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The Godrej family owns 3,400 acres of land in Mumbai, valued at ₹400,000 crores, making up 10% of the city's total land. The land includes mangroves and areas occupied by slums, with the rest being used for factories, IT parks, commercial and residential projects, hospitals, and other amenities. The family is currently involved in a dispute over the land, but is resolving it through closed-door negotiations rather than legal action.
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One family owns 3400 acres of land in Mumbai, which is valued at 400,000 crores.
Mumbai is surrounded by sea on three sides, resulting in a shortage of land.
The family's land is equivalent to 10% of Mumbai's total area.
Mumbai has a population of over 20 million, but only 34,000 acres are habitable.
The video explores how the family acquired and manages such a large landholding in Mumbai.
The city of Mumbai was given as a dowry to England by the Portuguese when Catherine of Braganza married Charles II of England.
Mumbai was not a big city at that time, but a group of 7 small islands.
The East India Company rented out the city of Mumbai from King Charles II for £10 a year.
The Easy India Company developed the port and surrounding main areas of Mumbai.
3,000 acres of land in Vikhroli were sold to Parsi businessman Framji Banaji, who later sold it to Pirojsha Godrej.
Godrej owns a total of 3400 acres of land, with 3000 acres in Vikhroli and 400 acres nearby to Bhandup - Nahur.
1750 acres of the land in Vikhroli is a forest of mangroves, which the government and Godrej Group do not want to deforest.
The remaining 1250 acres in Vikhroli and the 400 acres nearby are still owned by Godrej.
Godrej operates various factories, an IT park, commercial and residential projects, a hospital, and amenities on the land they purchased, with only a small portion remaining undeveloped.
The total land value is estimated to be 4,35,000 Crore.
Godrej operates factories such as Godrej Security, Godrej Interio, Godrej Aerospace, and Godrej Tooling on the land.
They have developed an IT park called "Godrej One" and commercial projects like Garden Enclave, Godrej Platinum, and Godrej Greens.
Godrej has also established residential societies, schools, and gardens on the land for their employees.
The Godrej Group involves lawyers and industry veterans to resolve a dispute over land, emphasizing the importance of investing in land for long-term returns.
Adi Godrej Group brings in their corporate lawyer Zia Mody and friend Nimesh Kampani, while the other side involves legal veteran Cyril Shroff and Uday Kotak.
The dispute is not discussed in the market, and the Godrej brothers aim to solve it privately.
The case study highlights the value of land as an investment and the need to buy at the right time and hold for a longer period.
Investing in cars or other material possessions would not have yielded the same returns.
00:00"Mumbai City" is one of India's most expensive property markets
00:03Mumbai is surrounded by sea on three sides
00:05That's why there is a shortage of land
00:07That's why multi-storey houses are built there
00:09and people required to live in the flats
00:11 and those flats are so expensive, What to say!
00:13It takes a lifetime to buy a 100-yard piece of land in Mumbai City
00:17and sometimes, it even takes 2-3 generations
00:19even then a man cannot buy it
00:20Now Imagine, in the same Mumbai City,
00:23A family has so much land in which 1, 64, 000 houses of 100 yards can be built.
00:30"Complete 3,400 Acres"
00:33Acres, it means, 1 Acre = 4,800 Yards, hence
00:36, it means approximately 5000 yards
00:38And that 3400 acres of land are owned by one family
00:41So, if its market value is evaluated,
00:44It is 4,00,000 crores
00:46How big is this land, you understand it like this
00:48As such, Mumbai is spread over an area of ​​more than 100,000 acres
00:51However, the habitable area is only 34,000 acres
00:55Out of that 3400 acres belongs to one family
00:58That means 10% of Mumbai belongs to one family
01:02Mumbai is the country with the highest number of population after Delhi
01:05And it is ranked 8th position in the world
01:07More than 20 million people live here
01:09You imagine this, understand the depth of the saying
01:12There is a total of 34,000 acres of place where 20 million people have to live
01:16Where one family says that gives us 10%
01:19and all stay in the rest 90%
01:21How does a family have such a huge land in Mumbai city?
01:24How did this miracle happen?
01:26If one family has this huge land,
01:28What has he done to this land so far and what is he going to do next?
01:31And when two brothers in a family fight for a 100-yard piece
01:34So wouldn't there have been disputes in such a large land?
01:36and if there is a dispute, then what is the matter?
01:38So, let's understand the whole story of this huge land of Mumbai
01:41and Where does it start and where does it end?
01:43And in the meanwhile, you will come to know 2 interesting facts related to Mumbai.
01:46Therefore, watch the video till the end
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01:58So, let's end the suspense first
02:01Which family is that?
02:02That family is the "Godrej Family"
02:03The same Godrej family whose "Lock" is in your house
02:06The same Godrej family whose "Almirah" is in your house
02:07The same Godrej family whose "Hair Die" you use
02:08So, you may think that - Is there so much margin in these things?
02:10Do they purchase so much land by selling these hair die and locks?
02:12No, the story is different.
02:13Let me tell the story from the beginning
02:15as how did such a huge piece of land come to the Godrej family?
02:18So, I am starting from the very beginning
02:20Mumbai was occupied by the Portuguese from 1534 to 1662.
02:24In the year 1662,
02:26when Catherine of Braganza married Charles II of England
02:30So, the city of Mumbai was given as a dowry by the Portuguese to England
02:34You may say that sir, people give gold and silver as dowry,
02:37they gave away the whole city
02:38Sir, that time was different
02:40If you found it interesting, then one more interesting thing
02:42King Charles II said that I have got such a big Mumbai city
02:44But Mumbai was not such a big city at that time,
02:46It was a group of 7 small islands
02:48King Charles II said that who will take care of it?
02:50So, he rented out the city of Mumbai
02:52To Whom?
02:52"The East India Company"
02:54Said to give £10 rent a year and you take care of it
02:57So, as Mumbai is such a big city,
02:59Where life seems like a struggle to buy a 1 BHK
03:02and to which, someone is giving it as rent, and dowry
03:06What is going on?
03:07The Easy India Company started developing Mumbai
03:09But they said that they will develop the port and its surrounding main areas
03:12Vikhroli was in the outer side area of Mumbai
03:13and so, they said who will take such a big land
03:15So, there were 3,000 Acres of land in the Vikhroli
03:17and they sold it to a Parsi businessman i.e., FRAMJI BANAJI
03:21Framji Banaji used to do business with China at that time, he was rich
03:24He also took the land
03:25But later, it reached out to the Bombay High Court for some reason.
03:28And, when the Bombay High Court auctioned it in 1914
03:32So, it was again bought by a Parsi businessman,
03:34and he was the hero of our story - "Pirojsha Godrej"
03:37He took 3000 acres from the Bombay High Court and
03:39and he again took 400 acres of land near Bhandup -Nahur
03:42and he got a total of 3400 Acres of land
03:44Who was Pirojsha Godrej?
03:46The main company of Godrej that had built locks, fridges
03:50"Ardeshir Godrej"
03:52He was the real brother of Ardeshir Godrej
03:53Now it is a matter of how the land came?
03:56Now, let's talk about the status of that land
03:58What is the value of that land?
03:59What is the dispute on that land?
04:00However, before telling all this
04:02as we don't have this much money? whereas
04:04our grandfather also didn't leave such a huge land in Mumbai,
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06:00Now let's come back to our Godrej Ji's land
06:03What is the status of this big land?
06:05So, it is a total of 3400 Acres of land
06:073000 Acres in Vikhroli and 400 Acres is nearby to Bhandup - Nahur
06:10What is going on in the 3000 Acres of Vikhroli land sir?
06:12There is a forest of mangroves on 1750 acres,
06:16It means the forest has grown which is good in terms of the environment
06:20Hence, as the forest has grown,
06:21the government will not give the license or opportunity to deforest it
06:25And the Godrej Group itself, don't want to do anything to that forest land
06:30Out of 3000 acres, this 1750 acres of land went away from Godrej
06:34So, you may think that still 250-300 acres of land is left
06:37No! That 300 acres of land is the one on which the slum has been built.
06:40and has been unlawfully occupied
06:43However, if Godrej wants, as it is their property, so,
06:45Can get it vacated
06:46But Godrej is ignoring as due to some political and other reasons
06:50Now, they are left with 1000 Acres of Land in Vikhroli
06:54Now, if we need to find out its value and
06:55considering, the FSI rule in Mumbai
06:57according to which development can be done
06:594x to 5x area of ​​land can be developed
07:02Hence, as there are 1000 acres of land with Godrej, so,
07:03its 4000-5000 acre area can be developed
07:06If see this in square feet, it will come as 219 million Sq. Ft.
07:11It means, 21,90,00000 square feet of the area can be developed
07:16and, the rate of that area is 20, 000 per square foot
07:19Hence, the total land value accordingly comes as 4,35,000 Crore
07:23After excluding the occupied slum area and forest area
07:24Now, it is not like they have not done anything on the land
07:27They said on this land that till the rest of the people occupy it,
07:29We should also do some work.
07:31Hence, Godrej operate most of its factories on this land
07:37Godrej Security, Godrej Interio, Godrej Aerospace, Godrej Tooling
07:41All these factories are present on that land
07:44Godrej has also created an IT park on the land named as
07:46"Godrej One"
07:47Other than this, Godrej also have some property work
07:49due to which they have developed some commercial projects
07:51such as Garden Enclave, Godrej Platinum, Godrej Greens
07:53In the name of these, they also have some residential projects
07:56and at the same rate that I have told you
07:58There is Godrej Memorial Hospital on the same land
08:00and for the factories employees
08:02they also made available
08:03residential societies, schools and gardens on the same land
08:06However, do understand
08:08After making all these things,
08:091000 acres of land are not completely consumed
08:11It is just around 10-20-25 acres
08:13and currently, they have much area of land
08:15So, you may think that
08:15What is the dispute in this big land?
08:17Like, our editors ask that sir, the land is vacant
08:18and many things have been developed
08:20but what is the matter of dispute?
08:21If there is a dispute here, a single brick is not allowed to be put
08:24How did you get so many things developed?
08:25First, do understand that between whom is the dispute?
08:27Pirojsha Godrej is the individual who purchased the land
08:29they had four children
08:31and from these four, we will not discuss two children as
08:32they are not connected to our story
08:34One of the children is Burjor Godrej who had 2 children
08:37named as Nadir Godrej and Adi Godrej
08:39Hence, the two grandchildren of Pirojsha Godrej
08:41the other child of Pirojsha Godrej was Naval Godrej
08:43Naval Godrej had two children named as
08:44Jamshyd Godrej and Smita Godrej
08:46Hence, the other two grandchildren of Pirojsha Godrej
08:48Hence, the dispute is going on between these four grand children's
08:51Nadir Godrej and Adi Godrej on one side and
08:52Jamshyd Godrej and Smita Godrej on the other side
08:53Hence, what is the dispute?
08:54The one side belongs to Adi Godrej and Nadir Godrej is saying that
08:57We have a company named Godrej Properties
08:59So, we are saying that like Hira Nandani developed Powai
09:02and he is one of the biggest builders in Mumbai
09:04We can be 4 times bigger builders than him
09:06If we develop the 1000 acres of land
09:09They are saying that 300 acres of land were occupied,
09:10that's done, We do not want to release it
09:121750 acres of land that went to the forest, it's gone!
09:15We do not want to take it
09:15However, Let the 1000 acres of land be developed
09:17The other group that belongs to Smita Godrej and Jamshyd Godrej
09:20They are saying that we don't even have any business with the property
09:22and they are saying that when so much has been done to the environment, and
09:24and there is much congestion in Mumbai due to crowded areas and traffic
09:27and so, Why harm the environment by developing these 1000 acres of land?
09:30So, let's not use it and let it be.
09:32Hence, the solution for this dispute will be
09:35Both groups should divide the land and
09:37500 acres on one side and 500 acres on the other side
09:39Those who want to develop, do it and those who don't want, to let it be
09:41Hence, internal communications are going on for this dispute
09:44Hence, to solve the problem,
09:46Adi Godrej Group bring forward their
09:48corporate lawyer Zia Mody and their friend Nimesh Kampani (Industry veteran)
09:54and on the other side, they involved legal veteran Cyril Shroff and Uday Kotak
09:59Hence, they both are dispute concerned parties and their friends and lawyers
10:02collectively working on a solution that can be accepted by both the sides
10:07Now, the most important thing is that this
10:08The dispute is not discussed in the market
10:10As it happens, two brothers are fighting for 100 yards of land
10:13One brother is backbiting the other,
10:15court cases and police are coming and other things
10:17Though, both sides of Godrej said that
10:18we are much respect people in the society
10:20It's a long generation and
10:21Whatever dispute will happen, we will solve it in the closed room
10:24That is why nothing is coming either false statements, legal actions
10:28We will solve the property case by sitting together and talking further
10:32Hence, you may think, how it is formed if there is a dispute?
10:35They are brothers, one factory I will develop and one you develop,
10:39Do this thing for your employee, and
10:41charity work is going altogether
10:43Even these two groups have such an agreement
10:45Both groups of people are sitting in the director's position of their companies
10:52So, that there will be no further disputes
10:53Hence, these are family people
10:55Now, let's come to the learning of this case study
10:57What is there to learn?
10:59The first thing that will shock you and even it's shocked me as well
11:02Land is the best investment in the life
11:04Now think, they purchased the land at that time and hold it
11:08What is its value today?
11:09Today, it is using as for staying, business and
11:13if sell it, then also there is a worth
11:14The same thing can be done in shares and gold
11:17The fact is that you need to buy that thing
11:20at the right time, at right time and hold it for a longer period
11:24Whether it be gold, share or land,
11:25It will provide you return surely
11:27Now think, if they purchased cars with this money?
11:30What had happened?
11:31At that time, if they wore good clothes or bought other things,
11:34what had happened?
11:35So, do spend on those things rather than luxuries
11:38whose value will increase in the future
11:39This is the first learning
11:40and the second learning,
11:41How lovingly these people are solving disputes between one another
11:44without blaming one another, we need to learn this thing
11:47as where we fight for just 1-2 lacks or 1-2 crore
11:52and for the 10% of the land of Mumbai,
11:53they are solving disputes in a proper way
11:56Hence, we need to learn these things
11:57Like and subscribe to the channel
11:59 for similar stories and case studies
12:01See you in the next video
12:03and yes, while going, don't forget to enrol
12:04in the data science course by Coding Invaders
12:07and remember the code, "RM27"
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the extent of the Godrej family's land holdings in Mumbai?

The Godrej family owns 3,400 acres of land in Mumbai, valued at ₹400,000 crores, making up 10% of the city's total land.

2. What are the different types of areas included in the Godrej family's land?

The land includes mangroves and areas occupied by slums, with the rest being used for factories, IT parks, commercial and residential projects, hospitals, and other amenities.

3. How is the Godrej family currently dealing with the dispute over the land?

The family is currently involved in a dispute over the land, but is resolving it through closed-door negotiations rather than legal action.

4. What is the value of the Godrej family's land in Mumbai?

The Godrej family's land in Mumbai is valued at ₹400,000 crores.

5. What percentage of Mumbai's total land does the Godrej family's land make up?

The Godrej family's land in Mumbai makes up 10% of the city's total land.

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