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Porn sites make money through subscription models, offering enticing trials that convert to higher monthly fees, while using one-click upsells and sectioning off content to generate more revenue. They also profit through ad shares on teaser content and by advertising competing subscription sites, resulting in substantial monthly earnings for well-run websites.
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Porn sites make money through the subscription model, ensuring recurring revenue.
The adult entertainment industry relies on the subscription model for revenue.
Subscription model is considered a lucrative business model due to recurring revenue.
Websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime are examples of successful subscription models.
Adult websites use a sneaky approach to ensure survival and success.
Pron sites entice viewers with a one dollar trial, then automatically bill them at a higher rate if they don't cancel.
Viewers are enticed with a one dollar three-day trial but are automatically billed at a higher rate if they don't cancel.
The industry constantly produces new content to keep viewers engaged.
They employ one-click upsells to encourage viewers to sign up for additional websites within their umbrella of brands.
Credit card information is stored for easy one-click sign-ups.
Pron sites keep people rebilling and paying monthly subscriptions by offering a variety of brands and sites within the same website, and making it difficult for users to cancel their subscriptions.
Quality of content is not the main factor for rebilling.
Users are offered a one dollar three-day trial to entice them to sign up for additional sites.
Users can end up subscribing to multiple sites and being billed a significant amount each month.
Pron sites make it difficult for users to cancel their subscriptions by not providing a clear option in the membership login.
Porn websites make money through rebilling and confusing cancellation processes.
Subscribers receive emails from the billing company, not the website, with information on how to cancel their subscription.
Users often struggle to find where to cancel their membership, leading to additional charges.
Porn websites also generate revenue through ad shares.
Porn sites make money through advertising and revenue sharing with content creators and other subscription sites.
Big tube sites make money through advertising and share revenue with content creators.
Subscription sites make money through advertising other competing subscription sites in banner ads and revenue sharing.
Porn sites advertise co-branding or direct competitors for the overlapping demographics and interests of their customers.
A well-run average subscription site can make around $100,000 a month in subscription revenue.
00:00there is an abundance of free porn
00:03everywhere on the infinite so how in the
00:07does anyone make any money in the adult
00:10entertainment industry
00:12let's find out
00:18my name is sterling cooper i'm an
00:19award-winning adult film star former
00:21high-class male companion and i'm here
00:23to help you
00:24transform your sex life so i've had a
00:26lot of requests from people to kind of
00:31the adult entertainment business model
00:33and exactly how the hell do porn sites
00:36make money in today's day and age with
00:39all these
00:40free what we call tube sites you might
00:43be familiar
00:45with some of these uh prawn hub
00:48might be one that you've frequented
00:50on occasion red
00:52food might be another one i'm not going
00:54to say these names because that might be
00:55bad so
00:57but you know exactly what i'm talking
00:58about these websites which have which
01:00are basically like youtube but for adult
01:03content giving out all this stuff for
01:05free so how the hell
01:08do big name porn brands like
01:12adult time with all these different
01:15websites how the hell do they stay in
01:17business well i'm going to explain that
01:19entire business model to you right now
01:21and it's actually extremely interesting
01:24so the whole business the whole adult
01:27entertainment industry revolves around
01:29subscriptions the subscription model
01:31anyone who has a business by the way
01:34will tell you that the subscription
01:36model is the single greatest business
01:39poll there is recurring revenue because
01:41once someone becomes a customer you just
01:43need to keep them around you have to
01:45resell them
01:46you've sold them once and they've paid
01:48and they're going to continue to pay as
01:49long as you provide the service so
01:51things like netflix for example right or
01:53amazon prime these are examples of
01:55subscription models and they're
01:56extremely lucrative business models and
01:59adult websites do the exact same thing
02:02but they do it in a very
02:05sneaky way
02:07which enables them to survive and thrive
02:10so what a lot of these websites will do
02:13and browsers is a as a perfect example
02:15of this
02:16what they'll do is they'll entice
02:20viewer with a one dollar trial like a
02:23one dollar three day trial or something
02:26like that
02:28the thing is once that customer has
02:30entered in their their credit card
02:33when they signed up
02:35that if they don't cancel that
02:37subscription at the that third day or
02:39before that third day
02:40they're rebuild at something like 29.99
02:44a month
02:45and that continues to rebuild until they
02:47cancel the damn thing so that's the
02:49first thing
02:50they sign up with this temptation of a
02:52free trial they're probably horny not
02:55thinking properly so they pay you the
02:57one dollar they're like yeah i've got
02:58access to all this pornography that i
03:00haven't seen before right it's it's
03:01unique it's all the new content that's
03:04the industry is constantly churning out
03:07tons and tons of new scenes every single
03:11day right because i've got to keep these
03:14engaged and keep them coming back to see
03:16new exciting fresh content right
03:19so they sign up for the one dollar trial
03:22they forget that they've signed up for
03:23this thing or they forget when they
03:25signed up for it and a few days later
03:27they get billed 29.99
03:29okay that's how that starts now the rest
03:32of the machine is even more interesting
03:34they'll also do a lot of one-click
03:36upsells anyone who's familiar you know
03:38with sales funnels will know what a
03:40one-click upsell is so let's say you
03:43wanted to sign up to uh browsers right
03:45well then
03:47at the checkout you've paid for your one
03:48dollar free trial you put your credit
03:50card info in well then they're like well
03:52sign up for this other website here
03:53babes or whatever which is part of their
03:55umbrella of
03:57brands their umbrella of websites it's
03:59like well you can also sign up to this
04:00one right right now as well
04:03for a dollar free trial as well just
04:05click the button
04:06your credit card information is already
04:07entered you stupidly click the button
04:09and then bang
04:10now in three days time you get billed
04:14sorry 29 for browsers you also get
04:16billed 29 for babes so now they've got
04:1960 of your dollars right
04:21by ch cheekily throwing in these
04:22one-click upsells all the time the next
04:24part is the most devious thing that they
04:27do to keep people rebilling keep people
04:31paying that monthly subscription again
04:33and again and again it's got nothing to
04:35do with the quality of the content
04:36they're turning out although that tends
04:38to keep people keep people loyal to a
04:40certain brand or a certain website is
04:43constantly churning out new and better
04:44material if you sign up to a certain
04:48they'll have a whole like i said a whole
04:49bunch of umbrella sites underneath them
04:50and you'll log in to one
04:53and you'll see oh there's all these
04:54different say brands we call them brands
04:57under that same site
04:59but you won't have access to them you'll
05:01only have access to the product or the
05:02main one you signed up with and so
05:05they'll have their one dollar three-day
05:06trial and they'll be like um i really
05:08want i've looked at all these ones i
05:09want to try these different sites and
05:11these different brands that are under in
05:12the same
05:13website and log into so to sign up they
05:15have to just again they've got their
05:17credit card information already they
05:18just have to click it
05:20and bang it subscribes them to that as
05:22and so they section off
05:24all of their content
05:26so by the end of it this one dude might
05:28be subscribed down to like four or five
05:30different subscription sites so he's
05:32being billed a couple hundred dollars a
05:34now that he's subscribed to all of them
05:36at the same time now the the most
05:39genius thing about this entire business
05:41model is the rebuilding companies that
05:44porn sites use now there's a whole bunch
05:47more adult industry secrets that we
05:49performers actually use to get the job
05:51done on set i explained a whole lot of
05:54right here in my ebook
05:56the way that these subscription sites
06:01and this is the really cool part cool
06:03devious part
06:05let's say you've created
06:07a login with browsers or some website
06:09like this
06:11there won't be anywhere
06:13in your membership login
06:16for you to cancel your subscription
06:19it won't be any you won't have any
06:20account info you'll have like your you
06:21can change your email address maybe but
06:23there won't be anywhere in that login
06:26where you can actually cancel your
06:27subscription directly with
06:30the website itself directly with the
06:33they do that very deliberately so you
06:34can't cancel your rebill you have to
06:36cancel it with the billing company you
06:38have to cancel it with the people you
06:39signed up with
06:42they will use
06:44porn brand a uses say rebilling company
06:47over here now
06:48the interesting thing is
06:50when that
06:53subscribed for like the one dollar free
06:55they would have received it they'll
06:57probably receive an email from the
06:58website being like welcome to whatever
07:01they'll also receive an email from the
07:02billing company that's the only piece
07:05of evidence that they or not evidence
07:08it's the only
07:10lead that they have to know where the
07:12hell they can go to cancel their
07:15so the billing company
07:17that individual will now have a
07:19completely separate kind of login
07:22with the billing company where they can
07:25for them to actually cancel their
07:26membership their subscription they have
07:28to go
07:29to that billing company and then
07:32figure out how to cancel their
07:33membership through that
07:36and this is really
07:39the genius of the whole system you have
07:41a whole bunch of dudes who sign up
07:44thinking they're gonna get charged a
07:46they completely forget about the rebill
07:48they're getting charged 30 a month
07:50then when they finally try to cancel the
07:52damn thing they can't figure out how to
07:54[ __ ] do it because there's no on the
07:56website that they think is billing them
07:58like the porn brand it ain't the one
07:59billing them it's the billing company so
08:01they don't even know where to go to look
08:02and so maybe another month goes by and
08:04then they've got 30 more dollars on that
08:06person before they can figure out how to
08:08cancel the damn thing
08:10and this the entire
08:12porn industry runs on this exact same
08:16business model every single website
08:18every single brand uses this exact same
08:20business model because all these dudes
08:22are signing up while the dick's hard in
08:24their hand they're jerking off they're
08:25not paying attention to like the email
08:27that comes in from cc bill saying oh
08:29you've been you're going to be charged
08:31in like a couple of days time
08:35now the other ways that these websites
08:36make money is they also do an ad share
08:39revenue so what they'll do is they'll
08:42post teasers
08:43on what we call the bigtube sites right
08:47prawn hub for example
08:49redube right just telling you some
08:52and uh you'll they'll post like teasers
08:55from new scenes and then they'll have a
08:56banner below which is or a gif running
08:59in the corner which is basically
09:00an ad
09:02directing the person
09:03to their website to join and subscribe
09:05for more content or for the full video
09:07but they also make money
09:09off the ad share revenue that their
09:12produce on that website so these big
09:15tube sites they make a lot of money
09:19you know
09:21dick pills and and
09:23dating app signups and like
09:27uh like cougar cougar website hotmail
09:30sneaky all these scammy [ __ ] websites
09:33those ones are the ones that are
09:34advertising on these tube sites and they
09:37share the revenue with people who create
09:38the content and put it on there they
09:40also make money these subscription sites
09:43make money by advertising other
09:45competing subscription site sites
09:48in banner ads they sell that banner ad
09:50space and then let's say someone's
09:53my uh website right my particular brand
09:57i have an advertisement down the bottom
09:58for your particular brand
10:00if someone clicks on that and then joins
10:02your website
10:04we do an ad we do a revenue split so
10:07i'll get half and you get half because i
10:08sent the traffic to you
10:10so now they're subscribed that customers
10:12subscribe to my website and yours and
10:14we're both getting some money out of it
10:15and it's like a win-win deal
10:17for various porn sites so like
10:19porn sites will advertise kind of
10:22co-branding or like
10:24other websites within their niche
10:25they'll actually in a lot of cases
10:27advertise their direct competitors
10:28because there's such an overlap in the
10:31demographics and the interests and the
10:32fetishes of their customer now how much
10:35can a good subscription website actually
10:38i'm not talking like the big names here
10:40but looking like browsers or even angel
10:42or adult time i'm not talking about
10:43those ones
10:44just your average one that is run well
10:47with somebody who knows what the hell
10:48they're doing probably brands you've
10:50probably never even heard of
10:52you're looking at pulling they're
10:53they're pulling in like a hundred
10:54thousand dollars a month
10:56in subscription
10:59and that is not a small chunk of change
11:02now if you'd like to learn another
11:04interesting insight into the adult film
11:05industry i suggest you check out this
11:06video right here where i talk about how
11:09johnny sins sabotaged his relationship
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How do porn sites make money?

Porn sites make money through subscription models, offering enticing trials that convert to higher monthly fees, while using one-click upsells and sectioning off content to generate more revenue.

2. What are the methods used by porn sites to generate revenue?

Porn sites profit through ad shares on teaser content and by advertising competing subscription sites, resulting in substantial monthly earnings for well-run websites.

3. What strategies do porn sites use to attract customers?

Porn sites attract customers by offering enticing trials that convert to higher monthly fees, using one-click upsells and sectioning off content to generate more revenue.

4. How do porn sites increase their monthly earnings?

Porn sites increase their monthly earnings by advertising competing subscription sites and using one-click upsells to convert trials into higher monthly fees.

5. What are the key factors contributing to the substantial earnings of porn sites?

The key factors contributing to the substantial earnings of porn sites include enticing trials that convert to higher monthly fees, one-click upsells, ad shares on teaser content, and advertising competing subscription sites.

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