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This video explains how to make money online by getting paid to chat on your phone, earning up to $8 per minute, and potentially making tens of thousands of dollars. The strategy involves signing up with the website, setting your rate, and linking your social media accounts to activate your profile.
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You can make money online by getting paid to chat on, where you can charge for voice calls, video calls, or text-based chat.
You can earn up to $8 per minute for chatting online.
The more you chat, the more money you can make, with the potential to earn tens of thousands of dollars.
There are no setup costs or monthly fees to get started. can be set up in less than three minutes and is suitable for performers, coaches, counselors, consultants, and attorneys.
This section explains how to set your rate and potential earnings on the app.
You can set your rate from as low as $1 per minute to as high as $8 per minute.
Some people charge a flat rate, with some charging as much as $200.
It is recommended to start with a rate of $1 to $3 per minute when starting out.
By chatting for 60 minutes at a rate of $3 per minute, you can potentially make $108 in a single day.
To activate your profile and get paid, you need to link your social media or website, choose a payment method (PayPal or Payoneer), and set up your account settings.
Paste the link to activate your profile and allow others to chat with you.
You have 5 minutes to respond to chat requests.
Link your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook to activate your profile.
Choose between PayPal or Payoneer as your payment method.
One way to monetize your expertise is by pinning your link in the description of your Facebook group or TikTok bio, or by putting it in the description of your YouTube videos.
You can pin your link to the top of your Facebook group to gain visibility.
Having at least 1,000 followers on TikTok allows you to place your link in your bio.
You can also include your link in the description of your YouTube videos to offer advice or promote products.
00:00on this video today I want to show you
00:01how to make money online by getting paid
00:04to chat you see you can earn as much as
00:07eight dollars per minute that you chat
00:11online in fact you can earn a lot more
00:13if you chat for 60 minutes you can earn
00:16as much as 288 every single day if you
00:20chat for three hours you can make as
00:23much as
00:24864 dollars and this goes up the more
00:28you chat you can make tens of thousands
00:31of dollars online with this strategy and
00:34the best part is you can get set up and
00:36started making money today with no setup
00:40cost or monthly fees and this is a
00:43worldwide strategy you can get paid into
00:45your PayPal account or enter your
00:48payoneer account and on this video I'm
00:50going to show you step by step how you
00:52can get paid just to chat online using
00:55nothing but your mobile phone so you can
00:58throw away your computer now you can
01:00throw away your iPad you do not need it
01:03and what I'd like you to do for me in
01:05appreciation is smash that like button
01:07and just go down the bottom and comment
01:09let me know what is your weekly goal
01:12online how much money do you need to
01:14make online because I think this
01:16strategy over here can meet that
01:18threshold let's get into the video so
01:20the platform that you want to go to is
01:22this one over here called as you can see you can get
01:26paid to chat consult with your clients
01:29fans and followers this will allow you
01:32to monetize your website social media
01:35accounts by charging for voice calls
01:37video calls or text based on chat and at
01:40the end of this video I'm going to show
01:42you one of the best ways that you can
01:44link this with so that you can start to
01:46charge people for chatting with them
01:49online and as you can see this is what
01:51your potential if you want to call it a
01:54landing page is going to look like and
01:55this can be set up in less than three
01:58minutes as you can see you can get set
02:00up in three minutes and I'm going to
02:01show you exactly how you can do that
02:03when you scroll down here you can see
02:04that this is perfect for people like
02:06performers coaches counselors
02:08Consultants attorneys as you scroll over
02:10you're going to see a lot more teachers
02:11technicians then you're going to see
02:13things like creators influencers Etc now
02:16when you scroll down here you can go
02:18through and take a look at this you can
02:19also get paid to video call you don't
02:22have to video call what I'm going to be
02:24using is get paid to text chat we all
02:28use our mobile phones every single day
02:30we text people non-stop you can also get
02:33paid for calls they've got three
02:34different options it's entirely up to
02:36you which one you want to go with and
02:39you can see that your time is obviously
02:41important so you can set the rate as to
02:44how much you want to get paid and the
02:46best part is this app is going to look
02:48after everything for you now I'm going
02:50to show you exactly how this works so
02:53the first thing that you want to do is
02:54you want to go over here and you want to
02:55click on to sign up now before we sign
02:57up what I want to do is show you exact
02:59exactly how much money you can
03:01potentially make if you scroll up to the
03:03top and you click onto earnings
03:04potential it's going to bring us over to
03:06this page now you can see here under the
03:09billing section if I click onto this I
03:11can charge as little as a dollar per
03:12minute or all the way up to eight
03:14dollars per minute and I can even charge
03:16a flat rate you can see here that some
03:18people are charging as much as 200 flat
03:21rate to chat to people online or to
03:23consult with their followers with their
03:25clients Etc and there are people paying
03:28this sort of money I've done the
03:30research and you'll be surprised with
03:31how much people are willing to pay but
03:33when you're starting out what I
03:34recommend that you do is that you
03:36probably start off with one to three
03:37dollars don't go any higher than that so
03:39if you want to set this at three dollars
03:41and you'll to chat let's say only for 60
03:44minutes let's recalculate this you can
03:46make as much as a hundred and eight
03:49dollars in just a single day for
03:51chatting for 60 minutes to various
03:53people around the world and you can see
03:55if you have five chats you can make as
03:58much as 540 dollars a day so what you
04:01want to do from here is you want to
04:03click on to sign up once you click on to
04:04sign up it's going to bring you over to
04:06a page that looks like this where you
04:08can sign up whether it be through your
04:09Twitter Facebook Instagram or Google I
04:12signed up through Google once you click
04:13onto that and click on to sign up it's
04:15going to bring you over to a page that
04:17looks like this this is your welcome
04:18aboard now this is where you need to
04:21link your different type of social media
04:23handles and also create your profile
04:25name and your profile description put in
04:28your gender and click on to save this is
04:30what mine looks like I've just put out
04:31on that smart money tactics so people
04:33know exactly who they're talking to from
04:36there I've put in a very simple profile
04:38description you're going to see what
04:39this looks like and I have linked a few
04:42of my social media accounts then you
04:45click on to save once you have done that
04:47it's going to bring you over to this
04:49section which is step one which means
04:51you want to create your widget widget is
04:53that landing page that I just spoke to
04:55you about a second ago so what you want
04:57to do from there is click on to create
04:58widget once you do that it's going to
05:00bring you over to this page now you can
05:02see you've got all these different
05:03colors that you can choose from you can
05:05even create your own custom color now
05:08this is what people are going to see
05:09before they select whether or not
05:11they're going to chat with you you can
05:12see here I've got topic if you want help
05:15starting a successful online business
05:16message me now you can do this in the
05:19relationship Niche you could do this
05:20with Fitness you could do this with
05:22anything that you have a skill with
05:24whether it be cooking camping fishing
05:27anything that you have skills with you
05:29can do this and you can help people
05:30you'll be surprised with how much people
05:32are willing to chat with you to get this
05:34advice then down the bottom I've got
05:36description hit me up for a private
05:38one-to-one chat to help you get started
05:41from there as you scroll down this is
05:43where you can set your price per minute
05:46now this is going to allow you to
05:48customize your price you can see here
05:50that I've got two dollars and 50 cents
05:52or you can select a flat rate I highly
05:55recommend that you run per minute then
05:57down here you can see that you can
05:59select chat length the reason why I
06:02select 15 minutes is because when
06:04somebody goes to check out and purchase
06:06this it's going to tell them that it's
06:08going to make sure that they have at
06:1137.50 in their account before they will
06:15be allowed to continue with this chat if
06:19you choose 30 minutes or an hour and
06:21they only chat with you for 15 minutes
06:23they're only going to be charged for 15
06:25minutes however they need to make sure
06:27that they've got all that money in their
06:28account so I prefer the person sees a
06:30smaller amount and I'll show you that in
06:32a second once you've done that what you
06:34want to do is you want to click onto
06:35save widget once you've clicked on to
06:37save widget it's going to show you
06:39exactly what this looks like now this is
06:41my avatar this is what I've just created
06:43so people are going to see this when
06:45they click onto my link and I'll show
06:47you that in a second this is where I've
06:49got my bio my spill then over here this
06:51is where I showed you it's got that if
06:53you want help starting a business then
06:55hit me up for a private one-on-one chat
06:57this is the 2.50 per minute now I want
06:59to show you what I meant by if you
07:01select higher minutes if I click onto
07:03this little I icon here you see it says
07:05here your card will be pre-authorized
07:07for premium chat for 37.50 for up to 15
07:11minutes you will only be charged for the
07:14amount of minutes used so if they only
07:15chat to me for five minutes or 10
07:17minutes they're going to be charged less
07:18but if I put
07:2030 minutes then this amount over here
07:22needs to say it'll be 30 74
07:26Etc seventy five dollars so you want to
07:28make sure that that doesn't look too
07:30expensive so that more people are going
07:32to click onto this but if they end up
07:33chatting to you a little bit more you
07:34are still going to get paid even more
07:37now what you want to do is you can take
07:39a look at this link so if I was to copy
07:41this direct link and if I come over to
07:43my browser and if I paste this in here
07:45let's take a look and see what this
07:47looks like so if I paste this in here
07:48this is what people are going to see
07:50when they click onto my link and if they
07:53click onto let's chat now I'm going to
07:55get a message telling me that somebody
07:57wants to chat with me and then I can
07:59decide whether or not I'm going to chat
08:01with them and you have five minutes to
08:03respond so once you've got this in then
08:05what's going to happen is you're going
08:06to get this notification letting you
08:08know that step two is you need to add
08:10your social media or website you need to
08:13link your Instagram Tick Tock Twitter or
08:15Facebook to this a website so that it
08:19activates your profile and basically all
08:21you need to do it is super simple guys
08:23as you can see all I needed to do was
08:25come over to my Instagram account and
08:27Link it over here so if anybody clicks
08:29onto this now they will have the
08:31opportunity to have a chat with me for
08:332.50 and I will give him any secrets
08:36that they need in order to help them
08:38start an online business make money
08:39online and tell them exactly how I did
08:41it and what I do so this is what you
08:44need to do for step two you need to link
08:45that once you have gone and linked that
08:48on there then your account is set up
08:50like this and you'll be able to see your
08:53dashboard from there what you want to do
08:54quite simply is you want to click onto
08:56the top you want to scroll down and you
08:58want to go to settings once you click
09:00onto settings it's going to bring you
09:01over to this page and then on the left
09:03hand side over here what you want to do
09:05is you want to make sure that you set up
09:07your payment method now once I click
09:09onto payment method what you're going to
09:11see here is that you've got the choice
09:13of being paid via PayPal or being paid
09:15via payoneer this this is really good
09:18because this allows you to get paid even
09:20if if you're in countries where PayPal
09:22is not accepted vice versa so you've got
09:24two different options I've gone and
09:26selected PayPal I've just blurred this
09:27out but I've set up a payout name for
09:29myself and I've also input my PayPal
09:32email address so this is how you are
09:34going to set up your payment method from
09:37now all you need to do is come over to
09:39your dashboard and once you're on your
09:41dashboard you've got the option of
09:42obviously editing this widget if you
09:44want to edit it it's completely up to
09:45you you can come over here and you can
09:47copy the HTML code and then you can
09:49start inputting this into different
09:51social media apps now I want to show you
09:53how you can use this website and in
09:56particular this landing page so that you
09:59can start to make money just by chatting
10:01to people one of the best ways that you
10:03can do this is quite simply just like I
10:05showed you now is by using different
10:07social media pages so if you don't have
10:10a social media page keep watching
10:11because at the end of this video I'm
10:12going to show you exactly what you can
10:14do to get started very quickly to build
10:16a social media page but if you already
10:18have one for example Within Instagram
10:20all you need to do is put that over here
10:23a link in your description and you could
10:25have different type of content that
10:27you're putting up and I guarantee you
10:28people will contact you for your
10:30expertise regardless of what Niche you
10:34are currently in equally what you can
10:36also do this works really well if you're
10:38going to start a Facebook group if I
10:41come over to my Facebook group over here
10:43you guys can see that I have over 8 500
10:45members I could very easily pin this to
10:48the top of this group now you could have
10:51a variety of different groups you can
10:53even go out and buy a group if you
10:55wanted to buy a group or you could quite
10:56simply start your own group on Facebook
10:59in whatever Niche that you want it
11:02doesn't matter and then you could have
11:03that PIN to the top comments if I scroll
11:05down here on my Smart money tactics
11:07group you can see here that I've got a
11:09lot of different types of comments and I
11:11also pin comments at the top of this
11:13group as well so that people can go and
11:16take a look at different products that
11:17I'm promoting and I highly recommend
11:19that you do that if if you want to know
11:21how to create a Facebook group very
11:22simply just look it up on YouTube it is
11:24super powerful and you can very easily
11:26grow your group by constantly putting
11:28content on that group another really
11:31powerful strategy that you can do this
11:32with guys is with a tick tock so if
11:35you're currently putting up any sort of
11:37content on Tick Tock I highly recommend
11:39that what you do on Tick Tock is you
11:40come over here and you put that link in
11:42your bio remember that you need to have
11:44at least 1 000 followers on Tick Tock in
11:47order to be able to place your link
11:50inside your bio okay so once you have
11:52those 1000 followers you can place them
11:55in there another powerful way that you
11:56could do this is to quite simply put
11:59that link inside the description of your
12:01videos if you have a YouTube channel so
12:04if you create any content on YouTube
12:05whether it be showing your face or not
12:07showing your face you can put that link
12:09in the description of your videos and
12:11tell people that if they want advice on
12:13anything they can go down the bottom
12:14click onto that link and you'll be more
12:16than happy to chat with them and help
12:18them with anything that they need Aid
12:20now just before I show you how you can
12:22create one of these social media Pages
12:24really really quickly if you enjoyed
12:26this video don't forget to smash that
12:28like button in appreciation go down the
12:30bottom and make sure you subscribe to
12:32the channel because I've got some more
12:33awesome content coming out if you want
12:35to know how you can create one of these
12:37social media Pages really really quickly
12:39without ever showing your face using a
12:41camera or creating any of the content
12:43yourself what you need to do right now
12:45is Click onto this video if you run it I
12:46made this the other day it's going to
12:48show you exactly how you can do this and
12:50then you can incorporate this strategy
12:51with this one over here and absolutely
12:53crush it and start to make hundreds if
12:55not thousands of dollars every single
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I make money online?

You can make money online by getting paid to chat on your phone, earning up to $8 per minute, and potentially making tens of thousands of dollars. The strategy involves signing up with the website, setting your rate, and linking your social media accounts to activate your profile.

2. What is the earning potential of getting paid to chat on the phone?

The earning potential of getting paid to chat on the phone is up to $8 per minute, which can result in potentially making tens of thousands of dollars.

3. How can I get started with getting paid to chat on the phone?

You can get started with getting paid to chat on the phone by signing up with the website, setting your rate, and linking your social media accounts to activate your profile. This will allow you to start earning money by chatting on your phone.

4. What is and how does it work? is a website where you can get paid to chat on your phone. It works by allowing you to set your rate and link your social media accounts to activate your profile, enabling you to earn money by chatting with others.

5. What are the potential benefits of getting paid to chat on the phone?

The potential benefits of getting paid to chat on the phone include the ability to earn up to $8 per minute, the flexibility to work from anywhere, and the opportunity to potentially make tens of thousands of dollars.

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