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This video discusses the process of decalcifying the pineal gland and opening the third eye, and offers various methods such as diet changes, supplements, sound therapy, and spiritual practices to aid in the decalcification process. It also touches on the impact of fluoride and environmental factors on calcification and explores the connection between subconscious programming and personal growth.
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This section explains the importance of the pineal gland and its connection to awakening and consciousness.
Clicking on this video suggests that your pineal gland is in the process of decalcifying.
The pineal gland is referred to as the "third eye" and is associated with higher consciousness.
The video mentions the story of Pinocchio as an analogy for activating the pineal gland.
It emphasizes the need to stop lying, being deceived, and engaging in harmful behaviors in order to activate the pineal gland.
Factors such as fluoride in water and dental products, processed foods high in preservatives and refined sugar, exposure to heavy metals, and age contribute to the calcification of the pineal gland.
Fluoride has a high affinity for the pineal gland and can accumulate there over time.
Consumption of processed foods high in preservatives and refined sugar may contribute to calcification by causing inflammation and oxidative stress.
Exposure to heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium can also contribute to pineal gland calcification.
As people grow older, the rate of calcification tends to increase, potentially due to hormonal changes and longer exposure to contributing factors.
Calcification of the pineal gland can potentially impact its functionality and lead to disrupted sleep patterns, cognitive decline, mood imbalances, and fatigue.
Calcification of the pineal gland can affect the gland's ability to produce melatonin, leading to disrupted sleep patterns.
Cognitive functions such as memory, focus, and attention may decline due to calcification of the pineal gland.
Mood swings and depressive symptoms can be a result of issues with the pineal gland, as reduced melatonin production can interfere with neurotransmitter balance.
Fatigue and low energy levels are commonly reported symptoms associated with calcification of the pineal gland.
Tips for decalcifying the pineal gland and potential benefits.
Natural supplements like chlorella, spirulina, and wheatgrass can aid in decalcification.
Cutting out processed foods with additives and preservatives can be beneficial.
Using fluoride-free toothpaste and mouthwash, and a water filtration system can reduce exposure to fluoride.
Spiritual practices like meditation and yoga are believed to aid in activating and decalcifying the pineal gland.
Spending time in natural sunlight can stimulate the pineal gland.
Certain herbs like mugwort, gotu kola, and ginkgo biloba are often cited as natural remedies for decalcification.
Physical activity can potentially aid in the process of decalcification.
Decalcification of the pineal gland may lead to better sleep, improved quality of sleep, heightened intuition, and increased awareness.
Sound therapy using harmonic vibrations can potentially activate and decalcify the pineal gland, leading to enhanced intuition and insight.
Sound therapy stimulates the pineal gland by exposing it to external sounds that resonate at its natural frequency.
Different frequencies can induce different brain wave states, with the Theta state being linked to activating the pineal gland.
Vibrations from sound therapy increase blood flow to the brain, aiding in the removal of calcification deposits from the pineal gland.
Sound therapy reduces stress hormones, positively impacting the function of the pineal gland and promoting spiritual connection and higher forms of knowledge.
Alpha waves are associated with a relaxed but alert state of mind, allowing for cross talk between the conscious and subconscious mind, making it an optimal state for affirmations and positive self-talk.
Alpha waves are considered the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.
Beta waves dominate our waking state and are associated with logical thinking and critical reasoning.
The first seven years of life are crucial for programming, while the rest of life is an expression of that program.
Children primarily operate in the theta brain state.
Identifying and replacing limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind is crucial for personal growth and transformation.
Emotional imprints and implicit messages from the environment deeply impact subconscious programming.
Challenging areas in life can indicate underlying limiting beliefs.
The moments before falling asleep and upon waking up are opportune times to reprogram the subconscious mind.
00:00the fact that you clicked on this video
00:02says a lot about the state of your
00:04pineal gland you've already started
00:06waking up this topic is not for everyone
00:08meaning your pineal gland is in the
00:10process of decalcifying or to put it
00:13simply your third eye is beginning to
00:15open if you weren't in the process of
00:17Awakening trust me you wouldn't have
00:20clicked on this video it might have
00:22appeared before your eyes but you
00:23wouldn't have seen it in the next few
00:25minutes I will show you how to fully
00:27decalcify your pineal gland what's more
00:30in the next few seconds I will show you
00:32a video with Santo bonach that will help
00:34you understand the importance of your
00:36pineal gland you'll be amazed by this
00:38analogy let's watch this video and then
00:41I will explain in detail the whole
00:43process of Awakening and what exactly
00:45you need to do I'll tell you how you
00:47were programmed in your first seven
00:48years of life how to erase bad programs
00:51from your subconscious mind and how to
00:53reprogram your subconscious to get
00:56exactly what you want without struggle
00:58which is probably the opposite to what
01:00you used to now pay attention to this
01:05video the pineal gland is the third
01:09eye when you read the story of
01:12Pinocchio Pinocchio has two words Pine p
01:17Nal gland and Oco is
01:21ocula Oco in Italian is I it's why you
01:26go to an oculist so pinio
01:30means the Pioneer gland so
01:34Pinocchio is a
01:37puppet he's not a real
01:40person in order to become a real person
01:45ascend you have to activate your pineal
01:47gland you have to stop telling lies cuz
01:50everyone sees your nose grow every time
01:52you tell a lie you have to stop being
01:54deceived by your
01:56friends you have to stop going to the
01:58circuses and the shows
02:00as all the philosophers have ever said
02:03getting drunk and intoxicated with drugs
02:07and to be sober so the pineal gland is
02:10the third eye and it's our highest
02:16so if you want to be real just read the
02:19story of pinoc and activate your pinoc
02:23this tiny pine cone shaped organ has
02:26intrigued both scientists and spiritual
02:28Seekers Loc ated deep within the brain
02:31it secretes melatonin and regulates
02:34sleep patterns but to Mystics and
02:36philosophers the pineal gland is a third
02:39eye a spiritual organ providing
02:41perception Beyond ordinary sight ancient
02:44civilizations like the egyptions
02:46symbolized through the eye of orus a
02:49mystical emblem of Enlightenment and
02:52insight now consider Pinocchio the
02:55wooden puppet manipulated by strings
02:57these strings can be seen as the
02:59limitations of of human consciousness
03:01tied to physical senses and societal
03:03Norms in the story Pinocchio yearns for
03:06freedom and transformation much like the
03:09human soul aims for higher States Of
03:11Consciousness the character of the Blue
03:13Fairy and Pinocchio tale can be
03:15interpreted as a divine intervention or
03:17spiritual guide that helps us activate
03:20our pineal gland she sets Pinocchio on a
03:23path to becoming real which can be
03:26equated with Awakening one's inner sight
03:29or third die just as Pinocchio needs to
03:32demonstrate moral Integrity to become a
03:34real boy spiritual practices like
03:36meditation ethical living and
03:38mindfulness are often recommended for
03:40activating the pineal gland Pinocchio's
03:43notorious growing nose when he lies can
03:45also be symbolically linked to the
03:48concept of Illusion That clouds our real
03:51Vision when we are not truthful to
03:53ourselves or live in ignorance our inner
03:56sight or third eye remains dormant much
03:59like like Pinocchio remaining wooden and
04:01lifeless the act of lying can be likened
04:04to the calcification of the pineal gland
04:06a condition that man him believe hampers
04:09its proper function as Pinocchio learns
04:11to navigate moral complexities he Ines
04:14closer to becoming a real boy real boy
04:17similarly as we rid ourselves of the
04:19illusions that bind us we get closer to
04:22activating our pineal gland and opening
04:25our third eye once this transformation
04:27is complete both Pinocchio and the
04:30individual attain a state of freedom and
04:37understanding this image shows us how a
04:40calcified pineal gland looks the
04:42calcification is a process where calcium
04:45phosphate crystals accumulate in the
04:47gland potentially affecting its function
04:50several factors contribute to this
04:52phenomenon and it is often linked to
04:54Modern lifestyle choices and
04:56environmental factors one of the most
04:58discussed contrib rors is fluide a
05:01compound found in many public water
05:03supplies and Dental products fluoride
05:06has a high affinity for the pineal gland
05:08and can accumulate there over time
05:10Studies have shown that this
05:12accumulation may lead to the formation
05:14of calcium phosphate crystals
05:16contributing to calcification diet is
05:19another significant factor consumption
05:21of processed foods that are high in
05:24preservatives additives and refined
05:26sugar can increase the level of toxins
05:29these toxins May contribute to
05:31calcification by causing inflammation
05:33and oxidative stress creating an
05:35environment where calcium deposits are
05:38more likely to form additionally
05:40exposure to heavy metals such as lead
05:42Mercury and cadmium can contribute to
05:45pineal gland calcification these metals
05:47are often found in air pollution fish
05:50and even some dental fillings once they
05:53enter the body they can be stored in
05:55various tissues including the pineal
05:57gland where they may interact act with
06:00calcium and other minerals to form
06:02deposits age also plays a role in
06:04calcification as people grow older the
06:06rate of calcification tends to increase
06:09although the reason for this correlation
06:12is not entirely clear hormonal changes
06:14and longer exposure to contributing
06:16factors could be potential explanations
06:18other lifestyle choices such as
06:20excessive alcohol consumption and
06:22tobacco use may also facilitate
06:25calcification both of these substances
06:27can cause inflammation and oxid a ative
06:29stress which can lead to an environment
06:32conducive to calcium deposits some
06:34medications particularly ant acids and
06:37certain types of antibiotics that are
06:39high in calcium aluminium and other
06:42minerals may also contribute to
06:44calcification when taken in excess or
06:46for extended periods fluorine's role in
06:50the pineal glands calcification has been
06:52a subject to concern and study in the
06:54United States fluide is added to Public
06:57Water Supplies is IM measure to promote
07:00Dental Health this fluoridated water is
07:03often provided in schools exposing
07:05children to fluoride from a young age
07:08while the intention behind water
07:09fluoridation is to reduce tooth decay
07:13its effects on the other parts of the
07:15body including the pineal gland are not
07:17fully understood and are subject of
07:19ongoing research fluide has a strong
07:22affinity for calcified tissues and the
07:24pineal gland being a calcifying tissue
07:27readly absorbs and stores flu IDE over
07:30time the accumulation of fluoride can
07:32facilitate the formation of calcium
07:34phosphate crystals within the gland
07:37contributing to calcification this is
07:39particularly concerning for children
07:40whose pineal glands are still in the
07:42developmental stage early on set of
07:45calcification could theoretically impact
07:48the gland's future functionality
07:50although more research is needed to
07:52fully understand these implications in
07:54animal studies high levels of fluide
07:57exposure have been linked to altered Mel
07:59tone in production and other hormonal
08:01changes which are primarily regulated by
08:03the pineal gland if similar effects
08:06occur in humans this could have a
08:08Cascade of impacts from disrupted sleeve
08:11patterns to affecting various biological
08:14processes regulated by melatonin the
08:16potential risks have led some experts
08:19and advocacy groups to question the
08:20widespread use of fluoridated water
08:23particularly in schools where children
08:25are still developing while Dental
08:27organizations generally Port water
08:30fluoridation for its benefits in
08:32reducing tooth decay the practice
08:34remains controversial due to the
08:36concerns about its systemic effect
08:38including potential pineal gland
08:40calcification it's worth noting that not
08:43all research confirms a direct link
08:45between fluoride and pineal gland
08:47calcification and the topic is the
08:49subject of ongoing debate in the
08:51scientific Community however the concern
08:54over the additive effects of lifelong
08:57exposure beginning in childhood
08:59continues to be a point of
09:05discussion one of the most prominent
09:07symptoms is disrupted sleep patterns the
09:10pineal gland is responsible for
09:12producing melatonin a hormone that
09:14regulates sleep calcification could
09:16potentially reduce the gland's ability
09:18to produce this hormone leading to
09:20insomnia frequent waking during the
09:22night or irregular sleep cycles another
09:25symptom is a decline in cognitive
09:28functions like memory focus and
09:30attention though research on this topic
09:32is limited the pineal gland has been
09:35thought to play a role in cognitive
09:37Health calcification could potentially
09:39interfere with the gland's ability to
09:41contribute to neurotransmitter balance
09:44affecting your mental Clarity mood
09:46swings and depressive symptoms could
09:49also signal issues with the Pinal gland
09:51reduced melatonin production may not
09:53only affect sleep but also contribute to
09:55mood imbalances as melatonin interacts
09:58with serotonin another neurotransmitter
10:01responsible for regulating mood fatigue
10:04and low energy levels are also commonly
10:06reported symptoms because the pineal
10:08gland plays a role in regulating
10:10circadian rhythms calcification could
10:12disrupt these natural cycles leading to
10:15a constant feeling of tiredness or lack
10:18of energy reduced Intuition or
10:20difficulty in making decisions may also
10:22be indicative in esoteric Traditions the
10:25pineal gland or third eye is considered
10:28the center of intuition and forsight
10:30while this is less studied in the
10:32scientific Community many people who
10:34undergo processes to decalcify the
10:36pineal gland report increased intuitive
10:39abilities physical symptoms like
10:41headaches and migraines could also be
10:43linked the pineal gland is located near
10:46severe nerve Pathways and its
10:48calcification could potentially cause or
10:56headaches here are some commonly
10:58recommended ways to decalcify the pineal
11:00gland one of the simplest steps you can
11:03take is to drink filtered water that
11:05removes fluoride and other harmful
11:07chemicals this can reduce the
11:09accumulation of substances that
11:10contribute to calcification consuming
11:13organic foods rich in antioxidants can
11:16help counteract the effects of
11:17calcification foods rich in essential
11:20nutrients like vitamin K2 magnesium and
11:23iodine can be particularly helpful some
11:25people use natural supplements like
11:27chlorella spirulina and wheed grass to
11:30Aid in decalcification these supplements
11:33are believed to detoxify the body and
11:35may help in breaking down calcium
11:37phosphate processed foods often contain
11:40additives and preservatives that
11:42contribute to calcification cutting them
11:44out of your diet can be beneficial using
11:46fluide free toothpaste and mouthwash can
11:49also reduce your exposure if you live in
11:52an area where the water supply is
11:54fluoridated consider using a water
11:56filtration system that removes fluoride
11:59both substances can contribute to pineal
12:01gland calcification so reducing or
12:04eliminating them can help in
12:06decalcification though less
12:08scientifically supported many believe
12:10that spiritual practices like meditation
12:12and yoga can help in activating the
12:15pineal gland and might Aid in its
12:17decalcification some people recommend
12:19spending time in natural sunlight to
12:22stimulate the pineal gland the gland is
12:24sensitive to light and natural sunlight
12:26can help regulate its functions
12:29including melatonin production herbs
12:31like mugart go-to Cola and gingo Boba
12:34are often cited as natural remedies that
12:37can help decalcify the pineal gland
12:39always consult a healthc care provider
12:41before beginning any herbal treatment
12:43certain frequencies and vibrations such
12:45as those produced by singing bowls or
12:47chanting are believed to stimulate the
12:50pineal gland this is more rooted in
12:52spiritual Traditions than scientific
12:54research but is practiced by many
12:56physical activity increases blood flow
12:58throughout the body including the brain
13:00which could potentially Aid in the
13:02process of decalcification the
13:04experience of decalcifying the pineal
13:06gland and opening the third eye is
13:09subjective and can vary from person to
13:11person however many people who engage in
13:14practices aimed at achieving this report
13:16a range of mental emotional and
13:18spiritual changes here are some of the
13:20commonly reported feelings and
13:22experiences since the pineal gland
13:24produces melatonin decalcifying it may
13:27lead to better sleep p and improved
13:29quality of sleep you might find it
13:31easier to fall asleep stay asleep and
13:33wake up feeling refreshed the third eye
13:35is often linked to intuition and
13:37heightened awareness after
13:39decalcification you might find yourself
13:41more in tune with your surroundings and
13:44better at picking up on subtle cues many
13:47people report that they experience a
13:49surge in creativity finding it easier to
13:51think outside the box and come up with
13:53new ideas improved mental Clarity and
13:56focus are often cited benefits Tas s may
13:59seem easier and you might find that
14:01you're more efficient and effective in
14:03your work and daily activities some
14:05people experience better mood and
14:07emotional stability possibly due to the
14:09gland's role in regulating serotonin and
14:12melatonin which impact mood increased
14:15intuition and Clarity can lead to a
14:17deepening of spiritual practices and
14:19insights some people report experiencing
14:22more profound meditations a stronger
14:24connection to a higher power or
14:26increased synchronicities in their lives
14:28it's common to hear reports of enhanced
14:31sensory experiences colors may seem more
14:33Vivid sounds more clear and touch more
14:36sensitive many individuals note a
14:38significant reduction in Stress and
14:40Anxiety levels possibly due to improved
14:43hormone regulation and increased
14:45feelings of connectedness and awareness
14:48while less commonly discussed some
14:50people also report feeling physically
14:52healthier attributing this to the
14:54gland's role in regulating various
14:56bodily functions with heightened
14:58intuition and emotional balance you may
15:00find that your perspective on various
15:03aspects of Life Starts to shift you may
15:05experience greater empathy understanding
15:08and a sense of interconnectedness with
15:10all life forms many describe the
15:12experience as a form of Awakening where
15:15they feel more alive and More in tune
15:18with the universe sound therapy often
15:20using instruments like singing bows or
15:22vocal chanting has long been thought to
15:25stimulate the pineal gland and help open
15:27the third eye this idea is deeply
15:30embedded in spiritual and esoteric
15:32Traditions although scientific research
15:34on the topic is limited the underlying
15:36concept is that the pineal gland has its
15:39natural frequency and exposing it to
15:41external sounds that resonate at or near
15:44this frequency can activate it when
15:46harmonic vibrations are introduced
15:48through sound they bring a sense of
15:50balance and Harmony to the body this
15:52balancing effect is thought to extend to
15:54the pineal gland potentially helping in
15:57its decalcification and activation in a
16:00way the brain itself tunes into these
16:02vibrations different frequencies can
16:05induce different brain wave States Alpha
16:07for relaxation beta for alertness and
16:11Theta for deep meditation it's
16:13particularly the Theta state that has
16:14been linked with encouraging the pineal
16:17gland to become more active leading to
16:19enhanced states of intuition and insight
16:22these vibrations also lead to increased
16:24blood flow to the brain which could Aid
16:26in removing calcification deposits from
16:29the pineal gland the stress reducing
16:31nature of sound therapy can further
16:33impact the gland positively by reducing
16:36hormones that might inhibit its function
16:39in a deeply relaxed State individuals
16:41can connect spiritually with their inner
16:43selves and the Universe At Large this
16:46form of connection is thought to
16:48stimulate the third eye making it more
16:51receptive to higher forms of knowledge
16:53and wisdom additionally heightens
16:55perception and understanding of oneself
16:58self and the environment are commonly
17:00reported after sound therapy people
17:03describe an increase in intuitive
17:05thoughts deeper insights and even
17:08foresight which are often attributed to
17:11the activation of the third eye in some
17:14cases the vibrations are said to induce
17:16Altered States Of Consciousness
17:18facilitating experiences like lucid
17:21dreaming or deep meditative State these
17:23Altered States have been traditionally
17:26associated with an activated third eye
17:28ancient spiritual Traditions including
17:30Hinduism and Buddhism have used chanting
17:33and sound as tools for Spiritual
17:36Awakening from Millennia in these
17:38practices sound is considered a direct
17:41path to attune the body's vibration with
17:44that of the universe thereby
17:45facilitating the opening of the third
17:51eye the concept of brain wave state is
17:54intriguing especially when considering
17:57their role in accessing and programming
17:59the subconscious mind delta waves
18:01ranging from 0.5 to 4 Herz are the
18:04slowest brain wave frequencies are
18:07generally linked to deep dreamless sleep
18:10it's thought that during this state the
18:12subconscious mind is highly active in
18:14processing the day experiences and
18:16forming memories some believe this is a
18:19crucial time for subconscious
18:20programming where deeply held beliefs
18:23and patterns are either reinforced or
18:25modified theta waves rain from four to 8
18:28Hertz which are common during deep
18:31meditation and the early stages of sleep
18:33are of particular interest in the
18:35context of the subconscious mind this is
18:37often described as the Twilight State
18:40just between being awake and asleep in
18:43this state you are thought to have easy
18:45access to the subconscious mind and are
18:47more susceptible to new programs many
18:50practitioners of hypnotherapy aim to
18:52induce a data state in their clients to
18:54suggest positive changes whether that's
18:57quitting smoking or overcoming a fear
18:59Thea is seen as the gateway to learning
19:02and memory thus new beliefs can be more
19:05easily ingrained during this state stay
19:08with me because later I will share a
19:10powerful technique to reprogram your
19:12subconscious mind alpha waves are
19:14associated with a relaxed but Alert
19:17state of mind and are often considered
19:19the bridge between the conscious and the
19:21subconscious during activities like
19:24light meditation or even daydreaming
19:27Alpha Waves do eight this state allows
19:30for the cross talk between the conscious
19:32mind and the subconscious mind making it
19:34a good time for affirmations and
19:36positive selft talk in fact many
19:38visualization exercises are designed to
19:41put you in an alpha state where you're
19:43relaxed enough to let your subconscious
19:45mind take over beta waves dominate our
19:48waking State and are associated with
19:51logical thinking and critical reasoning
19:53while this state is necessary for daily
19:55functioning it's not the optimal state
19:57for program gramming the subconscious
19:59mind that's because the critical filter
20:02of the conscious mind which often
20:04rejects ideas that are not in line with
20:07current beliefs is active during this
20:13state how how can an infant a young kid
20:17learn these rules they can't go to
20:18school they can't read the book and all
20:20that and I say you don't have to Nature
20:22provided Theta hypnosis so that they can
20:26observe the parents the family in the
20:28community just observe their behavior
20:30and download those as programs age seven
20:35then that's when they start to become
20:37more conscious and engaging themselves
20:39so the first seven years is programming
20:41and then after that uh we play actually
20:45unfortunately 5% of our life from our
20:47creative conscious mind 95% from the
20:50program 400 years the Jesuits have told
20:54their followers give me a child until it
20:57is s seven and I will show you the man
21:01and what they knew is exactly what we
21:02just said first seven years is
21:05programming but after age 7 95% of your
21:08life is coming from that program so if
21:11you can program the child for the first
21:12seven years and the rest of the life of
21:14that child is actually an expression of
21:16that program the notion that children
21:18primarily operate in the theeta brain
21:20wave state the fast 7 years of life has
21:24gained considerable attention
21:26particularly in psychology and
21:28Neuroscience this data state is often
21:30associated with heightened plasticity or
21:33adaptability providing a fertile ground
21:36subconscious programming it's during
21:38these formative years that many of our
21:40core beliefs habits and World Views are
21:42formed in this Thea dominant State
21:45children are like sponges absorbing the
21:47beliefs attitudes and cultural norms of
21:50their environment they're more open to
21:52influence and learn rapidly from
21:54observing and mimicking adults and other
21:57children because the conscious logical
21:59part of their brain hasn't fully
22:01developed they are less able to
22:03critically analyze or question the
22:05information they receive in essence the
22:07critical filter that adults possess is
22:10virtually absent in young children
22:12making them more suggestable and open
22:15programming this makes Early Childhood a
22:17critical period for the establishment of
22:20foundational subconscious programs
22:22parents caregivers and Early Educational
22:25experiences play a significant role in
22:27this subconscious programming everything
22:30from a child's self-esteem to their
22:32understanding of the world and their
22:34place in it can be shaped during this
22:36time emotional experiences are
22:38particularly potent in creating long
22:41lasting imprints as emotions often serve
22:44as a tag that signals the brain to pay
22:46attention and remember it's not only
22:48overt teaching that impacts a child
22:51during these years but also the implicit
22:54messages received from the environment
22:57children are Keen observers of emotional
22:59nuances and non-verbal cues so even
23:02things left unsaid or unexplained can
23:05deeply impact their subconscious
23:11programming identifying the limiting
23:13beliefs or bad programs in your
23:15subconscious mind can be crucial for
23:18personal growth and transformation one
23:20practical way to pinpoint these
23:22problematic patterns is to consider the
23:24areas in your life where you're facing
23:26challenges or struggles the things that
23:28come into your life that you like they
23:31come into your life because you have a
23:32program to accept them but those things
23:35that we want and we work hard and we
23:37sweat over and put a lot of effort I'm
23:39going to make it I'm going to make this
23:40happen I'm working on I'm working real
23:43hard why you working so hard and the
23:45answer is not because the universe won't
23:47give it to you is because unconsciously
23:49your program does not support that
23:52destination and you're trying to
23:54override it with extra work and effort
23:57so then life becomes a job more or less
23:59trying to get those things you want when
24:01your program unconsciously is sabotaging
24:04you these struggles often act as
24:06signposts pointing towards the
24:09underlying beliefs that might be holding
24:11you back for instance if you find that
24:13you're consistently struggling
24:15financially it might be an indication of
24:17subconscious beliefs around money
24:19perhaps you were raised to think that
24:21money is the root of all evil or that
24:23you don't deserve to be wealthy
24:25similarly if you find that you're having
24:27trouble Main maining healthy
24:28relationships you might be harboring
24:30subconscious beliefs about your
24:32worthiness of Love or the
24:33trustworthiness of others but there's a
24:36way to replace those bad programs with
24:39good ones according to Dr Bruce Lipton
24:41the moments just before falling asleep
24:44and right upon waking up are opportune
24:46times to reprogram your subconscious
24:48mind during these times you're naturally
24:51in a Theta brain w state which is the
24:53same state where subconscious
24:55programming occurs most effectively Dr
24:59Lipton explains that in this data State
25:01your subconscious mind is in recording
25:04mode rather than playing mode making it
25:07more receptive to new information and
25:09beliefs the significance of this is
25:11profound instead of operating on
25:13autopilot with ingrained beliefs and
25:16habits you have a window of time to
25:18intentionally feed your subconscious
25:20mind with thoughts and ideas that serve
25:22you better this can be particularly
25:24useful for those looking to break free
25:26from limiting beliefs addictions or
25:29negative thought patterns listening to
25:31an audio program before you sleep or
25:33write when you wake up can be a highly
25:35effective method for reprogramming your
25:38subconscious mind audio programs
25:40designed for this purpose often employ a
25:42range of techniques aimed at
25:44subconscious reprogramming these
25:46programs are created by experts using
25:48different methods a long time ago after
25:50extensive research I discovered a
25:52platform that offers powerful audio
25:55programs specifically designed for sub
25:57conscious reprogramming they offer a
26:00wide range of programs like you see in
26:02this image I'll put a link in the
26:03description below to maximize
26:06Effectiveness choose an audio program
26:08that aligns closely with your specific
26:10goals or desired changes make it a daily
26:12practice to listen either before sleep
26:14or upon waking or even better both by
26:18consistently employing this strategy you
26:21harness the natural characteristics of
26:23the data state to reprogram your
26:26subconscious mind more effectively
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is decalcifying the pineal gland important?

Decalcifying the pineal gland is important because it helps in opening the third eye, which is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition. It also supports cognitive function, sleep patterns, and overall well-being.

2. What are the different methods for decalcifying the pineal gland?

There are various methods for decalcifying the pineal gland, including diet changes, supplements such as spirulina and chlorella, sound therapy through binaural beats, meditation, and spiritual practices like yoga and mindfulness.

3. How does fluoride impact the calcification of the pineal gland?

Fluoride has been linked to the calcification of the pineal gland, as it has the ability to accumulate and form calcium phosphate crystals in the pineal tissue. This can interfere with the gland's function and inhibit its ability to produce melatonin.

4. What role does subconscious programming play in the decalcification process?

Subconscious programming plays a crucial role in the decalcification process as our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions can influence the health of the pineal gland. Practicing positive affirmations, releasing limiting beliefs, and engaging in personal growth activities can support the decalcification and opening of the third eye.

5. How can environmental factors contribute to pineal gland calcification?

Environmental factors such as exposure to heavy metals, pollutants, and electromagnetic fields can contribute to pineal gland calcification. It is important to minimize exposure to such factors and adopt a lifestyle that supports the natural detoxification and decalcification of the pineal gland.

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