why I ignored research
00:30altogether it's similar with
00:31construction but a couple more military
00:33factories are always nice to have
00:36to be able to pump out plenty of fresh
00:37divisions fast we are focusing the
00:39production solely on Infantry equipment
00:42for once I'm actually using the focus
00:44tree and go with Rhineland first
00:46next We Begin recruitment of as many
00:48Cavalry divisions as we are allowed to
00:50queue up afterwards we select our 30
00:52starting divisions split off tanks
00:54motorized and some infantry convert the
00:57remaining divisions to Cavalry to have
00:59more equipment available and move two
01:01converted divisions over to the smaller
01:04if everything goes according to plan
01:06these 10 divisions are going to defeat
01:08France for us since going through magino
01:10isn't an option if we're aiming for a
01:12speedy Conquest we're going to plan a
01:14naval Invasion into northern France
01:16I've played around with different setups
01:18for The Invasion but came to the
01:19conclusion that the success relies
01:21mostly on the placement of French
01:22divisions which is random every time
01:25I nevertheless found a concentration of
01:27forest works better than spreading The
01:29Invasion across too many provinces all
01:31that's left for the setup is assigning
01:33generals and the field Marshal sending
01:35the army of 20 to Willem as well and to
01:37recall All Ships and planes
01:40we now wait until we've accumulated 50
01:42political power in the meantime we keep
01:44Taps on the recruitment process of our
01:46new divisions
01:47we want to deploy them quickly which
01:49becomes possible at 20 training at the
01:52the purpose of these divisions is
01:54twofold we obviously need some units to
01:57defend our borders with but we also aim
01:59to maximize the Manpower in the field
02:01the letter isn't needed for the speed
02:03run but allows you to do an early
02:04Angelus of Austria in case you intend to
02:06continue playing after the goal of this
02:08run is achieved simply pumping out
02:10divisions at regular Pace won't cut it
02:12though which is why we're switching to
02:14the much more manpower consuming
02:15infantry template
02:17as a consequence our available Manpower
02:19is going to continuously drop over the
02:21course of the next few weeks by pumping
02:23out more and more soon to be converted
02:25Cavalry divisions with barely any
02:27equipment or training to their name we
02:29speed things up even more
02:31with 50 political power available to us
02:33we can now begin a justification against
02:35the United States the only reason why we
02:37choose them is that justifying on the US
02:39yields the highest amount of tension
02:41increase compared to all other nations
02:43in the game more on that in a minute
02:45first we return to deploying and
02:47converting new divisions after we've
02:49reached a total of 50 we've got more
02:51than enough to do the job and cancel the
02:53recruitment process
02:55we're going to split the divisions into
02:56armies of 20 divisions and one Army of
02:5810 divisions the smaller Army is going
03:01to amend the border with France the
03:03remaining 40 are covering the border
03:04with Czechoslovakia this is all the
03:07setup that we need to win the war but
03:09how are we going to start it manually
03:11justifying a Wargo tax until October and
03:14even if we tease it really hard the
03:16focus tree won't provide a Castle's
03:17belly anytime soon either
03:19so what now the previous method to go to
03:22war early as Germany called yugosstrad
03:24was patched a while ago right what was
03:27it well let's find out
03:32the first two pieces of what I call a
03:34race biking are already in place the
03:37reinland focus and our justification
03:39against the United States after the
03:41focus is finished it's time to trigger a
03:43race biking the Rhineland Focus yielded
03:46us another 120 political power on top of
03:49the 50 we've accumulated again we're
03:51going to spend it all now on repeatedly
03:53justifying counseling and justifying
03:56again the easier see the effect this is
03:58going to cause I've opened up the
03:59tension history in the background
04:02if we now unpause you can clearly see
04:03that although canceled the second and
04:05third justification against the US are
04:08still increasing world tension we can
04:10even cancel the fourth ongoing one it'll
04:12behave just the same
04:14the fifth justification tops it all off
04:17as a result tension now increases by
04:19roughly one percent per day
04:21I don't think it's needed to say but
04:23this is clearly not working as intended
04:25and will most likely be addressed in a
04:27future patch but until then I'll surely
04:29have some fun with it
04:31now on to the previously mentioned Hugo
04:33structure there is a hidden event that
04:35triggers when Yugoslavia joins a
04:36german-led faction while having the
04:38anti-german national spirit
04:40the event either leads to a Civil War in
04:42Yugoslavia or to a war goal for Germany
04:44against Hugo
04:46but in order to get Yugoslavia in
04:48affection with us we need to fulfill
04:50certain conditions
04:51our relations with Hugo need to be at
04:54least at positive 10 to improve the
04:55overall opinion by one
04:58this is going to tip the balance in our
04:59favor and allows us to form a new
05:01faction with them but they won't join
05:03access hence why we straight up delete
05:04the existing faction
05:06the last item on the checklist is
05:08reaching at least 40 percent World
05:09tension which we are approaching fast
05:12after all conditions are fulfilled we
05:14can now form a new faction with
05:17although it doesn't look like it war is
05:19on our doorstep in anticipation of the
05:21upcoming conflict we preemptively launch
05:23our Invasion and set our fleets to Naval
05:25Invasion support
05:27it's important to do this before the war
05:29breaks out otherwise The Invasion is
05:31most likely going to get denied by enemy
05:33Naval Supremacy the divisions at the
05:35secret line despite lacking training and
05:37Equipment will stage a faint assault
05:38into the marginal line in order to pin
05:40the French divisions
05:42the idea here is to prevent
05:43reinforcements to the north once our
05:45Invasion gets detected
05:47the timing of hugus Rod is a bit
05:49complicated the game only checks every
05:51two weeks if the conditions for the coup
05:53d'etat are met and were just a day short
05:55of the next checking interval this time
05:58everything goes according to plan and we
05:59get the fewer directive 25 resulting in
06:02an instant Wargo on Yugoslavia that we
06:04act on immediately
06:05waiting for just a couple of hours would
06:07result in a guarantee of Independence
06:09for Yugoslavia by the United Kingdom
06:11since World tension has long surpassed
06:13the required threshold of 25 but we
06:16absolutely need to delay the UK's entry
06:18into the war in order to have enough
06:20planning time for a second Naval
06:21invasion to make the best use of our
06:23time we have we need to delete the
06:25existing Invasion orders as soon as our
06:27units have departed to free up the
06:29maximum Invasion capacity of 10 units
06:31Again by drawing the orders of each
06:33division individually we keep the prep
06:36time down to the minimum of just 10 days
06:39we again preemptively launched The
06:41Invasion and put our Fleet on Naval
06:42Invasion support
06:44this whole thing is admittedly a gamble
06:46since the invasion setup relies on two
06:49France cannot join the allies before the
06:51prep time has accumulated to seven days
06:53or the combined French and UK fleets are
06:56going to project Naval Supremacy
06:58secondly the French navy cannot be
07:01present in the Northern sea regions at
07:03the time when the UK enters the war all
07:05the invasion is going to get blocked as
07:07sounds like a very slim chance for a
07:09good outcome but it actually isn't in my
07:12trial runs and actual attempts I've
07:14succeeded here more often than I failed
07:16if it's nevertheless too much RNG for
07:18your liking you can simply cheese the
07:20whole thing with paratroopers but it'll
07:22take longer since the research for it
07:24would only finish in about two in-game
07:25months from now we've specifically
07:27chosen general student for this
07:29operation since his Commando trade
07:30provides a solid reduction for a
07:32non-combat out of Supply penalty
07:34essentially allowing us to March and
07:36drive at Max Speed for just a bit longer
07:39we increased the motorization priority
07:41for this Army as well for the same
07:43France is going to quickly redeploy
07:45divisions to the north so every
07:47additional hour of Max Mobility for us
07:49is vital here
07:50we need to take Paris and a couple of
07:52high value victory points on top of that
07:54in order for the French to surrender
07:56this requires meticulous micro and even
07:59then success is not guaranteed when
08:01France inevitably joins the Allies they
08:03are ideally already close to
08:06this is going to delay the UK's reaction
08:08to being called into the war for one
08:09more day
08:10now pay close attention to our second
08:12invasion Force for a brief moment both
08:15sea zones aren't covered by the French
08:16or Royal Navy allowing our Invasion to
08:19take off
08:20do not give up just yet if you missed
08:21this admittedly small window of
08:24another one is going to come up
08:27after France has fallen we move our
08:29divisions back to Willem South
08:31in the meantime let me quickly address
08:33game speed and speed running in Hearts
08:35of Iron 4. the Run you're watching
08:37wouldn't be allowed under the official
08:39real-time rule set because it's played
08:41at speed 5. only up to speed 4 is
08:43allowed because the first four speed
08:45settings are capped in how fast they can
08:47go speed 5 is not and is merely limited
08:50by your Hardware specifications giving
08:52an unfair advantage to Runners with a
08:54better rig hence why the rules only
08:56allow up to speed 4. once the invasion
08:59into the UK makes landfall and we
09:00successfully capture a port it's pretty
09:03much game over we can now bring in more
09:05than enough units to quickly finish the
09:07there isn't anything special or
09:09particularly interesting about the
09:11conquest of Britain so I'll just speed
09:13through it as always you can find the
09:15link to the full unedited run in the
09:17description of this video I'd rather
09:18show you something else instead after
09:20we're done
09:22the peace conference fires on May 14th
09:24and unfortunately we're not the only
09:26Victor of this war
09:27Croatia is also listed on The Winning
09:29Side and there's little we can do about
09:31that but because their score is so low
09:34and their goal is to claim Yugoslavian
09:36territory first we can nevertheless
09:38Annex All Nations grab all fleets and
09:40even Challenge and outbit Croatia on
09:42their claims in Yugoslavia if you're
09:44wondering why we can Annex all these
09:46other nations despite never having
09:48engaged in combat nor taking territory
09:49from them I highly recommend my recent
09:52World Conquest speedrun in which I go
09:54into great detail on the new faction
09:55wall mechanics in arts of iron 4. using
09:58these mechanics we can Annex even more
10:00Nations during the war with the allies
10:01and that's exactly what I wanted to
10:03Showcase here as well after declaring on
10:06Yugoslavia and France having joined the
10:08war We Begin the justification against
10:10Poland and select the Angelus Focus
10:12and instead of rushing to cap the UK we
10:15encircle London to prolong the war
10:17after the justification against Poland
10:19has finished we go for Belgium next this
10:22one is going to take only 10 days
10:24because of additional beneficial
10:25modifiers same with Spain which we
10:28target afterwards to have some fun with
10:30the focus tree we then justify on
10:32Lithuania get us the back room stabber
10:34who reduces cost and time needed to
10:36justify by another 25 percent and end
10:39the war after fabricating another
10:40Castle's belly this time on the
10:42Netherlands and acting on all
10:44outstanding waterfalls
10:51do not have to share with anyone during
10:53the peace conference in this scenario
10:55since Croatia was defeated before the
10:57war ended
10:58after the conference is over there are
11:00some focuses that we can now bypass
11:03I don't know why but I always liked
11:05optimizing for that by taking the rather
11:07short Focus operation Visa ubong we can
11:10skip even more while also getting
11:11additional War roles right now Belgium
11:14is the new leader of the Allies since we
11:15left them untouched during the
11:16conference effectively making them a
11:19major nation and as expected they put a
11:21guarantee on the Netherlands allowing us
11:23to kick off round 2 against the allies
11:25by using the same Technique we now also
11:28justify and declare on Luxembourg
11:29Hungary and Sweden and end up with
11:31Europe firmly under our control of the
11:33capitulating Belgium the subsequent
11:35peace conference again yields all that
11:37we aim for putting an end to this
11:39Germany speedrun demonstration I know at
11:41least some of you were hoping for a
11:43longer video and that's indeed what I'm
11:45working on right now but for the sake of
11:46my own motivation and to not leave you
11:48hanging for a month on end I wanted to
11:50show you a shorter run in the meantime
11:52I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even
11:54learned something along the way
11:56thank you very much for watching stay
11:58safe and have a great day
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How to speedrun the Germany in Hearts of Iron IV without using paratroopers?

The video showcases a speedrun strategy for Germany in Hearts of Iron IV, where the goal is to defeat the Allies quickly without using paratroopers. The strategy involves focusing on infantry equipment production, justifying war against the United States, forming a faction with Yugoslavia, and launching naval invasions.

2. What are the key elements of the speedrun strategy for Germany in Hearts of Iron IV?

The key elements include focusing on infantry equipment production, justifying war against the United States, forming a faction with Yugoslavia, and launching naval invasions. These elements are crucial for defeating the Allies quickly without using paratroopers.

3. What game mechanics are exploited in the speedrun strategy for Germany in Hearts of Iron IV?

The video includes information on exploiting game mechanics such as forming a faction with Yugoslavia and optimizing peace conferences to achieve the goal of defeating the Allies quickly without using paratroopers. These game mechanics play a significant role in the strategy.

4. How to optimize peace conferences in the speedrun strategy for Germany in Hearts of Iron IV?

The video provides insights on optimizing peace conferences as part of the strategy to defeat the Allies quickly without using paratroopers. This optimization is essential for achieving the desired outcome in the game.

5. What is the role of naval invasions in the speedrun strategy for Germany in Hearts of Iron IV?

The strategy involves launching naval invasions as a key element in defeating the Allies quickly without using paratroopers. The video explains the importance of naval invasions and how they contribute to the overall success of the strategy.

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