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The video provides a breakdown of the cost of living in Jamaica, with different price ranges depending on lifestyle and needs, ranging from survival at $316/month for Jamaicans to a comfortable life at $9,000/month. The video covers expenses such as rent, electricity, water, internet, phone, gas, pool maintenance, security, food, transportation, and car expenses.
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The video discusses the cost of living in Jamaica and provides estimated monthly expenses for different categories of people.
For a family of two adults, a foreigner would need about $1,000 USD per month to survive.
For a Jamaican, the survival amount would be around $316 USD per month for two adults.
To have a comfortable life with amenities like a nice house and swimming pool, one would need $9,000 USD per month in Jamaica.
The cost of living in Jamaica varies depending on the type of accommodation, ranging from $800 for a furnished apartment to $2,500 for a comfortable house with a swimming pool.
A furnished apartment in the New Kingston area can cost around $800 per month.
A studio in Freeport or Montego Bay can also cost around $800 per month.
A comfortable three or four-bedroom house with a swimming pool can cost around $2,500 per month.
The price of electricity in Jamaica is high and is closely tied to the price of imported diesel fuel and the exchange rate between the US dollar and Jamaican dollar.
The cost of water in Jamaica depends on factors such as apartment vs house, garden size, and the presence of a swimming pool.
For basic usage, the water bill is around $20 per month.
For a nice apartment with frequent showers, the water bill can be around $50 per month.
A house with a small garden will cost around $100 per month for water.
If there is a swimming pool, the water bill can increase to about $140 per month.
The cost of living in Jamaica includes internet, phone service, and cooking gas expenses.
Digicel is an alternative to Flow for fast internet in Kingston.
Competition between Digicel and Flow would benefit users with lower internet prices.
Phone service options include prepaid and postpaid plans.
Cooking gas expenses range from around $6 per month for minimal usage to higher bills for regular cooking.
The cost of maintaining a small pool in Jamaica is around 27,000 Jamaican dollars per month, which includes the cost of a poolman and chemicals.
The poolman's visit for a small pool is approximately three and a half thousand Jamaican dollars per week.
Additional chemicals such as chlorine and acid are required for pool maintenance.
It is possible to clean the pool by oneself, but it would take around five hours compared to a professional poolman who can do it in two hours.
For a basic comfortable home with a small pool, the prices mentioned are not for luxury items.
The cost of living in Jamaica can be significantly lower for locals compared to foreigners.
Jamaicans can save money by relying on resources like homegrown food.
For foreigners, food expenses can amount to around $25,000 per person per month.
In addition to food, foreigners also have to budget for home maintenance and other expenses.
The cost of public transport in Jamaica is 150 Jamaican dollars per person for a one-way trip, resulting in 6,000 Jamaican dollars per month for work commute.
A car in Jamaica can cost 3,000 US dollars for an old car and 50,000 US dollars for a pickup truck.
Monthly expenses for a person living in an apartment with a cheap car would include car repairs, estimated to be around 1,400 US dollars per year.
Buying a new car with a loan would result in monthly loan payments of around 250 US dollars.
For a comfortable life, both individuals in a household would need a car, which would require additional loan payments and fuel expenses.
00:00how much money do you need to live in
00:01jamaica this is a question many people
00:03fail to answer because they go like
00:05well it depends on your lifestyle
00:07whether you have a family or not
00:09where exactly you live and so on sure it
00:12depends on many factors
00:14but this video will give you the exact
00:17that will match the needs of every
00:21is it even possible let's see
00:34straight to the point as a foreigner for
00:36a family of
00:37two adults you will need about 1 000 us
00:40dollars per month
00:42to survive and by survive i mean
00:45like the very basics you'll be
00:48struggling with pretty much
00:49everything you won't die of starvation
00:52you will have some sort of shelter and
00:54bit of amenities but that's about it
00:56for a jamaican however this survival
00:58amount of money
00:59would be around 316 us dollars
01:03per to adults obviously it's not because
01:06jamaicans need less than foreigners
01:08it's because of very different reasons
01:11that you will see
01:12in a minute but of course if you don't
01:13want to struggle with everything and
01:15this will
01:16double your money spent per month now if
01:18you want to have a
01:20comfortable life really nice house with
01:22a swimming pool
01:24maybe with a garden well for that kind
01:27of lifestyle you will need
01:289 000 us dollars per month in jamaica
01:31it's not like
01:32luxury you know spending money on
01:36no no no it's just comfortable life with
01:38a nice car
01:39nice house you know that kind of stuff
01:42how did i come up with these numbers
01:43obviously i'm going to show you i didn't
01:45take these numbers out of the blue
01:47these are the five categories of people
01:49that we're going to look at
01:51so that you can understand how much
01:53money each category of people spend
01:55and what they spend it on this is going
01:58to give you an idea of the cost of
01:59living in jamaica and what you can
02:02as a foreigner
02:06for the purpose of this video we're only
02:08going to look at the rental prices in
02:10jamaica right now
02:11we're not going to look at buying
02:13property in jamaica because this will be
02:14covered in a separate video about
02:16property in jamaica so
02:18the website that you can use to compare
02:21prices is
02:22definitely caldwell bankers because it
02:24gives like a nice
02:25range of different properties you're
02:27looking at around 400 us dollars per
02:29for like the basic one-bedroom apartment
02:33in montego bay now for the very exact
02:36you can get a house up in the hills
02:38about half an hour drive from montego
02:40bay downtown whereas in kingston for
02:42this amount you're probably gonna get
02:44just a studio
02:45okay what happens if you're a jamaican
02:47person who is struggling to survive like
02:50really really struggling how much do you
02:52pay for rent
02:54well you don't nobody's gonna pay rent
02:57when they have no money they would just
02:59live somewhere where they can live
03:00either with relatives or
03:02on a piece of land they would just find
03:04an abandoned house and so on but they're
03:06not gonna
03:06make a contract with somebody and pay
03:10you on the other hand as a foreigner
03:12will have to do that because
03:14there is no way you can get a visa or
03:17when you don't have like a property that
03:19you rent
03:20so a nice apartment that is furnished
03:23somewhere in
03:23new kingston area maybe one bedroom or a
03:26two-bedroom apartment
03:27will cost you around 800 us dollars per
03:31now it can also be a studio like in
03:33freeport in montego bay a studio can
03:35cost you just as much it's like 800 usd
03:38per month or more now if you want a
03:40comfortable like
03:41comfortable nice home with a swimming
03:46you know like maybe three bedroom four
03:48bedroom house
03:49you're looking at about two and a half
03:51thousand us dollars per month
03:57the first thing you're going to need is
03:59obviously electricity there is only one
04:01company in jamaica that provides
04:02electricity it's called
04:03gps gps stands for jamaica public
04:07service company limited the price for
04:09electricity in jamaica
04:10is one of the highest in the world and
04:14i'm not joking guys it's really high the
04:16rate for electricity in jamaica is
04:18closely tied
04:19to the price of imported diesel fuel
04:23if fuel costs more then the price for
04:26electricity goes up and because it is
04:29it is also closely tied to the exchange
04:33of us dollar and jamaican dollar if you
04:35want to understand the way the price
04:37for electricity is calculated in jamaica
04:39you kind of need something like
04:42a degree in maths
04:53if you have a logical question why
04:54doesn't jamaica use solar power
04:58it does but it doesn't affect the price
05:01it's a long story if you use electricity
05:04just you know for
05:05some light and maybe a fridge
05:08and uh that's about it you're looking at
05:11around 25 usd per month
05:14now if you're an immigrant and you're
05:16renting an apartment
05:18and you also have maybe a couple of
05:20computers you have to use
05:21and maybe a fan that you're using right
05:24so you're looking at around
05:2640 dollars per month if you want to use
05:29at night only you know when you just
05:31sleep at night
05:32and you maybe have a cattle and
05:35microwave that you use from time to time
05:37120 us dollars per month now if you live
05:40in a house
05:41your electricity bill is gonna shoot
05:42through the roof right away because
05:44there are so many things
05:46that a house consumes like the outside
05:49lights at night
05:50like if you have electric gate that
05:51keeps you know opening
05:53when we rented a house our electricity
05:56bill was somewhere between 280 us
05:59dollars per month and higher
06:00and that's without using ac
06:04that was only with fans like we used
06:06four fans in a
06:08in a house so if you're looking at about
06:10a four bedroom house
06:12that has a pool that uses up a
06:15pump some people would have electric
06:19in jamaica which is i think is crazy
06:22with these prices for electricity
06:24you're looking at around 1 200 u.s
06:26dollars per month
06:27so if you're staying in an airbnb in
06:31if you are not inside make sure you turn
06:34off your ac
06:43water there is a company called nwc it's
06:46a national water commission
06:48for the like the very basics shower
06:50washing dishes you're looking at around
06:54per month if you're renting a nice
06:56apartment and you can
06:57afford the luxury of taking shower a
07:00couple of times a day
07:02you know and then you're looking at
07:04water bill around
07:0550 us dollars per month but of course if
07:08you're looking at a house
07:10and garden and if the garden is not too
07:12big it's going to be like
07:14you know a little bit but if the garden
07:15is big it's going to obviously cost you
07:18because you'll need more water if you
07:19have a swimming pool you will need more
07:21water for the swimming pool because on
07:23hot days the water
07:24evaporates so you have to top up the
07:26pool all the time
07:28in which case your water bill is going
07:29to be about 140 usd
07:31per month while for a house without a
07:33swimming pool it will be around
07:35a hundred us dollars per month as human
07:37bother have a garden
07:39jamaica doesn't have hot water all right
07:41there's there is no
07:43central hot water system so the only way
07:45you can get hot water is either with
07:47solar heater
07:48or electric heater for example the
07:50housing we rent out on the airbnb has a
07:52solar heater
07:53electric heater would kill your build
07:55that's it like if you use an electric
07:57heater uh add another like about 500 us
08:00dollars per month if you want
08:01hot water every day so how do we manage
08:04with this uh
08:05you know uh we use cold water
08:08you know in ukraine we often have a
08:10situation when there is no hot water yet
08:12um we're still getting bills for hot
08:16and uh and it's minus 20 outside so it's
08:19not like in jamaica you go like
08:21nice and warm and you go cold shower
08:23that's good
08:24in ukraine you go like freezing cold you
08:26come home
08:27and it's freezing cold water in the tap
08:29what you do in this case you take a pot
08:31like big pot
08:32put it on a gas stove lighten it up
08:34boiled hot
08:36add some cold water in it mix it and
08:38then you just
08:41shower it's awesome
08:47okay the speed of internet in jamaica
08:50you can get up to
08:51100 mbps download and up to
08:545 mbps upload jamaica has quite good
08:57internet speed
08:58the problem is how much it costs for
09:00this kind of speeds i mentioned
09:02it's going to cost you 120 usd per month
09:05you can get around
09:0640 usd per month is for a package of 25
09:09and bps and that's pretty much enough if
09:11you want to play computer games
09:12uh do upload youtube videos right if you
09:15just bare minimum like a little internet
09:18so that you can
09:19i don't know talk uh over skype with
09:21your family just watch youtube maybe
09:24then you're looking at a package about
09:2610 megabits and
09:28a plus cable tv if you want and that's
09:30about 25 dollars
09:31per month for calypso that we rent out
09:34on airbnb we have two accounts and
09:36three points of internet access just to
09:39make sure the full coverage of the house
09:41so that costs us about 180 usd per month
09:44okay there are two companies that
09:46provide internet in jamaica
09:48one company is called a cable and
09:51there's a monopolist that owns pretty
09:53much all internet across the caribbean
09:56and most cable service across the
10:00cable in wireless was originally set up
10:02in britain you can track it back to the
10:0419th century and
10:05in jamaica it operates under the brand
10:07floor is there an alternative to floor
10:10yes uh there is digicel dji cell has
10:13really fast
10:14internet now in kingston but not
10:16anywhere else
10:17you see djcell is initially a mobile
10:19network if digicell
10:20goes all over jamaica with uh their
10:23that would be fantastic because these
10:25two gonna compete
10:26and as a result the general user would
10:29have the benefits of this competition
10:31because when there is competition the
10:33prices drop when there is no competition
10:35like in case of floor the prices for the
10:37internet kept
10:38really high now of course with phone you
10:41can get a prepaid service or you can get
10:42a post by its service
10:43for most people who do important
10:45conversations over the phone they go for
10:46post paid service
10:47i'm using this service i'm paying 45
10:49years dollars per month because i use a
10:51lot of wi-fi
10:52at home i'm not using up uh the data
10:55that i'm given like i have and it rolls
10:57to next month but of course if you want
10:59to save up and you don't want to use
11:01data much
11:02you would go with prepaid service in the
11:04survival mode
11:05you don't want to have a smartphone you
11:07have your simple phone
11:08in which case other people can call you
11:10but you yourself not going to make any
11:13and in this case they are spending only
11:15around 4 us dollars per month on their
11:21cooking gas in jamaica we have gas
11:23supply in tanks
11:25so we don't have central gas supply
11:27system the gas tank we have
11:29lasts two months usually and we do
11:31cooking two
11:32times a day for family of four so on
11:35average however you're looking at around
11:37six us dollars per month
11:38if you're like really really saving up
11:40on cooking so you don't
11:42cook things that take long time to cook
11:44so you don't waste much
11:46gas but it would be more for instance if
11:49like want a comfortable life and you
11:51want like proper
11:52cooking being done and you know then in
11:55this case you will have
11:56much higher bills for gas
12:16the other things that you're going to
12:18see now are mostly relevant for houses
12:20or people who have nicer bigger
12:24amenities if you live in a house and you
12:26have a garden you will need a garden now
12:28or you have to do your garden yourself
12:3395 us dollars per month that's how much
12:36gardener is going to cost you like it
12:37depends on the size of your garden
12:39some gardeners take as little as i don't
12:41know twenty dollars
12:42per visit but then they might not have
12:44the equipment so you have to provide
12:46them with equipment
12:47if you want a gardener with his own
12:48equipment or her in this case that's
12:51six and a half thousand jamaican dollars
12:52per visit and you need at least two
12:54visits like that per month
12:55otherwise your garden gets overgrown and
12:57um so that adds up to your
12:59monthly costs so of course for a big
13:01house it's gonna be
13:03way more you are probably looking at
13:05full-time gardener
13:06who's going to come and trim plants and
13:08every morning and
13:10in this case 350 us dolls per month
13:14if you have a pool it attracts extra
13:16costs these costs consist of
13:18pullman so basically the work of a
13:20person who's going to clean the pool on
13:22regular basis
13:22and the chemicals that go into the pool
13:25to keep the water
13:26clean i'm going to give you prices for a
13:28small pool like this a visit of a
13:29pullman for such kind of pool would be
13:31around three and a half thousand
13:33jamaican dollars so you need him at
13:34least once a week
13:35and plus you need the chemicals so in
13:37total it will come to around
13:40um what is it 27 000 yeah like 200 euros
13:44per month
13:44obviously if your pool is bigger the
13:47work of the pullman's gonna cost you
13:49and uh you will need more chemicals to
13:51put in and by chemicals i mean chlorine
13:54and acid so you mix chlorine with acid
13:56when you put in a pool
13:58can you do it yourself yes you can
14:00actually you you can
14:02clean your pool by yourself um sure but
14:05this will only save
14:07uh money on pullman it will take you
14:10five hours to clean a small pool like
14:12that a professional pool and will do it
14:14within like two hours
14:16these are not prices for luxury stuff
14:18these are prices for like
14:20a basic comfortable home with a nice
14:23a small pool people who have a private
14:27would tend to have some security set in
14:30so in jamaica we have this several
14:32companies for that is king alarm it's
14:34guardsman marksman there are all sorts
14:37of services i'm going to leave the links
14:39in the description for them
14:40well if you just want a service that
14:42would have
14:43cctv cameras and someone watching the
14:46area nearby
14:47and then you should be able to get them
14:49on call that kind of thing
14:51you're looking at around 50 us dollars
14:53per month initial installation
14:55fee i'm not taking into account i'm only
14:57talking about utility bills that you're
14:58going to get
14:59once a month for a bigger house like for
15:01instance right security system implies
15:03with alarm with
15:04all sorts of things right you're looking
15:06at around 200 u.s dollars per month
15:09for a big big house
15:15you know what you'd be surprised but
15:17quite a lot of people go with the helper
15:19it would actually be either a person who
15:21looks after their children
15:23or a person who comes and does you know
15:25comes and goes like does housekeeping
15:27in jamaica it's very common to have a
15:29house and then help his quarter
15:32and some people might be listening to me
15:33like what are you talking about we
15:35thought all jamaicans live in huts
15:38i'm gonna make a video on property in
15:39jamaica and how jamaicans really live
15:42and uh obviously there are poor people
15:44there are rich people there middle class
15:46uh like when it comes to income but
15:49the percentage of people who live in
15:52certain areas
15:53that is going to be covered in the
15:55property video like who lives where for
15:57the purpose of this video just to give
15:58you an idea how much it costs to have a
16:01in jamaica salary of a helper is
16:04somewhere around forty thousand between
16:05forty thousand to sixty 000 jamaican
16:08per month 40 000 is like the minimum uh
16:11that helper gets
16:12when he or she lives on the property
16:15you might look at it and think wow it's
16:17only forty thousand a helper gets
16:19that's like nothing the helper is
16:21actually getting 91
16:22000 it's just that 40 000 comes net
16:26while the rest is covered by a family
16:27who hired that helper
16:29there's still not much but i'm just
16:30saying like people forget
16:32about that
16:37i have a video on uh shopping in the
16:38supermarket and shopping on a
16:40marketplace to give you an idea of the
16:42prices of how much things
16:43are now if you want to survive like
16:45really really survive
16:47and get the very basics so what you do
16:48you buy rice and you eat
16:51rice with rice
16:55yeah that's what we did on certain days
16:58because of covered or
16:59on certain days when we just arrived in
17:01jamaica to save up money
17:02um yeah that's not particularly healthy
17:05well maybe you're gonna
17:06add um a little bit of turkey neck or
17:10you know a little bit of meat that's
17:12what jamaicans would do and in this case
17:14food for them would cost about 150 us
17:18per month for two people the reason why
17:20jamaicans can do that i will explain in
17:22a minute
17:22now you as a foreigner will not be able
17:25to do that
17:26and uh the simple reason is of course
17:29you don't have the access to resources
17:32that jamaicans do
17:33like you don't have relatives who have a
17:35garden where you can dig some yums you
17:37know and use yums to cook
17:38you have to buy everything so as a
17:41result your food prices you're looking
17:43at around 25
17:44000 per person so this calculation is
17:47done based on
17:48900 jamaican dollars per food per day
17:50that's like 300
17:51per each meal you can get ready-made
17:54food at this price
17:55in jamaica you're gonna get like two
17:56parties and that will allow you to
18:00but i also have like home expenses that
18:03would be
18:03maintenance that you have to do things
18:05shouldn't break but they do break
18:07sometimes your landlord can fix that but
18:09sometimes you're fixing certain things
18:11like there is a tap licking or roof
18:13leaking or something is happening
18:14you would have to invest into fixing
18:16that even if you
18:18don't do any maintenance on your rented
18:20home there is still something you need
18:22to buy like your fan breaks down or
18:24maybe you need a new
18:26lamp or something like that or a glass i
18:28call this my bashkomani
18:30it's like because of the shop that is
18:32called bashko that's
18:33uh i'm not sure if i'm pronouncing it
18:35right by the way but this is how it's
18:37and they have like good quality items as
18:39well as really cheap
18:40basic items so that's why i like their
18:43because i'm not sure if people who have
18:45like really nice
18:46income shop at boshko maybe they do
18:49i don't know so at the end of the day it
18:52would cost about a thousand u.s dollars
18:54per year
18:55that goes into maintenance and replacing
18:57of items that
18:59break down so on average that would make
19:02a month or higher those people who have
19:04large house they would
19:05most likely have pets too like dogs and
19:08then of course you need to buy dog food
19:10and dog food is super expensive in
19:11jamaica like you're looking at around
19:13100 us dollars for a big bag like that
19:15now of course people who on low income
19:18also have pets sometimes like they would
19:19have a dog or two or three you know
19:21but they won't buy dog food usually they
19:23would just boil rice
19:25and give some leftovers that kind of
19:28and another thing is insurance like
19:30health insurance and property insurance
19:31and we're only going to include health
19:337 365 jamaican dollars per month and
19:37it's a family package from such a core
19:39of course it depends on whether you
19:41already have a bank account with such a
19:43core but this is just a rough estimate
19:45so that you can understand how much
19:46insurance costs in jamaica a lot of
19:48people don't buy insurance in jamaica
19:49right so they don't have health
19:51insurance as simple as that i will have
19:52a separate video on the situation with
19:54hospitals and
19:55medical care system in jamaica and
19:58that's where i'm gonna talk about prices
20:00for that
20:00to give you an idea
20:05most likely if you're saving up money
20:07and you're on low income
20:09you're not going to be using a car you
20:10would be using public transport
20:12it's going to cost you 150 per person
20:15one way and 150 back if you work 20 days
20:18that means you're spending 6 000
20:20jamaican dollars
20:22on public transport just to go to work
20:24and back
20:25this is the bare minimum here is i have
20:28a calculation for my car
20:30how much cars cost 3 000 u.s dollars for
20:33a car that's falling apart about
20:3420 years old 50 000 us dollars for a
20:37pickup truck
20:38that looks really nice and you want to
20:40drive it but we're now talking about
20:42monthly expenses so we're going to
20:45that a person who lives in an apartment
20:48got a cheap car like really cheap car
20:51like i have
20:52that pickup truck cost me four and a
20:53half thousand um us dollars
20:56um and it's it it's my baby
21:00so of course if you get a cheap car it's
21:02gonna break down on you all the time
21:04my truck would cost me somewhere around
21:051 400
21:07us dollars per year to repair smarter
21:11buy new cars and they get a loan to get
21:13new cars
21:14so the new car is not going to break
21:15down on you for the first five years or
21:18but you're looking at um monthly loan
21:21payments for the car
21:22which would come to around 250 us
21:24dollars per month
21:25if you got a nicer car like this uh you
21:28know the 50
21:29000 toyota tacoma i'll tell you it's a
21:31highlights pickup truck so obviously if
21:32i had the money i would have
21:33had a pickup truck as you might have
21:35guessed so um
21:36i do have a pickup truck it's just it
21:38doesn't work
21:40now of course for two people if you want
21:42a comfortable life that means
21:43each one of you gonna have a car and you
21:45would probably have to pay loan
21:47for both people so that's gonna come to
21:49this money and of course car means fuel
21:51assuming that your work is about 20
21:53kilometers away so to go there and back
21:55it would be 40 kilometers you you're
21:56going to be driving you're going to use
21:58up about 57 liters with a smaller car
22:0096 liters with a bigger car which
22:03in this amount and now you have to
22:05double the amount because you have two
22:06cars for the last guys
22:08so that's how much you're going to spend
22:09on fuel on average
22:11you also need to license your car you
22:13need to do fitness tests and you need to
22:15do registration
22:16every year and you have to pay for that
22:18and of course you need car
22:20insurance that's another one and that
22:22gums on the top and you have 27
22:24000. but that's remember it's per year
22:25so we divide it by 12 to get the monthly
22:28amount of money we're gonna spend on
22:37here comes the list of total expenses
22:39and for your convenience i made it in
22:41four different currencies u.s dollars
22:44jamaican dollars british pounds
22:45and canadian dollars feel free to pause
22:48the video at the page you need
22:49to have a full understanding of the
22:51standard of living in jamaica and
22:53whether living in jamaica is easy or
22:56you need to know how much people
22:57actually get paid but this is a story
23:00for a different video
23:02thank you so much for watching i hope
23:04this video has been useful if you'd like
23:05to see
23:06more videos about jamaica don't forget
23:08to subscribe so you don't miss any
23:10my name is irina and i'll see you in the
23:12next one bye for now
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the different price ranges for cost of living in Jamaica?

The cost of living in Jamaica ranges from survival at $316/month for Jamaicans to a comfortable life at $9,000/month, depending on lifestyle and needs.

2. What are the main expenses covered in the video about the cost of living in Jamaica?

The video covers expenses such as rent, electricity, water, internet, phone, gas, pool maintenance, security, food, transportation, and car expenses in Jamaica.

3. How does the cost of living in Jamaica vary based on lifestyle and needs?

The cost of living in Jamaica varies based on lifestyle and needs, with different price ranges for survival, average living, and comfortable life.

4. What is the minimum monthly cost for survival in Jamaica?

The minimum monthly cost for survival in Jamaica is $316, as mentioned in the video.

5. What is the monthly cost for a comfortable life in Jamaica?

The monthly cost for a comfortable life in Jamaica is $9,000, as highlighted in the video based on various lifestyle and needs.

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