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The video provides a tutorial on how to create a custom skin in Fortnite using various programs and editing tools. The process involves downloading programs such as YouModel, HxD, and Unreal Engine, customizing the skin's textures in Photoshop, and then implementing the changes in the game files through HxD.
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This section explains how to make a custom skin in Fortnite on PC using three programs: YouModel, HXD, and Unreal Engine.
The first step is to download and open YouModel.
Then, locate the pack folders in the Fortnite game files.
Finally, download Unreal Engine 4.26 and visit a website with an AES key for further steps.
This section explains how to customize the skin in Fortnite, starting with selecting the character and skin to customize.
Choose the character and skin you want to customize.
Stretch out the medium size for the best appearance.
Look for the character in the bodies section by guessing based on the hints.
Export the customized skin as a PNG file and rename it.
This section explains how to make a custom skin in Fortnite.
Rename the files and save them to the desktop.
Export the textures as PNG files and open them in Photoshop.
Customize the skin and save it.
Open Unreal Engine, create a project, and drag the customized PNG files into it.
Save the project, cook the content for Windows, and exit Unreal Engine.
This section explains how to find and modify the coding for a custom skin in Fortnite.
Go through the folders starting from patch s1 to s3 until you find the right coding.
Drag the body file into the project folder.
Copy a chunk of the coding, paste it in the hex values, and click "all".
Continue going through the folders until you find the folder that contains the coding.
Change all the highlighted values to decimal.
The video demonstrates how to make a custom skin in Fortnite by copying and pasting different elements onto the skin.
Double click on the skin and copy it.
Paste the copied skin onto the desired area.
Repeat the process for the head, hood, hair, and other parts of the skin.
Load up Fortnite and find the customized skin in the locker.
00:00okay okay okay okay this is not
00:04clickbait if you watch the youtuber true
00:06mix they know what I'm talking about
00:09today I'm going to be showing you guys
00:12how to make a custom skin in four night
00:15this is the only legit way to actually
00:17do it sadly you have to be on PC but
00:19quickly before this video starts I just
00:21want to say please can see you're
00:22talking to like and subscribe
00:24umm I've checked my analytics and it
00:27appears that 97.3% of you guys who watch
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00:39subscribe it will help out the channel
00:40my goal is to get to 1,000 by the end of
00:43the year but without further ado let's
00:44get straight to the video okay so we're
00:47on my desktop here we are so all you
00:50need to do is download these three
00:53programs you model hxd and unreal engine
00:57under engine you can download that off
00:59epic games launcher hey Jack's day I'll
01:01have the link you model I'll have the
01:03link okay so all you need to do is open
01:06up you model it's that simple so open up
01:10your model this isn't the only step but
01:12it's the first step to making your own
01:13custom skin now you need to find where
01:16your pack folders are so for most people
01:19it'll be local disk c program files for
01:23night for a night game content and packs
01:26I've got mine custom downloaded to
01:27somewhere else on my Dada D Drive epic
01:31games for tonight for a game content and
01:33packs just select the folder click
01:36override game detection that is
01:39important otherwise you won't be able to
01:40do this
01:41so under Engine 4 and Unreal Engine or
01:45four point two six now okay okay so I
01:49have the link in the description to this
01:51website and you don't need to download
01:53anything just something you'll probably
01:55have an Aes key right here if you're
01:57doing this on a later date then this is
02:00recorded if you don't go to Autobot AES
02:03and it'll come up with this website now
02:06all you want to do is copy this first
02:08code right here that's in quotation
02:11so that copy up now you can close out of
02:15here and paste it right in here click OK
02:17and now this will load up and wait for
02:22this to load okay so as you see right
02:24we're in so now you need to go to
02:26characters player and you want to pick
02:30what carrot what character are you going
02:33to go what what skin are you going to
02:35customize is going to be iconic lace
02:40renegade radar even you can do that I've
02:44done it before but what I'm gonna do is
02:46iconic I'm gonna make a supreme version
02:50of iconic all you need to do is once you
02:53decide what skin you need screw what
02:55what gender is a someone's iconic so
02:57male then need to go to medium stretch
03:00this out just for best star so that
03:04looks the best you can actually see
03:06everything now you want to go to bodies
03:09and you want to find the character now
03:11it doesn't say exactly what skin it is
03:13what you need to do is look at the it's
03:17basically kind of a hint think looking
03:19at it you can kind of guess what what
03:23character it is just looking at these
03:24you can kind of guess what skin it is so
03:26I know that the iconic is k-pop right
03:30there kpop fashion so right there I need
03:33to go to textures you want to I like
03:36that click tools say select the packages
03:39and click OK now you want to click
03:42export make sure that's on PNG and click
03:46OK now you should be good if you go to
03:48you you modal folder you should have
03:51right here your new model export and
03:54your model saved for the body now all
03:56you want to do is rename it so I'm gonna
03:59name it
04:00iconic body
04:03do the same for the other one okay so
04:09now you can drag these out to your
04:13desktop or whatever so I'm gonna drag it
04:15out to there now you want to do the hood
04:18or the head or whatever you're gonna do
04:20so um I'm gonna I'm gonna have to find
04:25wherever the hood is for this one I know
04:28it's somewhere I can't necessarily find
04:30it but I'll be back once I've found it
04:32okay so here we are
04:34I found the hood for iconic now so now I
04:37just want to do the same thing so what I
04:42want to do taste like packages okay
04:45export okay now go back here and rename
04:49them now you can close out of your model
04:53and then I'm just gonna try these to my
04:56desktop for easier use okay so now
04:59you've got these now you want to
05:03actually make the custom skin now it's
05:06super simple so it's gonna be like a
05:11flat texture thing so if I go to the
05:13body right here you want to go to export
05:15and click through all these until you
05:18see textures and then you'll see right
05:21here a PNG file and obviously they're
05:25like the hands they're the cloves and
05:27everything like that so you can kind of
05:29guess what part is which like which is
05:31which so now you want to open it up in
05:34or something like that and edit it slash
05:38customize it I've already got a um a
05:42supreme iconic so I'm gonna drag that to
05:45my desktop right now okay so here we go
05:47I've got my custom supreme iconic right
05:51there so now all you want to do is open
05:54up Unreal Engine so while you wait for
05:57this to load why don't you go chucker
05:59like and subscribe again my goal is a
06:01thousand subs and like basically none of
06:03you guys are sob who watch my videos so
06:06yeah just consider oh you don't have to
06:09it's just a possibility sorry yeah just
06:11wait for this to load and I'll be back
06:13once it's loaded okay so once it's
06:15loaded up you want to go to games next
06:18and our name it's mines gonna be supreme
06:22supreme iconic now create project and
06:27now wait for that to load okay so once
06:31it's loaded up you want to just kind of
06:32drag it out and then drag your two
06:34customized pngs right in here and while
06:40that's still yellow like that
06:42highlighted you wanna click save all and
06:44say selected now you want to go to file
06:47and you want to click cook content for
06:50Windows now wait for that to load and
06:52I'll be back once it's done okay so now
06:55once it's done you can exit out of Unruh
06:58engine and now open up hxd this is where
07:01the coding part comes in so that it
07:04actually gets into your game files so
07:06now you want to open up hxd go here and
07:08you want to follow the path to your pack
07:10files again like you did with the mute
07:11model so once you're in your pack files
07:13you're gonna see all these files or
07:15folders or whatever so you want to go
07:19through from patch on s1 to s2 to s3 and
07:24keep going until you find the right
07:26coding well B by the right coding well
07:28you'll find out really soon so I'm
07:30pretty sure this one is in fact chunk a
07:33I believe so now we want to do is you
07:38want to drag you want to go back into
07:40your desktop we have this and you want
07:44to go to
07:44where's the body right here I'll do the
07:46body first so you want to go to a safe
07:49it said instead of the export and you
07:51want to go through here again until you
07:53see textures and then you'll have these
07:56files right here these you bulk files
07:58you want to drag that one in so that's
08:02the body one now you want to open up
08:05your project so supreme school iconic
08:09right there comes in and right here
08:15you're gonna have your you're gonna have
08:17your cooked folders /you box so you want
08:20to load you want to drag the body in
08:22here so now you can fullscreen that back
08:26up and you want to go to the original
08:27one right there and you want to just
08:30kind of highlight a good chunk of it
08:33copy it click ctrl F and then you want
08:38to hit control V to paste it in Sirte
08:41hex values and click all now you want it
08:44to load and this is the part that I said
08:47you want to go through every single one
08:49of the folders starting from one up
08:51until you finally find the folder that
08:54finds the coding so if this isn't the
08:57right folder I'll be back once I have
08:59found the right folder okay so here we
09:03go it was actually in patch 110 I'm
09:06school s 12 I thought it was here as a
09:08but I guess it's in s 12 now I guess
09:11within your update and everything but uh
09:14yeah so once you found it you want to go
09:16to right here where it's highlighted and
09:18click right before it and now you want
09:21to change all of these to deaths or Dec
09:24decimal whatever so now you want to just
09:27highlight all of them with ctrl a well
09:29these two at least and make sure the
09:32length at the bottom are both the same
09:34and if they are then good now you want
09:37to double click on that copy this over
09:42here ctrl e paste it in there
09:46now you want to grab the supreme iconic
09:49copy it and paste it right there now
09:52just repeat that for the head the hood
09:57the hair whatever else you've got left
10:00of the skin just repeat it so I'm just
10:03gonna speed this up while I do the well
10:05I do the hood real quick so yeah
10:09I'll be back once this is done
10:56okay so now that all the coding is done
10:58we can load up for night and I'll be
11:00back once that's done okay so here we
11:02are in game and now all you have to do
11:04is go to your locker
11:07find the skin they customized right
11:09there and boom we got supreme iconic
11:14right here sorry I didn't download this
11:16texture or anything I did actually
11:18custom make this one but a lot of people
11:20do make this well I hope you enjoyed the
11:22tutorial that's how to make a custom
11:24skin lecture mix again if you did enjoy
11:27the video please consider liking and
11:29subscribing it'll really help out as I
11:31said like 97% of you guys on even sub so
11:35make sure you turn when I click that red
11:37subscribe button and turn on
11:39notifications to stand today for any
11:40video as I post this
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I create a custom skin in Fortnite?

To create a custom skin in Fortnite, you can use various programs and editing tools such as YouModel, HxD, Unreal Engine, and Photoshop. The process involves downloading these programs, customizing the skin's textures in Photoshop, and then implementing the changes in the game files through HxD.

2. What programs are recommended for creating a custom skin in Fortnite?

For creating a custom skin in Fortnite, it is recommended to use programs like YouModel, HxD, Unreal Engine, and Photoshop. These programs allow you to download, customize, and implement the custom skin textures in the game.

3. What is the process for customizing skin textures in Fortnite?

The process for customizing skin textures in Fortnite involves using programs like YouModel, HxD, Unreal Engine, and Photoshop. You can download the programs, edit the skin's textures in Photoshop, and then implement the changes in the game files through HxD.

4. How can I modify the game files to implement custom skin changes?

To modify the game files and implement custom skin changes in Fortnite, you can use programs like HxD. After customizing the skin's textures in Photoshop, you can then implement the changes in the game files through HxD.

5. What are the essential steps for creating a custom skin in Fortnite?

The essential steps for creating a custom skin in Fortnite include using programs like YouModel, HxD, Unreal Engine, and Photoshop. You can download these programs, customize the skin's textures in Photoshop, and then implement the changes in the game files through HxD.

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