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The video discusses three remote jobs that pay $1,200 per week and do not require an interview or talking on the phone, making it suitable for stay-at-home moms or those who dislike phone interactions. The jobs include market research transcriptionist at BabelType, independent contractor positions at LiveOps, and voice captioner at Vitac.
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Three remote jobs that require no interview or talking on the phone are discussed.
The first job mentioned is at Babel Type, a market research transcriptionist company that is always hiring.
Babel Type requires a high degree of skill in language, listening ability, and dealing with sophisticated transcript formats.
The job does not require an interview or talking on the phone with customers.
Applicants need to fill out an application and take a transcription test to see if they qualify.
Liveops offers remote job opportunities as an independent contractor with flexible hours and various roles, including live chat tech support and inbound calls.
Estimated salaries for transcriptionists range from $36,000 to $53,000.
Liveops allows you to work around your schedule and other commitments.
You can choose to work part-time or full-time, earning between $200 and $800 per week.
Different job positions are available, some of which do not require talking on the phone.
Two remote jobs are mentioned: working for LiveOps and being a voice captioner for Vitac.
LiveOps offers a work-life balance, the option to control your own schedule, and the opportunity to help customers and shoppers.
To work for LiveOps, you need to check eligibility requirements, submit an application, and pass a self-funded background check.
Vitac is the largest provider of live closed captioning services in North America.
Voice captioners for Vitac can earn between $20 to $30 per hour, receive paid new hire training, and enjoy a flexible work schedule.
Vitac is hiring for remote positions with benefits including technical support, equipment, varied schedules, paid sick time, and training.
Vitac provides all the necessary equipment for the job.
Minimum qualifications include a high school diploma, English proficiency, and technical familiarity.
Applicants need to apply through the "Join Our Talent Community" button on the website to be considered for positions.
00:00if you're a stay-at-home mom who's
00:01looking for a work from home job that
00:03doesn't require you to talk on the phone
00:05or someone who gets nervous in the
00:07interview today I'm going to share with
00:09you three jobs that either require no
00:11interview or no talking on the phone
00:13that may work for you
00:15hi everyone it's Suzanne today I have
00:18three either no interview or no phone
00:21work from home jobs for you these are
00:23companies that are always hiring and the
00:26first one is bevel type now Babel type
00:28is a market research transcriptionist
00:31company and they are always looking for
00:34new transcriptionists and translators to
00:36add to their team but they are very
00:38selective the transcripts they produce
00:41are mission critical parts of market
00:42research projects and completeness
00:45accuracy and reliability are absolute
00:47requirements their work requires a very
00:50high degree of skill in language
00:51listening ability and ability to deal
00:54with more sophisticated transcript
00:56formats because of that they prefer to
00:58work regularly with a limited or select
01:01team who meet the requirements they need
01:03now this job does not require an
01:05interview and you will not have to talk
01:07on the phone to customers when you apply
01:09you'll be taken away to the page I'm
01:11going to show you you will fill out the
01:13application and take the transcription
01:14test to see if you qualify for their
01:17requirements on the application page it
01:20says welcome thank you for requesting
01:22this application and test read this
01:24first invest time right now to save
01:26yourself a lot of time later if you've
01:28not yet watched the video located on the
01:30web page where you obtain this
01:32application go back and watch it in full
01:34first don't rush through this
01:36application take the time to read all of
01:38the instructions carefully everything
01:41you need to know to complete and submit
01:42this application is in the document this
01:45file is originally in Microsoft Word if
01:48you do not have Microsoft Word you can
01:50open the file and work on it in other
01:52word processors now Babel type has many
01:55different salaries by job title listed
01:58on Glassdoor a transcriptionist is
02:01estimated at around forty three thousand
02:05with the minimum being 36 000 and the
02:08maximum being fifty three thousand
02:10today's second work from home job is
02:12with the company liveops at liveops you
02:15will be an independent contractor not an
02:17employee which means that you get to set
02:20your own schedule you get to work around
02:22your own life life doesn't always run on
02:25a schedule liveops online contact center
02:27opportunities put you in the driver's
02:29seat giving you the flexibility to be
02:31self-employed set your own hours and
02:34work from anywhere liveops offers online
02:36work from home positions including live
02:39chat tech support and inbound calls so
02:42some of these jobs won't require you to
02:44talk on the phone for those of you who
02:45don't mind talking on the phone there
02:47are opportunities for that as well so
02:49why would you want to work for live apps
02:51they help you work around your life
02:53whether it be the we hours of the
02:55morning or after the kids are in bed
02:56they've got opportunities need to plan
02:59around other commitments no problem live
03:01far from an urban center come on board
03:03they've been welcoming customer focused
03:06professionals and businesses into a
03:07thriving agent Community for over 20
03:10years what to expect at liveops as an
03:13agent with liveops you are a
03:14self-employed independent contractor not
03:17an employee if you decide to contract
03:19with liveops they connect you with
03:21opportunities that fit your unique
03:23combination of skills and availability
03:25main hustle or side gig it's all up to
03:28you so if you're looking to make a
03:30part-time income when the kids are in
03:32bed or you're looking to get a full-time
03:33income you get to choose and working at
03:37liveops you have the opportunity to work
03:38anywhere between say 20 and 30 to 40
03:42hours per week and earn anywhere between
03:44200 and 800 dollars per week here's an
03:49example of what someone had to say about
03:51working for liveops they gave it a 4.0
03:53star rating a great work-life balance
03:56with the option to control your own
03:58schedule help customers and Shoppers
04:00with questions and concerns regarding
04:01products and services is a typical day
04:04at work you learn how how to manage and
04:06Be Your Own Boss management is great the
04:08workplace is amazing to get started
04:10you'll have to follow these three steps
04:12check the eligibility requirements and
04:14make sure they're currently accepting
04:16applications in your state submit an
04:19application for an available virtual
04:21contact center opportunity and lastly
04:23you'll have to pass a self-funded
04:25background check that'll be a cost of
04:27your independent contractor business
04:30the cost is 24.99 and it is required by
04:33the clients and is the responsibility of
04:35the applicant job number three is a
04:38voice captioner work from home creating
04:41captions with the company vitac I do put
04:43this position up quite frequently
04:45because they are always hiring on and
04:48off you can earn anywhere between 20 to
04:5130 dollars per hour and they will train
04:53you vitac is the largest provider of
04:55live closed captioning services in North
04:58America their voice captioners provide
05:00essential services to the millions in
05:02the deaf and hard of hearing Community
05:03daily by creating closed captioning for
05:06live television stream media corporate
05:07government and educational events if the
05:10prospect of working from home helping
05:12positively touch the lives of millions
05:13of people daily having exciting new work
05:16challenges each day and getting paid for
05:17it sounds interesting then this is the
05:19position for you you'll get to enjoy a
05:22flexible work schedule they offer
05:24part-time and full-time based on
05:26personal and business needs they provide
05:28voice captioners with paid new hire
05:30training which means you don't need to
05:32have any experience to captioning for
05:34their customers in addition to an hourly
05:36base pay vitec offers incentive pay for
05:39special events competitive Medical
05:42Etc the essential duties and
05:44responsibilities you will learn to
05:46produce near instantaneous transcription
05:48of the spoken word into text as close to
05:50verbatim as possible using their speech
05:53recognition technology and vitac
05:55provided software and Hardware so
05:56they're going to provide all of the
05:58equipment that you need prepare for
06:00scheduled programs and events by
06:02conducting research related to the
06:03correct spelling of words and names
06:04record notes as required participate in
06:07ongoing trainings as needed minimum
06:10qualifications include high school
06:11diploma or equivalent ability to read
06:13write and speak English dedicated to
06:16ongoing process Improvement good
06:18cultural and news knowledge
06:19detail-oriented technical familiarity
06:21with computers flexible hours reliable
06:24and punctual proficient in Windows
06:27Outlook Google
06:28Etc the benefits include technical
06:30support they're going to provide you
06:31with all your equipment they're going to
06:33offer you varied schedules paid sick
06:36and they're going to train you in this
06:39position now vitac is hiring on and off
06:42that's one of the biggest comments I get
06:44when I post this job is that they're not
06:46currently hiring what you need to do
06:48with vitac this is very important is
06:51you're going to have to click on this
06:52view our open positions when I give you
06:55the link to go to their page and you're
06:57going to see this stay connected with us
06:59and this joint our talent Community
07:02button you have to apply through that
07:05join our talent Community because so
07:07many people apply to get into this
07:09position that they're just going through
07:12anyone who's already signed up with them
07:15through this link and so you're probably
07:17not going to see a job opening you're
07:20going to have to go through this link to
07:23get set up first and then as positions
07:26become available they will get in touch
07:28with you all right if you're interested
07:30in applying for these I'm going to go
07:31ahead and give you a link to my website
07:33where I post all of my work from home
07:35job leads follow the instruction
07:36questions in the description as to how
07:38to find those
07:40and I wish you all the best of luck I'll
07:42see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are some remote jobs that pay $1,200 per week and do not require interviews?

Three remote jobs that pay $1,200 per week and do not require interviews are market research transcriptionist at BabelType, independent contractor positions at LiveOps, and voice captioner at Vitac. These jobs are suitable for stay-at-home moms or those who dislike phone interactions.

2. What is the role of a market research transcriptionist at BabelType?

A market research transcriptionist at BabelType is responsible for transcribing audio content related to market research. This job can be done remotely and offers a weekly pay of $1,200 without the need for interviews or phone interactions.

3. How can I apply for independent contractor positions at LiveOps?

To apply for independent contractor positions at LiveOps, you can visit their official website and navigate to the careers section. There, you can find the available positions and submit your application online. These remote positions offer a weekly pay of $1,200 and do not require interviews or phone interactions.

4. What are the responsibilities of a voice captioner at Vitac?

As a voice captioner at Vitac, your responsibilities include creating captions for live and prerecorded broadcasts, events, and webcasts. This role offers a weekly pay of $1,200 and is suitable for individuals who prefer remote work and do not want to participate in interviews or phone conversations.

5. How can stay-at-home moms benefit from these remote jobs?

Stay-at-home moms can benefit from these remote jobs as they offer a weekly pay of $1,200 without the need for interviews or phone interactions. This provides a flexible work opportunity that can be managed from home, allowing moms to balance their family responsibilities while earning income.

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