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Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates, based on his ideas, harness energy from the sun and atmosphere to potentially power homes and provide healing benefits. The plates resonate with high frequency vibrations and can raise energy levels, relieve pain, and protect against electromagnetic radiation. These plates have been in use for over 15 years and continue to show promising results.
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Nikola Tesla experimented with purple energy plates that could harness energy from the sun and atmosphere, potentially providing a clean and renewable energy source for the future.
Tesla believed that energy, frequency, and vibration were the secrets of the universe.
The purple energy plates were never commercialized, but Ralph Bergstresser used Tesla's ideas to create the purple plate.
Bergstresser's work involved treating the aluminum plate with low frequency and high tension electrical systems.
Ralph's experience with the Maharaja's son led him to Dr. Nikola Tesla in the early 1940s, where he gained insights to experiment and develop a technique for using electricity to alter the resonance of certain materials, leading to the creation of the first purple plate.
Maharaja's eight-month-old son was healed by holy water from the Ganges River, sparking Ralph's curiosity to understand the scientific basis behind the healing.
The Ganges River is considered sacred by Hindus and is believed to possess healing properties due to the cosmic energy altering the atomic and molecular structure of the water.
Ralph Bergstresser utilized insights gained from Dr. Tesla to experiment and develop the technique for using electricity to create the energized purple plate, which is believed to raise vibrational rates and attract positive energy.
Tesla's purple plate possesses a field of energy capable of penetrating any living thing and raising the energy level to over 100 units.
Life energy or Prana can be measured in units and continuous use of the plate can accelerate spiritual development and stimulate cells regenerative processes.
Electromagnetic fields emitted by various devices can interfere with scientific and medical equipment and human body, and the Earth's geomagnetic field is disrupted or influenced by solar flares.
Purple plate's chemical composition is the same as that of rubies and sapphires, and combining two large purple plates creates a strong tachyon field.
Purple positive energy plates are a natural pain management system that relieves migraines, back pain, spondylitis, and insomnia within 20 minutes and guards against electromagnetic radiation.
Purple plates transmute electromagnetic frequencies and emit positive energy.
They are also known as pranatra and can revive birds that die due to lack of water and heat.
Positive energy can also help plants thrive and relieve pain when a mother touches a child's injury.
Tesla's purple plate can transmute bad energy and has many healing benefits
Fixing the plate over a cut or burn or painful place can speed up treatment and reduce pain
The plate can eliminate negative vibrations in food, water, and other liquids
Plants watered by plate-treated water grow faster and healthier
Purple plate is a small energy generator that can bring more life energy, prana, Qi, and cosmic energy to whoever uses it.
00:00a mysterious aluminum magical purple
00:03plate has existed for centuries its
00:06power is unmeasurable as it can harness
00:08the sun's power provide energy to homes
00:11boost human energy relieve pain and
00:14realign internal chakras Nikola Tesla
00:17was one of the most prolific inventors
00:19of his time one of his lesser-known
00:22inventions is purple energy plates in
00:25the early 1900s Tesla began
00:28experimenting with purple energy plate
00:31he claimed these metal plates could
00:33Channel energy from the Sun and
00:35atmosphere I believed this energy could
00:38be used to power homes and businesses
00:40without traditional fuel sources in 1942
00:44Tesla said if you want to find the
00:46secrets of the universe think in terms
00:49of energy frequency and vibration the
00:52whole universe is energy and each
00:55fundamental element of the known Atomic
00:57chart consists of energy at a different
01:00rate of vibration the difference between
01:03any two elements is an atomic structure
01:06and vibration rates there is a frequency
01:08of all vibration of energy that fills
01:11the universe this energy is beneficial
01:14and essential to all living cells
01:16whether humans plants or animals man
01:20utilizes this energy with this mind this
01:23energy transmits every thought every
01:26aspect of life in the physical depends
01:28on the universe's essential energy or
01:31power Tesla's purple energy plates were
01:34never commercialized but he continued to
01:38work on them until he died in 1943. some
01:41people believe that his work on this
01:43technology was ahead of its time and
01:45that it could one day provide a clean
01:47and renewable energy source for the
01:49future of humanity however Ralph
01:52bergstresser gave information for
01:54creating these plates based on Tesla's
01:57ideas bergstrasser was a metaphysician
02:00and inventor in his own right he and
02:03Tesla met when bergstrasser attended the
02:06great inventors lectures and the two
02:08became Fast Friends due to their shared
02:10obsession with free energy although
02:13Tesla's ideas and experiments led to the
02:15creation of the purple plate
02:17bergstresser fused some of Tesla's most
02:20potent discoveries and ideas to create
02:22the purple plate he was actively engaged
02:26in it for about 28 years Berg's
02:28dresser's work took form in realizing a
02:31low frequency and high tension on
02:33electrical system used to treat the
02:35aluminum the plate comprise Ralph
02:38bergstresser had an experience in the
02:401930s that changed his life Ralph was
02:44the guest of the Maharaja in India
02:46Maharaja had an eight-month-old son that
02:50was very sick Ralph asked his host if he
02:53was going to get a doctor he said no we
02:56have sent a man to obtain some holy
02:59water from the Ganges River in three
03:01days the man returned with one gallon of
03:04water they fed the water to the sick
03:07child and like magic the child was
03:09healed and back to normal after the
03:12incident Ralph commented to me a miracle
03:15is the inability to understand the
03:17scientific fact how could the water cure
03:21the child that was the problem it was
03:24this incident that triggered my Curious
03:26mind to find the answer and this led me
03:29to the present knowledge Ralph's
03:31experience with maharaja's son led him
03:33to Dr Nicola Tesla in the early 1940s
03:36using the insights gained from Dr Tesla
03:39Ralph spent years experimenting with and
03:42finally developing a technique for using
03:44electricity to alter the Resonance of
03:47certain materials and produce this first
03:49purple plate the energized plates are to
03:54help mankind raise his vibrational rate
03:56the positive energy products attract an
03:59energy field around themselves capable
04:01of penetrating any material substance
04:04this energy is very beneficial to all
04:07life plant animal or human Ralph
04:11bergstresser the Ganges River is a
04:14sacred body of water to Hindus that
04:16begins high in the Himalayan mountains
04:18mountains where the atmosphere is clean
04:21and clear begin the natural process of
04:24creating special water this process
04:26starts when mountains and their snow
04:28cover are bombarded with the high
04:30energies of the universe known as cosmic
04:33energy this bombardment by Cosmic
04:36thought dimensional energy Alters the
04:38atomic and molecular structure of the
04:41rocks and granite that constitute these
04:44magnificent mountains changing the
04:46chemistry of the snow and water as it
04:48flows over and down to them in the low
04:50lands this chemistry changes sending the
04:53life force energy to the water this life
04:56Falls energy has now become an intricate
04:58part of the water that produces the
05:00healing miracles of the Ganges River the
05:03key to this phenomenon is now known and
05:06utilized to produce energy plates and
05:08products we can join the universe in
05:11Harmony in many different ways and one
05:14of them is the purple plate made on the
05:16basis of Tesla's Cosmos experiences and
05:18knowledge the violet or purple color
05:20presents the seventh Ray and the Violet
05:23flame and the healing Ray of the rainbow
05:26Spectrum Tesla's purple plates atomic
05:29structure has been altered to resonate
05:31with high frequency vibration of the
05:33Life Energy Force in a complex way
05:36connect acted with the known energy of
05:38negative ions it possesses a field of
05:42energy capable of penetrating any living
05:44thing plant animal or human life energy
05:47or Prana can be measured in several ways
05:50measured by standard instruments an
05:53average man will show 20 units but if he
05:56has Tesla's purple plate in his hands
05:58his energy will raise a 1995 units
06:03continuous use of the plate will raise
06:05the energy level to over 100 units in
06:09that way the plate accelerates Spiritual
06:12Development and stimulates cells
06:13regenerative processes electromagnetic
06:16radiation the Mrs high frequency
06:19radiation commonly used in communication
06:21technology mobile phones Towers antennas
06:24Wi-Fi networks microwave ovens computers
06:28and many other sources emitted
06:30electromagnetic emissions have been
06:32found to interfere with scientific and
06:34medical equipment and human body and
06:36these devices are putting out invisible
06:40electromagnetic fields that definitely
06:43interact with our own body's electrical
06:45Fields both in our brain in our heart
06:47and even in deep into the cell
06:50electromagnetic fields emfs are low
06:52frequency signals most commonly
06:54associated with electricity use
06:57electromagnetic fields are created
06:59whenever electric currents flow through
07:01conducting materials the intensity and
07:04area of influence depend on the strength
07:06of the current and the conducting
07:07material emfs consist of an electric and
07:11magnetic field all power line wirings
07:14electrical appliances and Equipment emit
07:17these fields Earth generates its
07:21geomagnetic field disrupted or
07:23influenced by solar flares which cause
07:25Magnetic storms within the Earth's
07:27magnetic fields Earth's field ranges
07:31from 1 to 30 Hertz with its greatest
07:34field strength between 7 to 10 Hertz
07:37which is the normal free frequency of
07:39the human brain purple plate chemical
07:42composition is the same as that of
07:44rubies and sapphires which also consist
07:47of aluminum oxide rubies give energy and
07:51thus were called lifestones in the
07:53Middle Ages combining two large purple
07:56plates creates a strong tachyon field
07:58takians are defined as faster than light
08:01energy particles without mass Tesla
08:04plays a transceivers that amplify Earth
08:06cmf to match Yules the violet color of
08:10the purple plate represents the seventh
08:12Ray and the Violet flame in the Twilight
08:14hours before the dawn of a new age man
08:17is rising to high energy frequencies and
08:20there is hardly any place in the world
08:22unaffected by man-made emfs and it's
08:25also brilliant for protecting you from
08:28EMS and if you don't know what they are
08:29they are electromagnetic frequencies
08:31that come from electronic devices that
08:33have a whole host of negative effects on
08:34a mental health and fitness club it
08:36doesn't stop the negative effects fully
08:37but it definitely does help because it
08:39takes on a lot of EMS and that's she
08:41transmutes it the famous American
08:43astrologer and author Linda Goodman
08:45writes in her book star signs about
08:48these purple plates that it is a
08:50precious Jewel for pregnant mothers as
08:53it controls nausea and vomiting apart
08:55from being a perfect natural pain
08:57management system we migraine back pain
09:00Spondylitis and insomnia purple positive
09:04energy plates are trans receivers of
09:07universal free energy and a completely
09:09natural pain management system relieves
09:12migraines Spondylitis acute and chronic
09:16low back pain and fibromyalgia within 20
09:20minutes and guards against the deadly
09:22electromagnetic radiation simply by
09:25placing the plate on the painful part
09:27for about 20 minutes and let colors and
09:29vibration do the job naturally these are
09:32also known as pranatra because of the
09:35sheer positive energy they carry the
09:37violet colored plates are said to emit
09:40positive and energy and affect certain
09:42objects placed on them they range in
09:45size from half an inch to the large 12
09:47inch by 12 inch all matter comes from a
09:50primary substance The luminiferous Ether
09:53stated Nikola Tesla during Summers many
09:56birds die due to the lack of water and
09:59heat birds get hit on overhead electric
10:02cables in both cases they die within 15
10:04minutes these purple energy plays help
10:07revive the birds and they fly off within
10:10two minutes you only have to keep the
10:12injured bird on the purple plate such
10:14energy takes different forms for
10:17instance scientific research supports
10:19that many gardeners already know
10:21projecting the positive energy of Loving
10:23Thoughts can make plants Thrive more
10:26vigorously than usual another positive
10:28energy occurs when a mother touches a
10:31child's injury some yoga devotees call
10:34this Prana of release of energy and the
10:36pain is relieved some people put the
10:39plate on the pillow on the side of the
10:40bed dead and sleeping like this they
10:43wake up more rest than ever the plate
10:46can be used in this way once or twice a
10:48week other people are so sensitive to
10:50the plates energy effects that they
10:52could not sleep all night in these
10:54experiments I would sleep in a bed
10:57that he had in his house that had one of
11:00these large plates under the mattress I
11:03noticed something unusual I would wake
11:05up and have a series of vivid
11:07Technicolor dreams that were literally
11:10interdimensional and very revealing to
11:13what I call the Multiverse the
11:15multi-universe parallel worlds Heaven
11:19Jesus and information about my own soul
11:22and my soul's path that blew my mind in
11:25my early 30s if you fix the plate over
11:27the ghouls on a cut or burn or fix it
11:30with plaster on any painful place
11:31treatment will be faster and the pain
11:34will disappear soon because what this
11:36does it actually takes on bad energy and
11:39transmutes it and what they've actually
11:41done to the purple play is change the
11:43frequency that it emits it has loads of
11:47healing benefits because yeah it can
11:49really improve your health and help heal
11:50health issues increase your energy
11:52levels improve your overall health and
11:54well-being and wealth Tesla's purple
11:56plays reduce and eliminate negative
11:59vibration in food water and other
12:01liquids even in tobacco but for a very
12:04short period it will be enough to put
12:06food on the plate for 15 minutes and a
12:08bowl with water for two to three minutes
12:10so I did it also states that it will
12:13turn natural foods from their
12:15non-organic State back into their most
12:18organic best state possible the Plate's
12:21energy works through any material except
12:24Metals plants watered by plate treated
12:27water grow much faster and have healthy
12:30color flowers will last double longer if
12:32we put the plate under the vars the
12:35purple plate is a small energy generator
12:37that besides treatment allows you to
12:39experiment in many other fields this
12:42plate can do many many miracles time and
12:45the future will show all the great and
12:47valuable possibilities of the vast
12:49Tesla's work purple plays have been in
12:53news for more than 15 years and are
12:55still functioning very well after that
12:57length of time once the structure of the
13:00aluminum atoms has been altered they
13:03will remain in that condition possibly
13:05indefinitely the plates are not charged
13:08they utilize the Basic Energy of the
13:11universe of free energy Tesla plates
13:14bring more Life Energy Prana Qi and
13:17cosmic energy to whoever uses it and
13:19speed up inherent ability for
13:22self-healing the manufacturing process
13:24of plates Alters the atomic and
13:27crystalline structure of the material
13:28and that is how these plates are
13:30harmonized with the basic frequency and
13:32vibration of the universe making them
13:35your very own portable that's it for
13:38today's video don't forget to subscribe
13:40and like this video thank you for
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How do Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates work?

Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates harness energy from the sun and atmosphere to potentially power homes and provide healing benefits. The plates resonate with high frequency vibrations and can raise energy levels, relieve pain, and protect against electromagnetic radiation.

2. What are the potential benefits of using Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates?

Using Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates can potentially raise energy levels, relieve pain, and protect against electromagnetic radiation. These plates have been in use for over 15 years and continue to show promising results in providing healing benefits.

3. How long have Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates been in use?

Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates have been in use for over 15 years and continue to show promising results. The long duration of use indicates the trust and effectiveness of these plates in harnessing energy and providing healing benefits.

4. What is the significance of the high frequency vibrations in Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates?

The high frequency vibrations in Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates resonate with the natural energy of the sun and atmosphere, potentially raising energy levels, relieving pain, and protecting against electromagnetic radiation. These vibrations are essential for the plates to function effectively.

5. How do Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates potentially protect against electromagnetic radiation?

Nikola Tesla's purple energy plates can potentially protect against electromagnetic radiation by harnessing energy from the sun and atmosphere and resonating with high frequency vibrations. This protective capability makes the plates valuable for creating a safer living environment.

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