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The video provides tips on how to gain and keep OnlyFans subscribers, emphasizing the importance of setting up a successful page, creating high-quality content, engaging with subscribers, investing in the business, and utilizing various social media platforms for marketing. It also highlights the need for consistent effort and creativity in order to achieve success on the platform.
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Tips for gaining and keeping OnlyFans subscribers:
Set up your page for success by creating a good product that keeps customers happy.
Accept that you will lose subscribers and focus on creating the best content possible.
Quality content doesn't necessarily require expensive equipment; you can use your phone.
To gain OnlyFans subscribers fast, it is recommended to look at other content creators' pages, engage with the community, and invest in your business.
Look at other content creators' pages on Twitter to get an idea of the type of content they are posting.
Engage with people in the comments section and make them feel special and wanted on the platform.
Invest money back into your business by buying new outfits, costumes, lingerie, toys, and doing photo shoots.
Occasionally, throw in a professional photo shoot to attract subscribers.
OnlyFans requires dedication and consistent content creation to make money.
OnlyFans is not a get rich quick scheme.
Many creators on the platform make it more competitive.
Making money on OnlyFans requires putting in effort and time.
Consistently posting content on multiple platforms is necessary for success.
Controversial marketing on social media can help gain more OnlyFans subscribers.
Use the Tinder marketing method to connect with guys and promote your OnlyFans through Snapchat.
Post content on social media platforms every day to attract more attention.
Controversial marketing involves writing posts that provoke arguments in the comments, increasing engagement and visibility.
Live streaming is a great way to gain new subscribers on OnlyFans, and there are various platforms where you can do it.
You can live stream on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.
Live streaming can help attract new viewers to your OnlyFans page.
While most platforms have restrictions on NSFW content, you can still promote your OnlyFans indirectly.
There is no one-size-fits-all method to market your OnlyFans, so you need to get creative and try different approaches.
Controversial marketing and exploring unconventional methods can be effective in gaining attention.
Buying promo can also help, but ultimately, success on OnlyFans requires hard work and dedication.
00:00as you probably know by now because I've
00:02been talking about it in every single
00:04video I have a mentorship program it is
00:07an online course as well as full access
00:09to Moi and you can talk to me every week
00:13and go through the course online all of
00:16that and it's all about how to make your
00:20only fans a full-time business now with
00:22that being said the most common question
00:24I get asked by my students is how to
00:28gain and keep only fan subscribers and I
00:31will say that is the hardest part about
00:33our business is there is no discover
00:36page and it is a subscription-based
00:39platform so really keeping subscribers
00:42is harder than you might think don't
00:44stress I am a top only fans Creator and
00:47I've been on the platform for three plus
00:49years so here are some of my best tips
00:51on how to gain and keep only fan
00:54subscribers so I know this might seem
00:56out of order but I promise it is in
00:58order we are going to talk about how to
01:01keep only fan subscribers first before
01:04even thinking about gaining Subs you
01:06want to make sure your page is set up
01:08for Success so that once you get that
01:11first subscriber they want to stick
01:13around and you're not going to lose as
01:15soon as you gain before thinking about
01:17gaining subscribers you want to think
01:19about what your page is set up for are
01:22you set up for people to want to stick
01:25around good product equals happy
01:27customers which then equals subscribers
01:30that stick around for a longer period of
01:32time I do want to be real with you and
01:34say something that you're not going to
01:35like you have to accept that you're
01:37going to lose subscribers it's going to
01:39be a constant Battle of push and pull
01:43and trying to gain subscribers but then
01:46also keeping them it's a Content battle
01:48it's a subscription-based platform it
01:50just is what it is the best thing you
01:51can do is create the best content
01:53possible so that once you do gain a
01:56subscriber they want to stick around
01:58make sure you're producing best quality
02:00content that you can and that doesn't
02:02necessarily mean like get the most
02:04expensive equipment and use a camera
02:06every single time you can use your phone
02:08and get a ring light from Amazon or not
02:13even have a ring light and just use
02:14natural lighting it just means make
02:16content that somebody's going to want to
02:18consume and also pay for if you're
02:20making content like everybody else it's
02:22not creative it's not fun it's not
02:25enticing it's not
02:27um it's just you in the mirror you're
02:31probably not going to have subscribers
02:33that stick around for a long period of
02:35time especially if you're making the
02:36same content over and over and over
02:38again I have a full video on content
02:40ideas if that's kind of what you're
02:41struggling with so you can check that
02:43out here but what you're going to want
02:44to do is make sure that you have a ton
02:46of content on your page ready to go when
02:48you're first starting and also that your
02:51content continues to get better and more
02:53creative that can be very hard as
02:56content creators it's hard to always
02:57come up with new and better and fresh
02:59ideas but what I would recommend is
03:02actually looking at other content
03:05creators pages so what I like to do is
03:08it would be a little bit costly to
03:10subscribe to a bunch of people but you
03:12can always go to their Twitter and kind
03:13of get an idea of what type of content
03:15they're posting and also making friends
03:18in the community so that you can ask
03:19them what they're doing on their page
03:21and ask what creators are doing to get
03:24their audience engaged I like to do
03:25games I like to set up polls I like to
03:28engage with people in the comments
03:29section on only fans it isn't like any
03:33other platform where there's going to be
03:34tons of comments because people do like
03:36to kind of stay Anonymous or if they do
03:39want to message you they more do it in
03:40the DMS so there's not a ton of comments
03:43but when people do comment I would
03:45highly recommend engaging with those
03:46comments and making sure that you're
03:48making people feel special and wanted on
03:51the platform so reminder good product
03:54happy customer
03:56long-term sub like I said we're talking
03:58about how to keep Subs before how to
04:00gain them another thing I want you to
04:02keep in mind is
04:03how much money you're putting back into
04:05your business because just like any
04:08business you're going to have to upgrade
04:10things so new outfits new costumes
04:14um new lingerie new toys those are the
04:17type of things that I would recommend
04:20pretty often not all the time obviously
04:24don't spend all your money on things
04:25like that but put money back into your
04:28business whether that is a buying promo
04:30from girls that look like you or make
04:33similar content to you make sure you're
04:35doing your research on who you're buying
04:37promo from but
04:39buying promo is a good way to put money
04:41back into your business upgrading your
04:42equipment is a good way
04:44um buying outfits buying toys and maybe
04:48even doing photo shoots every once in a
04:50while I really do recommend doing things
04:52a little more natural and Raw on only
04:54fans because that's what people like
04:56there but every once in a while throwing
04:59in a little photo shoot here and there
05:00can be really fun just to spice up your
05:02content now that we've talked about how
05:04to keep your subscribers let's talk
05:07about what you're really here for which
05:09is gaining subscribers and like I
05:11mentioned you have to accept that you
05:13are going to lose subscribers but that
05:15doesn't mean that you can't gain a lot
05:16and lose a few and gain a lot and lose a
05:20few and be actually working your way
05:23um you're always going to be losing
05:25subscribers and that's why our business
05:26is kind of a never-ending Journey you
05:29kind of always have to be promoting and
05:31making content and just like it never
05:34really ends it always got to be putting
05:36a hundred percent into it so let's talk
05:38about out the ways that you probably
05:40know social media I'm going to say
05:43another thing that you probably don't
05:46want to hear but is honestly the best
05:48advice I can give to anyone who wants to
05:50start and grow and only fans and
05:53actually do it as a full-time career you
05:56truly have to put in the amount of time
05:59you would into a full-time job you have
06:02to realize that this is not a get rich
06:05quick scheme you know in the beginning
06:07of only fans I think it was a lot easier
06:10for girls to just right off the bat make
06:13a lot of money but in today's age there
06:16are a lot of creators on the platform
06:18and I got a comment recently
06:21where someone said you know
06:24girls aren't actually making a lot of
06:26money on only fans and you know I forget
06:29what the comment said it said something
06:30like that like it's a scam it is not a
06:33scam if you put you're all into this
06:38um but if you're not gonna put your all
06:40and you're just gonna expect to like
06:41post a topless pick and make a bunch of
06:44money it's not gonna work out for you if
06:47you don't want to be on social media
06:49it's not going to work out for you if
06:51you don't want to spend your entire time
06:53on your phone for an entire day at a
06:57it's not gonna work out for you if you
06:59don't want to make content every single
07:01day of your life it's not gonna work out
07:03for you and there are ways around making
07:05content every single day I don't mean
07:07that like you physically have to make
07:09content every single day but you have to
07:12make enough content to be posting every
07:14single day
07:15on multiple platforms you have to have
07:19enough time to schedule that content out
07:21or post that content out every single
07:23day if you don't have that ability you
07:27aren't going to make money on only fans
07:29and I know that's something you probably
07:31don't want to hear you probably want to
07:33hear that it's so easy and that you can
07:35grow and and you can make thousands and
07:37thousands of dollars in a week it's not
07:40realistic to think that way and you have
07:43to realize any business is going to take
07:45hours out of your day out of your life
07:48to build let's jump into social media
07:50you have to build a following on social
07:53media Point Blank period whether you're
07:57using your face or not you need to build
08:01up your social media platforms and you
08:03need to be across everything because you
08:06never know where you might pop off for
08:09me personally Twitter was where I was
08:12able to really get a lot of my following
08:14for one of my students it is Tick Tock
08:18and for one of my other students it's
08:20Instagram but they are across all
08:22platforms I'm across all platforms but
08:25there's places where it just works out
08:27for you spread yourself across all
08:29platforms put your time and energy into
08:32all of them at first and figure out
08:34which ones are really helping you grow
08:36because everyone's different you know
08:38and it comes down to a lot of different
08:41things it could be the way you look it
08:42could be the way you speak it could be
08:45just the way you interact with people on
08:47different platforms and and how they
08:49interact with you and there are
08:51different people on different platforms
08:53if your Vibe just happens to work out on
08:56one of them you can really put all your
08:58time and energy into that what I would
08:59highly recommend for everybody though is
09:01to put in a lot of extra time into reels
09:03on Instagram and into Tick Tock and be
09:06extremely careful on both of them
09:07because they are not a not suitable for
09:13NSFW so you can't really just post
09:16whatever you want on there you can't be
09:18nude you can't even be like semi-nude on
09:20there really like if you're gonna wear a
09:22bikini that's probably like pushing it
09:24especially on Tick Tock whereas
09:27Instagram's a little more flexible
09:30depending so I'd still be very careful
09:32but I would still be very careful with
09:34like hashtags you use and how much
09:35nudity you're showing I mean and how
09:38much skin you're showing on those
09:40but I would a hundred percent put in a
09:43lot of effort and energy into making
09:46that work because
09:48that is where you're gonna see a lot of
09:50traction coming in and you can get a lot
09:52of views and a lot of eyes on you really
09:55really quickly and we're gonna get into
09:56eyes in a little bit but let's continue
09:58on with different platforms so Instagram
10:00I would highly focus on reels
10:03um Tick Tock I would highly focus on
10:05that as well I think those are my top
10:07two right now then I would think about
10:10um Twitter is a great place to connect
10:11with other creators because there are so
10:13many creators on there and it is a not
10:16suitable for work platform so you can do
10:18hashtags you can post full nudity uh on
10:22most pages I know some people can't
10:24depending on what your page it looks
10:26like I don't really know exactly the
10:28terms I've been I wouldn't check on the
10:30terms on Twitter but you can post a lot
10:33more I don't post any like full Nudes on
10:37but it gives me more flexibility with
10:40how much skin I post like more lingerie
10:43stuff and swimsuit bikini type things on
10:46Twitter and you can be a little more a
10:48little more adulty on Twitter and I
10:51think it's a great place to connect with
10:52creators the next thing is Reddit and
10:55this one did not work for me and I
10:58wouldn't completely write it off if you
11:00are familiar with the app but if you're
11:02not I would say don't spend too much
11:04time on things that are not working for
11:06you so if any of these do not work for
11:09you hi I would highly focus on the ones
11:12that are working for you but try try
11:14everything first before deciding that
11:16it's not gonna work for you because I
11:17know tons of people read it works really
11:19well for them there are lots of not
11:21suitable for work Forums on Reddit and
11:26so they allow full nudity and all of
11:28that I know that you can only post as
11:30much Karma as you have or something like
11:32that so you kind of have to build
11:33yourself up on Reddit and that might
11:36take a lot of time so be careful where
11:39you put your energy into and just be
11:40smart about it next thing is Snapchat
11:43and YouTube I know a lot of people will
11:46use like Tinder or something and people
11:48will ask oh what's your snap and then
11:50you send them to snap and then they kind
11:52of use that as a marketing tool to then
11:54get them to only fans if you already
11:56have a following on Snapchat then I
11:59would highly recommend using that but
12:01for me I do not have a Snapchat so it is
12:03not 100 recommended by me I wouldn't say
12:06if you don't already use Snapchat I
12:09don't know if making one is going to be
12:12helpful unless you actually do the
12:15Tinder marketing method which I've heard
12:17is really really good and basically what
12:19that means is you make a tender profile
12:22speak with guys put the ages to like all
12:24ages or something like that speak with
12:26guys and then they'll ask oh what's your
12:29snap or you can like be like oh do you
12:31want my snap let's talk over there you
12:33give them your snap you message over
12:34there and then you post on your story
12:35like oh I have and only fans you can
12:38build up your following that way so now
12:39let's get into what I was talking about
12:41with eyes eyes on the prize guys the
12:45more eyes the more opportunity for a new
12:49subscriber and more money this next
12:51method is controversial marketing and
12:55controversial marketing
12:57um is kind of making things a little
12:59more aggravating to the viewer so that
13:03more eyes are being drawn to your
13:05content either way this is all about
13:07social media so you're going to be
13:09posting content as often as possible on
13:13everything guys like you should be
13:14posting every single day on all
13:16platforms you know trying different
13:17techniques out but something that has
13:19been working for a lot of people is this
13:21controversial marketing method where
13:24you're writing something that two
13:26different people or two different groups
13:28are then can argue in the comments so
13:32basically saying things like who does it
13:34better blondes or brunettes and people
13:36can go in and be like oh well blondes
13:38because blondes more have more fun or
13:40brunettes because this and that it's a
13:42little bit controversial people can go
13:43at it in the comments and that brings
13:45more attention to your content and the
13:48more engagement that's going on on your
13:50content the more the social media
13:53platform that you're on is going to push
13:55your content out obviously being
13:58controversial and aggravating your
14:01isn't always going to be a positive
14:04thing but the goal with that is to get
14:07as many eyes to your content as possible
14:09and that way you are really exposing
14:12yourself to new potential subscribers
14:14and buyers and more money that is a way
14:17you can kind of Market yourself another
14:19way is adding curiosity to your page so
14:22like I said you do have to have social
14:23media but if you are doing like a no
14:26face or something like that type of
14:28profile there are ways to add curiosity
14:34figuring out what your only fans is you
14:36could Market yourself as a no face on
14:39social media but on only fans who do
14:41show your face so it kind of gives
14:42people like oh I wonder what this person
14:44looks like and you do all your content
14:45with no face or if you do show your face
14:47there's other ways to add curiosity
14:49showing your silhouette and all your
14:51videos but never showing your full body
14:52or whatever it is you can add curiosity
14:55in many many different ways so curiosity
14:58marketing is another way that you can
15:00try and stem things the last thing I
15:03want to mention is live streaming and
15:05there are so many different platforms
15:07that you can live stream on and you can
15:09also do live streaming on like cam girl
15:12sites as well to Market your only fans
15:15if that's something that you're
15:16comfortable with and want to do that is
15:18a great way you can live stream anywhere
15:20like on tick tock on Instagram on
15:24um twitch literally so many places you
15:26can also do a YouTube and I forgot to
15:28mention you can also make YouTube videos
15:30where you do try on bikini hauls and
15:33things like that that can actually gain
15:34attraction to your YouTube page and then
15:37also to your only fans you can do things
15:39like that but back to live streaming
15:42um live streaming is a great way to get
15:45new eyes to you most platforms are not
15:48NSFW on live streaming you do have to be
15:51you know covered and all that unless
15:53you're doing a cam girl type thing but
15:56for the most part you do have to be
15:57covered and you can't really reference
15:59the only fans you can definitely make it
16:02known that you have one in many
16:04different ways so get creative one thing
16:06I want to mention is that there's not
16:07just one way to Market your only fans
16:10like you know there's no discover page
16:12so you do have to get creative with how
16:14you choose to Market there's not just
16:16like this you know secret method to it
16:19it's all about learning how to Market a
16:21business and you are your business so
16:24you have to try different methods you
16:25have to explore different ways learn
16:27about marketing learn about marketing
16:29tips like I said that controversial
16:32marketing has been a really good way
16:33that a lot of people have been using
16:35getting creative with like using Tinder
16:37and and pulling guys from there or
16:40whatever it is you have to come up with
16:42new creative ways and it's not going to
16:45be easy a lot of the times when people
16:47watch these type of videos they're
16:48expecting like this one thing that they
16:51did that just blew them up obviously you
16:54guys can buy promo and stuff like that
16:56too but nothing is going to be this One
16:59Stop Shop to like making millions on
17:02only fans you have to put in the work
17:04put in the hours and put in the time
17:06just put in the time you will see
17:08results it might feel tricky at first
17:10but you'll find ways you'll learn new
17:13tips you'll learn new tricks you'll try
17:16different things and you'll see growth
17:18you will I have a whole playlist all
17:20about only fans so if you want to see
17:22any of more of those videos please watch
17:24those here and then like I mentioned I
17:26do have an online course that you can
17:28sign up for it goes through literally
17:30everything from the beginning of how to
17:32start and only fans all the way into to
17:34those Nitty Gritty details on how to
17:36grow and literally everything if you
17:40need that but also in that course if you
17:42do purchase that online course you also
17:45get access to me so you get my telegram
17:48at and we can message NDM and set up
17:52phone calls and really dive into what it
17:55is that you need and what type of help
17:58you need to grow and build your own
17:59events so that is all linked down below
18:01and I will see you in the next one bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is setting up a successful page important for gaining and keeping OnlyFans subscribers?

Setting up a successful page on OnlyFans is crucial for gaining and keeping subscribers because it creates a professional and enticing first impression. A well-designed page showcases the content and personality of the creator, attracting potential subscribers and encouraging them to stay engaged.

2. How does creating high-quality content contribute to gaining and keeping OnlyFans subscribers?

Creating high-quality content is essential for gaining and keeping OnlyFans subscribers as it sets the creator apart, establishes credibility, and keeps subscribers engaged. High-quality content can include exclusive and personalized material that adds value and keeps subscribers coming back for more.

3. Why is engaging with subscribers important for success on OnlyFans?

Engaging with subscribers is crucial for success on OnlyFans because it fosters a sense of community, builds loyalty, and encourages ongoing support. Interacting with subscribers through messages, customized content, and live sessions can significantly enhance the subscriber experience and retention rate.

4. How does investing in the business contribute to gaining and keeping OnlyFans subscribers?

Investing in the business, such as acquiring high-quality equipment, professional support, and marketing resources, demonstrates dedication and strengthens the overall appeal of the content. It enhances the creator's capabilities, improves the content quality, and attracts potential subscribers who appreciate the commitment to continual improvement.

5. What role do various social media platforms play in marketing an OnlyFans page?

Utilizing various social media platforms for marketing an OnlyFans page helps to expand the reach, attract new subscribers, and engage with the audience. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok provide opportunities to showcase content, share updates, and connect with potential subscribers, ultimately driving traffic to the OnlyFans page.

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