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This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to hire an escort, explaining the importance of clarity in needs, doing thorough research, and being respectful during the encounter. It emphasizes the need for communication and mutual respect while highlighting that hiring an escort is not a long-term solution for deep intimate connections.
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Hiring a sex worker can be a simple and effective way to improve your sex life and overcome insecurities.
Paying for sex has been practiced since ancient times.
Hiring a sex worker can help break a dry spell or address sexual insecurities.
It provides a guarantee of a satisfying and comfortable experience for those unsure about getting back into the dating scene.
When hiring a sex worker, it is important to be clear about your needs and do proper research.
Different sex workers offer different services based on specific needs.
Understand the laws regarding hiring sex workers in your area.
Escort agencies can provide a more secure option for hiring a sex worker.
Working with an agency ensures professionalism, protection, and handling of money.
When hiring an escort, be prepared for a vetting process, including a deposit and screening.
Let the sex worker know your expectations and activities beforehand.
Be aware that you will be responsible for additional expenses on top of the escort's rate.
Prepare for the encounter by showering, grooming, and showing mutual respect. Avoid drinking alcohol before the meeting.
When hiring an escort, communication is key and it is important to be respectful, honest, and clear about your needs and desires.
Be respectful and courteous towards the escort.
Clearly communicate your needs and desires to ensure a satisfying experience.
Discuss how you want to spend your time together and ask if the services you desire are provided.
Avoid asking for unprotected sex or engaging in any form of violence.
Understand that some escorts may not offer kissing as a service.
After the date, it is important to say a polite goodbye and consider tipping the escort if you were satisfied with the service.
Tipping is appreciated, especially if the escort is part of an agency.
If you would like to see the escort again, let her know and book through the agency.
It is normal to have trial and error in finding a sex worker that suits your preferences.
Hiring an escort is not a long-term solution for a deep intimate connection.
00:00is hiring a sex worker the answer to
00:03improving your sex life and performance
00:05it's worked for some of my clients and
00:07I'm going to tell you how and why I'm
00:09also going to share a step-by-step guide
00:11to hiring an escort and what you can
00:14expect from The Experience now it is no
00:16secret that paying money for sex is
00:18Taboo in our culture but apparently
00:20people have been doing it since forever
00:21hence why it's known as the oldest
00:23profession so it's time to lift the veil
00:25and tell you what it's actually like and
00:28how to do it right and make sure you
00:30watch until the end of this video
00:31because there are some critical do's and
00:33don'ts you will not want to miss and by
00:36the way if you haven't subscribed
00:37already go ahead and click that button
00:39now I release a new video every week and
00:42I leave nose tone unturned when it comes
00:44to giving you all the sex and
00:45relationship advice that you need even
00:47if it's a little non-conventional like
00:49today's topic hiring a sex worker isn't
00:52something that I always recommend but
00:54sometimes it really is the best and
00:57simplest way to get things going again
00:59especially if you've been dealing with a
01:01dry spell or some deep sexual
01:04insecurities for a lot of people getting
01:06out there and having sex with someone
01:07new can feel like jumping off a cliff
01:09scary intimidating you don't know how
01:11much it's gonna hurt when you'll impact
01:13not only that but it can feel like you
01:15don't know exactly what you're diving
01:16into after you jump is the other person
01:19going to be satisfied will they have the
01:21same needs and desires as me does
01:22everything work like I remember it am I
01:25gonna get mercilessly rejected that's
01:27gonna have me feeling worse than I did
01:29before the thing about hiring a sex
01:30worker if you do it the right way is
01:32that you can pretty much guarantee that
01:33what you're diving into is crisp
01:36inviting refreshing water and that can
01:38be a very comforting feeling for those
01:40who are unsure about how to get back
01:42into the sexual saddle and hiring sex
01:44workers isn't limited to those going
01:46through a sex drought there are many
01:48reasons that men and women and
01:50non-binary folks have hired these
01:52professionals maybe you're looking for
01:54some companionship to soothe feelings of
01:56loneliness or you just create physical
01:58touch you don't currently have access to
02:00it at home maybe you like the idea of a
02:02truly no strings attached sexual
02:05connection that doesn't require
02:07emotional maintenance whatever your
02:09reason may be here's my step-to-step
02:11guide to working with an escort step one
02:14be clear on your expectations the first
02:17step to hiring pretty much anyone is
02:19figuring out what you're looking for and
02:21there are a lot of different reasons to
02:22pay for sex and you're going to want to
02:24find a sex worker who can meet your
02:26specific reasons and needs because when
02:28it comes to sex workers the services
02:30really do vary there are people you can
02:33hire to be arm candy at a big event you
02:35know impress all your colleagues but
02:37they're probably not going to be the
02:39same professionals Who You'd hire to say
02:40pee on your face no matter what you're
02:43looking for there is a person for the
02:45job but the first step to find them is
02:47getting really clear on what you're
02:48looking for before working with a sex
02:50worker make sure that your needs are
02:52appropriate and the professional that
02:54you're talking to can reasonably fill
02:56those needs once you're clear on what it
02:58is that you want the next step is to
03:00find it which brings me to step two do
03:02your research how does one hire a sex
03:05worker anyway well there are a few ways
03:07to do it and some are safer than others
03:10first it's a good idea to get familiar
03:12with the laws in your area some of the
03:14time hiring companionship is legal but
03:16direct solicitation for sex is not and
03:19if that sounds complicated you can bet
03:21it only gets more complicated from there
03:23and let's be real just because something
03:25is illegal doesn't mean that it's
03:26immoral so do what you will with that
03:29information I'm not recommending you do
03:30anything illegal I'm just saying bad
03:32laws deserve to be broken when it comes
03:34to hiring a sex worker agencies often
03:36provide the most secure options you can
03:39easily find escort agencies online and
03:40you can work with them to find someone
03:42who's a great fit for you do this in
03:44advance it's like scheduling an
03:45appointment okay it's not going to be
03:46just your dream women's is available
03:47because you're horny at 11 PM okay by
03:49going through an agency you're working
03:51with professionals who are more
03:52protected right because they have an
03:54employer essentially often provides them
03:56security off and handles the money often
03:58gives them a bodyguard they also
03:59therefore tend to be more expensive
04:01because the whole organization needs to
04:03take a cut in order to keep things
04:05running the bright side is that these
04:07sex workers come with reviews which you
04:10can check out thus you can be more
04:11reassured that you're going to get the
04:13professional experience that you want
04:14soliciting someone on the street is a
04:16far riskier option and these women are
04:18often in less comfortable positions with
04:20more exposure to violence and legal
04:23threats and you know being hassled by
04:25police there are also independent
04:27escorts so they don't work for an agency
04:29but they still have websites that they
04:31typically run themselves again make sure
04:33to do research ask for reviews any
04:36possible complaints it is always better
04:38to go with someone who you can vet at
04:40least a little bit and by the way be
04:42prepared for her to vet you too step
04:45three preparation so you've reached out
04:47to an escort online what's next well you
04:49can expect that many agencies and
04:51independent workers alike may require a
04:54deposit and probably some sort of
04:56screening process don't get offended
04:57it's just part of guaranteeing her
04:59safety it's important to let the sex
05:01worker know exactly what you're looking
05:02for and make sure ahead of time that
05:04they're okay with any activities that
05:06you have in mind once you've both vetted
05:08each other and agreed to work together
05:09you set a time and place it is important
05:12to keep in mind that on top of their
05:14rate expenses for the evening from
05:17accommodation to food or drink to any
05:19specific lingerie you want her to wear
05:21or sex toys you want to use which should
05:22be all new and in the box when she gets
05:24there you are going to be paying for
05:26everything else on top of her rate now
05:28when it comes to getting ready to meet
05:30with a sex worker you should prepare as
05:32if you are going on any other date
05:35shower trim make yourself presentable
05:38just because you're paying for it
05:40doesn't mean that you get to just show
05:41up all like scrubby and nasty in fact
05:43she may ask you to shower again in front
05:45of her do it the experience will go best
05:48if you show mutual respect another thing
05:50that's important to know is a lot of
05:51guys think that maybe like I'll have a
05:53drink or two to take the edge off before
05:55meeting not a good idea a lot of women
05:57myself included see men who have been
06:00drinking as unpredictable scary like
06:02could be violent people in general when
06:04they're drunk put other folks in
06:06vulnerable positions because they don't
06:07have the same sense of themselves and
06:09self-control also would you do that on a
06:11regular date like show up having had
06:12three drinks probably not so it's not
06:14great to do it on a paid date either and
06:17now what to expect when you actually are
06:20meeting her step four the encounter
06:23first things first have your payment
06:26ready if you're feeling a little awkward
06:28about how to hand it to her especially
06:30maybe if you're meeting in a public
06:31place or for the first time it is
06:33totally okay to just name that say I
06:35have the payment ready and ask her how
06:38she would like you to hand it over just
06:40she's the professional just ask her how
06:42it's done someone going in to get their
06:44first tattoo is naturally going to ask
06:45their tattoo artist a lot of questions
06:47how does this work what should I do how
06:48do I care for this afterward how much do
06:50I pay you what should I expect ask the
06:52professional they're there to answer
06:53your questions you don't have to pretend
06:55you know everything overall the most
06:56important thing to remember when
06:58spending time with a sex worker is that
07:00communication is key which should have
07:03like a little blinking sign for every
07:05time I say communication is key on this
07:07channel because it's like once every
07:08video can be
07:11remember she is there to provide you
07:14with a good experience and all you have
07:16to do is help her do that be respectful
07:18be courteous let her know how she can
07:21provide this great service to you I mean
07:22if there's anyone who you can be honest
07:24with about your needs and desires it is
07:26someone that you are literally paying to
07:28fulfill them right so don't be afraid to
07:30share exactly what you need to feel
07:32comfortable aroused and satisfied now
07:35you can choose to spend your allotted
07:37time with her however you both agree
07:38whatever you want clearly just voice it
07:41and ask if it's a service that she can
07:43provide if you want to take time and
07:44talk and ask questions that's up to you
07:46if you want to get straight to business
07:47you can let her know that too but know
07:49that any and all Chit Chat and small
07:51talk takes place on the clock some of my
07:54escort friends said that they spend more
07:55time talking to their clients than
07:57having any sort of physical touch or
07:59maybe they have sex first and then they
08:00spend like an hour hearing what's going
08:02on in their lives connecting like
08:04coaching them
08:05all good you're allowed to ask for
08:08anything that you want in order to get
08:09the most out of your experience just try
08:11to be as clear and honest with yourself
08:13and her as possible at the same time
08:15there are some other things that you
08:16should never ask for like sex is not a
08:18condom condoms are a must they protect
08:21her and you also any form of violence is
08:24off the table and that can also include
08:25BDSM remember she doesn't want to go
08:27home with marks scratches bruises from
08:30your encounter with her if you want to
08:31have a BDSM experience make sure that
08:33you go to someone who specializes in
08:36that the service is for you but both of
08:39your boundaries and both of your comfort
08:40are equally important to make sure it
08:43goes well another thing to keep in mind
08:44is that for many professionals kissing
08:46isn't something that they offer it's not
08:48something they're comfortable with maybe
08:49they save that for their husband or
08:50their girlfriend or their boyfriend some
08:52refuse to do specific sex acts and it is
08:55important to be respectful of her
08:57limitations as a general rule just treat
09:00your sex worker as you would any other
09:01person that you are paying for a service
09:03sex is a super intimate act so it can
09:05get confusing sometimes around what the
09:08boundaries are but let's use an example
09:10from a completely different field think
09:11about your sex worker the same way you
09:13think about your hair stylist you book
09:15an appointment for a trim at 2PM you
09:17show up on time showered clean you treat
09:19your hairdresser politely you receive
09:21the agreed upon service could your
09:23hairdresser make a sudden twist and dye
09:26your pubes bright pink like probably she
09:28could but it isn't appropriate to ask
09:30her and you certainly wouldn't ask for
09:31any personal information or expect them
09:34to stay in touch by like texting or
09:35phone calls between appointments right
09:37follow that logic and you will be just
09:39fine which brings me to our last step
09:41which is step five after your date when
09:44your date is over there's not much to do
09:46other than say a polite goodbye if you
09:48are happy with the service sex workers
09:50do appreciate tips especially if she's
09:52at an agency because she's paying them a
09:54significant portion of her rate if you
09:56appreciated what she did and you'd like
09:58to see her again let her know you'll
10:00likely have to book with the agency but
10:01just like with any other work it's
10:03always good to know that you have a
10:04satisfied customer and if you didn't
10:06have the best time that's okay it's
10:08important to remember that sex often
10:10just comes down to chemistry whether you
10:11paid for it or not it happens and it
10:13isn't her fault if she wasn't able to
10:15meet or exceed your exact expectations
10:18she still showed up and did her job
10:20finding a sex worker that works for you
10:22could take some trial and error you may
10:24have to try with a lot of different
10:25professionals just like you would with
10:26like a therapist or a hairdresser so if
10:28you aren't feeling the connection with
10:29the first person you try it is very
10:31reasonable to keep looking for a better
10:33fit so there you have it what you can
10:35actually expect from working with an
10:37escort now whether or not that's for you
10:39that's something that only you can
10:41answer there are plenty of valid reasons
10:44to hire someone for sex and although
10:46many people find it to be a satisfying
10:48way to spend an evening it's important
10:50to understand that it really isn't a
10:51long term solution if you're looking for
10:54a deep intimate connection and remember
10:57my team of coaches is always here and
10:59available to help you achieve your
11:01personal sexual best because everyone
11:03deserves to have a great sex life and to
11:05have hot sex and to have epic need
11:08fulfilling desire mind-blowing evenings
11:11whether they pay for them or not if
11:13you're interested in working one-on-one
11:14with me or my team click the link in the
11:16description check us out thank you so
11:18much for tuning in I'll see you here
11:20next week
11:34thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is clarity in needs important when hiring an escort?

Clarity in needs is important when hiring an escort because it ensures that both parties are clear about the expectations and boundaries. It helps in avoiding misunderstandings and ensures a safe and respectful encounter.

2. What are the key steps for hiring an escort?

The key steps for hiring an escort include clarity in needs, thorough research, and respectful communication. It is important to communicate openly, do thorough research about the escort, and ensure mutual respect during the encounter.

3. Why is mutual respect important while hiring an escort?

Mutual respect is important while hiring an escort because it creates a safe and comfortable environment for both parties. It fosters a respectful and enjoyable encounter, ensuring that both parties feel valued and respected.

4. What is the importance of communication when hiring an escort?

Communication is important when hiring an escort as it helps in setting clear expectations and boundaries. It allows both parties to express their needs and preferences, ensuring a respectful and satisfying encounter.

5. Is hiring an escort a long-term solution for deep intimate connections?

No, hiring an escort is not a long-term solution for deep intimate connections. It is important to understand that hiring an escort is primarily for companionship and temporary engagement, and does not substitute for deep, long-term intimate connections.

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