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Meet Kevin, a popular YouTuber with 2.5-3 million subscribers, made $52 million by age 29 through real estate investing, YouTube income, courses, and stock investments, as seen in his portfolio. He started as a real estate agent, bought properties, and documented his journey on YouTube. Despite his success, his following isn't significant enough for political success, but other YouTubers may try running for office to capitalize on attention and press.
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Meet Kevin made $52,000,000 by age 29 through real estate investing, YouTube income, and investing in stocks.
Meet Kevin started as a real estate agent and used his earnings to buy properties.
He started a YouTube channel in 2010 or 2011, documenting his real estate investing journey.
Meet Kevin's YouTube channel grew in popularity, generating additional income.
He then started investing the money he earned and shared his investment strategies on YouTube.
Kevin, a YouTuber with 2.5-3 million followers, ran for office and got third place in the recall election in California, which is surprising considering his following.
Kevin ran for office in the recall election in California.
He got third place with hundreds of thousands of votes.
Despite having a significant following on YouTube, with 2.5-3 million subscribers, it was surprising that he didn't perform better in the election.
00:00kevin i think is even more famous and he
00:02has 2.5 or 3 million subscribers he
00:04recently did a video and it was called
00:06here's my entire 50 million dollar
00:08portfolio at age 29. so i and i noticed
00:12that he had done one of these i'm
00:14okay double click full screen headphones
00:18and i noticed that he did another one of
00:20these like nine months ago or 13 months
00:22ago something like around a year ago and
00:24his net worth then was only 25 and i was
00:26like what is going on this guy is nuts
00:29and so he's basically this guy meet
00:30kevin i don't know his full name he um
00:33it makes like three to four videos a day
00:36and he is talking about like which
00:38stocks he's buying uh which um
00:41types of houses he's buying for
00:42investment properties and he shows his
00:45entire portfolio and at the end he goes
00:47now here's proof and he logs in to all
00:50of his accounts and you can see all of
00:52it screen share yes which is
00:54amazing for many reasons one
00:57he's only 29 and he's a youtuber with 50
01:00million dollars
01:02how was he how did he how did he get
01:03that money so he's just off of his
01:05youtube or he had some other business
01:06that he
01:07started with at age 19 i believe he
01:10started as just a real estate agent so
01:11just a normal guy okay and he made a
01:14little bit of money like a hundred grand
01:15a year took that hundred grand a year
01:17and bought some properties and then
01:19started a youtube channel in 2010 or
01:212011 and he just started documenting
01:23about his real estate investing slowly
01:26that started making additional income
01:28using that income he bought even more
01:30properties eventually he had like a
01:32course and things like that where he was
01:33making like one or two million dollars a
01:34year so a significant amount of sum
01:36or a significant sum
01:38then he took that money and he started
01:40investing it and started talking about
01:41what he was investing and you could see
01:43this entire growth over the last five
01:44years of his portfolio and how it's
01:46grown of course it helps that a he's got
01:48now a significant stream of like four
01:50million dollars a year i would imagine
01:51and we're in the best bull market of all
01:54and so
01:55it kind of works but that's how he's
01:57done it and interestingly this guy kevin
02:00uh when gavin newsom was being recalled
02:02kevin ran for office and there's this
02:04republican named larry elder who got
02:06second behind gavin newsom kevin was
02:08third with something like hundreds of
02:10thousands of votes
02:12and so it's this kid's amazing and so
02:14that's surprising i feel like a youtuber
02:16who's got a big following should crush
02:18any politician he doesn't have that big
02:20a following he only has 2.5 or 3 million
02:22it's not significant and it has to be a
02:24california above 18 voter so it's not
02:26like it's not significant but my point
02:29being with a lot of these youtubers is
02:30this video was nutty and graham stefan
02:33did the exact same thing he goes here's
02:35my prediction
02:36mr beast or a mr beast type person will
02:39run for president and will surprise
02:41people with the type of following they
02:42get because oh absolutely whether you
02:44want to be president or not you could
02:45you know i think the original trump
02:47playbook was i'm gonna just throw my hat
02:50in the ring i'm gonna get tons of
02:51attention and press i'm gonna build my
02:53brand off the
02:54the massive amount of attention that
02:56goes into elections and i'll be the the
02:58kind of curveball story that everybody
03:00wants to cover everybody's got an
03:01opinion on
03:03like kanye kanye did it or whatever he
03:05threw his name in you're gonna see the
03:07wild wild west of people trying to put
03:09their name in the hat for running for
03:10office or running for these kind of like
03:12positions that will sound
03:15you know how could a how could a 21 year
03:17old youtuber be doing this and they're
03:19going to get a little momentum and then
03:20that's going to create a press cycle
03:21that's going to create more momentum i
03:22don't think they'll actually win i don't
03:24think they even want to win but it would
03:25just be a smart move for the dog-eat-dog
03:28world of youtube trying to get views
03:31and and but here's back to the original
03:32point of getting views
03:34what is exhausting life that you have to
03:37go and and i'm thankful that mr beast
03:40does what he does i'm thankful that this
03:41kevin guy and graham are crazy enough to
03:44log in and show me their that is so cool
03:47they are nuts that is nuts
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did Meet Kevin make $52 million by age 29?

Meet Kevin made $52 million by age 29 through real estate investing, YouTube income, courses, and stock investments. He started as a real estate agent, bought properties, and documented his journey on YouTube.

2. What was the source of income for Meet Kevin?

Meet Kevin's income sources included real estate investing, YouTube income, courses, and stock investments. He initially started as a real estate agent and later gained success through his YouTube channel.

3. How did Meet Kevin gain popularity?

Meet Kevin gained popularity by documenting his real estate investment journey on YouTube. His success in real estate, combined with his YouTube income and courses, contributed to his rise to fame.

4. Can YouTubers run for political office?

Yes, YouTubers can try running for political office to capitalize on attention and press. However, despite Meet Kevin's success, his following may not be significant enough for political success. Other YouTubers may attempt to run for office as a way to leverage their attention and press coverage.

5. What type of investments does Meet Kevin have in his portfolio?

Meet Kevin's investment portfolio includes real estate, stock investments, and income from his successful YouTube channel and courses. His journey from being a real estate agent to a successful investor is documented and shared with his subscribers.

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