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Building excessive muscles can lead to a shortened lifespan, as seen in the average lifespan of bodybuilders being 48 due to heart failure from the strain. Research shows high death rates and health issues linked to muscle building, leading to concerns about the validity of the fitness industry's promotion of muscle gains and supplements. The video also discusses the impact of excessive muscle-building on women's health, fertility, and societal implications, highlighting the potential risks of pursuing extreme muscle development for both men and women.
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Muscles can shorten your lifespan due to the strain they put on your heart.
Bodybuilders have an average lifespan of 48 due to cardiovascular problems.
Social media influencers promote the idea that muscles equal health.
Maintaining heavy muscles over time puts immense strain on the heart.
The heart has a limited number of beats and mileage before it fails.
Building big muscles can lead to heart problems and increase the risk of premature death.
Medium muscles may lead to a slightly longer life.
The fitness industry may try to hide this information due to its financial interests.
Many deaths associated with muscle building happen each year but receive little coverage.
People who exercise the longest and hardest have the highest death rate.
Bodybuilders have a higher rate of cardiovascular death, kidney failure, and liver failure, possibly due to steroid use, which can shorten their lifespan by 2-10 years.
Cardiovascular death rate is 10 times higher in bodybuilders compared to normal Americans.
Bodybuilders have a 9% rate of kidney failure, almost 10 times higher than normal.
Liver failure is also a common issue among bodybuilders, often related to steroid use.
Muscles don't attract women, but rather men, just like fast cars, motorcycles, and cigars.
High protein diets can lead to liver failure and resistance training can cause hormonal imbalances in women
Bodybuilders consume large amounts of protein, which can be difficult for the liver to process and has been linked to liver failure
Resistance training in women can cause an abnormal hormonal response, leading to infertility, mood changes, and other issues
High testosterone levels in women from bodybuilding have been linked to cancer and infertility, but many are afraid to speak out against the sport
The speaker suggests that humans are meant to be slim and run long distances, and that it's important to consider that research on the topic is not conclusive yet.
The speaker mentions that research studies are not always reproducible and that a lot of data in research papers can be biased towards the interests of the industry sponsoring them.
Comparisons are made between wrestlers and NFL players, suggesting that having big muscles may not necessarily lead to a longer life.
The speaker recommends a more moderate and natural approach to fitness, focusing on stretching, endurance, jogging, hiking, and walking instead of solely trying to bulk up for social media.
00:00all right we need to talk muscles can
00:02kill you I see a lot of young people out
00:05there hitting the gym celebrating their
00:07wins they're poking up with these big
00:08muscles you're going to shorten your
00:10lifespan that way a lot of the
00:12bodybuilders actually don't live past 48
00:15that's the average age that they live to
00:16and it's because their heart fails them
00:19suffering cardiovascular problems and
00:21you know the problem is that we have
00:23this epidemic of influencers and social
00:25media online just promoting the gym
00:27supplements protein powders and you have
00:30to understand that this is a big
00:31business and they don't want you to know
00:33the truth and so recently I tried to
00:35explain this on Twitter muscles shorten
00:37your lifespan this should be obvious to
00:39anybody out there and it got quite the
00:40reaction where a lot of people just
00:42didn't believe that they were making fun
00:43of me saying um some wimps some soy boy
00:46programmer nerd and it's like these
00:48people out there are not thinking
00:49because they have been so brainwashed by
00:51these social media influencers and they
00:53get it in their head that muscles equals
00:56no muscles maybe make you stronger but
00:58doesn't mean you're going to live longer
01:00by any means so you see the reality is
01:03that muscles are really only cool to 20
01:05year olds because they've never seen
01:06muscles in their whole life they
01:07suddenly get muscles and they're saying
01:09hey look how cool I look I finally got
01:10some muscles that's nice but try
01:12maintaining these heavy strenuous
01:15muscles over the next 10 20 30 years of
01:17your life and you're going to find that
01:19it puts this immense load and weight on
01:21your heart and you know all people have
01:23the same size of heart it's like your
01:25heart is now trying to support an
01:26elephant can they do that for a long
01:28period of time probably not
01:30you know we all just have one heart and
01:33a heart has a limited number of beats a
01:35certain mileage you can reach before it
01:37dies out kind of like a car which is
01:39going to last longer a car city and a
01:41garage or a car that's just revving at
01:435000 RPMs in neutral well that's kind of
01:47like your body don't wear it out now I
01:49know this may sound shocking at first
01:50even silly or unbelievable I know it
01:53sounded weird to me at first too but you
01:55know I am 2x first aid certified I took
01:57first aid classes when I was learning
01:59sailing when I was working at Google and
02:01Facebook I took those classes and you
02:03know the first thing they tell you is
02:04that all of the gyms happen to have
02:06these AED devices to resuscitate people
02:08during heart failure stroke and so I was
02:11at first perplexed why would a gym need
02:13a heart resuscitation device it's like
02:16these are really healthy fit people and
02:18it turns out well a abnormally high
02:20percentage of heart failure happens at
02:22the gym and so that's why they need
02:23these AED devices so we can actually see
02:26here some of the data bodybuilders die
02:28around age 48 on average I mean that's
02:31super early and they have an alarmingly
02:32high rate of cardiovascular heart
02:34problems the heart is simply not strong
02:36enough in my belief to support these big
02:38muscles you know you can kind of
02:40extrapolate this data well what about
02:42medium muscles are you going to live
02:43longer yeah maybe a little bit longer
02:45for me medium muscles and so the reality
02:47is a lot of people simply don't want you
02:49to know this there's a lot of big money
02:51in the fitness industry you've got gyms
02:53protein powders equipment supplements
02:55and they're going to try to obscure the
02:57data hide this from you kind of like how
02:59the tobacco industry and alcohol
03:00industry just obscured all this
03:03information for years same with the
03:04sugar industry and so I know it's hard
03:06to believe but if you actually just look
03:08for the signs just do a little bit of
03:10quick research you'll quickly find this
03:11type of news story of deaths associated
03:13with muscle building happens year after
03:16year it just doesn't get that much
03:17coverage but you know recently this
03:19Fitness influencer Joe Statics
03:21tragically passed away at just age 30 or
03:23so or like this guy looks really healthy
03:25right he's got big muscles isn't he
03:26supposed to be strong and then just in
03:28April of this year another 25 year old
03:30goes into cardiac arrest during his
03:32team's quarterfinals and then he was
03:34saved by an AED device and this guy
03:36looks pretty healthy too and yet
03:38suffered a heart attack and then we can
03:40see last year there was also a similar
03:41spare where there were celebrity gym
03:43related deaths on the rise so so there
03:46are these people who are getting cardiac
03:47arrest and heart issues dying on the
03:49treadmill basically and the sad thing is
03:51this type of thing gets almost no
03:53coverage on social media because
03:54everybody's giving likes to these muscle
03:56bodybuilding influencers posting their
03:58gains on social media on Instagram all
04:00over the place we can see the data here
04:03how many people are dying who exercise
04:05and actually turns out the results are
04:07startling the highest death rate is
04:10actually among men who exercise the
04:11longest and hardest who wouldn't believe
04:13that and also the death rate is higher
04:16among men who exercise short and hard
04:17and then the guys who do hardly any
04:20vigorous exercise had a lower death rate
04:22than the people who do the most so this
04:24may sound counterintuitive at first but
04:26there's so much data backing this up and
04:28so we can see here the cardiovascular
04:30that someone's Pro bodybuilders compared
04:32to American men it is just much higher
04:34across the board across all ages right
04:36bodybuilders basically have health
04:38problems now in this data we can also
04:40see that like pro wrestlers WWF people
04:43happen to die much earlier than people
04:45in other sports those Macho Man muscles
04:47are causing them to die maybe 20 earlier
04:50than people who are playing like say
04:51hockey for example and you know even if
04:54you take a look at Pro bodybuilders
04:55compared to NFL players MLB players
04:57their death rate is almost double that
04:59of in other sports and so then they
05:02compare the causes of that and they find
05:03pro bodybuilders have a 40
05:05cardiovascular death rate compared to
05:07just 30 percent for normal Americans so
05:10it's like a 10 higher heart failure rate
05:12basically other causes of death of
05:14bodybuilders include kidney failure at
05:16nine percent that's almost 10x the rate
05:18of a normal American person there's also
05:20liver failure issues and you know some
05:22of this is related to using steroids or
05:24performance enhancing drugs so while yes
05:27the drugs and storage can explain some
05:29of the deaths I don't know if it
05:30explains the full story and you still
05:32may be shaving off two years five years
05:3410 years off of your life just by trying
05:37to look good on social media well if
05:39looking good is worth it to you to just
05:41lose several years off of your life then
05:43I guess you can be my guest but you need
05:45to also just understand that a lot of
05:47the people don't want you to know the
05:48truth they're going to hide this data
05:49from you like it was like when I was
05:51learning scuba diving The Paddy diving
05:54industry would simply not tell you that
05:56statistically actually one in four
05:58people should not are not able to scuba
06:00dive and that's because of this heart
06:02condition known as a PFO it basically
06:04creates bubbles in your bloodstream and
06:05they just don't tell anybody that so
06:07everybody out there is a learning scuba
06:09diving and like there's a 25 chance you
06:11can get a stroke in your brain when that
06:12bubble of air goes into your brain and
06:15so overall I think the data is
06:16inconclusive but it's just the
06:18correlation between heart failure and
06:20muscles continues to be alarming and
06:22even more so when you consider the young
06:24age at which too many pro bodybuilders
06:26are dying from heart failure you know
06:28the steroid use can be explained from
06:29say liver damage and kidney related
06:31that's does that steroid use go into the
06:33heart as well and is that worth it for
06:36you just to look good and I'll have you
06:38know by the way that muscles don't
06:39attract women just like how fast cars
06:41don't attract women muscles attract men
06:44cars attract men motorcycles attract men
06:46cigars attract men you know what
06:49attracts women is probably fun but as
06:51you can see in this clip it turns out
06:53most women surprisingly aren't attracted
06:54to huge muscles they like just normal
06:56people the most ideal body among those
07:00photos of men
07:25hard to believe I know but In that clip
07:27it also shows men mistakenly believe
07:29that women would prefer the bigger
07:31muscles oh
07:50and then the other thing to know is a
07:53lot of the bodybuilders out there are
07:54loading up on protein they eat a lot of
07:56eggs protein powders protein drinks
07:58supplements and you know all of this
08:01protein is not necessarily healthy it
08:03turns out to have an association with
08:05liver failure as well because your liver
08:07has a process all of this massive amount
08:09of food and it's like it's pretty hard
08:11and heavy to process these meats and
08:13proteins one of the hardest things for
08:15your liver to process it takes hours to
08:17process that
08:18and so what's really happening is that
08:20your body is simply being overloaded now
08:22let's take a look at women okay women
08:25who hit the gym who are weight lifting
08:27and so as it turns out when a woman
08:28weight lifts and this is kind of a new
08:30trend these days right like it hasn't
08:32really been proven or seen what After
08:34Effects this may have on people but when
08:36you do that that resistance training
08:37triggers an abnormal hormonal
08:39testosterone response that builds up in
08:41their bloodstreams and this can cause a
08:43loss of feminine qualities deeper Voice
08:45or even infertility and that stress can
08:47induce issues with pregnancy like
08:49abortion and so the data shows in young
08:52healthy woman resistance exercise can
08:54induce transient increases in
08:56testosterone and what happens with high
08:58testosterone in women it can trigger
08:59infertility issues mood changes acne
09:02deepening of the voice balding were they
09:04meant to have these muscles can their
09:06body manage all this testosterone and
09:08testosterone itself you know an
09:10overloading that has been linked to
09:12cancer as well and so as it turns out a
09:15lot of women bodybuilders end up
09:17infertile tragically and people are just
09:20afraid to tell women this truth because
09:22they're going to get canceled for I
09:24think so desperate our way for equality
09:25that we don't tell them that and it
09:28costs them their future children in my
09:30opinion bodybuilding for women is
09:33essentially sterilization and it is a
09:35sport that Society should consider
09:36Banning or looking more into now how do
09:39I know all this well it's because I've
09:40traveled and I've seen other cultures
09:42and I'm not just within this Western
09:44sphere of influence and if you take a
09:46look at like K-pop stars for example and
09:48you know like some of the Japanese
09:50people or Asian people out there are
09:51living the longest out of any society
09:53and these people they're not
09:54bodybuilding necessarily and they still
09:56look pretty good right like you don't
09:57need these huge massive muscles just to
10:00look good and that goes for men as well
10:02arguably even the Tate brothers know
10:04that humans weren't intended to have
10:05these huge bulging muscles I should be
10:11that's why losers take steroids
10:15humans aren't meant to grow around the
10:17muscle they're meant to be slim they're
10:18meant to run far distance so overall I
10:20think it's important to note that the
10:21research isn't all in yet it's quite
10:23possible that 100 years from now every
10:26single gym and weightlifting facility
10:27will be banned kind of like how
10:29cigarettes were banned people are
10:31realizing that alcohol is bad for you
10:32and causes brain damage and we're going
10:34to find new things all the time and so
10:36the data is just not conclusive right
10:38now and you can't just say what Chad gbd
10:40told me that this is true and it's
10:42important to know also that many
10:43research studies are not reproducible
10:45papers and that 80 of Statistics are
10:48just made up on the spot you see as a
10:50scientist myself and I use that term
10:52loosely as a computer scientist but I
10:54know how the sausage is made and a lot
10:56of the data and research papers can be
10:58made up to favor a certain direction
11:00that The Big Industry is sponsoring
11:02these research papers want you to lean
11:03towards so for example they're going to
11:05say well sure maybe muscles are
11:07healthier than say the average obese
11:09American and they're going to conclude
11:10that having these muscles is suddenly
11:12healthy and everybody should have these
11:13huge muscles well you don't want to
11:15overdo anything you know the better
11:17comparison here would be say wrestlers
11:19versus sports players like in the NFL
11:21and we saw the death rate was maybe
11:22still double for that and you can kind
11:24of just extrapolate that data if you
11:26have big muscles maybe you get to h48 if
11:28you have medium muscles you get a few
11:30years longer and if you want to live
11:31really long maybe go for more of a
11:33moderate natural approach that suits
11:35your body all good things in moderation
11:37maybe go for stretching endurance some
11:39jogging some hiking some walking instead
11:41of just trying to bulk up so you can
11:43impress people on social media you know
11:45at the end of the day it's going to come
11:46down to this who are you going to
11:48believe your Gym trainer who's a
11:50meathead jock High School Dropout who
11:52maybe he looks fit but we have no idea
11:55how long this 20-something is going to
11:56live maybe he'll drop dead next week or
11:58are you going to listen to me X Google X
12:01Facebook Tech lead not to be
12:03underestimated how intelligent I am I
12:06seem smart I am smart and I'm sure I may
12:07look a little bit wimpy but I've lived
12:09longer than this Gym trainer kid
12:11so the choice is yours and you need to
12:13understand nobody seems capable of any
12:15real thought anymore these days we're
12:17living in the social media Echo chamber
12:19and people are just in this weird phase
12:21awashed by influencers and instagramers
12:23and they're just obsessed with this
12:25visual look this idea that you need
12:27muscles which is a really weird time in
12:29history and may lead to permanent
12:31lifelong damage and consequences and you
12:34know I get it you want to look good out
12:36there but you know what I think I look
12:38better than the skeleton at least let me
12:40know which you're optimizing for muscles
12:42or lifespan see in the comments below
12:44and see you in the next one thanks bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can excessive muscle-building affect lifespan?

Excessive muscle-building can lead to a shortened lifespan, as seen in the average lifespan of bodybuilders being 48 due to heart failure from the strain.

2. What health issues are linked to muscle building?

Research shows high death rates and health issues linked to muscle building, leading to concerns about the validity of the fitness industry's promotion of muscle gains and supplements.

3. How does excessive muscle-building impact women's health and fertility?

Excessive muscle-building can impact women's health, fertility, and societal implications, highlighting the potential risks of pursuing extreme muscle development for both men and women.

4. What are the potential risks of pursuing extreme muscle development?

The potential risks of pursuing extreme muscle development include high death rates, heart failure, and health issues linked to muscle building, raising concerns about the fitness industry's promotion of muscle gains and supplements.

5. What research shows concerning the impact of muscle-building on lifespan?

Research shows that excessive muscle-building can lead to a shortened lifespan, as evidenced by the average lifespan of bodybuilders being 48 due to heart failure from the strain.

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