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This video provides a detailed guide on how to sell Pi Network coins, including the process of verifying and withdrawing the coins. It also discusses the reality of the Pi coin's value and cautions against selling through online platforms. The ultimate solution suggested is to wait for an exchange listing for a safer transaction.
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The video discusses the possibility of selling Pi Network coins and provides step-by-step instructions on how to do so.
The narrator questions the validity of the claim that 1 Pi coin is equal to $47.
The narrator shows their Pi application and the number of Pi coins they have.
They calculate the potential value of their coins based on the website's price of $47 per Pi token.
The video promises to provide detailed instructions on how to sell and withdraw Pi coins.
To withdraw Pi coins, they need to be verified, and unverified coins cannot be withdrawn.
Verified coins can be accessed through the Pi browser.
The balance of verified coins can be calculated by deducting the unverified balance from the total balance.
KYC (Know Your Customer) process is mentioned, with a link provided for more information.
To verify and withdraw Pi coins, enter the 24-hour passphrase to load your wallet, change the network from test net to main net, verify the coins by tapping on the move button in the migration option, and then withdraw the verified coins using the website mentioned in the video.
Enter the 24-hour passphrase and unlock it to load your wallet.
Change the network from test net to main net.
Verify the coins by tapping on the move button in the migration option.
Withdraw the verified coins using the mentioned website.
There are two options to sell Pi coin: sell online or find an offline buyer.
Pi coin is listed on Hobby Global exchange and Bitmart exchange.
Pi coins sold online are mostly scams, so it's recommended to stay away from them.
Offline buyers can be found in selected countries like Mumbai, India.
00:07so today's video is going to be about
00:10the pi Network so as you guys can see
00:12this website is saying one pie is almost
00:14equals to 47 so is it true so let me
00:18just show you my Pi application you can
00:20see over here I have somewhere around
00:22four thousand eight uh 4083 Pi coins so
00:26does it mean if I multiply it with the
00:2945 or 47 so my coin is for 4083 and If I
00:34multiply with this website price which I
00:36showed you over here the 47 per Pi token
00:40so how much will it be you can see over
00:42here one 191 000 that means I'm already
00:45a crorepati in India so does it happen
00:48that way so what is the reality of it so
00:51this video is going to be the full
00:53detail video on how you can sell the pie
00:55coin so is it possible to sell the coin
00:58so how do we do this uh and what is the
01:01process to sell the or withdraw the pi
01:03coins step by step I'll be telling you
01:05without any any any doubts without any
01:08issues I'll be helping you out
01:10throughout the video how you can sell
01:12your coin and what will be the price of
01:13one coin everything will be told to you
01:15step by step so if you are new into my
01:17channel don't forget to subscribe our
01:19Channel our channel is getting very
01:21closer to 25 000 subscriber and also if
01:24you're all my if you're my old
01:25subscriber don't forget to like this
01:28video because every single like you give
01:29will get us the big motivation in making
01:33videos for you every single day so now
01:35we will get started with today's uh Pi
01:38coin a drop
01:39so guys coming into the pi Network
01:41application so this is an official
01:43application where every single people
01:45come every day over here and they tap on
01:48this start button and they mine the
01:50token so now the question comes is that
01:52I am getting at least of 10 to 20
01:55messages every day my subscribers are
01:58constantly asking me brother please make
02:00video about the pi Network we want to
02:02sell it we are holding from three or
02:04four years so let me just tell you I'll
02:06make this video Just For You people and
02:09for the people who are watching my
02:10channel for the first time you can also
02:12watch this video completely till then
02:13I'll be telling you how you can withdraw
02:15your Pi coin and what are the criterias
02:18so first of all guys before we drawing
02:20your Pi coin you need to keep in mind
02:22one thing over here your coins which you
02:24want to withdraw it needs to be verified
02:26so now you guys might be wondering what
02:28is verified coins because everyone knows
02:31the coins and the normal coins so
02:33verified coins it divides into two
02:36things so one thing is that let me just
02:38show you over pressure so if I go into
02:41this mainnet button over here so if I go
02:43into that menu button you can see over
02:45here unverified balance I have almost
02:493887 Pi so why is it happening it's a
02:52simple logic everyone knows this that
02:55you have referred your friends and they
02:57did not do the kyc so that balance is
03:00unverified and I cannot withdraw it so
03:02now how much can we withdraw it let me
03:04just tell you so if you deduct 4883 by
03:083887 so it will be somewhere around 100
03:11or something somewhere around that you
03:13can say 193 so this is my uh verified
03:16balance so now under that there is
03:18verified coin so what is verified coins
03:21I'll be telling you so just tap on the
03:23three line at the top of the screen and
03:24then what you have to do next is that
03:26you have to go into this Pi browser you
03:29can go over there so once you go into Pi
03:30browser there's a sign in to Pi browser
03:33option and then after that it will take
03:35some time and open automatically then
03:37over here let me just go into the main
03:39part of the pi browser you can see over
03:42here once you come into the pi browser
03:44let me just show you over here so this
03:45is how it's going to look so now there
03:47will be multiple options so regarding
03:49the kyc I know many people are
03:51commenting right now brother please tell
03:53about the kyc I've already made a video
03:55about the kyc if you don't know or if
03:58you haven't watched that you can be
04:00getting the link in the description or
04:01in the pinned comment you will be able
04:03to get the entire video about the kyc
04:06how do you solve it so you can go and
04:08watch that about kyc so now coming into
04:10the withdrawal part you can see over
04:12here there is a wallet dot Pi so we will
04:14just tap on wallet dot pi and then they
04:16will be asking for 24 word passphrase
04:18over here so we will enter that 24 hour
04:21passphrase and then we will enter and
04:24unlock the passphrase
04:26so once you do that guys your wallet
04:28will be loaded over here this is your
04:29wallet address uh just keep in mind and
04:31then the it might be in test net so you
04:34can say Pi minute it's written so yours
04:36might be in test net so just change it
04:38into my net so once you do that you can
04:40see over here the balance will show as
04:42193 Pi but available balance is 0.01 Pi
04:46so why is it like that so some people
04:48are giving me constant messages so my
04:51balance is zero but it is showing some
04:53amount so why is that happening so it's
04:55a very simple uh matter over here you
04:58just need to verify it so you can see
04:59right now this is the only verified
05:02coins this is unverified coins so how do
05:04you verify this into this I'll be
05:07telling you in a simple manner it's
05:09nothing difficult it's just one tap
05:10solution so what you have to do is that
05:13there is an option known as migration if
05:15you go into migration over here you can
05:17see right now there are two things I
05:19need to verify so one is 48 Pi so if I
05:22just tap on move button and then it will
05:24ask me to confirm this thing so I'll
05:26just tap on confirm button so once I
05:29just tap on confirm you can see over
05:31here it will be moved from here and it
05:33will be shown as available balance so
05:36you can see over here you have
05:37successfully moved so I'll just tap on
05:39dismiss over here you can see my
05:41available balance has appeared over here
05:42so now you can see over here I have to
05:45do it once again so that's how you are
05:46going to move from unverified coins to
05:49verified coins so now the question comes
05:51is how do we withdraw it so let me just
05:53tell you the website which I showed you
05:55at the beginning of the video if I just
05:56go into that website
05:59so this website I was talking about one
06:01Pi is somewhere around
06:0347.55 dollar so right now I have coins
06:06somewhere around 193 so if we just open
06:09the calculator once again so 193 into 47
06:13it is nine thousand dollars so is it
06:17really nine thousand dollars or fourth
06:19so let me just break it down for you so
06:21you can see over here for beginners so
06:23this video is for beginners and for
06:25people who are asking again and again I
06:27know most people know this issue so what
06:29happened is that during the month of
06:31March of 2023 two websites launched the
06:36pie coin illegally and already the pi
06:39core team has already tweeted about it
06:41that there is no search listing and that
06:45price is now reflecting over here so Pi
06:48coin is listed in Hobby Global exchange
06:50and in bitmart exchange so these pycoins
06:53are not real it's completely fake so
06:56don't try to withdraw and deposit this
06:58your fight tokens directly into that
07:01hobby Global exchange or bitment you
07:03might lose your Pi tokens forever so
07:06don't do that mistake so now people are
07:08asking what is the alternate solution
07:10for that so alternate solution for that
07:12is very simple I'll be giving you two
07:14important options over here you decide
07:17what you want you choose what is good
07:19for you okay so now what you have to do
07:21over here is that you have two options
07:23the first option is that you can sell
07:25online so selling online who do you sell
07:28to so it's very simple answer you might
07:31be seeing ads in Instagram you might be
07:34seeing an ad in the comment section of
07:36any cryptocurrency post that they will
07:38be buying Pi token so you can sell to
07:41them but the problem is that
07:4599.9 percent of people who do this
07:48online business of Pi is cameras so my
07:52strong recommendation for you is that
07:54stay away from these kind of sellers
07:56there are 0.01 percent of chances that
08:00he is the real person but it's not
08:03completely zero percent the the chances
08:05are very less that he is a real person
08:07to buy your pie and he will pay for your
08:11as a usdt so this was the option one so
08:14I hope you guys have understood that the
08:16second option is that you need to search
08:18for an offline
08:20buyer or seller so now you guys might be
08:23asking that how is it possible so it is
08:25possible in some selected countries so
08:28selected countries is very easy so we
08:31can consider countries such as in the
08:33Mumbai is in India so there are many Pi
08:36buyers as an offline buyers so this is a
08:39very safe method of selling so if you
08:41consider about the other countries other
08:44than India I can tell you one example
08:46one is the NYC that is New York City and
08:50one more is in the Korea that is Seoul
08:52so these country these three cities they
08:55are having official office setup they're
08:58having their official people you can
09:00just uh do research about them online
09:02but I don't recommend you to contact
09:05them online so what I'm going to do
09:07suggest you is that do what you say
09:09research about them but if you are
09:12staying in any of the city Mumbai in New
09:14York City or seal that is in the Korea
09:17so the South Korea so if you're in one
09:19of these countries you can be able to
09:22get their contact so you have two
09:24options right now online selling and
09:26offline selling but the exchange selling
09:29is totally not possible and in the
09:31offline selling people might ask me how
09:33safe is it let me just tell you it's
09:36totally your risk so now you you guys
09:38might be telling that I'm confusing your
09:40people I'm giving you more confusion and
09:43complication so what is the ultimate
09:45solution to be 100 safe what is the
09:48ultimate answer for it so it's very
09:51simple we just need to wait for an
09:53exchange listing so exchange listing is
09:55highly Possible only by 2024 because
09:592024 is having a bull run which is next
10:02year so we have to wait for it the
10:04cryptocurrency will be going up and up
10:07and everyone will be in profits mark my
10:10words guys every single people who are
10:11watching this video every day our two
10:13videos of a drop you guys will at least
10:16be having at least of two thousand
10:19dollar as your your income if you just
10:21watch the video and do simple tasks but
10:23if you watch every single video and do
10:25thoroughly and do with dedication I can
10:28say that you might be able to have more
10:30than ten thousand dollar also so this
10:31isn't just my prediction so it is up to
10:33you how much dedication you are having
10:35so I think that's all for today's video
10:37guys I hope I delivered to you every
10:39single information which is uh possible
10:42enough in this video so I'll be seeing
10:44you in the next video guys until then
10:46take care goodbye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the detailed guide provided in the video about selling Pi Network coins?

The video provides a detailed guide on how to sell Pi Network coins, including the process of verifying and withdrawing the coins. It covers the step-by-step process to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

2. What caution does the video give against selling Pi coins through online platforms?

The video cautions against selling Pi coins through online platforms as it discusses the potential risks and security concerns associated with such transactions. It emphasizes the importance of waiting for an exchange listing for a safer transaction.

3. How does the video discuss the reality of the Pi coin's value?

The video discusses the reality of the Pi coin's value, shedding light on its current market status and potential future trends. It provides insights into the factors influencing the coin's value and offers a realistic perspective for sellers.

4. What solution does the video suggest for a safer transaction of Pi coins?

The ultimate solution suggested in the video is to wait for an exchange listing for a safer transaction. It emphasizes the significance of leveraging established platforms for buying and selling Pi Network coins to mitigate potential risks.

5. What does the video caution sellers about when it comes to selling Pi Network coins?

The video cautions sellers about the importance of being aware of the potential risks and challenges associated with online platforms for selling Pi Network coins. It recommends waiting for an exchange listing for a more secure and reliable transaction.

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