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This video discusses how to accurately measure girth, the average girth size according to scientific studies, and the need for more research to address size anxieties in men.
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This section explains how to measure girth scientifically and what is the average girth size.
Girth is measured scientifically from the top side of the base against the pubic bone using a flexible tape measure.
The recent scientific research helps to determine what is the average girth size.
Many men think they are undersized in relation to other men, which causes size anxiety and unnecessary surgical enhancements.
To measure girth, use a rigid tape measure and place it firmly against the base, then measure from base to tip; the average girth is around 13 to 14 centimeters.
Use a rigid tape measure and place it firmly against the base when measuring girth.
Measure from the base to the tip to determine the length.
The average girth is typically around 13 to 14 centimeters.
The average male girth circumference is 12.3 centimeters for American men and 11.49 centimeters for Indian men, with an overall average of 11.66 centimeters.
Wessels conducted a study of 80 American men and found the average girth circumference to be 12.3 centimeters.
Promodou conducted a study of 91 Indian males and found the average girth circumference to be 11.49 centimeters.
The combined average girth circumference from both studies is 11.66 centimeters.
The studies only focused on Caucasian and American males, excluding other ethnicities.
The average male girth size is 11.66 centimeters, but more studies are needed to confirm this.
Sample sizes in previous studies were small.
An arbitrary average of 11.66 centimeters circumference is currently known.
More studies are needed to confirm average sizes and reassure men with size anxieties.
Liking the video encourages YouTube to share the information with other men.
00:00When we talk about size matters, we usually  talk about length. But what about girth?  
00:07How's girth measured accurately?  And come to think of it,  
00:11what is the average size girth?  And what does it look like?
00:15Hi, I'm Michelle. And today we're talking about  girth in relation to size matters. We're looking  
00:21at two things in particular, first of all, we're  going to be looking at how to measure girth,  
00:27and measure girth in the way that is measured  scientifically in the clinical studies. And  
00:32secondly, we're going to be taking a look at the  most recent scientific research in relation to  
00:38average girth size so that you guys know  what is average size, because unfortunately,  
00:44as I discussed in my recent Size Matters video,  
00:48many men think that they are undersized in  relation to other men and this is causing  
00:54major size, anxiety, and increased a rapid  increase in unnecessary surgical enhancements.
01:01So, how do we measure girth? Okay, I've got a  little prop for this to help us along. So, what  
01:08we need to do is we need excited size. So we need  to be in a state of excitement and this little guy  
01:15is going to help us here. And so what we do, and  what scientists do in the clinic, and this is the  
01:22valid and reliable technique is basically, the top  side is measured, and it's measured from the base,  
01:31and that's right against the pubic bone. So you  actually need to get a flexible tape measure  
01:36and make sure it's not stretchable, make sure it's  rigid, placed it on the top side, and place it  
01:42firmly against the base. Next, that hard bone  you can feel against the base when you press in.  
01:48Then lay the tape measure along, and go  measure right along from base to tip.
01:56Now, this banana actually measures 15 centimeters,  which is slightly longer than average, which is  
02:02normally you know, 13 to 14 centimeters and it's  actually less than six inches to if you didn't  
02:08catch my last video. So what we do is we actually  find the midpoint of that. So 15, we go to 7.5  
02:15centimeters. So you find the midpoint of that  length, and then wrap the tape measure around,  
02:23and that gives you your circumference  of your girth. So you're going to get  
02:28this measure like that. That is the scientific  way of measuring excited girth in the clinic.
02:36So, what is average girth size? Well,  this is a really good question, because  
02:41there's not a great deal of scientific  or good quality scientific information  
02:45around about this. So I had to look really hard,  the best information I found was by Veale and  
02:51this is a systematic review done in 2015. And,  this systematic review looked at 26 studies,  
02:59total of 15,000 men and out of that  they looked at the averages for  
03:05excited circumference. Now it came down to two  studies that actually gave the most or the best  
03:12quality information and I'll put the references  below just in case you'd like to refer to them.
03:17Now the first study was by Wessels and this was  a study of 80 American men and they measured the  
03:23excited circumference. So using the technique that  I just described to you the scientific technique,  
03:28and they actually found in those men, that the  average was 12.3, the average circumference  
03:35was 12.3 centimeters. So that was the first  valid and reliable study reading that we have.  
03:42The other one that we have was a study by  Promodou and this was in 91 Indian males.  
03:49And, basically so you can basically see  that the studies that we've talked with God  
03:53are confined to certain populations,  Caucasian, the first one American,  
03:57and also to Indian mouth. And in the Indian mouth,  what they found was, the average circumference was  
04:0511.49 centimeters. So we've got a disparity  in the results of those two populations.  
04:13When Veale average these out and I've got to check  the result, when Veale average these out, it came  
04:18to an average mean average of 11.66 centimeters.  So average circumference was 11.66 centimeters.
04:27So, we've got a few problems with the studies  in that we can only really draw conclusions to  
04:33certain so Caucasian males, American males,  
04:37there were no black American males included  in that study or other ethnicities,  
04:41other American ethnicities. So we can only really  draw conclusions to Caucasian Americans and also  
04:48to the sample sizes were both really small,  likewise for the Indian study, so we can't  
04:53really generalize to the entire population,  which leaves a bit of a mystery, doesn't it?
04:59Now, back to that average size. So we have here,  
05:05this is the average. So, this is the 11.66  centimeters. So we'd go back to our excited banana  
05:13and see how it fits, and basically, it goes to  about there. So, this banana is well above average  
05:22size, both in terms of length, and also to in  terms of girth. So, I think you can see that what  
05:30we know is that we really don't know a great deal  other than the fact that an arbitrary average of  
05:3711.66 centimeters average circumference. However,  we really do need more studies to know definitely  
05:46what average sizes are and to reassure men  who might be suffering from size anxieties.
05:52So, I really hope that you find  this information interesting and  
05:57if you do, I really appreciate it  if you could give it a like below,  
06:00because that encourages YouTube to share  the information with other men too.  
06:04Thanks so much for watching today. I look forward  to seeing you next time. Good bye for now.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I accurately measure girth?

Accurately measuring girth involves using a soft measuring tape and wrapping it around the thickest part of the penis. Make sure to measure when fully erect for the most accurate results.

2. What is the average girth size according to scientific studies?

According to scientific studies, the average girth size of the erect penis is around 4.7 to 5.1 inches. However, it's important to remember that there is a wide range of sizes that are considered normal.

3. What are the best ways to boost confidence in men regarding size?

Boosting confidence in men regarding size involves education, open communication, and promoting a healthy body image. It's important to focus on pleasure, intimacy, and emotional connection rather than solely on size.

4. Are there any non-invasive methods to enhance girth?

Yes, there are non-invasive methods such as specific exercises, lifestyle changes, and using certain devices that claim to enhance girth. However, it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before attempting any of these methods to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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