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This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to get hollow cheeks and achieve a male model look, including fixing neck and tongue posture, reducing body fat, working facial muscles, increasing testosterone levels, and reducing inflammation through diet and hydration.
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This section of the video explains how to get hollow cheeks like a male model.
The first step is to fix your neck posture by doing chin tucks against a wall.
Fixing your neck posture will automatically fix your tongue posture, which is important for achieving hollow cheeks.
Keeping your tongue resting against the roof of your mouth will change your facial shape and help create hollow cheeks.
To get hollow cheeks, close your mouth and teeth, use your tongue to create a wave when swallowing, and bite on the insides of your cheeks to suck them in subtly.
Close your mouth and teeth, and use your tongue to create a wave when swallowing.
Bite on the insides of your cheeks to create the appearance of hollow cheeks.
Practice biting on the insides of your cheeks to naturally suck in your cheeks more.
Increase testosterone levels through saturated fats, red meat, butter, sufficient sleep, and heavy lifting to enhance facial definition.
00:00if you guys are familiar with this
00:01Channel at all growing up I was pretty
00:03chubby I did not have hollow cheeks this
00:05is what I look like compared to now
00:07having these Hollow Cheeks getting
00:09International male modeling contracts
00:10all over the world so today guys I'm
00:12going to teach you step by step how to
00:14get Hollow cheeks and look just like a
00:15male model let's get it
00:21the first thing
00:23discovered by completing
00:24summer I got into a motorbike accident
00:27I almost died bro that really screwed up
00:31my neck and it caused me to afford head
00:33posture like this man and I noticed
00:35recording videos actually over time a
00:38couple months with this injury my
00:39cheekbones started going away I started
00:41getting a more round face because the
00:43posture the first thing is you need to
00:45fix your neck posture so instead of
00:47having this forward head posture or the
00:49nerd neck like a lot of you guys have
00:51you got to go up against the wall and
00:52start doing chin tucks each and every
00:54day just like this I'd recommend doing
00:56perhaps like a hundred per day and just
00:58focus on your natural neck posture man
01:00try to push it back a little bit this
01:02will push us into our next thing number
01:04two which is mewing whenever you fix
01:06your neck posture it's going to
01:07automatically fix your tongue posture so
01:09a lot of this comes down to tongue
01:11posture so we need to have that tongue
01:12sitting restfully against the roof of
01:14your mouth to where it's exactly where
01:16it's supposed to be now obviously this
01:17is going to completely change your
01:19facial shape and it's going to force you
01:21to start nose breathing so look at this
01:23nose breather versus the mouth breathing
01:25meant it's insane so if you really want
01:27Hollow cheeks we need to start mewing
01:29and then fix that neck posture so
01:31naturally everything is going to be
01:32exactly where it's supposed to be so
01:33that it can naturally develop because
01:35you look at any old school ancient skull
01:37naturally we're supposed to have hollow
01:39cheese new thing where we are just round
01:40and fluffy and like we don't have any
01:43definition it's not natural for humans
01:45don't get you naturally to where you're
01:46exactly supposed to be actually the
01:48biggest thing is man body fat body fat
01:50body fat but now if you are at a low
01:52body fat and you don't do the other
01:54things in this video you still will not
01:55have hollow sheets or you just might
01:58look like you do not eat enough food so
02:00it's ideal to be between 8 to 12 body
02:03fat just like a male model man I've
02:05talked about this hundreds of times how
02:07to get lean how to stay lean it is
02:10effortless if you need help with the
02:11link in the description box for a free
02:13one-on-one consultation it's all diet by
02:15the way guys it's all macros and
02:17calories it's not about the specific
02:18healthy foods it's not about any of this
02:20cute stuff literally just about the
02:22macros and then the workouts that you do
02:25following is a big one as well because
02:27these muscles in the cheek man obviously
02:29which is what we're going for a lot of
02:30you guys do not work them properly as
02:32you swallow because we're constantly
02:33swallowing men pause pause pause
02:37that's what she said
02:39after you drink water after you eat food
02:41you're always swallowing so a lot of you
02:43guys swallow with your cheeks we do not
02:45want to do this we actually want to
02:46close the mouth close those teeth and
02:49use the tongue create a wave as you
02:50swallow this is going to be naturally
02:52how you are supposed to swallow this
02:54will help give you those high cheekbones
02:55now model hack that you can do make it
02:57look like you have hollow Cheeks is to
03:00Simply bite on the insides of your
03:02cheeks so just like this
03:04or you bite just like that so you suck
03:06in a little bit bite
03:09focus on making it as subtle as possible
03:11and I really believe that the more you
03:12practice this it'll help naturally just
03:15suck in those cheeks a little bit more
03:17to where overall it's going to be a lot
03:19more natural to where you have this
03:20aesthetic now obviously a big part of
03:22this man is all about the facial
03:24definition and now the biggest thing man
03:26comes down to two components actually
03:28it's going to be testosterone now
03:30testosterone is down 50 of what it was
03:33two decade to go this is insane not
03:35enough people talk about this so we got
03:37to get the testosterone levels up we
03:39gotta have saturated fats red meat
03:41butter we have to be sleeping enough
03:42lifting very heavy weights which leads
03:44us into the second part you have to lift
03:46heavy as well because this man a lot of
03:48this comes down to muscle those
03:50cheekbones the facial development this
03:52is why you see all these skinny guys
03:53they don't have chiseled faces because
03:55they're all muscle men the face has tons
03:57of muscles so like whenever you're
03:59straining whenever you're lifting
04:00whenever you're working the neck as well
04:02you are working those facial muscles so
04:04naturally it's going to help you tons if
04:07you just build a physique men boom said
04:09testosterone where the face is going to
04:11develop naturally till you automatically
04:13have those high cheekbones you do this
04:15with the good posture the low body fat
04:17boom the last but certainly not least we
04:19have to reduce inflammation and then
04:21water it throughout the body so the
04:22water is easy essentially it's just
04:24going to be having the same amount of
04:26water every day personally I'll just
04:27have two glasses of water once an hour
04:29it's timed evenly at the exact same
04:32amount and then I keep my sodium levels
04:34the exact same as well you can have high
04:36amounts of sodium and still retain a low
04:39amount of water in the body as long as
04:41it's consistent it's whatever it's up
04:42and down that's whenever you're going to
04:43retain water and then inflammation comes
04:45down to putting your body in a more
04:46alkaline state so lots of ginger tea
04:49with lemon some black seed oil and
04:52whenever you do eat meat which is going
04:54to be more acidic you want to make sure
04:55it's healthier and then you balance this
04:57with healthy vegetables and then limit
04:59the carbohydrates to where the only
05:01carbs you're really having come from a
05:03natural fruit natural vegetable
05:04something like quinoa but keep it very
05:06minimal ideally maybe around 100 grams
05:09per day depending on your body fat
05:11percentage your weight everything men so
05:13this will produce inflammation to where
05:15it's going to flush out any water
05:16inflammation where you have those high
05:18cheekbones I hope this video helps guys
05:19the link in the description box one on
05:21coaching my supplements and don't forget
05:23to subscribe that's it for today guys I
05:25love you with all my heart peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I get hollow cheeks and achieve a male model look?

To achieve hollow cheeks and a male model look, you can follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the video. These include fixing neck and tongue posture, reducing body fat, working facial muscles, increasing testosterone levels, and reducing inflammation through diet and hydration.

2. What are the steps to fix neck and tongue posture for achieving a male model look?

Fixing neck and tongue posture is crucial for achieving a male model look. You can learn the specific steps from the video, which provides detailed instructions on correcting posture to enhance facial appearance.

3. How can reducing body fat contribute to achieving a male model look?

Reducing body fat is essential for achieving a male model look as it helps in defining facial features, including hollow cheeks. The video explains effective ways to reduce body fat for a more chiseled facial structure.

4. What role does increasing testosterone levels play in achieving a male model look?

Increasing testosterone levels can enhance muscle definition, facial structure, and overall appearance, contributing to a more masculine and model-like look. The video discusses natural methods to boost testosterone levels for these benefits.

5. How does diet and hydration impact achieving a male model look with hollow cheeks?

Diet and hydration play a significant role in reducing inflammation and promoting a leaner, more defined facial structure, including hollow cheeks. The video covers dietary and hydration strategies for achieving the desired male model look.

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