💫 Summary
The video is a reaction and review of the GusoMilk Vol 1 film series, which features explicit and disturbing scenes of people engaging in extreme acts involving milk and bodily fluids. The reviewer expresses disgust and discomfort throughout the video, and ultimately concludes that GusoMilk is "nasty."
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The video is a reaction to a film series called Guso Milk, which involves Asian individuals engaging in bizarre and disgusting activities.
Guso Milk is a film series featuring Asian individuals engaging in strange and disgusting activities.
The reviewer finds the content of Guso Milk to be boring, mundane, and repetitive.
The video is part of the disturbing movie iceberg tier seven.
The reviewer is not going to strictly follow the iceberg order and will have fun bouncing around different topics.
The reviewer mentions that scat is his kryptonite and criticizes those who find it disgusting.
The speaker expresses disgust and disbelief at the actions of the people in the video.
The speaker comments on the appearance of the substance being expelled.
The speaker questions why the person is defecating like a bird.
The speaker describes the noise and appearance of the third person's defecation.
The speaker expresses shock at the sight of a red substance coming out of someone's butt.
The reviewer reacts to a scene where a character gets hit in the face with milk and breaks character, causing frustration and the need to reshoot the scene.
The character gets hit in the face with milk.
The reviewer comments on the character breaking character and the frustration it causes.
The scene needs to be reshoot due to the character breaking character.
The reviewer expresses annoyance and frustration.
The video segment shows a person discussing a chicken laying eggs and making inappropriate comments.
The person mentions the chicken laying eggs and expresses disgust.
They make derogatory remarks about the appearance of the chicken's rear end.
The person speculates about Asian people being reptilian shape-shifters.
The video shows the person feeding the chicken and making inappropriate comments about it.
The video shows a woman playing with feces and engaging in explicit activities with another person.
The woman scoops the feces with her hands and offers it to another person.
She smears the feces on her body and in her mouth.
The video contains explicit content and foul language.
The person watching the video expresses disgust and frustration.
The reviewer expresses disgust and discomfort with the content of the video.
The reviewer mentions that milk was poured on someone, causing a greenish milk to form.
The reviewer describes feeling physical discomfort and considering retirement after watching the video.
The reviewer criticizes the image of a person with a leech or eel on their head, questioning the choices that led to this.
00:03guso milk if you don't know what that
00:05means it means [ __ ] milk inside of
00:07japanese and it's an entire film series
00:10of nasty ass asian [ __ ]
00:13eating [ __ ] puking up this [ __ ] eating
00:16that same [ __ ]
00:17and putting milk in each other's
00:19buttholes using turkey basters and
00:21shooting it out like water guns
00:24it is one of the most
00:27it's [ __ ] man and i'm gonna do a
00:29reaction to this um so i was supposed to
00:31be doing ogre's collection three and
00:33four five six but i'm probably gonna
00:34skip over it because it's so [ __ ]
00:36boring mundane and repetitive uh so
00:39we're gonna go ahead and jump right into
00:40this now i'm gonna go ahead and do a
00:41little bit of a history lesson this is
00:43tier seven of the disturbing movie
00:44iceberg so we're gonna kind of bounce
00:46around from now on and we're just gonna
00:47have fun with this we're not gonna just
00:49be strict and just you know head diving
00:51you know one at a time we're gonna
00:52bounce around we're gonna [ __ ] have
00:55so with all that [ __ ] being said uh
00:57before i get into my reaction and give
00:58you a little bit of history lesson on
00:59this make sure you like and subscribe it
01:01helps me out a lot please uh this one
01:04because i'm about to go through hell and
01:05back because if you don't know scat is
01:07my kryptonite you don't know what scat
01:08is it's just a [ __ ] fetish okay and this
01:11is weird [ __ ] and discords right that
01:12criticize me for finding [ __ ] disgusting
01:15like oh look at cold raven he finds [ __ ]
01:18disgusting and repulsive what a weirdo
01:21that makes me the weirdo i'm the weirdo
01:23because i find [ __ ] disgusting
01:25are you [ __ ] kidding me like sir it's
01:28all these scrawny [ __ ] soy boys
01:29online i think that makes them cool oh
01:31[ __ ] look oh look at uh [ __ ] kyle
01:34over here he doesn't find [ __ ]
01:36disgusting that doesn't make you cool
01:38you know what makes you cool playing
01:39sports oh no but sports would get you
01:43[ __ ] a little [ __ ] god i hate some of
01:45y'all some of y'all just so stupid okay
01:48um but anyway with that being said
01:50there's about five installments of this
01:52[ __ ] right
01:53and uh i thought there was only four so
01:55i found a fifth one
01:57and on top of that i'm gonna be reacting
01:58and watching all these and doing a
02:00little review on them at the end uh god
02:02you can already see and hear it in my
02:04voice man i don't wanna [ __ ] do this
02:06but it's got to be done you know um but
02:09with all that being said the first
02:10installment was made in 2002 it is one
02:13hour 26 minutes and 53 seconds long
02:17and i already kind of told you what it's
02:19about there's no clips it's just an
02:20entire [ __ ] movie
02:24i don't know who it was made by maybe
02:26i'll put that in later because i've done
02:28some research and i went on imdb and all
02:30that other stuff and nothing's coming up
02:32just the actors not the actual creator
02:34uh which i can assume why i wouldn't
02:36want to be known for making this [ __ ]
02:37either even if i made a pretty penny
02:41so with that being said
02:44oh man why is my anxiety
02:47literally getting anxiety
02:49let's go ahead and watch this [ __ ]
02:53all right
02:55let's go i should i see my daily bread
02:57[ __ ] whatever
03:00hopefully it's not too loud
03:11all right
03:13so i've seen this about once or twice
03:16and both times i [ __ ] puked
03:22all right so now [ __ ] is coming out of
03:24people's asses like soft served ice
03:27uh you got someone somehow uh let me
03:30turn on the volley they're laying eggs
03:31out of their butt i don't know what the
03:33[ __ ] that wasn't their butt but it looks
03:34like eggs
03:35uh some of the turkey basting in their
03:39i'm assuming that says goose so milk in
03:40japanese i don't speak japanese like
03:42i've said before
03:44um you got three asian [ __ ] uh
03:47they're all in uh you know these white
03:49knight gowns they all look nervous
03:52at least i can't see the middle one's
03:53head because the camera's right here uh
03:55and i know there's gonna be those
03:56comments why you keep calling them
03:58[ __ ] misogynistic abelistic man shut
04:02the [ __ ] up
04:03but i'm supposed to call these am i
04:04supposed to call these people women
04:06because i'm pretty sure being a woman
04:08doesn't mean you take [ __ ] in the face
04:10and eat it that's not what a woman does
04:12i don't give a [ __ ] if there's consent
04:14or not you don't eat [ __ ] okay
04:16consent is out the winner when it comes
04:18to like you know people are i'm gonna
04:20eat [ __ ] and i'm gonna do this and the
04:21consent doesn't matter it's [ __ ]
04:23disgusting okay
04:25these are not women
04:27oh man
04:29these are [ __ ] animals they're demons
04:31they're from hell
04:33all right they're whispering and [ __ ]
04:37it's so funny because it's like they're
04:39using like a hotel key right like
04:41they're sneaking into someone's house to
04:43do this and if you don't know what
04:44they're gonna do
04:45they're gonna go surround a sleeping
04:48[ __ ] and just [ __ ]
04:50dump ass on her just [ __ ]
04:53empty their entrails all over her
04:56they're gonna paint her like a canvas
04:57but with their [ __ ] poopy all right
05:01so they're unbuttoning her shirt and we
05:03get to see some boobies yeah boobies yes
05:06boobies yes yes
05:12yo she got a furry chinchilla in between
05:13her legs though that's definitely for
05:18oh he's playing with his tits she has
05:20she got some nice tits
05:26those are a cups
05:30see i don't understand this why do they
05:31put tape over their [ __ ] but they're
05:33literally gonna dump ass on her that to
05:36me makes no sense
05:42okay they can't
05:47the [ __ ]
05:52no okay i gotta move my phone out the
06:07yo what the [ __ ] man
06:12it's so disgusting
06:15uh and it's just like sitting in a hot
06:17pile on the
06:19side of her neck
06:21number two yeah number two is dropping
06:23number two right the second chick she's
06:25gonna dump some ass on it too
06:48yo like it was like [ __ ]
06:54this butt mucus what the [ __ ] is that it
06:56looks like someone's pouring corn syrup
06:58out of her [ __ ] it is disgusting why
07:02does why is she [ __ ] like a bird
07:04that's how a bird shits okay that's not
07:06how a human
07:10that's not how we human shits man
07:15what the [ __ ]
07:17here comes the third one third time's
07:18the charm uh her asshole's making static
07:28it's like this little ass [ __ ] poopy
08:07she had like a [ __ ] snot bubble come out
08:10of her butt and it was like red
08:15oh what the [ __ ] man
08:27oh man
08:28oh this maryland's ahead
08:31this is okay this
08:41[ __ ] man
08:42yo look off i just looked at myself in
08:45the camera thing i like a [ __ ]
08:48[ __ ] and i just smashed my hand on my
08:51table doesn't hurt but i did it
08:54all right this one's for for anybody
08:56okay i'll word it so it's for anybody if
08:58someone at some point in their life
09:00did this for a living they covered
09:02themselves with [ __ ]
09:04would you be able to to look at that
09:06person normally and be able to
09:08oh oh god would you be able to look at
09:10them normally and like touch them if you
09:12know like like sexually knowing that at
09:14some points in their career several
09:16times they were smeared and [ __ ] could
09:17you look past that because i the [ __ ]
09:19couldn't okay
09:21sometimes i i like uh
09:23oh man my stomach hurts so bad
09:25they're putting the [ __ ] under her nose
09:27so now yo you can go ahead and pretend
09:29to be asleep but you smell that
09:30[ __ ] yeah now she's moving now
09:33she's moving
09:49the [ __ ] dude is recording it is
09:50getting in on the action of smearing it
09:58now what are they gonna do now
10:00i haven't seen this movie in like two
10:01weeks okay this is where they start
10:03doing the milkies
10:04all right this guy has a mat holy
10:07[ __ ] [ __ ]
10:11that's not even a turkey baster that's
10:13like an ostrich baster okay this is
10:16massive pause
10:18and he just gave her a butt full of it
10:20all that's like a gallon of milk in her
10:23and she's holding on to it so she has
10:24some really strong butt muscles
10:26okay he just
10:28right into her ass went back and then
10:30just got another one full of it so he
10:32has like three to four of these that he
10:34just has laying around
10:36so he's prepared for this day man he's
10:39i like the whole entire gimmick of this
10:40uh the whole entire story line is they
10:42broke into someone's hotel room and did
10:43this to him
10:45[ __ ] at that point i'd rather just get
10:46robbed than murdered i would not want
10:48this done to me
10:50and she has a lot of acne on her butt
10:52that's [ __ ] gross
10:54like she has like i understand like you
10:56know you can get butt pimples i
10:57understand you know chick scout but the
10:59point is that she has a [ __ ] lot like
11:01she has like
11:02her ass looks like a 13 year old boy's
11:04face okay just [ __ ]
11:10oh oh [ __ ]
11:29oh this chick has a hairy [ __ ]
11:31that's all disgusting in the [ __ ]
11:33[ __ ]
11:40oh he's going for more
11:49before any of y'all come to some
11:51conclusions my right hand is right here
11:52okay i'm not [ __ ] jerking off to this
11:54[ __ ]
11:55well i know somebody's like oh where was
11:56cold raven's right hand the entire video
11:58it's right [ __ ] here okay
12:01she looks like a dry brine turkey he's
12:03just covered in all this [ __ ]
12:06they're just pissing out of their butts
12:09and this one she's oh
12:11she was missing the entire time so the
12:12dude like aimed it and then it went down
12:14and smacked it right in the face with a
12:17[ __ ] milk
12:19and she has it on her mouth
12:22oh she's waking
12:34sounds like are we done here can i get
12:36my paycheck
12:40not yet
12:42oh her eyes are open she's awake now
12:44dumb ass you you broke characters now we
12:46have to do it all again from the start
12:47you broke character i just had to record
12:49the entire thing again
12:51oh man
12:55all right different scene different
12:56scene different scene
12:59i got a chase sitting like you know the
13:00typical asian chicks with their [ __ ]
13:02knees bent inward and their legs outward
13:05with their like little pigtails in their
13:06head of course i'ma put a picture right
13:08here with some [ __ ]
13:10is she getting naked
13:15just like doing that
13:17the 80s white boy you know what i'm
13:19saying that she's just so [ __ ] funny
13:21uh like some villains head [ __ ] or like
13:23beavers and butt head man that's [ __ ]
13:25hilarious a turtleneck i couldn't even
13:28see it because the camera's in the way i
13:29don't know whoever wears turtlenecks i
13:31don't [ __ ] know
13:32i don't know what to say to you
13:33turtlenecks is just [ __ ] just stupid
13:36i don't know
13:38oh fashion is uh subjective no it's not
13:41you know no it's fashion is not
13:43subjective you wear a turtleneck if i
13:44come out and i wear a cone on my [ __ ]
13:46head fashion is not subjective okay
13:50her nipples like someone put like two
13:51hershey kisses in a microwave for like
13:5320 seconds and it's like this bubbling
13:55pile of burnt
13:57you know i wish i could show you all
13:59this but her tits look [ __ ] funny as
14:01hell man they're just like they're not
14:02like you know like a ball that sticks
14:04out like whoop looks like a [ __ ]
14:06slope like a salad from like uh an
14:08adventure park
14:10he has a weirdest looking tits i've
14:11never seen looks like she has gyno
14:12camastia some [ __ ]
14:15i know a woman with gyno that's crazy oh
14:18hell yeah she's wearing the granny
14:20panties that's [ __ ] hot all right so
14:23she has her like with the legs behind
14:24the head
14:26her ass is all up in the sky you know
14:28what i'm saying she's just spreading her
14:35oh man
14:38all right so now we're getting a real
14:39good look at a chocolate starfish she's
14:41getting right in there she's going to
14:42chow town on a brown hole man
14:45oh man
14:46she's just getting all up in there
14:49i think this is where i should start
14:50muting this [ __ ] let's get the remote
14:53it's not bad that's not bad i mean she
14:55doesn't have an appetizing looking
14:56[ __ ] appetizing right um it's not
14:59exactly the nicest looking [ __ ] but
15:02i mean on what basis are we basing this
15:04off of like when do female [ __ ]
15:06[ __ ] and jenna will look that nice
15:07you know not that i seen them in general
15:09just female but i'm just gonna shut the
15:11[ __ ] up oh man she is mobbing her
15:14[ __ ] [ __ ] like she is just [ __ ]
15:17molly whopping her [ __ ] cakes like she
15:20just put her mouth on that and give it a
15:23and suction cup to butt crack holy [ __ ]
15:27i think she's literally trying to eat
15:29her ass
15:31all right violin back on they got one of
15:33those um
15:35those ostrich basters and they're
15:37what is that
15:39it looks like some sort of like
15:43like chunky
15:46or that that alone is disgusting it
15:47looks like some sort of like chunky
15:50something i could see that it's oily i
15:52could see that much
15:56are they going to baste the butt crack
15:58shut up
16:03stop at the morning
16:05i don't want that on my video
16:09all right
16:10damn that was a sharp ass point oh whoa
16:13back off let's just put her face to the
16:15[ __ ] screen like
16:16like damn [ __ ] take a step back
16:20oh they're getting that all up in there
16:21i think they're about to churn butter in
16:23her butt
16:39it's slime time oh man
16:43it looks like they popped a cyst in her
16:45ass like all the chunk is leaking out
16:48and her [ __ ] looks angry like it
16:50looks like [ __ ] ipad all right she's
16:52collecting all that cis [ __ ]
16:55[ __ ]
16:57she collected all that cyst pudding
16:59mucus [ __ ] and she's
17:02she's using it like hand soap but she's
17:05[ __ ] getting that [ __ ] in there good
17:06and she put it on the other
17:08on the other woman's chest okay
17:11she's just pissing on her now yeah she's
17:13just pissing on her
17:27oh man japan
17:31joe [ __ ] pan
17:33are those like quail eggs or something
17:35they're extremely small eggs
17:41and she's just knuckling her [ __ ] crack
17:43up and down
17:45she's putting the eggs in her ass like
17:47it's a coin jar just
17:50one at a time
17:54oh man it's so slimy she put a hand in
17:57her ass she pulled back and was just
17:59straight up slime attached to her hand
18:03and she's like trying to wag it off
18:06there you go
18:08oh take that [ __ ] with you so on ebay
18:10for 2.99 right
18:19oh she can't push it out
18:22she can't push it out
18:25oh no
18:27it's gonna happen now well she's trying
18:29she's oh
18:30oh she's getting them out i guess she
18:32gets to have the eggs like a treat or
18:34something like that if she eats them i'm
18:35gonna [ __ ] kill myself
18:37other hard-boiled eggs yes they are
18:39because a couple of them have broken in
18:40half from her anal strength
18:44her ass looks it's literally
19:02her [ __ ] looks like a [ __ ] blister
19:05it's just so beaten up it's like chewed
19:07bubble gum now
19:08it's just it looks like it's been
19:10through the reamer no she is not gonna
19:11do that
19:18she's eating the [ __ ] egg
19:22does that by definition make her a
19:24chicken oh there we go i think i found
19:26out the secret asian people
19:28are not human they lay eggs they
19:31reptilians this is why they're so smart
19:33and all that [ __ ]
19:34asians are reptilian shape-shifters they
19:36just oh that's why she's giving birth to
19:38eggs out her ass
19:41she dropped it from her mouth to the
19:43other chick's mouth
19:45oh man these are some nasty [ __ ]
19:55yo she looks like eddie from eddie and
19:57eddie when he gets a [ __ ] jawbreaker
19:59like she put that whole [ __ ] in
20:00her mouth
20:02on the side of a jawn like that is so
20:09and she's spinning the chu she's bird
20:11feeding man she's bird feeding now
20:13they're making out all right they're
20:18no no that wasn't me like it was me
20:19smacking my leg i promise
20:27oh man
20:29what the [ __ ] is that is that raw eggs
20:34no way
20:36all right i'm not gonna lie i've skipped
20:37around through it when i was on live
20:39stream because i wasn't gonna sit there
20:40watch the entire hour and a half but i
20:42do not remember this part they have raw
20:44eggs are they trying to
20:47they deserve to die
20:48so now you get e coli and salmonella wow
20:52talk about a deadly [ __ ] combo dude
20:54that was at least 60 eggs that just went
20:57in her ass
20:59so she literally parked her tongue
21:02under her [ __ ] chocolate starfish and
21:06she's waiting for her to [ __ ] out all
21:07the egg yolks
21:43[ __ ] nasty
21:45it's so nasty
21:48she just went
21:49with all the [ __ ] eggs all right so what
21:51she did was she got all the yolks and
21:54took them all in her mouth out of her
21:55ass and spit them into the other chick's
21:58mouth and now they're doing the eel
22:00thing they're they're putting a uh why
22:03all right
22:04so they got a funnel in her ass
22:07and go the eels
22:09if i ever did some [ __ ] like this i'd
22:11have to bathe in a volcano last one's
22:13trying not to go in
22:16i didn't know eels had whiskers are
22:17these baby catfish
22:20oh he keeps on trying to get out get me
22:22the [ __ ] out of here
22:27yo he swam back up
22:31oh he's swimming back up nah he ain't
22:33trying to go down there oh sh come on
22:36let him go
22:38[ __ ] come on he swam out like three
22:40times you got to let him go now okay
22:42we are currently 34 minutes into the
22:45movie we got over nearly an hour left we
22:48got about 50 minutes left
22:51all right now they're gonna catch him
22:52with a cup oh man what the [ __ ] man
22:56all right
22:58this shooting
23:00so she's grabbed all the eels or
23:01whatever the [ __ ] they are and now she's
23:04slurping on them and she has them in her
23:09and she's just like rubbing them all
23:11over the other chick's chest she has one
23:13caught in her teeth and she's just
23:20she's chewing it now okay that's great
23:23good news i think that's it for this
23:25scene uh we're at 37 minute mark
23:28and they're giggling oh
23:30man she stood up she put an ass in the
23:32air because now she's on all fours and
23:34all this slime
23:36stuff just came off of [ __ ]
23:46she's grabbing
23:49what the [ __ ] man that is just
23:51disgusting and it's [ __ ] bad
23:57her ass looks like a gaping mouth now
24:02okay so what happened was his um
24:08she was grabbing just handfuls of all
24:10this slime and residue that was on the
24:24now she's just [ __ ]
24:47so she just soft serve pooped into her
24:49hands and she grabs it like in two
24:51different scoops she brings one close to
24:53her and like offers the other one to the
24:55other chick like here's your serving
24:57just two giant clumps of [ __ ] like it's
24:59dough in her hands and she's about to
25:00make two pizzas
25:02and now she's smearing it on her oh
25:04there's one comment i actually do want
25:05to talk about there was this person who
25:06was like cold raven you cursed too much
25:08oh whoop did he [ __ ] do what should i
25:10be pg when i watch you know r raider and
25:1218 plus stuff that should be pg oh look
25:15at her she's smearing poopy on her tatas
25:19ew they're making the lovey love
25:22oh look she has a piece of dookie in her
25:37oh man
25:38i got a headache i got a [ __ ]
25:40headache oh i got a freaking headache
25:44oh man what is
25:48hand all right so now they're just
25:49making out with [ __ ] all in their mouths
25:51like they're just like interlocking like
25:54lips it looks like they have on fake tan
25:57because they're covered in such a thick
25:59layer of crap
26:01god man and now she's getting a strap on
26:05ah she's a chump
26:06she's a chump she can't even get half
26:08the strap on in her mouth what a chump
26:11get out of here and uh you just lost all
26:13repute i can't even take this serious no
26:15more i can't even take this serious you
26:18just lost all reputation
26:22my respect for this chair i didn't have
26:24any but now it's in the negatives oh it
26:26wasn't a negative but now it's in the
26:27negative millions like come on she gets
26:29like the first two inches in her mouth
26:31and she's just like [ __ ] stuck
26:35well i guess that is pretty accurate to
26:37asian dick size i always find this funny
26:39though when lesbian chicks use strap-ons
26:41they're all like stupid as [ __ ]
26:43it's just like it's so funny like just
26:46hold this just hold the dildo in your
26:48[ __ ] fist this is my remote by the
26:50way hold the dildo in your fist and just
26:52fist her in her [ __ ] just like shove
26:54it in here jamming in her because when
26:56they put on a strap on it's not attached
26:57to advice he looks stupid they always
26:59just grab the strap on and they just
27:00push it into him
27:04dumbass they look like they're having a
27:06seizure they're always like this
27:09all stiff and [ __ ] looking stupid as
27:13and look at this she's looking at the
27:15camera crew like am i doing it right am
27:16i doing it
27:18am i doing it right
27:21yes [ __ ] mouth you're doing it right no
27:24you're doing it wrong actually the way
27:26she's [ __ ] it like someone put salt
27:27on some frog legs and they're just
27:29twitching out it looks just like so
27:31hilarious it looks stupid
27:32it's stupid she has a good she has a
27:34dirty sanchez we go this is scene 304 i
27:37remember this scene uh she's dressed up
27:38as like a dominatrix
27:41oh there's this guy who's uh he's pretty
27:43beefy he's uh he's got some beef on them
27:45and he's wearing white underwear and his
27:47back is all scarred up from all the
27:49whipping over the years and she's
27:51sitting on a guy with a [ __ ] mask
27:53and he's on all fours
27:56and uh yeah the the [ __ ] and the
27:58whipping and all that will commence so
28:00he was bowing his head towards her and
28:02now he did like a full 180 and now he's
28:04putting her ass to her like he's giving
28:06it up for an offering and now she's
28:07kicking him in his butt
28:35that's like some johnny test whipping
28:37you know what i'm talking about oh
28:39anytime something happens to johnny test
28:40they play that whip
28:42noise damn
28:45that first one though that first one she
28:46laid it into that mother
28:51[ __ ]
29:02yeah he can't even he got a [ __ ] sit
29:05back like he got scores from this
29:07but even he knew that [ __ ]
29:09now he's wagging his butt towards it
29:11what the [ __ ] dog
29:15what does she she's browsing his anus
29:18like a window shopper
29:21and this guy wearing like some black
29:23slipknot mask is still offering up like
29:25this new whip that she hasn't used yet
29:27oh no he's taking the [ __ ] guys taking
29:29off her glove
29:30now she's rocking one glove like michael
29:32jackson and here we go boys she's just
29:35like this
29:36getting the fingers loose gotta uncramp
29:38him she's all she's going right in this
29:40dude's [ __ ]
29:42right in his [ __ ] crack
29:44she's one finger in right now i'm not
29:46into asian shakes but she's not a bad
29:48apple at all asian she's not a bad
29:50seaweed i don't [ __ ] know she's not
29:52that bad she's actually pretty decent
29:55dog she has half her hand
29:58like a freemason handshake in his butt
30:00right now
30:01she does have the face of a tricycle
30:03like it's like all right here and then
30:05like it comes out like the two handle
30:07bars they're having a full-on
30:09conversation while she is wrist deep in
30:11this guy's ass
30:13and he's looking back smiling
30:18there is blood
30:20there is blood coming from this guy's
30:22butt did you know there's a bacteria in
30:24sauerkraut that actually increases
30:25testicle size
30:28interesting right
30:30eat some sauerkraut fellas
30:32her entire wrist is covered in blood
30:35she's wearing like a crimson glove it's
30:37been about three minutes of screen time
30:38and she's still wrist deep in his ass
30:40and the blood just keeps
30:42going down deeper
30:46i don't know what she's doing in there
30:48but it's it's all down to her full oh
30:53just pulled it out
30:55now she's squatting over his face and
30:57just pooping in his [ __ ] oh
31:01she did like one of those cartoon poops
31:03where it's like this big ass fat pile
31:05and he's just like
31:08just chowing it
31:12he was born for this
31:13now is his moment to prove it and now
31:15she's putting her arms behind her head
31:17like she's hot you know like she's the
31:19hot thing in town
31:22and this guy's just he's just uncaring
31:24he just got what he wanted
31:26it's just face full of mud
31:29you gotta see this man he's just like
31:36it's like a dog when it has peanut
31:38butter in its mouth he's just
31:40so bad
31:44oh she's giving him seconds
31:46oh she's giving him seconds imagine
31:49asking for your test results and you
31:50walk in on your teacher doing this with
31:52the principal
31:53this is me crazy and now she's pissing
31:55in his face and he's jerking his [ __ ]
32:00so let's just be honest here if my dick
32:02was a dog it would be a great dane if
32:05his dick was a dog it'd be a miniature
32:07pincher okay
32:08he's just like this is like this little
32:10[ __ ] pumps these tiny ass pumps so i
32:13can see why he's into this like i said
32:15guys who typically have these micro
32:16penises are into some weird ass [ __ ]
32:18[ __ ] um
32:20it's [ __ ] up it's some [ __ ] up [ __ ]
32:23but it is what it is
32:26how to say i like [ __ ] in japanese
32:35now he's on his knees and she's just
32:37watching like you know
32:38all like [ __ ] just get it over with
32:40he's jerking off all covered in [ __ ] and
32:42she's staring at him
32:44ah man i wonder what's going through
32:46both of their [ __ ] heads
32:50like she has that you know when when
32:52women look at you but
32:53it's like a little bit of an interest
32:55but just they're interested because they
32:56have nothing else to do type of look you
32:58know what i'm saying that's the look
32:59she's giving him
33:00and now she's like
33:02showing him her [ __ ] and her [ __ ]
33:05smeared butt
33:07to help him i guess beat it if she's
33:09giggling at him because it's a pathetic
33:10performance i guess it was a cut so he's
33:12been at this for probably about 15
33:16but i think he's about to win this by
33:17unanimous decision this guy's taking
33:20forever looks like he's tugging on an
33:26if my dick was this small i would have
33:27shot myself in the head now she's
33:29smoking a cigarette damn she's halfway
33:31through the cigarette
33:33she at some point started smoking that
33:39and he's still going at it
33:44i guess she just cursed at him the the
33:46censoring the cursing
33:48they're censoring the cursing people
33:56she just put the cigarette out on his
34:00but mind you his chest is covered in
34:01[ __ ] so it couldn't have burnt that bad
34:03all right so he just shot a little and
34:04now he's eating it off the floor
34:10he's eating it
34:13now he's bowing to her thanking her for
34:15her services all right here we are this
34:17is the final and the worst scene of them
34:20all uh the woman who was just being the
34:23dominatrix you know i guess the
34:25offenders are now the offended she's now
34:28wearing a white blouse she's wearing you
34:30know uh
34:31white everything she's sitting on a bed
34:34and i've seen this scene before
34:35obviously um
34:37and she gets railed well she doesn't get
34:39railed she gets [ __ ] she gets
34:41jackrabbit [ __ ] you know the puny dick
34:43[ __ ] combo that our guys do to
34:45compensate and they start [ __ ] on
34:48her [ __ ] milk you get the gist but here
34:51we go people it's the the final run it's
34:54like the last of it all how much time we
34:56got left on the clock
34:5822 minutes
35:00so this the beginning of it is just
35:02regular porn it's just you know he's
35:04kissing on uh he's playing with a tatas
35:06and uh he actually looks like a an
35:08italian guy with just asian eyes
35:11because he has his hair all gelled back
35:12he has like a skinny ass um
35:14golden necklace
35:17let's go ahead and mute this
35:19now she's sucking his nipple
35:22funny story i once let a girl suck my
35:24right nipple uh so it was with my ex she
35:27kept begging me for like i think for
35:29like two weeks
35:31uh and it was just the most awkward [ __ ]
35:33i remember i shaved my nipples before
35:35doing this [ __ ] i was standing up in my
35:37room and she just kept begging me and i
35:38just was like fine so i pulled off my i
35:40had a basketball jersey was jason kidd
35:42and i pulled it to the side
35:44and she just like started sucking on my
35:46right nipple and she was like making
35:47full eye contact i just looked away
35:50and after like 15 seconds she just
35:52stopped and she's like did you like that
35:53i was like no i didn't like i matter if
35:55i didn't feel anything you know i was
35:56like no i really didn't like that and i
35:58prefer you not to [ __ ] ask me to do
36:00that [ __ ] again um because it was
36:02[ __ ] awkward as [ __ ] and weird as
36:04[ __ ] but anyway that's my experience
36:07with it so i don't know if anybody else
36:09gets stimulation from that i i don't it
36:11was just weird
36:13so there you go hopefully no one
36:14actually made it far enough inside this
36:17video to hear that [ __ ]
36:20i just might cut that out entirely
36:22[ __ ] it right i'm editing so i'll do it
36:26not that i'm interested in seeing some
36:27big buffers but the point is i don't
36:30know it's just this asian stereotape
36:32seems to be pretty true you know what
36:33i'm saying
36:35it's [ __ ] miniature pinches i'm not
36:37gonna hold you right now he is eating
36:38her [ __ ] like a dog i'm not gonna front
36:42so he he has compensation
36:45yo this [ __ ] is going at it
36:48[ __ ]
36:49ow i don't like pushing him and [ __ ] she
36:52can't take
36:53a four-inch grinch but at the same point
36:56in time she whips and enslaves people
36:58and acts like a total [ __ ] [ __ ]
37:01come on it's just funny because it's
37:03like these chicks that go out there and
37:04try to act as bad as they can like she's
37:06just she's literally having a seizure
37:08over here
37:09oh my god
37:15imagine what would happen if she had a
37:17big bad american
37:19she has really nice eyes but she also
37:21has spongebob's teeth all right man i
37:23don't know what it is in a japanese diet
37:26but when americans take shits not that i
37:28know that much about watching americans
37:30take shits but i'll just base this off
37:32of my own personal experience it's
37:34typically [ __ ] or it's diarrhea but like
37:37when asian people take shits it's always
37:39like this water that comes out first and
37:41then just like all this mucusy [ __ ] like
37:43you know when you have to shake a
37:44ketchup bottle and if you don't all that
37:46extra water and condensation comes out
37:49it's like that i don't know why that is
37:51and all that came out was this loopy
37:56i think i've been desensitized for the
37:57rest of the film if i'm being honest i
37:59think that i've gagged so much
38:02that i just lost all like gag reflexes
38:05for the rest of it that's just
38:07i it's like one of those things where
38:09you just get hurt so bad that you're
38:10just numb to the rest of the pain in
38:12your life kind of like when you know
38:13when your dad leaves you as a kid just
38:15anything else that happens after that
38:16just will never be that bad
38:18all right man this is still [ __ ] um
38:22and she has a huge mountain of crap on
38:25her chest right now
38:27i will just try to alternate between the
38:28two words uh just so it doesn't get too
38:30repetitive she's squishing the [ __ ]
38:33between her her tits
38:40smearing all the [ __ ] all over her
38:41[ __ ] face that's what it is
38:45of course he's not the one covering [ __ ]
38:47but she is
38:49uh what's happening now all right this
38:51[ __ ] just came out of nowhere man
38:53and she's just pooping again oh that's a
38:56big log of [ __ ] this shaped like you
38:58know those s's we used to draw on desk
39:00as a kid those cool ones
39:03and she handed it to him
39:05the one getting [ __ ] she handed it to
39:07him and they're laughing like it's
39:08play-doh or something ah
39:16he's gagging now there you go
39:17[ __ ] there you go
39:20there you go
39:21so he grabbed the piece of [ __ ] that she
39:24handed him and he like put it in her
39:26mouth and then he grabbed her there
39:32but yeah
39:34that's what he did he keeps on gagging
39:37and now she's getting pissed
39:39she is getting pissed
39:44like [ __ ] is so near and dear to her
39:45heart that she's taking offense to him
39:47gagging at it
39:52this guy is catching them
39:56so she's [ __ ] the milk out of her
39:57butt and he's like just like with a
39:59water faucet catching it in his mouth
40:05and he's spitting into her mouth
40:10this is just this is like uh how much
40:12time we got left
40:14six minutes people
40:16six [ __ ] minutes
40:23he's stringing
40:25oh she's just [ __ ] it
40:37[ __ ] in her mouth oh look at her
40:39she's in a rush huh she's just
40:42she's scampered over there
40:44like going 56 miles per hour just to
40:46[ __ ] this milk in her mouth
40:49oh man you just heard my stomach rumble
40:52not that i'm hungry it's just that it's
40:55in pain that's telling me to tap out but
40:57these are like the final minutes this is
40:59the last round this is do or die okay
41:02it's like round 12 of a boxing match
41:05just now now you gotta really just suck
41:07it up and you gotta hustle i can only
41:09imagine the post nut clarity after this
41:11but right when he comes what the [ __ ]
41:13he's just going jumps out the window and
41:15kills himself
41:18why so he went and he sucked up [ __ ]
41:22milk off the bed and spewed it into her
41:32oh man it's like greenish too so it
41:34looks like they're covered in a shamrock
41:36what the [ __ ] she's hosing her down with
41:39the milk out of her ass crack
41:43now she's surrounded by like four people
41:45like it's a ritual
41:47oh dawg
41:50there's a line of people wait there is
41:53actually a line of people waiting to
41:55[ __ ] milk on this woman
41:59that's the part that always gets me this
42:01is the part that always gets me
42:04because okay so why this part always
42:06gets me is because what the guy does is
42:10okay so they're all [ __ ] milk onto
42:12her right
42:20all right so what gets me is the fact
42:38it got me again
42:40it got me again
42:43it got me again
42:44and saint paul got me again
42:48and now i'm gonna take a picture
42:51of that little pile of vomit on my desk
42:55and it's going into my discord what
42:57happened was that they all [ __ ] milk on
43:01and they smear it in
43:04so okay
43:09so it creates this greenish milk right
43:15and it sits into the pit of our arms
43:17because the arms are right next to her
43:19and it's like these two ponds of just
43:21[ __ ] milk that just
43:25[ __ ] eyes hurt
43:27my head hurts my stomach hurts
43:30i think i'mma retire after this
43:33i think i'm just gonna just gonna call
43:34it call it a career
43:36[ __ ]
43:38it is like this one leech on her head or
43:40whatever an eel and she's smiling at the
43:43there you go there you go girl you made
43:45your parents proud you wanted to be an
43:47independent woman and this is where it
43:49led you
43:52this is so bad this is so bad
43:56that's the end
43:57the end
44:06all right we're in the credits right now
44:08uh about 10 more seconds like i wanted
44:10to say complete so i could say i've
44:12really watched goose of milk from
44:15beginning to end
44:23so my review on gusto milk
44:27it's nasty
44:30i have a lot to say here so hopefully no
44:31one goes anywhere now first things first
44:33i hope you did enjoy my reaction my
44:35review i'm going to be kind of trying to
44:37get to ogre's collection i promise i
44:39promise i'm going to try to get to that
44:40[ __ ] but one thing i do want to say
44:42shout out to all my patrons at this
44:43point i won't be shouting out names
44:45individually due to the fact that adds
44:47um an extra 30 to 45 minutes to the end
44:50of my videos when it comes to exporting
44:52an extra 7 to 10 minutes when it comes
44:54to exporting but i'll definitely still
44:55put your names at the end to show my uh
44:57gratitude to all my supporters but to
44:59take it an extra step further here's the
45:00part that i hope you stick around for um
45:02all my patrons will be receiving some
45:05sort of form of the iceberg and it will
45:07be on an encrypted drive that's located
45:10all the way in europe um and you'll only
45:12be able to get it from me sending you it
45:14personally so hopefully um that is uh
45:17something that you would be interested
45:19in i want to show my utmost gratitude
45:20i've been spending the last couple of
45:22days you know 7 8 9 10 11 12 hours a day
45:25researching these movies trying to find
45:27them on you know various websites and
45:29putting them all together and i'm also
45:31going to be trying to start my own
45:33subscription thing where you'll be able
45:35to get a weekly mondo [ __ ] but that's
45:37something i have planned for another
45:39month or two we're definitely going to
45:40get to that but i do want to say thank
45:42you to all my patrons the whole entire
45:44iceberg thing that will be handed out um
45:46there's gonna be different forms of it
45:47if you're a poe you'll get only what's
45:49on the iceberg now if you're rise and
45:51conquer you'll get the entire series so
45:53instead of just hajjis throws for this
45:54volume three for poe
45:57uh you'll be getting one two and three
45:59and that way you'll be getting entire
46:01series of whatever is listed there so
46:03hopefully you know that's something you
46:04would be interested in and i will be
46:06making another tier where it's gonna be
46:09it's just gonna be [ __ ] crazy okay
46:10i'm excited for it a lot of other people
46:12are excited for it and i'm excited to
46:14kind of put it into work so you'll
46:16definitely be getting more information
46:18on that but with all that being said i
46:19do want to say thank you to all my
46:21patrons thank you for all the support i
46:23cannot say thank you enough
46:25all y'all have a great day um and as i
46:28always say to my patrons go get your
46:29dick sucked or go get a [ __ ] in
46:31general peace well i hope you do get one
46:34okay peace
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1. What is the GusoMilk Vol 1 film series about?

The GusoMilk Vol 1 film series features explicit and disturbing scenes of people engaging in extreme acts involving milk and bodily fluids.

2. How does the reviewer feel about the GusoMilk Vol 1 film series?

The reviewer expresses disgust and discomfort throughout the video, ultimately concluding that GusoMilk is 'nasty.'

3. What are the reactions of the reviewer while watching the GusoMilk Vol 1 film series?

The reviewer expresses disgust and discomfort throughout the video, conveying a strong negative reaction to the content.

4. What is the overall tone of the review of GusoMilk Vol 1?

The overall tone of the review is one of strong negativity and revulsion, as the reviewer finds the content of GusoMilk Vol 1 to be extremely disturbing.

5. What is the reviewer's final conclusion about GusoMilk Vol 1?

The reviewer ultimately concludes that GusoMilk Vol 1 is 'nasty,' indicating a clear disapproval of the content.

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