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This video demonstrates how to install mods in Worldbox on PC by downloading the mod files and placing them in the appropriate folder. The narrator explains the steps clearly and shows examples of downloading and installing a mod. The process is simple and allows players to add new features and traits to the game.
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This section explains how to download and install mods in Worldbox.
Go to the settings and enable experimental mode.
Download the latest version of NCMS from the provided website.
Locate the Worldbox folder either through File Explorer or Steam properties.
Open the mods folder within the Worldbox folder and move the unzipped NCMS.dll file there.
After successful installation, an icon will appear under the Steam icon indicating the mod's installation.
To install mods in Worldbox, unzip the downloaded mod file and drag it into the mods folder, then relaunch the game.
Download the mod from a trusted website and make sure it is updated for the current patch.
Open the downloaded file and unzip it.
Drag the unzipped file into the mods folder.
Relaunch the game to see the installed mod.
00:00how to download mods in world box first
00:02go to the settings then hit settings
00:04again then scroll down to experimental
00:06mode make sure it's checked on after you
00:08got that checked on you can exit out of
00:09the game you want to come to this
00:10website where the link will be in the
00:12description and download the latest
00:13version of ncms now find the photo that
00:16you just downloaded and find the
00:18ncms.dll file we're going to unzip that
00:21file into our roblox folder there's a
00:24couple ways to find your worldbox folder
00:25what we did was we went to the file
00:27explorer and search for robox and it
00:30should come up here you go another way
00:32is to go into steam find your roblox
00:34game right click it go to properties
00:36and then go to local files and then just
00:39click on browse and there you go it
00:41should come up once your roblox folder
00:43is open go into roblox data
00:45then go to streaming assets and open up
00:46the mods folder and this is the location
00:49you want to move the ncms.dll you want
00:51to unzip it here
00:53after unzipping the folder i can just
00:55drag the ncms file into our location and
00:58it's really as simple as that
01:00if you installed ncms correctly you'll
01:03this icon appear underneath the steam
01:08and that's how you know if you installed
01:09it correctly
01:10if we open up our roblox folder again
01:11we'll see now that there's a mods folder
01:14with the two sample mazda it was
01:18every time that we download a mod now
01:19all we have to do is unzip it into this
01:21folder relaunch the game and the mod
01:23should be good to go as long as it's the
01:25right version
01:26let me download a mod as an example so
01:29you guys can see how it's done here's
01:31the website you'll be downloading most
01:32your mods off of
01:34do this at your own risk just be careful
01:36let's download extra traits as an
01:37example so we clicked on it you want to
01:40scroll down until you find
01:42the manual download
01:44it was updated five days ago so it's
01:47updated for the current patch that's a
01:49good way to check it if it was from 11
01:51months ago let's say it might not be
01:52updated for the current patch so you
01:53might not be able to download that mod
01:55this one should be fine let's download
01:59once you got it downloaded open it up
02:03make sure you
02:06unzip it and then this file is the file
02:09that you want to drag into your mods
02:10folder that new mods folder that was
02:12created you just find that again
02:15here it is so we're just going to drag
02:17that in
02:18and launch the game
02:20here's the game launched if we did it
02:21correctly we should have many more extra
02:25and here you go we have all of these
02:27extra traits from the mod
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How to install mods in Worldbox on PC?

To install mods in Worldbox on PC, you can download the mod files and place them in the appropriate folder. The process is simple and allows players to add new features and traits to the game. The narrator in the video demonstrates the steps clearly and shows examples of downloading and installing a mod.

2. What are the benefits of using mods in Worldbox?

Using mods in Worldbox can enhance the gaming experience by adding new features and traits to the game. It allows players to customize their gameplay and explore new possibilities. Mods can introduce creativity, fun challenges, and unique elements to the game.

3. Where can I find mod files for Worldbox?

Mod files for Worldbox can be found on various modding websites, forums, and community platforms dedicated to the game. Players can also create their own mods using modding tools and share them with the community.

4. Are mods safe to use in Worldbox?

Most mods for Worldbox are safe to use, especially those downloaded from reputable sources and verified by the community. However, it is always recommended to use caution and read the user reviews before downloading and installing any mod to ensure a safe and enjoyable gameplay experience.

5. Can I share my own mod creations in Worldbox?

Yes, players can create their own mods in Worldbox using modding tools and share them with the community. Sharing mod creations allows players to contribute to the game's modding community, showcase their creativity, and engage with other players who enjoy customizing their gameplay experience.

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