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This video compares the updates of GoodNotes 6 and Notability in 2023, highlighting the differences in user interface, navigation, note creation, toolkits, features, sharing options, and cost, ultimately concluding that GoodNotes 6 is a more complete app while Notability is a more practical and efficient note-taking experience.
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Goodnotes 6 and Notability have both undergone UI redesigns, with Goodnotes 6 featuring a new sidebar for easy access to tools and marketplace, while Notability maintains its folder-based organization with collapsible headers for efficient navigation.
Goodnotes 6 has a new sidebar with a Search tool, quick access to bookmarked pages, and an enab marketplace for purchasing templates and more.
Notability retains its folder-based organization with collapsible headers for efficient navigation.
Goodnotes 6 requires opening a folder to access specific notes, while Notability offers better access to every divider, folder, or document from the sidebar.
Goodnotes 6 offers more options for organizing notes and has a powerful search tool, while Notability has easier note creation and more built-in templates.
Goodnotes 6 allows nesting folders up to 10 layers deep, while Notability only allows up to 5 layers.
Goodnotes 6 has a powerful search tool that can read typed and handwritten notes, while Notability's search tool is behind a paid subscription.
Notability has a fast and simple note creation process with default templates, while Goodnotes 6 offers a wider range of built-in templates.
Goodnotes 6 allows for quick and easy rearrangement of pages and adding pages to specific notebooks.
Goodnotes 6 and Notability have similar toolkits for note-taking, but there are some differences in features and customization options.
Notability has a pressure-sensitive pencil tool with tilt-activated shading, while Goodnotes 6 lacks a pencil tool.
Goodnotes 6 allows scribbling out words with the Apple Pencil, which is not possible in Notability.
Notability removed its favorite toolbar in July 2023, while Goodnotes still allows saving favorite colors and offers unlimited custom colors.
Goodnotes 6 has a more intuitive lasso tool that allows selecting by drawing a circle, making the lasso tool in Notability less necessary.
Goodnotes 6 provides AI-powered writing while Notability allows working on multiple documents simultaneously and has a more complete toolkit.
Both apps support handwriting to text conversion and third-party styluses.
Goodnotes 6 provides AI-powered writing aids to learn and generate text from handwriting.
Notability allows opening two documents side by side in-app for easier comparison and copying.
Notability has a more complete toolkit with tools like ruler and tape tool, while Goodnotes 6 has been adding cool stuff to its toolkit in the past years.
Goodnotes 6 offers interactive exam practice and AI math assistant, while Notability requires a subscription for most features including iCloud sync and backup, and lacks collaborative editing in real time.
Goodnotes 6 introduced interactive exam practice and AI math assistant.
Notability requires a subscription for most features including iCloud sync and backup.
Goodnotes 6 allows for collaborative editing in real time, while Notability does not.
GoodNotes 6 has a new subscription model at $9.99, while Notability offers a free plan with limitations and a $14.99/year subscription without a one-time purchase option.
GoodNotes 6 previously allowed upgrading via one-time purchase with limitations on notebook creation.
Notability's free plan has significant limitations on storage, syncing, and monthly note edits.
GoodNotes 6 still updates all its content, while Notability may put new features behind a subscription without clarity on which features will be affected.
GoodNotes 6 is more cost-effective, offers the option for upfront purchase, and is less likely to put key features behind a subscription wall.
00:00earlier this year I reviewed good notes
00:02and notability and compared them to
00:04ultimately tell you which one was better
00:07at that time and spoiler alert goodnotes
00:095 actually won that very tight battle
00:11back then I'm sure with people like and
00:13with good notes and notes ability both
00:16releasing very important updates I feel
00:18that it's time to revisit this ongoing
00:21War so let's dive right into it
00:23if you have been using good notes and
00:25notability for quite some time this is
00:28where you'll notice the first big
00:30differences when compared to previous
00:31versions both uis have been redesigned
00:34so it's even easier to find and navigate
00:37through your notes but some things
00:39actually stay the same good note 6 has a
00:41user interface displayed as a list or a
00:43grid that's pretty much unchanged but
00:46the sidebar on the other hand that's new
00:48if you can open it by clicking on the
00:50icon at the top left it includes a
00:52Search tool a place for your share
00:54documents quick access to your bookmark
00:56note Pages which are basically your
00:59favorites and the enab marketplace where
01:01you can purchase new templates covers
01:03stickers and so much more there are also
01:06icons at the top right for more tools
01:08like settings book editing or
01:10notifications notability on the other
01:12hand has stayed pretty true to itself
01:14the app has your folders on the left
01:16sidebar and your notes within those
01:19folders are displayed on the right you
01:21can display your notes as a glist or a
01:22grid and you can either find headers
01:24which work as collapsible toggles to
01:26keep your workspace more organized it's
01:28a practical and efficient approach that
01:30stayed pretty much unchanged and rightly
01:32so as for navigation well it's pretty
01:34simple in both apps with good note 6
01:36it's pretty straightforward you'll have
01:38to open a folder to get to the specific
01:40notes you're looking for some might say
01:42it's a bit limiting but fortunately
01:44there are some ways around that using
01:46the sidebar you can quickly access any
01:48of your shared or bookmark documents so
01:50those are actually always very easy to
01:52find unlike good note 6 notability
01:55sidebar offers a better access to every
01:57divider folder or document and if you've
02:00got notability plus shared recent
02:02favorite and unfiled notes sections are
02:06on the same sidebar as well lastly while
02:08good note 6 offers a very powerful
02:10Search tool both on the free and on the
02:12paid versions notability Search tool is
02:14only available if you have a
02:16subscription okay all that being said I
02:19still got to give it to notability
02:20especially if you have notability plus
02:23if you don't have a subscription the
02:25lack of a Search tool and the lack of
02:27visibility for bookmark notes for
02:29example is kinda limiting so it would
02:32pretty much even it out however
02:33notability's sidebar offers a much more
02:36easy and direct access to all your
02:39dividers folders and notes and that's a
02:42huge Plus in my opinion
02:44if you're looking for an easy way to
02:46manage your notes nutability is a great
02:48option for you from the main screen you
02:50will create a folder on the left sidebar
02:52and house all your notes within that
02:55subject you can easily drag and drop
02:57notes between folders so relocating
02:59misplaced notes is actually super easy
03:01folders go in dividers and you can Nest
03:03dividers up to five layers deep which is
03:06pretty neat on the other hand goodnotes
03:07offers a few more options to help you
03:09stay organized you can ask folders
03:11within folders within folders which is
03:13pretty cool I tested it up to 10 layers
03:16of depth which is pretty much more than
03:19anyone would need and good note 6 would
03:21still allow me to create more good note
03:236 also has a very powerful Search tool
03:25which can read type notes texts and also
03:29your handwritten notes notability can
03:31basically do the same thing but it's
03:33behind the paid subscription as for note
03:35creation with notability it's really
03:38easy all you need to do is hit this
03:40button right here and the app will
03:42instantly create a new note within the
03:43subject effect you've selected in the
03:45sidebar and that's it it's fast and
03:48simple any new note is generated with a
03:51default template but you'll find other
03:53options at the bottom of the screen when
03:55you open a new note these new templates
03:57have been added with recent new updates
03:58but if you feel this is still not enough
04:00you can also tap on the more button and
04:03template settings to go to the full
04:05template Gallery it's safe to say that
04:07notesability offers more inbuilt
04:09templates than goodnotes does you'll
04:11find digital planners worksheets and
04:13much more with good note 6 document
04:15management and creation remains
04:16completely unchanged when you create a
04:18new document the app will ask you what
04:20kind of document you'd like to create
04:22and then guide you through the
04:23appropriate workflow what you choose in
04:25the beginning will actually Define what
04:26options you have notebooks and quick
04:28notes will hold your notebooks images
04:31scan documents while folders will hold
04:33pretty much anything this isn't actually
04:36a huge issue by the way because
04:37goodnotes allows you to move things
04:40around pretty quickly and easily you can
04:42drag and drop to rearrange your pages
04:44add a certain page to a certain notebook
04:46all of that is really easy to do with a
04:48launch of good note 6 you can even
04:50create custom themes meaning that you
04:52can create custom page sizes adjusting
04:55the height and the width to whatever you
04:57desire you can also change both the
04:59background and foreground colors to
05:00create something really unique in
05:02conclusion here I think both apps have
05:05huge Bros and some cons so it really
05:08depends on what you prefer the question
05:10for you is basically how much time are
05:13you going to spend on the app because
05:15the quick note creation process in
05:16notability encourages you to create a
05:19lot of notes basically you start the
05:21meeting or a class you open a new note
05:23you write whatever you need you close it
05:26down and next time you open another one
05:27whereas with good notes creating a note
05:30feels more like a commitment and that's
05:32not necessarily a bad thing you see the
05:34note creating process is a bit longer
05:36but gives you a lot of options and
05:38having the possibility to Nest your
05:39folders is actually pretty cool so if
05:42you're looking for something that is
05:44quick to use and simple to open
05:46notability might be the best choice for
05:48you if you want something that is a bit
05:50more complex but offers you more
05:52customization and organizational
05:53features good notes is the best bet
05:57and now to what matters most get Note 6
06:00and notability provide very similar but
06:03very robust toolkits for you to take
06:04notes both include a pen tool a
06:06highlighter an eraser a lasso tool and a
06:10text box tool these present only minor
06:12differences from one app to the other
06:14let's say that customization options in
06:16size color pressure sensitivity can vary
06:19but all in all it's all very similar
06:21there are some unique features to both
06:24apps that are really worth mentioning
06:25first notabilities pencil tool it's
06:28pressure sensitive and has tilt
06:30activated shading good notes doesn't
06:32provide a pencil tool and their brush
06:34tool really doesn't compare anything to
06:36this pencil tool when it comes to
06:38drawing or sketching on the other hand
06:40good note 6 allows you to scribble out
06:42some words with your apple pencil and
06:44this is just not possible on notability
06:46now to something that I consider pretty
06:49sad notability used to have a favorite
06:51toolbar which I loved and sadly in July
06:562023 there actually got rid of it I
06:59can't understand the reasons behind it
07:00but I was such a fan of the favorites
07:02toolbar so I was kind of disappointed
07:04when it happened so with this change you
07:06can no longer save your favorite pen
07:08type and Pen width but you can still add
07:10your favorite colors to the preset
07:12options and you'll get up to 8 spots for
07:15this purpose on good notes it's actually
07:17pretty similar the app gives you seven
07:19slots for your colors but good notes
07:22also allows for Unlimited Custom colors
07:24with notability custom colors are
07:26actually behind the subscription now
07:28something interesting about good note 6
07:30is that it comes with a lasso tool just
07:33like notability but good note 6 actually
07:36pretty much made the lasso tool obsolete
07:39you can now select anything by just
07:41drawing a circle around it and tapping
07:43on it it's so much quicker and intuitive
07:45shape recognition is present on both
07:48apps obviously notability offers shape
07:50detection where you draw the desired
07:53shape with your apple pencil and hold it
07:55in place until the app reads does
07:57everything with the perfect Dimensions
07:59good notes offers something very similar
08:01and offers a shape tool that you can use
08:03to fill shapes with colors and snap
08:05shape lines together now there are two
08:08more tools that actually come
08:09exclusively on notability when compared
08:12to good notes and those are the ruler
08:14now available on three and paid versions
08:16and the tape tool this was added back in
08:19April and it allows you to temporarily
08:21hide your content by covering it up with
08:23just a piece of digital tape as for
08:25handwriting both apps support the apple
08:27pencil too as well as third-party
08:30styluses both apps support handwriting
08:32to text conversion and good note 6
08:34provides AI powered writing
08:37I I don't know I don't know if it's hot
08:39where you are but where I live it's
08:42blazing outside and like I feel I'm just
08:45in a furnace right now so sorry for that
08:47what was I saying good note 6 also
08:49provides AI powered writing AIDS these
08:52allow good notes to learn and generate
08:54text to your handwriting right now it
08:56can basically spell check like a Word
08:58document it's far from perfect but it's
09:00actually a pretty cool tool last but not
09:02least notability also shines when it
09:04comes to work on multiple documents
09:06simultaneously while in good notes you
09:08can open multiple tabs like you do on
09:10your web browser for example notability
09:13allows you to actually open two
09:15documents side by side in app and this
09:18makes comparing notes or just copying
09:20something so much easier some might say
09:22that you can do exactly the same by
09:24opening two instances of good notes side
09:27by side which can be kinda clunky and
09:30come on notability has supported this
09:32feature for years already okay
09:34this one is actually pretty tough for me
09:37because I was such a big fan of
09:39notability's favorite toolbar but still
09:41even without it I have to give it to
09:43notability here I just feel that the
09:45overall toolkit is a bit more complete
09:47the pencil tool actually might take it
09:49away just by itself other tools like the
09:51ruler or the tape tool are also pretty
09:53nice additions so that doesn't really
09:57mean that goodnotes is far behind it's
09:59not the case good notes has been adding
10:01a lot of cool stuff to their toolkit in
10:03the past years but it's still not there
10:05yet we might revisit this in a few
10:07months and my mind might have changed by
10:11writing notes is obviously the main
10:14focus of note-taking apps but there are
10:16plenty of other little features that can
10:19be really really helpful PDF or image
10:21annotation is possible both in good
10:24notes and notability notability offers a
10:26great audio recording tool for note
10:28takers when recording notabilities audio
10:31is synced in real time with the notes
10:33while you take them and during playback
10:35notability will highlight the text as it
10:38was written during the recording so that
10:40you can better understand why you noted
10:42something down for a very long time this
10:44was unique to notability until good
10:47notes actually added something very
10:49similar in January 2023 and the same
10:52goes for notabilities math conversion
10:54tool the app can recognize math
10:56expression symbols elements and rules
10:58which goodnotes had no comparable
11:00counterpart until the release of good
11:03note 6. now if we're talking about
11:05unique features good notes already offer
11:07the flashcards maker it used to be
11:09pretty clunky but it was there and it
11:11was nice to use but good notes added
11:13study sets earlier this year which makes
11:15it just so much easier to do lastly good
11:18note 6 introduced two new learning
11:21features the first is interactive exam
11:23practice these are basically prep
11:25courses to help students prepare for
11:27very important exams and the other tool
11:29you can check out is the AI math
11:31assistant when you're working through a
11:33math problem good note 6 can actually
11:34spot mistakes that you're making
11:36although it only works in one of the
11:38prep courses for now good notes has
11:40plans to turn it into a full-fledged AI
11:42tutor this for me is actually the first
11:45very clear win and we have to give it to
11:47good notes where notability had two very
11:50cool unique features in their math
11:52conversion tool and audio recording tool
11:54good notes has them as well and has
11:57added some pretty interesting AI tools
11:59that really Elevate the app
12:01you can't beat the convenience of
12:04digital note-taking when it comes to
12:06sharing your notes and having your notes
12:08accessible pretty much anywhere if you
12:11have your digital devices with you good
12:13notes and notability handle these areas
12:15pretty much the same way except that
12:18notability requires you to have a
12:20subscription to have access to most of
12:23its features yep you heard it for
12:25notability users iCloud sync or any kind
12:28of backup is behind the paid
12:30subscription now both apps allow you to
12:33backup your data on third-party storage
12:35services like Dropbox or Google Drive
12:38for example and the backup process is
12:40very similar from good notes to
12:42notesability the only big difference is
12:44well again for noticeability users you
12:47need to have a paid subscription to back
12:49up your data which is really terrifying
12:52now when it comes to sharing both apps
12:55allow you to share and Export your
12:57content but they go about it in pretty
12:59different ways with notability you can
13:01use the link sharing feature to share it
13:04with pretty much anyone so anyone who
13:07has that link has access to your notes
13:09however collaborative editing is not
13:11possible on notesability good notes on
13:14the other hand doesn't allow non-users
13:16to open or view any notes to open the
13:19shared link you need to have an updated
13:21version of the app but it allows for
13:23collaborative editing even in real time
13:25which is something that is just not
13:28possible on notability and that's part
13:30of the reason why I have to give it to
13:32good notes Here notability's link
13:34sharing feature is great if you need
13:36someone to just read over your notes but
13:39the collaborative aspect of goodnotes
13:41just takes it away from me and on the
13:43other hand not being able to backup my
13:46data if I don't pay for the subscription
13:48just terrifies the hell out of me
13:51and now to the last and decisive section
13:54pricing and updates and this is where
13:57the apps mostly diverge from one another
13:58good note 6 offers a free trial for as
14:01long as you want to take full advantage
14:03of the app you can buy it with a
14:05one-time purchase of 29.99 or with a
14:08subscription model of 9.99 the
14:10subscription model is new to goodnotes
14:13as before good note 6 it was only
14:15possible to upgrade via a one-time
14:18purchase and a subtle limitations with
14:20the number of notebooks you can create
14:22pretty much all the features are
14:24unlocked on the free version anyways
14:26it's also important to know that if you
14:28were a good note's 5 user but wanted to
14:30upgrade to good note 6 you needed either
14:33to repurchase the app or subscribe to
14:35the latest version notability on the
14:37other hand has a free plan and a
14:39subscription plan it is 14.99 a year but
14:42there is no option for you to buy it as
14:44a one-time purchase like you have on
14:46goodnotes although notabilities free
14:48plan is very usable for casual note
14:50takers it comes with very big
14:52limitations in regards to storage and
14:55syncing also keep in mind that the free
14:57version of notability limits the number
14:59of edits you can do per month on your
15:01notes and weirdly enough the app is
15:04pretty vague about how many edits you
15:06can actually do as far as updates are
15:08concerned good nodes appears to still
15:10update all its content for a good note 6
15:12and notability has mentioned that some
15:14new features might only be available
15:16with a subscription but it's pretty
15:18unclear how the company will actually
15:20choose which features will be put behind
15:22the subscription wall so if you're
15:24looking strictly at costs good note 6 is
15:27the best bet I mean even with the new
15:29subscription plan it's still more
15:31affordable than notabilities and you
15:33still have the possibility to just pay
15:35up front and buy it all at once another
15:37thing is that you won't probably have to
15:40worry about key features being put
15:42behind the subscription wall
15:44based on how I use these apps and how I
15:47feel most of you are going to be using
15:49these apps as well I do believe that
15:51good note 6 is a better and more
15:54complete app for most users that being
15:57said I also believe that notability is a
15:59more practical note-taking experience
16:01it's just a great tool for anyone who
16:04just wants a place to quickly take notes
16:06and not think about it anymore so if
16:09you're looking for something really
16:10simple notability is the best choice for
16:13you but all in all good note 6 feels
16:15nicer to use especially over the long
16:17term the app has some incredible
16:19features it actually caught up to some
16:21of the unique features that notability
16:23had and it's just more complete in terms
16:26of how you can organize your workflow
16:28and this concludes our video I really
16:30hope this was helpful but what do you
16:33think like what's your favorite app hop
16:36in the comments and let me know and if
16:39you just got an iPad and don't know how
16:40to set it up here's a quick video that
16:43will help you get started
16:45thanks for watching and I'll see you in
16:47the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key updates of GoodNotes 6 and Notability in 2023?

In 2023, the updates of GoodNotes 6 and Notability have brought significant changes. GoodNotes 6 has improved its user interface, navigation, note creation, toolkits, features, sharing options, and cost. On the other hand, Notability has also made updates in these areas, focusing on enhancing the note-taking experience.

2. Which app has better user interface, GoodNotes 6 or Notability?

GoodNotes 6 has made notable improvements in user interface, offering a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Notability has also enhanced its user interface, but the overall feedback suggests that GoodNotes 6 provides a more visually appealing and efficient interface.

3. What are the differences in note creation between GoodNotes 6 and Notability?

When comparing note creation in GoodNotes 6 and Notability, GoodNotes 6 stands out with its diverse and advanced note creation tools. Notability, on the other hand, focuses on simplicity and practicality in note creation, providing a more streamlined experience.

4. How do the features in GoodNotes 6 differ from Notability?

GoodNotes 6 offers an extensive range of features, including advanced editing options, organization tools, and customization capabilities. Notability, on the other hand, emphasizes essential features for efficient note-taking, making it a more practical choice for some users.

5. Which app provides a more cost-effective note-taking solution, GoodNotes 6 or Notability?

In terms of cost, GoodNotes 6 and Notability offer different pricing models. GoodNotes 6 provides a more complete set of features and capabilities at a competitive price, while Notability focuses on delivering a practical and efficient note-taking experience with its pricing strategy.

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