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The video discusses how to become nonchalant in order to improve interactions with women, emphasizing the importance of not displaying emotions and not letting anyone control emotions. It also highlights the contradiction between what women say they want in a man and the type of men they are actually attracted to.
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Becoming nonchalant means not displaying your emotions and controlling your reactions.
Nonchalant is not just acting like you don't care about anything.
It's about not displaying your emotions and not getting overly angry or confrontational.
An example of being nonchalant is calmly asking someone to leave if you catch them with someone else.
Women often pick the wrong men because they don't know what they want, so it's important to be nonchalant and not let their actions affect your emotions.
Women may try to change you and want you to adapt to their preferences at the moment.
They play games and tests to see if you will act in a certain way.
They may fake cheating or ignore your calls to gauge your reaction.
The point of this video is to not display your emotions and not get attached to a girl.
Women want to be chased but also want a challenge.
To pass any test, just don't care.
Don't get attached to a girl.
The video provides tips on how to stay detached from a girl.
00:00what's good with the YouTube in this
00:01video bro I'm going to break down the
00:03nonchalant how to become nonchalant if
00:05you watch this video from beginning to
00:06end bro I'm going change the way that
00:07you act around women bro in a good way
00:09bro I'm going go and get you past all
00:10the little tests that they do I'm going
00:12to talk about all that look the first
00:14thing bro off the rip [ __ ] nonchalant
00:16is not [ __ ] you just laying with a deep
00:17voice like just slugging around act like
00:20you don't care about nothing in the
00:21world that's not nonchalant it's not
00:23nonchalant I'm gonna get that get it to
00:25y'all [ __ ] right now nun is not just
00:28oh just don't care about nothing she do
00:30and I'm nonchalant no that's not what it
00:31is nonchalant is basically bro not
00:34displaying your emotions right I let me
00:37give y' [ __ ] an example let me give
00:38you an example right say um let's say
00:41let's say you walk in you walk in the
00:43crib and you see let me give you an
00:45example of me right I'm I'm nant you
00:48know what I'm saying so look let's just
00:49say I walk in the crib and I see the
00:52girl on with in there with another dude
00:56I'm not going to be like oh you you
00:58[ __ ] ass girl I'm going beat your ass
00:59you get out trying to fight doing all
01:02this stuff throwing stuff I'm not doing
01:03that bro if I go in there and I see that
01:05right there I just be like dang I'm say
01:08hey you got to get up out of here you
01:09can pack your stuff and you can get out
01:11too right simple and I'm walking out she
01:13don't go in there no B I'm sorry I ain't
01:16hearing none of that I'm not arguing
01:18none of that I really don't even argue
01:19now right so that is n i care I feel all
01:24the emotions I feel every emotion that
01:26y'all [ __ ] feel everybody got the same
01:28emotion when when when most high
01:30creditors everybody got these same
01:32emotions everybody feels sad happy pain
01:34all that so I feel the same way that you
01:36feel I don't display them though right I
01:39might get upset [ __ ] when I'm by myself
01:41probably go cry a little bit but the
01:42point is you don't display your emotions
01:46don't display them don't let nobody get
01:48you out of character you know what I'm
01:51saying that's all it is you going to
01:53care as much as the next person but you
01:55don't display them you don't let nobody
01:58control your emotions
02:00bro right and I'm going tell y [ __ ]
02:02this a lot of women love love nonchalant
02:05guys bro don't I'm going tell y'all
02:06[ __ ] this stop listen to women when
02:08they say I don't like non mens I want
02:11man my man to be emotional we can talk
02:13about bro this cap it's
02:15cap I told y n the first rule is don't
02:18listen to what women say cuz women going
02:21to contradict their self they just
02:23everything going to run together bro
02:25everything going to run together what
02:26they say they going to say oh I feel I
02:28like this and it going to spin around
02:29they going to contradict something they
02:31just said like it it don't make sense
02:34bro women say they want a masculine dude
02:37look I'm going give example women say I
02:39they want a masculine dude right they
02:42want a masculine dude they'll tell you I
02:44want a dud I want a masculine dude I
02:45want an alpha dude right and as soon as
02:48y'all start talking she try to make you
02:50feminine how she try to do little test
02:52to to get your reaction and get you all
02:54emotional she tried to make you
02:57feminine like like like it don't make
02:59makes sense like they do things like
03:01that I don't want a nonchalant dude and
03:04then they go for the dudes who
03:05nonchalant they go for the dudes who
03:07really don't don't really care about
03:08stuff they go for the rappers the drug
03:10dealers the all that
03:11stuff they know them [ __ ] not very
03:13emotional they ain't going to be crying
03:15and [ __ ] that's why bro you think you
03:17think that they they I want to do these
03:19emotional he going to tell me about his
03:21feelings and all that stuff and then
03:22they go get a Thug [ __ ] a drug a
03:25gangster a drug dealer and they thinking
03:27oh this going to be the dude that show
03:28me his emotions what
03:30no [ __ ] they don't go for that if they
03:32wanted a real emotional [ __ ] they will
03:34go get the Nerds the Nerds be single at
03:35school throughout the whole year I never
03:38seen it's nerves I never saw even talk
03:40to a
03:41girl he'll be the best for you he not
03:44going to cheat on you he don't know what
03:45a girl want him but n women don't want
03:47that a lot of women say I want my dude I
03:49a lot of what women used to say is they
03:51kind of switching it around I used to
03:52hear women say I want a dude that know
03:54what a girl want I want my man I want my
03:57man um that don't want other
04:00something like that I want they want a
04:02[ __ ] basically they want a [ __ ] that
04:03don't know what the girls want that what
04:05they used to say that's C why y'all
04:07attract to all the football players and
04:09the basketball player why yall attract
04:10to the attractive [ __ ] the Nerds again
04:15go get the nures them [ __ ] been
04:16singing for a long time no other girls
04:18want them they going to treat you right
04:19they're not going to cheat why cuz no
04:20other girls want them they don't want
04:22that women want women want the [ __ ]
04:25that other girls
04:27want but they'll tell you something else
04:30women say they want certain type of guys
04:31but then try to make you something else
04:33I want a masculine [ __ ] do tests trying
04:35to make you feminine do you know what
04:38saying I want I want a soft guy I want a
04:42soft [ __ ] sweet lover boy but then
04:44want you to be
04:46aggressive they don't [ __ ] know what
04:48want they don't that's why they always
04:52pick wrong bro women are picking wrong
04:54they pick
04:55wrong women pick wrong cuz they don't
04:57know what they want so you was going to
04:59sit up here I get DM telling me um this
05:02girl said she a want a Nal dude and um
05:07she said she didn't like she don't like
05:09n she men and something it was something
05:11bro she don't like n she men and she
05:13said she didn't want to talk to me no
05:14more something like that bro [ __ ] [ __ ]
05:17so first of all this C she probably just
05:20see what you going to change she trying
05:21to change you she want you to adapt to
05:24what she like at that moment cuz at that
05:26moment it could
05:28change she could be like oh I want to
05:30love a boy a soft guy right now but
05:32later you better not be too soft I want
05:34to dud that's going to be
05:36aggressive they don't know what they
05:38want and I'm going tell y'all [ __ ]
05:39this bro be nonchalant bro don't display
05:43emotion you got let bro women don't let
05:47nothing they do get you out of character
05:48cuz that's what they try to do they want
05:49to get you out of character they want to
05:50tap into your emotional side why you
05:51think women play all these games why you
05:53think women do these test they want to
05:55see if you going to do all this lovey
05:57doy sweet feminine stuff for them
06:00that's why they play this
06:02test oh I'm a fake cheat bro y'all know
06:04how many women fake cheat on they [ __ ]
06:06just see how they react I'mma leave my
06:08phone D and D for long for from 9:00 to
06:1112 and see what he
06:13say I'm not going to answer the phone
06:15this night and see how he
06:17react that's what they do bro I promise
06:20that's what they do I didn't witness I
06:23witness bro do y I even have to tell
06:25y'all [ __ ] [ __ ] what I've been
06:26through bro I didn't witness
06:28[ __ ] play Che on they [ __ ]
06:30fake cheat
06:33bro just to get the [ __ ] to react just
06:36to get him feminine bro just to get him
06:38emotional y'all see what I'm saying
06:41now and the moment you do they got you
06:45the moment you do you be like oh you
06:47talking to [ __ ] they feel like they
06:49they getting power from that bro they
06:53power they getting power cuz they making
06:55you feel like
06:56that think about it think about it think
06:58about it like this bro I'm I'm I'm going
06:59to break it down for you think about it
07:01like this if you fake [ __ ] if you want
07:04to if you fake let's just say she fake
07:06cheat or whatever and then I'm emotion
07:07no but what did you do like why you want
07:10texting why you want answering the phone
07:11you were talking to somebody who you
07:13were talking to who you was DM who you
07:15was texting you talking to other people
07:17I'm all emotion and stuff and she
07:19feeling amazing [ __ ] she like oh yeah I
07:21got this [ __ ] he think I'm talking to
07:23somebody he going he really emotional I
07:25got him on his knees I got the
07:27power women want the power relationship
07:29they don't want to feel like they have
07:31to chase they want to be
07:34chased like I told y'all though women
07:36feel some type of way one way and then
07:37feel different the other way they want a
07:40dude that they that that's a Chase cuz
07:42they like a challenge so women want to
07:44chase the dude but then after they kind
07:45of get them then they want to be
07:48chased y'all get what I'm
07:50saying but bro the point of this video
07:53[ __ ] the point of this video bro hold
07:55on my bad the point of this video is
07:57simply bro
08:00don't display your emotions at all a lot
08:02of y'all ask me well cam what do I do
08:04when she do these tests [ __ ] you can
08:06pass any test you just don't care bro
08:09don't care and if it's a girl that you
08:10don't even see yourself like with long
08:12you just you just not messing around bro
08:14don't get attach don't get attached
08:17don't get
08:19attached y'all want me to drop a video
08:21on how to stay detached from a girl how
08:23to not get attached to a girl yeah
08:24comment that down
08:26below I just dropped gems [ __ ] I just I
08:29just told you some stuff you didn't even
08:30know I just dropped gems and you ain't
08:31even like the
08:34video oh my supporters you ain't like
08:37the video
08:39bro now don't try to go like it now no
08:41and then look this [ __ ] still ain't
08:43liking it he just watching me you still
08:44ain't going to like the
08:46video the [ __ ] still didn't like the
08:49video bro remain non bro remain non
08:54don't listen to n women say whatever
08:55they say they want don't listen to
08:58it she said oh I want a guy who going to
09:00be something he going to school to be
09:02something he got aition go look at her
09:03ex oh what was your last dud what was he
09:05doing oh he was a thug but I ain't mean
09:07to talk to
09:09him what about dude before that I do
09:11before that well he he he was in the
09:15gang though
09:17but come on now bro come on now bro you
09:20know what you attracted to you know what
09:21you desire man you Des all the masculine
09:25the non feminine
09:27[ __ ] dominant [ __ ]
09:31[ __ ] that ain't going to play [ __ ]
09:32ain't going to put up with them games
09:33but what you going to do you goingon to
09:35get the [ __ ] and try to make them
09:37feminine that's tough bro y'all [ __ ]
09:40like the video bro comment what y'all
09:41want to make next I'll see y'all [ __ ]
09:44later bro
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is nonchalance important in improving interactions with women?

Nonchalance is important in improving interactions with women because it demonstrates confidence and independence, which are attractive qualities. It also prevents the display of neediness and insecurity, making a man more appealing.

2. How can nonchalance affect the way a man is perceived by women?

Nonchalance can positively affect the way a man is perceived by women as it shows that he is not easily influenced or controlled by emotions, making him appear more desirable and intriguing.

3. What is the contradiction highlighted in the video?

The video highlights the contradiction between what women say they want in a man and the type of men they are actually attracted to. It emphasizes that women are attracted to men who are nonchalant and not overly expressive of their emotions, despite stating a preference for emotional men.

4. How does being nonchalant help in building a strong sense of self?

Being nonchalant helps in building a strong sense of self by allowing a person to maintain control over their emotions and reactions. It prevents outside influences from impacting one's emotional stability and fosters a sense of independence and self-assuredness.

5. What are the key points to remember when practicing nonchalance?

When practicing nonchalance, it is important to focus on maintaining emotional control, avoiding neediness, and showcasing confidence. Additionally, embracing independence and valuing self-worth are essential aspects of embodying nonchalance.

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