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The video explains how to use the Cookie Editor extension on Android to create and manage cookie scripts for websites, allowing for easy logins and access to certain features.
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The video discusses how to use the Cookie editor extension on Android.
The method may also work on iPhones, but the speaker is not sure as they don't use an iPhone.
Some browsers like Chrome and Opera do not support extensions, but Mozilla does.
To use the Cookie editor extension, the speaker suggests using the Kiwi browser.
The Cookie editor extension can be installed from the Play Store and integrated into the browser.
The section demonstrates how to install and use the Cookie editor extension on a browser for managing website logins and access.
The video shows how to install the Cookie editor extension on the browser by adding it to Chrome.
It explains the process of using the Cookie editor to manage website access and logins.
The speaker demonstrates copying a script and accessing a website using the Cookie editor.
The section emphasizes the convenience of using the Cookie editor for website logins without needing to install it on the browser each time.
This section explains how to use the Cookie Editor on Android or Smartphone.
Open the Cookie editor at the bottom of the screen.
Delete all the cookie records on the page.
Import the copied face cookie.
Reload the webpage to see if the login is successful.
Tips for using Cookie Editor on Android devices
Use Kiwi browser to log in to websites on Android
Avoid logging out of the website to prevent script changes
To switch to a different website, close the tab and delete the copied mouse part
Logging in via Cookie is not integrated into the application, so use PC to log in via Cookie
00:07Pesaban focuskimia, we'll meet again.
00:10Today I want to talk about how
00:11to create a cookie script on Android.
00:14If it's on an iPhone, I don't know
00:16how to do it because I do
00:17n't happen to use an iPhone, but
00:20maybe the method is the same, actually. Well,
00:22for Android itself, that's it. Many
00:25browsers don't provide extensions,
00:27such as Chrome and Opera. It seems like they
00:31can't install extensions in
00:33their browser, but on Mozilla it's possible, it's just a
00:35coincidence. Cookie editor extensions can't
00:38be installed on Mozilla. Maybe there is one,
00:40but I didn't find the extension, it
00:42's not compatible, so that's the
00:45most likely way to do it. install
00:48the Cookie extension, we can
00:50use Kiwi, so on the left we can
00:53integrate the
00:55Cookie editor extension into the browser.
00:59So, the Cookie chord from
01:01wait, just look for it, for example on Google, so the
01:04Cookie editor extension can then be
01:07installed directly to the left of the browser. Just
01:09to the left of the browser, it looks like this, right?
01:10What's the name of this penguin picture?
01:12You just install it later in Playstore.
01:15Then you open it. Well, here, let me
01:18go out first, so let's do this first,
01:21let's empty the Cookie
01:24editor section first. Oh, it's not there, OK. Well,
01:27here there is an extension feature. You can
01:28see this is the picture. What does this look like? It's
01:32like a picture arrangement like that. If I'm
01:35not mistaken, our children's toys are
01:37puzzles, puzzle extensions, later here
01:40we can install I Ckeditor, but it's
01:43not available in the left default, so
01:46we just have to search first in the browser. So, the
01:49method is like this, so the
01:52first method You guys just open Google, but you
01:54don't need to open Google, just type
01:56here, I'm kiyah Cookie pie chord
02:00chef editor. Later, you just have to enter and
02:04then look for the one I mentioned earlier,
02:07not the Cookie editor Chrome web
02:09store, I'll open this section.
02:11So, once we open it It will immediately
02:13appear here and then the ROM will appear, even though
02:16the browser is Kiwi, it doesn't matter, the
02:19important thing is that it can be installed,
02:21just click Add to Chrome and wait a few
02:23moments, the Cookie editor will be at the
02:27bottom of Nani, you can
02:29see at the bottom there is already a Cookie
02:30editor, so this is what it means. the proof
02:35editor extension has been integrated into
02:37your browser. So now, for example, let's
02:40educate the campus and what do you
02:43want to run on a
02:46website? For example, I'm here trying to
02:49move my mouse won't open
02:51Netflix. Then the other ones that are related to
02:54video. Later it will be limited again, so I Just
02:57try the paint website, yes, there's
03:00no video. So, the
03:02way to do it later, you just search for it, you just
03:04open the software like this. Coincidentally,
03:06I'll open the software later. If you do
03:09n't, just search, actually which website do
03:11you want to log in via
03:14Cookies, for example, I want to log in. I want to go
03:18there. Well, the method is as
03:21usual, if you go through the website, you can
03:24just install the cookie editor in
03:26your browser, but here you don't
03:28need that, because we
03:30installed it first. Well, because you just have to
03:32copy the premium cat as usual,
03:34you copy it and maybe If the
03:37display here doesn't say copy,
03:39you can open it as a desktop site.
03:42OK, desktop view. Wait for the
03:44copy text to appear here.
03:46Just click, it means you have copied this script. So you
03:49don't get tired of blogging like that,
03:51okay, then you open the mouse. Open the
03:56mouse first. OK. For example, let's say you want to
03:58run the mouse like that, OK? Hi OK, this is the
04:01login position. Yes, what this blog says is that it's
04:04not logged in or so you can be
04:06more confident. You can see the
04:09desktop display here. Log-in position. Well,
04:12not yet. Not logged in, so we
04:15don't have an account to log in. OK,
04:17now Let's try running the script, it's really
04:19easy, you just
04:22open the Cookie editor at the bottom, just
04:24scroll to the bottom, tap the
04:27editor, just open it and
04:31then delete all the cookie records on this page. Delete it and then just
04:34import it, peace. Cookies that
04:37you have Copy that, so it's the face cookie
04:40that you copied earlier, then
04:42you click on the arrow on the
04:44right, the one that's imported, not the
04:46left arrow, the right one
04:48shows the pot. Well, let's wait a few
04:50moments, even though an error account appears
04:53as I taught you in
04:56PC menu, OK, that's fine, so you can just reload the
05:00bpec from the website you want to
05:04log in to, okay, now we
05:07just open the mouse and here is the
05:09love in position, yes, here I am not
05:11doing camouflage things, login is
05:14not near the video and this
05:16I immediately reloaded again, well, you
05:19can see when I reloaded and the
05:21position was already blocked, yes, this is
05:25my account by chance. Okay, let's prove whether it's
05:27really entered or not. We just have to
05:30open this account and billing, but you
05:32don't need to open the billing account,
05:34because if you don't, it's a pioneer. koprek
05:36here, don't damage this account like that,
05:39don't damage this account like that. I'm
05:41just showing that it's already
05:44logged in. Nani, I bought the
05:47trail version. Yes, it doesn't really matter,
05:48whatever Central you want, it's still
05:50supported and you can use the
05:52available features according to The
05:54pro is mospro fish, OK? 179 dollars.
06:00Hi, now you'll be logged in, which means
06:03you can use this mouse
06:04in Pro. Well, that's the same with
06:07other websites. You really want to log in
06:09without using a
06:11PC, so you want to log in
06:15using Android, so you
06:17can use a browser. Kiwi is OK, so
06:20that's it and one more thing, if
06:22you don't want to open
06:25this website or want to open another website,
06:27don't log out. If
06:30you click log out, it's the same as
06:32I have to change the script to a
06:34new one, so please take care of it. It's
06:37easy, for example, if you want this, just
06:40delete it or this, just
06:42close the tab,
06:45then you close it and then you just delete the
06:47mouse part that records the ear, that's what
06:51we want to copy, just
06:53delete the copy, then just open a new website
06:56later on. All you have to do is clean the ear part.
06:58Hey, you guys, Delete and then
07:01you'll fit it again, OK? Well, maybe that's
07:04all I can say, I hope it's
07:06useful. So maybe those who want to
07:09run it on Android have problems,
07:11but I tried running Netflix
07:14and it can't be opened and I have to
07:16go to the application. Well, I need to
07:18emphasize again that logging in via Cookie
07:21is not integrated into the application. So
07:23if the website Cookie is already
07:26logged in and the application is not necessarily logged in, that's
07:28why I designed
07:31this Cookie to log in via PC, because
07:37hey, what's the name of the TV effect? ​​Cookie
07:40works on PC like that, okay. Maybe that's
07:43all I can say. More or
07:45less, I apologize. If it's really
07:47useful, please share it, please
07:50like it, and if there's something
07:53missing, just say it in the comments column.
07:55OK, see you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I use the Cookie Editor extension on Android?

To use the Cookie Editor extension on Android, you can follow these steps: install the extension from the Google Play Store, open the extension, and then start creating and managing cookie scripts for websites.

2. What are the benefits of using the Cookie Editor extension on Android?

The Cookie Editor extension on Android allows for easy logins and access to certain features on websites. It provides a convenient way to manage and customize cookie scripts for a better online experience.

3. How to create cookie scripts for websites using the Cookie Editor extension on Android?

Creating cookie scripts for websites using the Cookie Editor extension on Android is simple. You can select the website you want to create a cookie script for, specify the parameters, and save the script for future use.

4. What features does the Cookie Editor extension on Android offer for managing cookies?

The Cookie Editor extension on Android offers features such as viewing, editing, and deleting cookies. It also allows users to import and export cookies, providing full control over website cookies.

5. Are there any tips for effectively managing cookies on Android using the Cookie Editor extension?

To effectively manage cookies on Android using the Cookie Editor extension, it's important to regularly review and clean up cookies, use the export feature to back up important cookies, and utilize the import feature when switching devices or browsers.

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