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The video provides tips on building an aesthetic body, emphasizing the importance of progressive overload in training, targeting specific muscle groups, prioritizing sleep and recovery, following a proper diet, and being cautious with supplements.
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Building an aesthetic lean physique requires patience and optimal training and dieting for at least 2-3 years, choosing a proper gym with a competitive environment is essential, and following a training routine that specifies reps, sets, and progression method while using progressive overload is key to gain muscle.
Optimal training and dieting for 2-3 years is required for an aesthetic lean physique.
Choosing a proper gym with a competitive environment is essential for progress.
Following a training routine that specifies reps, sets, and progression method while using progressive overload is key to gain muscle.
Tracking workouts is important for progress.
To build an aesthetic body, focus on horizontal and vertical pulls, and give extra attention to the neck, upper traps, lateral delts, upper chest, abs, lats, and arms.
Neck extensions and curls can quickly grow the neck muscle.
Dumbbell and barbell shrugs are good for maximizing upper trap growth.
Lateral dumbbell raises and rear deltoid exercises help with shoulder aesthetics.
Incline movements, such as incline dumbbell or barbell press, are important for building upper chest.
Abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen.
Prioritize lat exercises over rows for a V-taper look, and do bicep curls and tricep isolation exercises in moderation. Don't skip leg day, prioritize Bulgarian split squats for aesthetics, and avoid building supermassive legs for a more appealing physique.
Women are attracted to a V-taper physique with shoulder circumference 1.6 times greater than waist circumference.
Bulgarian split squats are recommended for a more aesthetic look to legs and lower risk of injury.
Don't overdo bicep curls and tricep isolation exercises like a typical Gym Bro.
Avoid building supermassive legs as it may decrease appeal and aesthetics.
To build an aesthetic body, prioritize training close to failure, prioritize sleep and recovery, and maintain a balanced diet with sufficient protein intake.
Train close to failure, within two reps, to maximize muscle gains.
Prioritize 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep per night for optimal recovery.
Nutrition plays a permissive role in muscle building, with lean bulking being the superior alternative.
Ensure sufficient protein intake, with fats at 20 to 30% of total calorie intake and the rest filled with carbs.
Tracking your calories is important for progress, as it helps you understand your eating habits and make necessary adjustments.
Weigh yourself every morning after using the bathroom and calculate a weekly average to account for water weight fluctuations.
Aim to gain 2-3 pounds per month in your first year of lean bulking by eating around 300 calories above maintenance.
Online calculators may not accurately determine your maintenance calories, as activity levels and metabolism vary.
For overweight individuals, aim to lose 1.5-2 pounds per week in the first three months of weight loss.
If you're starting as a skinny-fat person, focus on a recomp strategy for the first six months by eating around maintenance calories and enough protein.
Most supplements are a waste of money and won't provide significant muscle gains.
00:00so you saw my previous videos and you
00:03finally got convinced that building an
00:05aesthetic lean physique is the basis of
00:07every looks Max transformation but you
00:09will have to be patient this is the sort
00:11of transformation that will elevate your
00:13smv the most but it will be the one that
00:15takes the longest for most of you it
00:17will take at least two to three years of
00:19optimal training and dieting to get the
00:21desired result so without wasting any
00:23more time first you gotta get yourself
00:25in the gym not just any gym don't go to
00:27this gyms you need to go to a proper gym
00:30where you can experience a competitive
00:32environment this will be essential for
00:34you to keep getting progress nothing
00:36worse than you going to a Planet Fitness
00:38train for a couple of months end up
00:40looking better than ninety percent of
00:42people in that gym and then thinking
00:44that you're done competition drives
00:46progress so let's start with training
00:48routines you should pick a program that
00:51specifies reps sets how many days per
00:54week you will be training in some sort
00:56of progression method it doesn't really
00:57matter which training routine you will
00:59follow because as long as you are using
01:01Progressive overload you will gain
01:03muscle the best routine for you will be
01:05the one that you can adhere to
01:06consistently Progressive overload is the
01:09main driver for muscle growth and it can
01:11be achieved by either increasing the
01:13weight on the bar performing more reps
01:14with the same given weight or adding
01:16more training volume usually in the form
01:18of sets but a key Point here that I want
01:20you guys to understand is that using
01:22strength to compare one individual's
01:24progress over time is extremely useful
01:26but is not when we compare two different
01:28individuals however if Progressive
01:31overload is not being accomplished
01:32within a long period of time you will
01:34inevitably fail to build muscle meaning
01:36that if in six months you are still
01:38doing the same weight on the same
01:39exercise you probably haven't gained any
01:42muscle and you will look basically the
01:43same now you should be tracking your
01:45workouts whether you do it on a workout
01:47app a Notes app or the good old school
01:49way with pen and a notepad it is up to
01:52you but it is very important that you do
01:54it if you want to maximize your results
01:55especially since in your first year of
01:57lifting your goal should be to try and
01:59beat your training law every single week
02:01just don't keep it in your head because
02:03inevitably you will forget about some of
02:05the lifts you did and this will stall
02:07your progress also tracking your
02:09workouts will give you more motivation
02:10to keep progressing and stay serious
02:13about this journey there are six main
02:15type of exercises that you should be
02:16getting stronger over time and they are
02:18squat movement hip hinge movement
02:20horizontal press Vertical Press
02:23horizontal pull and vertical pull these
02:26are the exercises that you should see
02:27progress over time it doesn't have to be
02:29the specific ones for example I happen
02:31to think that dumbbell incline presses
02:33will build the chest in a more
02:34aesthetically way than the barbell bench
02:36press would however it is still
02:38important to get strong at the barbell
02:39bench press now obviously since the goal
02:42for most of you will be purely catered
02:44to Aesthetics there is a group of
02:45muscles that need extra work and
02:47attention and those would be the neck
02:49upper traps lateral delts upper chest
02:52abs lats and arms as I said in previous
02:55videos the neck is perhaps one of the
02:57most important muscles in the body it is
02:59visible at all times and it can make the
03:01framing of your face look much better
03:03you can incorporate neck extensions and
03:05neck curls and the good news is that the
03:07neck is a muscle that grows very fast
03:09within a few months you will notice a
03:11difference upper traps are used when you
03:13work your back in general but doing
03:15dumbbell and barbell shrugs is a sure
03:17way to maximize your traps growth for
03:19the shoulders usually if you're doing
03:21dumbbell presses and Military presses
03:23your front deltoid don't need any
03:24isolation exercises but the lateral head
03:27of the shoulder is the one that impacts
03:29Aesthetics the most since it gives you
03:31that wider look from the front so make
03:32sure you do lateral dumbbell raises and
03:35focus on good form and also don't forget
03:37about the rear deltoid through face
03:39pulls or a seated bent over rear delt
03:41variation for the upper chest you want
03:43to incorporate incline movements such as
03:45the incline dumbbell press and incline
03:47barbell press anywhere from 30 to 45
03:49degrees will do the job some people will
03:51find more success on 30 degrees compared
03:54to 45 degrees do not neglect upper chest
03:57as this is the portion of your chest
03:58that truly gives a fullness aesthetic
04:00look nothing worse than seeing lacking
04:02upper chest combined with the
04:04overpowering lower chest we often hear
04:06that abs are made in the kitchen but
04:07that statement is only half of the truth
04:09abs are revealed in the kitchen and made
04:11in the gym if you are serious about
04:13having an aesthetic body you should do
04:15direct work for your whole midsection
04:16muscles some people are not going to
04:18have popping abdominal muscles just by
04:20getting lower body fat it is the
04:22combination of working those muscles
04:24with being low body fat that produces
04:26the final result so you should be doing
04:28hanging leg raises decline sit-ups and
04:31rope crunches guys treat abs like any
04:34other muscle group you shouldn't be
04:35training them every single day doing
04:37this crazy 20-minute AB shredding
04:39workouts instead you should be training
04:41them twice a week and progressing on
04:43them just like any other muscle for the
04:45lats focus on getting very strong on
04:46pull-ups and chin-ups I would definitely
04:48prioritize this movements over rows this
04:51will give you that V taper look that is
04:53very attractive Studies have shown that
04:55women are very attracted to a V taper
04:56physique where the shoulder
04:58circumference is 1.6 times greater than
05:00the waist circumference by working on
05:02the lats you will add to this illusion
05:04and make your physique much more
05:05aesthetic pleasing and for the arms all
05:08you bros will be pleased to find that
05:09you should indeed be doing some sort of
05:11bicep curl and tricep isolation
05:13exercises just don't be like the typical
05:15clueless Gym Bro that dedicates a full
05:17day for arm training and then do four or
05:20five exercises for biceps and five more
05:22exercises for triceps and end up doing a
05:24bunch of junk training volume chasing
05:26the pump it's totally Overkill and it
05:28will actually delay your gains and
05:30lastly for those of you who thought you
05:32could get away with skipping leg day you
05:34are inevitably wrong and you might want
05:36to rethink your approach the legs are
05:38not at the highest importance in terms
05:40of building an aesthetic physique but
05:42you will not get away with having legs
05:43that are clearly too small for your
05:45upper body the proportions still need to
05:47be met and you need to train your legs
05:49just like any other muscle squats are a
05:51good General strength and mass building
05:53exercise for the legs but for our
05:55general purposes of Aesthetics I would
05:57prioritize Bulgarian split squats simply
05:59because the form will be a lot more
06:01natural and you also work the VMO
06:03muscles a lot more which gives a more
06:04aesthetic look to your legs also your
06:07chances of getting injured are much
06:08lower with a Bulgarian split squat you
06:10can also throw in some leg presses and
06:12some dedicated calf exercises however
06:14you don't want to fall into the
06:16bodybuilding Meme and build supermassive
06:18legs I believe this would actually
06:19decrease your appeal and Aesthetics
06:21slightly because it would make you look
06:23shorter and more stocky remember guys we
06:25are trying to build an aesthetic
06:26physique we're not trying to body build
06:28or even power lift so we don't need to
06:30get attached to the big three lifts
06:32bench Squat and deadlift when it comes
06:34to rep ranges rest intervals and number
06:36of sets you should stick to the basics 9
06:39to 12 sets per muscle group a week and
06:41this would be the bigger muscle groups
06:43while for the smaller muscle groups you
06:45would be doing three to six sets per
06:47week remember that this smaller muscles
06:49have an overlap when you train your big
06:51muscle groups with compound lifts you
06:53should train predominantly in the 6 to
06:5512 rep range a few sets can be done in
06:57the one to five rep range focusing on
06:59strength and a few sets on some
07:01isolation movements you can do higher
07:03rep work in the 12 to 20 rep range I
07:05cannot stress this enough but you need
07:07to train hard just going through the
07:09motions in the gym might give you some
07:11muscle gains at the very beginning but
07:13this won't last you need to push
07:15yourself in every set and make every set
07:17count all your sets should be taken
07:19close to failure and no more than two
07:21reps away from failure if you were one
07:23of these guys who are able to train for
07:25hours on end you probably aren't
07:27training hard enough
07:30you have to prioritize sleep and
07:32Recovery studies show time and time
07:34again that sleep deprivation slows down
07:36your muscle gains and also impacts your
07:38health in a major negative way ideally
07:41you would always try to aim for 7.5 to 9
07:43hours of sleep a night everyone is
07:45individual and ideally you would wake up
07:47without any alarm clock if for some
07:49reason you cannot sleep the appropriate
07:51amount of time try to always wake up
07:53after a sleep cycle usually these last
07:55for 90 minutes so time your alarm clock
07:57with that it is during sleep that your
07:59body actually recovers and make those
08:01adaptations I would always prioritize
08:03sleepover training if you are waking up
08:05early to go work out it is probably not
08:07worth it
08:09the saying you cannot out train a bad
08:11diet is completely truth and this is
08:13because nutrition has a permissive role
08:15in muscle building eating does not cause
08:17muscle growth but permits muscle growth
08:19given enough training stimulus on the
08:22contrary simply eating a lot is not
08:24going to cause you to gain muscle if you
08:25don't have a training stimulus and not
08:27eating enough calories to grow while
08:29having stimulus will lead to very little
08:31muscle growth this is why lean bulking
08:33is the superior alternative to dirty
08:35bulking simply put eating just enough
08:37will allow you to gain close to maximum
08:39amount of muscle without putting on as
08:41much fat while eating far above what you
08:43would normally eat on a lean bulk is
08:44going to cause a massive amount of fat
08:46gain it is accepted that 0.8 grams per
08:49pound of body weight or 1.8 grams per
08:51kilogram of body weight for protein is
08:54more than enough to maximize muscle
08:55growth fats should be around 20 to 30
08:58percent of your total calorie intake and
09:00rest should be filled with carbs skinny
09:03guys have got to put this through their
09:04heads if you don't eat enough you will
09:06not make any gains and your progress is
09:08just going to stall for months
09:10potentially years naturally skinny guys
09:13tend to think that they eat so much when
09:15in reality they tend to either under eat
09:17or just eat at maintenance calories the
09:19body cannot create muscles out of thin
09:21air you have to eat in a slightly
09:22caloric Surplus as a skinny guy to make
09:24improvements the same can be said for
09:26guys who are overweight but in Reverse
09:28some of these people seem to think they
09:30eat too little when in reality they
09:32aren't in a calorie deficit the way to
09:34eliminate this problem is by tracking
09:36your calories and protein intake for a
09:38few months at least so you develop the
09:40sense of how much you are eating
09:42tracking your calories can be a very
09:44high commitment but you don't have to do
09:45it forever it is a valuable skill and I
09:48think every beginner should give it a
09:49try for a few months because in my
09:51experience this is one of the biggest
09:53reasons why people get stuck for months
09:55and months and they virtually have no
09:57idea why the way you track your body
09:59weight is by weighting yourself every
10:00morning after using the bathroom and
10:02then do a weekly average of your body
10:04weight the reason is because your body
10:06weight fluctuates due to water weight so
10:08going by weekly average is more accurate
10:11as a skinny guy you should be aiming to
10:12gain two to three pounds per month in
10:14your first year of lean bulking to
10:16achieve this you should eat around 300
10:18calories above your maintenance and this
10:20is the reason why you should do those
10:21weekly averages this way when your
10:23weight stalls you can increase the
10:25calories by another 200 calories or so
10:27do not rely on online calculators to
10:30find your maintenance calories as this
10:31will be very individual everyone has a
10:34different activity level and different
10:35metabolism the same applies for
10:37overweight guys except in the first
10:39three months of weight loss you guys can
10:41afford to lose up to 1.5 to 2 pounds a
10:44week remember that in the first week you
10:46will lose more than that because you
10:48will also lose water weight at some
10:50point weight loss Will stall and you
10:52will have to start eating back at
10:53maintenance once again for a week and
10:55then you can go back to your calorie
10:56deficit once again and if you're
10:58starting out as a skinny fat individual
11:00you must focus on a recomp strategy for
11:03the first six months this is because if
11:05you focus on gaining weight you will get
11:07too fat and if you focus on on losing
11:09weight you will be too skinny so eat it
11:12around maintenance calories eat enough
11:13protein and make progress in the gym now
11:16to finish off the video we're going to
11:17talk about supplements and there isn't a
11:19whole lot to talk about here I will be
11:21brutally honest most supplements on the
11:23market are a scam and a total waste of
11:25money no supplement on the market is
11:27going to give you more muscle gains than
11:29if you just ate a healthy Whole Food
11:31based diet they are not Peds they are
11:34just for convenience and even then I
11:36wouldn't bother using any of them if you
11:38are not quite sure where exactly you
11:40stand on the current dating Marketplace
11:42and you want a detailed personalized
11:44looks maxing plan you can order a facial
11:46and smv Analysis from me in this website
11:49the link will be in the description and
11:51in the comments section that's it for
11:53today feel free to drop a comment below
11:55sharing your thoughts about this video
11:57and what you would like to see me talk
11:59about in the next video make sure you
12:01subscribe to this Channel and I will see
12:03you guys soon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key tips for building an aesthetic body?

The key tips for building an aesthetic body include emphasizing the importance of progressive overload in training, targeting specific muscle groups, prioritizing sleep and recovery, following a proper diet, and being cautious with supplements.

2. How important is progressive overload in training for building an aesthetic body?

Progressive overload in training is essential for building an aesthetic body as it ensures continuous muscle growth and adaptation to new challenges, leading to a more sculpted physique.

3. What role does prioritizing sleep and recovery play in achieving an aesthetic body?

Prioritizing sleep and recovery is crucial for achieving an aesthetic body as it allows the body to repair and grow muscle tissues, regulate hormones, and optimize overall performance during workouts.

4. How does following a proper diet contribute to the development of an aesthetic physique?

Following a proper diet plays a significant role in the development of an aesthetic physique by providing the necessary nutrients for muscle growth, promoting fat loss, and sustaining energy levels for optimal performance.

5. What should individuals be cautious about when using supplements to support their fitness journey?

Individuals should be cautious about choosing supplements and consult with professionals to ensure safety, effectiveness, and relevance to their fitness goals, as improper use or reliance on supplements may pose potential risks.

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