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The video is about exposing Jay Morrison, a known con man and scammer, who claims to be a successful real estate mogul but has actually lost millions of dollars in his fund. The video provides evidence of his financial mismanagement and lack of transparency, highlighting the impact on his investors and the communities he claims to help.
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The section discusses allegations against Jay Morrison and his real estate fund.
Jay Morrison is accused of being a scammer and a losing fund manager.
The Tulsa real estate fund, started by Jay, was late in filing with the SEC.
The profitability of the fund is questioned, and Jay is accused of potentially manipulating the books.
The speaker discusses the financial losses and questionable spending of Jay Morrison's fund, as well as allegations of smear campaigns against him.
Jay Morrison's fund lost over $1 million in 2019 and over $1.9 million in 2020.
The fund only generated $350,000 in revenue in the first two years, despite having a cash balance of nearly $12 million.
A red flag is the $2.8 million spent on general administration and marketing, considering the low revenue generated.
The speaker mentions smear campaigns, reputational attacks, and character attacks against Jay Morrison.
The video section discusses how the fund managed by Jay Morrison has lost another one million dollars in the first six months of 2022, while Jay himself continues to spend large sums of money.
The fund lost another one million dollars in the first six months of 2022.
Jay is known for spending large amounts of money on luxury items.
The fund pays Jay Morrison's company for marketing, despite the fund losing significant amounts of money.
The shares of the fund are worth about 30 percent of what they were in 2018.
The speaker calls out someone named Jay for being a fake guru and challenges him to show proof of his real estate success.
The speaker accuses Jay of being a fake guru and claims he has shown no proof of making money in real estate.
The speaker's team informs him about negative comments made by Jay and suggests responding with proof of their own success.
The speaker challenges Jay to show receipts of his real estate deals.
The speaker dismisses Jay's claims by stating that he has been unable to provide proof for the past four or five years.
The speaker questions the source of the man's wealth and points out that his fund has been losing money.
The man has lost a significant portion of his wealth.
The speaker challenges the man to provide evidence of his wealth and real estate deals.
The man's fund has been losing money and is at risk of going bankrupt.
The speaker criticizes the man for leveraging his background to gain people's trust and money.
The speaker criticizes someone for filing for bankruptcy and questions the source of their money.
The person being criticized filed for bankruptcy.
The speaker mentions investigations by the FBI and SEC.
The speaker believes the person is not committing fraud but is incompetent in the real estate community.
The speaker suggests that the person could have made better investments with the raised funds.
00:00I have a question for you how does James
00:01Morrison build a two million real estate
00:03portfolio well he starts with 12 million
00:06dollars three Tom felon by 21 years old
00:08my name is clickbait and gets abused I
00:10didn't stop being a drug dealer to
00:11become a scammer Jay Morrison made the
00:13mistake of calling me out oh King uh
00:15spinterest let me just address my haters
00:17this whole thing is bigger than me even
00:19this doofus will admit he's a losing
00:20fund manager we're not profitable we're
00:22not right I'm I'm saying that we're not
00:24a profitable phone right now behind the
00:26flashy suits in the soothing Southern
00:27Sales pitches is a man so incompetent at
00:30investing that even nft investors praise
00:32God that they aren't Jay it's become
00:34such common knowledge that Jay has
00:36scammed his community that every podcast
00:38he's on now addresses the allegations
00:40the Tulsa real estate fund was a full
00:42year late in filing with the SEC but the
00:44day has finally come for us to see the
00:46truth about the alleged Real Estate
00:48Mogul so for those who are like oh this
00:49is the pyramid ski this is a scam back
00:51in 2018 Jay started a fund for the black
00:53community to pull their money together
00:55and invest in real estate uh regulation
00:57day tier 2 crowdfund launching the Tulsa
00:59real estate Bond where each investor
01:01gets eight percent preferred return and
01:02a 50 share of the profits the value of
01:05any fund is in the manager Jay as the
01:07fund manager proclaimed himself to Be a
01:09Real Estate Mogul I don't have no
01:11college education I come from the hood
01:13from the trap for real my dad told me
01:14how to cook crack at 17 years old and a
01:17stove and a microwave the only way Jay
01:19can make this fund profitable on paper
01:21is if his dad also taught him how to
01:22cook the books so just say Jay's
01:25business is not successful yet if you
01:27want to be accurate I can say that but
01:28this is not something well it's not
01:29financially successful yet
01:31we are mission successful for sure in a
01:35video titled Jay Morrison responds to
01:36internet trolls and scam allegations he
01:38says out of his own mouth that his fund
01:40isn't financially successful four years
01:42into operations which is literally what
01:44the internet trolls clown on him for
01:46this is the page for all of Tulsa real
01:48estate funds SEC filings notice the
01:51dates for the yearly filings we have all
01:53been waiting almost a full year for
01:552021's yearly reports they should have
01:57been filed sometime at the end of summer
01:592022 but they weren't filed until June
02:012023 what were you hiding Jay he is
02:09tricks that I just I can't understand is
02:12because how can a man lose a million
02:16dollars when he only has 800
02:20000 to lose Jay has to know that he's a
02:23con man if he was actually making money
02:25with his fund he'd be letting everyone
02:27know and I'm not even saying or or fund
02:30is like we're not profitable we're in
02:31the red I'm I'm saying that we're not a
02:33profitable phone right now I do
02:35appreciate the honesty out of Jay and I
02:37do appreciate the humor I've never heard
02:39a fund manager use the term lit when
02:41describing investment Returns the fund
02:43was able to raise 7.5 million dollars in
02:452018 and another 4.4 million dollars
02:48combined in 2019 and 2020. all of the
02:50creators making videos on the fund are
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03:42two-week free trial go to
03:44Spencer to start your two week free
03:46trial by clicking the link in the
03:47description below or scanning the QR
03:49code back to the video we came together
03:51with these families this right here is
03:53our Founders wall over 8 600 families
03:55participated in our fund so total and
03:58our fund get over 15 000 members version
04:0022 countries we raise 11.5 million this
04:03is our biggest asset hey Jay how is the
04:05fun doing four years later we're not
04:06profitable we're gonna ride in 2019
04:08Jay's fund lost a little over one
04:10million dollars in 2020 they lost over
04:121.9 million dollars and a 50 share of
04:15the profits from acquiring real estate
04:17assets together as a crowd the only real
04:19estate he was acquiring apparently were
04:21properties with a negative 90 margin Jay
04:24somehow only generated 350 000 in gross
04:27revenue in the first two full years of
04:29the fund with a cash balance of nearly
04:3112 million dollars in that same period
04:33he somehow spent 3.6 million dollars the
04:36biggest red flag is the line item for
04:38General admin and marketing combining
04:40for 2.8 million dollars how in the world
04:42do you spend 2.8 million dollars in
04:44marketing when you only generate 350 000
04:47in Revenue only fans girls are the only
04:49other people separating guys from their
04:51money at a worse rate than Jay Morrison
04:53ever since
04:55I've unified our people through group
04:57economics in January 1st of 2018
05:01there's been an onslaught a series of
05:04four years of smear campaigns
05:07reputational attacks character attacks
05:10right Jay still had a chance to make all
05:12of us critics look like fools all he had
05:14to do was take the millions of dollars
05:16buy real estate and make a little money
05:18for his investors we waited we all had
05:21to wait another two full years before
05:23the comedy show came back to town well
05:25it finally arrived this dude somehow
05:27lost even more money in 2021 a 40
05:30increase in losses to 2.7 million
05:33dollars for the year 2021. Jay is on a
05:35podcast tour right now trying to repair
05:37his reputation against all of those
05:39harmful haters but he can't see that
05:41losing 2.7 million dollars after losing
05:43millions in the Years prior is why we're
05:46calling him a con man this is the guy
05:47who calls himself the Real Estate Mogul
05:49the guy who claims to be an expert the
05:51guy who claims he's lifting Black
05:52Culture up with his fun only to be
05:54exposed as the guy stealing Millions
05:56from that same culture and it'd be great
05:58for all of us if they put my name in a
06:00proper context real work and light and
06:03energy I bring to culture this guy has
06:05found a way to spend over 2.8 million
06:07dollars on operating expenses for a
06:09business only generating 505 000 in
06:11Revenue Jay Mr real estate lost millions
06:15of dollars I don't believe that he's
06:17going to have another Million Dollar
06:19Plus to lose a year because he's going
06:21to bleed the fund dry in 2020 and 2021
06:26Jay has earned over 1.1 million dollars
06:28in management fees for a fund losing
06:30significant amounts of money all right
06:32have a break get a sandwich go to the
06:33bathroom come back and just research
06:35we're back on a full stomach now the
06:37fund also released the semi-annual
06:39report for 2022 showing the fund lost
06:41another one million dollars in the first
06:42six months of last year Jay is on Pace
06:44to have another year where he turned
06:46other people's money into rolex's nice
06:48suits and a mansion for his family I've
06:50been divorced I've been bankrupt I've
06:52been like all these different things
06:53right parole Work Release house
06:56monitoring ankle bracelet not that we
06:58plan on losing anything but as a good
07:00Steward and fiduciary and responsible
07:02fund manager you know we have to
07:04disclose that and say that to you know
07:06to our audience once again Jay has found
07:08a way to spend 1.7 million dollars three
07:10times as much as the revenue Eli and JT
07:13pointed out when they first started
07:14reporting on Jay Morrison that the fund
07:15is paying Jay Morrison's company for
07:17marketing what is J marketing he's not
07:19in a capital race period his management
07:21expense is half the revenue and his fund
07:24is losing significant amounts of money
07:25if I'm reading this correctly the shares
07:27of the fund are worth about 30 percent
07:29of what they were in 2018. you know
07:31owning multi-family units apartment
07:32complexes student housing so we'll take
07:35part in all these type of investments
07:37just using a you know good fiduciary
07:38responsibility to make good Investments
07:40well guys share with me at the end of
07:42the whole thing see I'm not a I'm an
07:44influencer but I'm not an influencer
07:45yeah I'm a real estate Governor I'm a
07:47real estate guy Jay is the epitome of a
07:48con man turn wannabe philosopher when
07:51asked about his fun jay replies he loses
07:53money but he doesn't lose money I've
07:55been on the other end of the scam likely
07:59accusations but it's hard to say because
08:01I'm very transparent I pass all the
08:04smell tests my paperwork adds up and I
08:07consistently progress and evolve and
08:10Elevate him my favorite character flaw
08:12of Jay is that he thinks the SEC
08:13investigating him is proof that his fund
08:16is a great investment but it is a fund
08:18that went through an SEC investigation
08:20FBI investigation doj investigation
08:2318-month investigation hundreds of
08:25thousands so they checked everything
08:27they check everything no findings
08:29I'll give Jay credit he is very
08:31situationally transparent the problem is
08:33that you need to be able to read between
08:34the lines when he says no findings he's
08:37actually correct they didn't find any
08:40reason to think that Jay knew what he
08:41was doing investigated by the highest
08:44level of authority the doj the SEC the
08:46FBI I've been defamed by all types of
08:49trolls and YouTubers who are probably
08:50chopping this video up as we speak right
08:51now all you have to do Jay is show where
08:53the money went why are you profiting
08:55millions of dollars when your investors
08:56are losing their money and I realize
08:58that I'm the most qualified and perhaps
09:01the only person who could do it due to
09:03one being the lead investor in the Tulsa
09:06real estate fund two a fellow developer
09:08three appear to Jay Morrison in the real
09:11estate education industry and four a
09:13friend offline based on my research it
09:16appears that the only person who has
09:18truly benefited from tref is Jay
09:20Morrison himself as more people realize
09:22the money they gave to Jay is as good as
09:24gone he's going to have to go public
09:25with where the money was spent instead
09:27he's now become a preacher but yet my my
09:30family went through all kinds of slander
09:32and defamation and accusations of this
09:35and that online the last couple years
09:37now it's time to react to Jay addressing
09:39my videos newest one now is a gentleman
09:42from the white Community that's me who's
09:45being supported by
09:47the guy that I beat in defamation you
09:50didn't beat him you wanted a little
09:51technicality but it's not over you owe
09:53Tony the closer money and we all know
09:55the full story the biggest slanderer
09:59now the new thing is fake Mogul fake
10:02Guru I don't know what I don't know I
10:04honestly I don't know I don't know I
10:06don't know I love Jay he's of course a
10:08fake Guru he claims to be this real
10:10estate expert Real Estate Mogul but he's
10:12shown absolutely no proof of ever making
10:15money in real estate my team tells me
10:17they get all frustrated they send me
10:19these group texts somebody said
10:20something new about you I don't have
10:21time to watch your videos he's so busy
10:24buying all those profitable real estate
10:25deals I don't have time to watch
10:28somebody's YouTube video about me like I
10:29I seriously don't right and then but how
10:31are we gonna respond so it's like well
10:33well I don't know Jay you could respond
10:35simply by showing all of the money
10:37you're making for your fund or you can
10:39just hide away from that how do we do
10:41this produce video do we edit it in the
10:44receipts do you do like I'm waiting for
10:46the receipts I hope he makes a video
10:47showing the receipts let's see him Jay
10:49listen uh God just put in my spirit uh
10:53through a serious things happening this
10:54weekend let me just address my haters I
10:57always love when people just call
10:58critics hater as if we don't have like
11:01very clear objective proof of what he's
11:03doing so
11:04it's haters all he has to do is address
11:06us with proof and receipts he but for
11:08four or five years he just hasn't been
11:10able to do it
11:12Pardon Me edit that please let me
11:14address Our Haters no Jay it's all
11:17targeted at you this whole thing is
11:19bigger than me
11:23I don't have all the bullet notes my
11:25team told me a bunch right uh uh I'm
11:28he was at one point he filed for
11:30bankruptcy before raising a bunch of
11:32money I've been broke I'm a fake Mogul
11:34made two thousand dollars a month uh two
11:36thousand dollars a month was from public
11:37filings that he filed himself family
11:42I could run down so many receipts that
11:46I'm not going to waste my time running
11:47down oh yeah that's right I'm not gonna
11:49waste my time addressing this he raises
11:51money which you're it's your fiduciary
11:53responsibility to be responsible with
11:56that money it would be great to see all
11:58of this success this Real Estate Mogul
12:01has had but he just doesn't ever show
12:03the receipts think about this he has
12:05gone on a four-year run of trying to
12:07raise money and talk about this fund and
12:08how it's uplifting the Black Culture
12:10black community and helping them all out
12:13and then he just takes the money and
12:15then shows no receipts of his ever being
12:17successful or Real Estate Mogul on his
12:20oh I don't do real estate I don't know
12:23real estate like he does know real
12:25estate I'll give him that he's a very
12:26good educator and I commend him for what
12:28he's done he's given education to a lot
12:30of people who may not have access to
12:31education there's nothing wrong with
12:33spreading on good education however the
12:37problem is once you have to show proof
12:38that you can actually Implement what you
12:40teach that's where Jay has zero receipts
12:43say you're wrong but say you're right
12:46I'm the brokest
12:49non-doing real estate
12:51fake Mo gooder is right he's doing real
12:54estate he took 12 million dollars has
12:55done a little bit of real estate we've
12:57seen in the numbers they've I don't know
12:59500 000 in rental income so he's doing
13:01real estate it's very easy to do real
13:03estate when you have 13 million or 12
13:05million dollars in your pocket the
13:07problem is he's one he's lost like 67 of
13:10it all right so you're right
13:12I'm a miracle then wow that is powerful
13:17everyone he's a miracle it's a miracle
13:19he's still able to run his fund I mean
13:22at this point when's he going to go
13:24bankrupt that's the next question it's
13:25not how much is he going to lose next
13:27year it's when is the fund going to go
13:28bankrupt wow if I was this man that had
13:32no wealth never did all these real
13:35estate deals
13:37next show all the receipts Jay I'd love
13:38to see it where does your wealth come
13:40from came from all from educating real
13:41estate the second you had to implement
13:43it with other people's money you lost
13:44all the money so I'd love to see the
13:46receipts we're waiting they can't find
13:50my receipts
13:52we're waiting on them we're going off
13:55all of the public records you filing for
13:57bankruptcy before raising money for a
13:59fund that fund has done nothing but lose
14:01money it's down uh thanks to JT and Eli
14:04for going through there you guys have to
14:06watch their videos they're so excellent
14:07at breaking this fund down but they're
14:09showing how he's lost like 70 percent of
14:12the value of his fund where are these
14:14receipts Jay I'm for
14:16the men and women who come from my
14:20background my environment the welfare
14:22kids the high school dropouts and that
14:25my friends is why some of the people in
14:27that Community are so critical of Jay
14:29because he is leveraging this background
14:32that he has which you know to his credit
14:34he came from a background much tougher
14:35than mine I'll admit that but once you
14:37take on people's money that's where the
14:38game gets way different
14:40he preaches to a very specific Community
14:42he preaches that he's going to help
14:44uplift them and all he's done from what
14:46I've seen in the public filings from the
14:48SEC he has taken their money and lost it
14:51so he's not uplifting anyone except for
14:54my resume is his resume yeah oh yeah
14:57that's right he's turning into a
14:58preacher now everything's about him
15:00above me it is uh this is much bigger
15:02than me this is all about God and what
15:05he wants out of my life you literally
15:08aren't even understanding me you're
15:10right I'm not a mogul I'm a miracle
15:15this is the best part that this guy is
15:17so clippable it's amazing he's not a
15:19mogul he's a miracle he's not he's not a
15:22mogul anymore he's a miracle wow
15:24come on I'm not a guru I'm a miracle um
15:30I love the guy next to him the little
15:31hype man it's like that is so powerful
15:33philosopher Jay take your about money
15:38are you kidding me Jay
15:43raised a bunch of money and has done
15:45nothing but lose it and according to a
15:47lot of videos on this subject
15:50Jay is taking the money for his own
15:52marketing company so he's make he's made
15:54allegedly over a million dollars
15:56possibly even multiple millions of
15:58dollars he's taken management fees he's
16:00done all of that he's taken in money as
16:02his fund is losing money let me tell you
16:04someone who isn't obsessed with money
16:06you know what they do they would
16:08completely remove themselves they would
16:10take zero profit and they would make
16:12sure that the fund is profitable first
16:14but he's not my god wow
16:19this is so profound I love this guy to
16:21the right of him all the videos they
16:24talked about me being broken every video
16:25yeah well you filed with the with your
16:28uh I can't remember what it was I think
16:29it was Bankruptcy Court you filed for
16:31bankruptcy literally you filed for
16:33bankruptcy you talk about all these
16:35watches where does the money come from
16:37I'm talking about the guy that went
16:39through the FBI investigation for 18
16:41months the SEC investigation for 18.
16:44this is my absolute favorite part about
16:46Jay is the fact that he points to these
16:48like investigations and him passing it
16:50as if it's like this big deal it just
16:51means he's not committing fraud which in
16:54my eyes I don't see him committing fraud
16:55or some type of illegal activity I think
16:57he's just one of the most incompetent
16:58people in the real estate Community
17:00right now he raised 12 million at a time
17:02where there was actually it was a great
17:03time to buy a lot of real estate
17:04especially in Atlanta if he stuck to
17:06some of these big cities he could have
17:07just he could have just spent 12 million
17:09dollars on some commercial property and
17:11made by now done really well he could
17:13have bought apartment complexes that
17:15were already cash flowing it wouldn't
17:16have made him a great fund manager but
17:18he would have been a lot better than
17:19minus 70 fund manager uh King uh Spencer
17:23Spivey do you I don't know why he messed
17:26up my last name he might not have even
17:27seen my videos but I'm not exactly
17:29expecting this guy to be the best at due
17:31diligence honestly the jarring of of
17:33these videos has made me reawaken like
17:37you ain't ministered enough what in the
17:40world is he talking about my videos or
17:43why he's a fake Guru why he claims to be
17:45a mogul and there's absolutely no proof
17:46of it and the guy's losing so much money
17:48but instead of addressing it it's all
17:49about my relationship with some guy
17:51above uh some yeah whatever won't go
17:54into that one right like like that's my
17:56calling that's my thing and so it's
17:59unfortunate for all the people that
18:00invest in money with him that he's now
18:01turned into a preacher instead of
18:02focusing on being a good fiduciary and
18:05managing money well he's now a preacher
18:07which seems to be the natural path for
18:10people like him well just happy to get
18:12back into
18:13um you know
18:16Church it may be a podcast and maybe
18:18he's going live every day this guy
18:20doesn't seem to be doing the thing
18:21that's most important which is going and
18:23finding good real estate deals
18:25I'm not sold that he ever was a
18:27successful real estate investor I don't
18:28think he knows how to actually go make
18:30millions with real estate and so uh you
18:32give someone and by the way this is a to
18:34some of you out there who think that
18:35like money is just the easy that's the
18:37easy way to success if you don't know
18:39how to actually use money and go invest
18:41it successfully and invest it well such
18:43that your money makes money then you're
18:45going to lose it and I think that we're
18:46seeing that with Jay I don't know if he
18:48ever made money on his own as a real
18:50estate investor and so if you don't know
18:52how to make money on your own and then
18:53all of a sudden you get 12 million
18:55dollars that doesn't mean you're going
18:56to be successful if you don't know how
18:57to use that money and actually go make
18:58money you're not going to do so and I
19:00think that's why he's a massive fake
19:03a fake Real Estate Mogul because he all
19:06of a sudden he had a bunch of money and
19:07he's losing it and now he's focused on
19:09podcasts and preaching and going on and
19:11talking about all these hater trolls and
19:13all these YouTubers that are hating on
19:14him no Jay it's your fault for bringing
19:17this on yourself I just saw that pocket
19:19watching with JT released the video did
19:20Jay Morrison buy his new home with
19:22investors money I can't wait to watch it
19:23you guys have to check out JT when when
19:25him and Eli cover the Jay Morrison story
19:27it is epic them and Tony the closer
19:29they're doing a great job at covering
19:31the story certainly an inspiration for
19:32the videos that I've made hope you
19:34enjoyed this one thanks for watching
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Jay Morrison and what is the controversy surrounding him?

Jay Morrison is a known con man and scammer who claims to be a successful real estate mogul but has actually lost millions of dollars in his fund. The controversy surrounding him stems from his financial mismanagement and lack of transparency, impacting his investors and the communities he claims to help.

2. What evidence is provided in the video about Jay Morrison's financial mismanagement?

The video provides evidence of Jay Morrison's financial mismanagement, showcasing how he has lost millions of dollars in his fund and the lack of transparency in his dealings. This evidence highlights the impact on his investors and the communities he claims to help.

3. How has Jay Morrison's actions affected his investors?

Jay Morrison's actions have negatively affected his investors, as he has lost millions of dollars in his fund and lacked transparency in his dealings. This has led to financial losses and has impacted the trust and confidence of his investors.

4. What impact has Jay Morrison had on the communities he claims to help?

Jay Morrison's actions have had a negative impact on the communities he claims to help, as his financial mismanagement and lack of transparency have led to detrimental effects. The video provides evidence of how his actions have failed to deliver on his promises to uplift these communities.

5. What are the consequences of Jay Morrison's behavior as demonstrated in the video?

The consequences of Jay Morrison's behavior, as demonstrated in the video, include financial losses for his investors, lack of trust in his dealings, and a failure to deliver on his promises to the communities he claims to help. This has raised serious concerns about his credibility and ethical practices.

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