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The video discusses the various ways that YouTube golfers like Good Good Golf make money, including AdSense, merchandise sales, and partnerships. Good Good Golf generates an estimated $35-55 million annually, with merchandise sales accounting for the majority of their revenue. The breakdown of their income may be similar for other companies in the YouTube golf space.
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Good Good Golf makes money through AdSense, with a CPM of 50, meaning they earn $50 for every thousand views.
AdSense is what YouTube pays for views, with a CPM (cost per mile) indicating the amount earned per thousand views.
Good Good Golf's hour-long videos have high retention rates, resulting in CPMs as high as 50 or more.
With a CPM of 50, Good Good Golf earns $50 for every thousand views.
Good Good Golf makes money through various sources including AdSense, separate channels, and merchandise sales.
They earn around 20% of their revenue from AdSense on their main YouTube channel.
They have additional channels like Good Extras, Good Podcast, and Good Good Gaming, which generate separate income.
Merchandise sales, including apparel, putters, and accessories, contribute to around 50-60% of their total revenue.
Good Good Golf makes around 20 to 22 million dollars a year from merchandise sales, with partnerships contributing to the rest of their income.
Merchandise sales account for 50 to 60 percent of their income.
Good Good Golf also earns income from partnerships with brands like Callaway and Travis Matthews.
The company's niche following in golf contributes to their strong merchandise sales.
Other YouTube golfers also earn significant income from partnerships with equipment and apparel brands.
Good Good Golf has become their own brand and is making a significant amount of money, with an estimated yearly income of $35-36 million, which could potentially reach $50-55 million with new merchandise.
Good Good Golf has cut out the middleman and is making money as their own brand.
They have bet on themselves and it has paid off financially.
They have expenses to cover, such as big trips and paying their athletes.
Luke, who is not an owner of Good Good LLC, is likely on a salary and gets paid yearly to be in the group and make videos.
The categories and breakdowns for YouTube golf are expected to be similar in other companies.
00:00we have seen an insane rise in
00:02popularity in being a YouTube golfer in
00:04the last couple of years this has
00:06everyone wondering how much do these
00:08YouTube golfers actually make today
00:10we're gonna break down all the different
00:12ways these YouTube golfers are making
00:13money and we're gonna tell you how much
00:16they're actually making and what better
00:18company to start with than the one and
00:21only good good golf this is a very
00:24lucrative business so they're making
00:25money in many different ways we're going
00:27to break this down line by line also
00:29this data this information that was
00:30coming from is coming from a few
00:31different places one is coming from just
00:33being friends with some people in the
00:34atmosphere us doing some YouTube stuff
00:37as well and then also what we can find
00:39online through companies like
00:40socialblite and we have a pretty good
00:42idea of being in the same space as them
00:44on a much smaller scale but we've also
00:45been able to talk to some of the top
00:46creators in the space who make a ton of
00:48money so AdSense a lot of people who say
00:50what is AdSense Connor what what does
00:52that mean are you making monies just
00:53from people viewing your channel viewing
00:55your YouTube videos how do you make
00:56money what is AdSense AdSense is what
00:59YouTube pays you for your views they use
01:01it a term called CPM which is cost per
01:04mile the cost per mile what that stands
01:06for is every thousand views you get paid
01:09this amount of dollars for a lot of
01:11YouTube channels a 15 CPM would be a
01:14really good CPM but for companies like
01:17good good that have these you know
01:19hour-long videos uh with a really high
01:21retention rate we've heard cpms up in
01:24the 50 and even higher cost per mile
01:26range these are movies you're basically
01:28watching movies on your YouTube channel
01:29we broke this down for you so with a
01:31based off a CPM for them of 50 which
01:35we've told can actually be on the lower
01:37end of some of their videos that means
01:39for every thousand views they're getting
01:41paid fifty dollars so if you look on
01:44socialblade at how many views they had
01:46just in the last month over 12 million
01:50views so with that 50 CPM that is six
01:53hundred thousand dollars just last month
01:5512 months in a year that's a lot of math
01:58that's a lot of money dudes 7 7.2
02:01million dollars just off of their
02:03AdSense this is just off the money
02:05YouTube is paying them they're making
02:07six hundred thousand dollars roughly a
02:09month just from their YouTube channel
02:11just that alone would be a phenomenal
02:12business but what we know because of
02:14what their CEO said on an interview he
02:17said that their AdSense money only
02:20accounts for around 20 of their business
02:23which is wild part of building a YouTube
02:26channel is making sure you have income
02:29in other forms than just your AdSense
02:31and they've done a phenomenal job at
02:33that which brings us to our next
02:35category not only does good good get
02:37AdSense money from their main good good
02:39Golf Channel they've also got their good
02:41extras Channel they got a good podcast
02:43Channel and they had a good good gaming
02:45channel for a while as well and this is
02:47just good good so all these guys that
02:48have their personal channels channels
02:50are making separate money from that as
02:52well if the main page is pulling in 20
02:54of their business we would think their
02:56other Pages would pull in a little less
02:57than ten percent maybe even less than
02:59that you know the watch time isn't going
03:01to be as high on those other Pages they
03:03still are going to have a pretty high
03:05CPM I would say that's between five and
03:07ten percent which is going to be like
03:09between one and three million dollars a
03:12year and now for the biggest section
03:15where we think they make most of their
03:17money is it's their merchandise this is
03:20all their good good branded apparel so
03:22that's their clothes that's the putters
03:24that's the accessories and now they just
03:26launched as well in Dick's Sporting
03:28Goods and on Golf Galaxy so now that
03:30they're not just private retailers they
03:32can go and buy on their own channel
03:33they're now Outsourcing it to other
03:35companies for them to sell in their Pro
03:36Shops as well as in their golf sporting
03:39goods stores this is we would assume
03:41what 50 to 60 percent of their whole
03:42entire Revenue would be in merchandise
03:44yeah I would think so and and Adam Works
03:47in sporting goods and and I've worked in
03:48similar industry which is the
03:50entertainment in music and I know in
03:52that world usually for artists 60-ish
03:55percent of their income is actually
03:57coming from their merch sales on tour as
03:59well so in a similar fashion when you
04:02have a company that's become this big
04:04good good has become a very recognizable
04:06brand it makes sense for 50 to 60
04:09percent of their income for the business
04:11to come from that merge we would think
04:13that they're making around 20 to 22
04:15million dollars a year from those merch
04:17sales which is crazy and it might sound
04:19wild but you gotta think about how big a
04:21company like you know Nike golf how much
04:23Nike golf makes you know probably
04:25upwards of a billion dollars a company
04:27like this you'll go to the Grange right
04:28now and you'll see good good apparel you
04:31know on a golfer about every time I go
04:33to the range enough boys you know who
04:35they are Connor yeah they they do almost
04:38a million dollars worth of apparel just
04:40apparel a year a year or a month a year
04:43100 million a year oh a hundred I'll
04:46just have 100 million no no 100 million
04:48a year and just oh wow merchandise
04:51apparel sales us saying good Goods
04:52making 21 to 22 million might be even on
04:55the shy side but good good also hasn't
04:56been around as long and it is more of a
04:59niche falling where it's golfers making
05:0020 to 21 million a year old merchandise
05:02is a pretty darn good business and I
05:04think this is just going to be the tip
05:05of the iceberg and for the other 10 to
05:0720 percent of income this actually may
05:09even be the biggest section for a lot of
05:11YouTube golfers that's going to be their
05:13Partnerships right so
05:15um similar to how good good just signed
05:17a deal with Callaway obviously they have
05:19their own clothing that they sell but
05:22people like the Brian Bros bus to Jack
05:24Rick Shields even a lot of these guys
05:27that don't have their own clothing lines
05:30they have Partnerships With You Know
05:33Travis Matthews or Callaway or from golf
05:36blue teas and iron Brands like Tacoma
05:39where they're playing these athletes and
05:41these creators to wear or use their
05:44equipment slash apparel and that's where
05:46the most of their money because they're
05:47actually signing a contract we're going
05:48to pay you x amount let's say to use
05:50their irons we're paying you ten
05:51thousand dollars to use this Rangefinder
05:52ten thousand dollars a month to be able
05:54to use this understanding and x amount
05:55dollar contract and within that contract
05:57you're also having rights saying that
06:00you can use their image for another fee
06:01as well on their own marketing campaigns
06:03I know I keep saying lucrative a lot but
06:05YouTube and social media is a very very
06:07lucrative business right now the
06:09YouTubers pull so much weight in the
06:11marketing space where they have millions
06:13of followers every single day watching
06:15their YouTube videos that partnership
06:16section is going to be a lot bigger of a
06:18percentage for a lot of those other
06:19people but that's because the whole
06:21section of Merck you know something you
06:23might wear in your body good good has
06:24cut out but they're making money on it
06:27because they've become their own brand
06:29they bet on themselves and it's
06:31obviously been paying off so that comes
06:33out to a total yearly year income of I
06:36would say on the low end 35 to 36
06:39million dollars yeah I could even see
06:41this now with the new merchandise going
06:42in stores pushing the 50 to 55 million
06:45dollars a year and for anyone that is
06:47listening and understands business you
06:49know that doesn't mean they just have 36
06:50million sitting in the bank right now
06:52probably have a few million you know but
06:54the reality is they do have expenses
06:56they have to pay out big trips that they
06:58go on if they're not covered they have
07:00their athletes which I think we've heard
07:02they pay their athletes about five grand
07:04each if they're you know many if they're
07:07a lower level pro golfers or college
07:08golfers but then even guys like Luke who
07:11came into the mix later and who isn't
07:14you know an owner of the good good LLC
07:17he's probably on a salary where he's
07:20getting paid yearly to do these videos
07:21and be in the group you know so you
07:23gotta think about people like that okay
07:25which is which is not a a bad gig to
07:27have could you imagine being able to
07:28travel the world and get a paid a pretty
07:30pretty good dime and show up and play
07:32some some pretty good golf every every
07:33once a month bro absolutely that's a
07:37that's a phenomenal job I would take
07:39that job over being an accountant any
07:41day you know we would think that these
07:44categories are going to be pretty
07:45straightforward and very similar
07:48breakdowns in other companies that are
07:50doing YouTube golf as well yeah and let
07:53us know what you think in the comments
07:54you think we're close I think we're way
07:55off do you think they're making a
07:56hundred million dollars a year do you
07:57think maybe I'll make it five million I
07:59don't think it's that low but let us
08:00know what you think we're excited to see
08:01what happens and kind of expand and talk
08:03on the more business side of things the
08:05YouTube golf moving forward absolutely
08:06hope you guys enjoy this video we'll see
08:08you all next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How do YouTube golfers like Good Good Golf make money?

YouTube golfers like Good Good Golf make money through various avenues such as AdSense, merchandise sales, and partnerships. These revenue streams contribute to their overall income.

2. What are the main sources of revenue for YouTube golfers like Good Good Golf?

The main sources of revenue for YouTube golfers like Good Good Golf include AdSense, merchandise sales, and partnerships. Merchandise sales are estimated to account for the majority of their annual revenue, contributing significantly to their overall income.

3. How much revenue does Good Good Golf generate annually?

Good Good Golf generates an estimated $35-55 million annually. This substantial revenue is driven by various income streams, with merchandise sales playing a significant role in their overall earnings.

4. What contributes to the estimated annual revenue of Good Good Golf?

The estimated annual revenue of Good Good Golf is contributed by factors such as AdSense, merchandise sales, and partnerships. These income streams collectively contribute to the $35-55 million generated annually.

5. How do the income streams of Good Good Golf compare to others in the YouTube golf space?

The income streams of Good Good Golf, including AdSense, merchandise sales, and partnerships, may have a similar breakdown to other companies in the YouTube golf space. This indicates that these revenue sources are common and effective within the industry.

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