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Learn how to make money by listening to music and reviewing songs on Playlist Push, where you can earn up to $12 per song by creating playlists and having at least 400 followers on Spotify. This website allows you to support independent artists while earning money through instant payouts to your bank account. Avoid buying fake followers and instead help each other by following and collaborating with real users.
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You can make up to $12 per song by listening to music on a website.
The previous video about making money online by reading books out loud was well-received.
This new video is about making money by listening to music, with the potential to earn up to $12 per song.
The speaker found a website that pays you for listening to music and reviewing it.
To make money with Playlist Push, you need to have a Spotify or Apple music account, create playlists with at least 400 active followers, and review songs on the website.
Playlist Push is a website that pushes playlists to new listeners for reviews and feedback.
You need an active Spotify or Apple music account to participate.
Create playlists with your favorite artists and songs.
You must have at least 400 active followers on your Spotify account.
Playlist Push pays up to $12 per song to curators who listen and review songs.
Curators make content and own playlists.
The pay range is $1 to $12 per song.
A curator can listen to ten songs a day and make up to $120 a day.
A curator must have at least 400 followers on their Spotify playlist to qualify.
You can get paid up to $12 per song reviewed by creating and owning your own playlist with real followers on Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music.
Buying fake followers is not recommended as they are not real and won't count.
Qualified playlist curators can earn up to $12 per song reviewed.
You can request instant payouts to your bank account.
Discover new music from independent artists for your playlist.
The speaker advises against buying subscribers or followers and stresses on authenticity.
Graham Stuffin is a relatable millionaire on YouTube.
The speaker discourages buying subscribers or followers.
Authenticity is important for growth on social media platforms.
00:00Wow okay yeah like really like the last
00:04video I'm just like okay okay yeah I
00:08like that one so if you are new around
00:10here hello my name is Cathy oh and one
00:13of my recent videos that I did was how
00:15to make money online reading out loud
00:18reading books out loud which essentially
00:21is a way to say a voice-over artist
00:24which you know if you are a voice-over
00:27artist you know like you become a
00:28character it's more than just reading
00:30books aloud you bring a life to a
00:33character or the book but you guys like
00:36that video so much I decided to do
00:38something similar which is also making
00:40money online doing something that most
00:42people can do but since that video was
00:45limited to just people in the United
00:47States Canada Ireland and I think United
00:49Kingdom I want to say this video is
00:52gonna be open to a lot more people if
00:55you haven't checked out that video yet
00:56feel free to check it out here it is a
00:58way to make thousands of dollars every
01:00month becoming a voice-over artist
01:02online so today we're getting into how
01:05you can make money at listening to music
01:07and I'm not talking about slice the pie
01:09where you're making pennies per song I'm
01:12talking about a website where you can
01:14make up to 12 dollars per song so yeah
01:19let's get into the video so this is
01:30something and that I have never really
01:32heard of honestly I never really wanted
01:35to expand upon listening to music
01:37because I thought pretty much all of it
01:39was just pennies per song which isn't
01:41enough to really make a proper side
01:43hustle but I found this new for me
01:46website where they will pay you up to
01:48twelve dollars per song that you listen
01:51to so essentially if you want to listen
01:54to ten songs a day while you're working
01:57out or right before you go to bed or
01:59just on your commute to work that could
02:02be up to a hundred and twenty dollars a
02:04day just listening to music so if you're
02:07somebody who loves music and you are
02:10music not this
02:11be a really great option for you and
02:12also just a lot of fun what you're going
02:15to be doing is not only listening to
02:17music but you're gonna be helping local
02:18artists review their music so when there
02:21is a music artist that comes up and
02:23they're new and they're kind of fine
02:24they're tuned and kind of the style that
02:27they want to go for we ask the community
02:29as an audience can really help them
02:31decide what that can be so criticism
02:34what we thought about their song etc so
02:36what they have is songs on this website
02:39after you listen a song you review it so
02:41it's pretty self-explanatory pretty
02:43simple and that most people around the
02:46world can do this I did make sure that
02:48this is not just in the United States
02:50biggest comment I get all day long every
02:52day is more options for people not
02:54outside the US well this one is it okay
02:57so the website is called playlist push
03:00pretty much what the website is about is
03:02pushing playlists on to new listeners to
03:06get their reviews about how the song is
03:09and their advice about it
03:10so before we get into it there's a few
03:12different steps before you can get up to
03:14$12 song doing this so I'm gonna get
03:18into that right now
03:19first you need a Spotify or Apple music
03:21account there I think there's one other
03:23I'm gonna put it here somewhere but
03:25we're gonna be talking more about
03:26Spotify because that's what I use so you
03:29do need to have an active account so
03:30just make an account it's free and you
03:32need to make a playlist on it or a
03:34couple of playlists so if you already
03:35have playlists on there great so pick
03:37your favorite artists add some songs in
03:40there add some different things and you
03:42have a playlist there you go the next
03:44thing you need to do to be able to make
03:46this money with playlists push is you
03:49need to have at least four hundred
03:50followers wait I know what you're
03:53thinking but I don't have 100 followers
03:56to do this well I'm gonna help you right
03:58now I do not recommend you buy followers
04:01like a lot of other people are talking
04:03about doing because if you buy followers
04:05and their ghost accounts and they're not
04:08active that's not gonna help you and
04:09they're smarter than that that anybody
04:12can do that you need to have active four
04:14hundred followers on your Spotify
04:17account so what you can do is we can
04:19help each other so if you're not already
04:21part of the side hustle and family gang
04:24go ahead and subscribe to the family and
04:26comment down below what your Spotify
04:29account is and we can follow each other
04:32this is gonna be a lot better than
04:33buying followers because we all have
04:35playlists and we all have songs that
04:36we're all have accounts that we're
04:38listening to the music we are active
04:40users so we can help each other we can
04:42follow each other we can follow each
04:43other's playlists and then if we all get
04:45to 400 subscribers followers we are
04:49winning okay we are all winning and I'm
04:51all about all of us winning together so
04:53we can help each other out so yeah put
04:56in the comments your Spotify account and
04:58you could be making $12 per song up to
05:02up to okay we clarify that up to 12
05:05dollars per song with playlist push all
05:09right let's get into the tutorial
05:10alright so here is the website playlist
05:14push just go to playlist push calm and
05:17you can see here they are connecting
05:19artists to playlist curators so you're
05:21gonna be a curator that's pretty much
05:24yeah you make content and stuff so
05:26you're gonna be one people that owns
05:27music playlists you own playlist that's
05:30the ones you create for charities that's
05:32what you want to do so that's what we're
05:34gonna be looking at
05:35so it says discover some of the best
05:37up-and-coming indie artists and help
05:40them launch their career get paid to
05:42listen and review songs so right here
05:45get rewarded earned money by listening
05:47and reviewing songs and like I said this
05:49is up to $12 a song the range is $1 to
05:53$12 a song just so you can get an idea
05:56how much you think you can make but like
05:58I said if you want to listen to only ten
06:00songs a day while you're running or in
06:02the car or before you go to bed you know
06:05you can make up to $120 a day if you
06:08listen to ten songs from what I see
06:10there's no cap to per song so you can
06:13earn more than that okay so first you're
06:15gonna sign up as a curator and you're
06:17gonna choose where you live to know
06:19where you're gonna pay out so I'm gonna
06:20just choose Nigeria because a lot of
06:22people ask me from Nigeria what works
06:24for them but this one does okay so
06:28Nigeria and then how many followers does
06:30your Spotify playlist have like I said
06:31you need at least 400
06:34and I told you earlier if you don't have
06:37400 followers on your account put your
06:39name in the comment and we can help each
06:41other and get there you can help each
06:42other so we're gonna put four hundred to
06:45five hundred five thousand because
06:46that's how much you need and then look
06:50looks like you qualify to become a
06:52curator on playlist push continue by
06:54connecting your Spotify account so that
06:56you can verify your playlists so you're
06:59gonna connect your account once you get
07:00to four hundred and then after that are
07:02gonna preview and you can start earning
07:04up to twelve dollars per song up
07:07listening to them and then reviewing
07:08them so I'm now on the tab for curators
07:12and I just wanted to review everything
07:15else that you might have some more
07:16questions so like I said you're getting
07:18paid to review songs that's exactly what
07:20it's saying we pay to listen and review
07:22songs if you like it you can consider
07:24adding it to one of your playlists so
07:26have your playlist already set up create
07:28a few with your favorite artists and
07:30favorite songs to qualify as a curator
07:32you need to own your own playlist with
07:34real followers on Spotify YouTube music
07:37or Apple music this is important why I
07:39told you don't just buy a list people
07:42will tell you like oh just buy a list of
07:43a thousand people and for you know like
07:4640 bucks or whatever don't do that
07:48because those are ghost accounts and
07:49they're not real followers they know
07:51that they're not stupid like they're
07:53they know that you need real people but
07:55if we're all real people and we're
07:57helping each other we're all using it
07:59we're all listening you know we're all
08:00real followers so I feel like that's
08:02okay okay so you get paid per review
08:06qualified playlist carriers can earn up
08:08to $12 per song reviewed okay
08:11so you're also supporting your community
08:13support in the artists help new and
08:15upcoming artists by providing feedback
08:17on their music and then you also get
08:20instant payouts request a payout at any
08:23time we pay directly to your bank
08:24account so as long as have a bank
08:26account this should be fine discover a
08:28new music so if you're a music rat and
08:31you love music discover new music from
08:33independent artists for your playlist so
08:36yeah guys that's pretty much it there's
08:38nothing more to talk about
08:40the website is playlists push you can
08:43get paid up to $12 a song reviewed once
08:47you have 400 followers a lot of people
08:50are also gonna say you should go on
08:51reading King Quora to promote it don't
08:55do that don't do that just put it in the
08:57comments we'll help each other we'll get
08:59you to 400 and you can start doing this
09:01all right okay let's jump back into the
09:04other video all right that's all I have
09:05for you guys today thank you so much for
09:07watching this video if you found any
09:09value at all please feel free to smash
09:12the like button a three different times
09:14hit the subscribe button and the
09:16notification bell so you don't miss any
09:18more videos and then also leave me a
09:20comment down below I love having a
09:21conversation with you and I definitely
09:24want to see you guys succeed in this so
09:26let me know your experience below and
09:29let's all help each other follow each
09:31other until we all get to 400 followers
09:34I have over a hundred thousand followers
09:36so there's no reason why we all couldn't
09:38get there that easily okay so I will see
09:41you guys in the next video bye
09:45so I am in this like area I reminds me
09:50of the channel Graham stuff in if you
09:52guys know him he's like this
09:53penny-pinching millennial millionaire
09:55and I like him his channel so much
09:58because he arrives me so much of myself
09:59because he's not like a lot of these
10:02gurus that are like look at my lambo
10:05beanie that's not mine and look at my
10:06big house that's also not mine and it's
10:09like I do that I don't do that either
10:12it's like how does that help my
10:13subscribers being like look at my
10:15Lamborghini okay okay cool cool no it's
10:20about your Lamborghini but anyways and
10:22we all can just comment on Graham
10:25stuffins channel and Pitkin video saying
10:28that do a collaboration with tatuyo I
10:31would really appreciate that
10:32okay I'm going on tangent because I have
10:42so people youtubers u2 for people new to
10:47her people
10:47there are people in there youtubers
10:49youtuber people okay again I personally
11:00don't really listen to music the songs
11:03like those websites like what okay no
11:06sense there are some people that are
11:16advertising this website but they're
11:18telling people to like buy subscribers
11:20or followers I think everyone should try
11:23to be authentic as possible and I mean
11:27if they're not even on the account it's
11:29not gonna help you so and I have seen
11:32people try to do that it does not work
11:39so you should do that but you okay okay
11:47cool cool nobody cares about your
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I make money by listening to music and reviewing songs on Playlist Push?

You can make money by listening to music and reviewing songs on Playlist Push by creating playlists and having at least 400 followers on Spotify. Playlist Push allows you to earn up to $12 per song while supporting independent artists. You can receive instant payouts to your bank account, making it a great way to earn money while enjoying music.

2. What are the benefits of earning money through Playlist Push?

Earning money through Playlist Push allows you to support independent artists while enjoying music. You can earn up to $12 per song and receive instant payouts to your bank account. By collaborating with real users and avoiding fake followers, you can contribute to the music community and help each other grow.

3. How can I avoid buying fake followers while earning money on Playlist Push?

You can avoid buying fake followers on Playlist Push by focusing on collaborating with real users and gaining at least 400 followers on Spotify. By creating playlists and supporting independent artists, you can earn money through genuine engagement and contributions to the music community. This helps in avoiding fake followers and building a credible presence.

4. What is the minimum requirement for earning money on Playlist Push?

The minimum requirement for earning money on Playlist Push is to have at least 400 followers on Spotify. By creating playlists, reviewing songs, and supporting independent artists, you can earn up to $12 per song. This platform offers instant payouts to your bank account, providing a convenient way to earn money while engaging with music.

5. How does Playlist Push contribute to the music community?

Playlist Push contributes to the music community by providing a platform for creators to support independent artists and earn money through music engagement. By avoiding fake followers and encouraging collaboration with real users, Playlist Push fosters a community where artists can reach a wider audience and creators can earn money while creating playlists and reviewing songs.

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