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This video discusses the intelligence of the fictional character Ayanokoji, highlighting his feats and abilities in various categories such as processing speed, problem-solving, manipulation, and emotional intelligence. It concludes that Ayanokoji exhibits a high level of intelligence, surpassing the human peak in IQ and demonstrating exceptional skills in understanding and manipulating emotions.
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This section discusses how to accurately assess the intelligence of a fictional character.
The video explains that the best way to determine a character's cognitive ability is to consider their valid feats, statements, and narrative boosting feats.
Feats are actions performed by the character on-screen or off-screen that have significance, while statements are descriptions of actions by the character or others.
The video also distinguishes between intelligence and IQ, stating that overall intelligence is complemented by IQ but not vice versa.
Ayanokoji has displayed high processing speed and problem-solving abilities in various situations, including a mental arithmetic game and a chess match.
In the mental arithmetic game, he had to calculate numbers that appeared in multiple columns within a limited time frame, with the difficulty increasing as the questions progressed.
During the chess match, Ayanokoji's moves were difficult to predict, even when his opponents tried to rig the match.
Ayanokoji has also shown the ability to comprehend complex theories and formulas at an early age, indicating immense processing speed and problem-solving skills.
Ayanokoji's sharpness is demonstrated through his ability to make small observations that contribute to his manipulation and strategy.
He was able to spot an important location during the Island exam.
He noticed details like dirty fingernails and a radio on a table, which helped him in his strategies.
Ayanokoji carefully observed Koenji's behavior before making his move.
He has shown feats in both robo deception and seeing through verbal deception.
Ayanokoji's ability to recognize mental disorders and understand human emotions is impressive.
Ayanokoji deduced that Manabu Persona may have a dissociative personality disorder before it was confirmed.
He can see through people's attempts to suppress emotions, like with Shabashira.
Ayanokoji can predict people's choices based on how they handle situations, as seen with Manipul.
Ayanokoji is a master at emotional manipulation and controlling others through indirect methods.
He orchestrated a plan to control many people, including blackmailing Karuizawa and manipulating Manabe.
Ayanokoji engineered scenarios to manipulate others' actions and predict their strategies.
He carefully manipulated Asahina's beliefs and reignited Ishizaki's motivation to achieve his goals.
00:00intelligence of any fictional character
00:01cannot be accurately skilled the best
00:03way to represent one's cognitive ability
00:05is to look at all his valid Feats
00:07statements and narrative boosting Feats
00:09meaning the on-screen or off-screen
00:10action a character directly does during
00:12the story on the condition that it has
00:14significance statements are defined by
00:16actions described by oneself or another
00:18character that happened at one specific
00:21time either in the near or distant past
00:23and forced narrative boosting is the
00:25direct intervention of the narrator when
00:27amplifying the quality of the feet for
00:29example it will be something like he
00:31only used one percent of his power and
00:33statements similar to that only this way
00:35are you able to actually comprehend a
00:36character's intelligence at their base
00:38value meaning that I'm trying to find a
00:40minimal here rather than just assume and
00:42scale him higher with no solid bases in
00:44order to come closer to his actual
00:46capability not showcased on screen it is
00:48necessary to mention that when you look
00:50at a character
00:51as the classroom really light novel
00:53hasn't ended he can gain a large amount
00:56of Feats and statements killing him much
00:58higher it's much better this way than
00:59just coming up with a random number and
01:01trying to make other people believe that
01:03he actually is represented by that value
01:05now one of the ways to represent
01:06intelligence first things first I'd like
01:08to point out that intelligence and IQ
01:10aren't exactly the same thing as overall
01:13intelligence is complemented by IQ but
01:15not vice versa the intelligence
01:16categories will be used to answer this
01:18video's question are fsiq and EQ now
01:22let's first understand what these are
01:23separately and ironic which is
01:25respective abilities after this I'll
01:26give a conclusion IQ there have been
01:29certain definitions of IQ throughout
01:31history some of the most used ones in
01:33contemporary analysis are Gardner's
01:35Theory made up in 1983 and the general
01:38Factor Theory released in 1996. these
01:40notations present different ways to
01:42scale IQ for the sake of accuracy the
01:45definition of IQ will be used in this
01:46video is the G Factor Why is this one
01:48more accurate to the prior one well
01:50Gardner's Theory lies in the belief that
01:52virus cognitive abilities work
01:54separately from each other and there
01:56shouldn't be any major correlations
01:58while the g-factor theories is the
02:00opposite all abilities should correlate
02:02because there exists a general ability
02:04so-called G konos theory has been
02:06debunked as one of researcher's attempt
02:08to measure multiple intelligences the
02:10result is a series of correlated and
02:12proportional variables that produce
02:14General Factor this only disputes
02:16Gardner and proves the g-fac which we
02:19will use here as I mentioned above these
02:20definitions present different skills and
02:23one of the best ones to use when talking
02:24about g-fac is buxler scaling
02:26specifically the 5th edition names
02:29wiscv which was made for children but
02:32there is no issue in using it it's a
02:33priest fsiq like this main categories
02:36working memory index processing speed
02:38index fluid reasoning index visual
02:41spatial index and verbal comprehension
02:43index both fluid and crystallized
02:46sections of it we won't mention more
02:48complex categories since they would be
02:49insignificant in this video and only
02:51make a difference in extremely close
02:52debates anyways let's jump right into it
02:55we won't cover any information from
02:56value0 due to not being fully translated
02:58by the time this video was made wmi and
03:01PSI this is the best feature has
03:03displayed ability in or these two
03:05categories at the same time we're going
03:07to talk about both anakuji Speed high
03:09wmi and PSI feeds in volume 11 during
03:12the mental arithmetic game of the event
03:14selection exam basically for every
03:16question he had to make a calculation of
03:18some numbers that appeared in more
03:20columns at one time for a limited time
03:22the questions got proportionally harder
03:24as they progressed throughout 10 stages
03:25the last question which was also the
03:28hardest was composed of three digit
03:29numbers which were sprayed on the screen
03:31in 15 columns adding up to a total of 45
03:34digits which all appeared on the screen
03:36for 1.6 seconds meaning that he had to
03:39not only process the member and add up
03:41the calculation to the sump in a very
03:43limited time frame but also keep the sum
03:45in mind while it constantly changes
03:47value and the same volume during the
03:49chess game with arisu sake and AGI
03:50tsukishiro which was tried to rig the
03:52match and notice his favor and mentioned
03:54how ayanokuji was too hard to predict
03:55that even using multiple people and
03:57Equipment they were barely able to
03:59predict some of his moves during his
04:01childhood in the white room inukuji and
04:03the other generation subjects such as
04:04ichigal during the base 5 construction
04:06theorem at 10 and the theory of
04:08relativity profoundly at 11
04:10comprehending such complex theories and
04:12formulas at an early age is a sign of
04:14immense processing speed anukuji's way
04:16of Landing is considering every
04:18possibility of making a plan for each
04:20one of them if we take this word by word
04:21then anokuji's processing speed
04:23abilities simply cannot be outmatched
04:25Fri out of every intelligence category
04:27mentioned above this one will seem the
04:29weakest yet it will still give you an
04:31Insight on how well ainokuji does in
04:33fluid intelligence problem solving and
04:35ability to connect the dots during Gear
04:372 Volume 8
04:38courses together with ruin for the first
04:41time in his life despite having no
04:43priority experience he managed to ski on
04:45the advanced scores the second time he
04:46ever skied as a way to showcase the high
04:48ability to adapt in your situations a
04:50problem solving possessed by the White
04:52Room students a similar feat was pulled
04:53off by ichika when she was playing
04:55volleyball for the first time in her
04:56life as the game progressed Susan
04:58horikita noted how she is getting better
05:00and better alarmingly fast despite
05:02winning she goes on to say that if the
05:05game continued her team would have
05:06definitely lost other smaller Feats
05:08involving Fri happen in year 1 volume 3
05:11where I know Koji was quickly able to
05:13connect the dots after finding ibuki's
05:15camera and radio and krugon's one
05:17immediately deducing his entire strategy
05:19vsi anokuji's pattern recognition
05:22numerical recognition and side ability
05:24is ridiculously high the previously
05:26mentioned year 1 volume 11 mental
05:28arithmetic fee represents his numerical
05:30recognition a pattern recognition a
05:32screenfeet because of the shoe
05:34difficulty of the calcs however looking
05:36at the statements of warming the wine
05:38room I know which's abilities can only
05:39be truly estimated at a much higher
05:41level inciting ainokuji has many many
05:44small observation Feats that together
05:46only show how sharp he is if it's
05:48applied to both objects and people for
05:50example during the first year Island
05:51exam aindokuji was able to spot the cave
05:54and keep in mind that it can be an
05:56important location for whatever activity
05:58the school will hold on the island
05:59during the day time the bases needed to
06:01be established he quickly wanted you to
06:03explore the area and potentially find
06:04someone that had the same location in
06:06Madison that's how he found katsurek
06:08another example of his important
06:10attention to detail can be fined later
06:12in the volume we can order students
06:13radio on the table and the book is dirty
06:15fingernails these two observation Feats
06:18contribute greatly to a success strategy
06:20on the island volume 4 I know could you
06:22carefully inspected every behavioral
06:24issue of kaduizawa before making his
06:26move while this enters more into the
06:27emotional intelligence category which
06:29one we will discuss this feat in more
06:31detail it is worth noting here as well
06:33since it was VCI this list can go on
06:36until it takes half the video so to give
06:38a quick summary small observation feeds
06:41that complement larger and more
06:42impressive things such as manipulation
06:44or strategy VCI will separate overall
06:47VCI into fluid and crystallized sections
06:49when talking about crystallized sections
06:51we will be looking at this training in
06:52the white room and the ability to
06:54comprehend such complicated formulas at
06:55a young age as I said before this is a
06:57sign of not only High PSI but also so
07:00high crystallized VCI fluid VCI is
07:02defined by mostly two related things
07:04Robo deception and seeing through verbal
07:07deception itself and ainokuji has shown
07:09Feats in both kyota's ability when it
07:11comes to verbal deception is at a level
07:12where he is even capable to lie to
07:14himself in ways that someone could
07:16easily take it as genuine during his
07:17attempt to identify himself as a normal
07:19student and leave aside his origin the
07:21white room ainokuji can be described to
07:23be an unreliable narrator lying
07:25countless times about his ability
07:27interests beliefs and more he tried to
07:29mimic the average student and he did it
07:31so perfectly in terms of comprehending
07:33others verbal deception probably
07:34ainokuji's strongest feat is located in
07:37near 1 volume 8 against nagamo doing the
07:40volume nagumo presented himself to the
07:42first series along with the third years
07:43to play your card game of old mate
07:45however it was just a scheme to find out
07:47about ainokuji's mental abilities during
07:49the game nagamo feeds you information
07:51and misinformation in two directions so
07:53for example the truth was if a student
07:55thought he's not cheating he had enough
07:56reason he opted for a sealed deck let
07:58everyone shuffle them that they're used
08:00act normal and confused and nothing with
08:02suspicious actions he planted these
08:03Clues deliberately to make them think
08:05they would play fair a lie meanwhile he
08:07also deliberately planted sufficient
08:09Clues to make a perception person think
08:11he's cheating like him suggesting most
08:13of the time so we'll win or lose around
08:14and not even hiding it some third years
08:16especially played an amazing performance
08:18when nagamo purposefully lost when he
08:20should have won with him casting even
08:21more suspicion on himself on the eyes of
08:24aino Koji as this inconsistency between
08:26what's false and what's not seemed to
08:28make him realize the scheme nagamo is
08:30trying to do during this scene
08:31nakamurfus anokuji into a situation
08:33where he approved his analytical
08:34abilities making ainokoji focus on being
08:37as undetectable as possible however
08:39doing that he also managed to see
08:40completely through nagoma's plan and he
08:42also hinted how it made him form an idea
08:44in his own mind on how nagamo operates
08:46this later gave inokoji enough Intel for
08:49him to manipulate asahina into given
08:51info about him and later in the same
08:53volume anticipated the outcome of the
08:55battle between manabu and nagomor and
08:57Lyon he even said in his mind when
08:58talking to manabu women before the exam
09:00ended that he might lose and okuji's VCI
09:03is simply something else proving once
09:04again how he is able to see through such
09:06complex situations while comprehending
09:08the most of my new details after this
09:10information you may likely understand
09:11that his ridiculous Feats given an IQ
09:14seemingly out of the possibility for a
09:16realistic human well let's see William
09:18James Sidis a child prodigy that
09:20enrolled in Harvard University at the
09:22age of 11 and at six he could speak
09:24seven languages was reported on the old
09:26s24 IQ measuring test as having an IQ of
09:29254 his VCI and PSI especially must have
09:32been through the roofs despite it is
09:34being reported as having lower IQ than
09:36presented on newer tests such as S15
09:39being only 197 we can conclude that I
09:42know could you easily enters a
09:43profoundly gifted category which means
09:45about 180 seeing the owner could you
09:47surpasses cities in terms of IQ is
09:49actually an extremely valid statement
09:51that means that he's about the current
09:53human peak of intelligence quotient
09:55emotional intelligence as IQ has more
09:57widely recognized definitions the best
09:59are ability EQ 3dq and mixed EQ due to
10:02the fact that ability EQ works best when
10:04attributing fees the other two will be
10:06ignored celery and mirror's conception
10:08of EQ refers to the capacity to reason
10:10about emotions and other emotions to
10:13enhance thinking it includes the ability
10:15to accurately perceive emotions to
10:17access and generate emotions just to
10:19assist thought to understand emotions
10:21and emotional knowledge and to
10:22reflectively regulate emotions so as to
10:24promote emotional and intellectual
10:26growth the model purpose is that
10:28individuals vary in their ability to
10:30process information of an emotional
10:32nature and in their ability to relate
10:34emotional processing to a body
10:36recognition so basically affordabilities
10:38emotional perception emotional
10:40understanding emotional engagement and
10:42emotional management emotional
10:44perception refers to the ability of
10:45identifying people's emotional state
10:47based on their appearance behavior and
10:49more to sum it up the best is the
10:51ability to see through people his
10:53capabilities here are best described in
10:55his monologues there are a ton of small
10:57fees here but I'll try to Showcase a few
10:59that have in different situations
11:00starting off with that which has already
11:03been mentioned everything I know Koji
11:05did in year one volume eight from
11:07deducting Anonymous scheme through his
11:09and the third Year's Arc confronting
11:11asahina and anticipating manabu's
11:13outcome based on the past interactions
11:15with him only prove High emotional
11:17perception year 1 volume 3 and in year
11:19one one and four a nuclear was able to
11:21notice even the slightest behavioral
11:23issues in kaduzawa during the first
11:25island exam aruku's analysis on inanna
11:28said during their fight in year 2 volume
11:303. also shows High emotional perception
11:32he was able to deduce from the very
11:34first abnormalities in Manassas Boku
11:36Persona that she may be suffering from
11:39something called as a dissociative
11:40personality disorder this was exactly
11:42before analysis confirmed that she may
11:45have this disorder by referring to
11:46herself as aichiro matsuo now the thing
11:48about nanasi is that we don't know if
11:50it's an act or not as a late novel me
11:52later you know that it was but no matter
11:54what anokuji's ability to recognize such
11:57a thing as a mental disorder simply from
11:59details is an amazing feat during year 2
12:02Volume 5 when I know Koji was talking
12:03with shabashira usually a very composed
12:06person he saw through her difficult
12:07attempt to suppress her emotions even
12:09going on to say that in front of an
12:11average person she might have succeeded
12:13but to him it was just funny emotional
12:15understanding this is more about the
12:17crystallized Intel and theoretical
12:18knowledge on how humans work but more
12:20importantly to become aware of how
12:22people's emotions work even without
12:23feeling the need to look at statements
12:25like I currently have more knowledge and
12:27a regular human could learn in a
12:28lifetime or that wasn't in tens of
12:30thousands of books I read you could
12:32easily observe that I know could just
12:33understanding of how human emotions
12:35actually work is probably a strong point
12:37in EQ emotional understanding works very
12:40well in relation to the next category
12:41which is emotional engagement so you can
12:43consider that every feat mentioned their
12:45influences this category as well a
12:47detail worth noting before we move on
12:49here is how inukuji is able to predict
12:51people's choices based on their way of
12:53handling situations an example is how
12:55anokuji managed to anticipate that
12:57manipul will ultimately lose enugu most
12:59tactic and mixed training camp exam the
13:01only information he needed for this is
13:03learning of manipu's idealism in year
13:05one volume 7.5 and learning essential
13:08information about nagamo as we specified
13:10previously an amazing proof of high
13:12emotional understanding evolves around
13:13his Habit to help other people and
13:15directly grow there are many examples
13:17here but I'll only look at Susanna sudo
13:20he's the one which ultimately engineered
13:22the whole class D's depressing situation
13:24in year one Volume 5 and capitalized on
13:26it to make horikita finally see the
13:28bigger picture and what the class battle
13:30means and realize your flaws in the same
13:32way use sudo to not only help protector
13:35Guru as a leader but to help sudo
13:37himself grow as a reliable person the
13:39speed off tremendously one year later
13:41Green's ways were by no means bad but
13:43they weren't perfect either as he
13:45suffered from the lack of defense and
13:47high risk his strategies had after year
13:491 volume 7 he slowly made ryuan
13:52understand his own flaws and improve
13:54himself immensely this can be clearly
13:56seen in his choice to interrogate a
13:58defensive card like cuts and his Arsenal
14:00and in the very clever yet Safeway he
14:03handled the trailer in the anonymous
14:05special exam and which is ridiculous
14:07statements are backed by his amazing
14:08feats that just proves how great his
14:10emotional understanding actually is
14:12emotional engagement refers mostly to
14:15the use of other people's emotions in
14:17any possible way whether it's beneficial
14:19or not for the environment it includes
14:21almost all types of manipulation and in
14:23some cases deception social skills and
14:25ability anokuji has proven himself to be
14:27a master at controlling others as
14:29emotions beliefs and assumptions through
14:31either direct or indirect methods
14:33regarding emotional manipulation and
14:35near one volume four School plan
14:36involving controlling many people behind
14:38their backs such as Mana Biz
14:40appreciation with karusawa in order to
14:42find out more about how Kaye would act
14:44when put in such a traumatic situation
14:46as well as the entire scene of
14:48blackmailing K into his control was
14:50simply brilliant he single-handedly made
14:52one of his gang attack karizawa at the
14:54perfect timing and construct the
14:55scenario when karuzawa has no escape and
14:57is forced to cooperate with him and
14:59later paid off when he won the exam on
15:01his side by using a double layer
15:03strategy and okuji also managed to
15:04pursue and blackmail Mana Bane to
15:06betraying your durian and predicted
15:08exactly one ryun was going to use a
15:10strategy to Blackmail horikita for
15:11points and class dominance in reality he
15:14was engineering a scenario where the UN
15:15is gonna blindly try to follow and find
15:17his identity with ainokuji placing many
15:19traps along the way which Grim would use
15:22as Clues It ultimately ended in a
15:24rooftop scene which any could you
15:25anticipated since supported volumes back
15:27very subtle example of emotional
15:29manipulation happened in year 1 volume
15:318. I know could she carefully made
15:33asahina believe that he is just a kalki
15:35for his year hitting on her a major
15:37reveal information about nagomo which
15:39was exactly on the koji's goal as a last
15:41example I can include him reigniting
15:44ishinos's motivation and keeping her
15:46flawed ideas in check after she was
15:48crushed mentally by ruins overwhelming
15:50win against her just to make sure that
15:51she continues breaking even more and
15:53more this continued even after I know
15:55said and even in the latest volume year
15:58to Volume 8 is still doing with her
16:00heart however he intends to most likely
16:02he ends doing this to create class 2D an
16:05environment would huge potential to grow
16:07by the time he transfers into her class
16:09I know which is ways to influence other
16:11people's minds are simply something else
16:13emotional management we're mostly going
16:15to talk about two things here acting
16:17skills and composure to get this out of
16:19the way fast you should probably know
16:20that when it comes to composure artboard
16:22is unrivaled he is able to maintain his
16:24ability to concentrate in relax in
16:26critical situations with ease such as in
16:28year 201 when he was stabbed in a hand
16:31and didn't even have a reaction we're
16:33near to volume four when he was fighting
16:35two Elite martial artists while being
16:37able to calmly analyze your skills and
16:39tactics there's a misconception
16:40regarding his acting skills being bad
16:42may think that the lack of emotional
16:44Expressions makes him a terrible actor
16:46yet he can use his poker face as a
16:47weapon for example hobby tricks everyone
16:49around him thinking that he is a dull
16:51and early dumb student however this
16:53doesn't really enter the category of
16:55emotional management and it's a more of
16:57a way of deception so I can't give him
16:59more here the overall EQ apparently many
17:01people seem to believe that inokuji's EQ
17:04is way lower than has other qualities
17:06which I'll try to prove that it's just a
17:08misconception and nothing more There
17:09isn't Any Given value to attribute I
17:11know which is emotional intelligence
17:13capabilities but I think that what has
17:15been established about will give people
17:17more insight when it comes to EQ and
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key highlights of Ayanokoji's intelligence in the video?

The video discusses Ayanokoji's intelligence, highlighting his feats and abilities in various categories such as processing speed, problem-solving, manipulation, and emotional intelligence.

2. How does Ayanokoji's intelligence compare to the human peak in IQ?

Ayanokoji exhibits a high level of intelligence, surpassing the human peak in IQ and demonstrating exceptional skills in understanding and manipulating emotions.

3. What specific categories of intelligence does the video cover about Ayanokoji?

The video covers Ayanokoji's intelligence in categories such as processing speed, problem-solving, manipulation, and emotional intelligence.

4. What sets Ayanokoji apart in terms of intelligence according to the video?

The video concludes that Ayanokoji exhibits a high level of intelligence, surpassing the human peak in IQ and demonstrating exceptional skills in understanding and manipulating emotions.

5. How does the video portray Ayanokoji's exceptional intelligence?

The video highlights Ayanokoji's exceptional intelligence through his feats and abilities in various categories such as processing speed, problem-solving, manipulation, and emotional intelligence.

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