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The video discusses the narrator's experience of following a carnivore diet for 30 days, highlighting the positive impact it had on their physical and mental health, including weight loss, improved sleep, and relief from skin issues and arthritis. They also mention other individuals who have experienced similar benefits from this type of diet.
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The speaker explains how eating only meat for 30 days has changed their life and why they find it beneficial.
Eating only meat for 30 days is seen as an elimination diet.
The speaker lost 20 pounds during the 30-day period.
They believe the carnivore diet has other amazing benefits besides weight loss.
The speaker emphasizes that they are not promoting the diet for weight loss but rather because it has been life-changing for them.
Eating a carnivore diet for 30 days has resulted in significant improvements in the person's health and well-being.
Obesity rates, heart disease, strokes, and cancers have increased due to the consumption of unhealthy food.
Throughout human evolution, people primarily consumed meat with limited intake of berries and vegetables.
Following the carnivore diet has made the person feel superhuman, experiencing improvements in strength, speed, and cognitive abilities.
The person's skin issues and arthritis in the toe have significantly improved after 30 days on the carnivore diet.
The carnivore diet has greatly improved the quality of sleep, reducing anxiety and depression.
The sleep on the carnivore diet is described as amazing and worth the price of admission alone.
The individual no longer experiences restless leg syndrome and feels well-rested every morning.
The diet has eliminated anxiety and depression, providing great mood, energy, and motivation.
The speaker discusses how certain foods, even those considered healthy like keto tortillas and salads, can cause negative reactions in the body due to their defense mechanisms.
The speaker mentions that consuming processed keto foods led to stomach issues, inflammation, and worsened sleep.
They explain that plants have defense mechanisms such as toxins, which can cause skin issues, rashes, and arthritis when consumed.
The speaker suggests that their improved well-being on the carnivore diet may be due to avoiding these potentially problematic foods.
The speaker shares their personal experience with the carnivore diet, explaining how it helped improve their skin condition, arthritis, and overall well-being.
The speaker's mother's osteoarthritis improved after following the diet.
The speaker's father lost 70 pounds and his psoriasis cleared up after adopting the diet.
Many people with autoimmune conditions have reported similar positive results from the carnivore diet.
The speaker discusses the option of reintroducing different foods to see if they affect him, but also mentions the possibility of continuing with the carnivore diet.
Considers reintroducing mushrooms and spinach to see if they have any effect.
Suggests that there may be multiple factors among the 500 different things humans eat that could have been affecting him.
Mentions that many doctors and surgeons have been doing the carnivore diet for years.
Encourages viewers to do their own research and not solely rely on the food pyramid.
00:00for 30 days I ate only meat and water
00:04and absolutely nothing else and it's
00:08completely changed my life and if you
00:10were to give me a lottery ticket right
00:11now for one billion dollars and you said
00:15you can have this billion dollars but
00:16you're gonna get amnesia and you're
00:17going to know nothing about the
00:18carnivore diet or you can rip up the
00:20lottery ticket it wouldn't take me a
00:23split second a blink of an eye to rip up
00:25that lottery ticket and continue along
00:26my path that's how life-changing this
00:29has been for me and we're going to talk
00:30about that in today's video
00:36so when I tell people I ate meat for 30
00:38days they think I'm crazy but let me
00:40present it to you a little bit of a
00:41different way this is an Elimination
00:43Diet maybe I'm feeling better not
00:45because I ate meat every day but because
00:47I'm not eating all of that other stuff
00:50that I was eating before besides ripping
00:52up the lottery ticket for one billion
00:55dollars knowing what I know now 30 days
00:57later if you were to tell me if you
01:00would do this car for diet you're going
01:01to gain 20 pounds in reality I actually
01:04lost 20 pounds over the last 30 days but
01:07if you told me you were to gain 30
01:08pounds on this diet I would still do it
01:10for all of the other amazing benefits
01:13I've had from this diet it's truly been
01:17I just want to preface this video and
01:20say I didn't do this diet to lose weight
01:22and I'm not judging anyone or telling
01:25anyone hey you should be doing this diet
01:27or you shouldn't be eating this way or
01:29you shouldn't be doing that the main
01:30reason I'm doing this is because this
01:32diet has been life-changing for me and I
01:34wish that someone had told me about it
01:36earlier and one big issue I have besides
01:38all the other ones I'm going to talk
01:39about is heart issues I was born with an
01:42irregular heartbeat and I've been on
01:44heart medication for a long time and
01:46when I heard this heart surgeon Dr
01:49ovadia talk about the carnivore diet and
01:52talk about nutrition and eating and how
01:55it affects our heart amongst other
01:57things I had to listen to what this man
01:59had to say Dr Philip vladia the world
02:03renowned heart doctor has conducted over
02:053 000 heart surgeries this book stay off
02:07my operating table fighting to make
02:09America healthy again people who are
02:11doing a carnivore diet and eating all or
02:15at least primarily animal proteins
02:19they usually don't require
02:21supplementation and they uh are thriving
02:26on long-term carnivore diets and I think
02:30it's a more ancestrally consistent diet
02:33so my research into the carnivore diet
02:35started with Dr ovadia but then I
02:38started learning a lot more from others
02:39such as Dr Berry and Dr Jordan Peterson
02:44I heard on The Joe Rogan Experience
02:46talking about his experience with the
02:49carnivore diet you're on this carnivore
02:51diet now I am not a dietary expert so
02:53I'm now speaking as an uninformed
02:56citizen okay so this is what happened I
02:57stopped snoring the first week I thought
02:59what the hell I started waking up in the
03:01mornings I'd never been able to wake up
03:02in the mornings my whole life then I
03:04lost seven pounds the first month then I
03:06lost seven pounds the next month then I
03:07lost seven pounds the next month I lost
03:09seven pounds every month for seven
03:10months like I'd throw away all my
03:12clothes and my psoriasis disappeared and
03:14I had floaters in my right eye and they
03:15cleared up and she said to me quit
03:17eating greens and I thought oh really
03:19Jesus Michaela I've tried for a month
03:21I'm better now probably than I've ever
03:23been in my life and I haven't been
03:24taking antidepressants for a whole year
03:25huge is the coolest thing I've had gum
03:27disease since I was 25. it's gone one of
03:29the other things I wanted to mention is
03:31it's really funny too when I talk about
03:33my diet people like oh that's so
03:34unhealthy meanwhile they're eating a
03:36cupcake and a Rice Krispie Treat and
03:37their toast and all this garbage food
03:39let's imagine a football field 100 yards
03:42wide and imagine that is the entirety of
03:44human beings on Earth eating if you look
03:47at all of that and then you just take a
03:49little sliver of paper right on the one
03:51yard line This represents how humans
03:53have been eating the standard American
03:55diet that most people have been eating
03:56for the last hundred years processed
03:58food tons of sugar high fructose corn
04:01syrup we eat deep fried birthday cake
04:04for breakfast and it's normal those are
04:06donuts by the way and since that time
04:08that we've been doing that if you look
04:09at obesity rates and you look at heart
04:12disease and you look at strokes and you
04:14look at cancers it's all following
04:16exactly up as all if we've been eating
04:19this crappy horrible food it's all and
04:21it's just if you take the whole hundred
04:22yards it's right here well what was that
04:24whole time before that 100 yards people
04:27eating more like I do people eating meat
04:29hunters and gatherers they would eat a
04:31ton of meat and then if they're lucky
04:32they get a little couple berries here or
04:34some vegetables here or there that was
04:36it for almost the entirety
04:39of human evolution that was it and just
04:41this little tiny sliver now people are
04:43eating like most people eat the standard
04:44American diet and they're getting fat
04:46and they're getting sick and those are
04:47the same people when they tell them how
04:48they're eating oh my God you're gonna
04:49kill yourself you're gonna have a heart
04:51attack meanwhile I've never felt better
04:53in my life the biggest thing after 30
04:55days is I feel super human I literally
04:58feel like a superhero or something it's
05:02it's amazing what's happening to me I
05:05feel better than I have my entire life
05:06I'm stronger I'm faster I'm smarter the
05:10sleep I get is absolutely amazing before
05:13doing this diet I had some skin issues
05:15and I had arthritis horrible arthritis
05:18in my toe it was so bad that for 18
05:21months it kept getting worse and worse
05:23to the point that I was limping and
05:25favoring the other foot I went in and
05:28they did an MRI and I had so much
05:30arthritic fluid in my toe they wanted to
05:33do surgery on the toe
05:35and that is almost completely gone I
05:38still have some pain in the toe but the
05:40limp is gone favoring the foot is gone
05:42I'm confident that it's going to go away
05:44completely that's 85 percent better it's
05:46completely life-changing that alone plus
05:48I used to have arthritis in my back I'd
05:50get um inflammation and stuff in my
05:52elbows all of that is gone mentally it's
05:55so hard to describe but the clarity I
05:57have in my brain after 30 days the best
06:00example I can give you is my favorite
06:01show is jeopardy Jen and I watch it
06:03almost every single day and after going
06:06on this carnivore diet my cognitive
06:08ability is just through the roof the
06:10other day we were watching Jeopardy in
06:12the first round I ran the first round
06:14I've never done that my whole life I got
06:16every single question
06:19correct kind of fun and it's so weird
06:21because I'm answering things that I
06:24don't even know I know the answer to
06:26I'll spit on an answer I'm like I don't
06:27I don't even know why I know that and
06:30then it's correct
06:31besides that my stomach never gurgles
06:33anymore before I did this diet my
06:36stomach was gurgling and bubbling and I
06:37was farting like 500 times a day I'm
06:39lucky if I get one fart out nowaday I'm
06:42not even joking on that the stomach
06:43issues are completely gone it's like
06:45healed my stomach my dandruff went away
06:48I have no dandruff my skin is looking
06:50better I still have some little bags
06:52under my eyes I've had these my whole
06:53life if you watch my YouTube channel for
06:54seven years but before this these were
06:56like Tommy Lee Jones deep deep bags in
06:59my eyes those are getting better those
07:00are going away as well I barely sweat
07:03anymore I'm working out all the time now
07:05I hardly ever worked out before I would
07:07do stuff around the homestead and that
07:09was my excuse for not working out I'm
07:10gonna go cut down a treat we have a
07:12little home gym now I'm in there every
07:13day I have so much energy last night we
07:15were up till 10 30 at night just working
07:18and doing projects that I never would
07:19have gotten done before my gums are
07:22healthier I have no inflammation in my
07:24body when you have no inflammation you
07:26will feel amazing about a week ago Jen
07:29came down with a bug and the triplets
07:32all got sick as well all three of them
07:34were out of school for four days and I
07:37was perfectly healthy the whole time I
07:38was waiting to get sick and I never did
07:40before I had this weird they call it a
07:42hypnic Jerk It's like a twitch and
07:44before I go to bed it'd be like that it
07:46felt like an electrical shock right here
07:47and I would do it over and over again
07:49before I go to bed Jen and I were
07:50sitting down watching TV before we'd go
07:52to bed I would get these crazy jerks
07:54those are completely gone as well
07:56my hair looks better I don't know what
07:58it is it just looks healthier it looks
08:00thicker it it looks it just feels
08:03healthier blood pressure is improved one
08:05of the biggest changes though is the
08:07Sleep the sleep is amazing the sleep is
08:10worth the price of admission alone I
08:12would do this diet for the rest of my
08:14life if I could sleep this way I've
08:15never slept this good my entire life my
08:18legs feel like warm butter or something
08:19I don't know what it was before if I had
08:21like restless leg syndrome or something
08:23but I would toss and turn and twitch all
08:25night and I'd wake up and I would never
08:27feel rested and it becomes a new normal
08:30and I think this happens for a lot of
08:32people where they're like oh I got eight
08:34hours of sleep I'm good but are we
08:36really getting that deep regenerative
08:38sleep that's going to help your body I
08:40think most people aren't and I think
08:41those same people are the ones that end
08:43up with depression and anxiety and I
08:45know it firsthand because I've had
08:46horrible depression horrible anxiety
08:48I've been on every medication you could
08:50have for depression over the course of
08:52my life I haven't been on any for a
08:53couple of years but on this diet I have
08:57no anxiety whatsoever
09:00no depression whatsoever the mood is
09:03great and I've got energy and motivation
09:06like I've never had before I can't I
09:09feel like when I was a kid and I'd sleep
09:11in on a Saturday morning to like 11
09:13o'clock in the morning and you wake up
09:14and your legs just feel kind of dead and
09:16heavy and like you're like not just your
09:18brain is sleeping but your body's
09:20actually resting and sleeping and
09:21regenerating that's what it feels like
09:23the only difference is it happens every
09:25single night I wake up in the morning my
09:27legs just feel amazing I feel so well
09:29rested I really believe that sleep is
09:32one of the most important things you can
09:34do and I think it's one of the things
09:36that people look over so much and
09:37they're just like yeah I got eight hours
09:39of sleep I'm good there's this
09:41neuroscientist and sleep expert named
09:44Matthew Walker all it takes is one hour
09:46because there is a global experiment
09:48that's performed on 1.6 billion people
09:51across 70 countries twice a year and
09:54it's called daylight savings time now in
09:57the spring when we lose an hour of sleep
09:59we see a subsequent 24 increase in heart
10:02attacks what in the fall in the Autumn
10:06when we gain an hour of sleep there's a
10:0721 decrease in heart attacks so it's
10:10bi-directional that's how fragile and
10:13vulnerable your body is to even just the
10:15smallest perturbation of sleep one hour
10:17one hour
10:18yeah it can change everything in your
10:21life getting poor sleep cause depression
10:24anxiety and then it can lead to diseases
10:26and health issues it weakens your immune
10:28system and I'm telling you this and
10:30you're listening and so many people just
10:31like I'll get some more sleep but
10:33they're not going to put in the effort
10:34to do it and this diet has put in the
10:36effort for me I've tried other things
10:38giving up caffeine now watching TV
10:40before bed not looking at your device
10:42those things all help as well
10:44this thing this diet has been the
10:46biggest game changer day one I stopped
10:50day one my sleep was improved in one day
10:53and when I say I have sleep issues I'm
10:56not joking I've gone in and had sleep
10:58studies I'm diagnosed with uh sleep
11:00apnea I had a sleep study where I woke
11:02up gasping for air so I was on a CPAP
11:05machine for years and then I did keto
11:07and I lost a bunch of weight and I
11:09wasn't snoring quite as much so I quit
11:11it and then that was a couple years ago
11:13from now and I've since started snoring
11:14again I've been snoring for about a year
11:16and one day on this diet I completely
11:18stopped snoring and Jen will attest to
11:21that I haven't snored since it's it's
11:23amazing and when I'm not snoring I'm not
11:26stopping the breathing or having the
11:28sleep apnea issues and the sleep is so
11:30much better and then you wake up the
11:32next day and you refresh you're
11:33rejuvenated your immune system is strong
11:35and you're ready to go about your day so
11:37some people might ask and know that I've
11:39been doing keto for many years I did a
11:41really popular keto video a rant about
11:44it two years ago or maybe a year ago and
11:46that video has been going crazy and I
11:48love keto and I still think this is just
11:50extreme in keto basically but the people
11:53might be like well why didn't keto work
11:54for you keto did work for me and I lost
11:56a lot of weight the problem I was having
11:58with keto Now versus when I did it 10
12:00years ago is there's so many keto Foods
12:02out there now that seem to make it
12:04easier but I think are really messing
12:05people up so I can go to the grocery
12:07store now and I can get keto bread keto
12:09tortillas keto ice cream I try to avoid
12:11a lot of those but I found myself on
12:12keto this last year just creeping into
12:15those things again I'd have the keto
12:16tortillas and I'd make a quesadilla well
12:19then I'm having this weird processed
12:21tortilla that's low carb but I always
12:23felt like it was kind of pushing me out
12:25and then my stomach would be gurgling
12:26and bubbling and then I'd get
12:28inflammation in my elbows and my foot
12:30and it would just lead to more and more
12:32issues and then the Sleep started
12:33getting worse as I would eat more of
12:35those things instead of thinking this
12:37crazy guy is eating meat for 30 days and
12:39eating rib eyes every single day think
12:40of it this way maybe I'm feeling better
12:42not because I ate meat every day but
12:44because I'm not eating all of that other
12:47stuff that I was eating before and stuff
12:50that you and I would deem healthy like a
12:52salad for example doesn't it sound crazy
12:54saying a salad is gonna mess you up so
12:57when I'd have a salad I would like to
12:59have different types of lettuce or
13:01spinach in the salad tomatoes cucumbers
13:03carrots I'm on keto I'd shred some
13:05cheese on there and then I have some
13:07ranch dressing that was my favorite well
13:09now when you look at all of those things
13:10a lot of those are uncooked vegetables
13:12and plants have defense mechanisms some
13:16plants have thorns some plants have
13:17toxins in them a famous Professor that
13:20did a big study on this he was basically
13:22saying plants are trying to kill you
13:24plants have defense mechanisms so you
13:26don't eat them those are toxins and when
13:28you eat those toxins what happens you
13:29get skin issues oh I've got rosacea I've
13:32got a rash I've got rheumatoid arthritis
13:35I've got all these issues in my opinion
13:37a lot of those are reactions to eating
13:40toxins that are in our food all the
13:42processed garbage we eat now you go down
13:44the grocery store aisle and almost
13:45almost everything is processed and has
13:48toxic chemicals and God knows what in it
13:50and you eat it and then you just feel
13:52junky and you do it again the next day
13:53and you feel crappy and then it starts
13:54to become normal and you just think
13:55you're supposed to feel this way and
13:56you're not not
13:58so my main goal for doing this diet
13:59wasn't necessarily to lose weight it was
14:02to fix all the other issues mainly my
14:04foot issue and arthritis I was having in
14:06my foot and that arthritis I was
14:08starting to get in my elbows and my
14:09lower back as well I went to so many
14:11doctors appointments I've had injections
14:13into my foot they're giving me
14:15antibiotics they're giving me pills and
14:17nothing is working so a lot of people do
14:19this as an Elimination Diet so it's not
14:21that we're eating meat for 30 days let's
14:22see what the meat does no it's we're
14:24getting rid of and eliminating all those
14:25other things that were potentially
14:27causing us issues a lot of people it's
14:29dairy or milk other people it's gluten a
14:32lot of people it can actually be things
14:33in vegetables there's toxins in
14:35vegetables and certain vegetables can
14:37cause a reaction that could cause
14:39arthritis or cause inflammation and one
14:42of the biggest misconceptions out there
14:44and that a lot of people are thinking
14:45when I say I've been eating meat for 30
14:47days is oh my gosh you're going to die
14:49of a heart attack you're eating meat
14:51meat causes heart attacks that is a myth
14:53that has been proven Wrong by almost
14:55every doctor out there now and I urge
14:57you to go do some research on it what
14:59causes heart disease strokes and heart
15:01attacks is not eating meat
15:04it's inflammation it's inflammation and
15:07inflammation is caused by eating sugar
15:08and processed garbage your body doesn't
15:10like your body becomes inflamed your
15:12face becomes inflamed your hands become
15:14inflamed your arteries the wall of your
15:16heart everything becomes inflamed and
15:18then you have a heart attack and back in
15:19the early days they used to blame that
15:21on the cholesterols ignoring the
15:22inflammation altogether which was caused
15:24by the other things you were eating they
15:26blamed it on the meat it's since been
15:28proven it's not the meat one of the
15:30other reasons I want to do this diet was
15:31for my daughter Lily she's 18 years old
15:33and many years ago when she was a
15:36teenager she had open heart surgery and
15:38it was crazy and you know one of the
15:40things I was just thinking the worst
15:42part of the open heart surgery for a
15:43parent was of course the surgery and
15:45making sure everything would go okay and
15:46seeing your daughter suffering and
15:47things like that but one of the worst
15:49things that happened to us was when she
15:50went into that surgery it was going to
15:52be eight hours so Jen and I were sitting
15:54downstairs in the hospital waiting for
15:55the phone to ring they'd call us if
15:57anything went wrong or anything happened
15:58well about an hour and a half under the
16:00surgery the phone rang and they're like
16:02we can't do the surgery we're like we
16:04thought maybe she died on the table
16:05something happened it was horrifying and
16:08the surgeon God bless him he saved her
16:10life and I have a ton of respect for him
16:11he came down and told us they can't do
16:13the surgery because she had a little
16:15skin rash over the part where they were
16:17going to open uh her chest up and later
16:21it turns out she has this thing called
16:22HS it's a skin condition where you get a
16:24rash and it's inflammation and you get
16:26it's blotchy and you get acne on it and
16:29she had gone to the doctor for that many
16:30times before and this was years ago
16:33she's gone to the she's gone to probably
16:35four or five different dermatologists
16:37all over the state of Wisconsin they've
16:39given her every type of medication you
16:41could think about for HS which again
16:45it's like acne it's a skin condition she
16:47has it on her back and on her chest and
16:48when I was learning about this
16:50Elimination Diet or carnivore diet uh
16:53one person I listened to was Dr Jordan
16:54Peterson's daughter and she had really
16:58bad skin conditions and horrible
16:59arthritis I was breastfeeding getting
17:01out of bed my wrist buckled I thought I
17:03have to do some something because I'm
17:04worried I'm going to drop my baby the
17:05arthritis was back I was itchy
17:07everywhere and I was like how is this
17:08possible if I'd experienced remission
17:10why isn't that diet working anymore and
17:11I cut everything out except for beef and
17:13two weeks after doing that thinking I'm
17:15nuts hopefully I don't get vitamin
17:16deficiencies the itch went away and my
17:18joints started to feel better four weeks
17:20after that I stopped crying in the
17:21morning and five months after that the
17:23anxiety lifted and I was back in what I
17:25felt was Heaven compared to how I'd been
17:27living all beef all lamb salt and water
17:29my mom went on the diet and her
17:30osteoarthritis went away my dad went on
17:33the diet and he lost 70 pounds kid
17:35psoriasis that went away I've talked to
17:37thousands of people with autoimmune
17:38disorders who've done similar things and
17:40seen similar results I've been talking
17:41about this diet to spread awareness in
17:43hopes that the medical community can
17:44take something like this seriously as a
17:46young person she had a hip replaced or
17:48something I think when she was 17 years
17:49old so she's a young lady like my
17:51daughter who's had similar issues like
17:53my daughter Michaela Peterson has been
17:55doing this diet for several years now
17:57it's completely changed her life she's
17:59like a completely different person than
18:00her father who's very famous Dr Jordan
18:02Peterson started doing it you're on this
18:05carnivore diet okay so this is what
18:07happened I stopped snoring the first
18:08week I thought what the hell I started
18:10waking up in the mornings I'd never been
18:11able to wake up in the mornings my whole
18:13life then I lost seven pounds the first
18:15month then I lost seven pounds the next
18:16month then I lost seven pounds the next
18:18month I lost seven pounds every month
18:19for seven months like I had to throw
18:21away all my clothes and my psoriasis
18:22disappeared and I had floaters in my
18:24right eye and they cleared up and she
18:26said to me quit eating greens and I
18:28thought oh really Jesus Michaela I tried
18:30for a month I'm better now probably than
18:32I've ever been in my life and I haven't
18:33been taking antidepressants for a whole
18:34year here's the coolest thing I've had
18:36gum disease since I was 25. it's gone
18:38completely changed his life and he's
18:40been doing it for a couple years now too
18:41so I'm like maybe this is worth looking
18:43into and I'm going to do it on myself
18:45first and see what it works how it works
18:48is it working for me and within days I
18:50was seeing significant amazing results
18:52so I talked to Lily my 18 year old
18:55daughter I told her all about it I said
18:56you're 18. you can decide if you want to
18:58do this or not I'm not telling you to
19:00eat meat for 30 days I'm telling you to
19:01eliminate those things that I think are
19:03causing me inflammation it's causing
19:05your HS and she still has a wound from
19:08her open heart surgery that's having
19:09trouble healing because of this HS back
19:11to my earlier point she's been to
19:15five or six different
19:17dermatologists and I'm just going to say
19:19this right now shame on you
19:20dermatologist shame on you I have a lot
19:22of respect for doctors and everybody not
19:24one of these five dermatologists
19:27recommended changing her diet every one
19:29of them were throwing pills at her
19:31creams pills the last one it was so
19:34extreme they're like we have this it's a
19:35really harsh pill we know that for three
19:37years now you've been trying everything
19:39else and nothing we've told you has
19:40worked all these appointments all over
19:42the state nothing is working nothing's
19:44making this HS better and it's going to
19:46completely shut down your immune system
19:47and maybe it'll work and you you know
19:50it's not going to work we know it's not
19:51going to work and it could shut down her
19:52immune system after like I just said she
19:55had a blood clot nearly died in her
19:56house and she has all these other health
19:57issues that's what they're suggesting
19:59not one not one of them said maybe it's
20:02your diet so long story short Lily
20:05started the diet about a week after I
20:07did so I'm past my 30th day now she's
20:10got about seven more days to go before
20:12she hits her 30th day after about a week
20:14what do you guys think happened
20:16just do leave a little guess leave a
20:18comment down below her HS acne scars
20:21inflammation redness she has it on her
20:23face she doesn't chest and she has it on
20:25her back her back her whole back had it
20:27on it before it's almost completely gone
20:29it's miraculous it's just a little bit
20:31on this side of her back still and every
20:34day that she progresses it's going away
20:35she walked out of the the of her room
20:38the other day and Jen and I were like
20:39both of us looked at each other she
20:41looks like a different person her face
20:42her skin is clear and the red
20:45inflammation is completely gone and her
20:48sleep is improving and she's losing
20:50weight she's lost a whole bunch of
20:52weight which wasn't the purpose of this
20:53diet it was the purpose of the diet was
20:55to get rid of the skin issues
20:57it's just amazing since that time as
20:59well my mom went on the diet also and
21:03she's she lives in a camper with my
21:05stepdad and they're traveling all around
21:06the country and she had all sorts of
21:08issues as well issues with um her knees
21:11and skin issues and so she was about two
21:15weeks after I started and she's seeing
21:17absolutely amazing results she just told
21:19me the other day she's like I'm gonna do
21:20this the rest of my life I'm not going
21:21to change this whatsoever she feels
21:23better than she has her entire life her
21:25skin issues are clearing up she had
21:27arthritis and fluid in her knee and she
21:29was going to need knee surgery and
21:30that's clearing up and she's losing
21:31weight in her sleep she she emailed me
21:34the other day said she had the best
21:35night's sleep of her entire life
21:37this is the other Epiphany for me right
21:39there's so many people out there with
21:41skin issues like Lily with the HS or
21:43they have acne or they have
21:46um psoriasis or peeling skin or issues
21:48like that I truly believe that in almost
21:50all of those cases it isn't that it's
21:52some unidentifiable thing like the
21:55dermatologists say it's the food we're
21:57eating it's what you're putting in your
21:58body you're having an allergic reaction
22:00just like if someone ate peanuts and
22:02they were allergic to it they'd get
22:03inflammation their throat might close up
22:05why because they're allergic to the
22:07peanut it's the same way people that are
22:09having these HS and skin issues and acne
22:11and all these things it's inflammation
22:13caused by a bad reaction to some of the
22:16food you're eating and you're eating so
22:17many different types of food and then
22:19it's compounded by this fact think about
22:21this when I eat meat I eat beef that's
22:23all that's going in my stomach and
22:24that's all my stomach has to process now
22:27think about this if I were to eat a
22:28salad like I would before which is way
22:30healthier than potato chips or french
22:31fries don't get me wrong but I need a
22:32salad with cucumbers
22:35um guacamole cheese all olives Tomatoes
22:38different types of spinach on there some
22:41ranch dressing all those things go down
22:42my stomach and I'm having different
22:44reactions to all of those and my immune
22:46system is going to work like oh is there
22:47something bad in this one oh I gotta
22:48fight this one do I got to do this my
22:50immune system is going in overdrive
22:51whereas on the diet I'm on now it's just
22:53meat that's all it's got to process if
22:55your immune system is going in overdrive
22:57while you're having a toxic reaction to
22:59one of these things you're getting sort
23:00of that double whammy and then on top of
23:02it it's affecting your sleep you're
23:04snoring at night and these things are
23:05starting to snowball and you're starting
23:06to get depression and anxiety then
23:08there's cancer I was just watching a
23:10YouTube video about a doctor talking
23:11about cancer where does cancer come from
23:13all these billions of dollars you're
23:15spent every year on cancer maybe it's
23:17something to do with what we're eating
23:18and we're slowly poisoning ourselves
23:20with these processed foods sugars and
23:23toxins and they're causing inflammation
23:24and they're causing problems and putting
23:27just their food you are what you eat
23:29it's really that simple so I did this as
23:32an Elimination Diet I was going to do it
23:33for 30 days and I don't want to stop so
23:37we're going to see what happens but my
23:38goal is I want to get back down I went
23:41from 220 plus pounds down to 199. in
23:45fact I just checked this morning I was
23:46198.5 so I lost 22 pounds in 30 days on
23:51this diet again that wasn't my goal and
23:53I don't care about that other than I
23:55feel way healthier now
23:56but just to have an arbitrary goal and
23:58keep going I'm going to try to get down
24:00to 185 so I'm going to continue doing
24:02this after that it's this is an
24:05Elimination Diet so some people will
24:06reintroduce food and see is that
24:08affecting me so maybe I start with some
24:10mushrooms or something and see if that
24:12affects me and try that for a couple
24:13days try some spinach or something like
24:15that see if that affects me maybe it was
24:17just the dairy maybe it was the gluten
24:18but maybe it was maybe it was 20
24:20different things out of the 500
24:22different things that humans eat so the
24:24goal would be to figure that out or
24:26continue just doing the carnivore diet
24:27there's lots of people that have been
24:29doing the carnivore diet for years and
24:31years and years and I know you guys are
24:32gonna think that's crazy don't take my
24:34word for it there are surgeons that have
24:37been doing the carnivore diet for years
24:38doctors that have been doing it for
24:39years A lot of them are on YouTube
24:41talking about this and they don't have
24:43anything to gain from this any other
24:45doctor you talk to the only answer they
24:47have in their toolbox is to throw a pill
24:49at you that almost never works either by
24:51the way so here's uh here's a bunch of
24:54doctors if you want to learn more about
24:55the carnivore diet don't take my word
24:57for it I'm not a doctor
24:58do your research though and do you want
25:00to believe the people that are selling
25:02you the food pyramid which is a complete
25:04joke and it's completely upside down
25:05yeah I'm gonna listen to the food parent
25:06I'm gonna go eat cereal and rice and
25:08pasta all day that's the bulk of the
25:10food pyramid don't listen to those
25:12people do your own research there's so
25:14much information available online and
25:16there's a lot of folks on YouTube that
25:18break all this down for you really smart
25:19folks surgeons doctors Dr Sean Baker Dr
25:23Paul saladino Dr Ken Berry Dr Georgia
25:26Eddie Dr Gustin Dr edas Dr O'Hare and Dr
25:31Clemens Dr bickman Dr Lyon many many
25:35YouTube channels then you have all the
25:36individuals I've I've been just enjoying
25:39watching the individuals there's one
25:41called Ferrigno freedom I love this guy
25:43stuff like this has found its way back
25:45into my diet ultimately it only matters
25:48whether or not I can take care of my
25:50I've been really surprised at how I've
25:52been able to resist the cravings
25:55pretty much only twice a day since I've
25:57been doing this I'm hardly ever hungry
25:59so that's it trimming down a little bit
26:01feeling better
26:03found out about air frying rib eyes and
26:06oh my God I don't know why I ever
26:08grilled them before
26:09I'm actually getting blood work next
26:15this diet has made me feel like Superman
26:24good whatever I'm doing keep doing
26:28it's amazing what's happening to me
26:33my wife says my legs look small now so I
26:36gotta start doing squats
26:40you've got to be in control of what
26:42you're doing with your body Jen and I
26:43just happened to upon his channel he's
26:45way overweight extremely unhealthy we
26:48watched his video just the first one and
26:50I didn't realize that was two years ago
26:52so then I watched one of his other
26:53videos and it was today he's been doing
26:55this diet for two years he looks like a
26:57completely transformed human he looks
26:59completely different he's so much
27:00healthier and he's done all of his blood
27:03work over and over again that's another
27:04question I get is oh let's see what your
27:06cholesterol is going to do let's see how
27:07healthy you're gonna be let's check your
27:08blood work a lot of these doctors that I
27:10just mentioned and a ton of these
27:12individuals they'll go on YouTube they
27:14will show you their my chart from before
27:15and their MyChart from after so if you
27:18think this is going to ruin your health
27:19or your blood work or your cholesterol
27:21watch some of these guys and do your own
27:23research again I'm not trying to sell
27:25you on this diet I'm not trying to sell
27:27you anything the only reason I'm doing
27:28this video is because this has been
27:29life-changing for me life-changing for
27:32my daughter life changing for my mother
27:34life-changing for so many people that
27:36I've watched and researched if you are
27:38interested in doing it I just encourage
27:40you do your own research there's so much
27:42out there don't do what I say and try to
27:43go do it if someone wanted to start this
27:45I would suggest first and foremost you
27:47do all of your own research and make
27:49your own decisions and then maybe start
27:50doing keto and then move from keto into
27:53something like this I hope you enjoyed
27:55that video if you want to learn more I
27:56did this keto rant video a couple years
27:58ago and this was before I was doing
28:00carnivore of course but a lot of what I
28:01was talking about there I think applies
28:03to here
28:05amazing what's happening to me
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the benefits of following a carnivore diet for 30 days?

Following a carnivore diet for 30 days can have positive impacts on physical and mental health, including weight loss, improved sleep, and relief from skin issues and arthritis.

2. How can a carnivore diet impact weight loss and sleep?

A carnivore diet can lead to weight loss and improved sleep due to the elimination of processed foods and carbohydrates, along with the consumption of nutrient-dense animal-based foods.

3. What are the potential benefits of a carnivore diet for skin issues and arthritis?

Individuals following a carnivore diet have reported relief from skin issues and arthritis, suggesting potential benefits of this diet on inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders.

4. Have others experienced similar benefits from following a carnivore diet?

Yes, there are individuals who have reported similar benefits from following a carnivore diet, highlighting the potential of this dietary approach for improving overall health and well-being.

5. How can a carnivore diet positively impact physical and mental health?

The positive impact of a carnivore diet on physical and mental health can be attributed to the exclusion of processed foods and grains, and the focus on nutrient-dense animal-based foods that support overall well-being.

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