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Bella Scorpion, a porn actress, discusses her background, her journey into the adult industry, and the importance of girth over length when it comes to sexual satisfaction. She emphasizes that sex and love are separate, and that having a larger penis is not a deal breaker for her in a relationship, but girth is more important.
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Bella Scorpion talks about her background and how she got into the porn industry.
Bella moved from Italy to the United States and had to learn English and Spanish.
She worked various jobs, including being a pool and beach attendant in Miami.
Bella's family eventually moved to Miami as well.
Due to the lockdown in 2020, Bella, who is also a tattoo artist, had to find another source of income and got into the porn industry through a friend.
The speaker discusses the distinction between sex and love in the porn industry and mentions that she would stay in the industry even if she fell in love with someone outside of it.
In the porn industry, sex and love are seen as separate entities.
The speaker would try to make her partner understand that it's just a job.
She mentions that on set, sometimes you don't even know who you're working with.
The speaker is not currently interested in dating or having babies, but it's a possibility in the future.
The porn actress discusses the importance of penis size, mentioning that while it's not a deal breaker, a larger size is preferred.
Having a large penis is considered better, but not a deal breaker.
The actress compares it to falling in love with a woman with a flat chest.
Men come to her because she can make them bigger.
She recommends a girth range of six and a half to seven and a half inches.
Some men may need to go up to eight inches due to their partner's vaginal space stretching after childbirth.
The porn actress discusses the issue of length and girth in relation to women's preferences.
A man with a nine-inch size causes discomfort for his wife during intercourse.
In porn, they don't go too deep due to the potential discomfort it may cause.
Women generally prefer shorter lengths with the right girth.
The speaker discusses the importance of girth over length in sexual pleasure for men.
Men often feel insecure about their size.
Girth is considered to be 95% of the pleasure.
Length is important, but girth is more crucial for stimulation.
A size range of five to six inches is considered average and can provide sufficient stimulation.
Bella Scorpion prefers girth over length when it comes to penile size.
Bella Scorpion wants to increase the size of her legs and back through bodybuilding.
She doesn't want an excessively fake look.
She doesn't know any women who have done vaginal work to tighten the vaginal space.
Bella Scorpion believes that girth is more important than length when it comes to penile size.
00:08Bella I'm glad you were able to come
00:10today it was great of course you know
00:13it's funny when you meet somebody the
00:15first question you might ask is how's
00:16work what do you do you know so it might
00:18be like an awkward yeah right question
00:20to answer uh maybe you could tell me a
00:22little about yourself a little
00:23background like you said you were born
00:25in Italy yes nice and you moved to the
00:27United States uh when you got here what
00:30did you do at first okay so when I moved
00:33here I did a little bit of everything
00:36because you know I also didn't know
00:39English or Spanish I had to learn both
00:42of them and I remember after like couple
00:44months I started like working in an
00:46office then I worked at the beach
00:49that was like oh I was a pool and Beach
00:52attendant I was giving chairs umbrella
00:57yeah that that was like a really like
00:59nice job because I was like outdoor all
01:02day yeah but I was a
01:04hard then where was this was it in
01:07Florida yeah oh Florida yeah here in
01:09Miami you came right to Miami I came on
01:11vacation in 2012 and I never went back
01:14wow yeah that's what I think yeah family
01:17in Italy yeah I still have like uh
01:21majority of my family there actually
01:23yeah after a couple of years and I was
01:25here like my mom my stepdad and my
01:27little sister they move here oh they did
01:30okay yeah yeah and I have my twin sister
01:32too it'll be tough to have all your
01:34family away but you visit I guess soon
01:36once in a while no
01:39I'm gonna go this year
01:41now here's the the million dollar
01:43question yeah of course so from working
01:46on the beach yes eventually you got into
01:48the port industry how did that happen so
01:52uh I'm a tattoo artist yes so as you can
01:55see and in 2020 during the lockdown the
01:59city closed my shop
02:01wow so I had to find something to do and
02:04I actually had a friend in the industry
02:06and he was like Hey you know
02:09you know you're not working right now if
02:11you need money I can hook you up and
02:13what I did was like okay let's do this I
02:15was like nobody will ever find out and
02:18now everybody found out you know I think
02:22the whole world but yeah that that's how
02:23he you know he started yeah so a friend
02:27introduced you yeah now of course it's
02:30something different right because we're
02:31used to like a regular kind of normal
02:32relationship where you date someone oh
02:34yeah maybe you get married one day and
02:36so forth how does that look you're not
02:38married right I'm divorced actually
02:39you're divorced yeah okay that occurred
02:42when uh 2019. oh well well it's recent
02:45yeah okay so you got into the porn run
02:49again 20 20. yeah
02:52whatever and then you got into this
02:54thing yes mainly because you're shop
02:57closed yeah that was like the main
02:59reason but now uh after that you know
03:01then I opened my shop after like six
03:03months of being in porn you do that too
03:05yes I still do tattoos but I actually
03:09sold that shop so okay so no more
03:12tattoos no I steal tattoo from my house
03:14like just my you know like regular
03:16client but mainly it's the the porn side
03:19no now now I'm like I went back actually
03:22uh in the industry in December last year
03:27and I'm back to stay because uh now you
03:31know I'm single I have no intention of
03:33dating anybody as of right now also I
03:37really like want to focus on this so
03:40let's say you're in the porn industry
03:41right and you do your work and so forth
03:43when you go to work because I've had
03:45four guys here yeah right and I asked
03:48them how it is and stuff and they said
03:49you know after a while it's just like
03:51you know going to work and that's it
03:52it's a job it's a job that what people I
03:55don't understand is that like sex and
03:58love are two different things exactly
03:59what I was going to ask you completely
04:01different so for example if you all
04:04right you're in the industry you could
04:05meet somebody and fall in love with them
04:09now if that were to happen in the
04:12industry with a guiding there well not
04:13even it should be anybody yeah it could
04:15be anybody would you stay in the
04:17industry or focus on your new uh I will
04:21stay in the industry okay and I will try
04:24you know to make this guy understand
04:25that's that it's just a job because you
04:28know uh you go on set the song Sometimes
04:31you don't know who the guy is or the
04:34girl is yeah because usually guys are
04:37fine if you shoot with girls you know
04:38the guy is the problem
04:41it's just a job like you go there you do
04:45your shoot and then you go home you
04:47don't hang out with these people you
04:49don't go on days so you don't like you
04:51know talk to them on the phone all day
04:53like it's just a job
04:55like actors are you see in movies you
04:58know that's right a sex scene that's
05:00what they said you know that's a job
05:02that's what they said to me and I said
05:04okay that's kind of interesting uh so
05:07you're just doing that but you're not
05:09dating no care to date no not interested
05:12I mean at least not now at least not now
05:14okay but it's a possibility it's a
05:16possibility married one day yeah maybe
05:19and have babies you have any babies no I
05:21don't okay
05:23so your future is this for now do you
05:25see anything else in the future other
05:28than this well uh uh I have a project
05:30actually of building an Airbnb oh very
05:34good yeah I have some land in Okeechobee
05:36and I want to do this like
05:39pirate team
05:41Airbnb what's that pirating I know
05:44pirate you know Pirates yeah yeah I want
05:47this is a crazy idea I know I want to
05:50buy sailboats and build three houses out
05:54of them I'm just gonna like put in like
05:5720 feet up in the trees
05:59you're going to bake the boater house
06:01yes sir I'm gonna turn both into three
06:04houses yes I think that's good you see
06:07that'll be unique oh that's fine
06:11I know that's right so do that that's
06:14interesting oh yeah yeah now I'm going
06:16to switch subject here we're going to
06:17talk about sensitive things men are
06:19interested in okay and they want to know
06:21because they're always thinking about
06:23size right the length that they have
06:26yeah Direction length the erection girth
06:28and all that now tell me a little about
06:31two perspectives one yeah when you're
06:34working obviously they select men that
06:36are larger right in the film right
06:38that's kind of the way it is yes most
06:39men are not really that size right yeah
06:42and also even like
06:44there they look bigger on camera also oh
06:48is that right because like the Angles
06:50and all that you know like sometimes
06:53it's like
06:54they make it look bigger you know but
06:57they are big yeah they're right bigger
06:58than they they exactly bigger than
07:01average now for you personally right I
07:04know you're going to work and it's a job
07:06yeah uh and maybe eventually you find
07:08someone to get married but is that
07:09person that you marry have to have a
07:13large penis for example or larger than
07:15average let's say I mean it's not like a
07:18deal breaker okay that's important now
07:21no no he's not a deal breaker okay okay
07:24but you know if he's big he's a he's
07:27better you know
07:29it's good to know that it's not a deal
07:31breaker no he's not a deal breaker it's
07:34like full in love with a woman with a
07:35flat chest right and you're gonna say
07:37I'm not going with you because you have
07:38a flat chest that's not right no right
07:40or whatever okay so the guys want to
07:43know about stuff like that because
07:44they're kind of insecure yeah that's why
07:45they come to me okay because I could
07:47make them pretty big you know bigger
07:50than these well much bigger than that
07:51but like the size of these cups you know
07:54this is a something to explain yeah
07:57that's what I like you know
07:59you know wait this is what you like yeah
08:01I like gerd that's what I like you like
08:03Earth okay yes so is this about the
08:05right girl yes the size that's about
08:08right yeah we should get a tape measure
08:14well most of my patients this is about
08:16uh-huh that's even that's even too big
08:18you think it's too big yeah that's a
08:20little bit too big exactly the bottom
08:22perfect yes that's about seven and a
08:25half inches in girth yeah okay so most
08:28of my patients that's what I recommend a
08:30range of six and a half to seven and a
08:31half yeah so I'm go larger uh because
08:34some have to have let's say their wives
08:36the vaginal space is bigger because
08:38having babies yeah all right it
08:40stretches the area so some men have to
08:42go to eight for example so what happens
08:44is when you're larger
08:45you feel more like that see that's the
08:48bottom line right now let's contrast
08:52with length because I'll tell you this I
08:55the porn guys that I see here
08:57and I kind of kid around with them the
08:59women like that 10 inch long penis huh
09:00yeah and I know the answer that's right
09:03so he goes no they don't but they're
09:04good actors though exactly because it
09:07hurts yeah I don't like that
09:10um for me
09:11for the business side yeah exactly but
09:14it looks good on camera what's your
09:16ideal length
09:17top I would say eight no more than eight
09:21but the bottom is good
09:23I will say like six okay six to eight
09:27six to eight yeah with this oh that's
09:30perfect okay now that's hopeful and I'll
09:32tell you what for our audience for our
09:34guys yeah most men are around six you
09:38summer five some are seven but let's say
09:40six yeah I can get every man on the
09:42planet this thick any any size here I
09:46can get them there you see yeah that'd
09:48be kind of nice for them to know the
09:50truth of the matter because you're right
09:51length hurts exactly you have a cervix
09:54sitting there yeah nervous is that okay
09:56so where is it going now sometimes women
09:58could handle more I get some have
10:00different Anatomy so I understand that
10:01but most do not have no you know the
10:04depth for that yeah and they don't like
10:06it once I had a I had a once every week
10:09I have a live consultation group on the
10:11phone with guys
10:13and I said you know what I said to the
10:15guys we uh I could give him a little
10:17lecture on what I do and then I have
10:20everyone answer questions so I go
10:22through each one of them that could be
10:2320 30 or 40 guys yeah so I said to the
10:25guys I said okay we're gonna go to
10:26questions now the guy who has a seven
10:29inch long penis let me know when I get
10:31to you so after a few guys I got to a
10:33guy with a seven inches long yeah so a
10:35guy says yeah I'm seven inches long I
10:36said okay what does your wife say to you
10:38when you're having intercourse she says
10:41it feels like it's poking her
10:43I said okay so that's okay if someone
10:45with a nine inch length oh that's yeah
10:47okay I said some of the nine-ish let me
10:49know when you when I get to that that
10:51person with a nine inch I have a
10:52question to ask basically the same
10:55So eventually if you guys down he says
10:56yes I'm nine inches so this guy I said
10:59to him what does your wife say when she
11:02had when you have intercourse she says
11:04it feels like it's stabbing her you see
11:07exactly now in your experience is that
11:09basically correct yes it's correct okay
11:11but but for work you have to deal with
11:13it yeah but I mean you can't go crazy
11:16with I mean I mean they're going to try
11:18to go in as far as they can I mean in
11:21porn they don't really do that do you
11:23like force yeah okay because also you
11:26know he's not gonna look that good on
11:30he felt like the girl is like too in
11:32pain he's like they're gonna see it
11:34they're gonna see it it's like no that
11:35doesn't look good okay you know so they
11:38don't really go that deep so they know
11:40if they hit something exactly they're
11:42professionals you know okay but yeah
11:45kind of good to know yeah okay
11:49so when I when I found out about this
11:51length issue see a lot of guys see these
11:53porn things right and what are they
11:55focused on on the line the guy's length
11:58yeah okay when I try to tell them that
12:00the length women don't like if it's too
12:03long right and you're verifying yeah
12:05there's another lady I'm gonna interview
12:06I think she likes longer let me get her
12:09perspective on that maybe her vaginal
12:10spaces maybe that's why otherwise I
12:13don't see how it's happened yeah okay uh
12:15but the men have to understand that
12:17shorter is okay if you're six or seven
12:19or eight it's on the longer side but
12:21let's say the guys who are six yeah even
12:22six even five if you have the right
12:24girth you know right five with this yeah
12:27that's perfect
12:29absolutely even you know I talked to the
12:32girls you know because
12:34these are like typical like subjects in
12:37the girls group chat yeah so and we talk
12:40about that and you know they're like no
12:42I don't like it too long no nobody does
12:46that nobody
12:47maybe there's some exceptions but like I
12:50say like majority they don't like that
12:52well that's what I wanted to bring out
12:54today because a lot of men are fooled by
12:58that they're misled yeah because when
12:59they come to me they first start with
13:01hey I want to get longer and I said you
13:03know we'll have limited techniques to do
13:05this yeah a little surgery whatever
13:07um but I tell them that if you're around
13:09six ish okay yeah focus on the girth
13:12yeah and that we can get I mean I can
13:14get guys even bigger than us not that I
13:16recommend that no okay I don't recommend
13:17it yeah but like I said the seven and a
13:19half at the bottom of this by seven and
13:20a half yeah is what I recommend that's
13:22the range and you're basically
13:24confirming that that really is where
13:26it's at yes okay and I want everyone to
13:28hear that clearly okay that when you see
13:31pornography even though let's say a man
13:35and woman together the guy is 10 inches
13:37long yeah that lady's not really you
13:40know feeling too good about it she's not
13:42pain sometimes right there's not much
13:44pleasure but they do it because of the
13:46entertainment aspect exactly okay yeah
13:48but in fact when I spoke to the porn guy
13:51says after after do we have sex and do
13:54our thing for work the women go home to
13:57their six-inch boyfriends that effect
13:58exactly you see
14:00what he said to me that that that's the
14:01truth that's right that's right I'm glad
14:04you're saying that because a lot of men
14:05think it's length and it's not no I even
14:07try like I had an extra okay then it was
14:10like insecure about the fact that they
14:12you know like 12 inches long I was in
14:14porn and he's like no because you know
14:16it's like you have sex with these guys
14:18and I have like what was the size six
14:21inches but yeah he had a girl though so
14:23I was like you see I'm like that doesn't
14:24matter it's like no but I'm like I'm not
14:26sure about it I was like I'm I'm telling
14:29you I'm like listen to me trust me
14:31and then you know it took a little bit
14:33to convince him but then you know but it
14:35was okay yeah it was okay and then he's
14:36like yes I think okay because that's
14:38stuff for a guy I know I know we're
14:41brainwashed yeah and that's what I'm
14:43saying we're already insecure at the
14:45beginning yeah now you see a guy 10
14:47inches you're like man I can't compete
14:48with that and so exactly it's a
14:50competition for them that's right in
14:52their minds and it's not a good one no I
14:54don't like it no no one likes it no guy
14:56likes it no I mean I get calls from all
14:58over the world you know what they say to
15:00me said you know I don't think I'm
15:02satisfying my wife I don't think I'm big
15:03enough that that's yeah they're probably
15:05right on the girth yes the link exactly
15:09so that's interesting and I want the
15:11audience that's listening to know that
15:13clearly and I preach that when I tell
15:16them that girth is 95 of the pleasure
15:18yes I agree yeah if you're three inches
15:20long it's a different story we've got to
15:21work on the length Okay yeah but even if
15:23uh we'll go to let's say a five to six
15:26range which is on the lower end yeah
15:27okay but that's more on the average for
15:28the guys if they get this size I'm
15:32telling you you're going to stimulate
15:33all day long oh yeah
15:35since you had experience with this I
15:38could tell you my experience is from my
15:39question my patients right so when they
15:41get to Seven in girth right seven and a
15:44half whatever it is when they come back
15:45and if they want a little more I asked
15:47them how's everything going you know how
15:49does it go you went from five inch Girt
15:50to six to seven now you want to be seven
15:52and a half
15:54here are the stories let's see if you
15:55could correlate or just uh cooperate
15:59they say that you know when you're in
16:01the vaginal space and you're kind of
16:03feeling wall-to-wall wall to wall and
16:06she feels it I mean the orgasms are
16:10right would you agree with that I agree
16:12let's say you have a 10 inch guy
16:15a five and a half girth then you had a
16:18six inch gun with a seven
16:20which was going to stay I I go with the
16:22seven guard that's right yes
16:25clearly yeah
16:28that's important because I'm telling you
16:30it hurts our self-esteem goes down to
16:32the ground I know I know that also
16:34that's why for me is like hard like to
16:37date because guys get like really
16:40just because I'm important and they're
16:41like no you're used to that it's like
16:43you're used to like really really big
16:45guys and I like
16:46but you know I'm like that's a job
16:49that's acting it's like I'm still a
16:53normal person any like my personal life
16:55I prefer you know more dirt than land
16:59that's right yeah and I keep on talking
17:01about that every single day on my
17:03website I talk about it we have to get
17:05away from the length but when a guy sees
17:08it's burned it's terrible I know okay
17:11now from the women's perspective like
17:12what do you ladies insecure about oh
17:16a lot of stuff a lot of stuff I'm
17:19absolutely breasts okay I believe right
17:23now is more about like you see all these
17:25girl the guy like Brazilian body lifter
17:27yeah like gigantic too big I have a lot
17:32of friends they like see us like the
17:35Kardashian for example like role model
17:38and I'm like that's not that much
17:40natural like they look out of
17:43proportions and like that's too much but
17:45especially like down here in Miami it's
17:48so normal and it's all over that
17:51everybody tried to look like that
17:53it is a bit much yes but your your
17:56opinion is somewhere in the middle not
17:58that big no exactly something in the
18:00middle how about the breast for the
18:02women they have a preference
18:05like a cd-ish right around there I am
18:08like a CD Now Okay mines are done
18:12actually but I want to get them bigger
18:15you do yes
18:17or for your personal life uh for my
18:20personal life I guess because I started
18:22like working out like seriously like a
18:25couple of years ago yeah and now my legs
18:27are really big my back is wider and wait
18:31it's literally squatting and all that
18:32yes wow I do bodybuilding so okay I feel
18:36like I need a little bit more like
18:41yeah I don't want like gigantic I don't
18:45like that too fake look you know
18:48that you can even like sleep because I'm
18:52like you know exactly it's too much
18:56now let me ask you this do you know any
18:59who do vaginal work like for example
19:01sometimes the vaginal space could be a
19:03little looser than you know you want
19:04yeah uh and maybe even a seven inch guy
19:07won't help but do they talk about that
19:10and they get there personally I don't
19:12know them because I like majority of my
19:15friends like I also like younger than me
19:18or they don't have kids so that's one
19:21question at this time personally yeah I
19:24don't know anybody okay okay yeah just
19:26touching all the bases exactly
19:29you had to say something to the men
19:32and you know something personal for us
19:34work is one thing yes personal life is
19:37another and your personal opinion
19:39you being in this industry your personal
19:42opinion about penile size carries a lot
19:44of weight yes exactly they're going to
19:47listen I mean there's a Perkin up here
19:48yeah so what you said basically is girth
19:52yes it's far better absolutely than
19:54being sure absolutely even if you're not
19:57too long if you have the girth oh that
20:00that's like you say 95 percent that's
20:02right like uh if I have to pick I will
20:05pick Earth all the time
20:11yeah yeah
20:12sure yeah that's there exactly come home
20:15you don't want that anymore exactly yeah
20:18yeah I want like a you know average
20:20length but girth yeah and that's what I
20:24do huh so you see and that's how I
20:27didn't even know that was possible you
20:29know like that was the thing because I
20:30was like you know for a girl so we we go
20:32get like bigger breasts and like any but
20:35I I didn't know about it you know and
20:37when I found out I was like wow
20:39like that that's
20:41awesome it is awesome for the guys a lot
20:44of guys don't even know you could do it
20:45but uh that's why it's it's incredible
20:47for the guys it saves marriages oh I'm
20:51sure and I tell guys when you get to a
20:53certain size you know do a couple
20:54treatments and when you're with your
20:56wife it's gonna be like dating all over
20:58I agree sex is not everything in our
21:02relationship but it's a good like 50
21:05heavily on that side I
21:11yeah well Bella I appreciate you being
21:14here now maybe one day you'll have to
21:15come back we'll chat a little bit more
21:17and so forth absolutely and uh it was
21:19super I'm glad that we had the chance to
21:22explore your mind on the situation you
21:25know I mean I wish you well and it was a
21:26pleasure it was a pleasure okay thank
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Bella Scorpion discusses her background and journey into the adult industry, highlighting her personal experience and the factors that contributed to her decision.

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Bella Scorpion emphasizes that girth is more important than length when it comes to sexual satisfaction, sharing her insights and preferences in this aspect.

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This video discusses the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 after the spread changes in Season 5, highlighting the gew-46, PBX, rm68, M5 A3, pp29, scar, and bsvm as strong options. The weapons are evaluated based on their spread, damage, range, and versatility, with the pp29 and bsvm being standout choices due to their large magazine options and effective range. Overall, these weapons are considered to be among the top choices in the game.

This video discusses the five most popular strains of psilocybin mushrooms including B+, Penis Envy, Cambodian, Golden Teacher, and Tidal Wave, highlighting their characteristics and effects. It also promotes a Mushroom Grow Kit for those interested in cultivating their own mushrooms.

Clove water consumed at night has potential health benefits including improving digestion, acting as an antioxidant, regulating blood sugar, and promoting sound sleep. It may also have positive effects on respiratory health, cardiovascular health, dental health, and weight management. However, it is important to consume clove water in moderation and consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your diet or lifestyle.

The Orville season 4 renewal on Hulu is unlikely due to uncertain future of Hulu and Seth MacFarlane's involvement in other projects, leading to disappointment for fans of the show.

The video delves into the horrific case of Junko Furuta, who was subjected to prolonged torture and rape by a group of boys in Japan. Despite the brutality of the crimes, the perpetrators received light sentences, which continues to anger many people. Some of the perpetrators have been released and are living normal lives.

This video discusses the timeline and potential benefits of NoFap, including changes in dopamine levels, cravings, energy levels, confidence, social anxiety, creativity, and overall well-being. It emphasizes that individual experiences may vary and that the timeline is not an exact science.