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Ichigo has received a significant upgrade in power after his training in the Royal Palace, making him a formidable force in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. While it is difficult to gauge his exact strength due to the varying power levels of his opponents, Ichigo's newfound abilities and control over his Bankai make him one of the strongest characters in Bleach.
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Ichigo's return to the battlefield in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc is a significant moment for both him and the story.
Ichigo has undergone training with the zero division, which is only available to a select few.
The entire Gotei 13 has a stake in the fight, making it not just Ichigo's story anymore.
The video will discuss how powerful Ichigo has become after his upgrade in the Royal Palace.
Ichigo undergoes intense training with the zero division, gaining knowledge and enlightenment that transforms him into a changed and powerful individual.
Ichigo's training with the zero division focuses more on gaining knowledge and enlightenment rather than physicality.
He walks along the unapproachable path, bearing the weight of everything he wants to protect.
Ichigo becomes flooded with knowledge and gains a deep understanding of the creation of the world.
A portion of Rayo's power is pumped through Ichigo to test his capabilities as a vessel, resulting in him being a changed man.
Ichigo demonstrates incredible speed and strength as he effortlessly defeats the Stern Ritter and moves at an unbelievable speed throughout the battle.
Every Stern Ritter is at least Captain level in terms of their ryatsu.
Ichigo easily defeats four Stern Ritter, tossing them around like ragdolls.
Ichigo's speed is showcased through his journey back from the Royal Palace and his ability to appear behind opponents in the blink of an eye.
The Stern Ritter struggle to keep up with Ichigo's swift movements.
Ichigo is shown to be immensely strong but susceptible to bad matchups, and Kubo tries to keep him grounded despite his power.
Ichigo has been compared to bloodthirsty characters like Kenpachi and Grimmjow in terms of his mindset.
There is a parallel between Grimmjow and Ichigo in terms of their fighting style.
Ichigo is up against the most powerful being in the Bleach Universe, who has gained even more power since their last fight.
Ichigo's overflowing spiritual pressure appears to take physical form, but it is unclear if it is a literal representation or a metaphor.
Ichigo achieves equilibrium and control over his newfound power, but still has room to grow.
Ichigo tests his control over his power against a Quincy and successfully maintains full control.
Ichigo's speed has become incredibly fast and his movements are almost imperceptible.
Ichigo uses his riyatsu to blow apart the palace roof, showcasing his immense strength.
In the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc, Ichigo fends off Captain level opponents in shikai alone, while feeling like he's holding something back.
Ichigo is shown to be powerful and impressive, fending off Captain level opponents.
The Bankai reveal for Ichigo is unique and shocking, as his new Bankai is instantly destroyed.
The twist of Yhwach breaking Ichigo's Bankai raises questions about why he would do so, considering his own immense power.
Ichigo is considered the strongest character in Bleach due to his limitless spiritual power, but he is not invincible.
Ichigo's newfound strength is befitting of his status as the main character and a perfect hybrid of the spiritual races.
Despite not getting much combat time, Ichigo's power is depicted as incredible and he is placed on the special War Powers list.
While Ichigo may not win every fight, he is still considered the strongest in terms of overall averages.
00:00so as you've most likely seen by now
00:02Ichigo has received quite the upgrade
00:04thanks to his stint in the Royal Palace
00:07and wait didn't we just do this video
00:09last week oh wait that was about renji
00:12and Rukia wow there's a lot of people
00:14coming down from the Royal Palace at the
00:16moment and each of them seemingly has
00:17something special to show off thanks to
00:20their time with the Divine division as
00:22the second Quincy Invasion reaches the
00:25Apex of its first half and Ken patches
00:27Iraqi finishes his cataclysmic battle
00:30with Grammy only to be ambushed and
00:32nearly killed by the bambis Ichigo
00:34returns to the battlefield with the
00:36force of a shooting star descending from
00:39the heavens in an effort to help turn
00:41back the tide of the war the
00:43Thousand-Year blood War Arc has been
00:45criticized in the past for not giving
00:47Ichigo enough to do and while it's true
00:50that he's missing for large portions of
00:52the arc at a time other major characters
00:54like Kenpachi biakya and hitsugaya also
00:58take lengthy leaves of absence the truth
01:01is that by the time the Thousand-Year
01:03blood War Arc rolls around this isn't
01:06just ichigo's story anymore the entire
01:09goatee 13 has a stake in this fight
01:11maybe even more so than he does but that
01:13being said ichigo's return is a huge
01:16moment both for him and the story it's a
01:19long time coming culmination of his
01:21training with the zero division training
01:23afforded only to a very select few and
01:27thanks to the anime we know even more
01:29than we did before about what Ichigo has
01:31gone through so just how powerful has
01:35our main character become now much like
01:37with the video on renji and Rukia before
01:40this one might be a little messy but I'm
01:42hoping it'll be fun too so let's take a
01:45look before we get started on the video
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02:03and give a huge shout out to everyone
02:05who is supporting me there over on
02:06patreon I really do appreciate each and
02:09every one of you and yes of course there
02:11will be spoilers for the Thousand-Year
02:13blood War Arc of bleach in this video to
02:16come specifically for the latter half of
02:18the arc that hasn't yet been animated
02:20honestly determining how truly strong
02:23Ichigo has become thanks to his training
02:25in the Royal Palace isn't quite as
02:27straightforward as it was with renji and
02:30Rukia before him the thing is our after
02:33their big fights against Master
02:34masculine and as nod respectively ranji
02:37and Rukia kind of peek right there and
02:41run out of steam as far as their
02:43involvement in this Arc goes they never
02:45get a showcase like that again so we can
02:48cap those battles as being the best we
02:51get to see of the two of them at least
02:53as far as the Thousand Year blood War
02:54goes with Ichigo it's a little different
02:58even if you're not satisfied with the
03:00overall amount that he does in the arc
03:02he remains involved until the very end
03:04with his foes and battles escalating in
03:07a natural Arc until finally facing off
03:09of course with you hubbock himself what
03:12that means is although ichigo's arrival
03:14in last week's episode and his
03:16subsequent battle against the bambis is
03:19impressive he still has plenty left to
03:21show in the tank as well making him a
03:24little tougher to gauge than renji and
03:26Rukia put it this way unlike renji and
03:28Rukia who show up and hit the limit of
03:30what they're going to show in the
03:32Thousand-Year blood War Arc pretty much
03:33straight away Ichigo remains an untapped
03:36well even after his initial reappearance
03:39before we really get started ichigo's
03:41time training in the Royal Palace is
03:43interesting when you take a top-down
03:45look at it he and renji begin their
03:48journey together essentially making
03:49their way through both tenjido and
03:51hikifune's palaces at the same time of
03:54course everything changes for Ichigo in
03:57owetsu's Palace and he's forcibly
03:59returned to karakura town to learn the
04:01truth about the nature of his power when
04:03he fails the assaultges test meanwhile
04:06renji presumably continues onwards after
04:08succeeding presumably at some point
04:11during ichigo's time in karakura town
04:13Rukia awoke in tenjiro's Palace and
04:16somehow caught up to renji by the time
04:18they both reached ichibes dojo
04:21anyway while we do get to spend time
04:23with renji and Rukia during this
04:25training period the reality is that what
04:27we actually got to see of their Divine
04:29training itself is fairly superficial at
04:32least where Ichigo is concerned we Dove
04:35a fair bit deeper and spent a
04:36considerable amount of time with him as
04:38he came to truly understand who he is
04:40where his powers originate from and what
04:43zangetsu means to him as a spiritual
04:45being and as a Shinigami wielding a
04:47zanpak toe obviously the segment the
04:50blade is me was the culmination really
04:53of ichigo's entire Arc up until this
04:55point it was the end of his journey so
04:58far of everything that has happened to
05:00him in the past from old man zangetsu
05:02rescuing him in his battle with zarakita
05:04fighting the fused version of his powers
05:06in deuside and Beyond Ichigo is a very
05:10different person after his training in
05:12the Royal Palace he's calm confident
05:14even aloof when confronted with multiple
05:17Captain class opponents at once however
05:19ichigo's training after he received
05:21leaves his true zanpaktai from owetsu
05:23was basically totally omitted in the
05:26source material and we missed arguably
05:28the next most important part of it all
05:31whatever trials ichibe put him through
05:33thankfully the anime chose this as
05:36something new to include and focus on
05:38which I think was very smart
05:40we see that ichigo's training in
05:43particular was holy as if gifted to him
05:45by God in this instance the soul King
05:48and that has undoubtedly left its mark
05:50on Ichigo moving forward with the
05:52permission of the Soul King himself
05:54supposedly Ichigo walked along
05:57irasusando the unapproachable path
05:59wherein he bore the brunt of the weight
06:01of everything he wants to protect
06:04ichigo's goal has always been to protect
06:06the things he cares about and to gain
06:09the strength necessary to do so here at
06:12the end of the story where the stakes
06:14are at their highest Ichigo is fighting
06:16to protect the world all worlds in fact
06:19and he not only feels the heft of that
06:22burden on his back but he also sees and
06:24understands the creation of the world as
06:26he knows it Ichigo is flooded with
06:29knowledge in this moment knowledge you
06:31have to imagine only a tiny handful of
06:34people at best actually know let alone
06:37have actually peered into and
06:41by the end of it a portion of rayo's
06:43power is pumped through Ichigo to test
06:45his capabilities as a vessel and when
06:48Ichigo emerges from irasusando on the
06:50other side he's a changed man he's been
06:53enlightened what I like most about
06:55ichigo's training with the zero division
06:58is that it was less about physicality
07:00usually training sequences like these
07:03involve a lot of fighting of pushing the
07:05characters and their bodies to their
07:07limits and while there absolutely is
07:08some of that on display here with Ichigo
07:11sweating and heaving as he struggles to
07:13press on the training of the Royal
07:15Palace seems to be mostly training of
07:17the Soul itself and I think that helps
07:20to impart its importance on WE the
07:22readers so when Ichigo returns from the
07:24Royal Palace in the anime we really
07:26understand to a much better degree what
07:29he's been through and what he now
07:30carries with him that he didn't before
07:32an Awakening of himself and his power
07:36which is where that confidence
07:37ultimately comes from and you know
07:39there's something very satisfying about
07:40seeing Ichigo this way as the hero of
07:43the story we want him to succeed and
07:46Ichigo has truly been through it all
07:48from vicious beatdowns to mind-bending
07:51manipulation and scheming breaking down
07:54and losing all hope and yes even actual
07:57death and Resurrection Ichigo has always
07:59felt quite unique I think as far as
08:01traditional hero type characters go he's
08:04often tormented by very real very human
08:07issues of depression and struggles with
08:09self-worth despite being more than
08:11capable of achieving his goals so to see
08:14him at long last Standing Tall decorated
08:17in the Garb of the royal realm is very
08:20gratifying for those of us who have been
08:22in the trenches with him this is a
08:23markedly different Ichigo from the one
08:25who was sobbing in the rain after
08:26ginjo's betrayal yet the seeds of this
08:29form of this version of him are being
08:32planted here they are laid bare waiting
08:35to grow from the moment he defiantly
08:37screams for gingo despite being
08:40powerless him himself to his confident
08:43Aura upon receiving his Shinigami Powers
08:45once again these are some early Snippets
08:48of who Ichigo truly is inside of who he
08:51can be and here we've reached that point
08:54now in the Thousand-Year blood War Arc
08:56where this version of him is no longer
08:58the outlier reserved for triumphant
09:00moments but just who he has become as a
09:02man and a Shinigami really the closest
09:05Ichigo has come to radiating this sense
09:07of power before was of course done guy
09:10Ichigo and even then he was on a timer
09:12essentially of course there are plenty
09:14of examples of the strong and confident
09:17Ichigo appearing before the Lost agent
09:19Arc but I chose that moment to focus in
09:22on because it really is Ichigo at his
09:24emotional lowest and yet even still in
09:27that moment he chooses to stand
09:29eventually and fight even though he's
09:32powerless really to do so so I said a
09:35lot there I said this video might be
09:36messy and it's already become more
09:38introspective than I think I had planned
09:40but to get to the Crux of the matter
09:42just how powerful did his training in
09:44the palace really make him can we even
09:47quantify it it's difficult to know how
09:50powerful for example the Bambi's
09:52actually are since the four of them
09:54don't fight fair and I'm not gonna hold
09:56that against them I gave them their dues
09:58in this regard before it makes total
10:00sense for them to Ambush Kenpachi and
10:02not give him a chance to fight back but
10:04it does make it slightly trickier to
10:06work out how strong they really are when
10:09they're not busy mastering looks even so
10:11we know that every Stern Ritter is at
10:14least Captain level whatever that really
10:16means these days in terms of their
10:17ryatsu and later on Lil Toto and meninas
10:20are the only two of a group of stern
10:22Ritter to even remotely stand up to
10:25biakia here though in a scene that
10:27mirrors ichigo's effortless defeat of
10:29three Vice captains in the sole Society
10:31Arc he's now tossing around all four of
10:33these Stern Ritter like their ragdolls
10:36punching and slinging them into nearby
10:38buildings without so much as a care in
10:40the world before we get to any of that
10:42though there's ichigo's speed to discuss
10:44Ichigo has always been very fast
10:47remember when incredible speed was
10:49supposedly tenses and getsu's actual
10:51ability but here we really see it on
10:54display for starters there's ichigo's
10:57Journey back from the Royal Palace it
10:59does make me laugh a little seeing how
11:01the idea of shinpo has totally changed
11:03in a sense Shinigami could never
11:05actually fly rather they used reishi to
11:09essentially stand in the air upon
11:11footholds that they created for
11:12themselves in the sky but here Ichigo is
11:15quite literally rocketing down to earth
11:17at an unbelievable speed and we even see
11:20him boost in mid-air to pick up some
11:22extra speedsy hurdles through the sky
11:24he's capable of completing a week-long
11:27journey in half a day and when he does
11:29arrive in the sayrete he's barreling
11:31through the sky so fast that he can't
11:33even control his Landing comically
11:35slamming into a tower instead of Landing
11:37gracefully Ichigo is then able to appear
11:40behind the BAM zombies in the blink of
11:42an eye and in such a casual manner too
11:44he's moving so swiftly at this point
11:47that they simply can't keep up and you
11:49see this threaded throughout the battle
11:51with them as well for example when
11:53Candice tries to attack him from behind
11:55we don't see Ichigo move instead he's
11:58already grabbed her wrist from above
11:59before tossing her aside that should
12:02give you an idea of what they are now
12:03dealing with and why they're finding it
12:05so hard to even hurt him it's like
12:07fighting a wraith or something to them
12:10as far as their perception allows Ichigo
12:13must simply blink in and out of
12:15existence one minute they're lunging for
12:17him the next they're receiving a punch
12:18to their gut and they don't really know
12:20what transpired in between then of
12:22course there's ichigo's demeanor just
12:24look at his face throughout this whole
12:26ordeal he speaks to Kenpachi with a grin
12:28the two of them sharing a light-hearted
12:30moment together yet the instant Ichigo
12:33is jumped from behind his expression
12:35continues to remain one of Fairly
12:38Carefree ambivalence the only time he
12:41shows any kind of shock or surprise is
12:44when his cloak is snagged by Lil Toto's
12:46the Glutton and even then it's played
12:48out for Laughs like Ichigo can't believe
12:50how weird this ability is that he's
12:52suddenly confronted with the fact of the
12:54matter is none of them even get remotely
12:56close to Ichigo throughout the entire
12:58Showdown the four of them attack him all
13:01at once blasting him with heilig file
13:03but according to Lil Toto Ichigo simply
13:05deflects them all away and
13:07simultaneously manages to send Candice
13:09flying again without any effort at all
13:12bear in mind as well that Ichigo is only
13:14using shikai here a point was made about
13:17how captains like hitsugaya and soifon
13:19were unable to handle their Stern Ritter
13:21opponents without Bankai yet in shikai
13:24Ichigo is merely playing games with four
13:26of them at once this fight also
13:28showcases the strangest yet also one of
13:31the most impressive usages of gets a
13:33good tent show ever Ichigo has grown so
13:36strong so skilled that he's able to draw
13:39out the essence of get agar from his
13:41shorter Quincy blade by simply scraping
13:44the sky with his blade he leaves a
13:46sliver of getsiger lingering in the air
13:48which is enough to completely nullify
13:51Candace's galvano Javelin on impact use
13:54this image to help yourself visualize
13:57how incredible this really is we've seen
13:59Ichigo use gets a gutencho before in
14:01such a way that it collides with other
14:03attacks in mid-air canceling each other
14:06out for example when both he and ginjou
14:09launch massive gets a goblasts at each
14:11other or when he and grimjo collide with
14:14getzika and Cerro in mid-air during
14:16their final fight or even when Ichigo
14:18uses getsiger to negate kyrgy's arrows
14:21at the start of the Thousand-Year blood
14:23War yet here this is merely a tiny
14:26portion of getsaka being simply left in
14:29place Ichigo does nothing with it
14:31there's no exertion here he merely
14:34allows Candace's attack to slam into it
14:37quickly showing how worthless even
14:38attacks in her volston fish are it's a
14:42shame that Ichigo never uses gets a
14:43detent show in this inventive way again
14:45after this fight he returns to using
14:48getsiger in a fairly standard fashion
14:50which I think diminishes how special the
14:53attack has become overall even ichigo's
14:55new ability gets a good Juju show while
14:58used in such a casual manner by the hero
15:00is completely devastating in it's drawn
15:04in such a way by Kubo that it seems to
15:06swallow up the sky whole completely
15:08engulfing Candice and dispelling her
15:11most powerful attack with ease when
15:12Ichigo is later surrounded on all sides
15:14by an incredible eight Stern Ritter at
15:17once he isn't phased at all the only
15:19time he shows a shred of worry is when
15:22he realizes yuhabak is planning on
15:24invading the Royal Palace which kicks
15:26him into action now it's here that we
15:28see Ichigo get a little careless as he
15:30tries to rush the Quincy King he allows
15:33meninas to get the drop on him but even
15:35being forced head first through numerous
15:37buildings doesn't hinder him at all as
15:40noticed by Robert and Ichigo is able to
15:43avoid Robert's point-blank blast and
15:45still swing his sword at the sternum to
15:47put distance between them before basby
15:49grabs him now Ichigo does definitely
15:52look concerned about bazby's attack but
15:54I think it's more due to the fact that
15:55he knows he can't avoid it not that he's
15:58worried about how much damage it might
15:59do of course that's all speculation on
16:01my part maybe burn a finger one at close
16:03range like that would have hurt Ichigo a
16:05lot but ichigo's also just seen it be
16:08used to not great effect on the bambis
16:10themselves earlier the key to this scene
16:12is that really these Stern Ritter are
16:14little more than a nuisance to him now
16:16much like Eisen once said in the day
16:19aside Arc allow me to be careless for I
16:21no longer have any need not to be Ichigo
16:24doesn't feel the need to have his guard
16:26up around these Stern Ritter he needs to
16:28focus on reaching yuharbark and the fact
16:30that they are throwing themselves at him
16:31to try and get in his way to be
16:33obstacles really means very little to
16:36him Ichigo has his sights set on you
16:39herbuck himself at this point I will
16:41admit it is weird to me that Ichigo
16:43doesn't just outright kill the Bambi's
16:46immediately with his Newfound power
16:48especially when he realizes that they
16:50were trying to actively finish off
16:52Kenpachi after all as biakia says to
16:54renji in the first Invasion these people
16:56are trying to annihilate the soul
16:58Society they are unequivocally the enemy
17:02cut them down with everything you have
17:04that should have been the Mantra of the
17:07entire gote 13 throughout the war but it
17:09seems like Ichigo missed that memo
17:11somewhere along the way of course
17:13outside of the story it's likely because
17:15Kubo didn't want to reveal what Ichigo
17:17could really do yet though considering
17:19what happens to Ichigo as the story
17:21progresses maybe it would have been
17:22better that he had Ichigo doesn't really
17:24get involved in too many fights once you
17:27hubbuck ascends to the Royal Palace Kubo
17:29seemed determined to save Ichigo for
17:32clashes against yuhabak himself and
17:34yuhabak alone when really Ichigo should
17:37have had a proper fight against another
17:39Stern Ritter in the meantime that being
17:42said there is something special about
17:44the idea that Ichigo won't fight again
17:46he's being reserved for when he reaches
17:49the king they Clash briefly Atop The
17:51Palace in the soul King's throne room
17:53but honestly there isn't a lot to say
17:54about it from ichigo's perspective
17:56despite his Newfound power he doesn't
17:58achieve much here yuhabak is barely even
18:01registering him half the time his gaze
18:04instead firmly fixed upon Rayo and the
18:07surprise appearance of Mimi Huggy after
18:09that Ichigo is sent plummeting from the
18:11palace and we don't get a read on how
18:13strong he is here at all really when it
18:15comes to ichigo's portrayal in this Arc
18:18after returning from the royal palace
18:19and this is a concept we'll return to
18:21later in this video it feels like a
18:23pendulum swinging back and forth
18:25dramatically at one point Ichigo is
18:28running rings around eight Stern Ritter
18:30at once looking completely Untouchable
18:32the next is being virtually ineffective
18:34against uh Bach before being blasted
18:36from the palace rooftop and I'm not
18:38saying I expect Ichigo to be able to
18:40stop you harbach here in this moment but
18:42it's just that Whiplash going from
18:44enemies he's able to totally walk around
18:47with no issue to the absolute big bad of
18:49the series with no real in between
18:51however one thing I always liked about
18:53how powerful Ichigo became was that Kubo
18:57never lost sight of what kind of a
18:58fighter Ichigo is and his strengths and
19:00weaknesses and how that might work to
19:02both his benefit and his detriment
19:04although Ichigo doesn't really fight
19:06again for a while one of the most
19:08infamous scenes from The varvel Invasion
19:10Arc sees him confronting asking and
19:13being quickly dispatched off screen by
19:16the stern Ritter who turns him into a
19:17rug on the floor needless to say this is
19:20a contentious Moment by all counts even
19:23a shutstoffel like asking shouldn't
19:25really be able to stand up to Ichigo in
19:27a 1v1 scenario let her alone defeat him
19:31with apparently no effort whatsoever in
19:33terms of raw power at least anyway
19:35Ichigo should be miles above asking but
19:39Ichigo is a headstrong physical fighter
19:42and he always has been that's not to say
19:44he's stupid or he doesn't think because
19:46that simply isn't true but he is exactly
19:49the kind of fighter that someone like
19:50asking excels against that kind of style
19:53plays exactly into Askins hands as a
19:57tricky fighter asking often lets his
19:58enemies defeat themselves rather than
20:01put in the work himself and so this
20:03moment isn't in the story here to say
20:05that Ichigo is weak all of a sudden or
20:07that he's weaker than asking but to show
20:10that even this version of Ichigo is
20:12immensely strong is still susceptible to
20:15a bad matchup at the end of the day and
20:17I appreciate that maybe this scene could
20:19have been handled better for example I'd
20:21love for Ichigo and ask him to get a
20:23small extension to their confrontation
20:25in the anime that actually shows us what
20:27goes down but I like that Kubo tries to
20:30keep Ichigo grounded pun not intended
20:32after all Ichigo has been openly
20:35compared to bloodthirsty characters like
20:37Ken patchy and grimjoe in the past in
20:41terms of his mindset in terms of the way
20:43he really feels about fighting even if
20:45he doesn't let it show on the surface
20:47and there's a nice parallel to grimjoe
20:49In This Moment here too I think as
20:51earlier we see grimjo attempt to swat
20:53away Askins gift only for it to paralyze
20:57him immediately as I said Ichigo has
20:59been compared openly to the more
21:01fight-loving characters in the series
21:02his before and he definitely errs on
21:05that side of the Warriors Spectrum more
21:07than anything else so you can easily
21:09imagine I think anyway a very similar
21:12scenario playing out between him and
21:13asking that occurred earlier with
21:15grimjoe and then as we get to the final
21:17battle this is what Kubo has been saving
21:21Ichigo for and it's here that we'll get
21:23to see what he's really capable of
21:25right well kind of though once again
21:28Ichigo is up against the most broken
21:30being in the bleach Universe right now
21:32who has only attained even more power
21:35since the last time they fought
21:37when Ichigo steps into yuhabak's Throne
21:39Room the Quincy King mentions that
21:41Ichigo not drawing his sword should
21:44leave him vulnerable except he isn't as
21:47you Hobart can almost see ichigo's
21:49overflowing spiritual pressure taking
21:51physical form I've always kind of
21:53wondered about this moment can you
21:55Harbor actually see that fiery image
21:57surrounding Ichigo or is it more of a
22:00metaphor for our benefit for how
22:01ichigo's ratsu has become so ferocious
22:04and overwhelming that it appears to be
22:06surrounding him on all sides much like
22:08say when Kenpachi removed his eye patch
22:11for the first time against Ichigo in
22:13battle of course the crucial difference
22:15here is that Ken patchy didn't have any
22:17control over his power at all back then
22:19and it just leaked out of him
22:21subconsciously which is what used to
22:23happen to Ichigo but here Ichigo has
22:26much greater control than he's ever had
22:28before since Ichigo doesn't actually
22:30seem to have this Aura ebbing and
22:33flowing around him at all times at least
22:35not that we see although Maybe kubo's
22:37just drawing it like that so he doesn't
22:38have to make the panels very messy
22:41does he simply allow it to flare up for
22:43a moment as he prepares to take on
22:45yuhabak it's possible absolutely that
22:47ichigo's control over his ryatsu has
22:49become so Adept that he's able to do
22:51that after all in chapter 555 following
22:55his Royal Palace training hikifune
22:57mentions that it's hard to believe he
22:59used to have such shaky ryatsu so
23:01presumably he's now got a grip on that
23:03as well to take it back to the Iran car
23:05Arc for a moment we see that when Ichigo
23:07tries to build a pathway in the garganta
23:09it is all over the place he's not able
23:12to control it or stabilize it or
23:13anything it's crumbling frankly it's a
23:16danger to everyone running on it however
23:18now like unohana could back in that
23:20moment I assume that Ichigo would be
23:22able to create a perfect rigid Pathway
23:25to run on either way ichigo's swirling
23:28ryatsu seems to be taking the shape of
23:30the jaw of his Hollow Mask obviously
23:32referencing white while also possibly
23:34being a callback again to that Kenpachi
23:37battle where his ryatsu took on the
23:38appearance of his inner Hollow it's also
23:41possible that this scene and imagery are
23:43supposed to be intentional references to
23:45Yamamoto and his Bankai where the fire
23:48surrounding him with zanjutsu West was
23:51actually his all-powerful ryatsu taking
23:54physical shape and don't forget as well
23:56that Yamamoto was able to make that
23:59visible and invisible at will so perhaps
24:02Ichigo can now do the same thing new
24:04hubbock's following comment is
24:06interesting too though I think fairly
24:07straightforward he initially States
24:09Ichigo has grown strong before
24:11correcting himself and saying that this
24:14is the power Ichigo is supposed to have
24:17so he's basically saying that this isn't
24:19growth you've simply attained unlocked
24:21at last the power that is rightfully
24:23yours as a perfect hybrid being then of
24:26course there's ichigo's Horn of
24:28Salvation transformation thanks to the
24:31blade is me we know the source of
24:33ichigo's power at last and so does he
24:36Ichigo inherited Shinigami powers from
24:39his father ishin and Quincy powers from
24:41his mother masaki masaki was bitten by
24:44the hollow white resulting in her Hollow
24:46vacation after which ishin stepped in to
24:49save her life binding himself to the
24:51hollow within her to keep her soul
24:54over time that binding resulted in the
24:57mixing of ichigo's own Hollow and
24:59Shinigami Powers meaning the two are now
25:02one and the same these two beings
25:04ichigo's Quincy powers and the fusion of
25:07his Shinigami and Hollow powers found
25:10equilibrium at long last when Ichigo
25:13finally learned the truth and in that
25:15moment they were able to be forged into
25:17two separate blades Ichigo notes that
25:20the equilibrium the harmony keeps
25:22zangetsu in check yet whenever Ichigo is
25:25struck by large amounts of power be it
25:28Shinigami or Hollow as we see from the
25:30example showcasing his battles against
25:32byakia and Yami respectively zangetsu
25:35rears his head and transforms Ichigo so
25:39Ichigo decided to test that out once
25:41more against a Quincy this time after
25:44being attacked thoroughly by yuha Bark's
25:46power zangetsu lo and behold does awaken
25:49changing Ichigo completely the
25:52difference here is that now that they
25:53understand one another Ichigo maintains
25:56full control over himself in the process
25:59again I like that Kubo didn't just
26:01immediately make Ichigo the master of
26:04his Newfound power he openly says to you
26:07harbach that he can't really control it
26:09yet and he really should be able to call
26:11out zangetsu whenever he wants but
26:13instead he has to let himself get beaten
26:15up first so Ichigo still has room to
26:19grow to become even stronger presumably
26:22in the future he'll just be able to
26:23activate this form at will once again we
26:26don't see a lot of ichigo's Horn of
26:28Salvation form but what we do see is
26:31very impressive his speed has become
26:34nigh imperceptible as he simply steps
26:37forward or he may unable to comprehend
26:39when he moved in front of her Shield
26:41once again he's almost ghost-like and
26:44without form much like yuhabat did
26:46before upon gaining the soul King's
26:48power Ichigo now uses his riyatsu to
26:51blow apart the roof of the palace as you
26:54have complements his strength the Quincy
26:56King tries to draw his blade but Ichigo
26:59is immediately upon Him grabbing you
27:01harbach's hand and forcing the sword
27:03back before he can even really lift his
27:06weapon of course as mentioned earlier
27:08the pendulum swings dramatically the
27:11fact Ichigo is fighting one of the
27:13strongest beings in Bleach right now
27:15means you'll never truly be able to get
27:17the most out of this form case in point
27:20being that despite being ridiculously
27:22fast fast enough to Blitz you harbuck
27:25the moment Ichigo brings his sword down
27:27yuhabak simply catches it in his bare
27:30hand we then see Ichigo lift his
27:32Shinigami blade to his hollow horn
27:34fusing together gets a good tent show
27:36with his own blood in order to create a
27:39mixture of getzaga and Grand Ray Cerro
27:41launching the massive Crescent Moon
27:44shaped strike at yuha Buck again this is
27:47amazing to see and something we've just
27:49never really seen before the closest of
27:52course we get is the vizards using
27:54themselves however Ichigo is a true
27:57hybrid in action casually fusing
28:00together a Shinigami and a hollow attack
28:02like it's nothing
28:03this is the version of Ichigo we had
28:06basically been waiting years to see with
28:09almost total control over all aspects of
28:12his power Ichigo can now do
28:15anything everything is afforded to him
28:18and it's amazing to see him finally at
28:21long last utilizes Cerro of his own
28:23accord but again much like with his
28:25speed earlier while this moment is
28:27incredible to behold initially the
28:29pendulum swings once more a new harbach
28:32simply crushes the getzig Sero in his
28:35hand before turning the tables
28:36completely nullifying everything about
28:39this form in this sense the Horn of
28:42Salvation form named for the chapter it
28:44first appeared in is absolutely one
28:46thing I desperately want to see more of
28:49from Ichigo in the anime as it's
28:50criminally underutilized in the source
28:52material speaking of criminally
28:54underutilized in the source material as
28:56we reach the final point of this video I
28:59feel like I maybe need to make a
29:00separate video entirely really to do it
29:02justice but we need to look at ichigo's
29:04ban Kai his true Bankai another thing I
29:07like about ichigo's portrayal in the
29:09second half of the final Arc is that he
29:11waits until the most dire moment before
29:15he finally uses Bankai it really does
29:18feel like an actual trump card now I get
29:20it again Kubo wanted to save ichigo's
29:22Bankai reveal for the very end but
29:24narratively it works well too throughout
29:27the Iran car Arc Ichigo was often
29:29criticized for devaluing his own Bankai
29:32Ichigo activates his Bankai during his
29:34final fight with grimjoe then doesn't
29:37disengage it until the end of the Iran
29:40car Arc once he's lost his Shinigami
29:42Powers that's a frankly absurd amount of
29:45time to have your Bankai activated and
29:47ichigo's character was lambasted for
29:49robbing the idea of barnikai of its
29:52here though in the Thousand-Year blood
29:54War Arc that feeling of gravity has once
29:56again returned as Ichigo spends almost
29:59the entire half of the Ark in shikai
30:01which not only feels more natural it
30:03also organically builds up anticipation
30:06for when the barnikai itself will
30:07finally be revealed and it also serves
30:09to show how strong Ichigo has become
30:12unlike the Iran car Arc which in many
30:14ways had the opposite effect Ichigo was
30:16being tossed around in his barn Kai by
30:19basically everyone as I said devaluing
30:22it overall and making it appear weak or
30:24at the very least susceptible to absurd
30:27fluctuations there's none of that in the
30:29Thousand-Year blood War Arc instead
30:31Ichigo is fending off Captain level
30:33opponents by the masses in shikai alone
30:36all the while crucially feeling like
30:39he's holding something back not only is
30:41it very impressive but it also makes for
30:43a great spectacle but regarding ichigo's
30:45true ban Kai itself this is easily the
30:48weirdest wildest Barn kaipur Trail in
30:51the series after success successfully
30:53building to ichigo's Bankai reveal
30:55making it feel like an inevitability as
30:57he confronts the new Soul King yuhabak
30:59who is now literally dripping with power
31:01Kubo sprung one of the ark's craziest
31:04most abrupt twists upon us having had
31:07his horn of Salvation form defeated now
31:10that you hibach has activated the
31:12almighty Ichigo prepares to overcome
31:14both fate and despair once again upon at
31:18last activating Bankai we briefly see
31:21the new tensor zangetsu before it's
31:24instantly destroyed No in fact it was
31:27already snapped in two even before it
31:29materialized I'm honestly fascinated to
31:32see how they handled this in the anime
31:33all the way in core 4 presumably but
31:36nonetheless this was a truly shocking
31:39certainly a Bankai reveal like no other
31:42using the almighty you hubbuck broke
31:45tenses and Getsu in the future before
31:47Ichigo could even use it while this
31:49twist in itself is worth talking about
31:51what's more important here is the why
31:54why did you Hobart snap ichigo's Bank in
31:57two if you are bite was so secure in his
32:00absolute power power which by the way
32:02has been referenced numerous times from
32:04his ability to just detonate the ceiling
32:06of the Soul King's throne room to kiraku
32:08commenting on you how about having such
32:10immense power that he's capable of
32:12restructuring the Royal Palace itself
32:13then why did he feel the need to kneecap
32:16Ichigo just as he was getting going
32:18the answer is simple even with the
32:21almighty and the power of the Soul King
32:22yuhabak feared tensor zangetsu he
32:26basically says as much himself when he
32:28compliments Ichigo and how dangerous his
32:30Bankai is so dangerous in fact that he
32:32could not allow it to be I wondered if
32:34you habak envisioned the future in which
32:37he was actually killed successfully by
32:39Ichigo which is interesting to think
32:41about the future that is the actual
32:43ending of bleach and by breaking his
32:45barnikai yuhabak thought that the ending
32:47of bleach wouldn't come to pass but
32:49thanks to tsukushima's help it still
32:51does presumably though yuha bark
32:53couldn't see the actual moment of his
32:55death since he no longer possessed the
32:58almighty in that Split Second it's
33:01difficult to say but maybe he saw that
33:03battle and decided it wasn't worth the
33:05risk or perhaps he was inspired to act
33:08by the vision hashwalt shared with him
33:11showing his death at ichigo's hands
33:13though yuha bark himself mistakenly
33:15believed that to be merely a dream so I
33:18think the implications is that he
33:19doesn't act on it so while we don't get
33:21to see a lot from ichigo's Bankai sadly
33:23this is a cool moment of showing and not
33:25telling having you harbach anticipate
33:27the destructive power of ichigo's true
33:29Bankai to the point where he removed it
33:31entirely is a great way of telling the
33:33audience that Ichigo has something
33:34special here without getting the chance
33:36to show what it can do and then of
33:38course there is the final battle itself
33:40again ichigo's true Bankai is Barely
33:43Used but when it is it really counts
33:45after stabbing you hubbuck through the
33:48back Ichigo activates gets a tent show
33:50the only one we ever see him use with
33:52his Bankai and the final one we get to
33:55see in the series ripping through the
33:57Quincy King and killing him almost
34:00immediately his body turning into pure
34:02energy and splattering onto the ground
34:04at ichigo's feet I feel like this is an
34:08often overlooked moment likely due to
34:10the inherent weirdness of the final
34:12battle itself and how quickly everything
34:14is just moving at this point but Ichigo
34:16really does just almost kill all the
34:19current Soul King in a single hit with
34:21his Bankai while his sword is embedded
34:23in his foe he activates getsiger and we
34:26see in Bankai that it appears like a
34:28torrential wave of power devastating
34:31everything in its wake putting
34:33everything else aside this is that
34:35immeasurable Divine destructive power
34:38that you her bark was concerned about
34:40and with good reason as if he didn't
34:42have the almighty activated the soul
34:45king would have been slain in that
34:47moment this is a latent power that of a
34:50soul King candidate himself who Bears
34:52the reacts of all spiritual races on his
34:55back honestly as with the Horn of
34:57Salvation before it I wish we got to see
35:00more of ichigo's true ban Kai this is
35:02one area that the anime has to expand on
35:04hopefully substantially ultimately the
35:07truth is that while ichigo's growth Arc
35:09is well portrayed in the Thousand-Year
35:11blood while we don't get to see much in
35:13the way of the fruits of that Ark he
35:16needed as I said a strong middle of the
35:18art showcase that was more than just a
35:21total almost lazy Beatdown of the bambis
35:23to really help outline his current level
35:26it's difficult then to get a firm idea
35:28of how powerful he's really become when
35:31the pendulum does swing so violently
35:33from one side to the next while Ichigo
35:35returns from the Royal Palace with a
35:38newfound strength befitting of his
35:40stature as both the main character of
35:42bleach and as a perfect hybrid of the
35:44spiritual races he never really gets a
35:46chance to show it off until the very end
35:49that is but even then his Shining Moment
35:51initially is snatched away from him but
35:54what can we glean from the short time we
35:56do spend with him and when I say that
35:58I'm not saying Ichigo doesn't get a lot
36:00of panel time in the arc he does it's
36:02just a crucial lack of actual time in
36:05combat on the page
36:08despite that we learn a lot and it
36:10paints a picture of an incredible power
36:12Ichigo is almost certainly the strongest
36:16being in Bleach by the end of the story
36:18in terms of pure raw spiritual power his
36:22well of potential is Limitless it's that
36:26latent unknowable depth to his strength
36:29that earned him a place on the special
36:30War Powers list and we see it in full
36:33force here now does that mean that
36:35Ichigo automatically wins every fight in
36:38Bleach well no he might be the strongest
36:41in terms of overall averages but he
36:43certainly isn't the most broken as far
36:46as I'm concerned you harbox the almighty
36:48is the single most hacked special power
36:50in bleach and Ichigo would have never
36:53defeated him were it not for the still
36:55Silver Arrow at the last second sure
36:57Ichigo is clearly more powerful than
37:00yuha bark in a raw sense even though
37:02Soul King yuhabak does have the Godlike
37:04strength necessary to rebuild his entire
37:07Fortress from the the rubble and
37:08cityscape thousands and thousands of
37:10feet below it's just Ichigo slaying him
37:13in a single blast of getzigatent show is
37:16a Divine feat in itself unfortunately
37:18though you Hobart can resurrect himself
37:20infinitely as long as he has the
37:22almighty so again that pendulum swings
37:24making things null and void even
37:26ichigo's short tussle with our skin
37:29feels like a Prelude to this a warning
37:31even that while Ichigo has Unstoppable
37:35unquenchable power some enemies are just
37:38too dastardly with their tricky
37:40abilities like I said at the top of the
37:42video it is messy but as far as I'm
37:45concerned by the end of the series
37:47Ichigo definitely earns his spot at the
37:49peak of the power hierarchy there are
37:52just some caveats to go with it as they
37:53nearly always are he's the absolute
37:55strongest thanks to everything he wields
37:58but some characters are just too broken
38:00to defeat conventionally I'm afraid
38:02however after his Heavenly training in
38:05the Royal Palace after he learns the
38:07truth of the origin and nature of his
38:10power once he's walked the
38:12unapproachable road and bore the weight
38:14of the world he wants to protect learned
38:16of its sacrificial Inception and
38:19achieved harmony with his zanpak toe
38:21there can be no denying he is on a
38:23wholly different level altogether in the
38:25anime ichibe makes numerous references
38:27to ichigo's surpassing a Shinigami in
38:30this sense I kind of wish the concepts
38:32of dimensions and Transcendence had made
38:35a return from the deuside arc because it
38:37actually made the hierarchy quite easy
38:39to visualize but as a perfect hybrid
38:41Ichigo is presumably Transcendent once
38:44more having achieved a form that
38:46surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow and
38:48I suppose Quincy now as well naturally
38:51anyway that's that a messy rambling all
38:55over the place video and one I plan to
38:57return to further into the anime when
38:59hopefully we get an even better look at
39:01ichigo's current power
39:03regardless he's in a place now where
39:05even without fully mastering his
39:07strength he is capable of walking
39:09circles around numerous Captain level
39:11characters at once without even breaking
39:14a sweat and moving so fast he's
39:16invisible to the senses controlling
39:18summoning and combining Hollow abilities
39:21with his Shinigami powers and yes even
39:24killing God if there is ever a hell Arc
39:27whoever the main villain is better be
39:30seriously overpowered but that's it for
39:32the video guys I really hope you enjoyed
39:34it let me know your thoughts down in the
39:36comments below how do you feel about
39:37where Ichigo currently is in regards to
39:39his power am I right about saying he is
39:42the most powerful being in the universe
39:44but there are some characters who are so
39:46broken that they can still defeat him in
39:49a 1v1 fight ichigo's powers do certainly
39:52now seem to encroach upon the territory
39:55of the Divine but I'd love to know if
39:57you feel like I'm right about this or if
39:59I'm off base regarding where Ichigo is
40:01as of the end of the Thousand Year blood
40:02War yeah I'd love to hear your thoughts
40:04about this video in general this topic
40:06where you think Ichigo is in relation to
40:08everyone else in the series do please
40:11let me know down in the comments below
40:12make sure to hit subscribe if you
40:13enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up if
40:15you liked it and until next time I'll
40:16catch you later and I'll see you then
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What significant upgrade in power has Ichigo received after his training in the Royal Palace?

Ichigo has received a significant upgrade in power after his training in the Royal Palace, making him a formidable force in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. His newfound abilities and control over his Bankai make him one of the strongest characters in Bleach.

2. How has Ichigo's power improved in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc?

In the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc, Ichigo's power has significantly improved after his training in the Royal Palace. His newfound abilities and control over his Bankai have made him a formidable force, making him one of the strongest characters in Bleach.

3. What makes Ichigo a formidable force in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc?

Ichigo's significant upgrade in power after his training in the Royal Palace has made him a formidable force in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. His newfound abilities, along with his control over his Bankai, contribute to his strength, making him one of the strongest characters in Bleach.

4. How does Ichigo's training in the Royal Palace impact his power in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc?

Ichigo's training in the Royal Palace has resulted in a significant upgrade in power, making him a formidable force in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. His newfound abilities and control over his Bankai have contributed to his strength, making him one of the strongest characters in Bleach.

5. What sets Ichigo apart as one of the strongest characters in Bleach?

Ichigo's significant upgrade in power after his training in the Royal Palace, along with his newfound abilities and control over his Bankai, sets him apart as one of the strongest characters in Bleach, particularly in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc.

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