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This video discusses the algorithm behind Tinder, including how profiles are rated for attractiveness and the limited promotion given to new users. The video also highlights the uneven gender ratio on the app and the significant profits generated by the company. Ultimately, while getting matches is just the first step, success on the app relies on common interests and personal connections.
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The Tinder algorithm evaluates profiles based on attractiveness and gives more likes to attractive people while limiting likes for unattractive profiles.
Attractive people receive many likes and give very few, while unattractive people receive few likes and give many.
Tinder promotes new users by showing them attractive profiles to encourage engagement.
New users receive a few minutes of promotion to receive likes.
The Tinder algorithm hooks users with limited free minutes and promotes some profiles over others.
Users get limited free minutes at the beginning of installing the app.
Profiles are shown to only a few people initially, while some receive promotion.
After the free minutes end, users become normal again, and the probability of getting likes is low.
The video explains the gender imbalance on Tinder, with 76% of users being men and 24% being women.
On average, women look at 150 profiles a day but only like 7 of them.
Men look at approximately 120 profiles a day and like 64 of them.
Only 2 out of 7 men that a woman likes can result in a match.
Tinder earns a significant amount of money through subscriptions, with 10% of 50 million users paying a monthly fee.
The section discusses the absurd figure of 350,000 dollars per month and the probability of getting a match on Tinder.
The figure of 350,000 dollars per month is compared to YouTube's profits.
It emphasizes that getting a match is just the first step, and common interests are needed for interaction.
The speaker mentions the possibility of going out with someone not necessarily leading to a meaningful connection.
00:00Hello, how are you? In this video I will talk to you
00:01about how the kindergarten algorithm works.
00:03A few days ago I performed an
00:05experiment and I will leave the
00:06label here to explain little by little how
00:08the algorithm works. I separated this video
00:10into important points or those that I at least
00:12consider most important. The first thing that is important is
00:14that you have to evaluate your profile according to how
00:16attractive you are, how you do this and it is
00:19part of the assumption that an
00:21attractive person will receive many
00:22likes and will give very few, on the
00:25contrary, a person who is
00:27unattractive It will receive maybe one or two
00:30likes and it will be giving too many, so the
00:32more likes that are crazy and
00:34the less you receive, your profile will be classified
00:37as ugly and you are then losing in the
00:39game. The second thing I will talk about is
00:41how the hook many applications or
00:44Games work in the same way at the
00:46beginning they give you a stimulus to see what
00:48the game is about and little by little you
00:50get into it if anyone saw the
00:52documentary on the dilemma of
00:53social networks understand this part of how it works a little more
00:57in this way Based on what
00:58I explained previously, how to rate
01:00profiles, when you create a user,
01:03it shows people who are
01:06good at dating and the most attractive ones
01:08are where the mental game begins and
01:10you think that they can have access to
01:11people of that attractiveness with They are only
01:14moving your finger in the application
01:16also when creating your user,
01:17tender gives you a few minutes of promotion
01:19so that you receive some likes if
01:21you are lucky and believe that because the
01:23application works that what
01:25you are doing may be real and at that moment
01:27you are already hooked you have already taken the
01:29bait of the application the third
01:31component is the promotion the people
01:33who get too many the xiii so
01:35few have the benefit of the algorithm
01:37because their profile is shown at the beginning
01:39but the rest of the users
01:41can only get a few free minutes
01:43At the beginning of installing the application,
01:44now imagine the total number of people who
01:46enter every hour or every day, the
01:48probability that your profile is
01:50actually seen is very very low and what
01:52you can do to make your profile
01:54seen without seeing it sell post 30 minutes in
01:57which your profile will be seen by
01:58as many people as it does not specify it, it
02:01only says that it will be seen by more people.
02:03What happens when these 30
02:04minutes end, then you become a
02:06completely normal user again without benefits
02:09equal to the rest during these thirty
02:11minutes, you could Getting some on your
02:13profile is attractive if you have a good
02:15description but sooner or later it will be
02:17lost among the thousands of profiles
02:18that there are and unless you receive
02:21enough and have not given any you will be able to
02:24manipulate the angel algorithm and enter
02:27the category of the attractive well
02:29now I will talk a little about the
02:30probability you have of getting a
02:32like I found several articles from
02:34two years ago where they commented that there were
02:36approximately 50 million people
02:38using team der but from
02:41this year's information and there are 75 million so
02:43it increased too much and therefore For example, in 2021, out
02:47of every 100 people who used the
02:49application, approximately and rounding up
02:51a little, 76 were men and 24 women.
02:55From the outset, those figures are somewhat
02:57uneven and therefore very unfavorable for
03:00men and according to this
03:02graph that belongs to a study that
03:04It was carried out in the USA, on average a woman
03:07looks at 150 profiles a day but only
03:107 likes the rest of the profiles
03:12she wrote are rejected, on the contrary
03:15a man looks at approximately 120
03:17profiles a day and gives 64 a little
03:20more than half but this next
03:22graph shows us something that is even more
03:24interesting about the seven men
03:26that a woman saw like can only
03:28match with two and a man who gave 64
03:31likes hopefully only gets one
03:33match another point that seems very
03:35important to me To mention are the amounts
03:38of money that Tindle earns annually in
03:40data that I found from two years ago
03:42when there were 50 million
03:44active users, approximately 10% paid
03:47their subscription monthly, at least
03:49right now in Mexico it costs 179 pesos for a
03:51gold membership and if 10% of 50
03:54million did not buy, it means that 5
03:57million paid 179 pesos in a month,
03:59they would be earning 895 million pesos
04:02if we divide it by 20, which is what
04:04the dollar is approximately, it is 44
04:06million of
04:07350,000 dollars per month in a year, we
04:11are talking about approximately 537
04:14million dollars is an absurd figure
04:17in some media they report that this figure
04:21very close to what I calculated and I was
04:25very surprised that it is very close to the
04:26profits that YouTube has. I don't know what
04:28kind of profits YouTube
04:29has but it is very close and YouTube is
04:32something immense jan then a company
04:35that generates this amount of money
04:36annually do you think it is designed so
04:39that one day today you meet
04:41someone uninstall it if you live your
04:43romantic love story that you
04:45have always dreamed of well definitely
04:47not and so far I have only
04:50mentioned the probability of getting
04:52a match, which in any case is like the
04:55first step to getting to know
04:57someone. The two still need to have
04:59interests in common or like something
05:02for there to be an interaction and that
05:05interaction leads you to a date but
05:08maybe I only see you I like it because he's going
05:09to drop his phone
05:12apart you can go out with someone it doesn't
05:15mean anything it doesn't mean something is going to
05:16happen to me he's not even going to
05:19give you a chance afterwards so there was
05:21easier than Tell the person
05:23you're attracted to that they should definitely go out to eat
05:24because you're going to lose anyway.
05:27Understand. Well, see you in the
05:29next video. Subscribe and comment on
05:31your experiences and bye-bye.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the algorithm behind Tinder?

The algorithm behind Tinder involves rating profiles for attractiveness and providing limited promotion to new users. This determines the visibility and success of a user on the app.

2. How does the gender ratio on Tinder affect user experience?

The uneven gender ratio on Tinder can significantly impact user experience, making it more challenging for one gender to find matches and potentially leading to frustration.

3. What are the key features that contribute to success on Tinder?

While getting matches is the first step, success on Tinder relies on common interests, personal connections, and the ability to engage in meaningful conversations.

4. How does Tinder generate significant profits?

Tinder generates significant profits through premium subscriptions, ad revenue, and various in-app purchases offered to users.

5. What factors determine the success of a user on Tinder?

The success of a user on Tinder is determined by their profile attractiveness rating, activity level, engagement in conversations, and ability to form meaningful connections.

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