💫 Summary
This video provides a detailed explanation of how to read and interpret your destiny matrix chart, including the meanings of different zones and energies. The center number is the most important and connected to each zone, followed by the portrait zone which focuses on how others perceive you. Other important zones include the general purpose, karmic tale, and the love line.
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The speaker explains that the number in the center of the Destiny Matrix is the most important, as it is connected to each zone in the matrix.
The number in the center represents the main energy and tells about the person's personality.
Improving this number will also improve the other zones in the matrix.
The speaker recommends starting with the energy in the center when working on improving one's life.
The video explains the importance of the portrait zone in the destiny matrix chart and how it affects the energy and communication with others.
The portrait zone is where the energy of being attractive to others is located.
People with high energy in the portrait zone are more communicative and approachable.
People with low energy in the portrait zone may appear less communicative and less likely to be approached by others.
The energy in the portrait zone determines how others perceive and interact with an individual.
The video explains the concept of inner energies and the general purpose energy in the Destiny Matrix Chart.
Inner energies reflect our inner desires and may contradict our external appearance.
The general purpose energy is something we need to work on throughout our lives and is revealed at age 16.
The general purpose energy represents our life's purpose and what we need to bring to the world.
The karmic tale in the destiny matrix chart reveals the negative manifestations and options from previous lives, helping to understand current problems and challenges.
Karmic tale shows options of who you were in previous lives.
It helps to understand why specific problems and challenges occur in life.
Repeating situations in life indicate tasks to be completed.
The red energy in the karmic tale is the most important to work on.
This section explains how the Destiny Matrix Chart can help you understand your financial flow and love life.
The chart shows how to spend your money and what actions can block or open your financial flow.
It also reveals who you can meet in a positive or negative way in your love life based on your personal preferences and values.
The chart emphasizes the importance of balance in both financial and romantic aspects of life.
The Destiny Matrix Chart reveals our past life challenges, unfinished tasks, strengths, and talents.
The karmic tail represents the challenges we didn't complete in our previous life.
The upper zone shows our strengths and accomplishments from the past life.
The middle energy indicates our professional skills and abilities.
The light blue number represents the challenges we need to work on in this life, such as developing internet-related skills.
This section explains the concept of unconditional love and the focus on lower chakras in the material world.
Many people don't feel the energies of unconditional love and focus more on basic needs and money.
The heart chakra is important for maintaining relationships and expressing unconditional love.
It is advised to work on personal growth before helping others and to focus on improving the generation lines in the destiny matrix.
00:00hello guys my name is Anastasia and
00:02today we are going to discuss uh
00:05placements and distinct Matrix what
00:08different zones mean
00:10in these three Matrix and how to read it
00:12simply how to understand what means when
00:15you have Arcana in the center in the
00:18portrait and the inspirational zone so I
00:22will explain it today
00:23and before we before we begin let me
00:27introduce myself I'm a cinematics expert
00:29and if you are curious and you would
00:32like to learn more I have my guides my
00:36real deep guides 60 pages into guides
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00:54Instagram and in my community in Reddit
00:57so let's uh let's begin and uh I will go
01:03from the from the most important Zone to
01:05the least important and the most
01:08important is this is our Center Center
01:10of your Matrix and usually it's you with
01:14yellow background and
01:17there are many different destination
01:19schools and I I use the classic methods
01:23which sure which tells us that the
01:27number in the center is important one
01:29the most important one and let me
01:32explain why because this number what we
01:35have in the center you can notice is
01:37that this number is connected to each
01:40and every Zone in your destiny Matrix so
01:44uh so then when you start to improve
01:47your life from this number from El
01:49Centro or Canada energy and it means
01:53that you also improve a little bit all
01:55of others all of us are your Zone
01:59industry Matrix
02:00assume I highly recommend to start from
02:03this one and if you already know which
02:05energy you have in the center of Destiny
02:07Matrix uh so please start from this one
02:11and also on my channel you can discover
02:13how to make this distinct matrix by your
02:17own and also explanation of all 22
02:21arcanas and Energy's Destiny Matrix and
02:25Archaea and energy is the same thing in
02:28Destiny Matrix sometimes that will be
02:30telling you it's okay or energy so you
02:34know you know what I mean and what what
02:37tells us this main energy it tells us
02:40about our personality what we need to do
02:44um to be shown in this world and what
02:47why we're here uh and what qualities we
02:51need to improve in this life and what
02:54quality qualities we need to manifest
02:56the most in our life so for example if
02:59you are if you have five Arcana or Niner
03:04Kiana in in the center of your
03:06cinematics probably your main
03:09um your your main interests in this life
03:12supposed to be education supposed to be
03:15get more knowledge on a specific topic
03:18and if you have a fight for Kiana
03:20probably you will uh you'll be lecture
03:23lecturing probably you could be a
03:25lecturer on one topic and
03:29so if you are interested for example
03:32um I don't know
03:34in the beauty if you have already six
03:36also six uh so probably you could be a
03:41blogger who who's here and your
03:44knowledge with others and these two
03:47energies are mainly about sharing to
03:50knowledge and so this energy in our
03:54Center tells us about about us what we
03:57have to do to find ourselves what we
03:59have to do to feel comfortable and
04:03and everything simply everything how to
04:06manifest ourselves in this life and uh
04:09the next one which who which is also uh
04:13super important is our our portrait Zone
04:16which is which is here or I will show
04:20you on the electronic charts where it's
04:22located uh it's also very important
04:25because this one and usually people
04:28um some of some of you could feel more
04:31the energy uh in the portrait Zone and
04:34some of you could feel more the energy
04:35in your core yellow energy
04:38and now explain why because some of you
04:42could be more focused on
04:45how others what other things about me
04:48think about me uh what how to be more
04:52liked by others and so some of you could
04:55care more about these things what to do
04:57in your life to um to be liked by others
05:01uh how to make this perfect truth first
05:03impression and then you will be more
05:07feel your portraits on energy and if you
05:11are more focused on your on your inner
05:13self how you comfortable what
05:17um I don't know what is more about your
05:20entire internal comfortable comfort and
05:24uh and your own interests not others so
05:29if you're more focused on your inner
05:31self that's uh it means you will more
05:34feel this Central Central Energy
05:37uh and let's talk about portraits on
05:40portraits on it's uh as I said it's how
05:43to be more attractive to other people
05:45and for example usually if people have
05:49something like 15 an important zone or
05:53six in the portion Zone it's over
05:55already tell us that they these people
05:57are communicative for others more more
06:02like them and others not scared of these
06:06people and they are ready to just
06:09approach them and start to discuss
06:11something uh but if you have something
06:15like a nine energy hermit or maybe in 16
06:20energy you could be uh you could be more
06:25looking like look like somebody
06:30you know
06:33who's hidden emotions you could be not
06:35so communicative not super emotional and
06:39somebody like strong strong and uh so
06:43people are less likely to approach you
06:48and less likely to start conversation
06:52with you also and yes it's it depends on
06:56energy and and if you would like to
07:01um to be more liked by others then focus
07:04on this energy mainly and also uh maybe
07:08you already saw some videos on Tick Tock
07:11where people are telling how you need to
07:14how you need to Style Yourself about
07:16your appearance about your clothes and
07:20um so yes usually is a point on this
07:24energy because this one is responsible
07:26for how we look it's uh it's if you if
07:31you're into astrology probably you know
07:33about risenstein and this Rising Sun
07:36Sign it's pretty similar to portraits on
07:39ingesting Matrix and yes if you would
07:41like to Style Yourself somehow pay
07:43attention to this energy to wipe off
07:45this energy what you have in importance
07:47on and you could you could tell yourself
07:50by this energy but
07:53um about styling by Destiny Matrix
07:55sometimes we have two controversial
07:58controversial energies uh like in a
08:02portrait Zone we could have something
08:04like strong energy like more masculine
08:06energy and probably we should address
08:09ourselves like office worker something
08:11like um strong and
08:15and tell me in comments please
08:19uh What walls I'm missing yes but uh in
08:24your inner energies this yellow your
08:26core energy you could have something
08:30um for for example 22 something childish
08:34um something funny so you would like to
08:36have fun you would like to uh dress
08:38yourself like a teenager you would like
08:41to to wear crazy outfits so and that's
08:45why it would be controversial because in
08:48your inner self you would like to dress
08:49yourself one way but in a portrait Zone
08:53it would it could suggest you something
08:55completely different
08:58um so let's move on and our other uh
09:01other Zone will be uh general purpose
09:05the third main energy general purpose
09:08it's something what we should work on
09:10our entire life and especially until 60
09:14years this energy works we we have to
09:18work on this energy until 60 years but
09:20if we if you if we want this energy will
09:24will let us know about itself at age of
09:2916 16.
09:31uh let's uh and let me explain why
09:35because this uh this energy is something
09:38what we have to do in this life why we
09:41why we are here what we need to bring to
09:44this world and uh what actions should we
09:47do in this world too
09:49um to bring something here because you
09:52know it's like it's like a parent
09:54so when you when you leave somewhere you
09:57live in this world you also you also
09:59should pay some rent we could say but
10:02it's more energetically energetically
10:04around so and uh for example if you have
10:08nine energy meat especially I have nine
10:11energy it means that all all the life I
10:14have to work on my knowledge I have to
10:17dive deep in some information I need to
10:20gather some
10:22um deep knowledge and um and and I uh
10:27shouldn't keep it to myself only to
10:29myself and I should do uh I should to
10:33tell others about this information I I
10:35should to share this with people and for
10:39somebody who uh who doesn't have this
10:41energy in the life purpose purpose it it
10:44could sounds like something pretty much
10:46easy like okay just make thank you
10:50YouTube videos or just tell you
10:52information somebody but here's the key
10:55we have our life purpose as something
10:58what is hard for us what we haven't
11:00completed before
11:02I mean in our previous life lives and um
11:06yes and for me it's it could be quite
11:08challenging and for people with
11:10Schneider Canada it's also could be
11:12could be something challenging because
11:14these people are usually
11:16um are usually scary to show themselves
11:18to others and they have too many
11:20thoughts like okay who who on Earth
11:23would be interested in my information
11:27so this life purpose shows us what we
11:31have to do during all our life and it's
11:34like examination and the age 60 and we
11:37will have like examination and for
11:40example in my case with this nine energy
11:42it means that at the age 60 uh life will
11:46show me am I completely complete this
11:49task or not and if I complete this tasks
11:52and I will be surrounded by other people
11:55I will have my community I will have
11:58some uh some of my people who who are
12:02really value my knowledge and who are
12:05grateful to me and so I want to be alone
12:08but if I won't complete this task I will
12:11be wrong and for me it will be something
12:13really uncomfortable and yes lonely
12:17people at age 60 it's something you know
12:20uh Samsung not funny I could say so
12:24let's move on we already have I already
12:26spent a lot of your time
12:28and uh let's move on to to the other
12:32important Zone and all this
12:35all this for
12:37um all these four energies colorful for
12:40energies and with big the circles are
12:43really important to you and it's your
12:45personal we we have to start from our
12:48personal energies not from male or
12:50female and many line uh only from our
12:53personal energies and the next energy is
12:55what we have was important it's our
12:57karmic Tale welcome to the karmic tale
13:00and uh karmic tale it's something what
13:03we have in a negative uh in a negative
13:06manifestations and you and also karmic
13:09Tales shows us uh like options many
13:13options who we were in our previous
13:16lives and uh yes and you could you could
13:20see it also and on my consultations I
13:22also provide some information like some
13:25options uh who who you were in your
13:29previous lives and it's really something
13:31interesting and also it could it it
13:35gives us more understanding why we have
13:37specific problems and challenges in our
13:40life and usually this karmic tale it
13:42shows us what exactly challenges we have
13:44and you know some repeating situations
13:48in our life and you could think why why
13:52is going on with me and this repeated
13:54situations uh they give you the chance
13:57to complete this task and
14:00now in your karmic tale will help you to
14:03prevent this situations in your life and
14:06yes for many people is something really
14:09challenging to work on this karmic tale
14:12and all these three images and Comics
14:16Tales are important are important and
14:19this one this red one
14:23I could say this one is the most
14:25important and please pay attention to
14:27this energy and if you could work only
14:30on one energy from all your organic tail
14:32please work on this one
14:34and let's let me explain further what we
14:37have next and this energy
14:42this this Zone
14:44especially all this done it's called a
14:46symmetrical Karma and this red energy is
14:50also it's like your karmic tail but in
14:52material Material World so what's the
14:55challenges you could have in your mind
14:57and what you need to do to prevent these
15:00challenges in your money with your money
15:01and what mistakes you had with your
15:04money in your previous life and what to
15:06and how to Simply start to working on
15:10this material situation in your life and
15:12this energy
15:15behind the red this gray one or just
15:18energy without color it explains us how
15:21we used to spend our money in our
15:24previous lives so it's it's just
15:26something something like interesting
15:28information uh what how you how you used
15:31to spend for example me I have
15:34okay I have 22 energy in this uh uh in
15:38the zone and it's really I still used to
15:42spend money this way in my case it's
15:45something freely I would I want I hate
15:47really look at the prices and the shops
15:51in the shop I like to I like this
15:53Freedom Financial Freedom I like to
15:55spend this money like without any
15:58restrictions uh you know and so let's
16:02move to the financial line uh on the
16:05financial line we have three arcano
16:08three energies and
16:10um you know some experts they they say
16:13like uh these are responsible for your
16:16jobs it's not responsible for your money
16:17flows it's unresponsible from your
16:20balance between relationship and money
16:23and yes part I agree partly but in my
16:27experience I've had really a lot of
16:28conversation with people and I analyzed
16:31usually analyzed like at least 10 March
16:34exists in a day because I'm really
16:36curious uh when I when I watch some
16:39interviews person I probably will go and
16:42look at Matrix so this person because I
16:44was super curious and in my experience
16:46all the Syria Canada are really
16:48important you could have a profession
16:50with mixers or like a mix of these three
16:54energies so and uh probably you you will
16:58better manifest on your work and with
17:00your work all these three energy
17:02and these three energies energy in this
17:06manual line uh they show you uh how to
17:10spend your money on what you spend your
17:12money to have this money back uh like
17:15you know it's not it's not usually like
17:17Investments but for somebody it could be
17:19Investments uh for somebody it could be
17:21to spend on child on on kids but
17:24somebody it could like spend on your dog
17:26or your cats on or on a food on on fun
17:30things or spent spend it is a charity
17:34for your Homeland it's also something
17:37interesting so it's absolutely different
17:39thing for for each person and also uh
17:43this kind of shows us of what what
17:46blocks your financial flow what opens
17:49what actions what your personal actions
17:52will open this financial flow a flow and
17:56what simply you should do and shouldn't
17:59do for your for your money for your
18:01money flow and so let's move on to to
18:05the love line it's also
18:07something very interesting and in
18:11accordance with this uh with this Arcana
18:13you could see what you have
18:16uh who you who you can met in a positive
18:20manifestation in a negative
18:21manifestation so if you have uh your
18:24personal assistant like in a positive
18:27way you're manifest in it for example if
18:29you have social care and you are a
18:31feminine and you uh and you carry on
18:36your appearance about your appearance
18:38and it's something really important for
18:40you and probably you will met somebody
18:42who really value it and somebody who
18:45also cares on on their own his or his
18:50own appearance and uh yes and something
18:54it is working like this but uh also if
18:58you absolutely not care the Karen on
19:00your appearance and it's sounds like
19:03 for you and you uh not ready to
19:06to do it then uh you will meet somebody
19:09who over Care on appearance and over
19:13value it and uh so so it's about balance
19:19and it's a bug balance and you have to
19:22keep your arcanas in like a positive
19:24normal way pay attention to this and
19:26then you will meet a person who also
19:29also do it like well not too over as not
19:33under care
19:34about this energy
19:36um so let's move well let's move on
19:40uh let's move on to the talent Zone
19:42talents and the talent Zone we have
19:45Samsung uh the upper energy this purple
19:48one uh it tells us what could take what
19:51could keep us inspired and also your
19:54portrait energy as well uh this is your
19:57actions what you could do if you if you
20:00feel that you are like if you're
20:03depressed if you're depressed and if you
20:05don't if you are like doing something
20:08today and if you need to have some
20:10energy and if you want to
20:12and if you want to some inspiration in
20:15your life pay attention to choose this
20:18purple energies and do actions with
20:20these energies and it's working super
20:22cool I could tell you I use it every
20:25time when I feel myself like not like to
20:28do in Samsung today and when I feel
20:30depressed and I frequently feel
20:32depressed because of my personal
20:34energies I have a lot of nine and I have
20:3718 yes something uh something for me
20:40important to to try to keep myself
20:43inspired and then also between uh
20:48so this one energy
20:50this one is it tells us what challenge
20:53we had in our previous life as the
20:56karmic tail karmic tail it shows us what
20:59we haven't complete in the previous life
21:01what task we haven't complete and what
21:03we need to work on in this life uh
21:05that's that's this
21:07upper Zone inspiration and tell and so
21:11on it shows us what we was good at and
21:14what we complete in the previous life
21:17and this middle energy it shows us what
21:20we was what we were professional at
21:24and uh you could pay attention it's also
21:27in a profession in a professional way
21:29you could just see like for example you
21:32had eight here it means that you are you
21:36are probably good in analyzing
21:37information it's something about you get
21:39it can easily do it's not obviously that
21:42you will like to do it but it's
21:44something what what will be easy for you
21:48you can use it in your life in your life
21:50profession you know it's when you
21:52already know what to do and when you
21:54need to
21:55urgently to use something to earn some
21:57money for example or to do like you need
22:00to do something urgently you could use
22:02it it's like some positive baggage from
22:04your previous life and also the talent
22:06this uh light blue number we have here
22:10it's uh it calls us word challenge we
22:13have to realize in this life we have to
22:16uh we have to work on it in this life
22:18and for example we have here in my no
22:22it's not my magic but it's something
22:25what I used in a previous video so here
22:28we have 21 energy what it means it means
22:32um in this life persons have to develop
22:34uh skills the skills like working on
22:38internet because 21 is something like
22:40Global and Global Network it's also
22:42about 21 energy and it means that person
22:45have to develop skills like um work in
22:49an internet or posting some blog
22:51articles and make Connection by the on
22:55the Internet or via internet and do
22:58Social Media stuff it's awesome
23:01and could be also I'll try to be famous
23:04on all over the world and also it could
23:07be something like work on a global
23:09company so the many things and uh yes in
23:13Samsung what we can open in our pre and
23:16on our present Life The Challenge we
23:19have to open in this world
23:21and let's move from
23:24let's move to the next energies and uh
23:27here we have also behind the portrait
23:29Zone we have parents uh child children
23:33parent Karma children relationship and
23:36this Zone calls us uh what to do to keep
23:39your relationship with your children in
23:42a good way what you need to
23:45um what you need to
23:48uh study learn what you need to
23:53what you need to explain to your
23:55children in in this life and why you
23:59have your children to understand what
24:01and what you need to uh to bring what
24:05knowledge you need to bring to your
24:06children yes and also uh about
24:09relationship with parents this one or
24:11Canada it's about relationship with
24:13parents uh and it's what parents had to
24:19educate you what knowledge they had to
24:22bring to you and maybe some
24:24circumstances about your relationship
24:26between your and your parents and you
24:29could also see whether in a negative
24:31State whether in a negative like
24:34manifestation your relationship with
24:36your parents are or not or maybe it's
24:39super positive and your parents really
24:42helped you to understand something
24:44important in in this life and also we
24:49will have to visit some
24:52um also personal energies is green green
24:54energies it's uh your heart heart chakra
25:00and it explains this about unconditional
25:04love and usually many people say I don't
25:07really feel this uh Energies in a in a
25:12talent and inspirational Zone and how
25:13chakra is also usually it's blocked
25:16because we are we live in material world
25:18and people are usually uh concentrating
25:21their energy on the lower chakras like
25:23basic needs money and that's it uh yes
25:28and usually not many people are going so
25:32deep like to the heart chakra but Arcana
25:35wants a heart chakra explains us how to
25:37keep a relationship with your friends
25:39and uh what how to express your
25:43unconditional love to this world and
25:45what you need to do to to have this like
25:49pleasure like here in your heart what
25:53you can do to have to have it to
25:56yourself and what usually brings you
25:58this pleasure
26:00um yes and let's quickly quickly go to
26:03the female and male line in the destiny
26:07Matrix and we have it here and here and
26:14and this one is female yes okay this one
26:18is female line and one one note to the
26:21theme to The Generation lines uh please
26:25work on your generation line after you
26:28already worked on your personal personal
26:31rks because it's something what's really
26:34super important and when you can't keep
26:36yourself you know in a good
26:39in a good condition you really can't
26:42help uh you you don't have this capacity
26:45to help somebody else because first help
26:49yourself and then then help others it
26:51means you can go and help your lines to
26:55grow to grow your this generation lines
26:58after you already worked on yourself
27:00it's something really important and
27:03let's go to this female line here upper
27:07energy shows us what we what we have as
27:10a positive baggage from our generation
27:12line from from our female friends so
27:15what positives they brought to you what
27:17you can catch like and use in your life
27:19and this one is something challenging
27:22it's your challenges uh from its
27:25challenges also of your generation what
27:27you need to do what you what you need to
27:29improve what challenges in your life you
27:32will have and you have to fight to like
27:36bring your generation on a new level
27:38and also uh in the main line the same
27:41the same way and usually my line is more
27:44material and it could be more material
27:46challenges like uh for somebody when you
27:49worked on your main line uh you will
27:52have um like more money more wealth in
27:55your life and for yourself and working
27:58on female line will will bring you more
28:01like pleasure it will bring some your
28:05better relationship with others
28:07something like that
28:09okay and also
28:11and yes if you have I already talked a
28:15lot and if you have any questions please
28:18ask me that in comments below and uh
28:21also if you want to support me somehow
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28:37I will be highly appreciated uh with
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28:44a good time and uh don't hesitate to
28:48work on your energies it's something
28:49which really improves your life and
28:51brings you so much cool situations cool
28:55energy but first usually when you
28:57started to work on the energies first
28:59you could experience some challenges and
29:02it's absolutely okay because we need to
29:04experience some challenges to to go on
29:07the next level
29:09so see you soon in the next video bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is a destiny matrix chart and how can it help me?

A destiny matrix chart is a powerful tool that provides a detailed explanation of your destiny, including the meanings of different zones and energies. It can help you understand the unique patterns and influences in your life, guiding you to make informed decisions and choices.

2. What does the center number in the destiny matrix chart signify?

The center number in the destiny matrix chart is the most important, as it is connected to each zone. It represents the core energy that shapes your destiny and provides valuable insights into your inner strengths and challenges.

3. How does the destiny matrix chart interpret the portrait zone?

The portrait zone in the destiny matrix chart focuses on how others perceive you. It unveils the external impressions and perceptions that people have about you, shedding light on the way you are seen by the world around you.

4. What is the significance of the karmic tale in the destiny matrix chart?

The karmic tale in the destiny matrix chart holds great significance as it uncovers the karmic influences and lessons from past lives. It provides a deep understanding of the karmic patterns and experiences that shape your current life journey.

5. How can the destiny matrix chart guide me in understanding my love line?

The destiny matrix chart offers valuable insights into the love line, providing a comprehensive understanding of your romantic relationships and connections. It helps you comprehend the relationship patterns, challenges, and potentials in the realm of love and emotions.

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